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Student Budding Yeast in Urine seen but instructor disagreed

I swear I saw budding yeast in urine the other day in a patient’s urine while during the microscopic analysis of a patient. But the person training me disagreed because there’s was no hyphae. Does hyphae always need to present to call a urine positive for yeast?

When I was doing mycology and parasitology rotation my other instructor told me different. Again, I didn’t want to disagree with the instructor with much more experience but I think it was wrong of him. He said it was probably the rbcs bursting looking weird but it definitely looked like budding yeast cells.

19:55 UTC


Bile Acids testing - Cholestasis of pregnancy

Does anyone know if Labcorp runs this type of testing over the weekend? I got this test on Monday due to suspicion of cholestasis of pregnancy, which can result in stillbirth after 37 weeks which I just turned on Friday.

My doctor expected the results on Thursday. I still don’t have them.

I’m so stressed and also know that only a few labs in the country even run these tests, so going to the hospital for expedited results won’t do me any good.

Does anyone have insight?

16:45 UTC


Can someone explain to me the differences between blood count and blood smear?

16:37 UTC


NRCC Clinical Chemistry Technologist vs AMT C vs AAB C vs ASCP C?

I'm a chemistry MS grad working in special chemistry (and some flow) at a large hospital for a little over two years now.

My job will give a $2.50/hr raise for getting certified. Which certification should I take? I'm looking at NRCC, ASCP, AAB, and AMT. Or the ASCP SC?

I sometimes work in hematology, but primarily chemistry and flow cytometry.

16:16 UTC



Update from my original post. So they're asking for a redraw, because they sent us back the requisition a month after the initial collection.


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13:59 UTC


MLT programs in Victoria Bc

Hello. I was trying to fnd out if there is any school providing the MLT program(2year) here in Victoria. Anyone with any idea of the schools that provide the in person training. I did the MLA program and now trying to shift to the MLT.

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12:35 UTC


another edition of clumps of cells that look weird: a dragonfly?

someone should call pest control

08:52 UTC


My patient with diarrhea after eating at a buffet....

I'm a hospitalist and about fell out my chair when I saw this...I need to know where this patient ate.

06:28 UTC


CDPH Clinical Microbiology Scientist - Verification of experience

Hi people of Reddit, 

I’m trying to get some help from folks that have applied for and received the Clinical Microbiology Scientist California license. I’m in the process of applying and I’ve had some uncertainty about whether I have the right experience to get approved. 

Here’s a summary of my background:

  • BSc in Microbiology
  • Post- baccalaureate training in Medical Laboratory Science
  • 2 years of work experience in a Clinical Microbiology Lab
    • All things Bacteriology
  • 4 years of work experience in the Public Health Laboratory
    • Molecular Microbiology
    • Virology

I’d really love if anyone that’s been through this could tell me about: 

  1. What type of practical experience you had when they applied (did you satisfy the requirements for all areas (ie mycobacteriology, mycology, parasitology, and virology; immunology, including diagnostic immunology and syphilis serology; and molecular biology)
  2. How did you satisfy all areas of microbiology - can you combine both training and work experience?
  3. Whether you were approved or had any issues 

I’m trying to understand if my application will get approved. It seems ambiguous about some of the requirements so I wanted to tap into the experience of all of you folks :) 

Really appreciate the help anyone can provide. 

05:08 UTC


California Department of Health is infuriating.

I'm in the process of applying for a CA CLS license and the staff is infuriating to communicate with. I've been advised that there are several deficiencies in my application, namely the verification of experience, my transcripts, and verification from ASCP.

The thing is, transcripts where sent weeks ago, ASCP has confirmed the delivery of the their verification along with the emails to which they were sent, and the letter for the experience (written and signed by my lab director and containing everything It requires as far as I can tell) has all been uploaded. But whenever I try to talk to someone about it. All I get is a basic copy paste of the same answer which boils down to. "Please upload the documents required to your application"

I'm getting to the point where I might just have to unleash my inner Karen and ask to talk to a manager. Has anyone had my issues like this?

