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This is a place to commission a knitter to make a one-of-a-kind item just for you!

PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING - Please do not post a request if you are unwilling/unable to offer at least minimum wage for labour. For an average adult sweater this will be 40 hours minimum, plus materials and shipping. Expect handmade garments to be significantly more expensive than off the rack.

Request something to be knit for you!

PLEASE NOTE - Hand knitting is a time consuming, skilled craft, and knitters expect to be fairly compensated for their time. The average sweater can take 40 hours or more to complete, so don't expect someone to do that for $20.

No selling, please - if you request monetary reimbursement, please sort that out via personal messages.

If someone agrees to fulfill your request, please edit the original post to indicate that the job is taken.


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Cool Jumper from when I was little

Hi, I would like someone to recreate this jumper from my childhood that just looks pretty cool I think.


It would be adult male size medium/large. But will take measurements of another jumper I have that fits well if someone is interested in making this. I am tall and skinny so in between sizes sometimes. I would also appreciate a rough idea of costs, I know wool and time are somewhat expensive, but obviously happy to pay for materials and then some for the work.

I dont know much about yarn, so any advice would be appreciated, but I would like it to be natural and not too itchy.

I don't have a specific time frame in mind, just before it starts to get warm, so maybe between January and March

I am also based in London UK, so anyone UK based is ideal so shipping isnt too much but its not a deal breaker. Thanks for reading hope someone can do this.

11:47 UTC


Strange, potentially very creative request!

It's turned into a running joke that my SO wants to invent a little kitted cap that keeps only your nose warm. My impressive (horrifying?) illustration is here: https://imgur.com/a/EkBzSSt Mermaid man chic, if you will.

I'll give the designer creative freedom. As long as it would probably stay on while the icy-nosed wearer is sleeping, I'd consider it a success!

Follow up questions are welcomed lol

Is $100 + materials fair? It's small but I realize it could require some iteration and engineering.

15:54 UTC


Looking to commission a newborn sized Santa hat

I know it's short notice but I'm hoping someone will be able to accommodate this request.

I'm looking for a handmade knit Santa hat for a baby boy due the week of December 12th. I'm not positive that's enough time but I hope so!

I don't have a specific pattern or material in mind. I'm imagining just the classic red hat with white brim. The only specific request is that it be a bit stretchy because baby is measuring large.

Thanks for considering!

05:57 UTC


knit sweater commission

hi y’all! been in LOVE with this sweater for months now, just currently do not have the time to learn how to knit myself. here’s a link to the pattern:


Size: large

Timeframe: not picky! it stays cold where i live (mississippi) until about march

yarn type: more than likely wool, unless i can find a polyester with the same dye as the wool kind i’ve been looking at

budget: i’m currently trying to gauge what the price range would be for something like this, and i would be happy to pay for the pattern as well as pick out and pay for the yarn of course!

04:31 UTC


Sweater from Brat 2


Can anyone recreate the sweater work by Sergei Bobrov in Brat 2? I like how it’s too large for him as well.

I’m an adult large, but would like it to be loose on me. There’s no deadline for this and budget is flexible

22:04 UTC


(Updated) Need Help Making Men's Sweater Size Large! crewneck style?

I'm looking for something super simple in a men's size Large 42" chest, just a knitted crewneck- i am an absolute beginner and thought this would be relaxing, but it's a whole new craft I've found appreciation for- I bought the Simple Sweater design from Tin Can Knits and I'd give you the login info to use that pattern, but I already bought the yarn to do it and I almost can't even comprehend seeing it through working 7 days a week like I have been.

I'm odd, I want two different kinds of yarn knitted at the same time, Malabrigo Rios 277 Worsted weight yarn with Rowan 25g Mohair to give the halo on the sweater.

Would anybody be interested in helping me out with this? I understand the talent and time, would $150 be sufficient considering there's no cost for the yarn, we could coordinate me sending it to your address. I'd prefer payment after the completed project, just because I'm worried of sending $200+ of yarn lol.

I'm looking for the style of Corridor, their latest season had 3 different space dyed crewnecks I bought and this would be unique in a style I've fallen in love with. I can send images of the yarn as well.

