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❤️‍🔥The hidden details of the rock arts I found online❤️‍🔥

I'm sure that lots of you already know what rock arts are there and where they're located.

So besides of listing them and describing their location, i will also what i saw about them when surfing blogs/vlogs/instagram posts by japanese ppl.

All resources are at comment.

Let's begin:)

►i ran out of image limits so will post the 2 rock arts in FS hotel at comments

❤️‍🔥The big 3❤️‍🔥

A good news is that this entrance is available to all TDS guests


They check your entry qualification in the tunnel after passing it


The frozen sisters

there's snow around Elsa and a touch of blue-silver shine on her dress!!

(near the thigh part)


this is just my wild guess but i think the brown on peter pan's hat is on purpose.

Also, there's a trail of pixie dust behind tink!!


Lastly, rapunzel!!

Out of the three, I've always loved her statue the most cause the flowers match her personality and her ''kingdom dance'' look in the movie🥺

And here are 2 even more OMG details!!

Not only the subtle gold was added to show her magic hair


they also planted the sunshine flower!!!

i was literally on my knees when i saw this🙇‍♂️


also, there's pocahontas, her racoon and bambi at the back side of the big 3

but i think you can only see them AFTER entering FS cause you know, it's in the back xd



❤️‍🔥Public area of FS hotel❤️‍🔥

this area is open to all guest of FS (not limited to hotel guest)

First, the BGM, youtube link 1 and youtube link 2

Then the fountains ,

sorcerer mickey from fantasia

i did not notice the brooms and the swirling water until i saw an ig post, which is where the right photo is from.



part of your world reprise

and i wanna point out that scuttle is there too

(have only seen few blogs point him out, maybe it's easy to miss?)



alice and the hidden disappering cat 😸



the fountain of princesses


aside from the obvious magic mirror (which i'm fond of how they recreated the fogginess)

i like snow white's silhouette in daylight.

the red flowers just pop out!!


aurora and ella's sidekicks:)

(+angels from fantasia)



i love how the light of cinderella is all silver rather than blue

(read somewhere else that the original animation is silver rather than the remastered light blue)

and there's actually her slipper beside her!!


now yes maleficent dragon breathes mist but look at aurora's dress!!

blue and pink!!!



09:36 UTC


First Time at Disney Sea (Hope it helps)

6/28 Disney Sea Arrived at around 6:00 by Taxi with my family and was around 20th in my “line”. When I arrived there were 2 lines between each row of hedges but as time went on people started to just wait wherever so it became more of a crowd. Park opened at 8:15 and people just poured in the security. Fortunately, I managed to book my family standby passes for Frozen while we headed for our first planned. We rode Journey, Indiana jones, Raging Spirits, Frozen (Standby), Nemo, 20000 Leagues under the sea, Tower of Terror, Peter Pan (Standby), and ended the night at Soaring.

I was handling our passes on the app and abused the hell out of the standby and 40th anniversary passes. Standby for fantasy springs allows you to book once every 2 hours and 40th allows for once every 1 hour so set timers and check what’s available when you can. Fantasy Springs rides were gone when I tried to book a 3rd (~1:15) but I was able to consistently get bookings for 40th every hour, although I did miss some of them.

we tried a lot and the things that stood out the most was the smoked chicken leg. the line at the booth near Raging Spirits gets crazy long so buy it from Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina. There are multiple fast moving lines and plenty of space to eat

Overall, we had a very smooth Disney experience. My only complaint would be that we had was bad reception with T-Mobile throughout the park which slowed us down a bit in trying to obtain our passes.

01:12 UTC


best way to get to disneysea from roppongi?

upon searching on google maps and setting the arrive time to 6am (since we wanted to arrive at 6am), there was an 18min walk from maihama station. but we can also use disney resort line but the arrival would be late (at 7:30am). What is the best way to go to disneysea without so much walking (since we have a senior with us) and still arriving as early as 6am? Should we take the taxi from maihama station to disneysea? is there an alternative way?

11:55 UTC


Are they still selling Tomika of the ride vehicles?

