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This sub is a collection of random tables.

Most of these were written by me (OrkishBlade), but if you have something interesting to share, go ahead and post it. Suggestions are welcome. Cheers.

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Random Tables: Compendium (50+ page PDF)

Thank you to all for your patience, as I know the old links to the PDF cheat sheets expired a little while back.

To avoid running into such a mess in the future, I have assembled a 50+ page PDF of the old cheat sheets. I have made a handful of minor edits and improvements on some of them, and I have also added two new cheat sheets (Dockside Taverns and Thieves & Pickpocket Loot).

-- The link to the RANDOM TABLES: COMPENDIUM is here. --

Thanks to all who are using and enjoying these!

Update: v1.1, now at the link, fixing minor error.

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Looking for advice on how to start out in Tables

Hey folks,

I'm looking at producing a whole mess of random generators and tables for role playing and storytelling purposes, and developing it into a side gig. I've been lurking on a number of sub-reddits and Instagram for a while now, but at this point I feel I should just come out and ask.

Is there anything I should know before heading into this? What do people look for in their random generators and tables? What pitfalls are there to avoid? What's the best way to add value?

Cheers for any advice you can give!

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Dark Magic Items

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Suggested Use

You walk down that shady alley and pop into the shop full of dark and twisted things, what might you find that you could actually use? Or maybe, you heard there was a legendary tome or powerful amulet hidden beneath an evil temple, but when you get there, it's not the treasure you were hoping for...


  • Original Post: none (this is it -- this grew out of a comment somewhere, but the comment is lost)
  • PDF cheat sheet: none yet (I know a bunch of links need fixing, slowly working through that)

Use these tables with:

Related Tables:


Start here, roll 10d6, then use tables below as needed.

d6ItemCreatorFate of creatorCurseLast known location
1.AmuletAncient elf-witchDied in battleA medium between the living and the deadCursed tomb
2.PotionDark sorcererAssassinated by enemiesContract a disease of slowly rotting fleshDragon's hoard
3.RingDread necromancerMurdered by student or progenyExperience aberrant hallucinationsEvil temple
4.TomeEccentric wizardAscended to godhoodQuick to anger and violenceFiendish stronghold
5.Wand or staffFiendish warlordTransformed into archlich or fiendSusceptible to demonic possessionLost city
6.WeaponPowerful hagUnknownSuspicious of friends and enemiesMonster's lair


d6Chain materialPendant gemPendant shapePowerFate of previous owner
1.BoneDiamondBatProtection against godsBetrayed by loved one
2.CopperEmeraldHorned skullInvisibilityDismembered by demons
3.GoldObsidianHuman skullSling fireballsEaten by a vampire
4.PlatinumRubyRatBind demonEnslaved by a devil
5.SilverSapphireSnakeFire resistanceImprisoned by a witch
6.SteelNoneSpiderPoison resistanceSlain by a dragon


d6ColorMouthfeelTasteEffectSide effect
1.BlackDrySaltyAcid breath weaponChronic pain
2.GoldFizzySweetEnhanced strengthInsomnia
3.GreenGloopySourEnhanced willpowerIrritability
4.GreyOilyBitterFire breath weaponLoss of focus
5.PurpleThickSavoryHeal woundsNightmares
6.RedWateryMetallicReverse agingParanoia


d6MaterialGemFeaturePowerFate of previous owner
1.BoneDiamondBat motifSpell storingBetrayed by a close ally
2.CopperEmeraldDraconic inscriptionInvisibilityDriven mad
3.JadeObsidianElvish inscriptionSharp witEaten by a dragon
4.GoldRubyFiendish inscriptionInvulnerabilityImprisoned by a devil
5.PlatinumSapphireScaly motifFire resistanceLost in a distant realm
6.SilverNoneSkeletal motifPoison resistanceSlain by a rival


d6CoverTopicDark secretFate of previous ownerBook's personality
1.Black leatherDark ritualsDeadly poison recipeBanished to the voidArrogant
2.BronzeDemonologyEverlasting lifeEaten by demonsImpulsive
3.GoldDivinationMind controlEaten by undeadNarcissistic
4.Human skinElemental powerScrying ritualEnslaved by a devilSardonic
5.SnakeskinNecromancySummoning ritualEnslaved by a djinnSoft-spoken
6.Tattered leatherPotioncraftTruth serum recipeTrapped in a soul gemSpiteful


d6MaterialTip featureStored spellsFamous dueling victimFate of previous owner
1.Black steelBlack gemAnimate corpseAncient elf-princeBetrayed by loved one
2.Blackened woodGreen gemCause fearBeautiful enchantressDismembered by demons
3.BoneMummified eyeFire boltCelebrated bardDismembered by undead
4.Gnarled woodPurple crystalIcy blastCelestial championDriven mad
5.GoldPurple gemRay of sicknessLegendary swordmageEaten by a dragon
6.SilverSmoky crystalSummon snakesPowerful wizardImprisoned by a witch


d6TypeMaterialFeaturePropertyFate of previous owner
1.ArrowBlack steelFlames motifTarget is poisonedAssassinated by a rival
2.DaggerBlackened woodGem inlayTarget's flesh begins to witherDismembered by undead
3.HandaxeBoneGildingTarget is nauseatedEaten by a demon
4.ShortswordColdironScaly motifTarget is paralyzedExecuted by enemies
5.SickleObsidianSkeletal motifTarget experiences madnessSlain by a dragon
6.StaffSilvered steelSpiderweb motifYou absorb some of the target's life forceSlain in glorious battle
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Perchance Dungeon Room Generator with filtering by theme

Hacked together a perchance generator since I wanted for my own dungeon generation needs.


The generator allows you to combine multiple tables, for instance allowing you to create rooms for a ruined temple taken over by goblins by picking the "Ruined", "Humanoid Warren" and "Temple" themes.

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d100 Rumors for Deep Carbon Observatory

For those of you who like to use rumors for their games, here are some rumors for Deep Carbon Observatory.

