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This community is for knowledge, first aid advice, husbandry, and training of any species of captive bird. Doves, parrots, chickens, emus, dodos, etc. are all welcome.

This community is for knowledge, first aid advice, husbandry, and training of any species of captive bird. Doves, parrots, chickens, emus, dodo's, ect are all welcome.

We aim for science based knowledge and continued education in those subjects. We want to help those medical deserts without the option of an avian vet as best we can. No one should feel alone and helpless to provide some level of care to their flock.



  1. Please back up any medical, training, ect advice with sources if able! This will both allowed us to build a useful wiki, and keep our advice consistent and up to date.

  2. No aww/cute/funny media unless it's related to the health and care of birds.

  3. Civil discussion only. No flaming, name calling, or mobbing. If someone gives comprehensive advice. Upvote/addon to that post rather then making your own. Aggressive tactics will not be tolerated.

  4. Please tag any graphic images or descriptions of bird death or injury with NSFW.

  5. We support continued education! Please post articles, journals, videos, and other such media. We want to learn and remain current.

  6. If you are a professional in an Avian field and would like special flair to show your experience. Please message the Mods with request and proof.

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Best Artificial Light?

I understand that birds need specific lighting requirements in order to have healthy vision. Unfortunately I am having a hard time finding a good recommendation for a specific light to buy, there seems to be mixed reviews for basically every product out there. I can’t give my bird outside time as frequently as I’d like, due to my work schedule and living in New England, so I would really like to provide the best light conditions inside that I can.

I’d really appreciate any suggestions for specific products!

01:26 UTC


Why does my bird keep on having yeast infections?

So in February my cockatiel went to the vet for a regular checkup and she said he had yeast, no symptoms, treated it, thought it was a one and done thing.

Two months later, this little mischievous fella breaks his food. Off to the emergency vet, they treat his foot, and when I come back for a recheck I ask them to check foe yeast and low and behold he has it again

Took nystatin for a week again and they said that there is no need to recheck it as long as he has no symptoms

Both times he didn't have symptoms

The first time I think it was causes by my own stupidity, he would often poop in his water and throw food in it and I wouldn't change or clean it in time and he often drank from it

Second time I'm wondering if it had something to do with the stress from breaking his foot and vet visits and living in an aquarium for a week because of his broken foot

If it isn't what I just listed what else could it possibly be? And what can I do to prevent it? I got him Nekton and have been putting it in his water every other day, I wonder if that's doing anything tho

Any advice is appreciated!

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00:53 UTC


Maya freaking out

For like 45 minutes our bird has been making odd sounds, plucking at his feathers (around chest and wings), and sometimes thrashing around. We got him out of the cage which didnt seem to work.

13:44 UTC


2 sibling parrots have mated and created offspring - should I let this continue?

They are green cheek conures and are brother and sister. I have caught them mating several times. Eggs started to be laid, but 3 weeks ago, one hatched. Another hatched a few days later but died. The living baby is 3 weeks old but shakes a lot and seems developmentally delayed. What should I do about this?

23:10 UTC


30 yr old blue-crowned conure with bent tail feathers + head balding

This is my mom's bird Jade that's old asf. She wouldn't let me get a picture of her bald spot. The internet said a warm washcloth could be used to gently bend back the feathers, but we are afraid to stress her out too much bc of her age. She loves my mom and has never bitten her, however my mom also respects her boundaries if she looks like she's about to nip.

20:54 UTC


Saved a robin from a cat, he can fly a bit but not properly, what do I do?

Saved this poor Robin on my patio being chased by a neighbourhood cat. Scooped him up in a towel when he hid behind me. I had him in a box so he could rest from the shock. He has escaped the box and is in thr flat. The poor guy can get a bit of height flying, for example he can get onto the bed. But he cannot take flight. What do I do? RSPCA? I dont want them to just put him down. Could he heal if I leave him in my flat?

02:26 UTC


Sick Cockatiel

So, I have yet another crisis here. My cockatiel is dropping weight quickly. Normally, I would drop everything and make a vet appointment, but my car's engine failed last time, and so I have very limited transportation and am not able to make the hour long trip. There's an emergency vet a bit closer, but I'm about to go in for a major life-saving surgery and will be laid up for an unknown amount of time. My husband works 12 hour shifts every day for a week right after this, and will barely have time to do their food and water.

