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Have those pimples for a month, are they from a specific virus since I'm sick for a month now?

21 | Male | non smoker | 78kg


Can someone pls help me?

01:26 UTC


Pharmacy can't fill my Wellbutrin XR Rx until tomorrow. Is it ok to take expired tabs?

35F 150lb 5'5 synthroid 88mcg, bupropion XR 300mg, Vyvanse 20mg, Pristiq 50mg.

I ran out of Bupropion and had my last dose on Saturday. The pharmacy isn't able to fill my Rx until tomorrow. I have some tabs that expired in November 2021. Should I take one of the expired bupropion tabs? Is there a risk and is there a potential benefit?

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01:24 UTC


Miscarriage I think?

35F 5’1 117lbs

About a month ago I had several positive at home pregnancy tests. I scheduled an OB appt. (Two weeks out.) nausea and other pregnancy sxs ensued…then after 3-4 days sxs started fading and spotting/bleeding started. At first light and not super concerning but then bright red and heavier. Went to the ER. NO pregnancy was seen on my pelvic ultrasound. Imaging was normal otherwise. Labs all normal except,HCG was 468…Doctor said to follow up with OB but probable miscarriage. Days following I bled a lot. I assumed I was miscarrying as suspected.

Ok here’s where I’ll admit I messed up. I didn’t follow up with the OB…I cancelled the one I had previously scheduled too. Ive been feeling a bit overwhelmed with my toddler and it seemed pretty clean cut at this point. I was miscarrying…I wasn’t and still am not in any pain at all. No pregnancy symptoms anymore. All my labs and ultrasound results were normal. It’s now been a 3.5 weeks and I’m still bleeding/spotting some. Not a concerning amount imo. I took an at home pregnancy today and immediately a dark pink positive line came up, quicker than the control.

Is this normal? What’s happening? I’m going to try to get an emergent appt. With the OB Wednesday

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01:23 UTC


3rd degree AV block

I (19M) just got some 3 day heart monitor results back that indicated min HR 26, max 56, avg 37, and constant 3rd degree AV block. I have had minor symptoms (quick fatigue, dizziness, palpitations) for many years but this caught me completely off guard. I played sports through high school and have always been really healthy, I only got the monitoring done because my mom was worried about my low heart rate. More than anything I’m just wondering what the next step is. Is a pacemaker the only option? That’s what my cardiologist is recommending. I read of some medications that would help as well, or maybe there are other solutions I haven’t yet seen. I’m pretty sure I was born with it, but are there any other common causes? Any info from a pro would be greatly appreciated.

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01:20 UTC


itchy legs while exercising

i (29F) have had this issue for YEARS. when i’m walking or running for anything longer than even under a mile, my (primarily) thighs will get unbearably itchy. its to the point where they’re bright red from me nearly lacerating my skin. it is so fucking annoying and forces me to stop my work out. i try to ignore it or not think about it but to no avail i have to give in to try to get an ounce of relief. in the past i’ve tried slathering my skin with lotion prior to a work out but it doesnt make a difference. wtf is this and is there any way to prevent it??

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01:19 UTC


Undiagnosed condition (please read)

Hi! I’m am a 17 year old female (height: 5’7 weight: 120 lbs). I am healthy, with no significant medical issues. For the past 3 years, I’ve had quite a few issues. The first issue having to do with my circulation. A few years a go, I’ve noticed that my upper fingers (right below my fingernail) swell up, my feet/ankles are almost always purple-ish (when I put my legs up, the purple color goes away entirely) my legs/arms have a marbled/blotchy appearance (able to see my veins very easily). And I’ve noticed little capillaries all over my legs. The second issue being extreme facial flushing. My face gets very hot, very easily. It seems as if I am very sensitive to heat. I also have visible capillaries on my upper cheeks & nose. I’ve been to various doctors. My primary care provider referred me to a cardiologist (I had an innocent heart murmur), a rheumatologist, & a dermatologist. The rheumatologist was not helpful whatsoever. I was simply diagnosed with “circulation issues”, told to wear compression socks, and move to a warm climate. And if my feet stay purple & don’t revert back to their normal color, book a follow up appointment immediately. The dermatologist was very unsure. We initially thought the facial flushing was rosacea. But supposedly it’s very rare for someone as young as me (at the time I was around 15) & there is no way to 100% diagnose rosacea. I’ve had many lab tests done, including lupus/autoimmune, basic panels, urine samples, stool samples, everything. All came back normal. I feel extremely helpless, and unsatisfied. I want to know why my body is doing this. And I genuinely believe something was missed. Any ideas on why this might be happening to a healthy 17 year old?