Anyone talented?? 😂

04:58 UTC


Interested in commissioning custom knit men's S wool sweater

EDIT: THANK YOU everyone who replied and considered offering your service, that is so kind. I have found someone and will be continuing with them.

Original post: Hello, I was hoping to commission a custom sweater featuring traditional patterns with cultural significance to myself and my community. Happy to share the specifics of my request if you're sincerely interested in taking on this commission and I think you would be the right fit!

I'd be up to pay up to $500 for such a project, hoping that would be a reasonable expectation but I'm also flexible based on further details, I've spent more on single articles of clothing.

Based on the design I'm thinking of, it would probably involve 2-3 yarns and have 2 major geometric motifs. I'm interested in a thicker gauge of yarn (like that seen on Cowichan sweater) if possible with the design I have in mind.

I typically wear a US men's size small, I will share measurements and other details of my preferred fit.

Essentially I don't have a date I would want it by, would just hope it could be completed in a reasonable time frame (1-3 months? I'm not super familiar with knitting, forgive me if that's a wild expectation)

I live in the eastern US, happy to pay for shipping too for the completed project if you're in the US and use any accessible shipping service.

Thank you for your consideration!

20:54 UTC


Hoping to Match Christmas Stocking in Different Color

Hey everyone, I don't hit up reddit often, but had a hopefully not too hard knitting request. I have two matching Christmas stockings from years ago. Since the birth of our daughter, I have searching high and low to find other colors in this exact style. You can see them in the pictures (linked below). About 20" from "top to toe" (as is measured in the pictures). I'm actually looking for a navy blue one with fur matching as closely as possible to the others pictured. Matching as close as possible with the pattern too. Happy to provide more photos or measurements.

I would love to get it close to Christmas but totally can be flexible if that's too short a timeline. Happy to use it for next year's holidays.

I live in the US (Virginia).

Yarn preference: No preference. Just Navy Blue

Budget: Hoping to get this for less than $200, but so much better if less than $150.

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/a741Vju https://imgur.com/2PnJRHw https://imgur.com/8s6uT4t https://imgur.com/oJK5xPA https://imgur.com/AeUjEnV

18:17 UTC


Looking for someone who has made this sweater


It’s called the Bawi sweater. Looking for someone who has made it would would be willing to remake it

Edit: hi everyone! I am sorry this was my first time ever posting on this sub and I did not know what was needed! Here is the information you requested:

  1. Size: Adult Large
  2. Timeline: No set timeline but by January or February would be preferable.
  3. Budget: Max $300. I am also willing to barter as I am a designer and artist by trade working in ceramics, metalwork (casting and for work; I do no do forge work currently,) jewelry smithing, woodworking, and industrial design related pursuits such as 2D and 3D design.
  4. Yarn Preference: preferably natural however I have some sensitivity to wool and I suspect I would have a similar reaction to mohair as described in the yarn description so I would go off of your professional opinion.

I am located in the US

05:48 UTC


Blanket Replica

Looking for someone to make a replica of my girlfriend’s favorite blanket. It’s a checkered blue 48 x 43 inch blanket purchased from Cracker Barrel in the early 2000’s. It is very faded but I have photos of it upon request.

Thanks in advance!

12:12 UTC


Looking to commissions someone for a silly hat :)

I've been working on a cosplay but can't seem to find a hat that resembles the one my character wears. 100% to pay whatever the supplies , shipping's , and hourly wage of course .
here's the link of what I wanted https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/flcl-hat

04:47 UTC


Looking for pattern translation help (KR - ENG)

not sure if this is allowed and/or the right sub - please let me know if not :)

I've fallen in love with a sweater pattern that I'd really love to knit, but it's only written in Korean and I'm not fluent enough (especially in terms of knitting terminology) to read it 😭 is there anyone who would be able and willing to translate it for me? Of course I'll be purchasing the pattern myself, as well as compensation for your time and effort - thank you!!