##d100 Rumors for Deep Carbon Observatory

  1. There's a giant squid somewhere in the river!
  2. There's a giant hermit crab somewhere in the river!
  3. There are giant pike in the river!
  4. My cousin's butcher's aunt's gardener said there's a giant golden barge in the river!
  5. There's a hill-island where a whole bunch of farm animals ended up.
  6. There's a tree that has a bunch of people hung on it.
  7. There's a catfish dragon that's asking people riddles, and eating thems as can't answer.
  8. There's a necromancer that's killing people on the river.
  9. There are cannibals on the loose in Carrowmore.
  10. Enchanters from the Carrowmore guild of magic users are investigating the cause of the flooding.
  11. Those worshipping the cult of the god of sight caused this flood.
  12. A wizard is paying good gold for the corpses of giant electric eels.
  13. There's a mad golem on the loose, trying to build a dam.
  14. There are a bunch of adventurers who are going to investigate. One has a bronze eagle on his chest plate, and another has a glowing mace.
  15. Stary Hrad is paying good gold to investigate the cause of the flood.
  16. The captain of the Lapitan will pay for information about the flood.
  17. Giant man-eating toads hide on islands in the river, eating anyone who swims to them in exhaustion.
  18. The god of balance unleashed this flood, because the people of Carrowmore were getting to powerful.
  19. A giant eagle has been killing giant crabs by snatching them up and dropping them on a rocky island.
  20. There's a riverbarge that ran aground, it has three tons of grain aboard.
  21. A giant goldfish is knocking over boats and eating anyone who falls overboard.
  22. A mad prophet swears there are golden houses under the lake. How would anyone get to them?
  23. There were dark things best left at the bottom of lakes up in the mountains. Bad times are coming.
  24. There's a plague starting. It starts with sniffles and a sore belly.
  25. There was a dam. They say it was also a tomb. Now it has burst open, and the dead within are killing whomever they find in frustrated vengeance.
  26. There are mermaids in the river, from a lake in the mountain. Plug your ears, or their song will drive you mad with lust.
  27. A giant albatross is scooping up skiffs whole in its beak, then dropping them on a rocky island to kill everyone.
  28. The family that lead the village of Pollnacrom are a line of seers. Look to them for guidance.
  29. There's a mad traveller says that there's a village on a lake in the mountains. Ridiculous!
  30. A mad necromancer dammed a lake a thousand years ago, and filled it with zombies he killed by feeding them molten lead. Now that the dam burst, the zombies are pouring out.
  31. A mad pyromancer summoned a host of fire elementals who melted the glaciers in the mountains, and caused the flood.
  32. This flood is the first catastrophe. After this will be a plague, then fires, then panthers falling from the sky! They'll come one week after another.
  33. If you fall in the river, you only have a minute to get back out, otherwise you'll be turned into a fish!
  34. There's a talking fish in the river. If you let it go, it will give you a wish!
  35. The wizard Torrens Arctus has been looking for a library hidden in a hill in the north. He's frantic, now, because of the flooding, and will buy information to the library from anyone who can give him proof!
  36. The mountains are cursed by cannibal water dwarves. Their old god cursed them by making them aquatic and trapping them in a watery maze. A million years later, they're looking for revenge on the air breathers. They're coming down stream now!
  37. The lads on the ferry say they saw a dwarf with a bow, and he took shots at them. Whoever heard of a dwarf with a bow!?
  38. Some mad lads are saynig Terbil Tem killed one of their mates with a wood axe! Terbil Tem is harmless. He wouldn't hurt a fly!
  39. There's a man says there's some duck-gryphon in the river. A duck bill and legs a duck, but the body of a beaver.
  40. There's a tall oak in the river to the north, and it belongs to the hanging god. In a hole in the oak, about twenty feet up, there's an eye patch and a spear head. Whomever puts on the eye patch and puts the spearhead on a staff will become an avatar of the hanging god on this world.
  41. There are five golems up the river. If they're brought together, they merge into a giant super golem. Whomever is there can enter it and direct it from the inside.
  42. There's a witch hunter, Zolichka Vanderluth, who's looking to finally end the life of the witch of Pollnacrom.
  43. The people of Pollnacrom hate the people of Pollangollum, and will kill them on sight. They people of Pollangollum return the favor.
  44. There's a mummy on the river, floating in its sarcophagus. Don't go near it with a powerful priest, or you'll die a slow and painful death.
  45. There's something in this flood water that is making people mad. See things that aren't there, and miss things that are in plain sight!
  46. Look for the giant blue stork! It will give the baby avatar of the sun god to whomever give it a giant fish's corpse to eat!
  47. Don't go into the mountains! There's a cloud giant party there. They're drunk, but they'll kill anyone who's not a giant and shows up there. The water is from their rain and their returning of beer!
  48. There is a volcano in those mountains. The god of the waters caused freezing snow and ice to fall on top of it and make a glacier to keep it dormant for a thousand years, but now it has all melted, and nobody worships her anymore. After the water, we'll be flooded with lava!
  49. There's a vampire in Pollangollum who wants to feed on your blood.
  50. The witch of Pollangollum can make you strong, if you do as she asks.
  51. There's a goldfish in the river, and its scales are made of real gold!
  52. If you eat a goldfish, you will be immune to magic for a week and a day.
  53. Duran is sick of working his mother's ferry, and will join any group who needs muscle, for a share of the loot.
  54. The Riverserpent put in just before the flood hit Carrowmore. It has a hold full of food.
  55. There is a strange tower on a hill along the river that is only visible in the light of a full moon.
  56. The priests of the optical god can shoot light out of their eyes so strong it strikes like a crossbow bolt.
  57. There is a mace that holds sunlight hidden in the church of the optical god.
  58. Making a sacrifice on the altar of the optical god will protect you from undead until the next full moon.
  59. For the safest trip up the river, find the giant turtle, and feed it fish every day.
  60. The thieve's guild of Carrowmore has boots of water walking.
  61. The seers of Pollnacrum have a crystal orb that lets them see anything going on within site of the river.
  62. Goblins on canoes have been seen searching the rivers, or scouting.
  63. The giant squid desires horse and goat flesh above anything else.
  64. Beware the three-eyed tentacled fish, it will eat your soul.
  65. The three-eyed fish can grant you the ability to breath under water.
  66. The three-eyed fish seeks to learn from magic users.
  67. There is no such thing as a three-eyed fish!
  68. There is a windmill on a hill beside the river, and the miller's goodwife is a witch.
  69. A swamp dragon is on the prowl in the eddies off the main stream of the river. It is particularly looking for anyone with gold and gems.
  70. This flood was caused by the evil dwarves of the deep darkness. They're isolating us, and will raid us for slaves some night soon.
  71. Old Davey can teach you how to call the dolphins to aid you, but you'll have to do something for him, first.
  72. Ophelia the river witch can make sure you're not attacked by wild animals as you go, but she charges outrageous rates!
  73. The church of the Sun God will provide help against undead for those that help its followers and the desperate in these times.
  74. The church of the Sun God has a ritual available for drying up water.
  75. This flood was sent to destroy an ancient crypt that was about to release an endless swarm of undead into this region.
  76. The sign of the Nature god engraved on the bottom of your hull will repel animals from attacking you.
  77. Tzani Spillios is looking for an escort to investigate old references to a large dam in the mountains, at the source of the river.
  78. A priest named Tham Ruesie is offering a reward for recovery of a fancy spoon.
  79. A noble in Carrowmore is looking for
  80. Followers of the war god claim the followers of the sun god released this cataclysmic flood to cripple the war god's forces and leave them open to invasion by halflings.
  81. The Duke of Carrowmore is looking to for adventurers willing to capture giant golems reported upstream, so that they can be brought to Carrowmore and used to shore up the surrounding areas.
  82. Dock workers warn that the city will run out of food within a week if this flood is not dealt with by then.
  83. The daughter of the Duke of Carrowmore was out riding when the flood hit, and she is missing. The Duke is unofficially offering a substantial reward for her return, but will not publicly state this since he does not want to expose that weakness.
  84. A church leader of a minor cult is looking for discrete assistance in recovering an artifact which has gone missing during this flood. Serious inquiries only. Expenses paid. Divine benefits.
  85. There's a giant turtle somewhere in the river. It likes to eat horses.
  86. There's a herd of normal sized hippopotomi in the river. Someone saw the bull fight a giant pike and win. Don't mess with hippopotomi!
  87. There are hippopotomus gryphons in the mountains near the head of the river. Avoid travelling below their standard route from the mountains to the river depths.
  88. There is a ring of standing stones a few days to the north by boat. Walk widdershins around it three times three times, to enter the fae lands.
  89. The grey elves that live here can tell you of the nightmare elves that well in the mountains to the north.
  90. With the right focus, a crucible filled with lead and placed on the altar of the ocular god will turn that lead into gold.
  91. Just south of Pollancrum village is rumored to be a tree that provides golden apples. The apples are only golden colored, but very filling, even for their size, and keep for at least a week in a traveller's sack. They are even rumored to help heal certain ailments.
  92. An old druid tends to the standing stones on the hill to the north, just south of the mountains. He may be able to provide helpful berries to you, if you can grant him something of value.
  93. There is a clan in Pollangollum village that has special recipes for electric eel and pike fillets.
  94. This is a divine flood. In seven days, it will erode Carrowmore from its foundation and wash it out to sea.
  95. Freshwater merfolk are harvesting the grains from the farms, to return to Carrowmore to prevent a famine.
  96. The eccentric Carrowmore merchant Kardifas Muram wants you to take him on a trip to the headwaters of the river, where he believes you will find a giant beaver dam. He wants to make a fur coat out of it.
  97. Klugerschmidt Baystep, the Duke of Carrowmore's chef, is looking for recipes and samples of unusual river life to prepare for his lord's table.
  98. Some people have found corpses with gold dust in their mouths. Nobody has a good explanation for it.
  99. The mud that has been washed downstream will let you breathe water as though it were air if you keep it in our mouth.
  100. The wererats of Carrowmore are fleeing aboard ships.
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Myths, Mysteries And Strange Sights: Wilderness Encounter Table [D66] [OC]

