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The MH industry fails to recognize abuse & inequality as the primary causes of suffering. They label, disbelieve, and blame survivors on a mass scale. They act like drugs are the only option. Some people claim to feel better by taking mind-affecting drugs but drugs aren’t the only option.


We have a different perspective of “mental health” & “mental illness.” We value diversity & see there's no single model for a “healthy mind.”

Our differences shouldn't be defined by authority figures intent on fitting us into narrow versions of “normality,” who simply stereotype people with medical language.


Mental health is about politics & social inequality.

Psychiatric interventions are the result of relations of power, & the powerful benefit from controlling & silencing how we speak about an unjust world.

Their tools of social domination have grown into a global industrial complex that profits from framing our experiences as chronic illnesses.

They have a history of diagnosing entire groups (queer, black, poor, women, trans, sick, or simply abnormal) to justify violence & exclusion.

On "madness."

Strong emotional reactions to injustice are not wrong, they are human. And the silence of the public is not being "mentally healthy."

We must unlearn social conditioning from years of drug treatment, schooling, & behavior modification programs.

We should return the pathologizing gaze to our crazy-making world.

And see the movement of people viewed as "not normal" is often simply activism like being anti-racist, pro-queer, anti-corporate, anti-war, etc.

Blaming brains.

We challenge the assumptions of bio-psychiatry, who's "medical model" assumes that mental health issues are the result of chemical imbalances in the brain.

Biopsychiatry is the belief that the problems and solutions of our lives are located solely in the individual. And that's the same ideology that's cut our social safety nets & destroyed our communities.

Having more options.

We value diverse forms of expertise, eg peer support, listening, dialogue, & mutual aid. We challenge the exclusive voice of the formal "experts" of the mind.

The perspectives of trauma survivors should not be silenced by professional mental health profiteers & institutions.


Expert quotes:

People have very real negative emotions but they aren't "illnesses."

News: MadInAmerica.com

Discord: Our official discord.

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  1. No vague submissions. Show why your link is relevant.
  2. No advocating violence. No personal attacks, bigotry, racism, or sexism. No supporting of capitalist/racist exploitation. No pedos.
  3. No medical advice. eg don't say "You should do X.") Say "You could do X."
  4. No claiming "mental illness is cured by not eating fruits, plants, etc." No plant-phobia, eg fear tactics like portraying all carbs as equal ("broccoli = just sugar.") Or portraying plants as poison. Saying "it worked for ME" != evidence, & ignores people who had opposite reactions. All antioxidant-rich foods are plants.
  5. No scientology/CCHR posts.
  6. We dislike hateful labels like "schizophrenia" (a Nazi-popularized term used to justify genocide) and prefer non-psychiatric labels like "mental breakdowns", "voice hearing", "post-traumatic stress", etc. We especially dislike when these labels are used for others, eg "my schizophrenic mom."
  7. No gender label debates. Please do talk about gender/discrimination, but debate the actual issues, & not what the labels mean. (eg don't use "feminists" or "MRAs" as personal attacks to discredit others & divide the sub.)


  • Are pro-vaccines.

  • Are not affiliated with anyone.

  • Are against psych attacks. You shouldn't fear bodily violation for wanting to talk to someone.
    And we accept the real reasons for suffering like abuse, exploitation, & discrimination.


Are you being attacked?


This is a place for discussion for open-minded people (who may not agree with everything the sub promotes) but aren't here just to attack survivors.

Provider Directories:

Licensed psych workers who claim to have alternative views, but please be careful: some have their own quackery instead of mainstream quackery.

The PAD.

YSK about filing a PAD form. It updates your medical record requesting psychiatrist's not attack you. (Even if you are (allegedly) in a bad mental state.)


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Is there a middle ground between psychiatry and radical mental health

I’m wondering in people opinion if there is some middle ground that I can find between being able to take the medications prescribed for me by my psychiatrist while I’m at a point where I’m very unwell while also rejecting a lot of the beliefs of modern psychiatry as redundant or just plain wrong. I feel connected to the idea one must find their own well being without drugs or psychiatry but can’t seem to detach myself from it just yet or I fear I will fall to far down in my unwell state.