She's gone from 105 to 97 grams in 2 weeks. From yesterday to today she dropped 3 grams. Her behavior has changed drastically. She's irritable and suddenly despises me, but loves my husband now. She tends to "mate with" things in her cage. She's also much more noisy, flock calling a lot more frequently when I'm not paying her attention. Other than that, there are no immediate symptoms. No strained breathing or clicking, no head bobbing, no weird droppings. I know we don't have long to get her help, but I feel like it's my life or hers right now. I don't know what to do.

I feed them a mix of seed and pellets, along with fresh fruits and vegtables, and both vitamin and plain water. I've lapsed on their care a bit due to being in so much pain every moment of every day, but they're fed and taken care of. Their sleep schedule is a bit erratic because I am currently not in control of my body or my sleep. I also haven't been letting her out as much as I should because of the energy it takes to watch her and make sure she's safe while she's out. The weather has been crazy, and I haven't been able to replace the air purifier filter because they discontinued it, and we do not yet have the money to buy a new one because of the surgery.

I'm going in for surgery in 8 hours, but I'll do my best to keep up with this post.

01:40 UTC


what do i feed this young crow

11:02 UTC


Baby parakeets dieing suddenly

So we adopted 2 adult parakeets, previous owner said she had fair share of babies. We put a nest box in cage because she started laying eggs. But would eat some of them. But one hatched and like on day 3 it died, I didn't want to touch the baby as they're my moms and I wanted her to see. But once she came home the baby was apparently eaten. So like a month later two hatched and they were about 1 week than died. But we don't see no injuries and they looked perfectly normal. Nothing broken, at first we thought they killed them but they were big. Any thoughts???

23:29 UTC


Bird nests on pillars falling

Any reccommendations to keep them from falling? I tried looking online but there was only deterrents. I was thinking a basket or something? But i figured asking here would be better.

I feel horrible that there are 4 baby eggs on the concrete, i don't want this to keep happening. 😥

Edit: they are bullfinch eggs.

21:08 UTC


Worried about nesting goose! How far can goslings safely fall into water?

There is a mother goose in my town who is currently nesting on a bridge abutment over a creek. When the goslings hatch, their only option out of the nest will be to fall ~3 stories to the water below.

Google tells me that a gosling can safely fall ~2 stores onto pavement and ~4 stories onto grass. I haven't been able to find any info regarding water, but know that landing on it from any considerable height is often compared to landing on concrete.

Will the goslings be able to safely leave their nest? Or is this an issue I should contact a local wildlife rehabilitator about?

18:37 UTC


i think my budgie may have a respiratory

my white budgies tail was slightly bobbing yesterday (u can go check my recent post) and today i saw a new sign of illness. she was breathing heavily and mouth breathing but it wasnt constant, she did it for about 10-15 seconds and stopped and started again some time else, once it lasted like 2 minutes and 30 seconds

i know everyone will say to bring it to the vet and i will i just wanna know if this is how respiratory illnesses are like.

she eats and nothing changed much except sometimes she puts her head to the side (not tilt) and kinda looks like one of those old people that have a hunched back

also this morning she was eating her millet as normal but shes eating it normally again so idk if i should be concerned.

ill make another post with a video of her panting/mouth breathing

18:24 UTC


I need help with feeding (she can't see)

18:22 UTC


Why does my cockatiel do this (adorable) thing with their head?

Why does my cockatiel do this (adorable) thing with their head?

01:03 UTC


Urgent advice needed

A bird probably dove has laid egg on top of our door. There's a place on top of it. So the child is out and since there's no nest it keeps falling down. Is there any way we can help them ?

09:26 UTC


What to do? A bird just hit our window?

It just hit our window. It is still breathing or so I think. What can I do? Thanks!

16:19 UTC


They all won't leave this spot and have been there for 3 hours are they okay?

15:47 UTC


Is my baby finch healthy

15:43 UTC


Why is my macaws head vibrating like this

For a while my macaws head has been vibrating when he's out his cage you can't see it as well in the video as in person though I just wanted to know if something is wrong

11:52 UTC


What’s going on with this poor bird and is there anything we can do?