Add mystery, superstition and a sense of magic to your journeys. Minor strange events can add to the magic in the world without needing a larger investigation. Some entries are inspired by folklore and myths. Most are a minor journey distraction and not a serious plot point, however many suggest scope for elaboration. I hope you find it inspiring. This table originally appeared on my website here. Please check out my other stuff if you like this.

note: due to the post character limit, some entries are simply hyperlinks to the entry on the original website.


[D66] Hyperlinked Table


11) Cloaked Strangers

You sight cloaked figures in the distance. They are wearing brimmed hats, faintly glowing boots and carrying walking sticks.

If the PCs approach, the figures keep the same distance without appearing to move, simply receding as if floating. If an attempt to communicate is made, the weather worsens slightly but they don't respond. If PCs continue the attempt or try to catch the figures the weather becomes even worse. If the weather becomes a storm, the figures will fade away. The figures will also fade if the PCs ignore them. If this happens they may reappear later in the journey.

If locals are asked about the figures they will refer to them as 'weather watchers'. They will warn the players not to communicate with them. Occasionally, when rain or other weather is required locals seek them out to intentionally cause a storm.

12) Swinging Spirits

The route is lined with spectral gibbets. Faint, ethereal figures swing gently in a wind you can't feel.

These are the spirits of executed rebels from the past. Ghostly images of hanged men glint in the moonlight. Psychic whispers assail the PCs in their vicinity. PCs must make a DC 13 Wisdom Save or be overcome by seditious thoughts or recantations of rebellion and praise the state in the hope of mercy. If one PC fails, they seek to fight against the party. If more than one PC is affected they form opposing factions.

In order to put a spirit at rest, a cleric must spend an hour listening to the spirit and use a vial of holy water to bless the ethereal gallows. If they do so they gain 1 inspiration.

13) Fey Lights

Strange, faint lights hover and dance in complex patterns in the distance.

The lights hover round the edge of a nearby wood, crevasse, hill etc. If the PCs investigate they may be lured into the feywild. When close the lights will dart away down a hidden path. At the end of the path each PC will see something they greatly desire: ask them to describe it. Each PC should make a DC 15 Wisdom check or stumble in after it. Any PC who does this will dissapear returning 24hrs later in a bewildered, exhausted state. They should roll a d6 to see what change has affected them and what they find in their pockets:

1One of their eyes has changed colour
2Their hair, nails or other elements have grown as if a year or more has passed
3Their shoes have been replaced with bright red slippers
4They smell overpoweringly of roses
5Flowers grow in their hair for two days, each time they are picked out they grow again
6Their fingers are made from carrots or parsnips

d6Pocket Contents
133 small shiny pebbles. When withdrawing them from the pocket, the PC must pass a WIS Save DC 13 or cumpulisvely count and order them for five minutes. They are over protective of the pebbles and will claim they are a great treasure.
2A tiny gemstone set into a silver band worth 5gp. In the presence of a fey creature the ring emits extremely quiet laughter, DC 15 perception.
37 acorns that glow faintly. When planted, a large tree will grow in the space of 24hours.
4A pair of broken eye glasses. When worn the PC sees dancing fairies on the shoulders of nearby people.
5A small magic music box. When the tiny wooden handle is cranked it emits birdsong.
6A plethora of mushrooms. The three big black oozy ones can be eaten to restore 5 hp each.

14) Phantom Siren

A ship drifts towards you on an invisible tide. A faint and soft melody and the sounds of laughter emanates from below its decks.

The ghostly ship appears drifting across the landscape, even when there is no water. Some claim that the ship is the result of a curse placed on local inhabitants. Supposedly, they robbed and sank a Nallian wedding taking place on a touring landbarge. The ship has only one figure on deck, that of its dwarven captain Dawdjz offers tempting respite and luxury to travellers who will step onboard.

15) Anti-life Pillar

A 12 foot high pillar of stone lies surrounded by a wide circle of barren land.

A circle 200 yards wide around the pillar is completely devoid of life. Animals avoid it instinctively. A creature entering the circle takes 1 necrotic damage per round. Any food they are carrying will start to wither and spoil.

Local legend tells that a Wiseman came to deliver news of a great tragedy involving the people of another town and how they sought aid. The local lord dismissed the Wiseman and had him beaten and tied to the pillar for spreading falsehoods (even though he knew it to be true). The Wiseman cursed the town and lord and said nothing would grow there for a thousand years. The peasants revolted and slew the lord.

They will also find buried the corpse of the lord including his gold ring of sovereignty worth 50gp.

16) Marching Dead

In the distance, a great army marches across your path. They move silently, their banners blowing faintly in the breeze. The sound of drums and horns echoes eerily through the landscape.

The army is a historical afterimage, an earth memory. Faint whispers reenacting the momentus events of their time. The air shimmers with the breath of the ethereal plane. They pass close by the party without acknowledging them.

It is said that if you follow them you will be compelled into step with the march and forced to join their march through the astral plan looking for void incursions.

21) Water Children

The sound of children plays echoes from the distance. The sound cuts off abruptly.

The sounds echo from a nearby river that was the site of dark deeds. A century ago, parents drowned their children here during a great famine. Faint glimpses of their spirits can be seen playing in the water. They attempt to get the PCs to join them. They will try to drown the PCs so that they will stay.

Investigation DC 10 reveals tiny bone fragments in the river bed. If these are given a proper burial the spirits will be laid to rest.

22) Inquisitive Spirit

Describe an animal, appropriate to the current environment, approaching the PCs. If the creature is normally dangerous it will behave benignly.

The animal is a spiritual manifestation of some local flora/fauna. Whilst it looks normal it speaks to each PC in the language of their home or the voice of a childhood friend. The spirit seeks to ascertain the purpose, motives and origins of individual PCs and of the group. If the animal is killed or scared off it will disappear. One hour later, another of the same type of animal will approach. If sufficiently angered it will make d4 days worth of rations disappear. If satisfied by the PCs answers, the spirit will direct the party to its parent fauna. There they can find: a clean water supply and forageable food or a recent kill depending on the animal type.

