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Games for sale on Ebay (Lancer, AD&D)

Hey all, I have a few items for sale on ebay you can check out below. Thank you.

AD&D Castles Box Set

AD&D Batllesystem

Lancer 1st edition.

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00:59 UTC


H: Misc Books, W:$

Prices below. Probably plus shipping but we can work all that out.

Shipped from Michigan

-------D&D 5e------

-Player's Guide. $20

-Dm Guide. $20

-Monster Manual. $20

-Guide to Ravenloft. $20

-Acquisitions Inc. $20

-Stormking's Thunder. $20


-Starfinder Core (digest size) $20

-Pathfinder 1e Ultimate Campaign (digest) $10

-pathfinder 1e Ultimate Intrigue (digest) $10

-Pathfinder 1e Ultimate Occult (digest) $10

-Pathfinder 1e Ultimate NPC (digest) $10

-Starfinder Adventure Path Dead Suns 1-5 $50 (all)

-Starfinder Adventure Path Against the Aeon Throne 1-3 $30 (all)

-Starfinder Adventure Path Signal of Screams 1-3 $30 (all)

-Starfinder Adventure Path Dawn of Flame 1 $10

-------Lamentations of the Flame Princess------,

-Rules and Magic $15

-DEATH Anthology $20

-Frostbitten and Mutilated $20

-No Rest for the Wicked $10

-Death Frost Doom $15


-Neverland $15

-Blades in the Dark $20

-Book of Gaub $25

-On Downtime and Dimenses $25

-Artifices, Deceptions, and Dillemas $25

-Halls of the Blood King (OSE) $15

17:35 UTC


AD&D and OSR book lot


non-smoking/ no indoor pet home. Great condition

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17:26 UTC


Have: assorted RPG books, want: money

Troika: Numinous Edition 65$

Zweihander: Revised Core Rulebook 30$

Mork Borg 20$

Blades in the Dark 20$

OSE: Hole in the Oak, Winters Daughter 15$ each 25$ for both

LotFP: The Punchline 10$, Frostbitten & Mutilated 25$

Imgur is giving me trouble but if you want any pics I'm happy to send them. Prices include US shipping, which will most likely be cheaper if you buy more than 1 book!

20:59 UTC


[W] Wanderhome Hardcover [H] PayPal, Venmo, etc

Looking to pick up a hardcover copy of Wanderhome that is looking for a new home, shipped to NY. If you happen to have Kickstarter extras I'd be up for those as well.


02:07 UTC


[W] The Siege of Vraks Second Edition [Loc] Oregon, USA

I'm starting to collect some of the 6th and 7th edition Imperial Armour books, I'm willing to pay a reasonable price for this, even it's above the $100 range (but below $200) as long as the book is in very good or above condition.

Edit: I'm still new to this subreddit and didn't realize [Loc] was meant for users trying to sell items. I'm not looking for a copy exclusively located in Oregon and I'm willing to buy internationally if the opportunity arises.

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05:33 UTC


[H]PayPal [W] Cyberpunk 2020 Books

I've recently started collecting Cyberpunk 2020. I'm looking for any of the following books:

  • Blackhand’s Street Weapon 2020
  • Chromebook 1
  • Chromebook 2
  • Chromebook 3
  • Chromebook 4
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21:40 UTC


Confirmed Trades Thread - February 01, 2024

Post your trades with other users to receive your flair!

A good post includes everything that was traded and who it was traded to. Ex: "Bought a copy of the Starfinder Core Rulebook from /u/Shock4ndAwe."

If you've traded with multiple people please make a new comment for each transaction. This helps me when I go through the threads to hand out flairs.

Multiple items to a single person still count as just one trade for the purpose of receiving flair.

If a person hasn't confirmed a trade by the time a new monthly thread comes along I will attempt to contact them so you both can receive your flair.

05:00 UTC


PSA: USPS Media Mail

Every RPG book you ship IN THE US can be shipped by USPS Media Mail, which is a special cheap postage offer by USPS for printed material and music. USPS designed it for newspaper, magazine and "record of the month" clubs. But anyone can use it for any "media." It's a LOT cheaper than first class mail, but it takes longer to get to it's destination. Priority Mail takes 2-3 days. Media Mail may take 1 week, sometimes two, depending on distance.


If you're in the US and selling, consider offering USPS Media Mail as an option to the buyer to save them some money.

You will need to go into a post office to do this. You can't buy Media Mail through the USPS website or Paypal. But if you're selling multiple books that are heavy. media mail will be cheaper.

