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350.org is the umbrella organization for many climate change activism organizations.

/r/350 is where we challenge reddit's culture of passivity that surrounds climate change. This will be the defining issue of our generation and it's time we recognize it.


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/r/350 is a platform for the Climate Action Movement and its campaigns; discussion of 350.org, efforts made, posters, art, images, videos; stories of your work; campaign ideas; campus efforts and actions; culture jamming, and awareness campaigns are all welcome here.

This is where we challenge the culture of passivity that surrounds climate change. It will be the defining issue of our generation and it's time we recognize it.

Find your local 350 chapter and get involved!

Our Mission

350.org is building a global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis. Our online campaigns, grassroots organizing, and mass public actions are led from the bottom up by thousands of volunteer organizers in over 188 countries.

350 means climate safety. To preserve our planet, scientists tell us we must reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from its current levels of 400 parts per million to below 350 ppm. But 350 is more than a number—it's a symbol of where we need to head as a planet.

350.org works hard to organize in a new way—everywhere at once, using online tools to facilitate strategic offline action. We want to be a laboratory for the best ways to strengthen the climate movement and catalyze transformation around the world. We believe that if a global grassroots movement holds our leaders accountable to realities of science and principles of justice, we can realize the solutions that will ensure a better future for all.

Or to put it another way...

With over 4000 languages spoken around the world, words don't always get the point across. To transcend the language barrier we made this wordless animation that explains 350.org in 90 seconds.

Campaigns & Projects
Fossil Free
Global Power Shift
Do the Math: The Movie
An Open Letter to President Obama
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Climate Leadership Workshops
End Fossil Fuel Subsidies: Global
Connect the Dots
eARTh: Climate Art
Mountain Justice
Beyond Coal
Beyond Oil

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Chesapeake Climate Action Network
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The Climate Reality Project
CREDO mobile
Energy Action Coalition
Friends of the Earth
Interfaith Power & Light
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350 New Mexico Climate Emergency Event

Speaker Series: NM’s Largest Climate Polluters Report

What: First Report on NM’s Largest Climate Polluters

Where: Pre-register on Zoom at LINK

When: 6:30 PM MT, Monday, March 27, 2023

Who: Gabe Pacyniak, JD UNM School of Law and others.

Description: Hear authors of the report, Impacts of NM’s Largest Emissions Sources" including Gabe Pacyniak, JD discuss the February 1 report that for the first time examines the climate and health damaging pollution from large stationary sources in New Mexico.

The report identifies 189 stationary sources that together contribute approximately 25 percent of the state’s climate pollution along with a large share of conventional pollutants. The largest share of pollution from these sources comes from the electric power and oil and gas sectors. Other large stationary sources include mines, manufacturing facilities, airports, and universities.

The report also analyzed where large sources are located and suggested that there may be equity benefits to reducing emissions in those areas with a high percentage of people of color, lower-income people, or people with health vulnerabilities. Four regions—the San Juan Basin; Permian Basin; Albuquerque, Bernalillo, and Sandoval Counties; and Las Cruces and Dona Aña County—were identified as areas with clusters of large stationary sources.

Finally, the report finds that current state policies are not adequate to achieve climate pollution reductions from these sources in keeping with the state’s climate goals but identifies ways that climate pollution policies could be designed to both reduce climate pollution and maximize public health benefits for communities where these sources are located. UNM’s Just Transition Grand Challenge initiative and the nonprofit organization PSE Healthy Energy hosted the report. The report was funded by the Environmental Defense Fund.  

Event on Facebook: LINK

***All Events are Free and Open to the Public***

06:29 UTC


Can't make today's protest? Send a fax to Big Bank CEOs.

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Kit Carson Rural Electric Co-op (KCEC) achieved the lowest Co-op rates in New Mexico with 100% solar-powered electricity on summer days.

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What wildlife/protection organizations can you trust?

My partner is extremely into biology, specifically wildlife and wildlife conservation. His birthday is soon and I want to buy him something from a wildlife protection organization but dont know which to trust as ive heard a lot of the larger organizations are corrupt.

Are there any reliable organizations you can donate or buy merch from? Sorry is this is a general question, i was unsure of where to post it.

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The Linea

The Linea is the name of a futuristic-yet-realistic urban planning project that targets ecological excellence.

It consists of the construction of a single type of elevated building:

  • which typically includes housing and all types of service premises,
  • but which also includes an integrated circulation system for people and goods thanks to specialized vehicles called "Boxes" which move on rails inside the building itself, and this, in a fully automated way.