Hey there, I'm going to the parks soon and just found out about the Tomika that were made of various ride vehicles. Such as Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, etc. I'm guessing these were made years ago, but perhaps they are continuously sold?

Problem is the Disney part of my trip is at the very end. So I'm not going to want to skip on these if I see them in used stores like Mandarake or something.

But really this boils down to - where should I find these special Tomika that I must have?

10:44 UTC


What was the most difficult thing about your visit to Tokyo Disney Resort?

I live locally and visit the parks semi-regularly and have noticed how the park-going experience has become increasingly complicated, so I'm especially curious about the experience of international visitors. Is there anything you particularly struggled with?

04:33 UTC


In your opinion, what is the best FS ride?

Going next Thursday with husband and 5 year old daughter - to those who rode all 4 rides, which one blew you away the most?

03:31 UTC


Anna and Elsa's Frozen Adventure

Wow, I just rode Anna and Elsa's Frozen Adventure and oh my goodness it is easily my favorite disney attraction of all time. The queue was so darling and the ride was so imaginative especially with transitions. I'm not even a huge Frozen Fan, more of an Encanto girl myself, but my mouth was wide open for almost all of the queue and ride. I don't even usually record on rides but what I was seeing was so captivating I had to keep taking out my phone so I'll have the memory forever. Even if I only ride this once I am completely pleased. I also want to note I saw a few short spoiler clips on instagram and was worried it would take away from the experience but trust me there is so much to this attraction beyond what has already been posted. Consider me a huge Frozen fan now, so well done! Next is Tangled later today, it is disappointing all four new rides can't really be done in one day but I think that's because the capacity needed for these rides can't meet such big demand especially with shorter hours of operation compared to other parks.

03:14 UTC


Anyone know where in TDS or TDR I can get ear holders??

I am looking to get the holders you use to clip your ears to your purse. Hopefully It’s a small world or Fantasy Springs. Thanks

02:22 UTC


Trying to get an August lunch res at Canaletto

I’ll be in Disneysea on the 8th and 10th. I was hoping to get lunch there but I’m used to Florida and I don’t know when the booking window opens. Staying at the ambassador but not sure that changes anything? Also it could just be a hard ADR to get, I’m not sure!

22:55 UTC


Are other Disney parks like DisneySea? Report from Jun 26

Just wow. Went to DisneySea yesterday and am stunned by how beautiful, detailed and interesting the whole park was. I'm from the US and have been to Disney World about 20 years ago. More recently have been to Legoland, Nickelodeon and six flags. We're not big amusement park enthusiasts as we don't like waiting in lines too much, big branded experiences and my son is a bit creeped out by full costumed characters. But we wanted to try DisneySea as my son does love rides and we were curious about Japan's version of Disney. So we're new to the world of Disney parks

After getting over the stressful booking situation once we entered (more in my report), we were blown away with the landscape and immersive themes. The attention to detail to everything surprised us. I expected a campy, cutesy experience -- but no, some places when you zone out the crowds, it felt like being in a movie. We took a breather on a bench at Fantasy Springs looked up and the flower mountain against the sky was Ghibli-esque. Even the rope lines were all on theme. There were so many times my husband and I looked at each other and say they didn't have to do that. Like did the Tower of Terror have to be so enormous and ornate? Inside antique looking rugs were hanging over railings or there were dusty floor to ceiling cabinets when it easily could have just been a plain wall or nothing on the railings. Even the foliage were thoughtfully planned outAll the level of care and detail made us appreciate all the work that went into DS and really love our experience. Are other Disney parks like this or is DS especially unique?

How our day went:

  • We stayed at Hotel Emion. It's a partner hotel so there was a free shuttle. We picked it because of the onsen which was excellent and much appreciated after our flight. But we didn't use it after DS because we were exhausted. Morning buffet was excellent.

  • We got to the park around 9:45a - 10a. No lines to get in.

  • For bookings, honestly I don't remember which were premier pass, standby or 40th anniversary. We just booked what was available. Surprisingly, Peter Pan and Rapunzel had time slots left so booked Peter Pan. An hour later and throughout the day, all FS rides were unavailable. Booked dinner at SS Colombia. Was stressed because I wasn't sure what would be available and the booking system was confusing reading about it online. But once we got our FS ride, I felt much better and it was easy to get the hang of the booking system.

