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What would sportsmanship look like in your favorite game?


I’m designing an Ultimate Frisbee board game which will include a Sportsmanship mechanic which got me thinking…

What would a sportsmanship mechanic look like in other games?

I’ll go first: What if there was an award for Most Generous in Catan (similar to Longest Road or Largest Army but) given to the player who had the most 2-for-1 or 3-for-1 trades?

23:11 UTC


Thoughts on the Deadly Dinner games?

22:48 UTC


Boardgame for my SIL?

Hey, I'm keen to hear any recommendations of boardgames for my 40yo sister in law. She works in finance, likes to read trashy romance for fun, is more into nonfiction stuff, likes problem solving, enjoys Monopoly, has 3 young kids, and is competitive. Help please!

22:44 UTC


Massive Darkness 3!

Any views and hopes for this one?

Anyone have any idea of what they'd like to see in MD3?

Any views as to what they don't want to see make a return?

Is this game likely do you think?

21:59 UTC


Best Survival board game out there?

I have really been loving recource managment, and farming games recently, I was wondering if there was a survival game where you have to find resources through rumbled houses, farm for resources, collect water, create a gang/faction, fight of other factions, stay away from say zombies, or police, or what ever is going on in that world

I'm not a huge fan on card managment games, but if thats all there is, doesn't bother me too much, will be mainly playing 2-3 players, the odd 4 player

Thanks for reading this!

21:17 UTC


Urgent PAX Unplugged question

I moved between the time I ordered two tickets and a tshirt and delivery of a package by reedpop. The package was delivered to my old address. Were my tickets in there? Can I still go without whatever is in that package? I’ve tried to contact reedpop multiple times to find out and they won’t answer my question and instead keep saying to file a usps claim. Help please, this is my first convention and I’m so excited

1 Comment
20:04 UTC


How much would you pay for community game time?

Good day, I work as a PR professional for a local non-profit that specializes in community engagement and outreach. While we have our big events planned for the school districts and disadvantaged members of the city, we also host smaller events such as cooking classes and community game nights.

These game nights are rather new. I head the event, as I am an avid boardgame collector and I'm the one who brought up the idea, and provide my own games and function as a game master and rules expert. We charge 8 dollars for repeat attendees and 12 dollars for first timers. The event lasts two hours at least, or until the last game is finished. We don't play games that are expected to last more than three hours. They have the chance to play any of the dozens of games I bring from my library each week. We allow anyone from ages 12 and up. We provide dry snacks and water but nothing else in the way of extras. We also offer a campaign pricing, where for one 20 dollar fee you can play either a game that lasts several sessions or an entire six session roleplaying campaign that I created.

Now, I have recently heard from at least two of the attendees that the charge is a problem and they would rather it be lowered to four dollars, or be done away with all together. I personally wouldn't have a problem with paying 12 dollars to play a collection of curated games and meet new likeminded people, but I'm also not the end all, be all of opinions.

Assuming you were in this location, where there is no FLGS and boardgame events are non-existent, is 12 dollars at most too outrageous a price for admission?

19:55 UTC


Discovering Expansions for Owned Games Quickly

Hey squad, I’m looking for some suggestions. I have a large collection, just shy of 400 base games. Sometimes I find out about expansions long after the fact via news feeds or word of mouth. Not worth the hassle of manually checking them game by game.

Is anyone aware of a way, maybe a BGG excel export or something to quickly identify unowned/new expansions for owned games?

On a related, non board game note I’ve wondered about this for music artists and new albums as well.

Thanks in advance!!

19:40 UTC


Why Don't Kickstarter board games just sell their miniatures separately

This might be a little short sighted, but all of these massive kickstarter games buff up their price point by just adding a metric ton of minis to add to the spectacle. I'm a little curious why they don't split it up where they have a standard sized box with cardboard components and then just sell a "deluxe" expansion where those components are upgraded with the minis. It would alleviate the waste of making the people who just want the minis to paint buy the full board game, and it might put the focus of the base kickstarter on the actual game.

19:38 UTC


Quest for El Dorado tie breaker mechanic


I see why the game is a solid deck-builder and somehow a racing game but all games I have played were decided by the tie-breaker mechanic. The person who has got the barrier with the highest number always wins the game as we both are all have equal skill level. This feels very unrewarding for me as it is only a race to the highest barrier and the other mechanics like deckbuilding and placement of your meeple does not really matter. Does the tie breaking mechanicsm get changed with some of the expansions? Right now I feel like selling the game because of it. It feels solved for me and I would be getting Heat instead to fit my racing and deck/hand optimizing needs.