01:17 UTC


4 months of left ear fullness with no end in sight - really uncomfortable!

Hello, I’m a 32 year old female with no significant past medical history. Never smoked/did drugs, not currently drinking, sexually active, 200 lbs and working on healthy weight loss after years of yo-going. I’m a new nurse, working in inpatient oncology - so I have a healthy dose of health anxiety.

Been suffering with left ear fullness (no pain, random onset) since mid February. ENT just looked into my ear, said it was normal, chalked it up to Eustachian tube dysfunction and told me I had to live with it/“it might go away but no promises”.

Allergist recently diagnosed me with silent reflux and has me on a PPI, diet changes, elevated sleeping - initially this helped 80% of the way. I notice if I eat anything dairy/especially full fat dairy, it temporarily gets a lot worse. He also is treating my normal allergies/post nasal drip. Allergies are totally managed now. Last time I saw him he suggested debrox to clean my ears (even though they’re completely clear). The debrox made it worse.

New GI has a tentative diagnosis of dyspepsia and slow stomach motility for me and is doing the full work up - but I forgot to mention the ear fullness to him.

At first I thought it was allergies (allergist says no, because it’s not bilateral), then I thought it was intracranial pressure (eye doc and retina specialist say I’m fine), then I thought it was reflux related - which, since starting treatment for reflux in the beginning of April, has made a nice improvement but not a full resolution. Now I’m wondering if it’s a straight up dairy intolerance?

I’m thinking of seeing another ent for a second opinion.

I just hate this feeling! It’s a full feeling, mild pressure, with some pulsatile qualities when I’m physically exerting myself. If I close my mouth and hum really loud/hard/steady in a quiet room I can hear my heart beat. Even when I feel fine, I check to see if I can hear the heart beat - and it’s always there :(

All GI/reflux issues have drastically improved/nearly resolved - but symptoms presented like asthma (which is why I saw the allergist).

I don’t know what to do!!!!!!!!!

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01:16 UTC


Headache /head pressure

I (M24 5’10 200 pounds ) have been having a headache for around a week it’s mostly been pressure around my head I’ve also gotten lightheaded at times and I noticed everytime I touch my nose I feel pressure around my forehead

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01:16 UTC


Should I stop taking moxifloxacin?

So I’ve been taking moxifloxacin for the last 5 days (7 day treatment). I started noticing that my calves feel a little bit weak, I kind of would describe it as like when maybe you’re about to pull a muscle or when I’m about to overstretch. I know there are warnings about this antibiotic causing tendinitis. I plan to call my provider tomorrow, but should I finish out my antibiotics? I know there is dangers when you don’t complete the antibiotics, but I’m worried that maybe this isn’t all in my head.

If it helps I am 23F, my height is 5’3 and my weight is 130 lb. The only other medication I’m taking other than moxifloxacin is my birth control. I don’t smoke and I don’t have any prior medical issues.

1 Comment
01:12 UTC


Can valACYclovir delay cycle?

I (f32) had a cold sore for the first time early may. I was prescribed valACYclovir 1g 2 times daily and took it for 3 doses. I thought it was going away. I was hit again with another outbreak a week or so later on the 13th of may and was prescribed the same medication. I took 1g doses twice a day for 3-4 days and it finally went away.

I should have started my cycle around the 15th. I am not on birth control but track my cycle. I believe the last time I had sex was just before my last period but I could be off and it could have been just after. That cycle started April 17th-21st

Pregnancy test is negative.

Could it be delayed due to the medication?

For what it’s worth I have been having pms symptoms this week including fatigue, cramping, mood swings/sensitivity.

1 Comment
01:11 UTC


everything makes me gag and its become a hindrance

For context im 24 years old and have always been this way. Everything makes me gag whether it be brushing my teeth, doing the dishes, or smelling something i don’t like. Its gotten in the way of things regarding my job and house chores because nobody likes an adult who refuses to do the dishes or clean up cat throw up. I know its ridiculous because im not a lazy person I just almost vomit or vomit at the sight or smell of things that disgust me. Is there a name for this or anyway to help it?

