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Welcome to Reddit's own amateur (ham) radio club. If you are wondering what Amateur Radio is about, it's basically a two way radio service where licensed operators throughout the world experiment and communicate with each other on frequencies reserved for license holders.

All topics relating to the hobby are welcome here, from purchasing and building equipment, to operating techniques and activities, and everything in between.

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  • Welcome to Reddit's own amateur (ham) radio club. If you are wondering what Amateur Radio is about, it's basically a two way radio service where licensed operators throughout the world experiment and communicate with each other on frequencies reserved for license holders. All topics relating to the hobby are welcome here, from purchasing and building equipment, to operating techniques and activities, and everything in between.

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We’re worried about the future of amateur radio. Should we try new things? No. Let’s double down on the same, outdated strategies we’ve used for 75 years that clearly aren’t working.

Lots of self aggrandizing.

Youth youth youth. All in on a demographic that’s not going to have the time or the money for radio for 20+ years.

Continue to act like the 30-50 age bracket (the ones with time and money) doesn’t exist.

Blame the members - there’s no way we’re the problem.

More incel mentality - “If you’re not a member of the ARRL, shame on you!” Piss off, dude. No one owes you a damn thing. If you actually put forth effort to earn your money (like the rest of us) we might actually give it to you.

10:59 UTC


Total noob at all this - working on Hamm license but want to listen in. How can I listen to this frequency on UV5R??

10:36 UTC


Can I hook up a big antenna to my UV-5R and stick it out the window?

Hello! Total beginner here looking for some advice.

I have a Baofeng UV-5R and live in a block of flats in London, UK.

Is there an antenna I could buy/build for the Baofeng that I could stick out my window and improve reception? I just want to listen in and see what I can hear at the moment. I can't really pick anything up from inside my flat.

Thanks in advance!

08:23 UTC


Starter portable / man radio suggestions

As the title suggests, I am curious if anybody has ideas on good, starter portable / man pack radios.

At this time I am technician level, but I am hoping to get my general by next month. In August, I would like to try my first parks on the air activation in a nearby state park in the Adirondack Mountains.

Ideally, would like like something that is dual or quad band, relatively durable and adjustable power levels. I plan on rucking the radio, battery and antenna for ~10 hours one way, activate for a few hours and then return.

06:55 UTC


Field day

Hope you all have a great weekend. De HS0ZLQ.

06:37 UTC


Cutting a Whip Antenna Help

While this isn't strictly about amateur radio, it does concern radios. I'm looking to cut my whip antenna for a 66-88 MHz radio to around the 77 MHz mark. What is the shortest possible length this antenna can be in millimeters? It's only for RX, no TX needed.

05:42 UTC


Cutting a Whip Antenna Help


While this isn't strictly about amateur radio, it does concern radios. I'm looking to cut my whip antenna for a 66-88 MHz radio to around the 77 MHz mark. What is the shortest possible length this antenna can be in millimeters? It's only for receiving. It's a whip antenna which won't be grounded as it's a boot lip mount.

05:14 UTC


CW instant recognition advise

I been studying CW on and off, I can recognize characters enough to join contest partly because they keep repeating the callsigns and the exchange is predictable. The issue have is I cannot sustain a QSO since my character recognition is not instant it takes a few seconds, on top of that I am having issues with characters H,5, Y and 6. Because of this I avoided answering or calling CQ and my sending is also not consistent, the same characters presents sending issue. Any advice on how to have instant recognition and sending consistency? I want to be proficient enough to carry a QSO while time and health permits.

04:33 UTC


I'm stumped and frustrated: I'm trying to set up FT8 on a Xiegu G90. I see signal in the waterfall but no band activity. That window is blank. It shows about 20 dB on the left, and I got a error message, which I'm pasting below. I'm using an end-fed attic antenna, but shouldn't I pick up something?

I'm using a Window's 11 laptop with only 1 USB port; I'm having to use a USB to USB C adapter on the other cable.