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Thought this sub could use a laugh

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Need help figuring out how to quickly taper off meds

So. Due to the state of politics in the United States, I'm concerned that I may be in very desperate need to flee the country in less than five months in order to stay alive.

Unfortunately, I'm on 4mg risperidone, 1mg guanfacine, and a few other less psychoactive drugs (Levothyroxine, Famotidine, and Florastor, namely, as well as weekly vitamin D supplements).

I'm seeking advice for how to go about ensuring I can taper off medications in the most efficient way within the next sub-5 months to minimize the damage done if my access to them is suddenly interrupted.

I'm really scared, tbh.

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What do you guys think of the DISCOURSE Web team's research efforts on disorganized thinking?

Link here: Discourse In Psychosis – A Diverse International Research Consortium

Do you find their research to be fair balanced and representative? Do you feel there is anything missing from the main premises of the group--that any and all forms of linguistic expression suggestive of formal thought disorder, are inferior to normal expression? They do tons of complex statistical and linguistic analysis but is it really phenomenologically grounded/patient centered?

Am I misguided on any of my impressions of their research? Here is a representative talk Discourse Seminar: December 8, 2023: NLP markers for psychosis and other psychiatric disorders" (youtube.com):

You can see here they say around 57 minutes "Even in non-forensic samples we have many patients where we do language recordings who are unaware of their mental illness and deny that they're actually sick however they're quite willing to give us speech samples and to describe you know various responses to to our questions so it will be very very valuable I think to see is there a distinction in the speech patterns between patients who have Insight versus patients who do not have Insight because as you probably know not having Insight is a major issue you know in in schizophrenia", and everyone nods without dissent.

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Lmk if yall wanna talk

I'm not here for proffessional help, but we can chat about most anything! I know what it's like to navigate the weird mental health system and it can be frustrating and lonely and it's good to connect or something lol. Dm me. If I need more boundaries set I'll try to let u know so long as u don't harass me or something.

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I present to you an alternative to the Kintsugi metaphor that gets used sometimes.

So if you don't know, there is this practice in Japan called Kintsugi (金継ぎ). It's basically a practice where they take broken items like bowls and plates and they will fix them up by putting different metals in there so that not only are the cracks repaired but they are very visible. It's meant to highlight the beauty in imperfection. The thing is that these are modified items actually go for more money than the original that was not modified. They also tend to use precious metals like Gold, silver and platinum.

Here's my interpretation: you are more useful to capitalism with your mental health issues.

So I'm more valuable to capitalism and the market when I am traumatized?

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for profits posing as charity

#for profit "Nonprofit hospital systems are opening psychiatric hospitals...But in many instances...are actually being run by troubled for-profit companies." https://www.statnews.com/2024/07/08/uhs-acadia-psychiatric-hospital-joint-ventures/

#TV "Maya Hawke on preping for "Inside Out 2" "I have a voice in my head." https://youtu.be/5ZDDmaXLGSs

Nicolas Cage, "She's several different personalities in one. Like many people." Guarding Tess (1994) https://youtu.be/nX4TiCMKrdc psychiatrists have both asked me to be a security guard, and interfered.

"Hannah Berner Stand-Up...The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." "If they (men) feel any emotion that is not anger they're like...call 911?" https://youtu.be/SecBYu5vht0

#worsening July 18 session "urging her to call off the special legislative session...threat to the rights, health, autonomy, and wellbeing of all New Mexicans." "Legislation related to civil commitment: This legislation, which broadens the definition of “harm to self” and “harm to others” so the state can more easily force someone into a locked mental health facility... • Legislation related to competency: ...mandates detention and the initiation of involuntary commitment proceedings for certain individuals with mental illness in the criminal courts." https://www.aclu-nm.org/en/press-releases/halt-special-legislative-session-urge-41-advocacy-organizations-and-mental-health