03:21 UTC


Retaking ascp after passing

I recently took and passed my MLS ascp exam. However, my score was very disappointing. Is it possible to retake the exam for a better score? And if you fail that attempt, would that be your new score? Or would they take the better of the two? This test was extremely difficult and I felt it had little material actually following the study guide that they give us. I'd like retake it because I know I can do better but I'm worried about getting a failed result.

02:55 UTC


Testing D-dimers PT’s APTT’s

Do you guys run these if once spun they’re just below the fill line? Curious aha.

02:55 UTC


Laboratory sold to Quest Diagnostica. Whats next?

So after a lab gets sold to quest, what happens next? How soon after do you have the opportunity to reapply for your job? How often to people get laid off?

What LIS does Quest use?

Does this affect my public student loan forgiveness pslf qualification?

Super nervous about this whole process and trying to get educated about what to expect 😬.

02:12 UTC


🦠Mycobacterium tuberculosis. 🎨Sputum sample stained with Ziehl Neelsen.

In 2022, approximately 10.6 million new TB cases were reported worldwide. This number represents an increase compared to previous years, in part due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on health services, which has made TB diagnosis and treatment more difficult.

An estimated 1.6 million people died from TB in 2022, including 187,000 people living with HIV.

The burden of disease is highest in Southeast Asia, Africa and the Western Pacific region, which together account for more than 80% of global cases.

Drug resistance remains a critical problem, with 450,000 cases of multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) reported in 2022.

01:36 UTC


Applying in the US


I graduated BMLS in the Philippines back in 2017, didn't take the board exam and immediately went to med school. I'm currently working as a doctor, 2nd year resident already, but I'm thinking of moving to the US to work as a MedTech even tho I have no MedTech related work experience.

Any advice on how I should go about this?

Thank you!


I don't plan on quitting my residency training, however, I would want to start the process to go to the US early because I have a timeline I need to follow. Goal is to move to the US by 2027.

01:10 UTC


I want a restart

Hi everyone, I am a registered medical technologist here in the Philippines. Then, I pursued Doctor of Medicine. But I'm not happy anymore, the schedule is hectic and taking a toll on my health. I was wondering what are the changes of me to get hired as a medtech in other countries.

00:54 UTC


Whay happens to PTO after Quest lab acquisition?

After months of talk, I've heard Quest Diagnostics is buying our lab and we've been told we'll need to reapply for our jobs. Im worried about what will happen to my PTO? Does it just disappear? Should I use it now? Will Quest pay it out at my existing rate? I'm really nervous about this. 😬😫

Quest is paying $1/hr more, but auest benefits are trash so it'll be like taking a 2-4/hr paycut.

23:21 UTC



How does PRN work at your facility? Do you have to work a certain number of days per month? Are you required to fulfill any shift that becomes available? For example do you have to cover days, evenings and/or no ghts? Are you required to work any holidays?

22:35 UTC


Feeling really dumb about my antibiotic knowledge

I've been reading bench inconsistently for 5ish years now. I'm not on the benches every week and certain scenarios I've only seen a handful of times. Vitek makes things so streamlined and almost mindless, which is nice for efficiency, but when something is inconsistent, I have no idea why usually, and my supervisor will look it over and either tell me to repeat it or say it's still okay to release based on the drugs we actually use in our patient populations based on the clients.

I try to keep a log of things I want to remember and try to review my antibiotics when I have free time, but it is a lot to learn and I know the basics, but the generations of cephelosporins gets me. I really need to study more of the intrinsic resistance of the organisms, ect. It's just something that I've hoped I would learn overtime and through experience, but our culture volume is so high that I don't have time to always study at work.

I think that I get overwhelmed thinking that i need to know the intrinsic resistance for every single organism, but there is probably only a few that truly have intrinsic resistance, and I do know some through experience.