Here's the error message I mentioned above:

Hamlib error: rig_confparam_lookup called for 1073741844

rig_set_conf: serial_speed='19200'

rig_token_lookup called for ptt_type

rig_confparam_lookup called for ptt_type

rig_set_conf called

rig_confparam_lookup called for 1073741854

rig_set_conf: ptt_type='None'

rig_token_lookup called for no_xchg

rig_confparam_lookup called for no_xchg

rig_set_conf called

rig_confparam_lookup called for 3

rig_set_conf: no_xchg='1'

1:icom.c(4943):icom_set_conf entered

1:icom.c(4973):icom_set_conf returning(0)

1:rig.c(817):rig_open entered

rig_open: 'USB' is not a valid COM port name

1:rig.c(833):rig_open returning(-1) Invalid parameter

Invalid parameter

04:11 UTC


PBS Space Time: the solar cycle

PBS Spacetime published a great new video on the solar cycle

As Hams we are all beholden to the 11ish-year cycle that correlates to RF propagation (or the lack thereof). This video answers some of the physics questions behind the processes that drive the cycle, why it is 11ish years, and more

Fun fact: the solar cycle duration has been more or less stable for some 700M years!

03:58 UTC


Noise Hunt Update (kind of)

So I posted the other day about what to do about my S9 noise floor. I thought it was my fiber modem, now I'm not so sure.

Under normal conditions, my noise floor is about S9. With the entire house shut off and the radio on a battery, the noise floor seems to be around S7-S9.

I've got a 40m dipole in something of a C shape in the attic, with a 50ft coax for the feed line.

Seems like I'm not getting much interference from the house, what else it could be? My poor antenna setup?

03:03 UTC


Antenna analyzer

I am thinking about buying an antenna analyzer. Nano VNA seems to be a popular budget choice. There are many different models and prices. Which one would be a good choice for HF?

01:55 UTC


How to put POTA contacts on a map?

I'm sure this has been asked but my searching has not been successful - wording is probably is off. Tried pota map, map from adi file, etc...

Is there a simple way to make those cool maps that show lines between me and the location of each contact?

I found qsomap.com and it worked but I didn't love it and I assume there are other options.

It also looks like some logging software has it integrated but I logged on paper - gotta change that ASAP so maybe this will be a non issue soon.

Thanks to everyone who made my second day of POTA a success!


01:50 UTC


Making a J Pole

I’m going to make a J Pole pretty soon and put it attic (I live in an HOA). When soldering, do I still need to use the flux like in plumbing?

00:55 UTC


Hello radio Gurus.

Any idea what antenna this may be?

00:43 UTC


Should I straighten out this coiled 433MHz antenna for better range?

00:20 UTC


Yaesu FT-8900 replacement

Just wondering why Yaesu discontinued the FT-8900. They’ve been making the VX-6 since 2006. Is anyone aware of a Yaesu replacement in the works with comparable specs. I’m aware of the TYT, but would vastly prefer Yaesu.

20:36 UTC


YAESU VX-6E discontinued?

Every online shop I checked (in Poland, Germany and some other EU countries) claims the YAESU VX-6E to have been discontinued...

But the Yaesu hope page is listing it as one of the models in their "active" lineup.

Does the community have any info whether it has indeed been discontinued or not?

1 Comment
19:17 UTC


Multi-path propagation is crazy

I was listening to NWS radio today, and I wasn’t hearing anything but static. I was in my kitchen, in fact, so I went out to my covered porch, and everything was perfect, no static at all. My covered porch is directly next to my covered porch. It was a total of 5 feet I moved, it went from nothing, to pristine. I am a newly licensed HAM, so this seems crazy to me. I can only imagine what this does to the HAM community.

That’s all 73s KC1UYC

18:59 UTC


Weird Signal

Hello, today while scanning with my radio, I came across an interesting broadcast. Most of the broadcast is static, but in the background, there are constant distant sounds of children, and it seems like these sounds are repeating with a hum. Could it be the building's intercom system? What are your thoughts?


18:39 UTC


Just got my callsign! But I haven't QSO with anyone yet

Im in Sacramento on business and I've been in my hotel room in the morning and evening, trying to CQ and I've tried the online listed repeaters for this area and I can't get anyone, or hear anyone either.

I have a simple TID H3 with a SRJ77CA + a SMA503J Comet, I just can't contact anyone. Can anyone recommend to me an active repeater maybe I'm missing? Or can any local elmers try and make contact with me? Thanks!

