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Waffle House Night Shift(superheroes) (gurps ultra-lite)(online)(pbp/ optional short weekly sessions)

Hello, I have a group of players that I am about to gm for. The premise of the game is that people with powers work night shifts at waffle house in a universe where lots of crazy stuff happens (alien invasions, demons, monsters, etc.) Most of the campaign will deal with defending the waffle house and customers and also feeding them. We will be using gurps ultra lite, a one page ttrpg thats really easy to learn. Leave comment if interested.

07:37 UTC


[Online][Other] Player Experienced in almost all systems looking for one shot or to be a backup player/co-gm/game tester

Greetings fellow adventurers and storytellers! I have been playing ttrpgs for a good portion of my life and it is my passion. However lately I have been afflicted with "forever gm syndrome" and am looking to branch out and try something new. Due to my work, however, I am unable to keep a reliable schedule and it varies from week to week. So, I am searching for short-term work to fill in for a player, a good old fashioned one shot, or even assist a new gm and players with rulings or character creation and dnd software. I am experienced with most rpg systems, and am willing to learn/test new ones. Systems I have personally ran: 5e PF2E Savage Worlds Fallout by Modiphius Deadlands Mothership Message me on discord if interested and let me know what time you need a player and I will see if I can join you. Discord: hadesshadow0

07:08 UTC


[online][5e] The Hand of Ragnarok. New Campaign. Every second Tuesday @ 930 PM PST. Beginner friendly!

The Hook

Embark on a journey defined by extraordinary misfortune in this unique campaign. Born into diverse circumstances, from nobility to back-alley hardships, your character experiences an uncanny streak of bad luck. From comical mishaps to deep personal losses, life's challenges are constant. Romance is elusive, trivial tasks turn chaotic, and you magnetically attract trouble. This backdrop of adversity sets the stage for an epic adventure. Join this world of mystery and opportunity, where your character's trials forge a path to potentially rewrite their fate and discover a destiny far beyond the ordinary. Ready for an adventure where every misstep is a step towards greatness?

Hi folks!

I am currently looking for a player for my new campaign, The Hand of Ragnarok

The journey will start relatively tame but as the adventure unfolds, you will realise why bad luck seems to have been following you wherever you go.

As spoilt by the name perhaps, the game will be heavily featuring Gods and other similar beings.

The current party composition is all level 5:

  • Unarmed Battle Master Fighter
  • Frontline Artificer
  • Support Druid/Cleric
  • Sorc/Warlock DPS

The first game is next week

Please fill out the form below and I will be in touch. https://forms.gle/n116YWq51w8V8WLR7

06:51 UTC


Sundays! 5e >ONLINE< new campaign

Hello! Planning on starting a new campaign, I currently have 3 players who I've DMed for already. Trying too acquire 2 more to round the party size to 5.

It'll be every Sunday, 9pm EST 3-4 hrs

I'd prefer 1 male and 1 female, currently have 2 males and 1 female. Ages 25 and up, we play on foundryvtt and character creation is Done through dndbeyond which I share all content for.

Discord for voice

Please! If this is you feel free to message me on here

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05:32 UTC


[5e][Online][18+][LGBTQIA+][Saturdays 2:30PST][Descent into Avernus] Looking for one player hopping midway through chapter 3!

Hey what's up? Our group is currently 4 people plus DM looking for one more player to play through Discord. Beginner or seasoned players welcome! Our group slightly leans toward 60% RP and 40% combat. We are relaxed gamers looking to improve our roleplaying skills. Homebrewing welcome, just talk to me (your lovely DM)!

Our party finds themselves in the first layer of the Nine Hells, Avernus, where they look to help save a city from ruin. With the help of a tiny Hollyphant named Lulu, they are guided to find the key to saving the city through Lulu's recent visions of her past.

We are currently level 9, and our party composition is a Bard, a Warlock, a Paladin, and a Monk. Reach out to sailor_venus on Discord for more info or with any questions!

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05:26 UTC


[Online][5E][EST] three players looking for an eberron campaign.

Howdy we are three experienced dnd players who are looking for an eberron campaign to play in. Preferably using foundry vtt and discord as the method of play.

We are fine with about most stories we just wanna be able to interact with the world and have our characters matter to the story of the campaign.

Send me a dm if your willing to pick us up.