This is the best quality photo I could get. Thanks in advance!

13:38 UTC


Limping goose near office building

Hey guys, figured I’d ask here just in case. There’s a goose that’s limping next to the building I work in and I feel bad for it. Is there anything I can do? I live in Maryland if that helps at all.

22:15 UTC


We have surgery in the morning but I need an opinion from someone I’ve looked everywhere.

Rio is eggbound and I have to get her through the night till in the morning to have her surgery to remove it. She’s been egg bound almost a week and they’ve been trying to remove it by waiting it out and giving her meds and then they tried to do the first procedure. It was unsuccessful. They sent her back home overnight and she did decent today but now she’s acting so different I’m not sure if she’s trying to go to sleep or trying to die. I gotta get her through the night and I don’t know what to do. She has the major surgery tomorrow to remove it. She keeps peeping at me every time I leave the room and she follows me to pick her up and put her in my lap and then she is super still and laying down. Of course, she’s fluffed up. she’s got her head in her wing. I don’t know how to tell if she’s dying.. or if she’s just trying to sleep no one at the vet would give me any information on the last few stages,that she would show if she about to die. I watch my mother die, and she kinda would lay there and breathe and then not breathe, and then breathe, and then not breathe in the hospice nurse said these were stages of death, what I would, so that’s what I would like to know about birds with the stages of death are because I’m running on like an hour or two sleep for the past week maybe a little more but it been very hard to function and stay awake because I’m afraid she’s gonna die and need me and I’m not gonna be there for her. she’s my best friend. We’ve been through so much together. Domestic violence abuse from my ex-husband was so traumatizing to both of us and we got each other through. So I know Reddit known for making fun of people and jokes and stuff but I’m really desperate. This is my baby. She just has to get through this one last night and then through the surgery and she’s gonna have the rest of her life left again. She’s barely even three years old.

08:10 UTC


!Please Help! Injured Dove

This little one hit the window of my dads workplace. Was bleeding a bit above the beak and cannot walk properly or fly. Shes been… panting? A lot.

We really would like to help her before releasing her to a big garden-y area with other doves. im trying to do as much research as possible… if you have any advice on how to take care of her please let me know.

The internet is full of different advice and I don’t know which to follow

16:14 UTC


Does anyone know how to tame and gain trust of a 7 year old cockatiel. He growls at hands and bites. He's agressive. I really hope I can tame him, but I'm not sure how. I have 2 zebra finches and they gained my trust naturally.

12:44 UTC


conure sleeping at bottom of cage

hi so my conure (about 7 months) just started moving to bottom of cage at night to sleep. the conure is sick and has been given medications that we are currently giving but he/she hasn’t ever slept at the bottom of the cage like this and he/she makes small small chirping noises at the bottom of the cage at night

he/she doesn’t seem any more abnormal than usual like they do display signs of tiredness, agitation, and other signs of sickness like most birds do when sick but also could be medication side effects.

we have a check up appointment with vet in two days but wondering if this is something we should be worried about

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07:33 UTC


What to do in case of suspected fatty liver disease?

My Galah cockatoo has gained around 18 grams in around a year and a half, he was 277, now he's 295-ish. He also started eating relatively little in the last 2-3 days. HOWEVER, his droppings when he HAS eaten are completely normal, but since he doesn't eat much now, they're more often watery. I also noticed some very slight yellowing around his eyes, but that's not for sure. Other than that, he has been pretty active and doesn't seem to fluff up often, he's acting like himself for the most part. Now, I do know a clinic that MIGHT specialize in avian treatment, but where I live, there are literally no avian vets for 400 kilometers, only ones that might MAYBE help.

So, my question is: what can I do in the meantime to help my parrot? I've heard milk thistle oil is used for fatty liver disease, but other than that, I have no idea on how to help him with his liver. He now is eating a mixture or bird food mix with pellets and nutriberries, and since today I've been taking all the seeds out. I've also been giving him more veggies daily since about 3 days ago. Is there any advice on what might help him?

09:22 UTC

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