01:05 UTC


What do I do???

This is a mental health question. I'm really worried about my husband 24M. Last week, he sat me down and asked me and the kids to leave. He said he realized how poorly of a dad/husband he has been and feels guilty. He struggles with anxiety and depression and I've encouraged him to seek help for a while now. He wants to be a good dad/husband thats supportive. He said he wants to seek help now but doesn't want us around if things get messy. I respect if he needs some space, however, he isn't reaching out to anyone at all. He won't talk to his family or rarely to me. He said he can't think straight, his head feels like a whirlpool with thoughts mixing together and makes no sense, but he can't stop it. Also said he feels like 3rd person view, if that makes sense. He has been driving the same route everyday for 3 days all day long, stopping at the house to get water and cool off. Hes barely eating. He seems to me a little paranoid but I'm not really sure if he is. I want to be able to support him but he's pushing everyone away. I've asked him if he would go inpatient and the only reason he said no was because he didn't want to lose his job, yet he had to call in today because of the mental situation. I'm at a loss on how to support him or what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions???

1 Comment
01:01 UTC


[21M] Intense chest pain coming in waves with no apparent trigger

Hey, I’m a 21 year old American (5’9” 130 lbs), I’ve been experiencing intermittent chest pain for about a month, located behind the breast bone that lasts on average 15-60 mins. Severity fluctuates, but I hardly get more than 5-30 mins with either no pain or low pain before pain begins again.

I’ve had two major attacks with the worst pain I’ve felt in my life (past dislocated shoulder doesn’t even compare), the first occurring a month ago while laying in bed reading, the second last night which sent me to the E.R. at 1 AM. The first seemingly random attack dissipated after building for 10 mins, and ending with the feeling that someone reached into my ribcage and gripped my heart with their nails, Mortal Kombat style. Since that first attack a month ago, this chest pain has built from a hardly noticeable tightness to debilitating pain.

Associated symptoms are shortness of breath, rapid and pounding heart rate, fatigue, dizziness, and intense anxiety (with typical anxiety symptoms).

The idea of having a heart attack at my age is silly, but last night’s attack sure felt like one would, sending me to the hospital. Vitals, labs, EKG, and X-ray appear perfectly fine with no complications, asserting that my cardiovascular system is okay. Docs sent me home saying that I do not appear to be dying or at risk, and that they can’t really identify what it is without talking to a specialist.

My lungs also appear fine, and breathing deeply does not affect the pain. Neither are muscles the cause, since touching, pressure, or exertion do not affect pain either. Anxiety MAY be a cause, with the most intense attacks correlating with intense anxiety about the issue, but pain occurs at all hours of the day even at rest.

This kind of pain is new to me, as I never experience heartburn or indigestion, but scary, as my mom and her side all have severe heart issues (she’s had four open heart surgeries).

Pain medications do NOT help, and neither do antacids. They gave me a gram of acetaminophen (Tylenol) at the ER alongside fluids to no avail.

I hardly drink and almost never smoke weed.

I have tried vaping recently, for only about a month and a half and sparsely at that. Quitting was no issue, going for two weeks without cravings, and trying again a week ago to find it slightly alleviates pain, if not for a few moments. I have since thrown it out, knowing it isn’t worth adding another concern to the equation.

Endless research has found two possibilities. 

1. Angina — with symptoms matching exactly. However, my EKG and vitals do not indicate anything related to the heart. 

2. Undiagnosed Panic Disorder — symptoms also matching exactly, with intensity being the only questionable variable. I’ve played down my anxiety for many years, being a typical guy, and choosing to instead face stress head on as a treatment. Maybe it’s catching up with me. I am also going through an intensely stressful and emotionally distressing part of my life currently, but my own feelings and rationality towards it do not reflect the anxiety I might be feeling. I’m fairly in tune with things like that, but who knows. 

Neither of these seem incredibly plausible, due to the circumstances and intensity. I’m really at a loss. I wish the pain would just go away instead of building as it has, since it’s affecting all aspects of my life and making it so hard to enjoy even my favorite people and hobbies. 

Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you, God bless!
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00:59 UTC


Strange new symptoms, should I be concerned?