23) Short Cut

A tiny door opens from the landscape, from which emerges a strange, hairy creature with long pointed shoes. The door vanishes and the creature looks up surprised.

The creature is one of the fey called Gollin the Golb. He claims to know a shorter route to the party’s destination and that they are on the wrong track. Roll a d6:

d6The Situation
1The party are actually on the right track it is a lie
2The party were on the right track but Gollin has shifted the landscape around them so that they are now lost. Survival DC 10 will reveal the PCs are lost, Perception DC 15 will reveal the change has occurred.
3The party were headed in the right direction but a large monster was in their path
4Gollin only wants to check the PC’s wits and will give up the ruse easily
5Strange magic has warped the path to the destination meaning that you must travel the wrong way to get there
6Navigation becomes increasingly difficult due to the stars shifting overhead and compasses behaving strangely

If Gollin isn’t lying, his short cut will shave a third of the remaining journey time off. If he is lying it will add a third to the journey time. The knowledge is offered freely in exchange for provisions and water. Attempts to kill or harm the creature result in either more turning up to create a larger encounter, a whistle followed by hidden ogres or other large creatures arriving or a curse being levied on the travellers whilst they travel these lands in future: Every mile travelled counts as two miles until the 13th day of the next month or 13 days pass or the PCs could be cursed to be lost for 13 hours.

24) Standing Stone

You pass a large standing stone partially covered in grass and moss. The stone’s surface is covered in weather worn carvings and inscriptions.

The language that accompanies the engraving is ancient and partially erroded. Any of the following may be appropriate for investigating (DC 10):

  • Arcana – the stone appears to have elements to the engraving that resemble magical symbology
  • History – the stone is from an ancient people
  • Investigation – hidden details are revealed behind the grass and moss
  • Religion – the stone may have been erected by a religious cult
  • Insight – Interpreting the complex pictograms requires intuition
  • Perception – Hidden details to the script convey coded information

On a failure, the writing and imagery are indecipherable being to worn with age. The more a PC exceeds the DC reveal more information from the selection below:

  • You recognise the language as an ancient form of a language you know (you may request an additional check to decipher it)
  • You know the time period the stone was erected (circa 2000 years before the present)
  • The words read:
    • Beyond this point lies the land of Blúwff ruled by the great lord Gondyll, pay fealty or return from whence you came
    • Do not trust the Hag Andlewlyn, she will curse you as she did our Prince
    • Four fathoms until Blúwff
    • Feymara bless those who pay homage here [award inspiration for satisfying homage]
    • The message is mostly unintelligible and written in a code for travellers that has long since fallen out of use. It appears to indicate a hazard in the area described as: ‘winged and furious’.
    • Beware the fey-folk who bring gifts and promises
  • The engraved images show:
    • A great and bloody battle, the leader of one army holds aloft the head of an enemy
    • Dangerous monsters attacking what appear to be travellers or pilgrims
    • A fertility symbol and god alongside a sacrificed animal
    • A collection of astrological symbols and a map of a constellation not visible in the night sky
    • A Human-like figure with six arms with many figures bowing down to them. The sun above is represented by a giant eye with a spiral for the iris.
    • Geometric symbols whose meaning are unclear. They appear to shift in and out of the pillar whilst light bends like a heat haze.

25) The Birds

Choose one of the Following:

Escort of Crows

You sight a lone bird overhead that begins to hang back and tail the party.

Crows slowly start to fly in separately and proceed to follow the party at a distance. When the crows are watched for any period of time they will circle and then perch a distance away out of range. Eventually, one crow will peel off, flying in a direction perpendicular to the party. The rest will leave in the direction the party came from.

Conference of the Birds

A large flock of birds of different species stand in a circle on the ground. Periodically, one moves to the centre and sings to which the others reply as a cacophonous chorus.

The PCs have encountered a council of birds in which they discuss important avian matters…Who is the fastest flier? Whose beak is most elegant? Who has the most beautiful plumage? Where should they flock for the change of season?

Each type of bird takes its turn standing in the centre and making its case. They will attempt to persuade the PCs that they know best or are the best at the debated issue. If no PC can speak to the birds, they will grow irritated and cast Speak With Animals on all the PCs remarking: ‘Honestly, what is the world coming too?’.

Depending on who the PCs side with they will receive the following:

  • A reduction in journey time, a shortcut
  • Forewarning of an upcoming ambush or dangerous encounter
  • A point of inspiration
  • A small gemstone worth 10gp

26) Strange Rain

Choose one of the following:

Tiny Rain

A tiny rainstorm occurs over a spot of ground nearby.

The rainstorm is 15 feet wide and moves alongside the party for a few miles before dissipating. If the party tries to dispel, destroy or otherwise interact with it, it moves above that party member slowly drenching them before moving away again.

Soft Rain

Rain falls softly like light footsteps moving all around you.

It begins to rain softly. The gentle patter of the rain hitting the ground begins to sound like footsteps from an unknown origin. Puddles start to collect in the shape of small and giant footprints. Whispers are heard in the wind in giant and common: this way, come on. Quickly now or they will find us, go go go. As the rain passes the footprints fade. No visible sign is left.

Dry Rain

A light drizzle falls from the sky gradually drenching everything…well almost everything…

Dotted across the landscape are patches of ground a few feet wide that seem to be completely dry and no rain falls on them. The water from adjacent ground does not run into them or seep through the ground. They are completely dry to the touch. The spots move periodically drying the ground they move. The patches will attempt to move out of the way of PCs who attempt to stand on them. A DC 15 Athletics or Acrobatics check can be used chase or jump into one. If a player steps on one of these dry patches,…. If they collect material from one of these dry areas it can be used to absorb water. The earth can be used to destroy water as if casting Create or Destroy Water at first level.

Wet Air

The air begins to shimmer and distort as if you’ve opened your eyes underwater.

All flames are extinguished, even magical ones, and cannot be lit for the next 4 hours. Strange, ghostly shapes of fish and crustaceans move through the air.

Giant Shower

Thunderous booms crack the heavens. Huge imprints dent the land at a steady pace, the detents quickly covered by cloud and filled with pouring rain.

Great ghostly giants walk through the ethereal plane. Their passing brings rain showers, they spectral feet imprint the earth.

31) Mini-Quake

A series of small earthquakes shake the ground. A deep moaning from the earth appears to utter words that are hard to make out.

The whispered words are the name of a religious party member. They may the uttering of their god or from the nature force if they are a druid. The PC should test wisdom to interpret the sign. If any party member prays to the gods the earthquakes stop abruptly. If they do not it prevents the party from taking a long rest each night giving them one level of exhaustion each.

32) Off the Beaten Track

An overgrown path is marked by a small engraved stone covered in moss. The path appears to lead away from your route.

