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Pants keep tearing

My pants keep splitting at the crotch. Any pants y'all recommend for stooping and crawling and spreading my knees/kneeling all day that won't tear? I need some quality shit because my fiance had to drive me a pair of pants today. I usually just find a small split in the groin at the end of the day occasionally. I need some work pants that are going to hold up to heavy use. I don't think there are pants that have a warranty but fuck, I can't stand having my pants tear up so often. And I can't even weld until I get more pants to wear, so... Thank God it happened right before lunch and not later. I'll start bringing a spare pair of pants I guess. Fiance sees but her machine has trouble punching through the thick seam on the crotch to give it the structural integrity I need(it just tears back out immediately, and reinforcing new pants just makes them tear easier because the stress on the side of the seam is increased. Yeah this post is way longer than I intended, but I need some advice. I weld in small spaces all day every day and just need good pants. Thanks for reading

17:05 UTC


Bad at math. Should I bother trying welding classes?

What level of math skills are required? If it's easy to medium difficulty and I get taught properly within the classes I think I could manage.

16:57 UTC


Whats the best way to flatten our this dent?

It's a 10mm thick piece. I've clamped a 40cm×40cm bar to it, and I'm trying to heat it up with an oxy propane torch and hitting it with a hammer, but its not working well. I've tried heating it then putting a ckamp on to littke success, what do you guys suggest?

15:00 UTC



Any tips for running hard face rods? They are Hobart brand hardalloy 140 5/32"

14:59 UTC


How do I start?

I’ve never touched a single welding machine in my life. I work on cars with my buddies, and my biggest downside at the moment is that I have no skill in custom piping.

I’m working on a custom Turbo setup, and I have a certain exhaust setup I want to create, but how do I start. What welding method do I use, how do I practice on pipes. Thank you

11:27 UTC


Welding on a ride on mower-pull battery and alternator?

Hello, I'm planning to fabricate a new tow hitch for my ride on mower and first I need to reinforce the rear end and that means I'll have to do weld some gussets to it but I'm nervous about frying the minimal wiring harnesses it has.

Should I pull the battery and the alternator to be safe?

04:03 UTC


High schooler about to be senior and have some questions

I was wondering if any older guy(especially naval welder or aerospace welders) would be willing to have a proper conversation or something about what my steps should be after school and what i should do to put my self in the right direction.

Questions like Should I go to a vocation/trade school a local union or comunity college.

What are some good steps in the beginning to make it easier later on.

And what is pay truely like not just the fantasy but like what to expect thorough beginning of a career.

Pm’s are open and just really wanna see about this from actual people before i dive straight in

02:04 UTC


Start a home shop for an experienced welder

I have a couple of years of experience doing mostly tig with a little mig in a manufacturing setting making pressure vessels and vacuum vessels. I'm hoping to have a space soon where I can start welding on the side making furniture, fireplaces, smokers or other things like that. My only problem is that I have always worked at companies where they have top of the line equipment and would buy me any tool I needed, so I don't know where to start for getting small equipment that fits in a garage. I don't feel that I need to buy the cheapest harbor freight welder because of my experience, but every welder I've used has been at least $10,000 so I don't know what will still feel like I can get enough out of it. I would like recommendations on types of saws/ cutting tools, fixture tables, and whatever else anyone felt they needed to get started on their own.

Also, I am trying to learn more on the fabrication side of things because everything I made had jigs and I worked closely with engineers so I feel like my fabrication skills are very far behind my welding ability. So if someone has a recommendation on where I could learn more about fabrication that would be great.

Thanks in advance.

20:18 UTC


Drying rods

How could I dry my electrodes without a dry rod oven?

18:59 UTC


Wanting to go back to school and learn welding… where the hell did you guys find the time for classes and schooling?

Okay, maybe not everyone went to school for a super long time. But I’m about to turn 26, have a full time job in sales that I absolutely hate, and I need to get out, but I can’t afford to just quit and go back to school full time. My local community college has an awesome welding program I’ve heard, but how am I supposed to balance both work and going to school for this for up to two years? Anyone have a similar experience and a solution they came up with?

18:46 UTC


Equipment question

Can you make an auto darkening welding shield a fixed shade? Sorry if this is a stupid question. I looked it up, but found nothing.

17:11 UTC


How to find good welders for small on-site jobs in NYC?

I help manage a property in NYC, and we’re always struggling to find good welders to repair our ironwork. How do people find good welders for small on-site jobs?

17:03 UTC


Spray Transfer, any tips before I take my weld test monday

03:00 UTC


Bought welder off marketplace. wiring for "ground" hurt brain

The 3 wires coming from \"contractor cable P3\"

Inside of Linde Union Carbide SWM-20



Bought a Union Carbide welder manufactured by Linde model number SWM-20 for dirt cheap off marketplace. guy I bought it off of said it was missing the ground clamp, but as the pictures show the lead to said missing ground clamp has 3 wires. Already contacted ESAB asking for a manual because as far as I could tell this thing doesn't exist on the internet except for a one-off auction listing.

02:13 UTC


Poll: Besides Cubitron, who makes the best cut off wheels for 4-1/2" grinders?

because some of them really suck.

22:40 UTC



What does this mean (lincoln)

18:10 UTC


Neat welding/fabrication projects for camping utility

hey folks! It’s that time of the year for camping, and over the next few weekends i plan on whipping up a few things for a camping trip.

I have access to my employers workshop whenever, but i’d prefer smaller simple QoL projects which won’t take an entire weekend to create.

so far all i have on the list:

A simple small fire-pit in case i find an ideal location for a fire but can’t safely set it up with rocks

  • a takedown tripod to hang pots/grills over a fire

  • a takedown clothesline rack in case i have nowhere to set up a clothesline in the trees.

I’m wondering if anyone has some other ideas. preferably smaller things that take up little space/can be disassembled for storage.

thanks all

17:32 UTC

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