21F, Healthy BMI

Conditions: ADHD + Raynaud’s + Gilbert’s syndrome + chronic constipation (bowel movements 1-3 times a week, was severe during childhood. No known cause)

Medications: Spironolactone 50mg, Accutane 10mg, Dexedrine 30mg

My father died of a heart attack a few years ago, and I’m not sure whether I’d have a higher risk of circulation issues? They didn’t do an autopsy; the cause of death was just listed as a heart attack. He died whilst out on a solo run, but he hit his head so hopefully wasn’t conscious and didn’t feel any pain.

A few months before he died, he fainted while out on a run. He went to the hospital, and they did an angiogram and took some tests but didn’t find anything notable, so they sent him home. He was 60 years old and had high blood pressure and Raynaud’s. He was very fit and had completed a triathlon just 6 months before he died and had always been a healthy weight, and didn’t smoke nor drink.

This is relevant to me because I’ve started to notice sensations I’ve not experienced before. I’ve always had mild Raynaud’s (numb, purple, white fingers), and this might be the same for everyone but whenever I’m standing upright, and not shifting my weight around my feet go white/purple and completely numb. Here’s a list of new symptoms I’m experiencing, but I’m unsure whether any are related or worrisome at all

  • Tingling and numbness in hands but no color change (similar but not the same feeling as Raynaud’s)
  • Faint tremors in hands when not cold
  • Hair falling out noticeably
  • Toenails have stopped growing
  • Rash on chest when my heart rate increases quickly; the rash is red and splotchy but has no sensation
  • I drink 3-4 liters of water daily but will only pee in the morning if I remember or once later in the day
  • occasional strong burning pain/tingling in my right pinky toe but only when I’m walking
  • Fingers swollen when I wake up occasionally

I’m baffled because nothing has changed in my life recently. I’ve had a blood test, and there was nothing abnormal there. I exercise daily, a minimum of 10km steps, and either run or do strength training. I also eat nutritious foods and don’t drink or smoke anything.

My main concern is that these symptoms are all relatively new, and I don’t know whether they mean anything. Searching online is just confusing, and I’d like to hear some opinions before I see a Doctor.

I hope this is coherent and not just a gigantic info dump! Is there a chance I might have inherited something from my Dad? Or any reasons why I could be experiencing these? Or am I just being a complete hypochondriac? If you have any thoughts at all, please let me know. Thanks in advance!!!

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00:57 UTC


Same eye bloodshot after sleeping, same side as constant ear pressure, sinus drainage and now pain at back of head.

I've been having ear issues since September last year, muffled sound on and off, able to correct with popping my ear but not for long. I've had drainage down the side of my throat on the same side around the same time. Multiple attempts at antibiotics and treatment from ENT doctors with no success. I've been having issues with vertigo, sometimes lasting all day. I also routinely wake up with a bloodshot eye on the same side as my ear issues. Now I'm having eye pain and pain on the back of my head near base on the same side.

Went to ER for chest pain May 7th and my blood results were concerning.

WBC 15.0 Neutrophils Absolute 10.5 Lymphocytes 3.2 Monocytes .9 Eosinophils .3 Basophils .10

Previous results in February were: WBC 10.16 Neutrophils Absolute 7.16

I've been uncharacteristically tired the last couple of weeks. So much so that I'll come home and sleep through the afternoon after work and then into morning hours. I've been having muscle twitching lately as well. The eye pain is concerning, it feels like I haven't been sleeping and the nerve itself behind the eye is just always sore. Not sure what to do at this point. I'm a 29 YO male, married with 3 kids. I keep getting irritated because of this drowsiness and I haven't been able to find answers.

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00:56 UTC


Can somebody please help me with this report reading, freaking out

Hello everyone, I'm around 4-5 weeks. Wednesday, I had my first blood draw at the ER and it was 639. They did a transvaginal ultrasound sound but said the uterus was empty. Friday, I got my blood drawn and my hcg levels was around 1542, did another transvaginal ultrasound. My ob also said she didn't see anything but my uterus was thickening. So obviously my level are doubling.

On my report: Is the patient pregnant? No Indication: PREGNANCY Reason for Exam Comment: Pregnancy of unknown location

Can anyone tell me why they would say I'm not pregnant? Also, correct me if I'm wrong but if it was too early (3w-4w) to see anything on the ultrasound it'll be PUL?

