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A place to share your fantasy maps.

Receive feedback on works in progress. Find resources. Learn about techniques to increase your fantasy map cartography skills.

Or, just relax and check out some really nice Fantasy Maps!


A place to share your fantasy maps.

Receive feedback on works in progress. Find resources. Learn about techniques to increase your fantasy map cartography skills.

Or, just relax and check out some really nice Fantasy Maps!

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[OC] Industrial Warehouse - 30x30 Battlemap

1 Comment
18:26 UTC


Does the Geography on my Map Work?


Are there any map geek, geographic enthusiasts out there to help me on this one?

1: Are there enough mountains on this continent? Should I remove some or add more?

2: Does the river make sense? Are there too little of them?

  1. I added those desertic regions because the mountains would create the rain shadow effect, blocking the rain clouds from traversing to "the other side", thus creating a more arid region. But does it happen in tropical and subtropical climate? (I used to suck in geography in school)
17:25 UTC


Map Made for Fantasy Project

Just wanted to share the map I drew for the fantasy series I'm writing. I'm pretty satisfied with it however I will be adding some more detail and information in the next iteration.

15:04 UTC


Calem City

13:22 UTC


My interpretation of the real-life Amber Fort in Jaipur, India.

12:47 UTC


Sailing Ship [36x40]

1 Comment
09:07 UTC


Ever had your players crawl through tar and bones?

1 Comment
20:16 UTC


Eldritch Hollow

1 Comment
13:47 UTC


[29x46] Hidden Witch's Hut - A Brand New Czepeku Scene/Battlemap Combo! [Battlemap]

1 Comment
12:19 UTC


The land bridge [60x35]

1 Comment
12:04 UTC


City of RUIN [Battlemap]

1 Comment
11:01 UTC


Summer Empire

Am old map I rediscovered in a folder. A little low on detail but I enjoy the simple, lighter feel given by the open spaces and simple icons.

The map was for a story I was writing at the time but never finished due to university, perhaps I'll have to find the draft and continue it.

19:27 UTC


[OC] "D'ya think if we mess with the clock it'll change time? I mean, it sounds insane but wouldn't it be fun if it did?!" 🕦️ - Clock Tower [18x22] [Battlemap]

1 Comment
12:25 UTC


Carnival Town (Part 6 of 8!) [25x35] [Battlemap]

1 Comment
12:01 UTC

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