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Subreddit in general revolves around discussion of RPG videogames, recommendations for new games to try, news of upcoming RPGs, and reviews of recently released RPGs. Memes and other related filler content is not presently allowed.

Welcome to RPG_Gamers!

RPG_Gamers is a subreddit for fans of all video game RPGs from JRPGs (Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest), Western RPGs (Fallout, Baldur's Gate), action games with RPG elements (Diablo, League of Legends), and discussions related to them.

Subreddit in general revolves around discussion of RPG videogames, recommendations for new games to try, news of upcoming RPGs, and reviews of recently released RPGs. Memes and other related filler content is not presently allowed.

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looking for a action-turn based rpg game on playstation 4/5 console.

i have searched some action-turn based rpg games on disc and ps store cause i would like to play more that kind of games!

stranger of paradise Final Fantasy origin

ys Lacrimosa of dana

there are probably more action-turn based games but if someone know more about action-turn based rpg games let me know.

13:50 UTC


Does the designer at WuWa have some sort of fixation with this kind of clothing that exposes the side and middle of the chest? This doesn't necessarily mean sexy, it looks a bit abstract.

13:14 UTC


Looking for a turn-based rpg.

Hi guys I’m currently looking for a turn based rpg to play but can’t really find one that fits me. I don’t really like modern jrpgs cause I’m not a fan of any stories playing in Asia and I don’t like the weird 3D anime graphics so please no persona or yakuza. Older jrpgs with pixel look and fantasy stories are fine. I have started South Park stick of truth yesterday and really like it but I’m not home currently and had to buy it on epic games cause it was on sale there so I have no steam cloud to continue.

I have Chrono trigger on steam and would like to play it but it doesn’t start on my laptop so I need to get back home for it too.

Games I played and liked: most Pokémon games, Mario & Luigi games and ruined king.

I like to play old games even older than myself (born 2003 and recently played the first kings quest games) so that wouldn’t be an issue. I also like to start at the beginning of a series so no jumping into Final Fantasy or something similar with the 7. or 10. entry.

I’m currently looking at the first fallout game but don’t really know how playable it is without a guide.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

Edit: I play mainly on pc but have a switch too and a ps4 pro which I only use for playing blu rays. I don’t mind emulating older consoles like snes or gba.

11:23 UTC


My fucked up way of enjoying RPGs nowadays

I am one of those people who can’t afford to spend a lot of time on games and even when I do I get super stressed out about making the 1 and only play through as content rich as possible so I will turn the difficulty to the max, BUT I will also boost my stats/skills up as well so I can hack, lockpick, say whatever I want through various nefarious means(most games are different, but cheat engine, mods and save editors are the safest bets).

Did it with the Fallouts. Now I am doing it with Kotor. All of those annoying feelings like “I can’t achieve something because of my character stats” are gone. Reduced to atoms.

Do I feel disgusted with myself? Yeah kinda. But it doesn’t have anything to do with the way I enjoy RPGs.

09:54 UTC


90’S RPG

This is probably a vague question but does anyone remember an RPG when the one of the main characters friends dad who’s a king dies in the very first hour or so of the game? They went out hunting and he came back on a makeshift gurney. I’ve been looking everywhere for the game and even looked on YouTube but can’t find it. I thought it was Chrono Trigger but it wasn’t. It was around the Sega Dreamcast/PSOne era. Thanks in advance.

01:56 UTC


Any tips for playing the original Gothic itself?

Because see, the thing about the game is that I really want to get into it, but one thing that keeps throwing me off about it is the controls as the controls feel a bit strange.

I don’t know how to explain it for those who haven’t played the original 2001 game, but the way the protagonist moves when he walks is a bit unusual as maybe it’s just me personally, but combat feels kind of tricky since when I fight an enemy, it’s kind of difficult to maneuver around enemy attacks.

So basically what I am trying to get at is that I would like to know if there are any mods that fix the game at all, such as in the aforementioned control section as I would love to play the original version with any gamepad, but I cannot quite figure out how to get the game to detect one due to its age.

00:14 UTC


Looking for something a little specific.

Right now I just finished up Like a Dragon infinite wealth and Unicorn overlord. Loved both games. Started on EC: Hundred Heroes.... and its just not grabbing me yet. I LOVE Suikoden 1 and 2 and I have no doubt I will finish this one up but... I think I'm in the mood for something more open world atm.

So here is what I'm looking for. I'm wanting a Turn based game. (Can be ATB) NON-tactical. (Sorry but grid based games tend to annoy me for the slow speed of combat.) that pretty open world from the get go. One where the things that limit you from going places you should not go is more "Oh crap the enemies there will toast my butt" than I need to have progressed X far in the story before it opens up.

Games that let you pick your own route more or less. Ala BotW or Fromsoftware style layout.

