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Can anyone explain what these results for a "Pap Smear with High Risk HPV Test if needed" mean?

26 Female. For the Pap Thin Prep the note says Low Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion(LSIL) Encompassing: HPV/MILD DYSPLASIA/CIN1 and for Suspected Organism, GYN Cytology it says No Organisms Detected.

It’s not clear on whether I have HPV. Does this mean I have HPV or not? Also can a person get LSIL caused by HPV if they’re vaccinated?

I’d appreciate any clarification, thank you!

21:18 UTC


Azithromycin pill stuck in my throat

(F19) My doctor has prescribed me Azithromycin and I took my dose around 15-20 min ago, but I have this sensation of something being stuck in my upper esophagus, specifically in my thoart. I drank a lot of water, but the sensation is still there. I’ve been sick for a week now and I have this nasty cough that won’t leave me alone, I’ll explain why this is relevant to my issue. I can breathe normally, I’m just scared if it’s too near the epiglottis my coughing could approach it to the larynx and I could potentially end up choking. I’m very scared. I know the fear is irrational and it most likely either scratched my esophagus or has dissolved by now, I just need an objective opinion, because I feel extremely anxious.

21:08 UTC


Confused with CBC

Im totally confused looking at this panel. So most of the results were normal except IG% was at 0.7… HCT was at 38.2%… Hemoglobin was at 12.5g/dL. Ive had so many issues A) Im playing Dr to try to figure this out since Im stumping everyone B) Im trying to figure out should I be concerned or not. Any advice would be Awesome.

20:18 UTC


My left side goes numb sometimes, any ideas as to why?

My left side goes completely numb sometimes. I can still move everything(and hear on the left ear) but I can't feel anything on that side. Even half of my tongue and genitalia goes numb, not just the outside of the body. These attacks lasts for about 15min. After about 4 years of this, I feel less on my left side than on the right even between the attacks. They occur more often when I'm standing/walking or when it's warm, but can occur at any time.
I'm a female, 30yrs, 5'2'', 124lbs.

Other symptoms that I have (which I started getting when I was around 8yrs old and has gotten worse):

* Muscle tiredness (comes and goes)
* Muscle cramps all over the body (I need to stretch the muscle out by force to break the cramping, it does not go away by itself)
* Muscle twitches varying in strength and time.
* Pain in muscles and joints especially when it's warm
* Swelling all over, especially when it's warm or when I'm working out (even when just going for a walk)
* Sudden pains all over. It feels like someone has stabbed me with a screwdriver but the pain is gone before I have the time to react.

Tests done:

* Blood tests are all normal but B12 levels tend to quickly sink to low/deficiency and magnesium levels are higher than normal. Dexamethasone suppression test was 52nmol/L, Saliva cortisol test showed twice as high levels as "high" until noon when the levels drop to high and then is high until 10pm when it drops to low. Got some TPO antibodies, but not enough to mess with TSH/T4/T3.
* Gastroscopy showed healthy stomach, no Celiaki or Helicobacter pylori.
* MRI shows several small cysts but none of them are pressing on anything. One large pineal cyst, but it does not seem to be pressing on anything either.
* EEG is normal even though I had muscle twitches during the test.
* Lumbar punture tests were all normal

What could be causing this?

19:23 UTC


Low ferritin for 10 years

I’m a female - 28years old, healthy BMI and otherwise healthy.

I have two key issues with bloodwork, and have experienced these issues for 10 years and haven’t been able to get to the bottom of it.

I carry a ferritin of 13. Have tried everything - high res meat diet, iron tablets, iron spray etc. All other blood cell bloodwork is normal, but I cannot increase my ferritin. I’m slightly symptomatic, tired etc. but would love to once and for all cure this and get my ferritin built back up, or at least understand why I carry such a low level. Periods are normal, I would say medium flow for 5 days a month.

Second point is my CA125 level. I’ve had levels ranging from 68 to 37. My latest is 37. So the trend is downwards. All investigations (USS etc) show nothing, so we don’t know why my CA125 is increased. Thought this could be in some way related.

Any help would be really appreciated.

18:36 UTC


Worried about pain, I have autism, dyspraxia, seizures, IBS, mild dysphagia, and a few more things... I've been thinking about comorbidities and trying to figure out what my pain is or if its worth seeing a doctor, more details in post

I am 19y female, 5'5 and about 127 pounds. white and live in the US. i recently found out i might be hypermobile. my wrists and ankles click every single time i rotate them, i could click them for a minute straight. sometimes i feel pain in my joints but i dont know how much is normal. the other day i was putting the milk back in the fridge and it genuinely felt like my elbow was going to snap. i dont know i feel so weak all the time. i am living a quite sedentary life but i also have adhd and need to pace around for at least an hour a day. but anyways, it feels like i have the stregth of a 10 year old but im living in this adult (although skinny) body and its so exhausting moving my heavy ass limbs and keeping my head up and shit. but onto the more concerning matter,

for the past two weeks i have been experiencing a pain that not only comes and goes but moves around the body, and i know its all the same thing because its the exact same type of pain every time! it feels kind of like a dull, pulsing (poking? idk how to describe.. like someone flickering a light on and off) pain. it happened the first time in the left butt cheek when i was sitting in the car and stayed there for about 10 minutes. next time i got it a few days later in my right knee, then i got it in my left wrist, then very surprisingly i felt it in my upper lip! what the hell! does anyone have any advice on whats going on? i have been very exhausted but its hard to tell if that is from somethinng new, or autistic burnout, or just plain tiredness because i have interrupted sleep. thanks

18:22 UTC


Gut Healing Journey...where to start?

I have been struggling with random and undiagnosed GI flareups for the past 2+ years. The duration of the flareups varies and the symptoms are not always the same. Typically this includes crazy bloating (like full belly distended,) feelings that I'm full of gas that is not soothed by gas medication, constipation while feeling the urgency to use the bathroom, sometimes loose stools, mucus in stools, rectal bleeding, heat flashes, exhaustion, dizziness, and vomiting. I have had countless stool tests, blood tests, and examinations and have received the general stamp of IBS. I have been fasting/liquid diet for the past week as I have been recovering from a debilitating fissure (or what I assume to be one) and hemorrhoid.

Today was the first day that I introduced noodle soup and I'm researching on where to move next. I am terrified of the idea of my gut dictating my life, especially because I love to try new foods and I am a hobby baker/mixologist. I know dairy isn't my friend, but from my reading, I have no idea where to start to HEAL my gut operations hopefully. I would love to get to a place where I can mediate the symptoms (through diet and supplements) without being restricted out of fear of a flare-up. On top of this, admittedly I am a bit of a lazy food prepper. So I am looking for any recommendations concerning gut-healing journies, elimination diets (whether they're necessary, where to start,) pre/probiotic recommendations and any other advice! I really appreciate y'all, thank you :)

17:48 UTC


High heart rate at night?

I noticed U have trouble sleeping and I could distinctly hear my heart beat, took a blood pressure device and the results was 110/68 systolic and diastolic mmHg. And a pulse rate of 94.

I searched and it says that 94 is a bit abnormal for a pulse per minute, should I be concerned?

17:28 UTC


Feeling sharp pain that comes and goes in my rib underneath my right breast. What could it be?

Worst in the mornings, I feel a sharp digging pain in my right rib. It hurts more when I stretch and extend my body and sometimes when I blow my nose and exhale. I had a similar pain two months ago on my sternum and similarly hurt when I applied pressure or blew my nose etc. Also, I don't have pain in my shoulders or arms. Just that right side of my chest. Could this be lung-related? Please help.

17:16 UTC

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