  • We were able to book Raging Spirits, Tower of Terror throughout the day. Booked Journey to the Center but when we got there, the ride was closed. Some kids were crying. They couldn't tell us whether the ride would reopen or not. And we could use our premier pass on another ride, so bird in the hand, decided on Indiana Jones, which was super fun. But much later in the day, Journey did reopen. No openings available and 85 min wait times. Oh wells.

  • Toy Story was available for booking all throughout the day but we ended up not booking bc it was across the park for us. If I had to do it all again, I'd study the map more. All in all, we did pretty well trying to book and time the rides to where we'd be in the park. But when it's so hot outside, we wanted to be very mindful about how much walking we were doing. So it was a bit stressful when booking and trying to figure out in your head where you'd be.

  • We rode 20,000 Leagues. Waited about 30 mins. I think I enjoyed looking at the cool props on line than the ride. If the wait is longer than 30mn, then wait until later in the day. This ride's wait seemed to shorten towards the end of the day. Rode a couple of rides in the Little Mermaid area, Aquatopia, Jasmine carpet ride. All fun, easy rides.

-- FS was so creative and beautiful. Peter Pan ride was dreamlike and cool. The lost boys drawings throughout the line was very cute.

  • For food, we went to the Yucatan grill. It was pretty good. Lines for food stalls were a bit long. Not sure whether it was time of day but Port Discovery area had less lines

  • I had book SS Colombia bc it and Horizon were available but in hindsight maybe shouldn't have gone with a prix fixe at the end of the day. We were so exhausted to enjoy the food. Beautiful setting and walking in , you do feel like you're in the Titanic. But food-wise, it was delicious but each course took awhile to come out. And when you're tired, you just want to eat and leave.

  • For premier access, you usually get placed at the back of each ride car. So if you're looking for those ride photos, maybe worthwhile to wait in regular line. But for us, paying extra to skip the wait was money well spent

  • Definitely bring a portable battery pack or print out a map. You do use your phone a lot to check bookings but I think we mainly used it to see where we were

  • Souvenir placements were so tastefully done. It did not feel like an exit through the gift shop experience. We enjoy that aspect of not getting a brand shoved into our face buuuuuut also like getting knick knacks for memories. American Frontier and Mediterranean Harbor seemed to have the bigger shops, so plan to go there. But not end of day when everyone is getting last minute stuff.

  • there are not a lot of directional signs. I guess because it would.take away from the immersive experience? So again, study the map before you come

-- we bought those body cooling wipes and it was immensely helpful. I think they may have menthol in it? We used Gatsby and Biore -3 degrees

Overall, DisneySea is a must-do. Especially for folks who aren't into Disney. It's so creatively refreshing to see and unique. But I haven't been to other Disney parks so maybe this is the norm!

22:39 UTC


Realistice Review of both Parks 6/24,6/25

I was really worried because I read about many many people lining up at both parks before 7 am. I am happy to report that I arrived at the Disneyland Park around 7:45am (Monday, 6/24) and there were only about 20 people ahead of us in our row directly at the entrance.

We managed to get into the following rides/shows all before 5pm.

Space Mountain Small World Haunted Mansion (40th) Snow White Peter Pan Pinocchio Country Bear Jamboree Jungle Cruise Pirates of the Caribbean Thunder Mountain (40th) Monsters Inc Star Tours (40th) Pooh Ride Mickeys Philharmagic Roger Rabbits cartoon spin Beauty and the Beast (Priority Pass) We couldve gotten onto Splash Mountain with a wait time of 30 minutes but the person with me couldn't ride for personal reasons

Now DisneySea was much trickier. We arrived at 7:00 am (Tuesday 6/25). There were maybe 50 people ahead of us in our row which was great. The problem is that it all goes crazy once you get past security and to the actual gate. They let the crowd in at 8:15 am, we got in by 8:20am. By then there were only Premier Passes left for Peter Pan in Fantasy Springs. We grabbed one. Later on in the day we managed to get a standby ticket for Rapunzel as well.