Know of anything good like that. (Bonus if its got the ability to build/upgrade your own base. Ala Darkest dungeon style)

1 Comment
22:38 UTC


Looking for Beginner-Friendly Free Grid-Based Tactics RPG for PC

I'm developing a Tactics RPG as a hobby project and I've got a teammate who hasn't played a tactics RPG game before, but is still interested in working on the project. They've got a PC, but no other gaming platforms to play things on. Are there any tactics RPGs that you can play for free on PC, download or web?

20:48 UTC


Post apocalyptic RPG games?

I’ve been itching for a good post apocalyptic RPG game for eons, ever since I finished New Vegas. I tried Fallout 3 and 4, but they sucked big time. No game has quite been able to satisfy my post-apocalyptic fantasy’s quite yet, so I need your help. I don’t really mind what kind of apocalypse, could be zombies, aliens, post nuclear fallout, I’ll play pretty much anything. I just love the “lone survivor on the road” kinda feel if that makes sense? Scavenging, killing crazy’s, all that good shit, with some RPG elements thrown in the mix. I play on PC and occasionally Ps5. Any help is appreciated!

18:51 UTC


Are there any main videogames character whose look is anonymous/up to the player but at the same time theres no character costumization?

In the rpg game im planning to develop, the main girl will be a faceless character. I dont want her to be considered only the players self insert because she already has her own attitude and mindset, and there will be no game choices/dialogue options, or the few dialogues options wont give major changes to the story. But at the same time i dont want to give her a specified race/face etc, and let the player Imagine how she looks like, her combat style and tribe of origin. But i guess she can be a self insert character for the ones(girls?) who dont feel distant to her/relate to her. Are there any games who have a protagonist similar to mine? Because i feel like im the only one lol

15:10 UTC


What party-based fantasy WRPGs have really good enemy AI?

Enemy AI can often be so underwhelming or frustrating for reasons like:

  • They never use their items or abilities sufficiently.

  • They always attack the nearest guy and don't go after squishies.

  • They repeatedly use tactics that aren't working well.

  • They always do the same thing so predictably.

  • They waste turns and fail to optimize their tactics in various obvious ways (clear lack of synergy, etc.).

  • The AI cheats by knowing things about your party enemies wouldn't know.

So what games avoid most of these problems? Larian games usually have pretty good AI and will surprise you at times, but they usually leave enough so a crafty player can figure out easy ways to win after a while. I've never played Knights of the Chalice, mostly because it's a little too retro for me, but I've heard the AI is really good, albeit rather unfair. I've read good things about Wildermyth, but don't know so much about it. I've enjoyed some Infinity Engine games with modded up AI. Those can be pretty fun, but a bit insane and unbalanced at the same time.

10:03 UTC


Nostalgia for old WC3 rpg custom maps - anything similar?

I am remembering one map in particular which is TKOK RPG (The Kingdom of Kaliron), which was one of the more sophisticated ones compared to the likes of Twilight or Black Road. It had a full custom inventory, actual tanking with threat, complex bosses, world scaling with player numbers etc..

Does anybody know a more modern game that plays in a similar way? So RTS style top-down clickers but still each player controlling only one character, (I guess ARPGs technically fit that description and I love those too but I mean something slower paced and teamplay oriented here, like the good ol' tank/healer/dps trinity for example)

09:12 UTC


RPGs where the main character isn't forced into suicidal situations (all the time)

I know this is incredibly rare. The only game I know that isn't like this is Disco Elysium, mostly because it doesn't focus on combat. But I don't think the game has to be like that to not feature this trope.

Major spoilers for Fallout New Vegas ahead:

!So, FNV is regarded as one of the best and most grounded RPGs when it comes to writing, but it's full of extremely crazy situations that no sane person would ever put themselves into.!<

!And I get it, it's a game. One set in a wacky universe at that. So the story is supposed to be about an exceptional character who does crazy things. That's why I'll ignore the fact that a sane person would just escape the Mojave. Let's say that the Courier just felt that they had to stay.!<

!The first half of the game is fine when it comes to this mostly (you can skip things), but the second one is where things really go off the rails. Why would the Courier willingly go to the Boomers? They are firing artillery at anyone who tries to come near. Why would they go into the Legion camp at the battle at Hoover Dam? Anyone sane would just wait for reinforcements or something.!<

So, yeah. Basically, what I'm looking for is an RPG with a story that lets me try to be a "normal" person, gives me an option to say "fuck that" to crazy propositions, and still progresses after that.

00:28 UTC


Game recommendation similar to Skyrim?

I know this has been asked before, but I feel like most people liked Skyrim for different reasons than me. I liked how deep the world and lore felt, and how I was able to forge my own part of it. I heavily value character customization. I absolutely loved how you could craft more and more powerful/rare weapons/armor that really made you feel cool. The housing system was a cool touch, but really I liked the feeling of being a unique character in a super cool world with super cool fantasy weapons.

