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How to remove Super Attack from my car?

Hi, i’ve this problem, how do I remove it?

15:00 UTC


Anyone know how to fix this? I have some matching poly thread, but I don’t know how to go about making the repair

13:37 UTC


How to soundproof this doorway?

I live in a studio that backs onto another persons house (through this series of 2 doors) . However they are not soundproofed well and I feel like I have no privacy. I’m sure they would be comfortable with me replacing the sliding door but I’m not sure what to replace it with?

1 Comment
12:35 UTC


how to remove adhesive residue like this from the floor?

So far I‘ve tried window and oven cleaner, sadly without any success.

12:16 UTC


How do I patch this cigarette burn on my canvas couch?

10:11 UTC


Convert a regular to a smart bathroom switch

Hi, I’m looking to make my bathroom water heater smart, along with three more switches in the bathroom: one for the light, one for a plug, and one for a fan. The plug can be ignored. (Check picture) So my questions would be what should I know before buying and installing a smart switch? Is there something specific I need to be aware of? Also, which brands or models would you recommend?

Thanks in advance!

08:26 UTC


How the fuck do I turn on the shower

05:25 UTC


How to stop feeling guilty

So I got some of scores back for exams, and my mark dropped like 1% for math which isn't annoying but it's one of 90 now. My other grades aren't looking good either, somewhere around 80+. My parents don't know yet but they got me some stuff for my birthday, and idk I feel so guilty taking it knowing they were expecting 90s from me. I know it's not the end of the world but it feels jus wrong accepting all this stuff knowing my results aren't what they hoped. How do I get over this

1 Comment
04:51 UTC


How to finish this wood accent wall (fix my screw ups)

Put up this wood accent wall on our our pony wall. We're happy with the look, but don't think it was designed to wrap around like this so we have a few issues. Any suggestions to fix this would be appreciated - I have some ideas but not thrilled with them so I've procrastinated this for a while.

DIY skill level is fairly high but for this I prefer speed over quality. If what I have now is maybe a 50% job I'd like to get it closer to 80 or 90%.

Ends not flush/look unfinished

Unpolished quartz showing

Corners are sharp, there's gaps, adhesive squeeze out.

04:22 UTC


Washing machine pulsator

I want to clean my Panasonic washing machine but stuck at this part. Any idea how to take it off? I almost give up. I’ve taken it off before but this time it stuck like hell. Any tips? Thanks

03:04 UTC


Heat nor escaping during night

I live in a two story house that is divided into 4 separate apartments. I live on the first floor, west side of the house. Our apartment is rather long and doesn't seem to generate any kind of cross breeze because all the windows in the house are on the same side of the house and the two doors are on the north and south side of the house. But there's a catch, both the front door and back door do not lead straight outside, both have corridors that expand the full length and height of the front and back of the house.

This seems to prevent airflow directly into our apartment, as the air has so much space to move around.

At this point, I've tried just about everything I can think of. Placing my fan directly in front of my window. Facing the fan towards the window. Opening up all the windows that we can in the house. Opening all windows and doors. But nothing changes. We're still stuck here, in this god forsaken apartment with it hovering in the high 80s. No matter what I do.

The first night I opened my window, I got lucky. The wind was blowing directly into my room. But every night since, it seems as though the heat has created a boundary in which no cool air can get through.

I am so very tired of sweating all day and night, waking up to find my pillow soaked in sweat, I despise being wet.

We have 2 fans, both are just cheap fans. We can't afford full house fans, the cheapest I found was $190 and that is well beyond our price range. We both collect SSI and we have to make that stretch in terms of rent, bills, and food. So our budget is very limited.

So what more can I do here beyond waiting for winter to roll around.

02:30 UTC


How to unstick this photo from the glass without tearing it

hello, this is my favorite photo of me and my late dad. i dont know if being in the sun fused the photo to the glass but now i cant get the picture out. this is an original photo and i hate that its behind a cracked glass.

00:47 UTC


How to build Redwood Raised Garden boxes

00:43 UTC


How to "have a f*cking life"?

