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[LFA] Volta, my armorer artificer

20:01 UTC


[LFA] Aries, Ram Wooly Witch Hunter Paladin. She snuck into the ranks of a witch hunter. Now she is an attack dog for the Wooly Church and their classist and misogynistic ways towards the other wooly's.

1 Comment
18:00 UTC


[LFA] Dalma Stoknir, harengon forester turned assassin

I'm looking for art for an upcoming character of mine. She is a Viera (Final Fantasy), who has spent the majority of her life living in the forest with her clan. Her fur is a grayish brown, she has gold eyes, and her hair is mid-back length, straight, and silvery white.

She wears a simple set of leather armor, with a dark green and brown cloak and hood. She covers her mouth with a piece of black fabric to suppress the sound of her breathing and help her remain undetected.

When fighting, she wields razor sharp battle fans, the traditional weapon of her clan. The fan is black, with a green insignia resembling a Viera face between two trees.

16:22 UTC


[LFA]Frog Superhero

I'm looking for a poison dart frog themed superhero. I'd like him to have the same funny goofy vibe as comic book spider man, or Cat Noir from miraculous, or the flash. If he could have little blue or red dots on the gloves that would be great. I want him to have dark wavy hair. Blue or green eyes. Smiling, obviously. I think a dark costume with blue and red dots around the hands and feet would fit him well. A simple mask that just covers the eyes. If you could also draw him in civilian clothes, that would be wonderful!!

If you're looking for money, DM me and we can work out details! :)

16:14 UTC


[LFA] Opal Kender Warlock

Opal is a homebrew Hippie who was with the Carnival at one point and now travels around aimlessly and got sucked back in time to the old west PLEASE DRAW HER

14:45 UTC


[LFA] Marigold, Satyr Ancients Paladin

Hair/eye color, horn shape/color, ears, face shape/expression, and legs from this: https://i.imgur.com/ZuqHB2I.jpg

General color scheme, skirt, breastplate, shoulder armor, and spear from this: https://i.imgur.com/8rRC6NA.png

Hairstyle, bracers and lower body armor (hips, kneepads, shin armor) from this: https://i.imgur.com/ElVq4D5.jpeg

Pose from this: https://i.imgur.com/jJOauBh.jpeg

If you post the image to another social, I would ask that you not include my username in it

this is a free request, please do not DM me about payment

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14:01 UTC


[LFA] Toro, the Cleric Barbarian Minotaur. Who's obsessed with the Arcane and how it corresponds with the world. He uses his immense size and brain to get the secrets he wants. His past in the Feywild started his curiosity and adventure into the arcane world

1 Comment
13:46 UTC


[RF] Valax Ixenbrik, Gold Dragonborn Fighter/Monk

07:45 UTC


[RF] creature of cobalt for u/antthatisverycool

05:20 UTC


[LFA] Zimi, my Kitsune Flame Oracle

04:51 UTC


[RF] Gio, Leonin Fighter Druid

01:56 UTC


[LFA] Konrad, the Maimed (Barbarian)

1 Comment
01:49 UTC


[LFA] (Repost) Magnus, Batkin Alchemist/Medic from a futuristic setting

1 Comment
20:19 UTC


[LFA] Lady Ren Hohi

Ren is a noble who is the second eldest of her family, which has the tradition of the eldest taking over the alchemist guild while the second becomes an adventurer in a far away. She has trained her whole life to develop her own way of fighting, using her rapier, her collection of potions and poisons, and her innate psionic powers to overcome her enemies, typically through attrition as she uses her magic and tactics to avoid being hit. Mechanically, she is a DnD 5e character, variant human hexblade warlock with the pact of the blade. I have attached her current image, but I am hoping to find something that is a bit more in line with the alchemist route I have taken with her.