17:01 UTC


Custom gloves for a 5yo

Hi all, my son has a unique right hand and a couple of years ago a lovely lady from the sub ‘knit for a unique fit’ made him the perfect pair of gloves. They lasted 2 winter seasons but sadly he’s now outgrown them. That sub seems to be private now, so I was wondering if there might be anyone out there who would be willing and able to help? Or perhaps point me in a more suitable direction? Many thanks in advance

13:22 UTC


I'm in love with this cardigan

Hi there - I came across this sweater on Pinterest, and sadly, I haven't found a sweater remotely like it anywhere on the internet. Would anyone be willing to take on a project to replicate? I usually wear a women's size medium...

I'm in south jersey. Please feel free to message me to discuss. Thank you so much!


11:40 UTC


Looking for an estimate for 2 stockings

My aunt made this for me when I was a baby and I would like 2 made for my daughters. I have the instruction sheet. My aunt doesn’t knit anymore. What would be the estimated cost? I’m not sure how to link a photo.

ETA: figured out to add a link with a picture and the instructions

ETA2: I live in Texas. Not sure if that makes a huge difference in shipping cost.


22:50 UTC


Looking for an estimate for this sweater/scarf.

I came across this adorable sweater scarf pattern on Etsy and I thought it would make a great gift to my bridesmaids and MOH ❤️ I'm hoping to get a quote from someone to see how much it would cost for probably 5 of them. https://www.etsy.com/listing/1478834887/knitting-pattern-snowfall-sweater-scarf

I am based in San Jose, CA, USA. And getting married Dec. 2024.

20:15 UTC


Maize Fingerless Mitts

FOUND THANK YOU Im looking for quotes for someone to make a pair of the Maize Fingerless Mitts by Tin Can Knits while I work on the matching hat. Size small adult. I can provide the yarn and money but not the dpns as they are in use on another wip. Must be nonsmoking and dog/Perfume free.

ETA Im in USA, AZ to be specific. Thanks!


00:03 UTC


Halibut Sweater

Hi! I am obsessed with the Boyland Knit halibut sweater and do not knit at all, sadly. I don’t know what to do!! I’m interested in any rough quotes from people in the US. Size L because I’d like a more relaxed fit, preferably natural fibers. No time requirements. Open to any thoughts or comments. Obviously I expect hundreds of dollars but am interested in how many hundreds lol.

21:12 UTC


A beanie based of an anime helmet :O

Hello everyone! I'd like to get myself a beanie based of my favorite anime character - Reg from Made in Abyss. I made a little design idea in Gimp and that's kinda how I imagine it looking ideally, but I don't expect 1:1 perfect recreation. The important parts of the beanie would be its weird shape with a cut out area at the forehead, bunch of "scratches" on the side, 2 "horns" and most importantly... A purple circle / lense made of glass or plastic. I could get that myself later, if it was possible to make a "slot" for it.

I have no idea about how much that could cost so if anyone can give me some basic idea, lemme know. I am willing to pay the right price tho, as long as I can afford it. I don't mind how long it would take - don't expect to wear it this winter.

I'd be happy for any info and I'll provide more if needed c:

The beanie

The helmet

15:00 UTC


custom men’s sweater (UK)

was wondering if it’s possible to make a men’s small sweater/jumper with abstract lines of different colours in a modern streetwear style.

something similar to this: https://pin.it/1JKB3k4

was also wondering if it’d be possible for it to have lettering/words across it. i can provide a drawing of what i’m imagining.

i have no experience of knitting, so no idea how difficult it’d be or if its a little impossible! would love to know how much approximately it’d cost too. i’m based in london

11:46 UTC


Need a knitter for a custom balaclava/mask project.

it's a fairly simple design, but does have some added features.

This is for a client so I'd rather not share the images online, but it would be along the lines of what this maker on ETSY sells.

If you are capable and interested, DM me. I'll shoot you a photo reference for exactly what we are trying to do.

I do have other clients along these lines that need custom stuff occasionally and my old Knitter is no longer available.

[EDIT] To clarify, the etsy link is ONLY for reference on the type/quality of product I'm looking to have made. The design would be completely custom and not meant to steal or copy from any other maker.

16:29 UTC


Knit bag with zipper needed

Hi, Knitters!

I need to have a Knit Bag with Zipper made, as per the photos.


(The ruler is in INCHES.)

If anyone is interested in doing the job, please quote me the ETA of how long it would take to make, and the price.

Many thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.