I've been recommended The Witcher and I tried it briefly, but it just doesn't feel the same to me. Kingdom Come Deliverance is also far too simulation-y for what I'm looking for. Any other suggestions?

23:09 UTC


How important are cinematic dialogues for you?

In RPGs with rich story, do you need high quality cinematic dialogues (facial animations, motion capture) like in Red Dead Redemption 2, Kingdom Come Deliverance, Assassins Creed etc... Or are you fine with something simpler (Gothic, Elder Scrolls) given the rest of the gameplay is awesome?

(I'm developing an RPG, so your opinion would be super valuable)

18:29 UTC


Any games like starfield?

Im looking for a game that is similar to starfiel (not all of them are a must):
open world
loot system
rarity system
talent and skill system
good grapics
first person
freedom with story choices
tempering with weapons / creating new ones

17:33 UTC


Old RPGs suggestions


I would like to try some old / very old RPGs, (I’m 21) so I don’t have any nostalgia or memories with e.g 90s games so something that is consider good / classic / must try is what I’m looking for.

Games I played for now were mostly new and action more like: Skyrim, Monster Hunter, Witcher 1 and 3, Mass Effect Trilogy or GreedFall. I’ve played Baldur’s Gate 3 and Divinity: Original Sin II from cRPGs. I enjoyed all of them so I would say I’m more into games from west (FromSoftware and Monster Hunter are special).

I would like to test more games similar to those from recent years (2010-2024) and I would like to hear what are some true masterpieces from past. I want to try for sure Gothic, Bethesda’s games, BioWare old work so something other than that?

My available platforms are: PC, PS3, PS5 but I’m not into jRPGs at all so I guess PC mostly.

Thank you! Mefikov

13:43 UTC


the specific genre for pixel rpgs!!!!

I love rpg horror games and trying to find more to play but I want to play specific ones like Mad Father, Ao Oni, The crooked Man, The Witches House, and Misao. How do I find ones like that and not ones i see recommend to me for rpg such as Bloodborn, Vampyr, Dark Souls, and even Fallout. I want the pixel ones :(

02:10 UTC


Seeking couch co op RPG

I know for a fact this question has been asked more times than not, but I just have to ask it. Need the game to be couch co op or split screen.

My partner and I have been playing Dark Alliance- yes the old ass one! We love it, but looking for something newer- or something even more like Champions Return to Arms(another game I’m sure many of us wish would be remade - nothing tops it!)

I would like something in a similar vein if possible.

Play on: PS5 Xbox one

We’ve tried

  • Diablo 4
  • BG3
  • Divinity Original sin
  • Tiny Tina’s +
  • Outward (I’ve played alone- how is the 2 player?)

But nothing plays quite like the RPG we want. Not a huge fan of FPS.

Anyways- any suggestion is greatly appreciated :)

23:14 UTC


Best rpg/dungeon crawler in your opinion

Just looking for a game to sink hours on so I was just wondering what you guys have been playing and if u recommend it. I’ve been playing dungeons of eternity on vr so I’ve been hooked on rpg/dungeon crawlers thanks for the reply’s

Random gibberish cuz automod keeps kicking my ass and removes my post it’s hard to put 250 characters when asking a favourite game so blah blah blah

21:16 UTC


Classes/professions that are underutilized

Hello all,

I am working on a old school 2d adventure/rpg game and I am at the point of adding in classes/professions for the player to choose from.

I feel like the usual old tropes of warrior, archer, mage are a bit played out at this point. They are classic for sure but have definitely been done many times.

Do you have any classes/professions that you feel never show up, and that you think would be fun (in an old school, top down, 2d rpg with pixel art)?

Thanks in advance and sorry if this post is against rules, it's to help me with brainstorming

18:30 UTC


Me every playthrough of every RPG

18:05 UTC


Based on this list and post, are there any games you would recommend? :)


Platform: PC (so no console exclusives, sadly)

It was way more difficult to compose, than expected, as I have played them across many years and I feel that I might have done an injustice to some of them (maybe some of them are on the fringe when it comes to RPGs, sorry then). To add more info:

Other games started, but not finished:

  • Disco Elysium - tried it 2 times and it is clearly a great game, but the setting and playing as Harry was tiring
  • Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - after 60h in I had a break and couldn't get back in on multiple occasions
  • Tyranny - I am incurable "Goody-two-shoes" (in-game)
  • Baldur's Gate - felt dated and I lost it when all my 3 swords broke
  • Planescape: Torment - after escaping prologue area I felt totally lost

I have played both the first Dishonored and Divinity: Original Sin, but they both felt way worse than their sequels.

When it comes to experience only thing I had difficulties with was building and managing caster characters in party-based RPGs.

Thanks for help in advance :)

17:10 UTC


I like how the high intellect trait is described in "Exiled Kingdoms" game

15:23 UTC

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