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Examples of advice:

“Always be prepared to leave your employer because they are prepared to leave you.”

“A marriage proposal should not come as a big surprise, despite what you may have seen in the movies.”

Keep in mind that an aphorism is not a LPT.

An aphorism is a a short clever saying that is intended to express a general truth or a concise statement of a principle.

Examples of aphorisms:

"A barking dog never bites."

"No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible."

"All stones are broken stones."


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LPT - Do not cancel non refundable airline tickets

If you buy Basic Economy fares that you are not using and you can’t refund or get a credit on, do not cancel them if you can’t go.

Instead, just keep the flight and simply don’t show up to it. If the flight gets canceled or delayed significantly, you will get your money back.

Bonus LPT: Check the app/website for the standby list and seat map. If the flight looks full (and you have some spare time and a cheap/free way to get to the airport) show up to the flight anyways and volunteer to get bumped. You could end up getting cash or flight credits to offset the lost ticket, and probably more.

03:34 UTC


LPT : if your vacuum cleaner has a light at floor level, use it in the dark

If you use it in the dark, the light will highlight all the dust/hair/dirt in a way that will be shocking if you've never used it that way before. Very helpful.

01:53 UTC


LPT Pandora

Create multiple channels with similar artists and every time an ad starts you can just change the station and the music will start and skip over the ad

01:45 UTC


LPT To Help Alleviate Allergies in New Apartment or Home

  1. Replace air filter(s) with filters that have a MERV 11 or higher rating.
  2. Set HVAC to the Fan On setting and allow it to run continuously for 72 hours.
  3. Try to allow it to run for several hours with windows and/or doors open during this period to help ventilate.
01:05 UTC


LPT When in charge of a small child who is unhappy, consider they might be thirsty and offer water.

00:52 UTC


LPT after purchasing a big ticket item that comes with a warranty, be sure to to read over the warranty documentation soon after purchasing

I just installed an AC unit... after reading the warranty documentation I found that I had to register it with the company online. If I had failed to do that within 60 days, the warranty would have only be applicable for HALF the time. I luckily was bored and read that, or I'd of missed out on a lot of potential coverage.

23:26 UTC


LPT - If you love animals and hate plastic waste, consider donating your empty prescription bottles to an animal shelter.

Lots of animal rescues will accept donations of clean, empty prescription pill bottles and reuse them to distribute foster pet meds. Animal shelters are frequently running on limited funds, so pill bottle donations are often highly appreciated.

22:45 UTC


LPT : If you want to lower the amount of time you use your phone, stop using fast charging.

If you switch to the slowest possible charging methods for your phone then over time you’ll have to get used to just using your phone less to not drain the battery or else be forced to camp next to the charger (use a shorter cable if you wanna make it harder to do this).

This will generally never affect anything in your life outside of home too which is great, so you’ll maybe have even more time to do that stuff when cutting back on screen time. Also this will most likely help your battery long term too as an extra positive I guess.

22:23 UTC


LPT Don't wait until an emergency to unbox your emergency items

LPT Check out any emergency items you have. Don't wait until the emergency happens and you need to use the item. Read the directions and visualize the setup, and also inspect the equipment to make sure you have everything and nothing is broken.

If you wait until you need it, you may find out you don't have the right plug and need a converter, or your extension cords don't reach as far as you thought. Maybe your first aid kit has expired items.

If you need those items after the emergency happens, you're definitely going to be competing with the rush of people going to any store that is open to buy that same item.

19:51 UTC


LPT your dog can easily scorch their paws on hot pavement, causing injury

Asphalt can heat up very quickly in the summer months, getting as high as 150 degrees f (65 degrees c) or more and can scorch your dog’s paws which is very painful for them. How do you know when it’s too hot? Easy test: take your shoes off and walk briefly on the pavement. The rule of thumb is that if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your dog too!

21:13 UTC


LPT the hardest part about finishing a task is starting it in the first place

i think there's a lot of factors at play here so it's important to self-diagnose yourself a little bit to figure out your own pesronal circumstances

for me at least, i tend to procrastinate a lot, wait too much for the perfect time to start, get distracted too easily, feel overwhelmed, and being scared of failing / not knowing what to do

imho, the best thing to do is just say F it and force yourself to at least start the task because from there, once you have some mental momentum, it's easier to keep going and eventually finish the task

20:30 UTC


LPT - Struggling with organization and losing things? Adopt the "Don't put it down, put it away" rule to reduce clutter and save time finding items. Perfect for those with ADHD and anyone who struggles with organization.

As someone with ADHD, I know how challenging it can be to stay organized and keep track of things. That's why I wanted to share a simple phrase that has helped me immensely: "Don't put it down, put it away."

Whenever I finish using an item, instead of leaving it out or putting it down somewhere random, I take a few extra seconds to put it away in its designated spot. This has helped me save time, reduce stress, and improve my productivity. Before I started following this rule, I was constantly losing things and wasting time searching for them. My space was cluttered and disorganized, which made it difficult to focus and get things done (not to mention the cleaning!). Now that I make a conscious effort to put things away immediately after use, my space is cleaner and more functional. Plus, I don’t have to go looking for things since they are exactly where they’re supposed to be.