#reminder "Vermont Mad Pride march and celebration, July 13, 12 PM - 3 PM, Burlington, VT" https://us4.campaign-archive.com/?u=4c0f316156312742402b0121c&id=bf4bce27da

#poverty "consequences of mental illness can affect a person's financial situation;...unable to work as well or has higher health care costs. But difficult financial circumstances can also cause psychological problems." https://medicalxpress.com/news/2024-07-poverty-due-mental-health-problems.html

#Trance "trance states from the perspective of South African traditional healers - in relation to psychosis." https://commons.ru.ac.za/vital/access/manager/Repository/vital:50034?site_name=Rhodes+University

#murders in psych wards "How many deaths will it take before Australia has a Human Rights Act?...coroner made significant findings of human rights breaches and deficiencies in the way in which public authorities protect people’s human rights...Deaths in healthcare facilities or during or after a medical procedure. Deaths in care or custody, including people in inpatient mental health facilities, in police or corrective custody, or otherwise in care such as out-of-home care." https://lens.monash.edu/@politics-society/2024/07/10/1386843/how-many-deaths-will-it-take-before-australia-has-a-human-rights-act

#False Claims Act "former Southeastern Connecticut counselor was sentenced to one year of house arrest followed by two years of probation for health care fraud...fraudulent claims to Medicaid for psychotherapy services that he never provided." https://www.wtnh.com/news/connecticut/new-london/former-connecticut-mental-health-counselor-sentenced-for-health-care-fraud/

#repeated wrongs "History Suggests the Supreme Court’s Homelessness Ruling Will Only Make the Problem Worse...(1987) New York Civil Liberties Union sued, ultimately winning her release and the right to resist involuntary medication...evidence from places like Houston and Atlanta that indicate a housing-first strategy is far more effective." https://time.com/6995060/supreme-court-homelessness-ruling/

#My experiences July 9 5:24 PM cried that the family/landlords are jealous and deliberately indifferent to my health and basic freedoms. Around 8 PM mother threatened government will "punish you and take you away."

July 10 9:09 AM "You're on a leash." 10:59 AM she touched my left hand and coerced to not have a trial. 12:36 PM she slapped father 3 times, knocked his glasses off. 2:15 PM in her words about o.c.d. "rituals...delusions." made me waste a towel for small drop of water. "You look like an idiot" towards father is typical of her shallow obsessions.

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NYC Meetup - July 16, 2024

Hi! On 7/16/24 we're hosting a meetup of radical/leftist therapists based in NYC/NJ/etc. Join our Whatsapp group for more details on time and location: https://chat.whatsapp.com/GRuym61Uo8u85V8ewIM1vN

Hope to see you there!

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[Book] Trauma and Madness in Mental Health Services by Noel Hunter

I read this book a couple months ago and found it very interesting.

Trauma and Madness in Mental Health Services by Noel Hunter

How do survivors of child abuse, bullying, chronic oppression and discrimination, and other developmental traumas adapt to such unimaginable situations? It is taken for granted that experiences such as hearing voices, altered states of consciousness, dissociative states, lack of trust, and intense emotions are inherently problematic. But what does the evidence actually show? And how much do we still need to learn?

Some excerpts from the book are at https://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/14227795.Noel_Hunter

She has been interviewed and you can search YouTube if you prefer videos over books.

02:45 UTC


Advice on getting off Invega?


I have no history of being on psychiatric drugs or anti-psychotics outside of about a month of taking Resperidone/Resperidol (2-4mg). I was hospitalized and started on Invega in late March getting the loading doses of 234mg and 156mg and then given 234 for May and lowered to 156 for June since I had bad side effects. I never wanted to take the injection in the first place but was bullied into it after I was successfully taking olanzapene for a couple weeks prior during my hospitalization.