I know I need to study on my own time, but hope to sneak time when I finished army certain days, ect. There is just always so much to learn and memorize about which drugs we release based on which clients, ect.

Anyways, I had an organism that was a possible ESBL that flagged in vitek, and when I looked at the parameters my supervisors set, it didn't meet them, but then it was also a possible CRE and I didn't catch that at all. I was so focused on making sure it was an ESBL and nothing else. I saw all the R's and that it was consistent, and that it wasn't an ESBL. I have only dealt with CREs a handful of times and I honestly don't look for them as I should.

I'm always checking pseudomonas to make sure it's meropenem sensative. If it's I, we drop the disc to confirm, and if it's R, we send them to the state for CRE confirmation, but I ignorantly don't think to check other enterobacteriacea, dumb. I get so used to certain habits and don't know all the ins and outs of the antibiotics that I had this ignorance that lead to the oversight of me missing the comment to confirm the meropenem on this Klebsiella ESBL wannabe.

Like, I should know this and I did not. Now I know, but I feel dumb AF.

The vitek said some comment about ESBL CRE, but I didn't notice the comment of it saying to confirm the meropenem and I didn't even look over the carbapenems. I just confirmed the ESBL parameters, because that what I thought the flag was for. I didn't take it all in and understand it. I know this will never happen again, but I just feel so dumb and felt like.my boss was extremely disappointed.

Has anyone been in my shoes before?

22:28 UTC


Is it hard to take frequent bathroom breaks in this profession?

I’m looking into becoming an MLT but this is the main thing that makes me nervous about it. Is it the kind of job where you’re so busy you can’t take 1-2 min to pee? Or are there tasks you have to do are so urgent that you can’t step away and need to hold it?

I have a condition that makes me need to pee about every hour, up to every 30 minutes at its worst. It’s pretty painful for me if I have to hold it, and it’s every day/all the time. At least my bathroom breaks are fast, but do you think this would be an issue in this field? Does it kind of depend on where you work?

22:23 UTC


Medical technologist job market in orlando

Hi I’ll be applying for Orlando jobs as MLS with 5 years of experience soon. I have mainly worked in hematology and Urinalysis. How hard is to find a job as lab technologist in Orlando being out of state or just in general.

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21:39 UTC


Doctors whenever I cancel a patients smear for hemolysis and H&H (the patient has a CBC with a differential on the same order)

Literally just can’t with some of the doctors at the hospital. I try to reason with them about various things, like trying to run a cepeheid COVID test….after running an RPP. They also want KOH done on urines….after having a urinalysis with microscopic done. They want a cell count done on CSF…on every tube because they wanna make sure it wasn’t a traumatic tap (like the wtf what? They’re all clear) they also want urine eos on every patient suspected of kidney failure…they literally haven’t even been clinically proven to be indicative of anything important. I could be wrong in this, but I’m so tired of them fighting me on the most basic things. I just don’t understand why 😭

21:21 UTC


What’s something a phlebotomist/nurse can do to make your job easier ?

Just curious. Also, what’s something that makes it a lot harder ?

21:11 UTC


That isolation 😮‍💨

I can retire now

19:20 UTC


For those that went from MLT to MLS, just what is the difference?

MLT student here. I'm curious as to what exactly the difference between the two are and whether or not I should look into a bridge program.

17:41 UTC


Career Advice

I'm looking for some career advice. I am currently an MLS, but thinking of applying to PA school. I love the lab, but the pay is just not the best. Are there any fields that kind of meet in the middle of MLS and PA?

17:29 UTC


New residents start this week.

Good luck everyone. It’s going to be a long few months in the lab.

14:40 UTC


3rd attempt ASCP

Taking my ASCP for the 3rd time. Studied using medialab, bottom line approach, and wordsology. For this third test, I bought the Polansky cards but I’m wondering if that’ll be enough? Has anyone also tried Study.com?

13:14 UTC

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