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Wargaming around the world

Hi there guys I'm from South africa specifically the eastern cape and I've been struggling like really hard too find anyone who is interested in wargaming at all how fo you guys suggest I grow wargaming in my area ?

05:04 UTC


Looking for a new money sink

Looking around for an alternative to warmachine. The new prices are too much for what you're getting, and frankly I'm not sure if PP is going to last with the move to mk4.

I enjoy sw legion quite a bit, I wanted to like bolt action but everything, especially vehicles, felt too swingy. 40k is fine but I'm pretty burnt out of it.

Just looking for recommendations for games that maybe I've overlooked, my buddy that usually buys in with me enjoys the steampunk aestetic so I was trying to get something similar.

Any recommendations is appreciated

03:49 UTC


Medieval Scottish miniatures?

Does anyone make medieval Scottish miniatures? Ideally early medieval but I’d check out any :)!

01:31 UTC


I made a modular army builder (Tabletop Admiral) and I'm looking to support more games. Anyone interested?

So I made Tabletop Admiral, maybe you'd heard of it for Legion, Imperial Assault, Shatterpoint, or Runewars.

I recently made a version of my army builder that's meant to be 'modular' and take a config and data file to be used with "any" game. Obviously it'll take work to support "any" game, but I support MESBG now and people love it. I'm looking for someone who is interested in creating the data file for another game, and working with me to make sure the app supports all of the ins and outs of that game.

Bonus points if it's similar enough to MESBG in format (there are heroes, and then those heroes can take warriors. Both heroes and warriors have a few upgrades to choose from). But the goal is to support anything eventually, so feel free to pitch a game that doesn't come close to that format.

If you want to check it out, you can view the MESBG version here: modular.tabletopadmiral.com/?gameUrl=https://nowforwrath.github.io/datav2.json

As you can see, you append a URL to the end where the data is hosted, in this case the data file is here: https://github.com/nowforwrath/nowforwrath.github.io/blob/main/datav2.json

You can check it out and the format there.

Anyway, happy to answer any questions. If you're interested or can think of a game that would be great for this but maybe you're not interested in building/hosting the data file, feel free to suggest it. I'm happy to create data files if the maker of the game isn't litigious like Games Workshop is, and they support community-made projects. I just can't do that for some games and need to keep the data separate from me.


21:29 UTC


Cretacea: The game of gargantuan survival - Where can I get this?

Hello, I am looking for a dinosaur based ruleset and found a game called Cretacea. I think it was published some time ago, but I can;t find any place where I can buy pdf nor physical copy of it. I can't find pdfs online neither. Is it possible to get this rulebook ? If not, what other games with the same theme can you recommend?

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20:38 UTC


Best epic scale wargame?

So I have played a lot of sw legion recently and I'm looking for a new wargame especially a epic scale one. I'm not so familiar with many I heard about FOW but it doesn't look like a good game based on the the reviews it got but is there any other good one? It doesn't really matter for me which time it's only but I prefer if it includes guns and vehicles. Thanks

20:19 UTC


Is there a resource for using board game minis in various war games?

I’ve got a bunch of board games that came with piles of minus (Reichbusters, hellboy, village attacks, sword and sorcery, alone, a couple others)

The minis would be good for wargaming, especially the mini-agnostic ones. But I’m not always sure what they should count as.

Are there any resources like: “so you have this board game X, here’s your proxy options in wargame Y”

This started as wondering how much I could use Reichbusters minis for Konflict 47. But then wondering what other wargames I could use those minis in, and then what I could use my other board games for.

And yeah, I know in a casual game, the only limits of proxies is what the table agrees on, but it makes my brain happier if the proxies are as close to WYSIWYG as I can get.

15:55 UTC


I want to start with ww2 15mm wargaming, what are beginner friendly rule versions?

Heya! I hope I don't bother. I discovered wargaming on youtube and kinda enjoyed watching videos about it. I really wanna get into this tabletop game, the 15mm version :3

Since I am a total beginner and I plan on trying it out with a friend of mine who's also a beginner, I am looking for a "beginner friendly" rule set. I already found a pdf with the "Battlegroup" rules, is that a good one to start with or are there "better" ones for beginners like me?

Thank you in advance ^w^

11:49 UTC


First sprue of French infantry from Warlords Epic Waterloo starter set.

08:35 UTC


WW2 miniature game suggestions

Looking for a set of world war 2 rules where a stand of infantry = a platoon.

Armor rules should have some historical accuracy.

Orders or activation system allows for solo play.


07:57 UTC


Most popular war games that arent 40k?

I'm looking for a game that isn't 40k. I've been playing 40k for years, and I enjoy it and all, but my frustration with how absolutely busted and unbalanced it is finally peaked to the point today where I literally spiked a handful of dice for the first time. It's not good for me, and the people who enjoy it shouldn't have to deal with me, probably. Even if some of them are right cunts.

So I'm wondering, are there any other game systems that's have a community big enough to hold regular events? I love the community aspect, I like the building, and painting, and all that, but I just can't handle this level of broken jank misery anymore.