We rode: Tower of Terror Journey to the Center of the Earth Indiana Jones (40th) 20000 Leagues Under the Sea (40th) Nemo Genie Show Peter Pan (Premier) Tangled (Standby)

Now to make something clear that I absolutely glossed over when planning (I'm sure someones mentioned it). Even if you get a Premier Pass to enter Fantasy Springs, you can only ride that specific ride unless you manage to grab standby tickets for the other rides. I would say that if you're absolutely hooked on one ride, try to be among the first to arrive and grab those tickets (Frozen went out in an instant)

Also for weather; the weather was actually quite nice. I suggest bringing an umbrella for the wait before you get in, because the morning heat is the worst.

Best of luck!

15:05 UTC


Motion sickness- which rides are “3D”

I have horrific motion sickness and I can not do the 3D moving through space via a screen sort of rides, can anyone tell me which rides not to queue for…? I feel like half the rides are this kind of ride when I read about them but maybe I’m just misunderstanding?

12:04 UTC


My Tokyo DisneySea experience and tips for Fantasy Springs

Having never been to Japan before, I do feel like I should share my experience this week, as it might help someone else to be prepared for their DisneySea experience, especially since we went this first month that Fantasy Springs was open (it opened June 6, we visited June 24).

To begin, we visit Disney about once every year or so, I have 4 kids (though only 2 came with me on this trip), and we have ridden nearly every ride in Orlando Disney and Universal Studios, so we aren’t novice park goers. I have personally also been to HK Disney, which I highly recommend to anyone.

First: I do recommend, as so many others have stated, to get there early. We arrived at 7am which wasn’t too early. There were already a couple of hundred people in front of us, all quietly sitting on the ground, queued up calmly. So first things first: bring water or a snack, and BRING A UV UMBRELLA, as the small trees don’t provide much shade, and I was quickly burnt through my sunblock. We brought a lightweight mesh backpack with an umbrella and an empty water bottle and had no problems through security.

Though the park officially doesn’t open til 9, we were moving by 8:15 and were in the park by 8:20. Many people suggested an international data plan which I wish I had read about prior to coming, but even with throttled data I was okay. There is no WiFi at the park.

Once we scanned our entry tickets, we sat down just to the inside of the park (by the globe) and immediately got a standby pass to Tangled in Fantasy Springs (I may have squealed), at 10:10 return time. On the walk to tower of terror (thrilling but not terrifying thankfully! Only 4 drops), I pulled out my credit card and added a Premier Access ticket to get on Peter Pan, which was 2000 yen each (about $13 each). That one got us in at 2:15 (again, both of these were done before 8:30am, and though I checked several times through the day, I never again had an opportunity to buy or standby any other fantasy springs rides). We booked a visit to the Snuggly Duckling during our one hour window for Peter Pan, since you can only get in to eat if you have an attraction pass.

Every long line had a water fountain, and we regularly kept it filled. The water was pretty cold, which was nice (because June in Tokyo is 🫠🫠🫠). There are plenty of places to sit and lots of ice cream stands. We loved the milk chocolate popcorn but haaaaated the roast beef popcorn. The Peter Pan popcorn bucket was adorable and I wish I had room in my luggage for one, but alas.

Tangled was gorgeous. I loved every second of the queue. I was surprised they didn’t use more special effects during the ride, but the Rapunzel in her tower was pretty, and Maximus was well done. The boat ride was relaxing and lovely (the lanterns were the absolute highlight, but they don’t video well with iPhone). If you visit the Snuggly Duckling, go to the bathrooms- Flynn’s “various nose” wanted posters are all over the stalls. When we left the Fantasy Springs area for the last time, the line for Tangled was literally all the way to the entrance and wrapping back around, so I assume they will need to figure out the queue for that line before they make a general opening for all guests. Our 10:10 time slot however got us on the ride in 10 minutes or so.

