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Subreddit in general revolves around discussion of RPG videogames, recommendations for new games to try, news of upcoming RPGs, and reviews of recently released RPGs. Memes and other related filler content is not presently allowed.

Welcome to RPG_Gamers!

RPG_Gamers is a subreddit for fans of all video game RPGs from JRPGs (Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest), Western RPGs (Fallout, Baldur's Gate), action games with RPG elements (Diablo, League of Legends), and discussions related to them.

Subreddit in general revolves around discussion of RPG videogames, recommendations for new games to try, news of upcoming RPGs, and reviews of recently released RPGs. Memes and other related filler content is not presently allowed.

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First time play through: DAO or KOTOR

I have not played either game. I recently finished Divinity Original Sin 2 which I did enjoy. However, I think I am looking for something a little less loot-driven, more story-driven, and possibly more linear (I had to put down DOS2 a few times because it was just a little too massive/sandboxy). Thanks!

20:23 UTC


RPG where you can play as an ogre

I've played a lot of older crpgs recently like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, and Arcanum. What I really liked about Arcanum was playing as an ogre. Are there any rpg or crpg games where you can play as a large size creature such as an ogre, minotaur, hill giant, etc...? I've also played Shadowrun and I like playing as a Troll in that game. I'm also playing The Temple of Elemental Evil with Co8 and Temple + so I can play as a Hill Giant. I'm on PC by the way.

13:29 UTC


Rave Heart Overhaul Edition is now available! (Sci-fi Turn-based RPG)

Rave Heart Overhaul Update Version 7.0 is now live! with WASD accessibility, new in-game artwork overhaul, bug fixes, and brand-new sidequest content!

You can check out the Steam page for the trailer, screenshots, and more info:


Rave Heart is a Sci-FI game with JRPG elements that features the classical turn-based battles that we have all known and loved in the JRPG genre for years. Klein Cryoz, a gifted Cipher with telekinetic abilities and the personal bodyguard of Princess Ellemine Rave, finds himself caught up in a twist of unfavorable events. Journey into the galaxy of Xerxes and enter Klein's life, as he finds himself caught up in a galactic feud. Along the way, the fragments of his long-forgotten dark past surface, piece by piece. Will he be able to do his duty, and withstand the pressure of a brewing war, all the while having his past haunt him?






11:48 UTC


Rpg with romance subplot

Any recommendation? Need to find some jrpgs games like xenoblade series where the mc have love interest and dedicated to protect or save them especially like xenoblade 1&3, ff10, tales arise, i think they all have some similiarities. For preferences i've already played trails series, ff series, tales series, rune factory series, fire emblem series. I really love to enjoy some deep story plot and have romance subplot to ease it. Ps: english isn't my first language sorry about my bad grammar, also i prefer from nintendo switch because my pc is kinda bad too run some games, thanks guys

06:10 UTC


Choices Matter + Controller Support

Hi! Looking for a game to play on my laptop with controller configurations and isometric viewpoint. I want a game where my choices, especially in dialogue and how I choose to go about a quest/combat/engaging with characters, actually matter! (other than divinity original sin 2).

Some games I’ve loved and want the vibe of: Disco Elysium, Torment: Tides of Numenera

  • what I love about these games is that when you explore and talk to new people and think before you speak it matters. Your skill point distribution matters. The way you interact with the world actually MATTERS. What game should I play?

Really wanting something where the world reacts to how you interact with it and quests, npcs, items, abilities, etc. do the same. AGAIN, I am playing with an Xbox controller, so it must be controller supported. Pillars of Eternity, Pathfiner, Tryanny are NOT these types. I also enjoy indie games and anything that clearly has a lot of love and heart in it. What should I play?

05:32 UTC


Is it ok to ask for people to talk about what rpgs they're suggesting? Also, can I ask people to talk about what they're suggesting without getting hit with pre-concieved notions.

I haven't made a topic on this place for a while because almost every single time, I tend to only get hit with one or two of the following replies:

I either get a list of names. I ask the person if they can tell me about the games they're suggesting, and then the whole thread and all of posts get mass downvoted for it.

I get hit with a ton of really mean comments making a lot of asinine assumptions about me personally, all because I happened to be in the mood for something specific.

I'm a very depressed enby with a lot of mental disabilities, and I feel badgered by this place. Can you all please treat me like a human being?

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05:27 UTC


Skyrim anniversary edition or diablo 4?