I, 21 F, am the type of person who simply enjoys spending time at home, playing video games, reading, spending time alone, things of the sort. My mom (who I live with currently) told me today "All you do is sit around the house, do a few chores, work 15 hours a week, eat, sleep, and play video games. You walk around here like you own the place. You need to get a f*cking life". I just don't know what she means or how to get a life, but any time I ask what she means, I get in more trouble. I don't have my own car, so I have to ask permission to go anywhere and lately I've been trying to get our more with my friends, but then I get in trouble for never being home. I started a new job only 2 weeks ago, I finished my training shifts quite literally yesterday. But I am picking up shifts wherever I can. I don't know where to turn, or how to get started. I have no idea what to do or how to "get a life" as I've been told, so, dear people of reddit, how do I get a life?

22:35 UTC


Need help finding a photo not in my camera roll

A friend of mine recently passed and I'm trying to find a photo of him that I took when I visited him.

At the time (September 2018) I had a OnePlus (I think it was a OnePlus 7) and all the photos I took on that phone are not in the camera roll on my current phone (Google Pixel 7 Pro).

I know that the photo is saved somewhere as I saw it in the "memories" of the Photos app within the last year.

I was wondering if anyone could help point in the right direction of where it could be found.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

22:06 UTC


increase water level in toilet bowl

I’ve adjusted the fluidmaster 400A valve water adjustment rod. It only changed levels in the tank not the bowl. Any ideas how else I can increase it? Also somehow the fill valve I have has no hose to the overflow. This seems to be part of the design and not a missing part. No water flows from the nipple.

edit: sorry forgot to include photo. [Here] (https://imgur.com/a/G3eeuKo) it is.

20:12 UTC


How do I learn to be more patient?

Hello Redditers,

I've struggled with anger all my life. Today, I'm deciding to change the narrative. Both my parents have really short fuses and it has made me wonder how much this is genetic, but I've wondered too much and to my detriment and simply lived in this negative self-sabotaging state. I want to turn that around.

Here are some of the things I do right now that I want to rid of:

  • I self harm when I can't get something right and scream out expletives whilst telling myself how 'stupid' I am. This tends to happen in a split second before having clocked that I got overwhelmed.
  • I get extremely annoyed when I try and learn something that takes a while to master. This means that I've never excelled at music theory (I improvise piano) or Japanese even though I harbour years of wishful thinking.
  • I'm overwhelmed to start anything new even though appealing ideas have come into mind. It seems to overwhelm me because I fear how much learning and patience I have to utilise to reach that end goal. It took me to my mid-30's to graduate because the meltdowns I had were extremely severe in the face of academic stress.

Today, I've decided I want to change all this. My seeming inability to be patient has affected my career. As a result I'm working in a job way below my skill level because it is immediately gratifying and doesn't require learning (housekeeping). Yet, I can improvise beautiful music and have in the past excelled at academia and art.

Irritatingly, I LOVE learning. In the rare moments of being able to fully focus, it feels wonderful and I feel that's who I really am; someone studious, alert and willing.

I have so much more to give, principally to myself. I feel like I'm stuck in a cage. I know I have the key. I just need to allow myself to step out.

Any tips welcome.

20:08 UTC


I booked a pet friendly hotel on booking but they do not accept cat as a pet. The stay is not returnable.

So I booked a pet friendly hotel and the staff from this hotel asked me about the pet size and I texted them that this is a small cat and they confirmed the booking. After the confirmation they wrote me another message saying that they accept only dogs. The booking is non refund. What should we do? We are a bit desperate be cause we can't leave our cat and to leave the money.

19:49 UTC


How to fix hole in side of house

What would be the best way to repair this hole that was left when they changed the waste pipe? At the moment, it's just expanding foam in the hole.

Could I just buy two bricks, cut them down to size, and use a bit of mortar to fill the gap? Or would it look strange because it wouldn't fit the pattern of the wall?

Thanks in advance.

18:41 UTC

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