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Welcome to /r/MorbidReality, a subreddit devoted to the most disturbing content the internet has to offer. Here, we study and observe the darkest aspects of human nature.

Welcome to /r/MorbidReality, a subreddit devoted to the most disturbing content the internet has to offer. Here, we study and observe the darkest aspects of human nature.

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The "Screaming Superman" of PSA Flight 182

Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) Flight 182 was a scheduled flight from Sacramento to Los Angeles and San Diego on September 25, 1978. On this day the plane would collide with a Cessna 172 over San Diego. The resulting crash killed 144 people, all 139 passengers and crew aboard Flight 182, the two pilots in the Cessna and 7 bystanders who were killed when the wreckage struck their houses. The flight was the worst in American aviation history up until American Airlines Flight 191in May 1979. The crash and wreckage was so horrific that of the 139 passengers, only 4 intact bodies were recovered from the crash site. However, one particular gruesome account was that of "flying superman" a male passenger which eye witnesses described as flying out of the fuselage screaming in a prone position arms outstretched like superman who then impacted a vehicle two blocks from the impact site. A note, the footage of the crash is shown within the mondo film "faces of death". Various accounts from eyewitness and secondhand accounts can be viewed using the waybackmachine to view a San Diego blog from 2004 where people were able to talk about their own accounts and memorialize those lost in the crash.


I will let you read through the accounts as they are important to read and show a harrowing experience for those on the ground but I will highlight a few that mention "superman"

"The guy next door was literally hospitalized because he survived the plane crashing near his house as he was in the front yard mowing, but saw a human being fly down the street, prone “like Superman” flying in the air he used to say, about thirty feet above the street at impact, which was a couple blocks up. He said the man had a high-pitched scream like a pig screech, He could actually hear that amongst the concussion and explosion. The flying man ended up impacting a car a couple houses down"

"I recall the car with the prone body sticking out the back. It’s true. It did look as though it was Superman, arms outstretched and all. They covered the whole car by 2 PM or so."

"“Superman” was witnessed by, I believe it was three or four residents on Nile, all of which required hospitalization, as did two emergency responders at the scene who removed him from the automobile. In late 1999, at a party in North Park, I met a woman who was a flight attendant for PSA in 1978. The subject of the crash came up and I told her the stories I’d heard about superman. She mentioned that particular man was identified as an off-duty PSA employee and mentioned the name but I have long since forgotten it. Sorry. Yes, I have no reason to doubt this as fact. It has come up too often in conversations in the neighborhood and even on this website."

"I heard about the flying/screaming man when my husband and I moved into the neighborhood in 1996. There were only a couple people on Nile still living there (that we knew of at least) who were around when this crash took place. One of them told us about this guy as she actually saw it happen. Nice lady, forget her name. She lived on Nile facing West, about four or five houses down from Dwight. She said she was tending to her plants in the front yard when this crash happened. She actually saw the whole event start to finish. She said when the plane impacted she threw herself to the grass instinctively. The man in question flew past instantly when the “big hole ripped open after the wing hit the house on the corner of Nile and Dwight” and she described him as screaming “like a cat in a cat fight”, arms out stretched, prone. Yes, she said Superman. He went further down the street and hit a car with a thud sound she said she’d never forget. She used to describe it as like throwing hamburger meat down on the counter."

One account from the blog above claims to have spoken to a journalist who covered the crash and had actually viewed the photo of the supposed "screaming superman"

" When I interned at the San Diego Union in the late 80′s I mentioned this to a reporter who won some sort of journalism award covering that crash and he said, in fact, the story was confirmed by three or four of the actual eye witnesses to the crash, a photo was taken of the impacted car, and then the editors decided to “spike” that item because they deemed it “too disturbing on an already disturbing day.”

20:09 UTC


Mother, 2 children, family pets found dead in apparent murder-suicide

05:37 UTC


Degenerate' couple raped and sexually assaulted young girl after drugging her

13:50 UTC


Five SS men are forced to walk past the corpses of prisoners exhumed from a mass grave near Nammering. They'd changed into civilian clothes in a failed attempt to evade capture. According to the photographer, the men were shot immediately after this photo was taken (May 1945).

05:50 UTC


Bullying is going to far I wish more action would be taken.

11:58 UTC

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