This habit has also helped me with mindfulness and attention to detail. When I put things away where they’re supposed to go, I'm being intentional about where I place items and taking care of my belongings.

If you struggle with organization, clutter, or losing things like I do, the "don't put it down, put it away" rule is a simple habit that could make a big difference in your daily life. If you have trouble remembering it like I did, you can place little notes for yourself in various locations to remind you.

TL;DR: The "don't put it down, put it away" rule can help you stay organized, save time, and reduce stress. By putting things away immediately after using them, things will always be where they’re supposed to be and you create a cleaner and more functional living and/or working space.

20:27 UTC


LPT - Triple click your iPhone button to turn the screen fully red at night (with instructions)

I have benefitted tremendously from using red light in my house at night, and also using my iPad with red light only (it doesn’t inhibit melatonin as much as with blue light from a normal screen). I notice a huge difference in how quickly I fall asleep doing this, so here’s how to do it!

Step 1: Set Up Color Filters

1.	Open Settings: Tap on the “Settings” app on your iPad.
2.	Accessibility: Scroll down and tap on “Accessibility.”
3.	Display & Text Size: Under Accessibility, select “Display & Text Size.”
4.	Color Filters: Tap on “Color Filters” and turn on the toggle switch.
5.	Select Filter: Choose “Color Tint” from the available options.
6.	Adjust Color: Adjust the “Intensity” and “Hue” sliders until the screen appears red. Moving the Hue slider all the way to the right should give you a red tint.

Step 2: Set Up Accessibility Shortcut

1.	Accessibility: Return to the main “Accessibility” menu in the Settings app.
2.	Accessibility Shortcut: Scroll down to the bottom and tap on “Accessibility Shortcut.”
3.	Select Color Filters: Tap on “Color Filters” to add it to the Accessibility Shortcut.

Step 3: Use the Shortcut

•	Activate Shortcut: Triple-click the Home button (on devices with a Home button) or the Side button (on devices without a Home button) to quickly enable or disable the red screen tint.
18:13 UTC


LPT Press on someone's back to make them stop snoring

It doesn't last long after you stop pressing unfortunately, but it's truly a quick & easy miracle remedy if you're trying to sleep next to a big snorer.

15:14 UTC


LPT If you have electric baseboard heaters and electronic wall mounted thermometers, check them for waste heat, turn them off by turning off those 220v breakers (Canada)

I was surprised at the heat being generated through the air vent of the wall mounted smart thermometer.

I got my kitchen infrared thermometer to check, 45c (113f) air coming out!

So I turned off all the breakers for the baseboard heaters for the summer period.

If you do this, you will lose any fancy programming you put in them, but I set them once per room and never change after.

Also I had some rooms with less airflow, door always open and curtains drawn, that were always warmer, now I think I found the culprit. These little leeches being on 24/7.

15:12 UTC


LPT Use your reminders app as a grocery list in IOS

For those who don’t know, reminders app can act as grocery list as well. After you created a list > go into list > three dots on top right of list > show list info > change list type > grocery

You can use siri to add items to the list you created. It categorized the items automatically in the list. No more struggle with third party apps.

More tip: add it to your Lock Screen as widget and you can check the items right from there, no need to open the app.

You can also collaborate with your house hold by sharing it

13:23 UTC


LPT - If you're finding it difficult to get up in the morning

Step 1 - set 1 (yes just 1) alarm

Step 2 - go to sleep

Step 3 - once the alarm goes off. roll outta bed and do as many push ups as you can (bonus - gets you a nice chest and tricep pump)

Step 4 - cold shower

12:37 UTC


LPT Capitalization when typing on android phone.

Change the capitalization by selecting the text and hitting the shift key. It doesn't work on every app but 99 in 100

12:28 UTC


LPT - if you have a severely stuffy nose, try laying on your side and then your other side until your mucus loosens up

Grandma taught me this one. Currently dealing with stuffy nose related to allergies. Can’t for the life of me blow the snot out into a tissue. However, as I lay on my side, the snot becomes more viscous and thus allows me to blow it out.

08:12 UTC


LPT If you want a guest to use something, open it first

So many times I've stayed at houses and it's very awkward to open stuff like sealed TP, milk and juice cartons, tissues in the guest room--even after being told to help myself to anything needed. I buy new or extra stuff just for guests, but open it beforehand. Rip open maxi pad/tampon packages, take toothpaste out of the cardboard, remove the foil tops from lotions, leave at least two opened boxes of tissues around, etc. It takes the weirdness out of a guest waiting until 11 am the next day to meekly ask if they can actually use it, even if they already have been told to have at it. And it makes everything run smoother when we don't have to have conversations about why they needed something.