22:22 UTC


Looking for a quote from a UK knitter for a large Man's chunky jumper

Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me.

My dear Mother-in-law had always promised to knit me an "Aran" chunky woolen jumper, but sadly due to her declining health, and later her passing, she never managed to do it.

I would truly adore a chunky woolen jumper to wear in winter, and would be greatful if someone can help me out here? Obviously I'm willing to pay the going rate.

I'm a pretty large guy (generally an XXL - sometimes an XXXL) and remember my MIL mentioning things like "Aran", "Chunky" and "Cable Knit" - but none of these terms really mean much to me - I'm sure they do to others though! I do remember she insisted that it would be wool - and not anything else would do!

Sorry for the long post, I hope someone can help me out - it's half me wanting a jumper and half me wanting to remember my dearest MIL!

Thanks in advance!

Size: Adult Male XXL/XXXL Timescale: no immediate rush, these things take time Budget: no budget, happy to pay reasonably for a quality garment Yarn: Natural Wool, (absolutely NOT synthetic). Machine wash preferred but happy to take proper care of the correct garment)

21:37 UTC



Hello. I am engaged in knitting. I can help in creating cozy knitted sweaters or accessories. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to write. I will be happy to help.

06:24 UTC


Could someone please knit a beige jumper like this one for my toddler? I sadly didn’t buy the size up

I can send photos in DM, it’s a marble cable knit beige coloured jumper/sweater

14:55 UTC


Seeking Someone to Knit 2 Stockings

I am looking for someone to make 2 stockings like the ones pictured.

My mother-in-law used to make these for everyone in the family. Our family is growing and we need two more. Unfortunately, she has arthritis in her hands and can no longer knit. I do have her instructions, but you might not need them.

If you are interested, please contact me and let me know your price. I can provide yarn or let you know which colors.

Image: https://imgur.com/a/P3l1toH Names have been blurred, but they are diagonal across the stocking.

Editing to add: Measurements are about 22 inches long and 5 inches wide unstretched.

Our current ones are made with acrylic.

18:05 UTC


Marceline Sweater (with tutorial)

I can't knit but I would love it if someone could make this sweater for me! I will attach the video link. I won't need any alterations since I think I will fit into her pattern quite well. Pls dm for price estimate if you think you're capable! https://youtu.be/Ed_7iPtTID8?si=A4F5qGSLpZbN5rh5

22:57 UTC


Extra large Christmas stocking.

Years ago some relative made everyone in my immediate family Christmas stockings. They’re huge, like 3 feet long and have an image of Santa knitted into them. The kids are now all grown up, and two of us have partners. My husband is covered (relative made an extra just in case there was a 4th kid) but my brother’s fantastic partner doesn’t have one.

My mom would like to commission someone to replicate this stocking for her. We understand it can’t be exact, but we’d love as close of a replica as possible.

It’s 36 inches long and 8 inches wide and I have pictures!

Ideally we’d have it for this Christmas, but it’s ok if that’s not practical we just want another stocking!

21:51 UTC


Seeking quotes for knit pant-leg edge commission

Hello! I am hoping to commission someone who is able to cut and re-knit the bottom edges of my knit pants. I’m not able to attach a photo but you can see them on Ser.o.ya here. You can also see a photo in my post in my history.

I love the pants but I'm short and they came over an inch too long on me, and I really don't want to lose the effect by doing a basic folded hem. I’m going to copy-paste an incredibly helpful comment I received on r/tailors to help with describing the commission:

“That edge is bound off ribbing stitches (I am a knitter). The piece is machine knit and when it is taken off the machine, the operator binds each stitch off to finish it. As the commenter above stated, you would need to find someone who knits (preferably someone who likes doing fine work like socks) to pick up a previous row of stitches where you want it shortened to on small gauge circular needles, undo the bind off row and ther unravel back to the needle. Then they can redo the bind off edge.”

I understand this commission requires quite a bit of work, and I am prepared to compensate accordingly. Please feel free to direct message me or comment your quote or if you need any additional information. Thank you very much!

00:48 UTC


Looking for a Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas Knitting Pattern

The title says it all. My daughter wants me to knit her a Sally doll. I have seen plenty of crochet patterns but no knitting ones!

16:29 UTC

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