16:50 UTC


[US][H] Shadows of Esteren, Travels and Dearg [W] Paypal

Hey y'all. Looking to sell some duplicates of the Shadow sof Esteren books that I have. I have two copies of Travels and one copy of Dearg. Would also trade if anyone is interested. Looking for old school D&D stuff, Call of Cthulhu, and more.

$20 each, which includes shipping to the US. I will ship overeas, but at the cost of the buyer. Willing to negotiate.

I have over 300 trades at mangaswap, so check me out there, if you'd like.


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19:39 UTC


[H]PayPal [W]AD&D 2e Forgotten Realms Adventures, Waterdeep and the North, Complete Ninja, Volo's Guide to the Sword Coast [loc]AK,USA

Just looking for a few books to finish off my collection and use for my table, if anyone has some nice looking ones they'd be willing to sell me, I'd really appreciate it.

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08:37 UTC


[H] GURPS Mars - New/ Like New Condition [W] PayPal [PA, US]


GURPS Mars - Steve Jackson Games - 1st Edition, 2nd Printing

In New/Like New condition - from a Smoke-free and Fragrance-free environment.

Asking $11 Shipped (via Media Mail)




19:10 UTC


[Deep Magic V1, V2, and Tome of Beasts Books] [W] Paypal/Venmo

Items for Sale: 1x Deep Magic Volume 1 and Volume 2 with Slipcase: $110.00 I'm also open to selling them individually.

1x: Tome of Beasts(Pocket Edition) $20.00

1x Tome of Beast II(Hardcover) $40.00

1x Tome of Beasts III(Hardcover) $40.00

If all are bought together, the price will be $170.00

Shipping will be free via USPS Media Mail.

I accept both Paypal and Venmo.



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18:28 UTC


[H] Shadows of Esteren Collection [W] Money [Germany] Willing to ship internationally

I'm in the middle of making some space here, so there are quite a few books I have to part with. I've unfortunately gone way too wild on Kickstarter in the past and that unfortunately shows.

First of all, there are several books that are absolutely new I want to sell. I've put them up on eBay, so people know what prices I have in mind and how much shipping would come to. If someone wants to buy all those books, I'm willing to listen to offers though. Depending on location, shipping can be quite pricey, since all books together weigh about 4.3kg (about 9.5lb).The books on eBay are:

  • Book 2 - Travels Kickstarter Edition
  • Monastery of Tuath Kickstarter Edition
  • Occultism Kickstarter Edition
  • Black Moon Handbook Kickstarter Edition
  • Hauntings
  • An empty notebook that was part of the Dearg Kickstarter


Then there are a few more books that I consider selling. While I'd prefer to sell all those books together, I'm also open to sell single books if I can find a new home for the rest as well. These books are as good as new, since I never really got to use or even read them. I've probably flipped through the pages once or twice, but that's about it. I have not taken any photos of those yet, but will do if there is any interest. I had something like 200 euro (about $220) in mind for all books together.

  • Book 1 - Universum
  • Book 2 - Travels Kickstarter Edition
  • Monastery of Tuath Kickstarter Edition
  • Occultism Kickstarter Edition
  • Black Moon Handbook Kickstarter Edition
  • Dearg Kickstarter Edition
  • Hauntings
  • An empty notebook that was part of the Dearg Kickstarter

Last but not least, I have also some metal dice I'd be willing to sell.

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13:40 UTC


Big Mutants & Masterminds 3rd edition collection

Looking to sell/trade my M&M collection. I live in sweden and the collection contains almost all published books. I'm thinking I'd like around 200 euros pmus shipping or a bigger board game. No problems sending pictures im dm

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09:41 UTC


[H] Big lot of RPGs [W] Money [Vancouver, CA]

Looking to sell the following list of games, everything is in basically new condition never used.

  • night witches

  • the skeletons

  • black powder second edition

  • polaris

  • the clay that woke

  • the burning wheel gold edition

  • bluebeard's bride: core rulebook

  • bluebeard's bride: book of rooms

  • bluebeard's bride: book of lore

  • bluebeard's bride: book of mirrors

  • acquelarre

  • acquelarre: hardcover gm screen

  • lex occultum slipcase with:

