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Looking for an upgrade

Hey y'all, I'm a primary saxophone player who's looking for an upgrade. I got an Armstrong 104 from a friend around 5 years ago. I am looking to upgrade my flute and want to put a lot more time into playing it. What would yall reccomend? I would prefer closed tone holes because of saxophone background but if thays sacrilege I'm not opposed to open tone hole.

04:27 UTC


Books to get back into it

Hi friends! I’ve been playing flute for almost 30 years, but have taken the last few years off. I was looking to get back into it and wondering if anyone had any book recommendations. I used to be a pretty solid player, so something intermediate may be a good place for me to start.

23:02 UTC



Hello, everyone -

I have played flute for quite a long time - from age 10 to 18 very consistently, on and off for the past 30 years.

I've been playing a lot more recently, but suffering from headaches after practice.

This never happened before, so I'm very surprised and disappointed.

Reading up on possible causes, I think that I have been using valsalva maneuver to get high notes. I guess I took the advice about "support with the belly" too seriously. The bad habits are finally catching up with me.

This is usually identified in brass players, so the advice for correcting it is usually aimed at that audience.

I must say this is devastating - I feel too scared to try the breathing exercises and don't know if I can correct myself at this late stage.

Has anyone else experienced this? What are my next steps? Take up another (non wind) instrument? Being a flute player has been so central to my identity for so long, I feel like I would have to grieve for the end of it.

Thanks for reading

22:34 UTC


Buying a flute for my daughter

Hello, my 12 year old is wanting to learn the flute. Her music teacher at school does a music club and is happy to teach her the basics, and we are happy to get her professional lessons.

We are from Australia. What would be the most appropriate flute brand or type to get her?

09:40 UTC


My childhood gemeinhardt flute 2sp needs new pads

I played for 8+ years in the 1990s and stopped playing in HS and have since started playing again as an adult when my daughter got interested in the Clarinet. My current key pads are all original and I’ve reduced pad sticking with some paper but some of the pads still stick enough where they are quite audible. It looks like I should just get a new flute, but I’m not sure what to do with the original.

Having a professional replace the pads is going to cost at least twice as much as the flute is worth, but it also feels like a waste to trash the instrument. So, I’m wondering if I should just attempt to fix the pads on my own?

Does one need a lot of special tools to replace pads? I’m pretty mechanically inclined, but maybe intro flutes just get trashed/recycled after so many years?

00:23 UTC


Unidentified Armstrong with silverhead for 100€

I'm a beginner that used to play a shitty 100€ amazon flute (not even nickel) for a year, many years ago. I've had this urge to go back to playing, ideally with a proper instrument, and now browsing through this second hand app (wallapop) I found this Armstrong for only 100€.

The seller doesn't give out that much info. I would be able to try it out before the payment went through and make sure it's not messed up (in which case I could return it), though I wouldn't mind paying for reparations if the flute was worth it.

Is it worth it? Are there any questions I should ask or additional pictures to ask for?





17:12 UTC


Musty flute

Bought a used flute, and when it arrived it's absolutely stinking, like it's been stuck in someone's attic since the 1800s. Is there any way to get rid of this, either through cleaning/washing or airing out?

I can return it but it's a nice flute so if it's possible to sanitise it I'd maybe give it a go.

14:38 UTC


Looking to buy my first dizi.

Any advice? For some background i play ocarina for 2.5 years and lately I tried to self learn the western flute but found it to hard.

I am considering to options to buy, which one is better in your opinion?



14:20 UTC


Rapid Single Tonguing??

I've been playing flute for about 4 years. The fastest I can single tonguing for multiple measures nonstop without my tongue tripping over itself and locking up is sixteen notes at a bpm of around 80. (I can tongue at faster speeds, but not for multiple measures) How exactly would I speed up my tonguing? Should I just slowly increase the tempo over time and get used to it? Or are there other things I should be doing? And should be applying these same ideas when practicing double tonguing? Thanks! (I made a post similar to this earlier but i deleted it because I wanted to make a newer more updated version instead of editing my post, sorry!)

03:26 UTC


Story behind Chaminade Concertino

I’m going to be doing part of the concertino for my end of year assembly at school and they normally do a little description beforehand. So the description is most likely going to be on the story. I know there is a story behind this concertino but I don’t know what it is.

03:43 UTC


I bought a piccolo and have some questions

Hi. I am playing flute for some years and my teacher tell me to buy a piccolo.

I will see my teacher on friday.