Since taking Invega I've been having terrible side effects. Those include blurry vision, watery eyes, drooling while sleeping, joint pain, headaches on the left side of my head, irregular periods (which I was tested to have very high prolactin), brain fog and inability to form full sentences at times, waking up groggy and also not being able to feel the effects of caffeine and alcohol-- the former I can enjoy but I don't feel the caffeine high and it means I won't be able to get to sleep at a reasonable time at night. I get sleep but it's not restful as it feels like my brain was active the entire time I sleep. All that to say and with my research I've wanted off of this drug from the start and my psychiatrist finally agreed to get me off after it was shown my prolactin levels were very high.

My question what is the recovery period off of the drug? Since I've only had a few doses of the medicine, will it be harmful to quit cold turkey? What are the withdraw symptoms like? I've read St. John's wort helps with lessing the effects of the Invega and ordered some, but would I be able to take that while the current dose is still active? My dose technically ends on the 22nd.

What can I do to get this drug out of my system? Will I have lasting side effects even if I was on it only for a short time?

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how antidepressants ruined america

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Retired psychiatrist: Eliminate the concept of ‘mental health’ | NewsNation

04:49 UTC


Study: Depression is not actually caused by a chemical imbalance | NewsN...

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Doctor: ‘Medication should be the last resort’ for mental health | On Balance

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Radicals and online privacy

I am a new graduate reluctant to put my name and face out there. I know we’re expected to be a “brand,” and I know there’s an argument there that I can be more easily held accountable by community. But I think being out there like that puts a target on me for the leftist work I want to do. I worry about bigots or right wing extremists busting down my door. Far fetched? Not sure. Project 2025 is already real for many people though.

How are other therapist-activists considering privacy?

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Best Ways to Increase Attention Span?

outside of diet, exercise, and meditation

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connecticut doesn't regulate electrocution

#unregulated "Connecticut only regulates mental health treatments at what are known as private intermediate treatment facilities, or dedicated institutions for mental health...More than 5 million American adults were receiving mental health treatment at a state-monitored mental health facility in 2022." https://archive.is/NnzCl https://www.madinamerica.com/2023/02/legal-protections-forced-ect/

#lexapro "Emergence of Mania After Initiating Escitalopram for Anxiety Disorder." https://www.cureus.com/articles/265217-the-emergence-of-mania-after-initiating-escitalopram-for-anxiety-disorder#!/

#psychiatry never part of my religion "Culturally Informed Therapy for Schizophrenia...■ Module 1: Family Collectivism ■ Reduce tension in family relationships...■ Module 3: Spirituality ■ Increase spiritual and philosophical coping resources based on existing beliefs." https://www.google.com/url?rct=j&sa=t&url=https://academic.oup.com/book/28759/chapter/235125812/chapter-pdf/37044379/med-9780197500644-interactive-pdf-001.pdf&ct=ga&cd=CAIyGmIwODIyOGFhMTg2MTczNmQ6Y29tOmVuOlVT&usg=AOvVaw2QIBGl5fXfjP5uOdCvn1ch

#TV Seven Days season 2 episode 10 Devil Deep Blue Sea "A cornered animal fights the hardest." https://youtu.be/_jtmglD1iGg That's why I was a vigilante 4+ years ago. corrupt swatting parents with f.b.i. and judge relatives bragged I would never have a trial (Tuesday will be the first in 19 years). 2nd precinct never investigated, wouldn't accept any police report of hate crimes. I had no choice but to protect my ex-girlfriends and dog from their jealous rage, possible gang membership (they, who worked for 2 italian companies, said mafia September 2, 2022). danger to others doesn't apply to minimal self defense when repeatedly false arrested with torture for peaceful protests.

Seven Days season 3 episode 19 The Brink "You need to talk to a staff psychiatrist." "No way. I tried that crap before. It never works." "His time there (a psych ward) deeply affected him...exposing him to his worst (electroshock) nightmare."

