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[H] D&D 5e Limited Release Cover Collection [W] Paypal

I have a collection of limited release cover editions of a bunch of the expansions for D&D Fifth Edition including:

Volos Guide to Monsters

Mordenkainens Tome of Foes

Eberron: Rising from the Last War

Xanathars Guide to Everything

Tyranny of Dragons

Descent Into Avernus

Tashas Cauldron of Everything

Asking $850 Shipped OBO(usually ship via USPS Flat rate priority, arrangements can be made for other methods if preferred)

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17:10 UTC


[eBay] Selling a Mutants and Masterminds 3e, and Openquest 3e (+Monsters of Legend)

Openquest 3e is a Runequest-clone, I bounced off of it, but it's a solid system. I grabbed a book made for a similar system for it that is included for free.

Mutants and Masterminds 3e Deluxe is another great game that I couldn't get into.
Thanks for checking them out!

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00:54 UTC


Selling my tyranny of dragons collection.

I own the hobby edition of Tyranny of Dragons and I would like to get the standard edition instead since it's out now. I think it would look better on my shelf so I'm selling off my hobby shop copy of tyranny of dragons as well as my copy of hoard of the dragon queen and rise of tiamat. If anyone would like to buy any of these shoot me a message. Or if you would like to trade the hobby cover for the newly released standard edition I would be happy to make that trade.

15:28 UTC


Confirmed Trades Thread - June 01, 2023

Post your trades with other users to receive your flair!

A good post includes everything that was traded and who it was traded to. Ex: "Bought a copy of the Starfinder Core Rulebook from /u/Shock4ndAwe."

If you've traded with multiple people please make a new comment for each transaction. This helps me when I go through the threads to hand out flairs.

Multiple items to a single person still count as just one trade for the purpose of receiving flair.

If a person hasn't confirmed a trade by the time a new monthly thread comes along I will attempt to contact them so you both can receive your flair.

04:00 UTC


Apocalypse World 2e (2016)

I'm selling this unused copy I inherited of the 2E book.

Here's the listing if you want to check it out:


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05:34 UTC


WhiteHack 2E book for sale

I'm selling this unused copy I inherited of the 2E book.


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04:09 UTC


[H] PayPal [W] Hyperborea 3e

Looking for the PHB, GMG, and Atlas. $80 shipped.

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21:09 UTC


(US eBay) Colostle, Lots of D&D 5e Books


All of these have only had one owner and most are brand new. I just went a little crazy buying too many things! Thanks for looking!

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19:49 UTC


TRADE: [H] Trophy TTRPG, 3 hardcovers, limited edition slipcase [W] Hyperborea 3E core books, atlas

Thought I'd take a shot. Looking to trade.

I have the Trophy tabletop RPG: 3 hardcover books (Dark, Gold, Loom) in a limited edition slipcase. I'm looking to trade them for Hyperborea 3E core books and atlas (Referee's Manual, Player's Manual, Atlas of Hyperborea).
Books are practically brand new, come from a non-smoking home.
I figure USPS Media Mail Shipping is the best way to go.
Thanks for looking,

19:09 UTC


(US eBay) - ICRPG Collector's Edition and Mork Borg lot (4 books)

All in great shape, they've spent 95% of their lives on a shelf. Thanks for checking em out.

ICRPG Master Edition Collector's Edition Hardcover

Mork Borg, Zines, & Forbidden Psalm

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18:12 UTC


[H] Pathfinder Books [W] DND Books

I have 2x hardcover Pathfinder books that I’d like to trade someone with locally (70072) if possible and shipping is a big maybe. A NIB pathfinder starter set is available also if interested. I’m looking to move on from Pathfinder and start up with DND.

1.	Pathfinder Core Rulebook 2e
2.	Pathfinder Bestiary 2e

Both books are in great condition with no issues. Pictures available upon request.

I am looking for DnD books of matching material.

1.	Players Handbook
2.	Monster Manual
17:40 UTC


[US / VA / NOVA / DMV] [H] Huge Vintage Collectors Battletech Lot [W] Paypal / WH40k / Golf


I am a lifelong Battletech collector and it is time to thin the herd. I would prefer to do a local sale / trade so the potential buyer can take a look at the collection. Some of the older books are in rough shape and I am not super great at assigning the proper condition. Just assume everything is between used / fair condition. I priced everything at the lowest I could find on ebay / amazon / the internet and took 40% off of that number. I am seeking $1500 for the lot. The only trades I am seeking are Warhammer 40k miniatures (Space Wolves, World Eaters, Tau) and golf equipment. Below are all the books / miniatures in the collection.