  • game master guide: lex libris

  • alter ego: player handbook

  • great mysteries of ubel staal

  • roi de rats

  • lex occultum bundle with map, GM screen and player sheets

  • agone: gm screen

  • agone

  • agone: the gray papers

  • agone, the grimoire

  • agone poster map

  • agone: drama in the twilight realm

  • 5e monster manual

  • 5e dungeon master's guide

  • hardcover dnd 5e gm screen

  • adventures in middle earth 5e : lore Master guide

  • adventures in middle earth 5e: player's guide

  • wurm: voice of the ancestors, black machairodus

  • wurm: voice of the ancestors, tales of the man eaters

  • wurm: voice of the ancestors, tales of the antler bearers

  • wurm core rulebook

  • dragon age: core rulebook ultimate deluxe edition

  • ultimate beastiary 5e: revenge of the horde

  • artesia, adventures in the known world

  • maid, the roleplaying game

  • tome of beasts 5e

  • Conan: adventures in an age undreamed of

  • osprey: French Napoleonic infantry tactics 1792-1815

  • shadow of the demon lord

  • stellar adventures

  • low fantasy gaming

  • Warhammer age of Sigmar core rulebook special edition

  • the black company campaign setting -sold

  • trudvang chronicles Kickstarter box set

  • trudvang chronicles: seed of vanirs box set kickstarter

  • trudvang: snowsaga + campaign materials

  • trudvang: wildheart

  • trudvang: stormlands

  • trudvang: frostbitten

  • trudvang: curse of runes

  • trudvang: the elven horn

  • trudvang: runes of memory

  • trudvang: muspelheim

pics: https://imgur.com/a/Ie63VPq

18:35 UTC


[H] Updated MERP Lot [W] Paypal

Howdy all, this is an updated list of a prior add, as well as some updated info. All books are in used/fair condition, with some minor weathering. (unless specified below). All come from a smoke free home, have no pen or pencil markings, and all include the color pages and removable maps. These books were really well taken care of, and were in storage for a number of years.

Please note, the imgur links below do include some books that are no longer a part of this list, due to them having sold or been reserved.

I would much prefer to sell them as a lot. If they are, I'd like to get 800$ (canadian) for the lot, though I am willing to negotiate. I am willing to ship.

-Ghosts of the Southern Anduin

-Assassins of Dol Amroth

-Brigands of Mirkwood

-Warlords of the Desert

-Thieves of Tharbad

-Mouth of the Entwash

-Goblin Gate and Eagle's Eyrie (cover falling off)

-Pirates of Pelargir

-Lord's of Middle Earth vol 1, and vol 2

-Angus McBride's Characters of Middle Earth

-Riders of Rohan 60

-Northern Mirkwood - the Wood Elves Realm

-Angmar - Land of the Witch King

-Isengard and Morthern Gondor


-Dunland and the Southern Misty Mountains

-The Gates of Mordor

-Bree and the Narrow Downs

-Hall's of the Eleven King (Fortresses of Middle Earth)

-Umbar. - Haven of the Corsairs

-Lost Realm of Cardolan

-Ents of Fangorn

-Rangers of the North - Kingdom of Arthedain

Imgur link 1: https://imgur.com/gallery/Dv8qlm6

Imgur link 2: https://imgur.com/gallery/tGc6Nfy

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02:04 UTC


[H] D&D 3.5 Books [W] Paypal

Hello all!

I have these available. Selling for $100 for the lot, shipped!

Players Handbook II Psionics Handbook Epic Level Handbook Complete Arcane


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10:34 UTC


[W] Rogue Trader pen & paper books [H] $, various WH miniatures/books

Looking for the entire collection in physical copies, willing to buy or also include trades; the lot of minis I have is mostly skaven (primarily on sprue) but also have other assorted fantasy and 40k, as well as various BL books. Thanks for your time!

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08:51 UTC


Have: Various Fantasy rpg books Want: paypal or select AD&D 2e books

Hello, I have several successful trades/sales. This is what I have (all in fantastic shape, pics available at request):

Goodman Games
OAR - The Temple of Elemental Evil - two book in slipcase
How to Write Adventure Modules That Don't Suck
Cthulhu Alphabet - Otis cover
Monster Alphabet
GURPS Dungeon Fantasy box set - unpunched
GURPS Dungeon Fantasy GM Scree in Shrink
GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2
GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Companion
Castles & Crusades
Player's Handbook - 7th printing
Player's Handbook - 7th printing alternate cover
Monster's & Treasure - 5th printing
Tome of the Unclean
Lost City of Gaxmoor
Lost City of Gaxmoor - for 5th edition

This is my shortlist of what I want (if you have it):

Priest Spell Compendium vol. 1 - 3
Complete Book of Necromancers
Iuz the Evil w/map
The Marklands w/map

Prices negotiable. Thanks

01:17 UTC


[eBay] Humblewood Box Set for D&D 5e

This item is gently used, with all the cardboard standees not punched out. https://www.ebay.com/itm/196171799058

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22:54 UTC


[H] Bunkers and Badasses Deluxe Sealed [TX, USA] Venmo or Paypal

Sealed copy of Bunkers and Badasses, ready to ship ASAP

Asking $60(half price) + shipping

19:01 UTC


[H] D&d 5e Books [W] $ [Loc] Chicago, IL

Most haven't been opened and are in new condition, the PHB and xanathar's was referenced maybe twice so 'basically' new. Volo's guide was used in great condition but with a few scuffs on the binding.

