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The Johan and Peewit segments from season 2 of "The Smurfs" featured title card music that sounded a lot like John Williams' "Superman: The Movie" theme music. Did anyone else notice this?

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Muppet Babies Star Wars episode

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1998 Banner for Defunct He-Man and She-Ra Episode Review Website by James Eatock and Zadoc Angell

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Live From The Dungeon v1

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Please help me name these cartoon(s)

Literally have a memory of 2 cartoons but they could be from same one - I'm pretty sure they were from the 80s.

Memory 1: bad guy lived in a castle on a cliff sort of thing - you would never see his face but just his lower half (he was huge), seem to remeber he had large dinosaur feet, blue and would sit in a big throne. Basically would yell at his minions when they failed.

Memory 2: show was fantasy where people could turn into dragons. The bag guys main minions were a guy and girl who turned into a combined 2 headed dragon

Maybe these were fever dreams but its a killing me and i cant remeber haha.

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Fabricated emotions, stylishly revealed

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Space Sheriff Gavan - Discotek Blu-ray & Series Review (An 80s action masterpiece)

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Robot Teddy Bears?

I remember a cartoon special that would come on from time to time in the 80s that looked like fully metal robot teddy bears. Does anyone recall this? I can’t remember the name of the cartoon special.

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1988 - Slimer & The Real Ghostbusters - 4K AI Upscale Test

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Looking for an animated short about an alien

I'm from the US and was born in the late 80s. I was OBSESSED with several cartoon shorts when I was little like Susie the Little Blue Coup, The Pelican and the Snipe, Lambert the Sheepish Lion, The Tender Tale of Cinderella Penguin, etc.

The one I have been searching for for years is about a little alien that gets stranded on earth. It's similar to Cinderella Penguin in style I think. The little alien meets a kid and points that he want to go up. So, they start stacking things to get him closer to the sky. He also loves apples and can kinda squish flat. There's no dialogue like with Cinderella Penguin.

I'm guessing it was early 80s and played on repeat later on as a filler on who knows what channel I watched then. We did have a black box descrambler at some point. So, we had all the channels which that doesn't narrow things down at all lol.

Please please please help me. I need to know I didn't just make this cartoon up lol

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Searching for 2 cartoon series

So the series were most likely both French and one of them was with or about some skiers and the other one was with an alien or robot called Blue - that about everything I remember about them - the series were aired in an European country on TV.

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He-Man and Lion-O by greymmm (2023)

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Ever sang along to the songs?

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Scooby Doo villains

I know Scooby Doo wasn't exactly just the 80's but it was one of my favorites. I particularly like the medicine man as my favorite bad guy. There's so many memorable ones and I liked a lot of them. What's yours?

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A Jem, G.I. Joe, Transformers movie crossover

Found this on a Wiki site, the original post was for a JEM/Transformers crossover but I tweaked it a little to include G.I. Joe as well. Would love to get everyone's thoughts and feedback on it

It would be set in the Sunbow Universe and take place between Transformers Season 2 and Transformers the Movie, G.I. Joe before Season 4 and G.I. Joe The Movie, and for Jem And The Holograms between Season 2 and Season 3

The story would see the continuing battle on Earth between the Autobots led by Optimus Prime and the Decepticons led by Megatron, G.I. Joe continuing their fight against COBRA, and Jerrica Benton aka Jem and her band The Holograms are continuing their rivalry with The Misfits and their greedy manager Eric Raymond. All three worlds collide when the Transformers discover the existence of Synergy, the hologram-creating A.I. supercomputer created by Emmett Benton (Jerrica's Father) that Jerrica uses to transform into Jem.