If the path is followed, it leads to a hidden spring below a rocky outcrop. The water faintly glints in the light. If the water is collected and removed from the spring it will lose its properties after 24hours, turning into normal water. If bathed in or drunk from it has one of the following effects:

1Restore d6 hp – the PC’s hair, nails or similar grow as if some time has passed.
2Lose d6 hp – the PC’s skin turns an outlandish colour for 24 hours.
3Slow acting poison for 1 day that brings terrible visions in the night before it wears off
4The next time the players rest they will have beautiful dreams of the gods and the feywild. Gain a point of inspiration.
5The water inspires them to find a magic trinket. Next time the players stop say they feel strangely compelled to investigate under a small bush and make a roll on the trinket table.
6Temporary strange symbols appear on their body for the next 24hrs. Arcana check DC 15 – the symbols function as a spell scroll for Goodberry. Once cast the symbols will disappear.
7Any poison or other minor affliction is cured. If not currently affected by anything they will gain advantage on their next save against poison.
8If all the party members bathe or drink the water they will lose a complete day without realising. Stubble will appear on faces that were clean shaven, the moon will be slightly different, food may have spoiled etc. If only one has drunken or bathed in the water they start moving extremely slowly as if time is passing at a different rate for them.

33) Looter’s Trap

What appears to be a corpse, their clothing torn, lies strewn and crumpled by the wayside.

The corpse has the following on its person:

  • 5 gp, 4 sp and 3 cp
  • 2 broken mirrors
  • 1 Golden locket in the shape of a magpie (10 gp), if opened salt will spill out

If players decide to pick its pockets, the corpse will vanish and a mocking fey voice will say: ‘Who steals from me steals from their heir, fate’s hand waits for dishonour’s repair’. The thieving PC will feel their arm hair or similar stand on end as if a cold breeze passed over them. If they take the threat seriously, the ‘curse’ can be lifted by gifting the stolen goods to someone in need or donating to charity.

34) Carrion

A group of vultures can be seen circling in the distance occasionally diving down and rising again.

If investigated they will find a slain griffon/ankheg or other large animal. Large parts of its belly are torn out and the head is missing. The corpse is surrounded by a large circle drawn in blood. There are foot prints leading away from the body that appear to change from large and reptilian into small and dog like and finally into booted humanoid feet. They disappear around 100 yards from the corpse in a patch of burnt ground.

35) A Friend in Need

A broken down wagon lies across the path. A hooded and hunched figure is attempting to repair a wheel of the wagon.

The driver is a fey creature in disguise, a goblin, boggart or some other humanoid sized entity. If the PCs help, they will be rewarded with a rumour/clue/information about their quest or destination. Alternatively, the PCs will find each of their pockets now contain a small amount of coins (30 cp) after the wagon goes on its way. If they watch the wagon depart they will see it fade out of existence.

36) Pack Hunt

A far away wolf-like howl echoes across the landscape.

This event grows deadlier the longer the remaining journey is. Decide an appropriate wolf like creature or pack animal that suits the party level. A wolf, Dire Wolf, Werewolf or similar. The players are being tracked.

After the initial howl, roll a d6. On a 1, a much closer howl answers. The howls and wolves draw closer together. Sometime later the two wolves howl out, roll two d6. If either show a 1 a third wolf joins them in a similar manner. Continue this process at regular intervals during the journey. When the number of wolves equals or exceeds the party strength they will attack. The wolves will attempt to down one PC and then drag them off.

41) Starfall

Wild light streaks through the sky and crashes to earth in the distance. Dust kicks up high into the sky.

d8What fell to earth?
1A wizard has crashed to earth whilst travelling
2A meteor lies smoking in the ground. It is much colder than it ought to be…The impact crater is covered in ice that appears to be spreading. Getting too close causes frostbite.
3A large flying creature set ablaze, a rokh, young dragon or other creature lies smouldering and deceased.
4An angel, devil or other heaven dwelling entity has crashed down with no memory of who or what it is. If it is taken to the nearest settlement they will hail it as a miracle. Another entity of the opposite type will appear and take the creature away. Claiming that it has escaped and must return.
5A large crater is carved out of the earth but there is no sign of what caused it. The air smells faintly of blood and acid. A maniacal laugh echoes over the landscape.
6A fey creature is playing a trick on the party with an illusion. A steaming golden egg lies in the centre of a glistening crater. If the PCs enter the crater, the illusion will be obvious.
7A weapon is being tested by Goblins, Kobolds or some other industrious humanoids.
8It’s an illusion conjured by a trickster or enemy of the party

42) Mystic Haze

A strange colour catches your eye, a thing out of place, the world is not as it was mere minutes ago.

The sky, clouds, sun or moon take on a different colour for a time, roll a d6:

1The colour change lasts only an hour
2The colour change lasts until sunset or sunrise
3the colour change lasts a whole day
4The colour change lasts a week
5The colour changes each time it is looked at and none but the party can see it
6The change is a portentous omen. Test Religion DC 13 – on a success the PC gains a point of inspiration.

43) A Town in Ruins

You sight what seems to be a collection of abandoned dwellings partially consumed by the landscape.

The ruined dwellings are few in number, perhaps no more than five. The buildings are of an unusual style for the area, perhaps ancient, reminiscent of a far off people or possibly just isolated.

d6State of the Ruins
1Overgrown with plant life, trees, bushes and fungus cover every wall. The ceilings are made of foliage sprouted up from the earth, their original roofs consumed by nature.
2The main elements of habitation are sunk into the earth, only superficial entrance ways are visible above ground
3The buildings are scorched by what appears to be immeasurably hot fire. Stonework is melted into miniature lava flows, ash litters the ground and the earth is a deep carbon black.
4The dwellings are in perfect order as if the inhabitants simply disappeared. Tables are set, food is unspoiled, clothes dry on washing lines.
5Out of a large earthen mound in the centre protrude sun bleached bones. There is no life here. A lone skeleton hangs from a decaying jibbet in front of the burial mound.
6Blood and strange symbols are daubed on the structures. A single humanoid skull lies at the entranceway to each building. All of them are covered with dust and emblazoned with a blue hex on the forehead.

Roll on the following table to see if anything of value remains in the ruined buildings:

1Nothing of value remains. There are signs of looting.
2Several small valuable items remain but the buildings all appear to have been turned over as if being searched for something. Several floor stones have been smashed and large hole dug where they lay inside the largest structure.
3An appropriate amount of loot for a standard encounter of monsters of the PC’s level.
4Several of the buildings contain magical trinkets (PHB pp. 160-161)
5An uncommon magical item. If the PCs take this item, in the next settlement, an NPC will recognise and beseech them to return it claiming that it is cursed and will bring ruin to any settlement. This will cause a ruckus and the town will threaten to eject them. The item is not really cursed.
6A dangerous magical trap protects an uncommon magical item. There is evidence that it has already dispatched several eager looters, as well as predators drawn to their decaying bodies.

44) Safe Swarm

A swarm of hundreds of fluttering insects arises from behind a rocky outcrop. The swarm flies directly towards you.

A flock of ladybirds, butterflies or other benign insects swarm around one of the party members. Where they land, they leave trails of colour behind. The swarm will follow the party for d4 miles or until they go inside. If the PCs befriend the insects, the swarm will leave but return later. When it returns, the swarm will mob friendly party members and leave something of minor value in a pocket or hand:

13 cocoons, beetle shells or similar. When one is thrown on the ground a dense swarm of harmless insects appears. The swarm partially obscures anything on the other side.
2A chain necklace carved from wood. When worn the necklace shines dim light in a 10 foot radius.
3A small pile of slightly sparkling dirt. If sprinkled on a plant it will grow to twice its size for 24 hours.
4Seven lime green berries. When consumed by a creature, it’s voice changes to sound like that of another creature of your choice. This effect lasts for 24hrs.