Mechwarrior RPG Second Edition

House Kurita

House Liao

House Davion

House Marik

House Steiner

The Star League


Wolf Clan Sourcebook

Jade Falcon Clan Sourcebook

Wolf's Dragoons

The Mercenary's Handbook

The Periphery

Historical: War of 3039

20 Year Update (2 copies)

Battletech Compendium

Objective Raids

Classic Battletech RPG (third edition I think)

Classic Battletech Master Rules Revised Hardback w/silver embossed writing


The Clans: Warriors of Kerensky

Mechwarrior's Guide to the Clans

Field Manual: Warden Clans

Field Manual: Crusader Clans (2 copies)

Inner Sphere

Invading Clans

Jihad Hot Spots: 3072

Jihad Hot Spots: Terra

Interstellar Players

Field Manual: Comstar

Field Manual: Draconis Combine

Field Manual: Periphery

Field Manual: Mercenaries

Field Manual: Mercenaries Revised

Field Manual: Star League Defense Force

Handbook: House Davion

A Guide to Covert Ops

Shattered Sphere

Battletech Alpha Strike

Alpha Strike Compendium

Classic Battletech Technical Readout: 3025

Classic Battletech Technical Readout: 3026

Classic Battletech Technical Readout: 3057

Classic Battletech Technical Readout: 3050 Upgrade

Classic Battletech Technical Readout: 3039

Battletech Technical Handbook (2 copies)

Battletroops (damaged box & possibly missing bits)

Classic Battletech Introductory Box Set (has a few maps, missing some books, basically this is a collection of mechs from a bunch of box sets)

Battletech Record Sheets 3025 & 3026

Battletech Clan Invasion Boxed Set

Assorted Mechs: Ursus, T-Wolf, Stormcrow, Mad Dog, Cauldron Born, Eyrie, Gyrfalcon, Jade Pheonix, Shrike

Black Knight Clanbuster Mech new style

01:14 UTC


For sale various GURPS books and DUNE Imperium boardgame


I have for sale various GURPS books and the DUNE Imperium board game with expansion. Prices are below (includes media mail shipping - contiguous US only sorry). If you want multiple books that's even better as I'll take off a percentage.

Edit: Forgot to say, venmo and paypal.

I've had successful trades on here before. Thanks for looking.

The list is as follows:

  • Dune Imperium board game in shrink $45.00
  • Dune Imperium Rise of IX in shrink $40.00
  • GURPS How to be a GURPS GM - SC Sold
  • GURPS FANTASY - HC $40.00
  • DUNGEON FANTASY Roleplaying Game Powered by GURPS $80.00 includes GM SCREEN
  • DUNGEON FANTASY GM SCREEN - included with above
  • GURPS RELIGION - SC $15.00
  • GURPS FANTASY - SC $15.00
  • GURPS WIZARDS - SC $15.00
  • GURPS GRIMOIRE - SC $15.00

Here's a link to the pics on imgur


22:01 UTC


[H] Darwin’s World Campaign Guide and Survivor’s Handbook (two books), Savage Worlds Edition [W] PayPal

[H] Darwin’s World Campaign Guide and Survivor’s Handbook (two books), Savage Worlds Edition [W] PayPal

Both books in excellent condition. Non-Smoking home.

$20 includes USPS Media Mail Shipping


15:27 UTC


HârnWorld Legacy books $19 each


Harnmaster Magic

HarnMaster Religion


Nasty Brutish and Short





Castles of Orbaal

Kingdom of Orbaal



Kingdom of Kaldor

Pilots Almanac







High Colonies

22:07 UTC


[W] L5R Unicorn Clan d10 set by Q Workshop [H] Paypal

Hello All,

I am currently looking for a set of these dice. Doesn't have to be brand new or anything. I know they are getting fairly rare and I am willing to pay a fair price for them.

Let me know and we can work something out!


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00:53 UTC


[H] Beadle and Grimm Pathfinder 2e Complete Chronicle of the Wizard [W] Paypal



As seen on publishers website. Very good condition.

$60 each, includes media mail shipping. $135 for both

Buyer receives a PayPal invoice.