00:51 UTC


Cyst/cancer concerns

19 male, roughly 135 pounds, 5’10 in height, I am not smoking and am on insulin

For the past 6 months or so there has been what I assumed previously to be a callous on the ball of my foot, however I have noticed from the beginning that it is slightly more sensitive than the area surrounding it, it swells to a very slight degree and I’m concerned as I do not know what this could be, I’m worried that due to it’s lump like nature as well as the fact that it’s more sensitive than the rest of my foot that it may be some type of cancer, the lump itself is small and almost unnoticeable as well as having a hard texture, if you understand what this may be than I’d like to know

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00:49 UTC


Yellow spot on my chest

I have a small, circular patch of yellow skin on my chest, maybe 1in in diameter. Its about 3in above my left nipple (I'm male, btw). Theres another thats .5in diameter on my left shoulder too. It appeared this morning.

If you want to see a picture, check my profile.

Please give any advice. I figure if its still there in a few days, I'm gonna go see a dermatologist. Thanks for your ideas.

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00:49 UTC


Why are my nail beds always purple? *pictures in comments*

I (40F, 5'9", 215) have had purplish nail beds as long as I can remember. I do have iron deficit anemia/plummer vinson syndrome and a history of heart disease in my family and some cardiac scares on my end, but otherwise, pretty good. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

00:48 UTC


Will the doctors report me to the authorities if I tell them why I think I am the way I am? 24M UK

I’m 24m from the UK, I’ve been abusing diazepam and zopliclone

Ok, I have lost a lot of money gambling. I have abused cocaine and pharmaceuticals for 3 years everyday without a single person noticing and i genuinely mean that expect for a very few that I have told myself or the one person I would do coke with.

I have a son. Yes call me a piece of shit if you want. Will they report this to authorities?

I have things wrote down that I want to go to the doctor and just show him it as it’s hard for me to put into words what I’m thinking when I’m not under the influence as i feel like i am the person I should be while im self medicating but only in the past two weeks it has really hit me holy shit now i know why I am the way I am.

I think I have some sort of personality disorder/adhd/autism.

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00:46 UTC


Extreme random neck spasms and inability to move

Hello. I am 19F, I have mild cerebral palsy (if that’s relevant). I’m 5’1 and weight 121 lbs.

I’ve always had a bit of a sore neck, nothing too serious, just from staring at my phone all day long probably. But today I woke up, everything was fine until I sat up really fast, and got the worse neck pain of my entire life. Like to the point I can’t move my neck without extreme effort and I’m like a baby that can’t hold its own head. It’s my left side, closer to the back of my head. I’ve genuinely been stuck in the same position all day.

The pain isn’t too bad when I’m still, but sometimes when I even move my left arm forward too fast, I’ll get a neck spasm that practically takes over my whole body. It starts out with an extremely sharp pain in my neck on the side of the injury, and the pain is so intense and fast that it hurts in my shoulders and arms. My entire body tightens up and i seize up entirely and practically crumble over for a few seconds. (I doubt cerebral palsy helps this as my muscles are already extremely sensitive and tight) I look like the kid from the Exorcist failing around when it happens. This comes in waves. I’ll get a few back to back for a few minutes then it will settle for a few.

What is this? Pinched nerve? Sprain? What’s going on?

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00:45 UTC


Steroid & Cough Suppressant Meds Being Taken Concurrently?

Demographic Info: I’m 28F. My height is 5’2” & I’m 94 lbs.

So, I thought I’ve been battling a cold for about 2 weeks now & I went to the doctor today because I haven’t been recovering or getting any better. I got diagnosed with a sinus infection as well as an upper respiratory infection. Needless to say, I’m currently feeling like I got run over by a truck.

I was prescribed antibiotics (Amoxicillin 875 MG tablets), cough medicine (Benzonatate 200 MG capsules), & a steroid (Prednisone 20 MG tablets). The doctor didn’t give me any specific instructions about taking the meds during certain times or if they can be taken together. I also forgot to ask the pharmacist while I was picking them up, I was honestly just wanting to grab them & get back to sleep because I was so lethargic this morning.

So my question is, can the steroid meds & cough meds be taken at the same time or do the dosages need to be spaced out?

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00:44 UTC


Fell down the steps and landed on my lower left side (kidney area)

(F21) Missed my footing on the steps earlier and took a tumble. Landed mostly on my lower back right below my ribs. Don’t have any pain while pushing on the spot other than the carpet burn I got. But I’ve since been nauseous and have a headache (I did not hit my head). Not sure if I bruised/hit my kidney but I’m just curious of the possible dangers of hitting the area I did

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00:41 UTC


Herbs/supplements to avoid while on metoprolol?