Seven Days season 1 episode 1 at north carolina psych ward, "We got human beings in here...We gave this country everything we had. What did we (veterans) get ("snake pit") in return?" https://youtu.be/UgRbpAiFUiA

#assault ireland, "Camhs psychiatrist pleads guilty to sexual abuse of 16-year-old girl." https://m.independent.ie/irish-news/crime/camhs-psychiatrist-pleads-guilty-to-sexual-abuse-of-16-year-old-girl/a912287418.html

#overcharging australia, "highest price for a psychiatrist initial consult in the country was recorded at the Sunshine Coast at a price of $950." https://archive.is/5sXRo

#Religious Liberty "sincerely held religious beliefs inspire faith communities' efforts to create affordable housing, these communities can assert constitutional and statutory free exercise protections against land-use decisions." https://reason.com/volokh/2024/06/30/a-religious-freedom-case-for-yigby/ Faith overrides zoning and various laws.

#My experiences June 30 3:34 PM mother attempted to coerce me to not say the Religious Freedom Restoration Act defense in court. she threatened I will be sent to n.u.m.c. psych ward in retaliation. 3:55 PM dog avoided father, but listened to me.

22:21 UTC


Am i stupid or is this guy talking beside the point?


Also his main argument seems to be " they can't prescribe them if they do harm" or if they increase the risk of suicide during all the period you are taking because "there would be no point" so my guy doesn't know about all the lies told by the drug companies.It needed 16 years untill FDA added a black box warning that it can make you suicidal.UK has been the first country after 30 years that recognized that SSRI can cause severe withdrawal that can last months or years ( https://www.bmj.com/content/367/bmj.l6103 ), fda added only in 2019 black box warning for benzos for protracted withdrawal which if you think about it it is essentially brain damage and that can last years not up to a year what fda is saying lmao there are people dealing with those for years and benzos are on the market since at the most 50s at the shortest 60s ( https://www.benzoinfo.com/2020-fda-warning/ , https://www.fda.gov/media/142368/download ) . So he didn't hear about all of these things +Vioxx,Oxycodone,Zantac ( https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2023-02-15/zantac-cancer-risk-data-was-kept-quiet-by-manufacturer-glaxo-for-40-years ) now with SSRI lmao severe withdrawal recognized after 30 years by one single country

I'd like to say tho that at least in adult i believe that in some cases is definetely worth trying as Allen Frances said that there has so be absolutely no doubt that it is a mental illness or if someone tried whatever he/she think could and doesn't know what to do anymore and is informed that can cause phyiscal dependance+ can chemically castrate you + can make you suicidal.I'm all in favor for adults, when it comes to kids the effect of them is even smaller and i'd honestly ban them because doctors are recklessly handing them out

07:55 UTC


Thoughts on ketamine therapy?

And also on its increasing prevalence? Do you think this medicine deviates from traditional psychiatry in any way, or do you think it is merely an expansion of the existing psychiatric model?

Curious to hear what people think

03:55 UTC


DSM as junk science

“I resigned from those committees [DSM IV] after two years because I was appalled by the way I saw that good scientific research was often being ignored, distorted, or lied about and the way that junk science was being used as though it were of high quality, if that suited the aims of those in charge. I also resigned because I was increasingly learning that giving someone a psychiatric label was extremely unlikely to reduce their suffering but carried serious risks of harm, and when I had reported these concerns and examples of harm to those at the top, they had ignored or even publicly misrepresented the facts.”

Dr. Paula Caplan. The late Dr Caplan was a former professor of psychology, assistant professor in psychiatry and director of the Centre for Women’s Studies at the University of Toronto.


23:46 UTC


Why am I hearing voices and seeing presences all the time?

Some kind people on antipsychiatry suggested it was the government. I believe it’s a mix of the government stalking me, the supernatural and them taking advantage of my hormones.

13:47 UTC


The theory of genetic psychiatry is rooted in the eugenics movement and was the catalyst for the holocaust


Idk about this website, but the article is really well written and thoroughly sited.

I’ve never seen a more comprehensive explanation for why I find the whole genetic etiology for mental illness theory to be unscientific, oppressive and a tool for shifting responsibility for a failing society creating an unhealthy environment for people onto the individuals biology. It’s a scapegoat to delay or ignore real change necessary for general population wellbeing. Humans need sustainable ways to survive, exist and pursue happiness and purpose, which has become a lesser priority in a profit driven culture.