Edit: Clarification for the people fixating on the TP part of this: Of course I open toilet paper instead of quietly sitting in my own waste for the entire weekend for the sake of politeness, spreading my filth all over the furniture. But the host doesn't have to make it weird. If there's a pallet of TP sitting on top of your dryer, break me off a piece of that, and leave it on the back of the toilet. Be kind to your guests. Leave a couple rolls out.

05:23 UTC


LPT Cooking during a heatwave, cook with an Instant Pot or Crockpot outside

in a garage or covered patio if you can. We have a small house and do this to keep our space from smelling like cooked meat. It works also if you are trying to cook and not heat up your place.

We got sick of cooking on the BBQ this week and started making potatoes and chicken salads.

02:49 UTC


LPT use proxies if you can't download something direct for any reason.

I was just downloading a hacked Spotify APK that removes ads, and the download 2392(dot)mediafire(dot)com link, when requested directly to my phone, timed out. So, I used a free web proxy, pasted in the download link, and it worked like a charm. I have no idea why requesting to my phone doesn't work but now I know to use proxies!

Edit: For clarification, my phone was connected to WiFi. I'm assuming it is just my area that's inaccessible, because I also tried requesting through my phone's data plan and it still timed out.

02:28 UTC


LPT Check the air in your spare tire before long trip, or every 6 months

Happened to me two weeks ago. Pop up RV blew a tire. Popped on the spare and watched it flatten as I lowered. Thankfully we were in a gas station during the tire change. (And they had a working air pump)

23:27 UTC


LPT - When asking people important questions, make a list of your questions and write down their answers as they speak. [This is especially useful with evasive or shady people.]

I used this technique with my lawyer. He was very skilled at side stepping my direct questions. I was paying him by the hour and it was very upsetting to not get real answers to my clear questions.

So after telling my therapist how I was still confused regarding my questions after speaking with my lawyer, she suggested I go in with a written list on paper and make him slow down and wait while I write down his answers.

I was not able to write down any clear answers from what he told me, despite repeating the questions. That really helped me solidify that he was being squirrelly and deceitful with me.

I hired another lawyer to fire him and my new lawyer was clear, competent, and awesome.

This also works for Dr's visits where you might be given a lot of information at once or forget to ask something important, as you get sidetracked.

Sometimes I make an extra copy for the Dr, so we can go over it together.

22:44 UTC


LPT If you are running late to a hotel, 12am or after. Call them and let them know. They will count you as a no show and cancel your reservation if you don’t

So luckily it hasn’t happened to me but it’s happened to my boss. Especially when traveling for work if I know I’m going to arrive after 10pm I will call the hotel and let them know I’ll be late. Normally it is only after Midnight when they do the night audit.

They will make sure to save your room and not get rid of it. Plus normally if you can give them a more exact time someone will be around the desk area so you don’t have to wait to long after a long day

19:08 UTC


LPT about falling asleep faster when you are used to making up dreams in your head

LPT If you are used to always make up stories in your head to fall asleep. All my life I made up scenarios in my head and starred in my own movies as I lay in bed trying to sleep. Back in the days often longer than 1h. Not because I wanted to, but out of necessity 'cause sleep never came easy and fast. Most of the time there was a lot of action and emotions involved in my "daydreams". I now know, that this further prevented my brain to shut down and slowed me in falling asleep.

Now to the LPT: make up scenarios, which fit the calm and warming feeling of sleep. This tricks the brain and lets it adapt to the calmness, cozyness and fatigue it needs to fall into slumber.

For me: I think of myself lying down (important!) and trying to fall asleep in one of my prior made up scenarios. All the "action" happens around this. E.g. someone talking to me, cuddling me, flashbacks to the storyline, whatever. But I seldom get out of bed or wherever I am lying. I can reassure you - falling asleep has never been this fast for me. Sometimes I feel the sleep creep in, even though Im not even remotely done with my story and dont want to fall asleep yet. Maybe this tip will also help you; for me it was a life changing experience, which I learend way too late.

Short version: If you are used to make up scenarios in bed to fall asleep and need like forever: try dreaming of you lying in bed trying to sleep and not about exhillerating storys of saving the world.

18:58 UTC


LPT If you purchase something online or in a store keep checking the price over the next weeks to see if the unit goes on sale.

Very often retailers will have a price guarantee and you can get a partial refund. It varies but can sometimes be as long as 60 days after.

17:55 UTC


LPT If the ride share prices surge when you’re at an airport or you can’t find a ride, take a free airport shuttle to a hotel in your general direction and order a ride there.

The big hotel chains usually have a free shuttle. Plus you can use a nice clean bathroom and order food from the cafe.

This saved me over $50 when there was a storm at LAX a while back.

I tip the driver

Edit: A good point in the comments was about how the base fare is also less by not having the airport access fee which is common in large cities. And the distance traveled is less if you get closer to your destination.

15:59 UTC


LPT - Don't post responses to messages where a user announces they're blocking someone. The person won't be able to respond to you, since you can't respond to any chain containing messages from people you've blocked.

15:32 UTC


LPT If you are in a seminar and feeling really sleepy but want to pay attention, ask a question

10:38 UTC

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