Peter Pan may have been one of our favorite rides. It combines a slow moving ride with elements of Soarin’, mixed with muppet 3D glasses, and it really does a great job of telling an adventurous story even though I don’t speak a lick of Japanese. My kids (11 and 13) felt like this and Indiana Jones were the best rides in the park. We also enjoyed Aquatopia, and did that one twice in a row. For those who need air conditioning and a bit of a slow down, the Ariel’s Playground area, though geared toward smaller kids, is actually completely accessible for big kids and adults, and is in a darker enclosed area, with slower rides, so this would be perfect for older people as well. The teacup-esque ride was really fun. You don’t turn it yourself but it was great. We were disappointed in Journey to the Center of the Earth- maybe we had read too many good reviews, but it wasn’t as good as Peter Pan or Indiana Jones to us.

We also made an “entry request” for the Big Band Beat show, which is entirely in English. It’s a shame I couldn’t record any of it, because my son is a tap dancer and would’ve loved to see the 6 men (plus Mickey) tap dancing away. There were two featured tappers who were just incredible, and I’m sure we gave ourselves away as Americans when we started whooping for them as they danced. However, the whole show is dubbed, which was disappointing, because in the one part of the show the dancers are lip syncing, it’s so terribly obvious (and I was in the balcony near the back). Compared to the shows I saw at HK Disney, this one was not up to par, but I will give credit to those featured tappers. However, it’s a nice 25 minute break from the walking we did at the park, and it’s air conditioned.

The carousel in Agrabah was also really cute, though short, it was nice to be shaded with a cool breeze on the double story ride.

Everything at the park is done with your mobile phone, from eating to queuing, and with my poor internet service (my 5g of free data went quickly while I traveled), but what nobody told me about in any of these forums was downloading the app “chargeSPOT”, which is a Tokyo app that gives you access to mobile chargers around Tokyo, but specifically you can rent them by the hour at the park, and they have stations everywhere. It’s something like 300 yen per hour, so it’s very cheap (currently the yen to usd is divide the number of yen by 155). Honestly it saved my ass because otherwise my Google map back to the subway and to our air bnb would’ve been lost.

THAT BEING SAID, we did take a taxi into the park, which saved us a whole hour (our air bnb was further away than we expected), but knowing we wanted to be at the park by 7, the taxi ride made a big difference for us with sleep- we paid him in cash, and it wasn’t inexpensive (it was about $60 usd and a 24 minute drive). We downloaded the didi taxi app and then I would just use Google maps, click on the taxi option, then tap the didi tab and it will open the ride in the didi app (in English). Otherwise, the didi app is natively in Japanese, and the best way I found to use it was to always to go through Google maps first.

In fact, on our way to Haneda airport on the way out of town today, I used a “special” sized taxi and it gave us a 20% discount (from the ginza area of Tokyo, it was 8000 yen, and just over 20 minutes).

Having been at the park most of the day, we decided to leave around 7-7:30 and beat the traffic back, so I can’t speak on the fireworks, but the sunset over the water was just incredible at that time.

Hope this helps anyone!

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10:33 UTC


Exclusive DisneySea gifts?

I am in Tokyo this week and will be going to DisneySea on Friday. I love the Disney parks but admittedly I am not as big of a fan as my family back home. I want to get them really cool souvenirs that are exclusive to DisneySea but I’m a little lost. They are into wearables mostly. I don’t want to get them something that they’ll be able to get the next time they go to the Disney parks in the states(they go a lot). Any ideas or advice?

09:22 UTC


Someone who visited TDR was able to get a Priority Pass for 4 out of 6 rides at Disneyland. Is it difficult to get these 4 in a day at TDR? I’ll be at the entrance really early. I feel like a Priority Pass for Star Tours isn’t needed and Buzz Lightyear isn’t our favorite ride.

08:19 UTC


Glasses on rides

Should I take my glasses off for any rides?

05:11 UTC


Why does it feel like Sundays have less people?

03:04 UTC


r/TokyoDisneySea Weekly Trip Planning Thread

Welcome to r/TokyoDisneySea!

We’re here to help you plan your trip and give you as much advice as possible, straight from the reddit community here on this subreddit.