We would like some other players as well and are willing to fit in with another group or random players

05:11 UTC


Looking for DnD 5E DM for Wed. or Thurs. Online


We are putting this message out to say that our group is currently looking for a DM willing to run a DnD 5E online game for us hopefully on either Wednesday or Thursday nights preferably with a start time around 6-7 est. and an end time at most 12am est. Currently we between 2-4 people available with others that we can recruit if necessary, but we are open to bringing others in from either here on Reddit or for you to bring yourself. All of us have years of experience as players and DMs in 5E and are looking to expand outwards to find others who are able bring a new DM experience to the “table”.

Most of our experience is on Roll 20 and over discord but we also have in person experience as well. We are open to homebrew and some modules.

If you are interested in being a DM for us go ahead and add my discord tag sunny4106 or message me here on Reddit so we can see if we are a good fit.

Thanks everyone

05:07 UTC


[Online] [MST] [5e] [tuesday] (under 18) Curse of Strahd

Hi, so I'm looking to start a Curse of Strahd game this will be my very first time running a campaign, and want to learn more I plan to set things more in stone at session 0 and I'm 17 so I would like some people a little close in age to me.

05:03 UTC


[5e][online][CST] A call to adventure! The miasma of Almorica. Homebrew campaign LF it's party!

. Searching for 2 more players for a weekly game held on Friday nights to form a group for a dive into this game I love. If you are interested reach out! i prefer players over 21 and that can play around CST but am open to anyone! Looking for players excited to roleplay make bonds with their adventuring party in a potentially long term campaign! if what you read excites you read about the world and apply below!

World and Setting Kore is a universe set in 5e rules filled with exotic settings both from source material and heavily homebrewed, mysterious quests and omnious characters, and fantastic creatures awaiting groups of adventures to weave their story into its ancient history. The adventurers will begin their story in one of the many kingdoms on the continent of Almorica. An ancient land abundant in magic, treasure, and treachery. Cursed by an ancient plague, The Miasma, created by chaotic figures long ago that weighs heavy upon its citizens. With this looming unease the call to adventure grows strong in figures both good and evil to make their mark on history. The campaign setting will be high fantasy and rich in homebrew featuring abundant magic, exotic creatures, etc. A good measure of comparison would be settings featured in games like Warcraft and Final Fantasy.

About Me and DM Style What's up! I am 28 years old and was introduced to DnD 8 years ago through Critical Role. Since, I have been the DM for 3 games that spanned over many years for groups ranging between 4-8 players, ages 15-30. Fun fact is that every campaign took place in the Kore setting also! So this is a setting with over 8 years of work and history!

My goal in DMing is to provide my players a well-rounded and fun experience so they can create a story and adventure that they find exciting and rewarding! I am a big believer in the rule of cool in the name of fun and memorable experiences. I am okay with homebrew content dependent on it not being blatantly broken. I love creative backstories and like working with players to integrate them into the world or letting characters develop through gameplay, But no back story is necessary to enjoy the world and its stories! The tone of the game diverse but mostly serious.


Gameplay will consist of roleplay, exploration, combat, puzzles, and storytelling. The gameplay is non-linear with lots of freedom but will never feel aimless with multiple paths of possible direction along. I AM NOT out to kill or TPK my players I think it kills fun but will keep the risks high and provide opportunities to really push fans of combat. Creative thinking and solutions to problems are usually rewarded more than obvious solutions. I encourage teamwork and positivity amongst players. I play according to the traditional 5e rules with several homebrew changes to make the game more immersive and rewarding in both combat and roleplay.

Homebrew Features Mostly homebrewed world with homebrew creatures, characters, and encounters. /// A thought out gold and platinum only economy for simplicity sake /// a few minor rule changes to combat and attunement to encourage combat to be more varied and balanced. /// inventory system changes to make items feel impactful/// a simple armor and AC system rework /// Feats that level up through gameplay.


To apply leave a post Commenting or message me on why you want to play! then a little about you such as age/name/gender, your experience with the game. // Important info! We play via discord voice and roll20 as a table top! Will look for a great group that meshes, we are currently char building and will start playing after thanksgiving!

05:00 UTC


[Online][5e][GMT+5:30][PBP] Seeking Mastermind DM for a Fusion of Epic Storytelling and Sensual Adventures in D&D

Salutations, adventurers of Reddit!

I'm on the quest for an ingenious Dungeon Master to co-create an unforgettable, long-term Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Imagine a campaign that marries the thrill of epic quests with the allure of intimate and mature narratives—a tale where the characters' connections transcend the ordinary.