I am a 38/F, 5’4” height, weight 143 who has been experiencing chest palpitations, high pulse and anxiety. EKG and stress test turned out fine.
I have been on a low dose of 25 mg a day of metoprolol tartare for about 2 months now. It is not always controlling the high pulse.

I’m having a lot of issues with anxiety and insomnia lately, so have been looking into different things I can do for that..

I found a company of herbal teas (https://cerebralteas.com ) that has great reviews, however, I’m hesitant to try because I am not sure if it will interact with the metoprolol.

Anyone familiar with any of these herbs and if they should not be taken while on metoprolol?

Anxiety tea ingredients are: Blue Vervain(Verbana hastata) Elderberry(Sambucus Nigra) Burdock root(Actium lappa) Fennel seeds(Foeniculum vulgare) Sarsaparilla root(Smilax medica) Feverfew(Tanacetum parthenium) Dandelion Root(Taraxacum)

Insomnia tea ingredients: Blue Vervain Valerian root Linden flower Catnip Damiana Skullcap

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00:39 UTC


Confused About Liver Ultrasound Results

After I had a CT scan in the ER for lower abdominal pain last month, the doctor told me everything looked good and discharged me. It wasn't until I got home and looked at my test results through the healthcare provider's app that I saw the specific details the radiologist wrote about the CT scan, saying that, "The liver is prominent in size with Riedel's lobe measuring up to 18 cm in craniocaudal dimension."

I was not told by anybody in the ER to have this further investigated, but when I went back to my primary doctor, I was recommended to see a GI and to have an ultrasound done before my gastro appointment.

I had the ultrasound performed recently, and here are the results:

TECHNIQUE: Real-time transabdominal ultrasound examination of the right upper quadrant is obtained.


There are no calcified gallstones in the gallbladder. The gallbladder wall is normal, thin.

Sonographic Murphy's sign is negative.

Common bile duct has a maximum diameter of 4 mm, within the range of normal.

There is no intrahepatic ductal dilatation.

No suspicious hepatic mass is noted.

There is mild diffuse increased echogenicity of the liver, typical of fatty infiltration.

Right lobe of the liver is approximately 18.8 cm in length.

Normal direction flow is noted in the portal vein and hepatic veins.

Visualized portions of the pancreas appear unremarkable.

There is no extraluminal fluid collection in the right upper quadrant.

I don't know how I could have developed a fatty liver, especially since a CT scan (without contrast) a couple of weeks prior, and those results declared my liver to be "unremarkable."

33 yrs old


5''5 and 99 lbs (I lost over 6 lbs after my abdominal pains started due to a change in diet to see if the pain was simply from the foods I was eating. It wasn't.)

I don't drink alcohol.

I don't consume coffee, energy drinks, sports drinks, and I only drink one can of soda per day.

I don't eat fast food.

I don't eat greasy or oil-heavy foods.

I don't take any medications.

And my bloodwork is:

Cholesterol: 165

Triglycerides: 38

Bilirubin: 0.9

Albumin: 4.1

ALP: 53

AST: 14

ALT: 18

I can't see the GI until mid-summer, and my primary doctor can't give me answers about what these results mean. Show I be scared? How much so? Why did my liver enlargement occur so quickly when the CT scan and all of my bloodwork at the hospital came back perfectly normal the month prior? And why didn't the ER doctor tell me about my liver being prominent in the first place?

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Do I need to get an emergency contraceptive? If so, which one and do I need to get it through a doctor?)

(F25) (5’7) (195lbs.) I had protected sex last night around 3am, although, I’m afraid the second condom used might have ripped a bit. I’m not entirely sure. He didn’t finish either time though thus never ejaculated. I’m just worried that I could become pregnant from the pre-semen. My cycles are a tad irregular (give or take 5-7 days some months, but when it is regular this is exactly the time of the month when I am ovulating)

As mentioned, I weigh above the 155 lb limit for plan B. Is there another brand I can get? Could I get it through urgent care if a prescription is needed? (I do not have a PCP)

I am just very paranoid given recent restrictions and have zero interest in having children. I’d like to be as safe as possible.

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Blood around anus after workout but not in the stool!