15:01 UTC


I hit the Tokyo DisneySea Lottery

So, I visited DisneySea on Wednesday, June 19th. It was the last day of my month long solo trip to Japan. I luckily made a close friend with a Japanese native who I decided to go to the park with on that day. We decided to try our hand at getting into Fantasy Springs so we booked a nearby hotel, woke up at 4:30am, made the long trek to the park by foot, and queued up a little before 6:00am. After munching on some konbini onigiri and egg sandos and waiting out the 2+ hour wait until park open we were lucky enough to get SB for Frozen at 10:50 and DPA for Tangled at 14:35, with some mobile orders for food in between.

We then rope dropped Journey and after headed on over to Indian Jones which had a cool 40min wait time. Afterwards we grabbed some ice cream and then made our way over to FS. Even though I had heard wait times in FS weren’t too bad, Frozen shockingly had a posted standby wait time of 70min. That said, after waiting 30 minutes, the ride was temporarily shut down and everyone was removed from line. My friend and I were devastated. We thought, after all we had been through, we were going to miss our opportunity to ride our most sought after ride.

That said, we were told by cast members that a pass titled “multiple experiences” would be added to our accounts, which we could use as a fast pass for any ride in the park (including fantasy springs rides, even Frozen if it was back up and running later in the day). We checked our app and nothing had appeared yet, however cast members ensured us it would, just to give it some time. So we went to go enjoy some of our mobile orders and check out the beautiful land of FS. About two hours or so had passed when we realized that Frozen was back open. However, our “Multiple Experiences” pass had not yet loaded onto our accounts. My friend approached a cast member and asked why, and said that we reaaallly wanted a chance to ride Frozen. She tried several times to add the “Multiple Experiences” passes to our accounts however, she could not seem to get it to work. She kindly enough walked us through the queue and got us on the ride. We were so incredibly thankful. The ride was amazing. It was everything we had hoped for and more. However, this is where things get crazy.

Afterwards, we go to check our DPA tickets for Tangled as our time was approaching and realized we had 28 of these “Multiple Experiences” tickets now loaded onto our account, 14 with her name and 14 with mine. We couldn’t believe it. We tried using the first set of them on Peter Pan, they worked. We then used our DPA passes on Tangled. We then went to Tinker Bell, the second set of “Multiple Experiences” tickets worked. We then went back to Frozen, they worked again. From that point on we got to basically do DisneySea unlocked. It truly felt like we had just hit the DisneySea lottery. No matter how many rides we did, every consecutive pass that worked blew our minds. It was too good to be true.

It is something that will likely never happen to me again, so I had to make the most of it and share the tale. Having traveled from the US, it truly made the journey feel 1000x worth it. I got to ride enough DisneySea rides for 3x visits. My friend said she doesn’t know when she’ll ever be able to return, as from now on waiting for rides will pale in comparison to our day. It was truly magical.

05:32 UTC


Peter Pan's Neverland Adventure Ride Vehicle Names

  1. Crusty Crustacean
  2. Flying Walrus
  3. Bobbing Blobfish
  4. Grouchy Guppy
  5. Hairy Halibut
  6. Boisterous Oyster
  7. Queasy Codfish
  8. Holy Blowfish
  9. Slimy Seabass
  10. Leaky Whale
  11. Happy Snapper
  12. Wicked Clam
  13. Cheeky Seahorse
  14. Snorty Pigfish
  15. Leafy Seadragon
  16. Wacky Mackerel
  17. Fiddling Crab
  18. Squalid Squid
  19. Howling Flounder
  20. Jolly Jellyfish
  21. Woozy Pelican
  22. Warty Frogfish
  23. Salty Siren
  24. Lucky Bucket

I found these by watching every single video I could find on the ride hoping they might have a good view of the number and name of the ride vehicle. The name of the vehicle is written on the back in the centre, the number can be found in the bottom leftish corner of the back as well as on the side.

I am not 100% sure if there are exactly 24 but I have watched hundreds of videos and none went above 24.

06:50 UTC


Disneyland Coke Zero?

Was at disneysea yesterday and found the elusive Coke Zero where the gyoza dogs are. but in Disneyland, where can you find Coke Zero??

