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Welcome to /r/MorbidReality, a subreddit devoted to the most disturbing content the internet has to offer. Here, we study and observe the darkest aspects of human nature.

Welcome to /r/MorbidReality, a subreddit devoted to the most disturbing content the internet has to offer. Here, we study and observe the darkest aspects of human nature.

A good post should foster insightful discussion by making you contemplate your humanity and life's struggles. If you are unsure about how to conduct yourself in this subreddit, a good rule of thumb to follow is to remain respectful and thoughtful at all times.


Make use of the report button when encountering rule-breakers. Breaking any rule is grounds for an immediate ban. The length of the ban is at the mod's discretion.

Commenting Rules

1 - Humor at the expense of someone's pain is strictly prohibited.

Refrain from posting jokes, memes, puns, reaction gifs and wordplays. Comments should contribute to thoughtful and serious discussion only. Do not make light of events using humor. This subreddit exists to study and mourn.

2 - Refrain from promoting hate speech.

This includes but is not limited to; racism, sexism, religion-bashing, name-calling, insults, and any other abusive/threatening language. "Abusive language" includes posts which are malicious or insulting in nature. Even if the person you are insulting committed a heinous act, do not describe how they should be punished.

3 - Unless it is directly relevant to the submission, keep political discussion to a minimum.

Comments that are deemed to be baiting an argument, no matter what side of the fence it falls on, will be removed. Conspiracy theories will result in moderator intervention.

Submission Rules

4 - Provide verification from a reliable source for your submission.

This is required for submissions that consist only of image(s) or video(s). Posts that are fake/fiction will be removed, even if they depict something that happens in real life.

5 - Screenshots from, or links to, social media websites are not allowed.

This is considered a low-effort post. Screenshots of social media are not a reliable source and can't be accepted as such. Screenshots of news sites and headlines aren't acceptable and should be posted instead as a link post to the site.

6 - Submission titles must be descriptive and accurate enough to understand exactly what the content is inside.

This helps prevent sensationalist, biased, and misleading titles. It also provides a trigger warning for those who may be affected by graphic content.

7 - No submissions that rely solely on gore in order to be disturbing.

We care about the story more than the actual graphic content. The focus of this subreddit is to focus on personal struggle, not just pictures of gore, dead bodies, and deformities. If you want to submit or look at pictures without context behind them, there are many subreddits listed below that can cater to your needs.

8 - Submission must have a direct correlation with people.

This subreddit revolves around the morbidity of human nature and human-related activities. (e.g., a lion killing a zebra is not allowed. An animal dying to natural causes is not allowed. A human abusing an animal is allowed. A human dying by an animal is allowed).

9 - Reposts will be removed without warning.

Check the new tab and search bar before you make a submission.

10 - There is a 24 hour ban on content showing dead or injured victims/perpetrators after a mass-casualty event.

This is to give time for families to be informed by authorities what has happened.

11 - Question posts are subject to approval via modmail.

These posts will be automatically removed until the user contacts us requesting approval.

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14 year old Tyrone Harvin was helping his 83 year old neighbor out with some chores when he suddenly started to beat her and rape her until she was unconscious and later died.

16:21 UTC


This Subreddit will be going dark on June 12th in protest of Reddit's planned changes.

Hello everyone.

Today, we come to you with an important announcement that affects us all as members of this unique and passionate community. The moderators of this subreddit have decided that on June 12th, we will be taking our subreddit private for 48 hours in solidarity with many other subreddits as a protest against a recent decision made by Reddit.

As you may be aware, Reddit recently announced a policy change that will have far-reaching consequences for third-party mobile apps and tools. The price increase for accessing Reddit's API will effectively eliminate beloved applications such as Apollo, Reddit is Fun, Narwhal, and BaconReader, along with affecting other means of customizing Reddit, including the use of the old.reddit.com desktop interface and the Reddit Enhancement Suite.

This change not only affects users who rely on these third-party apps for enhanced features and quality-of-life improvements, but it also impacts subreddit moderators who depend on external tools to maintain the integrity of their communities. These tools have been instrumental in keeping our discussions on-topic and our subreddit free from spam.

We understand that this decision may be met with mixed feelings among our community members. Going private is not a step we take lightly, but we firmly believe it is necessary to express our concerns and protect the values that have made r/MorbidReality a thriving and engaging space.

By going private, we aim to raise awareness about the potential consequences of Reddit's policy change and the negative impact it could have on our subreddit and others like it. We hope to send a strong message to Reddit's administration, urging them to reconsider their decision and engage in meaningful dialogue with the community.

We invite each and every one of you to stand with us in this protest.

  1. Stay informed: Keep an eye on updates from r/MorbidReality and other participating subreddits. We will provide updates throughout the protest period, sharing any developments and actions that arise.

  2. Spread the word: Share the news about our subreddit going private with your fellow Redditors, friends, and anyone who might be interested. Engage in discussions on related subreddits, and use your social media platforms to make some noise in support of our cause.

  3. Contact Reddit: Reach out to the administrators of Reddit by messaging the reddit administrators or directly contacting /u/reddit. Express your concerns and share your thoughts on the policy change. Additionally, consider leaving a negative review on Reddit's official iOS or Android app to make your voice heard.

  4. Be respectful: While this decision may be frustrating, it's important to maintain a respectful and civil tone. Threats, profanity, and vandalism will only detract from our cause and hinder the support we are trying to gather.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us through modmail or join us at the co-ordination sub, r/ModCoord.


The Moderators of r/MorbidReality

17:20 UTC


Tricycle of 3 year old boy named Shin, who died 1,500 meters from the hypocenter of Hiroshima atomic bombing, 1945. [atc]

13:26 UTC


company ID badge comes with great advice...

13:23 UTC


Richard Beasley aka "The Craigslist Killer" used Craigslist to post fake job offers in order to lure men to a remote spot in southern Ohio. Once they were there, Richard robbed, shot, and killed them. The scheme was only uncovered when a fourth man was shot but escaped.

16:04 UTC


At the first Lebensborn mother and baby home established outside Germany. Lebensborn was an attempt by the Nazis to breed “racially pure” Aryan babies. This home was in occupied Norway.

00:41 UTC

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