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17:01 UTC


Looking for about 300 odd RPG books.. not for the faint of heart!


I collect some obscure rpg books so I though I'd fling my current want list out into the wild;) Its a mixture of old obscure games, small press printing, rpg's sold at conventions, lulu books no longer in print etc.. there are a couple of books on this list that should be "easier" to find than the others.. In a lot of cases I have tracked down the authors of the books, but even they don't have copies left (or they only have their copy left) Its best to email me beasterbrook@hotmail.com .. even if you come across this list years from now the email should still be valid as I've had it forever..

If you have any questions about a particular rpg book please feel free to post as well.. I have managed to get some cover scans of some of the books. Of course I have prob missed some.. so if feel free to make suggestions as well! (for those interested I have set up a facebook page where I list some of my books.. just search "Obscure and Rare Roleplaying Games"

Thanks for your time!


12 to Midnight (US)

Last Rights of the Black Guard (stock#TWL001)

Weekend Warriors

ADP Systems

The Armstrong Malison

The Cross

The Preachers and the Cross

Adventure Games Publishing (US)

Adventure Games Journal Monthly Chronicle #1,2,4

Imperial Town of Tell Qa: Northern Bastion of the Falling Empire (1st print)

Wilderlands of High Adventure Map 9: Western Karak

Adventures Unlimited (US)

Adventures In Fantasy (playtest edition) (I have a copy of this.. would like a better copy)

Adventurers' Guild

Arcane Tome of the Illustrious Mage


Character Portraits

Sage's Tome


Sword Tag

Adversary Games

Omega File, The

Alternate Reality Publications/ Dana Jorgensen

World of Barador RPG, The 1st ed

World of Barador RPG, The2nd ed

Attack International Wargaming Accociation

Book of Dragons

Quirp Quarp, The

Thieves Quarter

Avant-Garde Simulations Perspectives

The Age of Chivalry

The Age of Chivalry tac cards

Kevin Barthaud

Witch: The Road to Lindisfarne (Ashcan Edition)

Robert Beatty

Weapons and Warriors

Better Games (US)

Avengers of Justice

Black Dragon Games

In Search of the Abominable Snowman

Blackhawk Games (US)


Black Paperclip Games

Red Skies Under Betelgeuse

Uncanny Abode and Final Resting Place of the Mysterious Mervin H. Floyd, The

Board-Craft Systems

Necromancer's Lair

Daniel Hugh Boggs

Dragons at Dawn First Suppliment

Dragons at Dawn and Twilight

Brass Dragon Society

Heart of Evil, The

Ice Follies, The

Myroun Island

Rescue of Ardene, The

Pursuit of Saytar, The

Michael Brines

Sir Pellinore's Book

Sir Pellinore's Favorite Game

Sir Pellinore's Game

Simon Burley (UK)

Golden Heroes (1st ed, little stapled book)

Calypso Systems Inc

Evil-Colored Green

Society of the Green

Temple of Cheelaka, The


Authentic Thaumaturgy (1st print, 1st ed)

Beyond the Mountains of Madness (hardcover 1999)

Cthulhu Dark Ages (Gencon 2015)

Old Hrolmar - A Stormbringer City Guidebook

Cheshire Games

Phase VII (needs all parts)

Cliffhanger Games (Tori Bergquist)


Contested Grounds Studios

Avenues & Alleyways

Cold City Dossier

Luke Crane

Blossoms are Falling, The (white cover with chinese characters on)

Creative Cartography Ideas (US)

Classic World (early print)

Fortress, The (early print)

Crucible Design (UK)

23rd Letter (limited ed)

Crustacium Games

Creeks and Crawdads (2nd-3rd)

Never Cry Crawdads

Cubicle 7

Rookhaven (lone wolf rpg)

Cumberland Games & Diversions

Fief (1st ed)

Risus- The Anything RPG

Risus- The Anything RPG (Excessively Deluxe Edition)

Ring of Thieves

John Dankert and Jim Lauffenberg

What price glory?

Anthony DiGiacomo

Functional Role-Playing:The Dice-Less System

Dinosaur Games

Multiverse Sorcery (brown cover)

Multiverse Sorcery (green cover)

Docs Games

Berzerko Tower / Doc's Maze

Blades of Boardum!