Yes I know that are different games... But if you had to recommend one over the other, which one would you recommend? I don't know which one to choose I love skyrim and wanted to replay it again after 12 years! wow he's getting really old lmao, and on the other hand diablo 4 is a genre that seems to be different from most things I've seen, it looks like an isometric mmo, but it seems that it gets boring very quickly, I could be wrong because I don't know well, and I thought he was very handsome! A big thanks😁👍

05:06 UTC


Why do people dislike eating, camping and sleeping mechanics in rpgs?

All of those are extremely important parts of exploring the world and adventuring. Both in real life and in fantasy stories. You should take care to have enough food and water before going on an adventure and then find a place where to sleep and regain your strength. Hell, even when you go on a trip with your family or friends, it's normal to prepare food in advance and that's an experience everyone had.

Adventuring without those mechanics makes it very shallow and artificial. Fucking Skyrim gains so much with basic survival mods that force you to set up a camp and rest from time to time. Older rpgs games had those mechanics. It's normal to manage food industry in strategy games. It's strange how absent those mechanics are in newer rpgs, especially in open world games.

15:42 UTC


Berserk and Planescape: Torment share some common features, have you noticed?

I am not claiming that one is influenced by the other or trying to prove a point really. I just want to share with you the similarities I noticed between these 2 masterpieces:

- Both are dark fantasy, obviously

- Both protoganists carry a burden on their body in form of a sign: The Symbol of Torment and The Brand of Sacrifice

- Both protoganists are very tormented characters who also attract troubled companions like themselves

- Both protoganists have a comical sidekick: Mort and Puck

- Both protoganists have very deformed bodies and whatever difficult situations they go through they don't die (altough Guts is not immortal like Nameless One, still looks like somehow he is protected by fate)

- In both titles, there are different planes of existence

- The goal of both protagonists is to reach a place located in a different plane and both have no idea how to do it

- Both protoganists have lost their loved ones in supernatural circumstances in the past and have a tragic love story

- In both titles, there is a mysterious supreme entity: The Lady of Pain and The Idea of Evil

- Hellish landscapes and deals with demons are common in both titles

- Both titles feature philosophical themes.

Is there anything else you want to share with me? I may update the list if I notice additional similarities.

10:19 UTC


Gunfire Reborn or Borderlands 2?

I want to get into the Looter Shooter genre and since both of these games are on sale on Steam (Borderlands: The Handsome Collection are the one that's on sale), I'm curious which one is the best for newcomer to Looter Shooter genre?

BTW I already tried Warframe and I wasn't really a fan of it because of the lag and I can't play Destiny 2 because of my potato PC

05:34 UTC


Diablo 4 worth it?

hey guys! i never played diablo before, only once for 20 minutes i played 3, and i wanted to know if it's worth buying the new diablo 4, i'm a fan of action rpg like the witcher 3 or elden ring and rpgs per turn like divinity original sin 2, but diablo 4 doesn't look like either of the 2 types and I don't know how the game works, at first glance it reminded me of divinity original sin 2 and that's why I was interested, but suddenly a lot of people started to like it on the screen and it looked like a mess, then I started wondering if it was an mmo, can I play it like a normal singleplayer rpg? or is it like really an mmo i'm confused i didn't understand very well lmao, and what is the purpose of the game? and are you enjoying the game? it is worth it? Thanks!😃

05:10 UTC


Pathfinder Kingmaker sale on PS4. its less than $10 until 6/8/2023

found it on north america PS4 PSN Store. now be sure to research cause I heard PS4 is not optimized so much, it must be beatable but its optimization may test some people's tolerance. Im sure its definitely more polished than Sword and Fairy 6 (which can freeze in some battles if L1/R1 are pressed in succession too fast.) though yea perhaps veterans can comment.

really like the 6 party member format, seems like there's tons of possibilities and character creation and stuff. hey is there party creation later besides the story characters?

I missed the Pathfinder Wrath sale, but that was a yellow marked sale, I dont trust offers tied to PS Plus cause otherwise it may require PS Plus verification to continue using stuff gained through PS Plus like the monthly free games and essential PS Plus exclusives like Tekken 2.

so I check blue marked sales cause those are ownable. and Pathfinder Kingmaker has blue numbers sale.

not sure how near the camera can be zoomed, though it would be cool to have a very near zoom. its grating that most videos I see they have the camera zoomed out all the way all the time. I mean its already hard to get immersed with an isometric view, but if this has good near zoom in then the action and stuff could feel better and more impactful. generous zoom levels are a must for this kinda perspective.

would prefer first person like those DRPGs and Wizardry 8, but yea this doesn't look bad. it could be cool to explore. and there is multiple difficulty settings, so on easiest I think everything is viable. I would try an all sorceresses group though gotta research if this has a tavern or something where party creation is doable.