I crave a world pulsating with vibrant stories, where character arcs intertwine amidst towering quests and whispered secrets. Yet, within this grand tapestry of adventure, I seek a delicate harmony, where moments of intimacy unfold organically, shaping the very fabric of our characters' lives.

This campaign isn't for the faint-hearted or the inexperienced. I'm on the lookout for a master storyteller, someone with the skill to craft intricate plots and bring life to every corner of this world. A DM who understands the nuances of adult themes and can weave them seamlessly into the tapestry of our tale.

The canvas we'll paint together will be mature-themed, handled with finesse and sensitivity, ensuring all players feel respected and engaged. If you're a DM who can expertly dance between high-stakes adventures and nuanced character dynamics, I implore you to join me on this thrilling expedition.


  • A seasoned DM well-versed in D&D mechanics and the art of immersive world-building.
  • Comfortable and adept at intertwining compelling storytelling with mature themes.
  • A creative mind eager to collaborate on character arcs, plot twists, and the delicate balance between story and sensuality.

If you're a DM brimming with creativity and enthusiasm, eager to craft a world where adventure and intimacy intertwine, let's connect! Feel free to reach out via DM or leave a message below.

Together, let's craft an epic saga—one where every twist, every turn, is laden with excitement and emotion, leaving our mark on this vast realm of imagination. The adventure awaits—dare to embark on this journey with me?

04:58 UTC


[Online][5e] Forever DM looking to learn new tricks as a Player

I'm an experienced 5th Edition DM of about 8 years and counting. I've mostly specialized in Theatre of the Mind and Roll20, running mostly homebrew adventures. I am my own harshest critic, though, and always try to keep my games fun and refreshing for my players. Hence, I want to try and reach out to any DM's in need of an extra player. Here are some extra tidbits about me.

  • I am 26 years old, male, stationed in the United States.
  • I am an LGBTQIA+ Ally.
  • Most played classes: Fighter, Paladin.

If you feel like you've got space for me, I am available on the following days:

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday


If you think I'd be an excellent fit for your game, feel free to reach out. My discord handle is originaljoges.

04:50 UTC


[Online][Flexible][EST] Forever DM looking to join a new group.

Hello, Forever DM here looking to join a new online group. I have run 5e for the past few years, dabbled in 3.5 and savage worlds as well. I am open to any system really as long as your ok with letting me learn. I currently DM two games and just want to be a player for a bit with a decent group. The last game I joined I had to leave due to what I would call lazy gming "seven pc's and 3 hours of combat...browse reddit ...roll to hit..miss... browse reddit". Anyway I love role playing and consider myself a fun person to talk too. I am middle aged but get along with everyone, LGBTQ friendly etc. So if your looking for a reliable fun loving person to add to your party of adventuring misfits let me know.

04:11 UTC


[5E] [Online] [PST] Looking to Join a Group

I'm looking to join a DnD Group for either a short-term or long-term campaign. I am available after 6PM PST any night Sun-Thurs.

I played Dungeon World for 5 years and greatly enjoyed it, but have been getting more into DnD lately. I am a DM for an offline group, but I would like to have the player experience as well. I'm new to DnD, but I'm a fast learner and have relevant experience. I enjoy a mix of roleplay and combat--I did theater for many years, so I'm not afraid to get into character and be silly as needed!

03:53 UTC


[5e] [Online] [EST] Newer DM looking for newer players to play The Sunless Citadel.

Hey yall, My name is Nathan, I'm 18 and I'm looking to run Sunless Citadel for some newer players on Monday nights, at 7pm EST. I have about 5 years of experience as a player, and I'm looking to start DMing. This isn't going to be a long campaign, most likely under 10 sessions, so if you want a long term game this probably isn't for you. I'm looking for 3 players, preferably 18+. I'm primarily looking to teach new players while also learning the ropes of being a DM, but experienced players are welcome too!

If you have any questions, feel free to message me on here, or on at my discord, baxtertd. With the period. Have a good day!

