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The study of eukaryotes, fungi, protists, prokaryotes, viruses, and prions.

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The study of eukaryotes, fungi, protists, prokaryotes, viruses, and prions.

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Grams iodine

I'm curious. Can gram's iodine from one manufacturer kit be used in a different manufacturer kit? The question stems from running out of iodine in the current kit and having to borrow.

02:54 UTC


Could people get the bird flu from birds nesting in their window AC units?

I have two window AC units and there are birds that have a nest right underneath them. If they were infected, could it get into my place?

01:32 UTC


who makes the decision on if a new species is discovered (like the variation in genes qualifies it to be considered a different species vs. a variant of an existing one) or decides the taxonomy and changes to it (like how they reclassified the genus of c. Diff)

Is there like a specific group of people that decide those? A voting system or discussion? How does it work

00:15 UTC


AR Lab Network

Are you familiar with the Antimicrobial Resistance (AR) Lab Network? Check out this episode to learn more about them and the work they do.


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21:57 UTC


do germs die out after a while?

kind of a stupid question but i really would like to know, say im out doing something and i sit down on the nyc subway on my way there, so my pants, shirt, and bag are touching the seat. obviously they’re not gonna wash themselves but i guess my question is will the grossness of the subway seats live on my bag forever? or after long enough do i not really need to worry about that

12:14 UTC


Nutrient Agar for Cultivation of Lactobacilli in fermented Cabbage


I bought some nutrient agar (MRS-Agar) for the cultivation of lactobacilli from fermented cabbage. It works well and I can see various colonies (around 100 colonies) after plating 0.1 ml (incubation time: 2 days, 30 degrees celsius). It's a student project and hence there is a limited amout of MRS-Agar. The idea is to switch to a media that is cheaper and can be made by ourselves.

I stumbled upon Tomato Juice agar, which seems to work for cultivating Lactobacilli. You find various recipees in the literature, such as:

Tomato juice: 200 ml (provides natural sugars and vitamins)

Peptone: 5 g (provides nitrogen and growth factors)

Yeast extract: 2.5 g (supplies B vitamins and other growth factors)

Agar: 15 g (solidifying agent)

Distilled water: 800 ml

pH adjuster (optional, such as citric acid or sodium hydroxide to adjust pH to around 6.0-6.5)

Does anybody have any good recommendations? shall I give it a try?


10:36 UTC


What are some diseases that cause you to be immune to it after you survive it?

Are pox viruses the only pathogens with this trait?

(Also, as one commenter pointed out, all of them cause immunity, but I am referring to lifelong immunity)

00:16 UTC


Facultative aerobes don’t exist, right??

I have only ever heard bacteria described as facultative anaerobes when they can grow both with oxygen and without. And because aerobic respiration is generally the most energy efficient way to grow, facultative anaerobes would prefer to use oxygen if given the “choice.”

But, a professor (not a microbiologist) in a lecture said that facultative anaerobes prefer not to use oxygen, implicating that facultative aerobes would prefer to use oxygen.

Am I going crazy? Is the professor right, are there facultative aerobes? For reference, I’m about to start a micro PhD program so I really should figure this out…

08:20 UTC


Need Career advice for Medical Lab Technologist in Canada

Hello friends,

I am seeking the right advice for my career in Canada. I did 3 years in BSc. Microbiology from India. Moreover, I recently finished my one-year Post Graduation Diploma in MLT(Medical Lab Technology) in April 2024.

Furthermore, I have 2 years of experience working part-time as a Medical Lab technician in a hospital while studying for my MLT.

Now I am planning to move to Canada as a PR as my fiancee is a Permanent Resident of Canada.

I did some research about what kind of certification we need to get a job. The certification is CSMLS(Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science). There is a specific stream which is IEMLT(Internationally Educated Medical Lab Technologists).

Does any lab in Ontario hire internationally experienced professionals without CSMLS or CMLTO?

I am thinking of doing a job and preparing for the certification exam in my free time.

I appreciate your time and your advice.

Thank you so much!

07:35 UTC



I’m a former lab tech and the lab I used to work for recently closed down. I have some lab pipettes (1 new, 1 lightly used, and 1 heavily used) that I wanted to help the Pl sell. Was wondering if anyone knows how I could do so?

eBay honestly seems like a hassle to manage and from my understanding, it deducts a certain percentage from the seller. I'm located in Longwood medical area in Boston with lots of academic labs around and was wondering if there's a more efficient way to sell them?

Any words of advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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13:09 UTC


Culturing Saccharopolyspora spinosa or S. pogona at home

I'm curious about how difficult it would be to keep a culture of Saccharopolyspora spinosa (or S. pogona) using simpler equipment and techniques at home. What equipment and media would you recommend, and do you have any tips where I can read more about that either on the web, or books. Recommendations for any sources to where to get hold of any of these species (or particular strains of them) would be highly appreciated too.

I hope I've come to the right subreddit - please let me know if I might instead post this somewhere else where it fits better.

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12:23 UTC


Zone of inhibition that is not totally clear

In your Disk Diffusion Assays, have you encountered zones of inhibition that are not totally clear? There are times they look too “faint,” like you almost won’t see the ZOI, but you can see a halo when placed on a uniform black/white background. It seems that there’s a population that has been inhibited, but there’s also a population that was still able to resist the antibiotics. In cases like these, how do you report the results?

The cell population’s standardized and ZOI for other abx are really clear. It’s just for this one abx.

02:56 UTC


Learning about S. Aureus; few stupid questions

If S. Aureus is part of the normal skin flora, won't it almost always become involved in wound infections? There could be other things involved too, but shouldn't MRSA testing be done for all wounds to address that possibility?

Isn't it possible that the staph previously present on the skin got into the wound and happened to be methicillin-resistant?

Just struggling with comprehending how diagnosis/treatment is when s aureus goes from "normal flora" to infection.

Quick search says 30% of s aureus is MRSA, so why aren't vancomycin treatments much much more common in wound infections? Is S. Aureus causing skin infections not a common thing, and why?

P.S. just starting out with Sketchy, so this is all new.

Edit: thanks for all the great answers! This clears up a lot.

14:30 UTC


Legionella pneumophila growth in reusable water bottles?

Obviously L. pneumophila is spread mainly through contaminated AC/water parks, but is it possible for the bacteria to grow in reusable water bottles if they remain unwashed for long periods of time?

(Not seeking medical advice, just a curious student of microbiology🧪)

04:09 UTC


How do I work in a bio safety level 4 lab (BSL-4)

want to work as a clinical researcher, pathologist, infection disease doctor, or anything like that. I just finished my first year of college, and it has been my dream to work in one. What steps should I take to maximize my chances?

Edit: I'm so thankful for all the helpful insight yall have given me! I'm not worried about working at a BSL4 lab now, obviously 😭 just wondering what I could do now to maximize my chances after I get my PhD

02:07 UTC



If there is a multicellular eukaryote that has just one brain cell, does that qualify as a brain? What is the smallest living thing that has a brain?

01:26 UTC

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