Dinky Kingdom

Lost Tomb of Antigorne / Sacrifice to the Blood Diety

Siege Wheel of the Blue Goblins

Small Space

Edward J Dobrianski

100 Level Dungeon

Fantasy Monsters & Robots

Dragon Star Creations

Ss'ar'Ak's Secrets - A Mage's Companion

Draken Games (UK)

Quests for Adventurers

Dreamworlds Production (UK)

Dreamworlds Fantasy Combat System

Dungeon Quest Publications

Domain of Xantree

Castle Out of Time

Dungeons Deep Design

Cabal King, The (Gary Con II Ed)

DW Creations

Under Siege

Winterfall Core Rulebook

Winterfall Players Guide

Tim Eccles (UK)

A Private War - Players' Guide (first print)

Empty Room Studios Publishing

Dreamwalker (Revised ed)

Entertainment Concepts

Adventures of Kaldarius the Mage

Patrick ervin et al

Godsfall Quick-Start Rules

Fallen Publishing

Operation: Fallen Reich

Operation: Fallen Reich Life Board

Fantasy Enterprises

Book of Treasure, The

Fantasy Factory


Deepdelve expansion Kit One

Overland Encounters Cards

Underground Encounters Cards (1st-4th Levels)

Fantasy Flight Games

Rebellion Day Game Kit: Rescue At Glare Peak

Final Redoubt Press

Echoes of Heaven (Harp, Hero, Rolemaster) was lulu

Firebird, Ltd. (Kevin Dockery) 1983


Todd Fluhr


Gamemaster Guides

Barbarian Enflands, The

Character Dossier

Monsters, Aliens and Fantastic Beings (combound)

Gamers Liberation Front

Rescue the Princess

Games Publications

Solo Dungeon, The (1st ed 1978)

Gas Spore Publications

Lair of the Scarlet Elite, The

Laurence Gillespie (Canadian)

Viking and Valkyrs (vol 1 and 2)

Grendel Roleplaying (Paul Spence) (this is all for red shift RPG)

Adventure Book #1

Alien Sourcebook

Character Sheets

Frontier Guide

Personae Guide

Star Atlas

Starship Guide

Vehicle and Equipmment Guide

GRP Enterprises

Tome of Treasures

Martin Hackett and Peter Bennett (UK)

Abbeta: Fantasy Role-Playing Rules for the Twinflare Solar System

Hams, Ernest Thomas

Kabal Boxed Set 2nd ed

Martin A. Hayes 1980

Stone of Sandor, The

Hess Games

Seagate (Orange Envelope)

High Levels Adventure Inc

In Quest of the Hand of Vecna

Hillman-Gleeson Publications

Superadventure Boardgame (1st ed 1982)

Crusaders the Superadventure Game (2nd ed 1983)

Crusaders the Superadventure Game (3rd ed 1985)

Hogshead Publishing (UK)

Realms of Sorcery (red leather, comes with cert)

Clem Hoofer

Hawgbilly!- The Swine & Sorcery RPG

Horizon International Inc (PO Box 28513D Salt Lake City UT 84127)

Witchery in Elcaro (1983)

Island Campaign

Dylan Hyatt

Valour Shield

Imagination Unlmited (US)

Beasts Men & Gods (1980 or 1982)

Ice Tower

Pitiful Poseur Productions (Jesse Harringto)

BRAINS: Hardcore Punks Against Dead Guys (1990)

Advanced Brains: Hardcore Punks Against Dead Guys : the Role-playing Game (2012)

Die Consertive, Die (2 editions)

Jon Gilbert and Mike Brunton (UK)

Of Teddies and Toenail Gin

JPS Services

Black Tower, The (1st ed) (does this exist?)

Juggernaut Press (John M. Morrison)


KNRPG Productions (Clint Krause) (US)

Messiah: Ashcan Edition

Conan Lamot

Tome of Mid-Kimia

Lasalion Games

Character sheet Pack

Curse of the Warlock

Glory of Steel

God Guide, The

Slaves of the Ring

Super Character sheet Pack

Tome of Rules, The

Liddil, Bob

Octal Encounters

Lion Rampant (US)

Bats of Mercille (1st)


City of Whiteford

Kenneth Lukaszewski

The Land (Boxed)

Lumpley Games

Annotated Kill Puppies for Satan, The

Kill Puppies for Satan & Cockroach Souffle

Kill Puppies for Satan (lulu 2001)