06:34 UTC


Wheelchair encounter observation

Last week, I sat on a bench across from a bathroom near Indy Jones while my son went to the bathroom and happened to be right next to an American family with a young teenage daughter in a wheelchair.

The dad proceeded to say he was going to get ice cream and off he went. He was about 10 feet away when the daughter in the wheelchair said she wanted ice cream, too. The mom then told her to hurry up and go with her dad. At that moment, I thought to myself how great it is that the mom is teaching her daughter to be independent by encouraging the daughter to wheel herself after her dad.

Instead, she bounds out of her wheelchair skipping merrily after her dad. I realize this child probably has some other non-visible medical issue that causes her to require a wheelchair, it was just rather surprising to see from an onlooker's point of view.

23:46 UTC


How common is Stitch walkaround characters?

Hi! I'm going to Disneyland and sea during early December. How likely will there be a Stitch walkaround character? Is he common or one or the uncommon ones? I really want a photo with him so wanted to check!

Thank you!

20:06 UTC


Pronunciation Name?

Hello All!! I have tried looking this up but my questions aren't getting answered. I am looking to buy tickets soon here but it is asking for my pronunciation name.

This is my Japanese katakana name, correct? Do I need to just do my first name or first and last? And if first and last, what order does it go (last name first name or first name last name)? Thank you!!!!

19:33 UTC


A Favor to ask-photos of my art in the Fantasy Springs Hotel

I hope it’s okay to post this here and mods please delete if it’s not. 

I am an American ceramic artist who was commissioned to make 2 sculptures for the new Fantasy Springs hotel. I’ve only been able to find one image of one of my pieces in press releases so far. 

I was hoping that someone on here who is staying at the hotel would be willing to take a few snapshots of the work for me.  

I won’t be able to go to Japan myself until next year and I'm dying to see the pieces installed and have some photos to share.

The pieces are blue and white porcelain and are hung in the wall recesses outside of the Fantasy Springs all day dining restaurant.  (Right hand side of the attached photo)

Ask me any questions and thanks so much!

18:02 UTC


Paul and Joe Lina Bell collab

17:47 UTC


Tips for going to DisneySea/fantasy springs now that Ambassador hotel doesn’t get happy entry

Hi all! First time visit to Asia is coming in early August. We booked the Ambassador for the trip. I now see DisneySea happy entry is suspended for most of the hotels including ours, presumably because of Fantasy Springs opening. My priority DS rides to hit up when we are there are SeaRider, 20k leagues, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and of course, the Fantasy Springs rides. So here’s my questions:

  1. What tips do you have for me to hit up the non-Fantasy Springs rides with minimal wait? (I am open to buying premier passes)

  2. What tips do you have for me to get a return window for Fantasy Springs and, if I do get one, are the lines long without that pass that only the FS Hotel guests can buy? Or are the lines semi-doable since the area isn’t open to everyone yet?

17:15 UTC


Price Tag Comparison - Fantasy Spring Vacation Package vs Normal Hotel + Normal Tickets

I contemplated the pros and cons for buying a FS VP, and I came with a comparison table below.

Might as well share it here, hope this can help people who is still deciding to buy the VP or not.

To make a (relatively) fair comparison, I listed all of the quantitative benefits that come with the VP for 2 days for 2 adults, and compare it with the prices if we purchased those benefits separately.
Also, I made a case where the bookings are made for the same visit date, e.g. a weekday in November2024.
I selected the cheapest room I can get for the VP, in this case I selected a Superior Alcove Room in Tokyo Disneyland Hotel; then I compared it with the cost for the same stay at a 3 Star Non-Disney Resort just next to the parks: Spa & Hotel Eurasis Maihama.

Looking at the price tag alone, the VP costs twice the normal budget.

Many may think that the VP is way overpriced, but there are privileges that cannot be quantified and cannot be purchase without the VP, mainly the 1 Day Magic Passport for unrestricted visit to and unlimited rides in the Fantasy Springs.

I personally still think that the VP is very much worth the price, but what do you think?

The Price Comparison

A simulation on how much it'll cost for a 2D FS VP

16:26 UTC

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