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For quilters to organize quilting swaps, round-robins, block exchanges, etc.

  • When starting a new thread, be clear as to the kind of swap you are starting by putting it in the title.

  • In the text, clearly explain the specifics of your swap, such as the kind of swap, the blocks involved, when items are due, etc.

  • You involve yourself in swaps at your own risk. Please recognize that doing so will likely involve sharing your address with someone.

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    Anyone have an idea?

    I picked up a bag of some material at a consignment shop...it was in a large oversized zip loc baggy.... I simply seen the patterns of the fabric and thought they were cute with the intent of doing something with it one day... So when I decided to get it out... I found their is actually ten "strip panels" that have been sewn together of 4 strips...and theirs also some approximate 2 inch squares cut from the same material except theirs color 1 color of the squares that isn't in the strips.... The strips that are sewn together are approx 1 yard long... Maybe a little longer... Anyone have any idea of what this individual who started this had in mind???

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    Swap 10 Crumb Block sign up

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    Anyone in Los Angeles wanting to do a swap?

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    Anybody in New England?

    My grandmother has asked me to help find people local to us that may want to swap/buy some fabric. She has a wealth of fabrics, lots of which are discontinued, and is looking to downsize. Is this sub still active? We are in MA. Thanks!

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    Count me in!

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    In Search of Tula Pink's True Colors Daisy Buds Silver

    Almost finished with this beloved quilt only to find I need just a small amount of fabric for the background. It not too much and am in need of maybe a fat 1/4 to a 1/2 yard of Tula Pink's True Colors Daisy Buds Silver Cotton Fabric. Unfortunately, none can be found on Etsy or eBay. Believe me, the search has been high and low. All of my favorite online quilt shops as well as extensive Google searches yielded nothing. Yes, I went as far as the 7th Google search page.

    If you have some of this fabric as part of your stash. Let's make a deal! Please message me if you would be interested in selling some of this fabric to me.

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    Can we revive this subreddit? Any UK folks?

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    Row by row

    Anyone else doing row by row 2018. Sew Musical

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    Who is up for a fabric swap!?

    I'd love to swap fat quarters or something similar if anyone is interested!

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    Quilting swap?

    Is anyone doing a quilt block swap at this time? Looking to join one.

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    Would love to try to do a fabric swap if anyone is interested

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    I am interested.

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    Ugly Fabrics Round Robin!

    At my last quilt guild meeting, one of the show-and-tells was an ugly fabric round robin. A great opportunity to clean out come of the ugly fabrics from your stash. And it actually didn't look that bad. Anyone interested? Just message me and we can get it started.

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    Young couple in need of help finding quilts for a Wedding

    Hey redditors, I need some help. My fiance and I are getting married in October. We are planning on the seating for the ceremony to be hay bails with quilts draped over them. For this to work we will need around 100 quilts. We are having trouble finding this many quilts. This is where you come in. We would like to borrow, rent or buy all the quilts you have sitting in a cupboard somewhere. They dont have to be nice or elegant, just anything you would be willing to let us use. We would prefer the borrow or rent options as we are both in college still, so we are on a pretty tight budget. The utmost care would be used to make sure your quilts are returned to you the same condition they were sent.

    Please respond in the comments if you can help and I will give you my contact information.

    Thank you for your help, Garrett and Kim Hall

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    A Crayola (?) Quilt Block Swap - Signup and Rules

    It's taken me a bit longer to get this out than I planned but here goes. A bit of background. In previous swaps, most people seemed to want a specific colorway for their blocks, and even though most were happy to go with of the "Get what you get..." route, I thought it would be fun to figure out how to make a specific color theme happen so people could more easily get a full quilt that they love. This is what I came up with, but if any of you have alternate suggestions that will keep color consistency let me know.

    The catch; Well, there had to be at least one catch, right? It's pretty simple though, you have need access to a box of 48 Crayola Crayons. This seemed in my mind to be the best way to ensure that you get the exact right colors across miles without access to fabric swatches. Crayola because the colors are consistent and available pretty much anywhere.
    [Bonus use, you can use them to color[applique quilts] (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJN41E2Akto).

    How this works: Sign up by commenting. Include three crayon colors that you would like in your quilt (light, medium, dark) When you get the name of your partner, look up their colors, and use your crayons to compare/select the colors to make their block.

    Background color: Unless anyone here has a problem I think that the pale unbleached muslin will be the most consistent for a background color, but be prepared for some variations none the less.

    What to make: A 12 inch finished blocks (12 1/2 inches unfinished). Please make sure that your block is spot on size wise so they fit into a finished quilt easily.