03:49 UTC


[Online 3.5]

Hello all. I’m running a 3.5e play by post on discord. Group just leveled up to 9th. Players post as they like, some players are active everyday while others not as much. If interested let me know. Thx

03:34 UTC


[Online] [Voice] [Saturday/Sunday 5EST] [Other] [2096] [Sci-Fi] [Tech Heavy] [Post Apocalyptic] [18+]

Join us as we head into a future filled with battling mega corporations, advanced AI's, exotic weaponry and all manner of other things that can kill you. Struggle to survive in the harsh wasteland, hunt desert worms, search for lightning glass or just get messed up on stims and wormshine. Intelligence is rewarded, stupidity is punished. This is my world, but these are your stories. Whatever you do, don't roll a one!

Watch past sessions.

Just when we thought we would conquer the stars and fix the damage we were doing to the Earth, the sun started to erupt. Massive solar flares scorched the Earth’s atmosphere, thinning it greatly and raising the Earth’s temperature. Within no time at all, plant and animal life headed towards complete extinction. The scientists and governments of Earth tried their best to engineer new species and alter how we grow food, but it was all in vain. The water that Earth didn’t lose to the void receded deep into the ground, leaving behind vast stretches of barren wastes.

Our satellites and orbital stations were hit hard. Constantly bombarded by the solar flares, we lost much of what we had in orbit around Earth and beyond, in the far reaches of the solar system. Contact was lost with the colonies of Mars and it was assumed millions had died.

The governments of the world, unable to keep control over their desperate populations, fought each other for Earth’s last resources. The war that ensued would be the last, taking the lives of billions, and scattering radiation across the already scorched Earth. The once powerful nations were torn apart, and the remnants took refuge in deep underground bunkers.

Mega corporations quickly seized control over the remaining cities, waging war with augmented cybernetic agents and battle mechs that stand ten meters tall. They became the New World’s governments and control their populations with technology any way they can.

Although the damage was widespread, it was not absolute. Pockets of civilization remain, trying to survive in the unforgiving world. Paper money has been replaced by digital currency, stored on encrypted vault cards or chips, which are implanted in a person’s wrist, allowing them to seamlessly integrate themselves with their surroundings when making purchases or selling services. Technology has advanced to the point where vehicles swiftly move about, utilizing levitation pads and seeming to defy gravity. The wealthy can essentially live forever; they protect their consciousness, backing themselves up on encrypted digital servers to download into a new body upon death. These bodies can be exact clones of the original, genetically enhanced, or fully augmented cybernetic bodies known as full Augs. Cybernetic augmentations (Augs) are widely used to enhance human abilities.

Away from the corporately controlled mega cities, among the scattered wasteland settlements, raiders and slavers prey upon the weak. Bounty hunters use the Exchanges Connect Net to search for new jobs. Hackers break into encrypted systems risking life itself to collect fragments of data. Heavily armed and armored sand barges ferry goods and people between the remote points on crackling levitation pads. Android resistance groups control varying settlements, continuing to fight for freedom. Genetically engineered beings called Bioderms wander the Earth, side-by-side with their inferior human creators.

The wastes are filled with radiation zones and huge desert storms that sweep across the plains with devastating effects; walls of sand a hundred meters tall bury roads, settlements, and those unfortunate enough to get caught in their paths. The most severe storms – although breathtaking to behold with their glowing green and purple colors highlighted by strikes of lightning – carry high winds, making the lashing desert sands fatal. The storms can also contain destructive plasma lightning capable of vaporizing anything it hits, turning its impact point into a highly prized and sought-after glass.

Then there are the Gods of the desert, the mighty sand worms. A genetic aberration that somehow came into existence, they are extremely difficult to kill but Saviors to all, providing sustenance. No part of the worm is wasted.

There are other wonders in this seemingly unforgiving world. Wonders both above and below the sands. Wonders one will have to see for themselves. As you begin your journey through 2096.

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02:56 UTC



Hi! I’m looking to join a group either of beginners or people who are beginner friendly.

I know the general gist of how to play, but I haven’t actually played it myself yet.

The only evenings I’m free are weekends, but I’m also free weekdays around 10am-1pm est.

Not looking for anything specific, I just really want to start playing :)

02:12 UTC


[Online][Other][Homebrew][Sci-fi] Looking for space faring adventurers

Group of 3 players looking for up to 2 brave space faring adventurers to join us on an adventure in Syndicate space!


- Campaign game
- 1 session per two weeks. 4-6 hours.
- Expect a session to be planned every two weeks and plan accordingly when possible. Once a session time is agreed on, show up unless something major comes up.
- Veteran and beginner RPG players are welcome alike
- Discord + Roll20
- English
- The group is on European time. People from elsewhere are fine to join too, but you might have to play at odd times.
- If you say you want to join I'll send you the Discord link in a DM. Please join using it, we'll have a talk in voice chat to get you up to speed, answer any questions you might have and get a general vibe of each other.


