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This is our darkest hour.

Humanity finds itself embroiled in an event unprecedented in its history, one which, unless immediately addressed, will catapult us further into the destruction of all we hold dear: our nations, its peoples, our ecosystems and the future of generations to come.

The science is clear: we are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction event on planet Earth and we will face catastrophe if we do not act swiftly and robustly.

We hold the following to be true:

This is our darkest hour.

Humanity finds itself embroiled in an event unprecedented in its history, one which, unless immediately addressed, will catapult us further into the destruction of all we hold dear: our nations, its peoples, our ecosystems and the future of generations to come.

The science is clear: we are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction event on planet Earth and we will face catastrophe if we do not act swiftly and robustly.

The single most hard hitting piece of evidence can be seen on this page from NASA.

Our Demands:

  1. Tell the truth. All institutions must communicate the danger we are in. We must be clear about the extreme cascading risks humanity now faces, the injustice this represents, its historic roots, and the urgent need for rapid political, social and economic change.

  2. Act Now. Every part of society must act now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025 and begin protecting and repairing nature immediately. The whole of society must move into a new precautionary paradigm, where life is sacred and all are in service to ensuring its future.

  3. Be the change. We demand a culture of participation, fairness and transparency. The Government must create and be led by a Citizens’ Assembly on Climate and Ecological Justice. Only the common sense of ordinary people will help us navigate the challenging decisions ahead.

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Submission Guidelines and Rules:

1. Do not incite violence or criminal activity. The Extinction Rebellion is a lawfully abiding direct action movement challenging inaction over dangerous climate change.

2. If your post has an unclear or indirect connection to Extinction Rebellion, you should include a submission statement providing the necessary context.

3. No complaining; If you're going to point out problems, provide solutions too. No whining.

4. No duplicate posts.

5. Audio/Video content must be accompanied by a synopsis.

6. No low effort content.

7. No doom and gloom. You'd be preaching to the choir. We're here to propose, observe, execute, and discuss solutions. Not lament over the problems.

8. In addition to enforcing reddit's content policy, we will also remove comments and content that is abusive in nature. You may attack each other's ideas, not each other.

9. No spamming. 1 Post per day (advised).

10. Do not criticize individuals. You may critisize governments, policies, industry, corporations, and cultures. The actions and intentions of groups, not singular people. Don't allow perfect to be the enemy of good.

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Never forget.

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18:26 UTC


Does vandalizing unrelated things actually works?

Hey, i'm making this post because like a lot of people i'm starting to get skeptical with those strategies used by activists, blocking roads, putting paint on art works and historical monuments(like those stones), of course i don't care about the action themselves but about their impact on the public's opinion about climatchange and the movement.

It just doesn't seem to work.. Sure it makes the news indirectly talk about climate change, sure we could say bad publicity is still publicity but does it real help us reach our goal?

19:42 UTC


MSc Research Survey on Autistic Accessibility in Environmentalism and Climate Action

Hello folks,

I am Georgie an MSc student studying Climate Change and Environmental Policy at the University of Leeds (UoL).

My research project seeks to explore accessibility for autistic adults in environmentalism, climate action and environmental policy in the UK.

I am posting in XR reddit because I wanted to hear from autistic members about your experiences of environmentalism and participating in climate action in the UK. Full disclosure I have been involved in XR UK/ Scotland in the past, but I am not an active member currently.

Who is eligible for the research?
Autistic adults (diagnosed, self-diagnosed, or awaiting a diagnosis) with thoughts on, or experience in environmentalismenvironmental policy, or climate action. All participants need to be 18+ and reside in the UK at time of survey.

How long to complete the survey?
The survey should take no more than 10-15-minutes to complete.

You can access the survey via this link: https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/7YLCQI/

This survey discusses:

  • Accessibility and environmentalism
  • Autistic perspectives on climate change
  • Access needs for climate action
  • Autistic interests and demands for environmental policy
  • Neurodivergent inclusion in policy development
  • Interest in 1-1 follow-up remote interviews and the climate Discord forum

Your participation helps shape a better understanding of these topics. Plus, you can enter an optional prize draw for a chance to win one of two £50 Gift Vouchers!

All data used will be anonymised, further details of data usage are included at the start of the survey and your consent to participate will be requested. I have ethical approval from the School of Earth and Environment at UoL.

Please let me know if you have any questions, my student email is: ee20gahb@leeds.ac.uk and you can also contact my supervisor, Lucie via email: l.k.middlemiss@leeds.ac.uk

Please consider participating in this important research today, thank you for your time :)

12:25 UTC


As an individual what do you feel is the most effective action you can take against climate change?

  1. Protest against corporate and government policies that have the highest impact on climate change.
  2. Vote for government policies intended to reduce climate change.
  3. Boycott corporate goods and services that have the highest impact on climate change.
  4. Divest from corporations whose products and services have the highest impact on climate change.
15:21 UTC


History repeats itself

Am I the only one who thinks sooner or later the soulless basters that are greedy and want to control everything and everyone are gonna face something that historicly has aways happened, people who are so desperate that they don't have anything to loose and will use violence against them to stop them. Once upon a time people in power feared the guillotine becouse if they betrayed their people we would cut their heads off. Now they sell their souls for power and try to leave us with nothing to loose becouse of greed which will lead to us decapitating them.