22:41 UTC


'Muslim-diseased brain'

#my experiences June 24 5:18 PM mother said "It's gonna be torture" about c.n. guidance outpatient. Don't be "oppositional...looney toonie...prison situation." fake doctor keisari slandered in front of 4 people that I didn't take the pills when tests, witnesses, and a fat stomach show I have. (10 minutes in he opposes belief in djinns) https://tinyurl.com/islamophobicplainview

"Bryan: No, they're against my religious advance directive.

efraim keisari: Sorry, you skipped a little. You said there again.

Advance directive.

What do you mean?

An Advance Directive specifies how you should be treated in an emergency.

Okay, and what is your Advance Directive?

That if the pills are intoxicating and are forbidden and I should be talked to with talk therapy.

The pills are forbidden by?




Are they?

Prophet Mohammed was depressed when his first wife died. And he was depressed for three years and didn't take any drugs.

Yeah, I don't know if anti-depressants were invented back then.

No, there were drugs with alcohol, there were other things he could have done.

Got it, got it. Okay, alright.

And so, have you consulted with like an Imam or someone like that to see if there are any benefits? Or some sort of religious leader?

I'm afraid that to, my parents have said I will be attacked if I go to a mosque."

According to this taxpayer paid bigot we all have to convert to versions of religion which psychiatry approves of.

June 26 11:20 AM mother said I can't talk about my lawyer or being Muslim. 11:45 AM she slandered the Islamic Advance Directive and told psychiatrist (who said I'm "stable") to change my Muslim-diseased brain. audrey coerced, harassed, and threatened an illegal eviction if I ask for a renewal trial. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/lrj16eu9bk0gvy9jr2ifx/mother-says-Muslims-delusional-2024-06-26_2024_06_26.mp3?rlkey=23qpphfdt7en9gva748nxw0il&st=tb10okon&dl=0

#assisted outpatient treatment it used to be 6 terrible months instead of a year. https://www.madinamerica.com/2024/06/forced-medical-treatment-nyc/ "Marta Russell...handicapitalists hold that in order for disabled people to be tolerated by our capitalist society, rights must be subsumed to the profit motive.”

#obstruction of justice June 25 9:05-9:30 AM parents screamed and threatened as I've said, telling me to cancel filing a police report.

#One of the best programmers Richard Stallman, "A psychotherapist writes about the error of trying to help someone by rushing or pressuring per to "cheer up" after a real loss. Years ago, I had no "feelings police". If something made me despair, I cried. Five years of cancellation have helped me develop a "feelings police" of a sort. It does not blank out feelings of danger, loss and suffering, but enables me to set them aside in order to deal with the situation in a calm and steady way." https://stallman.org/archives/2024-mar-jun.html#24_June_2024_(Feelings_from_major_losses) https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/article/2024/jun/17/angry-disappointed-heartbroken-think-twice-before-you-call-the-feelings-police

#TV NewsRadio season 4 episode 20 Four Twenty, "I was just acting crazy to get Beth off my back." Season 5 episode 22 New Hampshire, "Is it national have your secretary institutionalized day?" crazy for wanting to leave the dictatorship of new york. https://youtu.be/xlBne-HWswU

17:23 UTC


Therapist who supports scapegoating within group

So I am in group therapy (will be out soon since it is highly disfunctional). Everyone is feeling like they are not making progress. But a very specific dynamic is happening, one group member is put into the spotlight by others and labeled as 'too resistant', as in not being open to advice given by other members. Their view is that they are trying to help him so much, but he isn't receiving their advice so everything feels pointless to them. This poor guy even took this to heart, on last session he said that if he really is the least developed member in the group, he will leave and let the others make progress.