04:51 UTC


Random encounters are bad.

Random encounters suck.

Every 6 steps you get interrupted by samey combat against dull enemies who might not let you oneshot or flee from them.

It's not hard or challenging, just tedious. But you have to slog through this filler if the cheap bastards who made the bad RPG decided the resources gained from this dull combat, the loot or exp or gold, should be necessary to make forward story progress.

It gets in the way of appreciating the mood of an area, the setting, the ambiance, the level design, the music... and more. It numbs your senses and gets you to see the world in glimpses of dull movement between flashes of dull combat. Stops you from thinking about what is going on because you are too busy going through the motions to get this next random encounter over and done with.

Honestly if part of a RPG is best fast forwarded through, skipping it entirely is often the best course of action. And if the game doesn't let you skip its bad parts or fast forward its bad parts, ask what makes them necessary. This isn't The Longing. This isn't Spec Ops The Line or Undertale. This isn't even YIIK. No artistic point is being made by the presence of repetitive grind and asset reuse. Green Day fans would lose their marbles if the next album had each track on a 10 track album play 12 times before you can move on to the next track. Mario fans would lose their marbles if the next Mario Odyssey made you replay the same world twice in a row. But fighting 30 Zubats in a row? Fighting 252 Whismurs and 252 Zubats and 252 Carvanhas for EV grind? Some people enjoy that. I will respext them if they respect why I am not a fan of that.

You will die with some of the best songs unheard, the best shows unwatched, the best people unmet and the best games unplayed, and the same is true for me and everyone else. We are not immortal. We recognize that a book is better if it can do more in less time. Editors exist for a reason. "If I had more time I would have written a shorter letter" is said for a reason. Effectively communicating something meaningful through your art is harder than padding out sections of meaningful story progression with mandatory filler content and randomly generated random words previously used in the story. Ever heard of a fantasy novel padding itself from 20k words to 50k words with this trick? At least a tv show's recap episode can do something funny.

There are RPGs out there that improve themselves by having properly designed encounters and a properly balanced difficulty curve instead of relying on long hallways and mazes or wide empty rooms with unavoidable potentially invisible random encounters. Honestly it is a simple tweak, the removal of random encounters, and it improves the game. It might even be the ultimate sign that thought went into the game's design, because it takes a lot of thinking to realize not all RPG design conventions must be dutifully followed in the name of tradition. You could inflate your steam playtime numbers by adding filler, or you could respect tbe player's time by not making grinding mandatory, removing random encounters, and designing the difficulty accordingly.

Though difficulty curve is a funny word to use when in bad RPGs there is no "difficulty" where your skill and intellect can matter, only the question of whether your numbers are high enough or if mindlessly grinding is necessary to raise them. Everyone's favourite RPG did something smart to elevate it beyond the combat you'll see in the earliest hours of any pokemon playthrough: Mashing A and selecting Tackle or Scratch or maybe a correctly typed attack, the gameplay equivalent of putting the square peg in the square hole when no questions like "Do I need this MP/attack usage for later? If my resources and time ingame is limited what do I give up by making this time management and resource management choice?" are asked.

03:35 UTC


Looking for a more focused game with the least amount of fluff

I've not enjoyed RPGs as much as I used to and while it's possible my tastes have changed, I'm more ready to place the blame on other elements of the genre. Namely:

  1. They are too long. The following two points are going to tie back into this but it needs to be stressed that I really wish more games would be as short as Chrono Trigger or Paper Mario. All killer, no filler. I don't see why an RPG needs to have a gargantuan run time.
  2. The combat is often repetitive and mindless outside of boss battles. I tend to gravitate towards tactical games like Fire Emblem or XCOM due to this. I want each battle to feel like it's important rather than "This is the exact same formation of enemies I fought before, I'll just use the same attacks." An RPG full of boss battles and nothing else sounds great to me. Failing that, make the popcorn enemies actually enjoyable to fight.
  3. Probably more important than the other two is that, more than any other genre, I feel rushed to complete an RPG and it's not a good feeling. Whereas with something like F-Zero or Super Monkey Ball I can put the game down for weeks or months and get back to where I left off, I'm sure most of you know the feeling of thinking it's "necessary" to restart an RPG if you've been gone away from it for too long. I want to be able to play an RPG at my own pace, however I don't really know of any games where this is possible.