19:35 UTC


Monopoly Super Electronic Banking Banker Change

I tried searching everywhere for a way to change the stuff in the Banker, The banker handles the money and payments however unlike the normal Monopoly no houses/hotels are there, No way to trade other than force trade which you have to trade properties and can't trade money with, And it doesn't need a brain since you can just buy everything you come on without any thought, Is there any way I can access the Banking Unit and change its code or something? I have the original Monopoly and I want to see if I can technically combine the two, I don't want to have to do alternatives as there is a lot of stuff I would like to change, please tell me any way to do so, Thanks.

19:27 UTC


Munchkin: The Cheater

Tedious. That’s the word used to describe Munchkin.

I’ve never had a game go past 30 minutes, so I wondered why people had this issue. I think it’s due to the lack of the cheating house rule/misinterpretation.

When I first played the game I was told by the owner that cheating is a must and encouraged. Queue rapid shenanigans.

When we finally discovered this mistake we played by the official rules multiple times and the game proceeded to draggggg. We found ourselves at the level 9 rut and tut hotel and we could never leave.

Fuck that. We went back to cheating. Keeping used cards, drawing cards, stealing other players cards from play, using multiple conflicting traits, moving our characters up a level, moving others down, etc. the game time dropped back down to sub 30 for 3-4 player games.

Obviously, not everyone can handle this home rule. Some folks you play with may be rule anal (I know I am outside of this and monopoly, another game we actively cheat in), some people can feel attacked, others are bullies. This is not a solution for everyone, BUT if you have munchkin sitting on your shelf collecting dust. Say fuck it. Play with cheating enabled, and remember everyone is a shit.

19:22 UTC


Kings dilemma help!

Hello all! I have someone what naively bought a second hand copy of the kings dilemma to play with some friends, not realising the gravitas of how much of it is single use! There is about 75% of it is untouched but I’m am not sure what is spoilers and what isn’t. Is there anyone who is familiar with the game who can go through it with me or provide a guide to reset the game. I’ve looked online and short of buying it again I’m not sure where I stand. There’s still 6 house cards available and lots of stuff untouched so I’m hoping it’s saveable. Any advice welcome.

18:48 UTC


For tableau building games, which card effects do you love due to it being interesting/powerful?

Many of us know and love tableau building board games (Res Arcana, Space Base, TFM Ares Expedition, etc).

Which cards are your favorite due to interesting/powerful effects? Cards that you always build, or make you feel powerful or clever, or give amazing combos, or are just fun to pull off.

Here are some of mine:

  • Athanor and Philosopher's Stone from Res Arcana. I love collecting a huge pile of a single color resource, and then converting them all to gold, and buying up all the monuments.
  • in Space Base, the cards that let you claim multiple level 1 or 2 cards as an action. It means I get to quickly stack up my passive rolls.
18:47 UTC


What’s folks opinions on Star Fluxx?

It was one of the first games I played as an adult and I loved it. I would literally always have it in my bag whenever I was meeting a friend for anything.

I have had a few games where people were really really enjoying the game but the end is pretty underwhelming and I think that is kinda a good summary:

Very fun gameplay with pretty underwhelming end where a player just wins because they drew the right card.

I think I still enjoy it for a fun and silly game but I don’t play it nearly so often because of the end goal

18:38 UTC


How does Hitster get away with copyright laws?

I recently bought the board game Hitster from Jumbo. It's a musical version of the game Timeline. The game has a bunch of cards and on them is a QR code that you scan to play songs on spotify. My question is, how does this work in regards to copyright laws on these songs? The game has over 300 cards (so, songs), i somehow doubt it has paid copyright fees for all of these and managed to keep the game below 30$.

Does someone know the details of how this works in regards to copyrights?

18:28 UTC


Frostpunk replayability

I'm on the fence with Frostpunk. I'm generally not a fan of campaign one-and-done/legacy games, how is the replayability of this one? I loved the video game, I would mostly play as 2. I know the game has a campaign, but does it have an 'endless' mode or something that randomizes it each time?

18:28 UTC


Time Stories The Hadal Project

So I just bought this game plus revolution experience for 4 Euro each after just looking at the cover which was beautiful. Now i see it's a game with very mixed reviews and the playtime is 180 minutes? I have never played any of the other time games, should i give it a go? I thought it was a light fast game hence its 4 Euro price but you can imagine my reaction when i read it plays at 180 min. I have so many games to play so I am afraid that it will just be a waste of time.😏

1 Comment
18:27 UTC


Anyone know of an old board game called "Seven-Sevens"? It was invented by my great-grandfather.