This type of town planning would provide immediate solutions to the following ecological problems:

  • Urban sprawl due to residential areas and peripheral commercial areas.
  • The use of cars and trucks as the main means of movement for people and goods.
  • The negative impact of the omnipresence of man in the environment suffered by wild species.

The Linea takes the form of a rectilinear building:

  • of indefinite length (typically several hundred kilometers would be possible),
  • and a main width of 12.80 m,

which periodically alternate almost identical sections of a little more than a kilometer in length (named Modules) which contain housing, a school, and a center of activities necessary for the people residing in each module.

The 2 following views show a simplified side view of the Linea at the level of a short section of housing and a section at the level of this same section:

Side view of a slice of housing part

Section at the housing part

A complete description of the Linea is available here : https://lineabuilding.wiki.zoho.eu/English-version.html

08:01 UTC


how to check miles per gallon

I've s33n people check their miles per gallon through the digital dash. For me it just shows the speed. How do I see the miles per gallon I'm getting.

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Storytelling for Activists - Podcasting Class

Sharing! Lots of other great podcasting courses here as well.


Stories can connect people across boundaries of distance and experience. Stories can also help activists and activist groups build power, reframe and shift oppressive dominant narratives, and help create space to grow community. Activist storytelling, when created and disseminated with intention and care, infuses our culture with myriad viewpoints and creates a kind of intervention that can help us stride toward accountability, justice, and joy. As communicators, we have the opportunity to uncover media’s intentional or unwitting replications of an oppressive society, and consciously expand its capabilities.

In this one hour online course, Jennifer Johnson Avril will discuss the history of activist-made media, how to apply organizing tactics to storytelling, and how to communicate for movement building.

About Your Instructor
Jennifer Johnson Avril is the Director of Advocacy Communications at Housing Works, where she amplifies a community of relentless advocates and works with her team to change the way people write, talk, post and think about HIV/AIDS, homelessness, harm reduction and racial justice. Along with her teammates, Jennifer was a 2021 recipient of the CPHS Marshall England Award for Public Health. Prior to coming to Housing Works, Jennifer project managed Unlocked, an online educational curriculum for health professionals aimed at increasing understanding and empathy for people with mental health challenges, based on the work of filmmaker Lucy Winer. She has written about HIV/AIDS issues and activism for The Body and is a proud former floor member of ACT UP NY. Jennifer recently received her MA in Media Studies + Social Change from Queens College, where she focused on activist communications for systemic disruption. She has been a communications professional for over 25 years. A lifelong New Yorker, Jennifer lives in Brooklyn with her husband, kid, two dogs, a cat who thinks he's a dog, and an actual cat.

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Where can I buy the carbon credits?

My brother and I want to buy carbon credits to offset our carbon footprint, but not sure where to buy the credits verified by formal organizations.

I've seen lots of the marketplace and most of them are B2B. They sell the credits in huge amounts. It would be a burden for us to consume that.

Is there any recommendation of the marketplace selling the credits? (verified by famous standard such as VCS or GS would be better)

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I’ve started an eco group. What do I do to make it more established?

Edit- I meant climate advocacy group sorry

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Protest exploration of oil and gas reserves on South Africa's aptly named Wild Coast

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Seeking climate justice organizers for paid survey

Hello 350 friends!

I’m a postdoc in Environmental Studies researching how climate justice organizers have conversations about climate action. I’d like to warmly invite any interested climate justice organizers who live in the US and are over 18 years old to contribute their thoughts through an anonymous online survey. Survey respondents will receive a $15 gift card as a thank you. If you’re interested in participating, please send me a message and I will share the survey link with you (I’m not posting it because I’ve had some issues with spam responses).

17:02 UTC


One Good Deed - Let's Plant Some Trees!

Hey r/350 my name is Jason and I’m with Mogo - a Canadian fintech brand that aims to help Canadians save sustainably! We’re on a mission to help Canada achieve net-zero carbon emissions – and become a climate positive country.

A few days ago was Zero Emissions day, and we've made it our goal to plant 1 MILLION trees in partnership with Vancouver-based restoration organization, veritree. We would love it if you could like our post and share it with your friends to spread the word! 

While planting tree's is important to us, we also hope to educate, provide jobs, food security, and iterate Why trees are so important in a healthy, growing ecosystem! Knowledge is power and awareness sparks change!

To learn more about our partnership with veritree and Code Red Mode, you can visit our blog

Thanks, everyone! 

19:29 UTC


SolarPunk - A Brighter Future

14:45 UTC


Senator Jeff Merkley: Line 3 is a crime against the planet. It should never be built.

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