Ive tried to play but OMG , I can't play a note ( even with air speed and small embouchure )

Is that normal? How long it takes to play something correctly?

The cork is already turn blue because of the cork grease it that normal ?despite the grease, I have difficulty assembling it, it resists. Normal ?

Maybe I did something wrong...

Ps: I bought a yamaha ypc 62 with traditionnal cut ( maybr wave cut is better for beginner). I hope this piccolo is good as well

Thank you to help me

17:48 UTC


What size of Powell Plug-Os would work for a Di Zhao 801-BEF CD?

Want to make sure they would fit before spending $50 on them. Thank you! =)

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14:46 UTC


Is the yfl 222 any good?

I dont normally usw reddit and Im on my phone right now so my spelling wont be very good

Ive been playing for about 2 or 3 years now and ive been playing flutes from amazon almost all of that time

Now I want to change that. Ive set my eyes on the yfl 222. I found a listing (ironically on amazon) for 600 dollars. Thats about the maximum i can spend

Do you guys have any advice? Im a little weary because it doesnt have the split e mechanism which my other flute had...

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04:53 UTC


Flute/headjoint with a tone like this? (example linked)


This flute sounds (to me) very very dark and beautiful, in particular the first octave A has such a nice sound to it.

Is there a particular flute/headjoint that I can buy that will sound like this? Is it something the player achieves with technique? If so, how the hell? My flute just does not sound like that - it has a much brighter tone.. not sure if I'm using the correct word - that's just how I can best describe it

03:58 UTC


Finally got the plugs off my flute!

Last lesson I brang them up, and she said to just take em all out so time to get used to playing without them lol. If anyone has tips I don't mind em

Also a little off topic but eventually this year I'ma start learning the piccolo too cuz my teach also said they like piccolos for marching band so I'm excited to learn another instrument too!

02:40 UTC


Ngala by Ross Edwards - How would you describe the tonal quality?

I’m looking at 8th grade AMEB repertoire and I’m loving this piece Ngala by Ross Edwards, but I can’t replicate the tonal quality. Is it a ‘darker’ tone as per the Trevor Wye description? It sounds almost like a folk instrument.


00:01 UTC


My Experience with the Nuvo 2.0.

Recently I picked up one of these Plastic Nuvo Flutes, the 2.0 version. This is a device marketed for students and people who want a 2nd cheap flute. I must say it's been an interesting experience. Compared to either My Brannen, Altus and even my first Gemeinhardt flutes, it is fairly hard to play in the 3rd octave above A and to play below low D. However, after now playing with the Nuvo for a few hours a day for the last 2 months it has made me completely reexamine my approach to these notes. Spending hours upon hours with no music in front and just long tones and leaps practice working to perfect the sound and tone color that after achieving to do so in what still feels unsatisfactory has added almost a new dimension to playing my nicer flutes.

I will note, outside of tonal exercises, these flutes have a very clunky mechanism, and yes I am spoiled, but you can audibly hear the clicks of the rods if you attempt anything with some speed on them. They also require a good amount of adjustment out of the box just like most real new flutes.

I would never recommend this device as a primary for a begining student as a metal beginner flute from a reputable brand used is about the same price if not cheaper on top of the device being significantly more resistant and lacking resonance (possibly due to the material used) to produce a quality 3rd octave easily.

However, for a college student, semi pro, or Pro looking for a way to improve better tone color on their primary instrument it is a great tool, not to mention the fact you can leave it in your car and just pull it out and play whenever you want on the side of the road if an idea or urge strikes. Being heat and waterproof is pretty nifty.

I have been playing flute for over 20 years, and this is the first Gimmick item that I have seen that actually has some merit to improve you as a player If you put the time in, and I mean a lot of time in to master it.

19:47 UTC


This is my first time seeing this notation, could someone tell me what it means and how to play it? Thanks!

16:58 UTC


Question from a beginner

I was gifted a flute recently and have had some trouble with mid range notes. I can only play A above the staff and higher. I’m not quite sure what my embouchure is supposed to be like for lower notes and I can’t even get a slight sound of one out. Tips would be appreciated!

(Not a problem with the flute itself)

15:16 UTC


Playing flute with braces

I've been playing the flute in highschool since last year and I got braces 2 months ago. I've never been the best player, but I feel like all the good progress I made just vanished without a trace. I'm doing Entr'acte for my exam in front of my class and my tone is garbage and every note is super airy. Anyone with advice?