So, basically... I guess I'm looking for a) combat where all encounters are important and b) some kind of quest log/"the story so far" where I can safely pick back up the game if I get busy with any number of other things. Ideally, the world is linear yet feels open enough, think of something like Dragon Quest VIII. I played some of Gothic 2 earlier this year and I wanted to love it but ultimately may have been too open for me.

22:54 UTC


Looking for name of old rpg i used to play on sony ericsson k610i

Hi guys, would like to find game I used to play as kid on old phone. It was open world rpg where you could choose from 3 heroes each have different story and weapons they could use. Young guy had 2 hand swords women had spears and beard guy had sword and shield. You could switch between elements water, fire etc. or elementals im not sure, so you could choose 2 spells. I know there was multiple of these games since this was 3rd. Any idea?

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21:16 UTC


Looking for a game to play as a wizard!

I know of a few games already but I'm looking for something new to scratch an itch. Here are my preferences:

  • Traditional, high fantasy setting is preferred
  • Action-rpg combat is a must, absolutely nothing turn based
  • Third/first person POV is preferred, nothing top down
  • Character customization is a plus
  • Good story
  • Good ludonarrative

Hopefully this isn't too much to ask. I just wanna be shadow wizard money gang

19:53 UTC


Help remembering a RPG game

OKAY, so this is a long shot but I was hoping someone would remember this RPG game. I think during a game showcasing (I wanna say E3) during 2016 or 2017; a demo was shown of this new Open World RPG where basically the developers claim "your choices will have impacts on the open world." For the life of me I cannot find this game and google has not been helpful on the search. I just wanna know if the game has been canceled or is going through a "Dead Island 2" situation where it's just taking forever to finish up. So here are the details of the game that I remember;

  1. It seems to be set in a dystopia world; pretty modern so closer to an action role playing game.
  2. The demo showed the first mission where you have to help the government clear a gang from a building to I believe secure a water line and the city.
  3. If you choose the complete the mission then the city is under the control of a police state
  4. If you choose to betray the government and sided with the gang then they control the city and basically its chaotic throughout the city
  5. You can also choose to betray both the government and the gang and just go full solo protector on this city.
  6. I remember some elements of the game had parkour to traverse the buildings, I believe it was in 3rd person and of course its a shooter.

If any of these details even brings up some memories of this game and hopefully the title please let me know!!! This game seems so promising and I've been looking for a game where your choices effect the story such as KOTOR or FallOut Las Vegas. Thanks for the help

18:07 UTC


Any recommendations for titles like these? :

Hello, i recently played final fantasy 1 pixel remaster for 10 minutes before remembering i LOVE these types of games where you just lvl up by fighting monsters, gain new weapon, turn based, etc, what makes the first final fantasy games and the dragon quest games so great basically, i was wondering if based on that you could recommend even more rpg's like these that are good

3 examples of games i really enjoy in this genre : Final fantasy pixel remaster suite

(if 1 is anything to go by, i will do all of them as it's exactly the type of games i like) (but haven't played the rest except for XV which dissapointed me a little and i only played 6 hours before i dropped it)

Dragon Quest 11

and pokemon

edit : i've almost finished ff1 but i've been stuck on the last boss for 6 hours i love it but holy fuck that boss is a pain in the ass :(

14:42 UTC


A gaming genie will upgrade 1 game of your choosing any way you want. What game are you upgrading and how?

I came up with this question after dipping back into my favorite MMO a couple of days ago, just to realize the one thing I quit the game for has only gotten worse since I'd left the game. My immediate thought was "I wish I could just make this feature disappear and have something better instead", but then again, I'm not a game-dev expert and I couldn't possibly find a working solution for that level of a game.

But what if... we had a gaming genie who was just that good at game design, and if they could do the work for us? What if they could come up with, and implement a perfect solution we mere mortals could never have thought of?

What I'd love to see is PvP added to Last Epoch at some point in the future. I know how hard (perhaps impossible) it is to have balanced PvP in an ARPG, but Last Epoch feels like a perfect game for that. It's not too fast-paced, meaning that there would be enough room for skill-based PvP designed around counterplays, and the damage numbers aren't crazily high to allow for perma one-shots. However, it'd still be needed to have PvP-only restrictions like a different type of gear (WoW style), or just nerfs to damage when entering PvP zones or battlegrounds that would lower the player damage enough for viable PvP.