Machine Age Productions

Amaranthine (colour interior)

Mallema Press (US)

Critter Fantastical

Mark Manning

Simulacron I

Phil Martin

The Potions of the Anathar

May Contain Nuts (sweet dreams rpg)

Guide Book (comb bound)

Mayfair Games

Kobold Hall

Chris Mcbride & Jarry Apsit

Dark Keep, The

Geoffrey McKinney

Carcosa Boxed set

Fungoid Gardens of the Bone Sorcerer (2nd ed)

Supplement V: Carcosa

Melsonian Arts Council

Tronkia! (1st ed)

Troika! (Numinous Edition) (1st ed)

Mercenaries Guild

Artifacts and Relics

Character Record Sheets

Spell Backfire Table

Swords and Weapons

Ten New Player Classes

Paul Mercer and Kevin Conklin

Shrine of the Sword

Mercury Games (US) (Dave Elliott)

Lord Farricks Keep

Magic Touch, The

To the Aid of Dwarves

Metro Detroit Gamers (US)

Quest for the Fazzlewood

Uncle Ebenezer's Will

You Bet Your Life

You Bet Your Life... Again!

Minds in one Production (US)

Muzzle Velocity


Mind Ventures

Strange Files of Dr. Sorcis, The


Fortress Magoloth

The Guardian

Mockingbird Inc


Mobius Games

Phoenix Dawn (boxed)

Mob United Media

Budo - Hard Style Wushu

Opening the Dark

Steel & Stealth

Mongoose Publishing


Naois Publications

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Ragfallia, The

New Worlds Gaming

Enchanted Worlds Starter Kit

JT Norton

Temple of the Plains

NDP Designs

Annalise The unbiden Guests Edition

Annalise Seven dedly sins

Oak & Lotus Publications

Gomo Guide: Thoneport (2010)

Gomo Guide: Thoneport (2017)

Off the Wall Games

Professional Wrestling (3rd ed .. has $5 on cover)

Paradigm Games (UK)

Dark Obsidian: Conceptions

Pelgrane Press

Trail of Cthulhu: Shadows Over Filmland (softcover dragonmeet version)

Compendium of Universal Knowledge, The (Hardcover)

Peryton Publishing

Qlidar (limited con on the cob version)

Peter's Press (Bill Arvola, Peter Theron)


Phantasy Network (Don Johnson)

Taste My Steel!

Pharos Press (US)

Talislanta: Tenth Anniversary Edition

Brian Phillips

Official Superhero Adventure Game, The (1st ed with cards)

Pick Up and Go Games (Crypts & Creatures)

Advanced Players Guide (old ed)

Dungeon Adventures- Book 1 (old ed with a dragon on cover)

Denzines of the World

Pisces All Media

Generika the Beautiful

Silence is Golden

Tempest Island

Playing Board Products

Adventure Roster

Basic Character File

Spellcaster's Bible, The (1980)

Treasure Chest Set 2

Posthuman Studios

Degenesis (Rebirth Limited ed) (Black Box)

Principia Malefex

Best of Friends 1st ed, comb bound, white cover

Best of Friends 2nd ed, comb bound, picture on cover

Propaganda Publishing


Psychedelic Fantasies (US)

Reams of the Lucid Sac

Fungus That Came to Blackeswell

Quick and Easy Games

Star Run (2nd ed)

Ragnarok Enterprises (Canadian)

Complete Gamers Pantheon!, A (greek man with flock of sheep on cover)

Jahannam: The Waning Empire (boxed)

Ysgarth Rule System Boxed Set

RC Pinnell

Fall of Stonehammer Hall, The

Fate of the Forgotten Keep

Fen of the Frog King

House of Fang

Man Eater

G0 Revenge of the Giants

CP1 Ruins of Tenkuhran, The

Shrine of the Sightless Eye

G4-9 Super Giants!