So what I am seeing here is projection, projection identification and scapegoating. I believe the group members hold their own insecurities and low self-esteem, have traits of saviour complex, and they push all those feelings down by focusing on that one member who is a bit quiet and reserved. They critisize him, to feel better about themselves. They even tried to push me into that role. I tried to stop that process and defend the guy, and that backfired into me being labeled 'resistant to their advice' too. I told them they should return their focus inwards and solve the issues they have with themselves, before they go around and tell other people what to do with their lives.

The thing is... Why is the group therapist supporting this dynamic???? He even called the scapegoated guy as the 'child of the group', meaning someone less developed. Is my therapist that dumb or is he simply stuck in his own ego and has the need to see his patients as helpless? I can't seem to figure out what is he trying to do by not only allowing, but encouraging this process.

15:05 UTC


My so-called psychiatrist took away some necessary medications I needed and now I'm being stigmatized by Reddit as if I'm a druggie

So about a month or two ago I had to get a new psychiatrist because I had to leave my previous clinic very quickly and apparently the new psychiatrist took me off of medication I needed. Because of this I had apparently gone through withdrawal of my necessary medications.

In case you're wondering it's Seroquel.

Anyway, so now when I try to tell people this on Reddit apparently I'm being stigmatized with some kind of druggie or something when in reality I am seeking the medication I was taken off of because apparently people think that if I was taken off of the medication, then it must have been necessary when in reality it was not. This person didn't even know who I was. This was the first day we had an appointment with each other meaning that she didn't really know who I was before. She did not know my routine or anything and yet she decided to do a power trip and decided to just shuffle my medication around for some reason.

Do people just not think that bad doctors don't exist? Of course they do. This was one of those bad doctors.

My so-called doctor took away one of the medications I needed and now I am spending a huge amount of effort trying to just get it back and when I try to tell people this on Reddit I am treated like some kind of drug seeker. I'm sorry, it's necessary medication.

It's like people hear the word withdrawal or something and they immediately think of bad drugs or something.

Going through withdrawal simply means that you are experiencing the effects of not having a certain drug or medication. It should also be noted that even when it comes to things like illegal drugs or drugs that people get addicted to, it is heavily advised that you do not get them off of those drugs immediately but instead you weighed them off of those drugs gradually.

This is because huge amounts of withdrawal from huge amounts of drugs is deadly.

Instead I am basically stigmatized for trying to find the medication I am looking for.

In case you want to help, I live in Tucson Arizona.

I don't really want to go to one of the mental hospitals if I can help it because I don't really trust that those people will listen to me either. I don't really know what to do much. And yes I do need the medication, I don't really want to have to fight in this place too about the fact that I need it.

Part of the reason I needed is because of my sleep which I have huge amounts of insomnia of.

Going off of the medication cold turkey was a terrible idea. It was never supposed to happen and I didn't mean for it to go this bad this long. It should also be noted that my next psychiatry appointment isn't until another month meaning that I'm going to have to wait another month before I even have an opportunity to switch the medications back so I can't wait that long.

I didn't get any sleep this night either.

I have really bad insomnia and this "doctor" decided not to give me the medication I needed for my sleep and she probably didn't even really realize how bad my insomnia was. You see, if she had gotten to know me more she would have known how bad my insomnia was. How would she know? Because she would have actually talked to me about medication she was interested in removing and then I would have told her that I needed those medications because of my insomnia.

Edit: turns out it wasn't as bad. Turns out that she just forgot to refill my medication and I got paranoid.

14:53 UTC


Islamophobic nassau, new york official

#my experiences June 24 11:30 AM mother said if I speak freely about her lies and crimes to a judging psychiatrist eifraim keisari, I will get a life sentence without my dog. she also said cops ripped up my police report of being groped. father continues to scream whenever I start talking to him as he has for decades.

the quack was too busy poisoning 13 year olds to know what an Advance Directive is. Most Muslims would be offended he suggested finding an Imam who would contradict the Prophet Muhammad's clear actions against drugs. Last year I was offered almost dismissal, then 9 months a.o.t. At the republican trial this month he is attempting 12 more months when everyone said I'm progressing "stepping down." https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/9klts6o87jj125h4e09xy/2024-06-24_12-17-54-keisari_hate_crime.aac?rlkey=0sq7jlwrs7ve0bvm38gonvd1q&st=jmsh7gcp&dl=0