18:26 UTC


84' Nelson 9:1 end fed feedline

Cut feedline at 45 feet. Rg8x 50ohm. Does feedline length matter with 50ohm RG8X? nanoVNA

Mounted 9'agl to 15' relative to balun (ok unun) but ground drops away so end is 25'agl

18:24 UTC


What kind of antenna is this?

18:23 UTC


Pro tip: replacement die screws for Paladin and Ideal crimp frames

While getting ready for Field Day, I discovered one of my crimping tool frames was missing a die screw. Considered ordering some from Digikey or Mouser, but FD is this weekend. Amazon's search suggestions came up with Klein's VDV999-033 screws (for their VDV200-010 crimp frames) a potential replacement, for $5.99. I have Prime, it had 'next day' delivery with free returns, so why not give it a shot?


My order was delivered this morning, and it turns out the Klein screws look virtually identical to OEM screws when placed side-by-side; they also have the exact same thread profile. I crimped up a few coax jumpers to test their in situ fit and function, Klein's die screws fit/worked perfectly in both Paladin (1300/800/CrimpsAll) and Ideal (Crimpmaster) frames.

Plus, the Klein replacement screw kit comes with two sets in the bag: traditional Philips head, and knurled thumb head, a repair and a spare for $5.99 (or $3/set) on Amazon. Digikey and Mouser don't even come close to that price for replacement die screws. :-)


18:10 UTC


FCC Due Process Update - Felony Character Qualification Review

This will be my final update on my fight with the FCC over my application for licensure and their refusal, to process my application to determine "whether or not the public Interest will be served" I have moved my case to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. I am seeking a Declaratory Judgment and Writ of Prohibition as to my right of due process dealing with its Character Policy, and Challenging my Felony Conviction at issue with the Character Policy as Unconstitutional. Attached is my Petition and this will be the last update until the Court Rules. For the haters in the Group --- I will be on the Air soon enough. See In re Donald R Cowan, U.S. Court of Appeals District of Columbia, No. 24-1173

Here are the direct links to the Exhibits:

Email From the FCC Refusing to Process My Application

Memorandum Opinion and Order Issued by the FCC in 1991 - Expressly forbidding a General Policy of Deferral (See paragraph 14, 15 and 16)

18:00 UTC


Experience with RF tap on IC-7100 for SDR?

Anyone install an RF TAP for an SDR? If so, what's your experience?

Leaning towards an RF tap instead of IF for wider bandwidth to check other bands.

16:21 UTC


BK Radio part

Hello guys! I need some help finding a BK radio DPH or GPH part. The part number I see online is: PARE1411-40005-400 I’ve only been able to find the part online in two websites but they want $22 for 1 antenna bushing which is insane. I was also thinking of 3D printing the parts but not sure what the best 3D printer would be for a small part. If you guys have a surplus of these let me know.

16:09 UTC


Muddy audio with Heil Sound Pro Set 6 Headsets PS on Yaesu 450D?

The rubber sheathing on the hand mic that came with the radio is literally crumbling, so I bought a Heil Sound Pro Set 6 Headsets PS-6 and a foot switch. I'm a little underwhelmed by the audio quality I'm hearing using the "monitor" function of the radio. It's about the same quality I was getting from the hand mic, if not slightly worse than the hand mic.

I've followed the instructions on this page from Heil, but it still sounds a little muddy. Specifically for the 450D, I've set the mic EQ to 9 as prescribed.

Based on the "monitor" function and the headset's relative performance to the hand mic, I'm wondering if that's just the way it sounds from the radio, regardless of mic... can anyone tell me if that's true?

Maybe I'm just expecting too much? I've done some testing and no one has complained about my audio, but I try to be an efficient station so I want to make sure I'm not missing some kind of tweak to get better audio.

15:42 UTC


Anyone have a radio that allows GPREDICT to control uplink and downlink?

Have tried for weeks to get IC2730 to change uplink - VFOB - Sub and I think I want to shop around for proven radios.

Purely for satellites.

I have a satellite rotator and have built a battery box. I want to automate the radio shifting frequencies so I don't have to.

15:23 UTC

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