17:29 UTC


Which base looks better?

Trying to make my post 1812 French Napoleonic army uniformly based. What looks better? Northern European mud or southern European clay? Purely going for aesthetics. I don't want to be tied to a single theater of the war.

15:14 UTC


First batches of scenery for Saga Age of vikings in 15mm

Fine cleaning and paint to follow. I'll have to prepare the 15mm Vikings and Normands from Baueda for paint next week too.

14:03 UTC


A review of Horizon Wars: Midnight Dark by Tabletop Trooper

08:23 UTC


Warhammer Underworlds Beginner Box Battle Report - Come learn with us Game 1

Come and learn Warhammer Underworlds with us as we play the beginner box set and get to grips with the starting scenario and learn the game using the simplified ruleset, if you are a fan of Underworld or new like us come and watch the latest game to hit the channel

please like and subscribe for more content as we seek to grow the channel to be able to continuing to develop our content!

please also comment and provide feedback suggestions or just to chat!

Don't forget to like and subscribe to check out more content as it comes out! Also check out our facebook and TIkTok! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RandomWargamer TikTok: @randomwargamer

Please comment with any feedback or suggestions for the channel!

also special thanks to for making this video possible! go check out Angel Squadrons Solo Stuff Link Below!

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfWJIpUuJqaqr7M87IlRl9w https://angelsquadronxwing.wordpress.com/

07:52 UTC


Painting different types of models

Recently I picked up a 40k model after painting 3 different historical armies for a long time to switch things up and work on some techniques, but I noticed I don't enjoy painting the 40k model as much as I used to before starting painting historical minis. I'm not so sure why, does anybody else have this experience? I'm having a blast painting historical still.

23:48 UTC


Sci-fi Skirmish

Hi all, I am just starting to evaluate a skirmish game set in the far future and I am wondering which ones have a good psionic ruleset and setting. I am aware of wh40k, but I would prefer something else, bonus points if it uses buckets of dice.

19:05 UTC


Warpath: Interview With the Game Designer! (by Hearesy)

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17:31 UTC


And suddenly, as if riding from the sands, 5 horse archers appeared.

08:41 UTC


Prepainted prebuilt terrain

Hey everyone. I'm about to start playing the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game for the first time soon. I've got a sufficient table already (5 feet by 5 feet) and I've collected a few different armies so my friends and I can have some choices about which ones to play. However, I still don't have any terrain. No buildings, no trees, no hills, nothing yet. I absolutely HATE painting and glueing though, so I don't want to buy any terrain that requires me to paint it or construct it at all, but I still want it to be fully painted and fully built, and I want it to look decently nice and be the right scale for the game (25mm). I have searched online but haven't really had much luck, and the few things I have found I'm not sure whether they are to scale or not. Do you have any suggestions for me? Any links to any companies or products that will suffice for what I need? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. I appreciate it.

02:02 UTC


The DISASTRE at Wagram [1809] AC:HEW 1v1

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00:01 UTC


Collating and discussing Battletech alternatives.

I've been on the prowl for alternatives to Battletech and Alpha Strike. While my complaints aren't nearly as incisive as those against 40k, I think they're legitimate and have been expressed by others: A bloated ruleset fragmented between a number of books, looooooong playtimes driven by an excess of charts and a scarcity of intuitive rules, and downright arcane unit construction rules which are required to even consider making an Alpha Strike unit.

So I'm always on the lookout for alternatives that are simpler while preserving depth, that are faster to play, and which allow for easy unit construction that preserves the mech lab feel we all got to enjoy in the MechWarrior and Mech Commander games.

The following list is in alphabetical order and includes a mixture of skirmish-scale and combined-arms, 6mm and 10mm:

  • 5150 No Quarter: Mecha Combat
  • Armor Grid: Mech Attack
  • CAV: Strike Operations
  • Dirtside 2
  • Dropzone Commander
  • Fistful of Lead: Battle Suit Alpha
  • Full Spectrum Dominance
  • Future War Commander
  • Gamma Wolves
  • Gruntz
  • HardWar
  • Heavy Gear: Blitz
  • Horizon Wars
  • Horizon Wars: Midnight Dark
  • Polyversal
  • SolCorps
  • Steel Rift

Has anyone played any of these? Did I miss anything? What are your thoughts?

I'm most interested in HardWar. While I'm sad to see Strato Minis going out of business, it's a fascinating mix of straightforward, unique, and content-rich, a great Alpha Strike stand-in. The original ruleset it's based on is Horizon Wars, which is readily available, but the author seems hell-bent on having historical-style unit command rules in the game. Many of these other games do, in fact, have historical-style unit command rules, which aren't to my particular taste.

There is also the distinct possibility that OnePageRules is working on a BattleTech-compatible 6mm sci-fi ruleset. I think their dice model and unit traits could work incredibly well for a simple combined-arms mech combat game. Community authors already made the attempt with Mecha HEX and Mech Warfare, but both rulesets have been officially taken down by OnePageRules (they are not an open license game), and both are difficult to find nowadays.

18:43 UTC

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