Classic 77 Expanded Rules

Holmes 77

Redlands High School Chess and War Games Club

Castle Bram

Reiley and Associates (US)

Enchanted Treasures Vol 2

Ronin Arts

Vs Monsters Delux White box ed

Sage Products

Book of Names, The

Sane Studios (UK)

Vanishing Point (softcover 2007)

Scale Design (UK)

Descent into the Crater (1981 Gamesday Tournament)

Labrynth of Lerage The

Standing Stones, The

Sceaptune Games

Hyperite The Sirius Treaty UNE Edition

Simbalist & Backhaus

Chevalier (1999 reprint)

Society of East Tennessee Strategists (SETS)

Blood Wine

Halflings Height Plight, The

SoftSide Publications

Quest for the Arm of St. Elsinore

Seventh Scarab (UK)


SKS Distribution

Victorian Adventure (boxed set)

Skyline games (Brian Sharwood, Wayne Miller and Rafel Cons) (US)

Magic and Monsters from the Land of Volkorr (1978) (2 printings)

Skytrex Ltd (UK)

Bifrost Vol 3

Bifrost vol 4

Skyrealms Publishing Inc

Companion Jorune : Jorune Sholari Supplement

Stormhawk Publications (US)

Realms of Myth


Nightbane editions of books

TC International

Advanced Phantasm Adventures Gamemasters Handbook

Advanced Phantasm Adventures Players Handbook

Technomancer Press

Critonomicon, The

RPG Pentathlon

ER Teixeira

Valley of the Attu

Tentacle Press

Beyond Pavis

Masks of Pavis

Thunderhead Gaming Center

Greatest Evil, The

Tri Tac Systems (US)

DM’s Book of Nasty Tricks and Misfit Magic (1989, B&W cover)

DM's Book of Misfit Magic Vol1

DM's Book of Misfit Magic Vol2

DM's Book of Fantasy Firearms

Dungeon Maps

Starship Ventura (ISCO 0013: Kansas Class) Starship blueprints

Star Charts

Tronen Games (UK)

Gods of Tronen, The

Three Kingdoms, The

Various printings of Bludguts Cave, Ewernn Keep, Kings Barrow. The, T'Thaln)

Ubicorm Game Company (US)

Evil in the Heart


Wenches and Winekegs

Vanquishing Leviathan LLC

Castle that Fell from the Sky. The

Valhalla Simulation (Canadian)

M’ayanni (book 1 and 2)

Group Mission: 005 Operation Guardian

War Colledge Simulations

Lords of Harkanis (this a rpg?)

Wasteland Games (UK)

STOCS lite Companion (printed?)

STOC Newsletter #4

Stewart Wieck

Curse Undying, The

West End Games

Torg Revised and Expanded (softcover)

WHA*T*HE*LL Productions



Freaks & Fairies



Windmill Game Company

Advanced Dimensional Green Ninja Educational Preparatory Super Elementary Fortress 555

White Rose Publishing


Simon Williams (UK)

Stonequest (1989)

Wizard Guild Games (The Age of Sail Series)

Medium Merchantship (1982)

Heavy Merchantship (1982)

Medium Warship (1982)

Heavy Warship (1982)

Wizards Library (unknown if these exist, advertised in deragon#100)

Codex of the Telekinetic Mage

Spells of the Vampire King

Tome of the Physical Magician

11:57 UTC


[H] Onyx Path Pugmire Hardcover [W] PayPal

Pugmire - Core Rulebook $38

Pugmire presents a distant future setting where humankind has either gone extinct or left the world, leaving the various uplifted animals to fill the void. While many different sentient races exist, the game focuses on the noble dogs of Pugmire and their rivalry with the secretive cats of the Monarchies of Mau.

Mechanically the rules are a heavily modified D20 5e OGL derivation.

Hardcover offset print ; near mint condition with no signs of use or wear.

Buyer will receive a PayPal invoice that includes Media Mail shipping.

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14:16 UTC


[US/VA] [H] Starfinder Beginner Box [W] $$, trades

This version opened, but unused and even unpunched. $15 plus shipping.

Also open to trades + money if anyone has a copy of CY_BORG or any Alien or Dune RPG supplements they want to get rid of.

03:06 UTC


[US] [H] DnD 5e Adventures [W] Venmo/Paypal


I am selling a bunch of DnD 5 Adventure books that are in great condition. Most have barely been cracked open.

(Prices do not include shipping costs.)
Tomb of Annihilation: $25
Curse of Strahd: $25
Waterdeep Dragon Heist: $25
Storm King's Thunder: $25
Tales from the Yawning Portal: $25
Out of the Abyss: $25

Looking for Cash via Venmo or Paypal.