    Please use only high quality, 100% cotton fabric. Use fabric you would love having in your quilt. Rule of thumb, if you can see your hand through it, or it has mad wrinkles in it after scrunching it in a fist for a few seconds...well, probably not so much, err on the side of caution.

    To wash or not to wash?
    Again, it's a matter of consistency, and since there's a difference in shrinkage I'm going to say not to pre-wash your fabric. If you think your fabric may bleed, test it first with a 4 inch square, place it in a glass cup or bowl of hot water until the water cools. Hold up a sheet of paper behind the container, if the water has tinted, your fabric will most likely bleed. Let the receiver know so they can take the necessary precautions when they wash their quilt.

    All skill levels are welcome and since shipping one block won't cost much, international swappers are welcome. You can send something extra if you'd like but it isn't expected.

    I will be the gatherer of the info and the passer out of partners so PM me your real name and address if you're participating. Also, let me know if you'd be willing to be a block angel and make an extra block in case we get a flake or two. If round one works, we'll probably bump it up to at least two partners per swap so we can collect more blocks faster.

    Time Frame: So you have time to get your crayons, signups will close on the 22nd, I'll have partner names out by the following weekend and blocks will be due by the 15th. If this goes well I'd like signups for the next swap to happen while the current one is in progress, that way you can do two swaps a month, but we'll see how well it goes.

    So, who's in?

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    Anyone up for another block swap now that Fall is in the air!?

    So I think I have figured out how we can do a color themed quilt and everyone get the color of their choice if they so choose.
    All you need is a box of Crayola crayons or at least access to one.

    It would be a sampler quilt obviously, but you get to specify what particular crayon colors you want used in your blocks. We can keep this going on until we have enough for a quilt.
    The rules from my previous swap would apply and some specifics would need to be worked out but hey, it should be fun.
    Any thoughts? I think we would need a minimum of 6 people to make this work so let me know.

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    any round robin interest?

    I was wondering if anyone was interested in forming a round robin group? I am moderately advanced. I do mostly piecing but can do applique. The theme could be scrappy or planned around a fabric line if desired.

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    /U/UnculturedLout and I have now created and are modding a subreddit solely for gifting fabric! Go check it out!

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    Charm square swap?

    Not sure if this is appropriate or belongs here - feel free to remove it if it doesn't!

    I'm planning on doing a bunch of big scrappy quilts in the future, and would like to trade charm squares with people - not anything big and organized, just between me and whoever else is interested, however many you'd like. I've got a taker or two from /r/quilting but figured I'd post here just in case anyone wasn't a member over there. :)

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    I'm excited to see the blocks from the block swap! Don't forget to share them with us. Flickr group link inside!

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    April Quilt swap matches have been sent!

    You should have your match in your inbox if you signed up for the April quilt block swap. Please leave me a message if you did not receive one or if you have any questions.

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    Sign up for a block-swap!

    I decided to host a block swap! You can sign up here: https://docs.google.com/a/dot2dotcommunications.com/forms/d/1qwPAU-5hHmrMqE3SqG6Vd-dD97Lg7lc_4QqHkpcxlGs/viewform

    Rules: *Sign up closes April 15th *You will be notified of who you are making for by April 17th *You must mail your swap by April 30th

    *You will create and send one block to your match - All blocks should be 12.5 inches unfinished *Please do your best work and only send something you would be happy to receive. *Some people like to include little extras with their swap. That is allowed but not expected.

    edit: Closing the sign up form now. You will have a message from me within 2 days :)

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    When is the next swap?

    I was at the quilt store today buying fabric and I kept grabbing FQ thinking they would be good to use for the next swap. I need a place to send my lovingly made blocks! LOL

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    Block Swap Feedback

    If you haven't gotten your block yet, you should be receiving it shortly. Let me know if it doesn't arrive by next week.

    Thank you so much to all of you that participated! Each one of you that signed up sent out a block which is just great, 100% participation, wow! Did I mention how happy I am that it went as smoothly as it did?

    Post pictures! There are a couple on the [Flickr] (http://www.flickr.com/groups/reddit_block-swap/) (I will post mine tomorrow after I get a daylight pic.) but if you would rather post them through imgur please do so by all means.

    So, as far as the feedback... Did you enjoy participating?
    The big question is would you want to keep this going? If so, now that the test run is over would you like to work on a theme, individual choice or group wise?
    I tried to cover all the bases, but what can be improved?
    I know I had fun organizing this and I loved the block that I received. Thanks again to you all.

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    Photo group for block swap photos

    Of course we all want to see the lovely blocks that everyone made, so I made a flickr group where we can all post our photos.