45) Ancient Geoglyph

As you summit the crest of the hill you notice unusual lines traced on the landscape in front of you. A faded, overgrown symbol is drawn on a massive scale.

The symbol is mostly obscured. The grass or plants around its edges grow wild and emit a strange soporiphic pollen. CON Save 12 or fall unconscious for 1 hour. If the PCs decide to try and clear some of the earth they may discern some of the symbols meaning:

1An arcane rune, the remnants of a great magical working long forgotten to time. It is burned into the earth like a charred scar. An Arcana Check DC 15 reveals an element of its purpose: binding, banishment, destruction, corruption, transmutation, summoning, undeath, deification.
2The stone outline of a giant horse, griffon or other large animal is visible where the turf has been removed. Buried beneath a key part of the animal (eye, claw etc.) are hundreds of small stone effigies of the creature. One of these is carved from pure jade or another precious material. It is worth 100gp but removing it from the site will create an intense sense of foreboding, a sensation of being followed.
3Curiously red-tinted plant-like material outlines a fiendish giant skull bedecked with horns and fangs.
4An abstract representation of the life force of the earth, a focal point of druidic worship in times of old. Interlocking geometric patterns bear resemblances to seed heads, plant cones, honeycomb and other natural patterns. A druid or nature connected PC regains extra expended resources e.g. HP or Spell slots. Alternatively, they gain temporary extra resources for 24 hours.
5Thousands of small pebbles make out the edges of two god-like figures battling. The symbology of the god figures does not appear to match that of any extant in the known pantheon/s. The stones do not appear to be local and mysteriously return to the site if removed. Wounded PCs take one HP of damage for every 15 minutes spent within 10feet of the symbol.
6Intersecting lines, concentric circles, animal figures, humanoids and a wide variety of other patterns dot the landscape all around. Most are heavily covered in vegetation or have fallen into disrepair and are barely or only partially visible. They appear to be designed to be seen from above and as such their forms are hard to make out.

46) Ancient Artefacts

Thousands of toruses lie littered over the ground for what must be miles. They vary in size from a few metres in diameter to only a centimetre.

The rings are made from stone in a wide variety of hues and geological compositions. Each one is cracked or broken into several pieces. Around the inside they have various words written in an ancient script: luck, loss, health, wit, summer, night. There is a small chance the PCs may find one that says: ‘magic’ and is the size of a humanoid finger ring. When worn, this ring gradually heats up until it is unbearably warm and cause 1 fire damage per round until removed.

51) Ghostly Watcher

Atop a hill in the far distance stands a ghostly figure. Carrying a sword and bow, the figure exudes a pale light.

As PCs observe or get closer, the figure’s cloak flaps in the wind despite the strange calm of the air. It turns to look at its observers revealing a blank grey mask in place of a face. When the PCs are within 100 feet, the spirit rushes towards them closing the distance at frightening speed. If the PCs react by attacking, the spirit has an AC of 18 and a + 5 to saves. If they hit or otherwise succeed in targeting the spirit it disappears to the sound of faint sobbing. If they do not attack or do not succeed, the spirit passes through each party member dropping their body temperature as if plunged into icy water. It then says: “Why was she not here, I waited so long, I still wait, why?” The spirit then vanishes, fading out slowly followed by a harsh gust of wind.

52) A Dreaming Shared

This should occur whilst the party sleeps outside town. If their journey is not long enough to warrant a long rest, feel free to re-roll the encounter. Alternatively, have a deep mist settle that distorts vision eventually overcoming the party and lulling them into a deep dream. However, try not to force the issue.

As you drift into a heavy sleep you experience a sense of falling followed by moving at great speed. A heavy scent of blue and purple assails your nostrils. Out of the heavy mists of dreams and behind a soft yellow curtain, you spy the familiar silhouettes of your companions.

Each PC should recount something important to their character, for example:

  • A precious memory
  • An important person or place
  • Something they desire
  • Something they are afraid of
  • A favourite animal or pet

These elements should be combined into a strange blend of images and/or encounters culminating in a battle with a nightmare creature. The battle should take place in an dream version of an important location. For the nightmare creature, use a level appropriate creature for its stat block but it should resemble a person familiar to the party. As well as its original abilities it has one ability from each PC. Defeating it ends the dream abruptly.

The party awakes several miles away from where they slept. The surroundings will be noticeably different. A successful Survival Check DC 10 will reveal their location and get them back on track. Afterwards, a random PC will find a strange glowing stone in their pack. It is carved into the shape of something from the dream. This is a Dreamshard, a small lump of the dreamweave solidified and manifested on the material plane. When this Dreamshard is activated it casts Sleep at the average level of the party.

53) Hidden Growth

A faint light catches your eye. It is emanating from a pile of leaves clustered beneath a distant plant.

A glowing acorn or other seed is hidden under the piles of leaves. The seed should not be from the plant under which it lies. This glowing seed is a Dryad Seed. When planted a suitable tree for a dryad will grow to full height over 24hours. If the PCs deliver the seed to a local forest they will be rewarded by the Spirits of that Forest.

54) Four Meetings Foretold

The PC with the highest Perception should spy the three below animals and an elemental in group in the distance. Soon after they should disappear. A little further on, a large herd of rabbits or other burrowing animals surfaces in front of the party and blocks its path.

If the PCs try to go around them they will duck underground and resurface in their path again. If the PCs try to go through them they will pound the ground and cause a wild wind to push them back. The animals wish to be entertained by a song. A successful Performance Check DC 12 will clear the party’s path, the animals dancing along with the performance.

Following this, the PCs will encounter a large herd of grazing animals, wildebeest, zebra, antelope, goats, auroch or similar. They will bunch together to block the party’s path, threatening with their horns. The animals wish to be entertained by a story. A successful Performance Check DC 12 will clear the party’s path, the animals braying in approval.

Following this, the PCs will encounter a large group of predatory animals: lions, crocodiles, owl bears, manticore etc. They are lazily milling about and look bored but wary of the PCs. The animals wish to be regaled with tales from History or be flattered with information on their Nature. A successful Nature or History Check DC 12 will clear the party's path, the animals dozing off contentedly.

Finally, the PCs will encounter a lake, crevice, dry brushland or wind buffeted hill. These are inhabited by a water, earth, fire or air elementals. The Elementals wish to be entertained by feats of strength and dexterity. Ask the PCs what they do. The DC of the check should be 15. If two or more PCs succeed the elementals will be pleased and present them with a gift of a special charm. The charm may be activated as a bonus action to give one creature within 5 feet resistance to bludgeoning and fire damage for 1 hour. If all the PCs succeed, the elementals also reward them with a charm that can be used to cast Summon Elemental once.

55) My Other Half

A dwarven figure sits by the side of the road dressed head to toe in red silk.