All but volo's are the foil editions that came in the box set.

Foil: Player's handbook Dungeon masters guide Monster manual Tasha's cauldron Xanathar's guide Monsters of the multiverse

Non-foil: Volo's guide to monsters


Looking for $160 shipped, discount for local pickup. Open to local trades, and feel free to shoot me whatever offer that may be.

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18:17 UTC


Confirmed Trades Thread - January 01, 2024

Post your trades with other users to receive your flair!

A good post includes everything that was traded and who it was traded to. Ex: "Bought a copy of the Starfinder Core Rulebook from /u/Shock4ndAwe."

If you've traded with multiple people please make a new comment for each transaction. This helps me when I go through the threads to hand out flairs.

Multiple items to a single person still count as just one trade for the purpose of receiving flair.

If a person hasn't confirmed a trade by the time a new monthly thread comes along I will attempt to contact them so you both can receive your flair.

05:00 UTC


Huge RPG Sell-Off


Image gallery: https://imgur.com/a/CunvpCs

Looking to get rid of a few things in my pile. Free local pickup (I am in North Kildonan, Winnipeg), or I can mail out items at the buyer's expense. All prices are in Canadian dollars. Am open to offers and trades (trade wish list is on the very bottom), especially for buyers interested in more than one thing. Everything is in nearly new condition.

  1. (2D20) John Carter Of Mars - Mega Collection - $100

This comes with the core rules hardcover boxed set, the players gude, the narrator's toolkit, the ruins of korad tile set, and a set of dice. Everything you need to play and almost everything released for the game.

  1. (Indy) Into the Odd - Hardcover Revised - SOLD!

  2. (Indy) Ryuutama - Hardcover - $50

  3. (Indy) Trophy Loom - SOLD!

  4. (Indy) Trophy Gold - SOLD!

  5. (2D20) Fallout: The Roleplaying Game - Mega Collection - $120

This comes with the starter set, the hardcover RPG rules book, the gamemaster's toolkit and the new Winter of Atom campaign book. Absolutely everything you need to play!

  1. (Indy) Torchbearer 2nd Ed Collection - $80

The core rules boxed set, the lore master's manual and the scavanger's supplement.

  1. (OSR) Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls softcover book - SOLD!

Complete game, comes with old Tunnels and troll's starter set box (just the box).

  1. (5th ed D&D) - Core Books and Dice - $100

Comes with player's handbook, dungeon master's guide and monster manual plus a set of dice.

  1. (5th ed D&D) - Expansion Rulebooks - $100

Comes with Volo's Guide to Monsters, Xanathar's Guide to Everything and Tasha's Cauldron of Everything.

  1. (5th ed D&D) - Forgotten Realms Super Adventure Pack - $120

Comes with Tales from the Yawning Portal, Waterdeep: Dragonheist + DM's Screen, and Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage + DM Screen + Maps and Miscellany pack. Dragon Heist leads into Mad Mage, the adventures in Yawning portal are more one-off adventures.

  1. (5th ed D&D) - Tyranny of Dragons Super Adventure Pack - $80

Comes with Hoard of the Dragon Queen, The Rise of Tiamat, and a DM screen for both books. Hoard leads to Queen for one giant epic adventure!

  1. (5th ed D&D) - Into the Borderlands adventure collection - $40

  2. (5th ed D&D) - The Isle of Dread adventure collection - $40


4th edition Dungeons and Dragons power cards, especially the Martial/Divine/Arcane/Primal/Psionic ones as well as the ones released for the Players Handbook 2 and Players Handbook 3.

04:33 UTC




Hi Folks

I have the following double ups in my collection. Rather than selling them would anyone be interested in an exchange for one or more of these for an ICE product I don't already have (I'd like them to go a good home)?