00:29 UTC


Practice tips!

Hello united flutists of Reddit I have been teaching myself flute for about a year now, and still struggling to get a good sound on the second octave. This is a normal problem, right!? Any tips for practicing? I feel for my poor neighbours who have been listening to my off key airy failures for tooooo long.

11:37 UTC


Flute doublers - sax players embouchure fight club!

Got some footage back after the worse gig of my life doubling alto flute and alto sax.

Haven't played saxophone at all in over 10 years. Packing flutes is easy. You know when travel with a flute - it's all in the case. Headjoint, body and footjoint. Okay the cleaning rod might disappear now and then. But it's all there.

Before the concert I was rehearsing sax and confident about swapping flute and sax embouchure in 20 seconds between songs. To my horror I realised I left behind my Louis Francois alto sax mouthpiece .....I had left it on the table to dry and forgot it. It's black and it doesn't stand out - nor does it have an obvious place in the sax case showing its missing :(

All I had was the student plastic £5 mouthpiece which I'd never used. Here's what it sounds like:


The energy required to activate that cheap reed killed me for the night. After 40 minutes I was done. It was a fight with the rubbish mouthpiece all night and I made a bad call to push on with the sax and burn bridges with the sax when in hindsight I should have just carried it off with the alto flute.

Feeling no love for alto sax at all now. Wonder how other flute doublers manage to keep a healthy relationship with their sax or second instrument?!

11:16 UTC


Weekly Self-Promo Thread

This is the place to promote yourself! Whether it's a performance you are proud of, offering teaching, or anything else flute related.

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What flute do I buy if I am kind of in the middle and my flute broke?

I have been playing a 80€ flute for like 2 years now, I used to play more instrument so I am kind of intermediate to it now.

This flute is cheap, you can't imagine how much, but the catch is that now that it broke I am fluteless and idk if I should get a intermediate one or a begginer one

This 80€ was perfect for my usage as I play a lot in the street and bad weather so getting a begginer one would be fine for this

On the other hand, I practice a lot at home different studies, excepts and so on. so maybe the 600€ difference is worth it to develop a good sound and not just practicing speed (the only thing my flute would let me do).

Note: I fixed the 80€ one, but the luthier told me that it is a matter of time that it goes to the previous state and need a full repair (aka. 300€ fix) + the fix did not fix 100% the initial problem but it is playable

00:30 UTC


I'm hooked, please help!

I’ve started playing the flute in January after a 33-year hiatus from the instrument and 25 years away from making music in general. Now, I can't put it down. I bought a cheap Yamaha fife for Christmas, just for fun, along with a recorder for my kids, but things escalated quickly! Two weeks later, I found a deal for a refurbished flute and have been practicing daily ever since. On average, I manage about 30 minutes after I come home from work, but on free days, I play for several hours with no problem! What's worse, I can actually see myself improving, which was unimaginable during my childhood flute career! My wife seems slightly annoyed sometimes, but I hope she finds it better than if I were drinking or something. Plus, she knows she can't do much about it anyway. 

When I was 8 years old, I started playing the recorder and wanted to continue with the flute, mostly because I found it very cool how it is held sideways and glitters nicely. I liked the sound, but had no idea about the repertoire or anything else. At 11, I finally started with the flute, but it turned out to be a huge disappointment for many reasons. I loved my first teacher, but soon, for reasons unknown to me, I was reassigned to another one. I can't say anything negative about him, but the damage was done—they took my beloved teacher away. The new one just couldn't motivate me as strongly.

Then there were the music notes. In post-communist Eastern Europe, there wasn’t a wide selection, so I ended up with a Hungarian flute book full of folk songs I didn’t recognize. Was that supposed to be fun?

And the flute itself? I had a rented instrument from the music school, used by who knows how many students before me. The surface layer of the lip plate and several keys was so worn out that the deeper layer was visible, which I found almost disgusting. It came in a large wooden case that wouldn't fit in almost any bag. If I had insisted, my parents might have bought me a better instrument eventually, but because of all these factors, I lost interest. My flute career lasted just about six months.

But now? I have a newly refurbished solid silver flute I could only dream of back then, and there are infinite resources of all kinds available. I'm seriously considering finding a teacher of MY choice! I started to actually using a metronome and am having a blast!

Is this normal or am I in trouble? Is there a cure? Or is this just a safer, cheaper alternative to buying a Porsche for my midlife crisis? I wasn't expecting it to go this far so fast!

20:17 UTC

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