As he turns to face the party, it is clear that the right half of his body is invisible or missing. It does not affect his posture and he moves as if it is still there. The dwarf’s name is Aldrud and he has been struck by a curse. The curse was inflicted by:

d6Cursed by
1A green hag named Andlewlyn. Aldrud wished for a potion from the witch to reduce his weight…it worked.
2A dilettante sorcerer idly tested their latest spell on him and then fled after seeing the results
3He bought a strange medallion from a travelling peddler. When he put it on, the curse manifested. He has been unable to remove it.
4He stole a keg of magical ale from a fae creature. He has stashed the ale but refuses to return it even though it would remove his curse. He claims it is the sweetest brew that ever passed his lips.
5Unknowingly whilst travelling Aldrud lent on an ancient waystone. That stone marked a transition point between material and ethereal planes and shifted half his body out of sync.
6He was bragging to anyone who would listen that he was twice the man they were. A dragon disguised in human form took umbrage and cut him down to size.

56) Plants from Elsewhere

A very unusual looking plant grows behind a rocky outcrop.

The plant can be generated using the tables I created here.

61) Whispering Grass

The grasses growing around you whistle and murmur softly as they are buffeted by the night’s winds.

Choose one of the following:


They speak the name ‘Gullama’.

A DC 12 Religion or History check reveals this as the name of eponymous Tale of Gullama, an ancient parable that recounts the tragic death of Gullama. Gullama walked out alone from his village and passed through long reeds. His fate was:

  • Something spirited him away
  • Fairies tempted him into the faye and he never returned
  • A wolf or other large creature ate him and filled the soil with blood that grew thick with bloodnettles. You find a patch of blood nettles.

A faint and melancholy memory

The murmuring of the grass resurfaces forgotten or submerged memories of something lost and never regained. The PCs should recount these memories to each other. This sharing leads to a closer bond between the group. Each party member gains a d4 that they can add to a party member’s roll. If this dice is not used within 24hrs it is lost.

62) Fairy Trap Fence

A long wooden fence extends around a copse of trees. One of the fence posts appears to have a tiny figure perched on its top.

A fairy is trapped on a square wooden peg. It will refuse to leave the peg insisting that it will die if it does so. The only way to get it safely off is to carve the square peg into a circle. If the fairy is rescued it will do one of the following: Bless a PC with Inspiration, Reveal a useful secret, fly with the party alerting them to danger before leaving.

63) Sarcophagus

A large stone shape partially juts out of the hillside.

A recent flood has washed away the side of a hill. This has revealed the edge of a sarcophgus seemingly of ancient origin. It will be very difficult to dislodge and open. The script on the side is untelligilble unless knowledge of prehistoric languages is possessed. It tells of a magical trap released upon opening. Inside is the body of an ancient warrior who served a bloodthirty king. His long rusted weaponry is present as is large gemstone stolen from the king worth 100gp. The spirit of the king will haunt whoever takes it. Once per combat the DM may inflict disadvantage on a dice roll of the bearer. If the stone is sold the curse passes onto the new owner. If it is thrown away, the stone will appear in another PC’s pocket.

64) Prophetic Sky

As you gaze upwards, the sky provides a strange warning.

d6Colour of the Sky
1A rich azure blue shot through with streaks of wild yellows
2Faintly red like the diffused light from a fire
3The clouds sparkle faintly as if filled with stars
4The landscape goes almost pitch black as dark clouds blot out the sun or moon and stars
5A silver shimmer plays across the heavens
6Fractal patterns connect points of light

A PC may attempt to interpret the signs using Religion or Insight DC 15. Failure indicates a mixed, incomplete or incorrect reading.

d6Meaning in the Sky
1Is it merely weather, a trick of the eye, a natural phenomenon caused by conjunctions of the planets or other coincidence. However, a faint nagging sensation leaves you unsure.
2The event is a sign of something ominous to come. The effect should be hinted at by the DM so the PC is prepared for it: force a re-roll of a successful attack roll, automatically fail an ability check, a creature that attacks one of the party members will score a critical hit. When the event occurs the sky changes to a similar pattern.
3The event is a sign of good fortune to come: gain a point of inspiration, find a 50 gp gem stone within two days or automatically score a critical hit at a point of the DM’s choosing. When the event occurs the sky changes to a similar pattern.
4A message has been sent by the gods. If the PCs pray, make a dedication/sacrifice/offering or support a local temple or religious site, the party members all gain a point of inspiration. Alternatively, have a divine being show up to help them in a combat.
5The changing sky is the result of sorcerous meddling. A nearby spell caster
6The sign marks the entrance to the material plane of a divine being or other powerful extra-planar entity.

65) Whispering Wind

66) Missing Stars

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I made a Wild West Town generator

I made a Random Wild West Town generator. Everything from the town itself to what picture hangs on the walls of the saloon is completely randomized and so are all the many and varied characters. With billions of possibilities, you can keep having fun with this forever!!!

Link: https://perchance.org/wildwest-town-generator

Updated daily.


Year: August 1884

State: Wyoming

It is an average ranch n cattle town which forms the center of a county inhabited by optimistic settlers.

On the way to the town on the path you come across a gang of outlaws led by a middle-aged tall somewhat fat Italian man who demand a toll from you for passing through their territory.

As you enter the town, you notice the usual idyllic and rough nature of western towns. People and horses pass by you going about their daily jobs and the occassional drunk blabbers senseless words on the sidewalk.

From the wooden facades, rough buildings and tent camp grounds on the main street and beyond, its clear that the town has been hastily built very recently as is common for boom towns in the west.

Mode of transportation

Despite its decent size, the town has no railroad passing through yet and is accessible only via horse and stagecoach. Thus without trains to take cattle across, the cowboy cattle drives continue as before.


It is a medium sized rugged wooden building with a ground level and a cellar. There's a room at the back that you can rent for the night. The interior has a very posh appearance. The floor is spotless, the tables are well arranged with crisp new candles sitting upon each, the clean windows provide a nice view and even the ceiling appears to be tidy. It's clear that the owner nurtures the place like a professional.

The drinks are somewhat costly with only one selection. The food offering is overpriced and has a very limited menu.

The establishment is owned by an ex-bandit who is rumoured to have paid off his own bounty. He manages it with his wife. The couple are of Dixie descent.
If you attempt to make conversation with him then he will blabber some nonsense about a wonder medicine he sells that will make your horse as fast as the wind.

The place is absolutely brimming with life as you enter. Out of the ruckus, 5 tables catch your attention.
1)At the first table a group of companymen led by a slightly ageing tall physically fit native American man are gambling on some strange unknown game.

2)At the second table are sitting two Yankee strangely dressed men. The first man is middle-aged, tall and fat and the second man is middle-aged, medium heighted and physically fit. They are fighting amongst themselves. Each blaming the other, their loud shouts and curses may soon turn into a fistfight.

3)At the third table a group of men are playing liar's dice. The first man is a young medium heighted somewhat fat Yankee, the second man is a middle-aged short somewhat thin Italian, the third man is a young short physically fit Irish, the fourth man is a slightly ageing short fat Germanic and the last man is a slightly ageing medium heighted physically fit Irish.

4)At the fourth table a group of men are playing poker. The first man is a middle-aged medium heighted physically fit Dixie, the second man is a slightly ageing tall physically fit Dixie, the third man is a slightly ageing medium heighted somewhat thin Afro-American, the fourth man is a young tall fat Canadian and the last man is a slightly ageing medium heighted physically fit Irish.