The four books in question are:

Weapon Law, Pub. 1996 ISBN: 1-55806-289-0

Pirates of Pelargir, Pub. 1987 ISBN: 0-915795-44-2

Minas Ithil, Pub.1991 ISBN 1-55806-143-6 (No Map)

Shadow World Master Atlas Second Edition, Pub. 1992 ISBN:1-55806-169-X (No Map)

The condition is as you see in the single images of each book (will attach when Reddit lets me!). All are in good/very good condition with only a little shelf wear. Sadly no additional maps with either Minas Ithil or the SW Master Atlas. I'm happy to exchange for a book which may be in lesser quality by the way.

The trick will be finding an ICE product I don't have as I do already own a good 65 - 70% of RM2 & MERP books but I am missing a certain few.

Ideally I would like to beef up my MERP collection and the following (below) are titles that I'm missing but happy to hear from you with other ICE products (only ICE for me thanks).

If you might be interested, please Messenger/PM me and lets go from there.

Again, warning that I may well have what you are offering, but keen to hear from you.



• Weathertop Tower of the Wind

• Far Harad The Scorched Land

• Shadow in the South

• Mirkwood The Wilds of Rhovanion

• Teeth of Mordor

• Mount Gundabad

• Lords of Middle-earth Vol III: Hobbits, Dwarves, Ents, Orcs & Trolls

• Treasures of Middle-Earth

• Forest of Tears

• Greater Harad

• Rogues of the Borderlands

• The Necromancer’s Lieutenant

• The Grey Mountains

• River Running


• Missing a reasonable amount of modules.

20:22 UTC


(H)various titles coc, w5e, dnd 5e for trade or sale (w) bladerunner or alien rpg

(H) call of cthulhu 7th ed keepers handbook,

call of cthulhu 7th ed keepers handbook, ( no longer available)

call of cthulhu 7th ed investigators handbook, (no longer available)

call of cthulhu 7th ed game masters screen, (no longer available)

call of cthulhu 7th ed masks of nyarlathotep box set,

werewolf the apocalypse newest edition,

werewolf the apocalypse dice and form cards set unopened x4 packs,

dnd 5e players handbook,

dnd 5e dungeon masters guide.

all are nm or hardly used, some not used at all.

(w) blade runner rpg and supplements, alien rpg and supplements

first time doing this so if im doing it wrong lemme know. buyer pays shipping from oklahoma, usa

edit: added pics, some stuff no longer available


20:13 UTC


[H] OOP West-End and Some WOTC Starwars RPG Books [W] Paypal or FFG Starwars

Imgur Gallery

Prices in Canadian with converted and rounded American. All prices are OBO. Buyer pays shipping from central Canada.


West End Games

Imperial Sourcebook 2nd Edition - $70 CAD / 53 USD

Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook - $50 CAD / 38 USD

Rebel Alliance Sourcebook 2nd Edition - $70 CAD / 53 USD

Truce at Bakura Sourcebook - $40 CAD / 30 USD

Thrawn Trilogy Sourcebook - $70 CAD / 53 USD

Dark Empire Sourcebook - $40 CAD / 53 USD

Starwars The Roleplaying Game, 2nd Edition - marred plastic coating (see imgur), free with purchase of any other book to whoever wants it first, just pay shipping.

Wizards of the Coast

The Dark Side Sourcebook - $35 CAD / 27 USD

Legacy Era Campaign Guide - $80 CAD / 60 USD



FFG Starwars (Any)

16:58 UTC


[H] Dungeon Crawl Classics #68, 77, 86, DCC Day #2 [W] Trade for DCC Modules I Don't Have [Loc] TN, USA

Looking to trade books that I have duplicates of. Not picky, just hoping to get something I don't have. Please see the image attached. Let me know if you have any questions. Anything listed below is what I am missing from my collection of first party stuff. Thanks!

My copy of People of the Pit #68 is the printing with Assassins of the Pit included

Image of the modules I am trading can be found here

What I am Looking for can be seen below. I have all the stuff from Lankhmar Dying Earth. I also have a bunch of the Purple Planet stuff, including the box set, but as I will be backing the collection next month I'm not really looking for any of those either.

  • #1-59, 66-69, 88 (not 88.5), 90-93, 95, 98-102
  • DCC Horror #1-2, 4-8
  • Any Holiday module other than Halloween 2017
  • Convention 2019 or 2020
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14:09 UTC


Looking for Prince Valiant The Storytelling Game 2nd Edition

Hello, Im located in the United States and would like to purchase anyones copy of the 2nd edition of the prince valiant roleplaying game (and if possible the episode book which accompanies it.) Ill cover shipping as well and would prefer the purchase going through paypal! thanks for your time and consideration!

06:32 UTC

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