02:08 UTC


Kult Divinity Lost 4th Ed lot [US / $280]

Selling my Kult Divinity Lost 4th Edition lot:

  • Core book
  • Beyond Darkness and Madness book
  • Screams and Whispers book
  • Taroticum and Other Tales book
  • The Black Madonna book
  • Labyrinths and Secret Chambers map/tiles set
  • GM screen
  • Deck of Traits
  • Weapons deck

All items are new/in shrink besides the core book. Asking $280 USD + shipping US only. PayPal Goods & Services

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20:01 UTC


[H] OSE Classic and Advanced Fantasy (recent KS, gold foil) [W] Paypal

imgur gallery

$60 +shipping OSE Classic Fantasy, opened to look at the books once

$60 +shipping OSE Advanced Fantasy, sealed

Both have the gold foil from the KS campaign. Will sell individually, but would love to sell them together.

They are both in great new condition, just opened the Classic box out of curiosity. Realized the tome I have is more ideal for my needs. I can provide the pdf's as well upon sale.

Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!

Local - Austin, TX

This is a repost with a price drop, I didn't realize that EF didn't charge shipping on their retail side, so I've dropped the price.

Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!

12:18 UTC


Selling a lot of AD&D

Hey all, I have decided to part with my collection. First half has been sold but there are still way over 200 titles left including sought after stuff like realms boxsets, planescape, lankhmar, dark sun, ect, even entire complete campaign settings and some weird and rare stuff like coloring books and fighting disc. The state of the books and boxes varies between “mint in seal” to “cared for by someone who loves the game but was a bit tattered when I got it”. All in all, most stuff looks like new.

I know what all this stuff is worth, but the convenience of selling it in bulk, as well as the knowledge that it will go to a new owner that will care for it as much as I have means just as much to me.

I am located in the EU, so do consider postage.

If this sounds like something you would like to talk about and get more in-depth information on, feel free to DM me.

18:30 UTC


[H] Level-Up Advanced 5th Edition (D&D 5e) book bundle [W] Paypal/Venmo

a5e books at a discount(I'm just eyeballing the fancy collectors edition versions of the books, but don't want to be wasteful so only if I can move my existing copies)

- Adventurer's Guide (players)

- Trials & Treasures (gm) (there is a slight dent of the front cover bottom right corner from shippping)

- Monstrous Menagerie (bestiary)

- Dungeon Delver's Guide (bit of everything)

Includes the pdfs (can email/dropbox/gdrive;w/e is preferred)

normal price: ~$250my bundle discounted price: $200(plus shipping)

(Will toss in extra copies of "The Complete Guide to Creating Epic Campaigns" and "The Practical Guide to Becoming a Great GM" by Guy Sclanders, for free. Note: both have some external spine damage from shipping)

books: https://photos.app.goo.gl/UV4mJHpkynmotDt27

close-up of minor damages: https://photos.app.goo.gl/j4kVytMArJM5vG8U7

19:55 UTC

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[H] D&D 3.5 Complete Arcane, Complete Champion, Complete Divine, Complete Mage [W] Paypal

Complete Arcane $28

Condition: Very good, minor nick on bottom edge

Photos - D&D 3.5 Complete Mage

Complete Champion $45 SOLD

Complete Divine $26

Condition: Fair ; worn corners ; There is a stain of unknown provenance on front flyleaf page that looks like paste seeped through. There is also a name penciled on the front interior.

Photos - D&D 3.5 Complete Divine

Complete Mage $36 SOLD

Manual of the Planes (3.5) $30

Condition: Like New

Photos - D&D 3.5 Manual of the Planes

Buyer will receive a PayPal invoice + Media Mail shipping.

16:12 UTC


Confirmed Trades Thread - May 01, 2023

Post your trades with other users to receive your flair!

A good post includes everything that was traded and who it was traded to. Ex: "Bought a copy of the Starfinder Core Rulebook from /u/Shock4ndAwe."

If you've traded with multiple people please make a new comment for each transaction. This helps me when I go through the threads to hand out flairs.

Multiple items to a single person still count as just one trade for the purpose of receiving flair.

If a person hasn't confirmed a trade by the time a new monthly thread comes along I will attempt to contact them so you both can receive your flair.

04:00 UTC


Looking for: Planescape books (not the reprints)

I already have In the Cage and Factol’s Manifesto.

14:23 UTC


Looking for Ultraviolet Grasslands (preferably hardcover)

And also preferably with screen and fold out map. Thanks!

10:38 UTC

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