21:13 UTC


Picture of me from Friday's protest as wellbeing. I stayed up all night in nightwatch, and have to say, that the cops did jackshit about aggressive drunkards. But what can you expect from cops. Raivoa ja rakkautta from Finland!

17:03 UTC


Freshly made to wheatpaste in GNV, FL

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21:47 UTC


Are much heavier disruptions necessary to adress the urgent need for climate action ?

I hope that we can share this interesting Interview with Fernando Racimo of Scientist Rebellion here.
I will post a short summary in the first comments.
He is Associate Professor and climate activist with Scientists Rebellion. We talked about climate change and why passive communication might not be enough. We asked him about the strategy behind civil disobedience actions and what scientists can do beyond that to address this pressing issue.


09:48 UTC


Shower-thought: Fossil fuel lobbyists and Auschwitz’s guards share the act of indirectly cooking people for the betterment of their families

It’s substantially less direct for the fossil fuel lobbyists.


Climate change will lead to heat waves that overheat people

Climate change is a product of emissions

Emissions are a product of fossil fuels

Fossil fuel use is a product of government policy

Government policy is a product of corporate lobbying

Fossil fuel lobbyists promote fossil fuel use

Lobbyists do their jobs to support their families

Action: What can we do to help fossil fuel lobbyists change their behaviour? How we can help them connect their actions with real personal effects?

15:22 UTC


How many people would have to be arrested in order to force the government to make concessions?

I've read somewhere that 3000 XR rebels were arrested in 2019. I also read that London has about 1000 holding cells (I don't know if this is true though). The 2019 protests did not, to my knowledge, bring about any change in policy. I presume that the 3000 people were not all arrested at the same time, and possibly not all in London? Does anybody know what the maximum of people was that were in custody at any given time? And what do you reckon how many people would have to be doing civil disobedience at the same time to force the government to make concessions?

22:44 UTC


My idea to save the vaquitas (most endangered marine mammal on Earth):

I have been deeply sympathetic to the plight of the vaquita porpoises for several years. I finally had an idea that I think is decisively worth pushing forward.

The reason why the vaquitas are endangered is because there is a Chinese black market for "swim bladders" of a (also endangered) fish that shares the habitat with the vaquitas called the totoaba. Poachers use "gill nets", which are giant walls of netting with hooks attached, which just kill everything.

I would estimate that hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year trying to combat the gill net poaching. The "Sea Shepherd" is a famous organization that helps.

My idea would be very inexpensive and effective. It would be to use automated drone boats with hooks on the bottom to catch the tops of the gill nets, and send a notification to a local operator when they find a net so that the operator can go out and remove the net or have someone else do it. There could be attached solar panels to the drone boats. You could use drone submarines instead of drone boats so that the poachers wouldn't see them (though the poachers come out at night to avoid the military and Sea Shepherd, so the submarine idea could be a backup idea). I believe this could outcompete the poachers.

This setup is definitely doable from an engineering perspective. There are already publicly available, cheap devices that can send messages via SMS to remote operators.

02:48 UTC


The Truth About Our Personal Choices

18:12 UTC


Trailer for Planet B, a coming-of-age film about Dutch youth getting involved in Extinction Rebellion. I'm seeing it this Saturday, and psyched.

11:46 UTC


Is extinction rebellion in agreement with Islam that six billion people will die in an apocalypse?

07:45 UTC


Carbon Harvester Module (CHM) & Co2 Hydrogenation Ethanol Unit

01:39 UTC


Benedict Cumberbatch reads a Letter of Apology from a Father to his Children | April 2024 | Royal Albert Hall | London - "I want to tell you that I am sorry, and that I tried"

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15:06 UTC


Worried about excessive government intervention to climate change.

Hello, I didn't know which subreddit would be really suitable for this post, but amongst few, I chose this, as I guess you people here have information and knowledge, or maybe different perspective on this. (And also, this subreddit isn't like 100k+ follower subreddit, so comment section won't absolutely explode beyond what I can read, I assume)

I would also like to hear opinions wheter or not my fears are actually legit, and wheter or not the 'scenarios' I'll be presenting here are even likely to happen.

So, I am worried about government intervention to climate change possibly going too far, towards 'totalitarian' system in near(ish) future. For example ban, or extentive restrictions on cars, or restrictions on flying (who can, when, why, and where etc.), and personal quotas for people on how much can they consume this and that, (regardless how much they could afford), or taxing in certain areas so much that prices skyrocket beyond what normal people can comfortably pay for..... you name it. All these are examples which I've heard someone (politicians, activists etc.) suggest somewhere.

After doing research on this using as many and as politically neutral sources possible, and after trying to form as objective view on this as possible, Im quite positive that humand kind is going to be able to survive trough climate change, as humankind is very adaptable, and possible negative changes happening due climate change won't happen overnight, and enduring the negative impacts of climate change seems better option than less or more succesful attempts to migitate the climate change leading borderline-totalitarian society.

Even though someone may view these things I mentioned necessary, I think that history has proved time to time that totalitarian systems never EVER lead to anything good.

15:48 UTC


Won't somebody please think of the shareholders

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18:56 UTC


Or jail time, whichever come first

18:42 UTC


Just go ahead and say it, we all know it anyways

17:05 UTC

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