#Least restrictive setting "since 1986 (and prior to the Olmstead ruling), SAMHSA has administered the Protection & Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness (PAIMI) program, a formula grant distributed annually to agencies in all 50 states, D.C., five U.S. territories and the American Indian Consortium for Native Americans to investigate abuse and neglect; address civil rights violations;" https://www.einnews.com/pr_news/721948818/the-right-to-live-in-the-community-commemorating-25-years-of-the-olmstead-decision

#Protest "MAD PRIDE Saturday, July 13, 2024, 12 PM to 3 PM Battery Park, Burlington, Vermont." https://mailchi.mp/madfreedom/2024-vermont-mad-pride-celebration

#gambling "People who put a lot of effort and money into fantasy football could have worse mental health" such as grand thief father. https://www.dailysabah.com/life/health/fantasy-football-engagement-linked-to-variety-of-mental-health-issues

#psychiatrists are the persecutors "Group mindfulness therapy for persecutory delusions: A definitive randomised controlled trial." https://fundingawards.nihr.ac.uk/award/NIHR206786

#Immune system "increase in nightmares and hallucinations could signal the onset of autoimmune diseases, such as lupus," https://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/nightmares-could-be-a-sign-of-autoimmune-disease/

#not f.d.a. approved "lack of evidence supporting off-label usage," https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/38907356/

#unreliable hearsay "courts have a general rule prohibiting hearsay evidence...If their sources of information are not completely reliable, it is honest and appropriate to let the court know." https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/agens-scientiam/202406/hearsay-evidence-and-mental-health-professionals

#TV NewsRadio season 3 episode 15 Rose Bowl a teenager is sentenced to 1 month in the psych ward for selling fake Hollywood items https://youtu.be/_CJrV2nsyAo season 3 episode 20 Our Fiftieth Episode. Phil Hartman is in the psych ward for arguing with cops who arrested him for a parking meter. "Misunderstanding, isn't actually crazy." https://youtu.be/zWFHwz8JWsI

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Can I discontinue my depot injection of 75mg paliperidone?

I have been on paliperidone injections for 8 years now. I have gone from the max dose down to 75mg which is the second lowest I believe. I might have a job which will make it hard to be on injections because of availability. I was in the process of coming off anyway. Would I be safe to just go cold turkey now? I’ve heard different things about stopping injections abruptly. My initial plan was to switch to tablets and further taper but I am thinking now of coming off because I won’t get an appointment with psych to discuss for a while and I might have a new job by then. I’d rather not tell my employer I need a day off for mental health medication as I’m hoping I won’t need to tell them ever about it. I’ve been stable for about 5 years. I’m hoping it’s the end of it. I worry about future problems from meds which is why I want to come off and also the fact I think my head is a lot better now. I definitely want to come off them but would I likely be good to come off them from 75mg?

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how do i deprogram my brain

im constantly told i have a million things how do i tell myself im actually fine and that i was made this way for a reason?

01:38 UTC


in search of a directory listing solicitors and independant psychiatric experts who are dedicated to help/ defend victims of unfair incarceration / detention in psychiatric wards

since many years i know of psychex.org what helps people in switzerland unfairly treated by the state psychiatric forced medication and incarceration abusive system to connect with sollicitors who are dedicated to help defend victims against that state abuse

recently i was trying to find ressources for england but the situation there seems to be complicated as there are some critical activists and researchers building networks to help a non-medication community supported helping each other approach based on understanding the underlying issues what causes people to be in distress but so far i could not find someone or an organisation clearly offering help to defend victims of the psychiatric state abuse

possible to think of someone or an organisation or several to collect ressources towards helping people finding support from solicitors and or independant psychiatric experts who are dedicated to defend victims of unfair incarceration / detention in psychiatric wards

in the comments i will add what i have found so far regarding the situation in the english speaking area

15:02 UTC

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