    Just click [here] (http://www.flickr.com/groups/reddit_block-swap/) (If there's a way to do a group imgur I don't know how, if you do, let me know and we can go with imgur). If the block swap takes off and keeps going, I'll request our Mod post the link in the side bar.

    I highly recommend that you take a photo before you send your blocks out in case someone forgets or chooses not to submit a photo.

    Currently it's a public group, if you think it needs to be invitation only, let me know. I haven't set up any rules or anything since it's brand new.

    As always, take the highest quality photo possible, the closer up the better (we want to see your block, not the background) and natural light is always more flattering.

    15:27 UTC


    Block Swap Rules & Details for 2/15/2013

    Posting it here for easy reference. Everyone should be getting their partner assignments tonight.

    First and foremost, have fun!

    If you would like to contact the person you are matched up to to ask if they have any preferences you may. Just keep in mind that you aren't receiving from the same person you are sending too.

    Have your blocks mailed out by the last day of the month. Post "mailed" in the comments here so I know that who's sent them out. If for any reason you can't get them out, please let your partner and Madam Toulouse know so you aren't put on the naughty list.

    Blocks need to finish at 12 inches. This means that the block you send out should measure 12 1/2 inches square.

    If you would like to include any extras with your block, you may, but it is not expected so please don't feel bad if you just get a block. It is a block swap after all.

    This is a random swap, that will hopefully weed out anyone that isn't serious. If this swap goes well, we can continue with other swaps and go for a theme.

    Please use high quality 100% cotton fabric, high price doesn't necessarily mean high quality so, use your best discretion but if you have any question, consider visiting your local quilt store for assistance.

    Please annotate whether or not you have pre-washed your fabric when your send your block, for consistency it is better if you don't, but I realize that most of you are using what you have on hand. Not everyone pre-washes and it can effect the finished project so just give your partner a heads up.

    Be aware that this is a mix of beginner and advanced quilters so please appreciate the effort that has gone into the block.

    If you need any help or have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask. We're all happy to help, or try r/quilting.

    Finally, no whining. Please realize that Madam Toulouse is new at this swap organization and is doing her best so cut her some slack. If there is an issue she will do her best to help but she can't please everyone all the time.

    04:15 UTC


    Block Swap!

    Lets have a block swap!

    Make sure you upvote this post so more people see it!

    12 inch finished blocks (12 1/2 inches unfinished). Comment if you want to participate and tell what you don't want if there is something very specific, but otherwise be open to whatever may come your way.

    Please use only high quality, 100% cotton fabric. High price doesn't always mean high quality, but big box store fabric is usually not high quality, if you are unsure on quality, patronize your local quilt store for help in fabric selection. It's not fair if someone uses cheapo quality fabric. Use fabric you would love having in your quilt.

    Also please make sure that your block is spot on size wise, it must finish up at 12 inches square (again, this means that the block you send will be 12 1/2 inches square). Make a square you would put in a quilt you'd be proud of.

    If this works out we'll do it again and again until we have enough blocks for a quilt. Now wouldn't that be fun?!

    All skill levels are welcome and since shipping one block won't cost much, international swappers are welcome. You can send something extra if you'd like but it isn't expected.

    I will be the gatherer of the info and the passer out of partners so PM me your real name and address if you're participating. Also, let me know if you'd be willing to be a block angel and make an extra block in case we get a flake or two.

    I know this will start out small, but hopefully this will grow and we'll all have a lovely time. Happy swapping!

    Edit: Sign up for this swap will close out February 15th. I will have partners assigned by the 18th. Your block, should be mailed out by the last day of the month.

    If this swap works and we keep it going we'll stick to this time frame each swap so a new one will start each month.

    02:23 UTC


    Any interesting in a block lotto?

    If you're not familiar with this, it basically works this way:

    1. The person in charge of it selects a block pattern, with a link to the instructions.

    2. Everyone who wants to enter may make 1, 2, or 3 blocks, and sends it to the person in charge.

    3. Each block that you submit gives you one entry in the drawing (so you could have between 1 and 3 chances to win).

    4. A drawing is held, and whoever gets picked gets all the blocks -- hopefully enough to create an entire quilt.

    If we get enough people interested, I'd be willing to oversee it this first time, and will exclude myself from the drawing.

    22:45 UTC


    I would love to participate in a round robin! (xpost from r/quilting)

    Does anyone know of any round robins that are getting started? My skill level is intermediate/advanced. I prefer traditional piecing but I do appliqué as well as dimensional. If there aren't any in place, maybe if we have enough interest we can just start our own, a Reddit Round Robin.

    18:07 UTC

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