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Fresh (and first!) Kickstarter Campaign—Feedback Requested

Hey, Redditors! I work for my brother's start-up engineering firm and just helped him launch our first Kickstarter campaign. We put a lot of hours into this project and would love to get feedback from all of you lovely people (yes, I'm pandering—is it working? ;) ).

It is live on Kickstarter now if you have a moment to take a look! Thanks in advance!



04:43 UTC


What's going on with Kickstarter?

I look at all these project pages but I don't see anything under the "story" section; it's all blank. Either there's a glitch going on or all of these projects really don't have a story section and just have a video showing what their project is all about.

23:32 UTC


Launchboom- views up to launch


We are in the midst of our pre-pre-launch work on a campaign. It’s our first campaign and we are excited and nervous! We therefore decided to enlist some help in making our launch as successful as can possibly be - so we chose to go with a firm called LaunchBoom.

The marketing pitch was solid - they talked about their hands-on support and their unique platform that would help us navigate everything well.


They have ALOT of propriety videos that is best described as an intensive video course on how to kickstart. The videos are all pretty obvious in terms of content - but helpful anyway.
The system/platform that they provide is OK - but nothing special - we don’t think it gives us much more than the facebook interface. The support - disappointing - we’ve felt that the team are responsive but quick and superficial in their responses. Also quite textbook - they’re following a formula and that’s pretty clear - let’s see if it works. Most of the interaction is in group sessions where we only get a few minutes of attention.

Wondered if anyone had any other experience with this company. Our feeling on them at the moment is that - it’s expensive - it’s a formula and a formula only - if it works it’ll be great - but it’s an expensive 8k to drop for what we’ve got so far.

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20:54 UTC


Campaign got stuck after 1 week of launch and backers are leaving. Feeling frustrated.

After a lot if effort and failure, I finally get my campaign barely funded in 1 week. While I was expecting more people coming into a funded campaign, it's not happening.

No new backers for a few consecutive days. Instead, some started to leave. In fact, I started to worry if I'd see my campaign unfunded one day when I get up.

I've been trying my best to keep people engaged. I wrote them messages to thank their pledge, I encourage them to comment on the page, and I of course, post an update when we're funded. I'm also running Facebook ads and posting in groups (not spamming for sure) in the meantime.

I just don't know what else can I do. It looked good at the beginning of the campaign but I'm just frustrated now, especially when I see how people quickly get the very small fund that I've been struggling or say, begging for.

19:40 UTC


I had my Kickstarter campaign 9months ago

We often don't hear the end results of a Kickstarter project afterwards, so I wanted to share mine, hope It is helpful to you in some way:

I launched a 30-day Kickstarter campaign for a Cantonese Parenting Journal in January this year (2023), was rewarded as "project we love" and got more than 100% funding from backers.

Most of my funding came from my own marketing on IG and Facebook. I have a solid, engaging social media base.

My project was 2 months behind schedule, but I was transparent to my backers every step, I updated them every month. Not a single complaint.

9 months later, the journal is printed and shipped to all backers 🎉

Throughout this project, I've learned a lot, as this was the first Kickstarter campaign I had, and I am also a first-time author (wrote, illustrated, and built the journal entirely from scratch).

The most important lesson I've learned is believing in yourself, take small rest breaks when necessary.


14:54 UTC


Launched my very first campaign yesterday, and it's over 500% and got a Team-Favorite. Thanks for all the advice I got here!

11:17 UTC


Facing Marketing Hurdles with Our Kickstarter Campaign - Any Advice?

Hello Redditors,

We recently launched our very first game campaign on Kickstarter. However, given the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, we've been met with substantial hurdles in our marketing efforts. As a result, resources for advertising abroad have been heavily restricted, and our plans have taken a hit. Additionally, we're working on a tight budget, which further limits our promotional options.

While we've tried advertising through Facebook and TikTok, the results have been less than stellar, even though we have a significant TikTok audience. We also have a loyal following on Steam, with many adding our game to their wishlist. Still, for some reason, this isn't translating into the support we anticipated on Kickstarter.

We had hopes that Kickstarter's platform would inherently draw backers to our project, but it seems we were mistaken. To add to our challenges, we've been inundated with offers from dubious "marketers" promising results. Not only do most of these offers look like scams, but they also raise concerns about the legality and ethics of their methods—issues we want no part in.

With all this said, we're reaching out for advice:

  • Are there cost-effective advertising avenues you've found effective?
  • Are there aspects of our campaign that could be more appealing or better presented?
  • Or any insights into boosting our campaign's reach without compromising our values and without breaking the bank?