The way I'd like to see this implemented in the game is in the form of open-world PvP zones, battlegrounds, PvP arenas, and maybe dungeons in which PvE and PvP would be mixed. This would bring a whole new dimension to the game by significantly increasing the skill ceiling, and it would give players like me a new goal to strive for, other than min-maxing. Don't get me wrong, I love doing my grind and getting that 3% increase in total stats to make my character as perfect as possible, but PvE gets quite repetitive over time, especially once you hit a power spike that makes you so much stronger than even the strongest mobs. PvP on the other hand has that randomness and "aliveness" so to say, making every encounter in such a dungeon (and in general) unique and exciting.

Well, I had to get this idea out of my mind one way or another, and it turned out to be in the form of a long post haha. Sorry for that, and for those who've read all of it, thank you! :)

What game would you upgrade if you had an all-knowing gaming genie on your side, and how would you upgrade it?

15:48 UTC


Is there any RPG sub-genre that you absolutely cannot stand?

I'll go first!

I have been playing RPGs ever since I was a kid and from the several series I've tried throughout the years, Dragon's Age always piqued my curiosity but the gameplay drove me away like anything making me realize there is one genre that I'll never get into - micromanaging RPG party controlling games, or at least that's what I'd like to call them since I don't know their official name.

Whenever I saw the gameplay on Dragon's Age it always made me go "Oh god, that sounds like a mess to deal with". In a full-fledged single-player RPG, I barely have the mental resources to keep track of my own player character, their inventory, build and skills. In dragon's age you have to do that not only for the character that you create but also any other character that tags along with you. It gets super confusing and overwhelming super fast.

I have tried another game from the same sub-genre when I was a kid but can't remember the name of. It had amazing lore, story and world-building but absolutely sucked ass when it came to combat because you needed to manage the attacks and movement of all your party members in real-time.

I bought the 2 dragon age games only because they came with the Bioware bundle along with Mass Effect (which I can't wait to try!). The fact that I can't refund the games without letting go of other games in the bundle is very depressing.

14:20 UTC


Owlcat Games has announced the Beta phase release of the Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader

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11:23 UTC


Farming games with eventful gameplay?

I played Stardew Valley and did enjoy,but slowly got bored of the slow day to day feel of it,if that makes sense. I really enjoyed the farming, it just felt like there wasnt much else to do other than develop npc friendships and explore the mines. Is there a farming game out there with engaging gameplay? Maybe with more of a traditional rpg feel to it or something

Things i liked about SV:
the more you used a skill, the more it levelled. (Runescape style)
Upgrading tools
Freedom with your farm
Well designed and fun npcs

00:43 UTC


Why BGS RPGS are different and authentic

To put it extremely simply (and maybe dramatically) its because they dont just make a game, they make a world and then place a game in it. These games are almost like a simple virtual version of Westworld.

Let me explain, most RPGs and open world games are designed around player input, nothing happens when youre not there or without your direct involvement. However, in a BGS game, thats not the case. Here stuff can happen without you being involved at all, or hell, when youre not even there.

This is cause of all the persistance and simulations running in the background. NPCs, at least in TES, are named, have families, jobs, daily routines, and homes they return to at night to sleep. All of this is simulated when youre not around. So much so that if someone gets murdered when youre not even around (rare but it happens sometimes) you will stumble on their corpse the next time you visit that area. Theyre not just background assets that disappear when they turn a corner. They're actual persistant entities with a life, or illusion of a life. Its like how every open world game claims their game is a 'living breathing world' but in BGS's case its actually true.

Then you also have the interactivity with the world. You can pick everything up, move it around, and then theyre also persistant so when you place it somewhere it will generally stay there, unless its in the middle of a town where itll then likely get stolen by an NPC (and you can watch them do it, and even ask for it back). There is no gameplay reason for any of this, that is to say its not a mecahnic that you use as part of the core gameplay loop, its just there. Its there so that you can feel some connection to the world and when you ask the question 'can I pick this up?' The answer is yes, yes you can.

Which bring me to my next point, That question. That design philosophy of answering yes when the player wants to do something doesnt stop there, it applies to a lot of things. Can I talk to this random person? Can I kill this random person? Can I break into this house? Can I rent a room at this tavern? Can I eat this food? Can I wear this? Can I steal this mans clothes? Can I steal the weapon this guard is using? Can I eat Corpses? Can I get arrested? Can I break out of prison? Can I buy a house? Can I get married? Etc etc. All things that, like picking up items, serve no purpose other than to make the world feel almost real. Its as close to playing an actual D&D tabletop game as youre going to get in a video game just in terms of freedom and player agency.