24M, 5’10 and fairly athletic with no underlying health issues. Over the past year or so, I have noticed that sometimes after workouts, and typically those that involve a lot of running, I feel a slight itch around my anus, and when I wipe, there’s some amount of blood there. I have never noticed blood in the stool, nor have I noticed any pencil stools, constant diarrhea or any other symptoms like weightloss etc.

I visited a doctor last year and he performed a physical examination which was entirely normal. I did at one point last year have a very painful hemorrhoid, could this blood be a result of that? I’m very confused, any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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Bad response to potassium and glycine supplements

26M. 6'0". 135lbs. No medications. Don't drink or smoke. Very healthy eater. Very active mountain biker before autonomic problems started a year ago. Current issues are: Candida/SIBO, autonomic dysfunction, potential connective tissue problems (awaiting test results), minor methylation problems, vitamin D deficiency.

For as long as I can remember, taking any kind of potassium in supplement form has given me systemic fatigue (I do fine with the other electrolytes). I'm currently dealing with other chronic fatigue-related issues, so when I drank a small amount of LMNT, the feeling got so bad it felt like I was close to needing to go to the ER. Fatigue was super bad and it felt like my body was responding with a fight-or-flight response. It doesn't seem to matter how much I take, so I don't think the cause is simply high potassium. My levels are fine every time I've gotten them checked.

I have a similar reaction to Glycine and Magnesium Glycinate. They make me very lethargic and fatigued the next day.

What do you think could be going on here? Some kind of gene mutation? I'm currently dealing with autonomic dysfunction, so maybe that could be involved? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Extreme fatigue and headache weeks after bug/spider bite

Reposting since my previous post got deleted.

I am a 56 y/o female, 5'4", 215 lbs. I have a history of anaphylactic allergies, asthma, eczema, diabetes, cluster migraines. I'm currently taking Mounjaro (7.5), Lisinopril, and Tresiba.

I was on vacation in OBX, NC the last week in April. On our last day there I woke up with what I thought were two bug or spider bites. One on my left forearm and the in between my knuckles on my right hand. The areas were really swollen and itchy but I figured that was normal for insect bites.

I was super tired when I returned home, but it was a 4 hour drive. Over the next few days I was still really fatigued. I would come home from work and go to bed. Wake up after a couple hours and go back to sleep.

Along with the fatigue, I noticed the bites didn't go down right away. They stayed swollen and super itchy for almost two weeks, and I still have marks where the bites were. Just as I thought maybe I should get them looked at, the swelling went down. I'm not sure what could have bitten me. Perhaps midges?

In the meantime, I started getting bad headaches. As I said, I have a history of migraines and clusters. I just thought it was another cluster cycle. The extreme fatigue continued. My neck (not throat) was sore. This past Thursday, I broke out in huge welts on my right arm.I hadn't eaten anything, and hadn't spent time outside. This Saturday, I woke up with pink eye. I thought maybe it was an allergic reaction, but the doctor told me it was bacterial. Yesterday was the worst--I had a headache, was super nauseated and super tired. I slept the whole day and when I ate, it made me sick.

I came home early from work today, and just woke up from a two hour nap.

I test my blood sugars, and they are in normal range not more than 120, and usually below 100. My bp which usually is high is normal. I got a COVID test today because I found out i was in a training last week where several people had COVID. I tested negative for COVID and the flu.

Are these just random symptoms or could it be that my body is just having some crazy reaction to these bites? Or is everything just coincidental? I didn't bring it up to the doctors at urgent care because I figured they'd just dismiss me. The doctor today said I just have a virus and it should be out of my system in the next day.

I do have a primary doctor, but I have so many different things going on I feel like a hypochondriac.

Sorry this is so long.

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Feeling extremely tired to the point I can’t function. What should I do?

I take an antipsychotic (I can’t remember the name because I was just started on it, I was previously taking a different antipsychotic), lithium and something to help with my face tics. I’m 18M. I’ve been extremely tired to the point where I feel like I might pass out. I feel like I can’t focus when I’m doing things like driving and work. I’ve been zoning out when people are talking to me. All I want to do is sleep. It doesn’t matter how long I sleep I’m still tired. I go to bed at 10-11ish and wake up around 8-9. I’ve been late to work everyday and I can’t help it. I have flexibility with my job so it just means I stay later but I am trying to be there at a normal time. What should my next step be? I feel like I can’t even function anymore

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