# Character Basics

Full Name: Lady Ren, of house Hohi

Race/Ethnic Group: Variant Human

Class/Occupation: Monster Hunter who uses her history as an alchemist to fight

Character Nature: High Fantasy (DnD 5e)

# Character Details

Gender: Female

Age/appeared age: 21

Hair: Black hair, approximately mid shoulder blades in length

Eyes: brown

Significant item: The important thing are her potions/poisons. Thinking belt or bandoliers, but they need to be somewhere that she can easily reach them.

Body Type: Tall (6'2", 6' 6" in her heels), relatively slender

Color Scheme: Will admit that I am not great at this, so will leave up to you. Thinking either something following her family crest (so blue and black with splashes of gold and red) or something earthlier to be able to blend into the woods. The more colourful version may also struggle with the potions

Gear: Rapier, a number of vials filled with different coloured potions and poisons (thinking a few bandoliers, but could have them along her belt, in a bag, or in a bag), a book somewhere she can easily grab, fancy hat that is still practical (and preferably made of an easily cleanable material as it is often thrown into the dirt to start duels), boots with heels that add 4" (not the most practical thing to fight in, I know. But the original reference picture had them and they've been talked about enough that they've become a core part of her)

Action/Pose: Flexible, but something showing some confidence and being relaxed would be nice.

Other: Despite the new situation that she finds herself in, Ren always exudes confidence. With grace and a strong will, she believes that she can overcome any challenge

# Character Persona

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality Traits: The common folk love me for my kindness and generosity. My eloquent flattery makes everyone I talk to feel like the most wonderful and important person in the world.

Ideals and Goals: Independence: I must prove that I can handle myself without the coddling of my family. Ren's goal is to create a new alchemist guild in her new home, as well as being a successful hunter.

Bonds and Flaws: Bonds: I will do everything in my power to look out for those that have given themselves to me, even if it costs me my life. Flaws: In fact, the world does revolve around me, I have an insatiable desire for carnal pleasures

# Other

Visual concepts: The important thing is that Ren is a noble first and foremost (one with plenty of money from adventuring and max charisma), so she should have a confidence and swagger along with elegance in her look. Still, she fights monsters for a living and is a scrambler when it comes to fighting, so being able to move freely is of the upmost importance.

Backstory: Born to a noble house running a large alchemist guild, Ren has always been surrounded by potions and poisons her whole life and has learned many things about them. Despite having acquired a large knowledge on the science of potion (and poison) making, as the second eldest her role was to move to a far away land and become an adventurer to spread the family's reputation. As such, she has been taught to hunt, fight, and survive in addition to her alchemy lessons and learning how to interact in the courts. At the age of 21 she finally set off on her own, using her skills to become a monster hunter.

17:28 UTC


[LFA] Dapper Doctor


Dr. Adrien Hermann, a human apothecary, suffered a devastating illness at the apex of his collegiate days. Where once a bright future as a surgeon beckoned, Adrien sufficed graduation with a diploma in psychiatry. Experimental surgeries robbed him of further physical faculties, while his mind grew into potent psychic power. One hopes it is enough to brave the mists of Barovia...

Adrien is a prospective Curse of Strahd character of mine. A snarky, depressed doctor braving a vampire lord with the might of medicine and mind powers. Frankenstein meets Bloodborne is much of the inspiration for him, as well as his 3rd party class, the Alienist apothecary from the Dungeon Dudes' Drakkenheim sourcebook.

Design-wise, Adrien is a young human man of great height (6'6"/ 198cm) and slim build. He has numerous surgical scars, namely on his face, but his lilac veins stand starkly against his pale skin. He has a white forelock among his slicked-back black hair, grey-blue eyes, and a very gaunt, thin face. Cillian Murphy is a great face reference for him.

He dresses in formal wear; a blue vest with silver threading over top a high-necked white dress shirt, slim black pants, and shiny elegant loafers. He drapes a thick black coat over his shoulders, and wears chunky silver rings on a few fingers across his hands - namely a college ring inset with a sapphire

The right side of his body is significantly weaker than his left, so he uses an ornate cane for walking. He also wears a black Phantom of the Opera-style full face mask to hide surgery scars. I have no particular pose in mind, but something leaning over his cane and drawing attention to the mask would be appreciated.