5)At the fifth table are sitting two Yankee ranchers. The first man is young, tall and skinny and the second man is slightly ageing, medium heighted and physically fit. They are fighting amongst themselves. Each blaming the other, their loud shouts and curses may soon turn into a fistfight

Apart from the owner and the patrons, you notice the breathtakingly massive and beautiful chandelier hanging from the ceiling and a dartboard with its pins still stuck on it on the eastern wall

If you stay the night, then you will hear loud moaning noises throughout the night, their sources easily guessable.

Law Enforcement

The Sheriff's office is a rugged wooden building with a desk for the Sheriff and 4 simple cells for outlaws.

The Sheriff is a young medium heighted skinny Yankee man.

If you attempt to make conversation with him then he will blabber some nonsense revealing the alcohol streaming through his veins.

Apart from the sherrif you see 3 other persons of interest.
1)A slightly ageing tall physically fit Irish woman sits alone with a sad gloomy look on her face and judging by her clothes and mannerisms, she appears to be a regular housewife.

2)A young tall skinny Germanic prisoner struggling in chains on a chair nearby. From his mannerisms, he appears to be an insane murderer.

3)A middle-aged medium heighted fat Yankee armed deputy cleaning his rifle.

You also notice an old newspaper clipping of the day this station was built adorning the wall opposite the sheriff's desk and a portrait of president Lincoln adorning the wall behind the Sheriff's desk.

***Local businesses***


For meat and animal parts of all kinds, the town has a few butcher's stalls on the sidewalk upon the mainstreet. Your eyes mainly fall on one of them.

The butcher is a slightly ageing tall somewhat thin Irish who inherited and learned the trade from his late father.

If you attempt to make conversation with him then he will interrupt you and ask you to state your business, else leave.


The Barber shop is located on the mainstreet.

The barber is a young short skinny Mexican who setup this business upon his own hard work and skill.

If you attempt to make conversation with him then he will tell you a colorful dramatic version of his past right from his childhood to present day.

The Barber shop itself is a small rugged wooden building. Inside you see 4 chairs and a bunch of small accessories like scissors, various oils, combs etc.

Inside you see the regular barber shop furnishing. Small mirrors in front of each seat, a few lamps in every corner of the room, a candle in front of every seat, a cabinet with an assortement of oils, lotions and scissors and a regular carpet on the floor. The establishment is mostly tidy though things like the piles of dust under cabinets and the slightly unclean roof indicates that the owner has cut corners when it comes to cleanliness.

Apart from the usual posters about some new hair oil and beard growing lotions, you also notice a breathtakingly detailed map of Asia and its oriental empires on the southern wall.

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Web to Generate random Roles contents (RoleGenerator)

RoleGenerator Inn Art

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share with r/BehindTheTables the RoleGenerator website. It's a type portal of random role-playing generators. It has a lot of tools, simulators and stuff like that. Right now it has a lot of generic content (for any roleplaying game, something more narrative) but we want to do specific things for D&D, Pathfinder, and other games set in medieval fantasy.

There are "Generics Modules" like taverns module:


and a "specific" one for D&D from random stores (every generator are free access and avaliable)


The website is based on a mobile application in Spanish, which we have converted to web format and free, so the translation from Spanish to English is not perfect.

I wanted to thank OrkishBlade (moderator) for all the work he has developed in r/BehindTheTables and for letting us use some tables. Part of the contents are in the database and translated into Spanish, which is a very good tool (in Spanish there are no random generators online and it is very much appreciated). Apart from random generators there are also initiative trackers, calculators, combat simulators, travels, etc.

I hope you find it useful in your games and like it! I'm sorry that the page is not in native English :$

Greetings and thanks again!

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Random Encounters: Roads of the Civilized Lands

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  1. Law| 1. Courier or Scout |

| 2. Prisoner(s) escorted by guards | | 3. Bounty Hunter (with or without target) | | 4. Soldiers (on patrol, going to a fight, or returning from one) | | 5. Tax collector or census taker | | 6. Nobleman with entourage | 2. Tradesman | 1. General Goods Trader | | 2. Knick knacks Trader (selling cheap luxuries) | | 3. Herbalist | | 4. Craftsman | 1. Carpenter | | 2. Mason | | 3. Thatcher or Roofer | | 4. Toolsmith (selling and repairing) | | 5. Hedgemage or alchemist | | 6. Specialist traveling to new city | 5. Wagon of resources (wood, iron, clay, stone...) | | 6. Far trader (bringing luxuries from far-off lands) | 3. Wanderer | 1. Performer or charlatan | | 2. Itinerant priest | | 3. Sage (traveling to an employer or to gather knowledge in his field) | | 4. Vagabond, beggar or other penniless traveler | | 5. Outlaw (thief, brigand, escaped slave) | | 6. Adventurers or mercenaries | 1. Flush with wealth | | 2. Traveling (towards family, new employer, where the wind takes them) | | 3. On a quest | | 4. On the way to a dungeon | | 5. Recently defeated, wounded, but optimistic | | 6. Defeated and broken 4-5. Common folk | 1. Married couple (newly married, moving, visiting relatives, with baby, pregnant) | | 2. Driving cattle or transporting smaller animals (poultry, pigs) | | 3. Driving produce to market or returning | | 4. Day-laborer (between jobs) | | 5. Travelling to the city or a noble manor seeking work | | 6. Hunters (going to or from hunt, close or far, big or small game) | 6. Special | 1. Pilgrims | | 2. Refugees | | 3. Settlers (traveling to create new settlement, mine, farmstead, or other) | | 4-6. Roll again and add modifier | 1. Injured or stuck (broken wagon) | | 2. Celebratory (wedding, name-day, holy day) | | 3. More than usual (caravan, army) | | 4. Unusually interested in the party | | 5. Antagonistic (openly or covertly) | | 6. Unique, interesting NPC

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Trinity Continuum: Æon Referee's Inspiration Spreadsheet

Æon is a sci-fi game in Onyx Path's Trinity line, but that's not important (unless you say it is).

What's important is that this will generate the key points for a mission or job in this setting, generate NPCs with names and heights relevant to particular countries or ethnic groups, and that I'm slowly working on making it better, so I'd love some feedback.

It's in the form of a Google Sheet, and you can see it here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rMCzW1GAnhRO9vtFR4uGTCtBRNQeFAA6dPJ0PeD8L9c/edit?usp=sharing

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I spent an absurd amount of time making a fantasy character generator

There are lots of character generators out there already, but hopefully this is one of the better ones. The last time I checked the math, it was capable of producing more than 8.2 x 10^28 unique characters (not including names and nicknames), but it's gotten even bigger since then and math is hard, so just feast your eyeballs on this wealth of characters:

Fish Davidson's Fantasy Character Generator

Here's an example of some of the output:

Gorga "Gorgon" Basha

trans female half-orc ranger (she/her)


  • Piercings. 1 (nose)
  • Clothing. Religious Garb
  • Flesh. firm skin
  • Face Shape. long face
  • Tusks. mismatched tusks

Other Character Stuff

  • Financially Well-Off. Someone else controls your finances, and you're not getting any more than you already are. They are very difficult to persuade.
  • Affiliations. Reliable member of the Harpers
  • Romantic History. homosexual who has been stuck in a bad marriage
  • Gainfully Employed. Works for a scribe who cuts corners on workplace safety.
  • Family. The members with the most talent for the family business have the most say in family matters. The public opinion is that you and your family are beneath contempt.

Kord is who they worship. Kord's symbol is a sword with a lightning bolt cross guard.


Let me know what you think!

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