My great grandfather Roy J. Amsler, created a board game called "Seven-Sevens" that I've always told was sold commercially but I've never been able to find anything about it. Found a copyright for it March 28 1945 in St Louis Missouri: https://books.google.com/books?id=VYJaAAAAIAAJ&pg=PA229&lpg=PA229&dq=roy+amsler+%22sevens%22&source=bl&ots=-HsWQVKHCL&sig=ACfU3U3IOU2PpuHM7F_a87lgQR6BXftyvA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiXiI-Mq-yCAxUZv4kEHe9CAy0Q6AF6BAgIEAM#v=onepage&q=roy%20amsler%20%22sevens%22&f=false

If anyone could tell me anything about this it would mean a great deal to my family.

18:24 UTC


Tcg player clearance

Hi. I just saw ad for 80% discounts on website tcg player with some unbelievable opportunities. Its was ad in fb reel or something like that. My browser crashes And i can't find it anymore. Can Somebody point mě in right direction?

Great boardgames for 10 USD is a must...or scam..

18:10 UTC


Nemesis's differences

Hi everyone I'm here foraskingone thing!

There are three version of the Nemesis board game. Do they have some difference in the gameplay or it's only about esthetic and little improvements/changements of some cards/aliens/humans ? Because if it's just something about esthetic then its better to buy the third version of the game, isn'it?

Thank you for helping me and even just for reading this post of mine!

16:32 UTC


Which game to choose?! Bunny Kingdom or Jórvík?

Hey everyone!

I'm pretty new to gaming and I've got $30 to spend on a used game at Pax. Trying to decide between Bunny Kingdom or Jórvík, and I'd love to hear your thoughts, especially considering the games I already own:

  • Sakura Arms
  • Fairy Tales
  • Dark Dealings
  • Mysterium
  • Kemet
  • Love Letter
  • The Resistance
  • Nightmare Productions
  • Tiny Epic Kingdom

Which one do you think would be a better fit or just a great game in general? Also, I'm planning to get either Cyclades or Blood Rage during the holidays, so any advice keeping that in mind would be super helpful. Thanks a bunch!

16:19 UTC


Girlfriend/boyfriend moments with boardgames

So gf mentioned they wanted to play Wingspan today after work since we haven't in a bit. Tonight we talked and we hadn't done a game of Planet X in a while either, to note, she loves both. Her reasoning for why we ended up playing Wingspan: "The birds are happy to be free and fly out of the box.. Planet X is content not to be found!"

Couldn't argue with that. :))

16:09 UTC


Kickstarter Question

I pledged (is that the word?) for the new War Chest expansion on Kickstarter. I’ve never done anything on Kickstarter before. I received an email saying “the fulfillment is scheduled for March”. Does that mean they ship the game out then? Thank you in advance and apologies for my probably stupid question.

15:20 UTC


Which game's low score on BGG surprises you?

Mine is Munchkin which is a 5.9. In my opinion it accomplishes what it tries to.

Edit - Munchkin caught people's attention more than I thought it would, so I want to elaborate a bit - I don't think Munchkin is a well-designed game, not at all. It can really be tedious, it's unbalanced, and whoever wins is quite random.

But it doesn't try to be a good game in a traditional manner. You wouldn't invite your board game crew over to play Munchkin just like you would invite them to play Terraforming Mars. It is a stupid game that tries to create some memorable moments with constant player interaction, keeping the conversation going through the night.

14:17 UTC


Should I use KMC Inner or Hard Inner for foil cards?

I've pledged for the Shards of Infinity Kickstarter and ordered some Ascension collectors editions, all of which come in foil finish

I've not owned foil cards before but I've heard that they're prone to bending. I was going to double sleeve them anyways with KMC inners but should I use the hard version from the start instead?

14:07 UTC


Comic Encounter, can you accept allies but only if they commit 4 ships

When the alliance phase begins, can you say you will only accept allies who will commit to using a certain amount of ships at least?

If that is a thing, if they accept those terms, do they HAVE to ally with that amount of ships at least or can they go back on their word?


13:59 UTC


Best beginner's guide to Trick Taking card games

Hey all! I'm currently writing a beginner's guide for a (traditional) trick taking card game and I'm looking for some inspiration of how to best introduce newcomers to these kind of games?

Does anybody have a favorite youtube video or any other tutorial that can be recommended, or any other ideas about structure, analogies, etc?

I saw some great interactive content and also videos for contract bridge for example but curious what else might be out there.

Thanks in advance! :)

13:56 UTC

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