Any feedback, recommendations, or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and understanding!

07:13 UTC


Help with first kickstarter

Hi everyone, new to this Reddit thing. Wondering if any of you more experienced people have any tips on how best to grow the backers for your Kickstarter? Just launched my first one, a clothing line for neurodivergent kids with a popit in the seam of the clothing. We know it’s a great idea with a great market, but with all the scam messages and spam it’s hard to know what to do next for the best! Any help appreciated

21:26 UTC


LUCID - the World's First Celestoidvania

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20:16 UTC


Hey, are you a comic book shop owner?! What rewards would be attractive for you to invest in a Kickstarter campaign?

Assuming you like the comic project and you think your customers will like it too, what would you like to have to help you sell it?

Thanks for taking the poll, and feel free to answer with your suggestions!

View Poll

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16:18 UTC


Any advice to capitalize on 'Project We Love' page?

Hey! We just crossed over 100% funded and have the 'Project We Love' designation. Still have 25 days to go in the campaign and I'm wondering if anyone has some advice on how to best lean into this and maximize the potential of the campaign?

15:10 UTC


What are risks of invention being stolen?

In process of inventing a product and beginning to need additional funding. Been leaning towards trying to get crowdfunding through kickstarter or indigogo. Have heard that it can be risky for products/inventions to be ripped off and stolen quickly. Concerned by trying to get funding I’m leaving myself open for someone to rush and beat me to market. Is this risk overblown?

03:14 UTC


Vortex #1 - The Beginning

The cover art looks incredible because, for the past three years, I wrote the entire storyline of Vortex with multiple conflicts that will develop how the world changes and the consequences change the individual heroes and villains. There are compelling motives that you cannot help but wonder if they can truly be saved or treat them like a villain they are. The idea of being a human means facing impossible decisions with moral authority and determining whatever it means to save these people dear to you or dear to the world, even though you may not know what can happen in a span of a second.

I want to achieve my dream by writing this storyline into reality and you can only help me achieve this! Share or donate, that's two of the best options to choose with the link - https://www.kickstarter.com/.../vortex-1-the-beginning...


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01:47 UTC


Van Gogh's Mysterious Mansion (TTRPG)

01:40 UTC


Name a problem you wish was solved

What problems do you wish were solved in the world of crowdfunding, either as a consumer, or as a maker?

For me, it's keeping long term track of projects I've backed and keeping up with updates, expected shipping dates, etc.

01:09 UTC


Feedback before launching

Hiya All.

Im almost ready to hit the LAUNCH button.

Had it all all ready for TACO Tuesday but got held back after reading about the importance of having mailing list of people interested (which i don't) so i can announce during the first 24hrs where it really counts in terms of impact and reach. And having some sort of plan for a PR campaign, which i also don't have.

Honestly, I was just hoping to leverage kickstarter doing the promotion with some social media ads sprinkled on top. Now if I have to hold back by a week to get my ducks in line then so be it.

Im basically crowdfunding a startup-themed card game. Not sure if this is very niche. But the game is so simple that kids can enjoy it. In fact they're part of my audience (or their parents really). You don't need to be in the industry to enjoy this game.

Some points to consider:

  1. Im a first timer. I love creating stuff but never ran a crowdfunding thing before. Though im a quick learner and there is plenty of info out there.

  2. Solo creator. I'm doing everything myself. I have friends and family ready to step in though if things blow up in terms of popularity and i find myself overwhelmed.

  3. The creative process has been going on for 2+ years. So the product is well tested by friends and family.

  4. Made my own video and graphic design, no ad company involved (im not a hotshot but know my way around photoshop, plus basic video editing is not that hard). I'm pretty proud of the result but i realize its not as good as other projects out there.

  5. I'm manufacturing in 2 locations. USA and Spain. More expensive per unit, but a bonus for reducing cost of shipping. Im based in Spain and i have some family in USA that can help out fulfillment if below 500 backers there (otherwise it'll be 3PL). Ran prototypes in both places and happy with results (i used GameCrafter in US and Ludotipia in Spain). But still finalizing who will do the actual big print, as leaving large-scale manufacture to the prototype companies is both expensive and lower quality and service than id like. (Happy to hear recommendations for US based manufacturers BTW).

So yea, feedback much appreciated. Here is the link:


My main reservations are:

  1. I like to target Christmas deliveries but wondering if its a bad move due to glut of packages being delivered around the world at that time.