It is the dawn of the 4th millenium. Humanity has taken to space and spread across almost half the Milky Way. A third of its territory is ruled by the Syndicate, a distopian corporatocracy where people live and die in the service of powerful corporations.
That is... almost all people. Some carve out a dangerous, but prosperous, and more importantly, free existence as Freelancers. These skilled individuals fly unrestricted between the 7 Syndicate territories, take on lucrative contracts from corporations, criminals, citizens in distress and various military organizations, face the dangers of unexplored planets, steal the secrets of the powerful, discover deep space curiosities, combat vicious enemies, infiltrate the social hierarchies of the wealthy and make difficult moral choices day by day.
The competent and lucky live to retire rich, those who can't hack it get imprisoned, go full corporate or end up dead. If it was your ass on the line, how would you fare among the stars?


Millenium is a homebrew system that has seen quite extensive testing. I would say it's 80% ready at this point, which means it plays fluidly for most gameplay, but there are some systems that still need a fair amount refining. Which would happen as the game goes along, all feedback welcome.
If we draw an imaginary scale between a DnD 5e-esque, cartoonish, oversimplified system and a hyper complicated, aimed at perfect realism type deal, I would put this square in the middle, drawing the best of both worlds. Enough abstraction to keep the game flow smooth and the player characters protected from unavoidable nonsense, but enough detail to allow for deep character customization and to have a model to handle any situation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post! If you are interested, please reply here or drop a DM before Nov. 18.

01:51 UTC


[Online][5e][homebrew] Group looking for one more

Closed. Thanks to all that applied.

Hi there, my name is George; I have a currently running DnD campaign that lost a player today due to personal issues. We currently have 4 players and are looking for a fifth. Setting and story is homebrew, but gameplay mechanisms are not.

The party currently meets at 6:30PM EST on Thursdays; games are played via Roll20. Maps are hand-drawn by me.

If interested, please PM me on discord at #akitsushima. If I didn't get to you last time, I apologize; please let me know if you applied previously and I didn't get to you.

01:49 UTC


[Online][other][18+][LGBTQ][CST] new player wanting to play blades in the dark

The title basically says it all. I want to try playing blades in the dark for the first time. I'm part of the LGBTQ so no homo/transphobia pls.

01:49 UTC


[Online] [EST] [5e] (18+) - Looking for 1 or 2 players to join group

Looking for 1 or 2 players to join group for new campaign starting after the new year (too much going on to plan between now and then). I've been a DM for 15+ years and am very experienced.

New and experienced players welcome!

  1. Homebrew Content:
    1. Homebrew World (Ithronel)
    2. A few custom rules (crits, flanking, etc) - only a few
    3. Religions (9 of them) all custom
    4. Most monsters are homebrew (initially did this because my experienced players knew what they were fighting from the official content)
  2. Tuesdays (6pm to 9pm EST)
  3. We use TaleSpire + DnD Beyond, and discord for voice chat and links
  4. Characters will start at L3
  5. Regular weekly play, unless there is a holiday or something

I put 18+ in the title, but we're all between the ages of 33 to 36 so keep that in mind I guess. We kinda suck at making voices, but we enjoy the game and have fun.

Will be a medium magic (think Witcher), combat heavy game set in a dystopian (borderline grimdark) / horror themed world full of rich lore with a deep backstory.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, etc. I run a clean game without any sexualization. Don't be a weirdo.

Side note for group context - the main group of us that have been playing for 6+ years all work in software development in one way or another

01:43 UTC


[Online] [PF2e] Dark Fantasy isekai

So basic description the player characters are transported in the world or reincarnated into a dark fantasy world called Maegarcanyxia and now their goal is to survive and thrive if you want more look into the https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/385971/maegarcanyxia

01:27 UTC


[5e] [cst][online] dm looking players for a new campaign

looking for players 5 players level 5 for a campaign on Thursdays at 6pm fill out the form in the comments and dm me any questions

01:16 UTC


[Offline][5e][NJ] Planescape adventure in central NJ

Starting a Planescape campaign in Keyport NJ. We will be following the Dnd adventure “Turn of the Fortunes Wheel” based off the 5e Planescape setting. Newbies welcome. Message me with any questions. Already have 2 players, just need one or two more.