It's discovered that Synergy is part Cybertronian as in a part of her came from the planet Cybertron, the Autobots and Decepticons' home world. When the Ark (the Autobot ship) crash landed in the volcano on Earth, many parts broke off including the holographic technology that would be discovered billions of years later by humans and Emmett Benton who would use it for Synergy to give to Jerrica after he passed on. And the Decepticons plan to acquire the technology by any means necessary

Rock N Roll, who before he joined the Joe team was a roadie for Jem and The Holograms (he worked under Rio as a part of Rio's road crew and it was where he affectionately earned his nickname Rock N Roll) is in town on shore leave with Alpine, Quick-Kick, and Shipwreck (love interests for Asha, Shana, and Kimber) and plans on attending Jem's concert. The four Joes visit Starlight Records and are shown into Jerrica's office where they're greeted warmly by the band and Jerrica offers them backstage VIP passes to The Holograms' next concert in which they're in town to see

Soon the Decepticons learn the location of Synergy (which happens to be at Starlight Records at the time) and a small group of Decepticons (Starscream, Soundwave, and Blitzwing) attack placing Jerrica, the Joes, and the band in great danger. Soon a group of Autobots (Ironhide, Tracks, Prowl, Wheeljack, and Sideswipe) arrive to battle the Decepticons and chase them off saving everyone inside. The battle doesn't go unnoticed however as Xamot and Tomax of COBRA witness the battle outside of their company Extensive Enterprises and report back to Cobra Commander of an unusual and intriguing event that happened in the city

The Joes contact Joe Headquarters and notify Duke and Flint of what happened and both go to inspect the building and talk with Jerrica and the band who witnessed it all. The squad of Autobots have no choice but to inform them that the Decepticons after the missing Cybertronian technology that's recently become of notice to them and the Decepticons...namely Synergy

With Synergy, Megatron can use the A.I. and holographic technology, and it advance it to where it can make holographic images real and create an army that will take over the Earth and suck it dry to make Energon. A disguised Zartan overhears the conversation and reports to Cobra Commander and in return Cobra Commander says that COBRA must possess this technology at all costs. Megatron learns of COBRA's attempt to capture Synergy and confronts the COBRA forces as they move. As the two forces confront each other Destro (seeing that it would be pointless to fight against the Decepticons since they're after the same thing) bargains with Megatron and forms an Alliance with the agreement that COBRA will take control of the world so long as the Decepticons receive the energy. Even Eric Raymond and The Misfits gets in on the act by giving COBRA and the Decepticons information on Jerrica and Jem and The Holograms and to the whereabouts of Synergy (some plot points could be lifted from the episode The Presidential Dilemma where Eric contacts the government and informs them that The Holograms have "smuggled" illegal technology into D.C. that poses a threat to national security and Synergy is apprehended by the government and it's up to Jerrica to save her)

With Jem, her loved ones, and the entire planet Earth in jeopardy, the Autobots and Joe team must band together to stop the combined forces of the Decepticons and COBRA and protect their new human friends. But will the Autobots and the G.I. Joe team be enough to stop Cobra and the Decepticons? And will even Eric Raymond and The Misfits see that some things that are done to achieve fame go too far and help to stop Megatron?

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Help me find a cartoon/anime

I was probably around 5/6 so I don’t remember whether it was an anime or not but now when I think of it the general esthetic reminds me of a Vampire Hunter D drawing style.

Anyway, I remember only a few details and can’t seem to find this cartoon anywhere. This is what I do remember:

  • The atmosphere was dark/ mysterious/ spooky / ethereal
  • there were some big translucent orbs in which naked people were floating in the air, like they’ve just been born but as adults
  • There was a scary looking bald man with pointy chin and white pale face and everyone was scared of him
  • It may or may have not had something to do with aliens
  • There was a scene with crucifixion, someone was crucified

Does anyone remember it?

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"SilverHawks" Print and Regular Logos (1986)

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My Top 10 Favorite Misfits Songs

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Screencap from Episode 1 of "ThunderCats" (Season 1, "Exodus")

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Did TMNT cause anyone else's pizza obsession? 🤣

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What show?

Any ideas?

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