For a bit more info...

Child prodigy turned academic superstar, Adrien was on the fast track to join the ranks of the Hermann family legacy as a prestigious surgeon. An academic rivalry took a poisonous turn when Adrien fell sick suddenly, unknowingly tainted by a rival's experimental elixir. The left side of Adrien's body withered, leaving him with half the prospects he once had.

Adapting as one does - poorly - Adrien graduated with a degree in psychiatry, a "lesser" science in his native Lamordia. Where his peers now performed experimental surgeries, Adrien was housebound as a therapist by letter-writing. He sunk more of his family's money into shot-in-the-dark procedures in hopes of being returned to full strength.

Nothing worked, and life became dull for Adrien. Then he received a letter from a forlorn woman in another domain. Unprofessionally becoming attached to this woman, Adrien found purpose renewed in writing to her, dabbling in painting speculative pieces of her between letters. When she stopped responding, Adrien was at a loss, until a mystery invitation to a "Barovia" beckoned him beyond the safety of daddy's mansion and into the wide world he knows so little of...

Adrien is a sardonic know-it-all who often is the smartest in the room - and lets everyone know. He's used to a life of luxury, so "roughing it" isn't to his tastes, as he loudly complains. Despite family pressure to be the best, Adrien does truly value medicine as saving lives and is begrudgingly finding new purpose as a therapist. Mental magic is an added bonus for him, as he always relishes the opportunity to talk someone's ear off. Blue and silver are colours I heavily associate with him, as well as ice/snowy landscapes and sterile environments.

Thank you for reading!

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16:04 UTC


[LFA] Gathea Weavebinder, 7'5" goliath conjuration wizard. Gathea was born from exiled parents who were forced to move into a human city. She stood out like a sore thumb growing up, but used that to her advantage and became a prominent wizard with flashy spells and luxurious tastes.

15:47 UTC


[RF] Annie Fraus - Arcane Archer and Warlock of an Ancient Dragon For u/jklolkenzie

15:10 UTC


[LFA] Gio, Leonin Fighter Druid who magical sprouts flowers in his mane. He is an accomplished fighting instructor to new fighters who want to learn how to mix magic into their strikes.

14:17 UTC


[LFA] Could someone draw my Tiefling Fighter in pencil?

Any style or pose is acceptable. I just need it in pencil so that I can ink it and color it myself. Please and thank you.

03:48 UTC


[LFA] Could someone draw my Viking Barbarian in pencil?

Any style or pose is acceptable. I just need it in pencil so that I can ink it and color it myself. Please and thank you.

03:46 UTC


[RF]Sheriah for u/slimey_frog

1 Comment
03:23 UTC


[RF] Cici Stormsinger for u/syd_sky11

Also posted on Instagram @scruffy.draw

23:16 UTC


[LFA] Rascrath; My Human Barbarian for Tyranny of Dragons

We're going to start running Tyranny of Dragons with our group in a few weeks, and we've all secretly made our characters with our DM. I was hoping to surprise the other players with art of my character when we reveal each other, so I would be grateful for anyone who can help me by drawing him.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Rascrath woke up near Greenest almost 10 years ago with no memories. He was strangely fluent in an archaic dialect of Draconic, however he could not speak Common at the time. He has since been ingratiated in the town and learned how to speak broken Common. I have already worked out with my DM that he will grow more draconic as the campaign progresses (through his subclass), and he will be themed around Silver Dragons specifically. He also started with an additional feat: Gift of the Metallic Dragon, which allows him to manifest spectral wings to shield himself and his companions. I chose to leave this detail out of the reference sheet because it did not seem necessary, but if anyone added that detail in, I would be especially grateful. (Also, the Snowdrop detail is purely symbolic, and not remotely necessary)

21:46 UTC

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