Campaign: Turn of the Fortunes Wheel (Need 1-2)
Frequency: every other week

Day: Monday 6-10/11, but can be discussed.

Combat/RP split: 40/60

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01:13 UTC


[Lukomorye] [5e-ish] [online] [alternate Sunday eves] [8PM ET]

I'm looking for one, possibly two players for an established campaign of Lukomorye - a Russian-themed 5e rules variant game. The setting draws from Russian folklore, fairy tales, and history, and uses gritty combat, wilderness survival, and healing rules. The core rules are 5e D&D, but with distinct (or reflavored) classes (bogatyrs, priests, fools, and unique caster archetypes) and races (changelings, skin-shifters, fair folk, and others). The rules and experimental, but i'm trying to finalize the rule-set for publication.

The players' guide is located here (download the whole thing, or individual chapters - but note, the files are quite large):


I'm mostly looking for mature (21+) players, and some knowledge (or interest in) the source material is a plus.

We play every other Sunday evening from 8 to 12 ET US.

The flavor of the game is "rustic horror" - evil eye, curses, grisly rituals, unclean spirits, old gods lurking just beyond the veil. Maybe with a dose of political intrigue. Beyond that, if you're down with Baba Yaga, Koshchei the Deathless, Mongol warriors, the evil eye, forest bandits, or shapeshifting talking animals, this is the game for you! Respond by DM if interested.

01:09 UTC


[Online][5E][EST Evenings][18+][LGBTQA+] Call to Adventure, Homebrew 5E Game Built Around your Players Characters

[ Plot Hook ]

You find yourself wandering around the world of Burisalla, minding your own business, completing any mundane tasks and activities on this otherwise simply uninteresting day in the winter season. The newly risen sun's have you squinting your eyes slightly due to the lack of clouds in the sky during this chilly morning. You hear the rustle of the barren trees who have shed most of their leaves in preparation of the colder temperatures as you feel the gentle gust of wind passes by.

You cross a familiar path, one you've crossed before, except this time you notice something new. A printed parchment crudely nailed on the side of a build, on the end of a wooden road sign, on the back of a horse's cart. In fact now that you've noticed it you can't help but see it around every corner all of a sudden.

The parchment reads:


are you?

Trying to prove your worth?

Looking for a purpose in life?

Wanting to spite your enemies?

Needing immense treasure?

The capitols of Burisalla invite you to the Call to Adventure, a competition open to all adventures (experts to rookies) compete against your fellow adventures to earn treasure and fame, be the one to rise above all else to win the grand prize.


Report to your closest checkpoint town for more details.

^(the capitols cannot be held responsible for any death, disfigurement, or other sustained injuries while competing in the competition.)


[ Me The DM ^-^ ] 

Hello All! My Name is Reggie, I'm 21 year old He/Him who is a part of the LGBTQA+ community, I've been playing and running DnD5e games for over 3 years now going through a couple premade modules and more recently tying my hand and building my own Homebrew world.

I've just graduated university studying digital games art, trying my best to focus on foliage / vegetation art as my dream job role would be to make all the plants and trees and different bits of nature for video game as I love to study and replicate those parts of games.

Apart from that I'm a total gym nerd and 100% I am always looking up monster stats in between bench-press sets and I love R&B music with a small collection of my favourite artist on vinyl that I regularly listen to.

I'd love to get a group of like minded people together and build a homebrew world around everyone's characters, so if that sounds interesting to you please take the time to fill out the survey linked below and I'll message you with campaign details :)

[ Technical Description ] 
  • Sessions would be played using a Discord Sever for voice
  • At a minimum I would ask for a decent microphone so that RP can go smoothly
  • Gameplay / Battle Maps would be done using Roll20 / D&DBeyond , whichever the players prefer
  • I would be fine with most published content for character creation , as long as it's nothing crazy
  • Homebrew content as is Race / Class could be allowed , but it would have to be approved first
  • I personally would include more Roleplaying over Combat , usually a 70:30 ratio
  • I personally can't remember every single 5E Ruling so I would usually do a Rule of "realistic" Cool
  • Sessions would be played on a Biweekly Basis , as I would need time to give the best experience :)
  • Sessions would be played around 6PM EST and I would aim to have each last around 3 - 4 Hours

[ How To Join ]

If you are interested in potently joining, please take the time to fill out the forum below and I'll message people with more information about the campaign :)

Link: https://forms.gle/cxVUmKt4tYbqS1DF7

thank you :)

01:06 UTC


[Online][5E][PST] [18+] Experienced Player looking to join a longer term campaign

Hey friends! I've been playing DND 5E off and on for a few years now, and with my regular group no longer meeting up I've been shopping around to see if there is a campaign online that I could join.