  2. 16K goal might be a bit high. I know this way i can cover my costs though even if i use the more expensive prototype companies to do the manufacturing. Plus if the project fails to meet target, there is a silver lining in that I can use the same list of people when launching a second time.

  3. I dont have a clear PR strategy. Ive been thinking about asking backers to wear unicorn costumes in social media posts for special rewards or something like that but not definite.

  4. I dont have a ready mailing list of 10K+ people who would be interested. I have LinkedIn+Facebook+Twitter networks to leverage (LinkedIn 2K people) but not sure its enough to get a push in the beginning.

Any feedback or tips you can give much appreciated. Many thanks in advance!! 😁🙌

Steven de Salas https://startupunicorns.org

23:00 UTC


Anybody An Artist in the UK who has done a kickstarter…

How did it go for you? I just got accepted for my first project to launch. I’m a solo artist wanting to build a community based limited run print and raising the funds for the project off grid living experience… most rewards are pretty simple and I’ve completed already but some fun ones I’m doing as part of the project and quite nervously excited about it. Any advice welcome 🤗

18:10 UTC


To Honor Grandfather — A Traveller Boardgame


Now live! 🚀 The new boardgame from Cheese Weasel Logistics is now available to back on Kickstarter.

Set in the universe of the Traveller roleplaying game, To Honor Grandfather is an exploration and dice manipulation game. Players take on the role of young aliens, called Droyne, as they chart the stars in an attempt to appease their leader — Grandfather.

To Honor Grandfather is a stand-alone game and requires no preexisting knowledge of the Traveller universe, though astute fans will find plenty of in-game references to some of their favorite moments from the tabletop roleplaying game.


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18:09 UTC


One of my tiers includes a T-shirt. I am a game developer and am not sure how to proceed with this. Can anyone give me any advice?

I've had a single T shirt printed for myself and it looks great. I am hoping to have more of these printed when my Kickstarter finishes. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed as a solo developer, I'm spinning so many plates at the moment. Everything needs my attention at once, and the plan of action for the T shirt has been on my to do list for a long time.

If anyone has any experience with mass producing T shirts, it would be great if someone could point me in the right direction. Ideally a company that will print and ship the T shirt to the customer, but I'm also willing to have them sent to me and then I send to the customer. Quality is my biggest concern - I'm not looking to get rich off these and don't need to go with the cheapest possible option.

I am based in the UK, if that makes any difference at all.

Thanks for reading!

16:12 UTC


My latest Kickstarter just went live! If you like games, why not check it out...

12:40 UTC


Rolling into the Future: NASA's Airless Tire Tech Takes Cycling to New Heights 🌍🚀 Fascinating Technology!

23:21 UTC


Hello Kitty: A Day At The Park is coming to Kickstarter in nearly one week!

Hey everyone!

From the publishers of The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls and Sally Face: Strange Nightmares, comes a brand new tabletop experience! This time around we will be inviting you to spend a fun and relaxing day at the park with Hello Kitty and her friends! Click the link HERE to sign up to be notified at launch and receive pre-commit exclusives! To celebrate our launch, anyone who pledges $30 or more in the first 48 hours of the campaign will get a FREE copy of Hello Kitty: Day at the Park with their pledge!

Don't miss out; this offer will only be available for the first 48 hours. SIGN UP NOW to stay informed and join us for Friendship 48 and all kinds of other fun activities starting September 26th!

21:51 UTC


What are the keys for success for a technology startup trying to raise at least six figures?

I won't go to deep into the goal of my project (I'm not here to self-promote), but basically, I'm a student trying to develop a startup in the field of space technologies, and I'm trying to raise at least six figures (if not more) for my "company" (I'm using quotations because its not really a company yet).

My group has a decently active social media presence; we've got several hundred followers on instagram, we're releasing our website this week, and we have launch scheduled for October that's going to be very inexpensive but will hopefully draw in interest.

We plan on using this launch, and talking to a bunch of other groups interest in our plans to generate more interest in our project, and officially begin our kickstarter in the spring of next year. We're also gonna include benefits for donors, so they'll have an incentive to contribute. However, as someone whose released two failed kickstarter campaigns for other projects, do y'all have any advice? It could be general, it could be specific, I'm really just looking for any advice at all.

20:14 UTC


How to start a board game?

Hi, I’m new to this community but I have a few questions to help me get started.

I want to make my own table top game, more specifically a Final Fantasy game. Using terrains and miniatures models of the characters. How do I make this happen? Will I get in trouble with Square Enix? What are some legal stuff I should look out for?

18:28 UTC

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