Then you take all these designs and mechanics, and throw them into a massive world with a dozen cities and hundreds of random locations, most of which with no quest attached, where youre free to explore anywhere you want at any time. No arbritrary invisible walls creating paths through the map, no level gated areas guided you through the same areas each playthrough. Youre just dropped in this giant living world and told to have fun.

And a lot of this is to do with the engine. All of the persistance, NPCs, background simulation, interactivity etc is all built into the engine, and its the only engine that has all this stuff. Its also has one of the most efficient content creation pipelines in the industry, which is how they managed to create a game as big as skyrim with only 140 people at a time when AAA studios with 5x as many people were struggling to make open worlds a fraction of the size. I mean in the CK you can build a basic NPC and give him a simple home and daily routine in like 30-60 minutes. Adding things is just so easy and because all the simulation stuff is built into the engine there is very little for you to even do to set it up, you just click a few buttons and like todd said 'it just works'.

Thank you for listening to my todd talk

01:19 UTC


How to find my best class?

Most people will stick to one class for any and all Rpgs. I was no different, I enjoyed playing the rogue because a common mechanic in many games is the rogue can pick locks thus accessing the most loot.

However, in recent years I’ve been craving other classes and play styles. So I’m increasingly more trouble starting a game because I no am sure in my choice of class. This leads into constant replaying which in turn leads to boredom, and I then I give up and never even start the game.

So what do I do? How do I figure out my new tastes? Are there resources to help?

16:53 UTC


'What have you been playing?' Wednesday - Talk about the games you are playing

Please use this thread to share and discuss which RPGs you have been playing recently (old or new, any platform, AAA or indie). Please don't just list the names of games as your entire post, make sure to elaborate with your thoughts on the games. Writing the names of the games in bold is nice, to make it easier for people skimming the thread to pick out the names.

Please also make sure to use spoiler tags if you're posting anything about a game's plot that might significantly hurt the experience of others that haven't played the game yet (no matter how old or new the game is).

12:00 UTC


Games like Kenshi, but in First Person?

Just as the title says. I have an Xbox Series S and a Nintendo Switch, as well as a weak PC with integrated graphics. I've tried a lot of other RPGs (I.E. Bethesda, Square Enix, Rockstar Games), but something about them feels so limiting in terms of controlling who your character really is. The only game that reaches anywhere near that level I've seen so far is Kenshi, but I really hate isometric games because they make moving your character around a chore.

05:20 UTC


Great looting, exploration rpg? (Vita, 3DS, PS1 - PS3)

Hi all!

Looking for a fun rpg that has a lot of loot, rewards exploration, and is just overall satisfying in that regard with characterprogression. I love Borderlands, but this shouldn't be a FPS. I also am not a big Diablo fan (gasp!). It always felt like I was mindlessly spamming the same buttons over and over again, which is also how Ys Origins made me feel.


15:31 UTC


Looking for a linear singleplayer game

Whilst I'm waiting for the diablo and street fighter 6 release, I'd like to find a game to play just until Friday which is when I can play it. so ideally I don't want a massive exploration filled open world RPG or anything like that. preferably not have any side quests, so that I can just focus on the story and complete it by Friday. If the game does have side quests but still linear that is fine. doesnt matter how many hours

i wont go into details what i have palyed cause i dont want to make this comment too long but i have palyed star trek resurgance and it fits the fill. Miasma chronicles is good and its pretty much light hearted story than mutant year eden zero and its from the same dev and its been a banger playing it even though little bit long cuase its turn based like xcom. Pretty much aether gazer even thoughi ts a gacha game is like this for me too cause side content are just optional and the main story is just missions by missions same thing with punshing gray raven. Uma musume is good for this too its just like uhh football manager esque take on it but with like a anime horse girl and has a main story than football manager. so yeah anything good linear singlpelayer games to tide me over?

Thank you very much

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If I could just relive Fallout 3 one more time

I will forever remember the day 13 year old me got Fallout 3 on sale from the Xbox store and started playing it. Little did I know I would never again play a game that would be better. I mean how was this game so amazing? It really did set the standard for what modern RPGs need to be like. New Vegas was amazing too because it was able to recreate the magic of Fallout 3, something that Fallout 4 ultimately failed to. Fallout 3 is the gold standard for what post-apocalyptic RPGs and open worlds need to be like. It boggles my mind that 15 years later, aside from New Vegas, we still have yet to get a post-apocalyptic RPG that even comes close to Fallout 3.

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