I've been playing since 2018 or so as both DM and Player, I enjoy roleplaying in combat in equal measure, and I enjoy established settings (Forgotten Realms, Eberron, etc) over homebrew ones (though that isn't a dealbreaker! Feel free to still reach out!)

My availability is pretty much anytime after 3:30 PM PST on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I'm technically available Saturday through Tuesday as well at the same time, but it is more iffy on those days so I can't promise them as of now.

If anyone wants to reach out to me, feel free to reply to this post or reach out to me on Discord at username .thelasthuntsman

Sidenote: I am not interested in paying for DM services, just looking for a nice group to join!

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00:42 UTC


[5E][Offline] Arlington (Dallas area) Tx need players for in person game at Darkhound Game Center on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 10 pm. Icewind Dale Rime of the Frostmaiden.

I have been playing 5E for about 5 years now and looking to start a face to face game first time for me as a DM. Have been offline since COVID. Planning on running Icewind Dale Rime of the Frostmaiden. I enjoy a mix of Role Playing and Combat and feel I have a good deal of experience and a good sense of humor. Sessions will be every Wednesday from approximately 6:30 pm to 10 pm. At this point we have 4 players and looking for 1 more. This game is open to all ages (will want to talk to anyone under 18 first). The emphasis will be on fun.

Tell me a little about yourself.

00:37 UTC


[Offline][Pittsburgh][5E][PF2][WWN][DCC][Beginner Friendly] GM looking for players for a consistent in-person game of classic fantasy adventure

Hello everyone, I'm an experienced GM, having run games a lot back in college. In the past couple years since I moved out to Pittsburgh, I haven't really had a chance to run a consistent in-person game, so I'm trying to round up some players for that.

Time: Weekday nights (no Monday or Tuesday), Weekends (prefer Sunday.)

Place: TBD. I might like to start out playing at a game store or similar space but we can discuss once we have more players.

System: Worlds Without Number is my first choice, but D&D 5E, Pathfinder 2E, or Dungeon Crawl Classics are others I'd prefer. I may be open to other systems as well, just ask. Expect a few house rules to tweak systems to work with my style.

Game Pitch: Classic fantasy adventure, a band of would-be heroes delving forgotten ruins and exploring forbidding wilderness for gold, glory, and the doing of good. I'll be running a homebrew setting and probably re-mixing some classic elements to keep things fresh and fantastic, but rooted in traditional D&D. Expect a lot of site-based adventures (read: dungeons) full of monstrous foes, traps, puzzles, and opportunities to use your creativity and cunning to come out ahead. I'm also planning to emphasize wilderness exploration and survival on the way to and back from these remote dungeons. The campaign will be somewhat sandboxy, giving the party freedom to choose where they want to explore and what objectives they want to prioritize.

00:15 UTC


[Online] [5e] Looking for Adventures to travel into the spirit world

A mysterious wizard offers gold and a personal favor in order for you to venture to the otherword, a mythical plane full of danger and glory. Do you take his offer?

A Little About Me: Hello! I'm Creighton, a 19 year old college student. I have been playing and DMing for over five years. My favorite part of the game is presenting players a problem that I do not have a planned solution for. Yeah there is a horde of goblins approaching. Do you bribe them, fight them off, create a diversion, or figure out some crazy plan I haven't even considered? I also love verisimilitude, or making the world seem believable. To go along with that, my combats are tactical and difficult, with character death always being a possibility.

A Little About the Game: Games will be played weekly Wednesdays from 5:30pm PST for at least 4 hours, end length depending on the party, with a bathroom break every hour. Some sessions will be a little shorter and others will be a little longer. We will use discord for voice and Roll20 for battle maps and character sheets. To read about the premise, the lore, and homebrew rules, click here. My homebrew is used to enforce the themes and aesthetic of the setting. We will start at level 3. Please read through the player handout before applyng. Once you do so, please apply here Thank you for your time :)

23:46 UTC

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