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[LFA] Admus Moriarty, Knight of Neverwinter

06:08 UTC


[LFA] Half Wood-Elven Alchemist

[LFA] Hello I'm new to the subreddit and was directed here by a friend! I have an idea for a half wood elf Artificer(Alchemist) that I've been brainstorming.

Falco is a Half-Elf to a Wood Elven Mother and a Human father. He retains little to no memory of them outside of an heirloom passed down to his father at a young age directly after his mother’s unfortunate passing. His father soon departed and left Falco on his own around the age of nine without a word, and only an envelope sealed by some strange magical tinkering, set to open decades later, and a family heirloom. A necklace modeled into the shape of a bird using an aged bronze dusted piece of scrap that may have once resembled a gear.

After being left to fend on his own, Falco depended on himself and warped the few tricks of the trade his father taught him into something more akin to street smarts. Using artificer magic, as a ploy to bargain and swindle people to his own benefit, but more importantly for him, those who seem to be catching a string of bad luck. His typical guinea pigs for these gambles are people that could easily afford the loss they receive as a result of his meddling, and he tends to help those in need with his winnings when he can.

Falco is an alchemist to the core taking his father’s brief yet vigorous training in stride and to heart. He uses his skills to aid him in various facets of life, often revolving around his street smart scheming and meddling to his own benefit and to the benefit of many less fortunate souls.

Hair: White
Eyes: Emerald
Hairstyle: Scruffy pushed back medium-long length
Skin Color: Forest Green
Clothes: Cloak with armored vest and versatile potion belt, cloak features hood
I've included a google doc with some image references as well!



06:01 UTC


[LFA] way of the sun soul monk Nyntara (pale female half orc

Way of the Sun Soul monk Nyntara (pale female half-orc)

She is as stated a sun soul monk her favorite color is red so her clothes are primarily red and black with hints of yellow or orange thrown about on her clothes. Dresses more like a boxer than a monk

She hates anything with sleeves cause she feels like it makes her punches weaker. Wears combat boots for style and combat

Her hair is primarily white as well to match her skin tone but she added streaks of red to top and bottom of it. No particular hair style cause I don’t have on for her yet

She has an above average bust size but nothing she typically shows off she prefers to show of her muscles instead. She is more of a Wonder Woman type of build for clarification

Her favorite hobby is to look for new sweets to try in every city or town she visits so she has a magical sweets box attached to her back to preserve the sweets she really likes to have for later when she is travel around for jobs and adventure

03:47 UTC


[LFA] Can someone help?

It not that tragic but in my anatomy class we have to make a digestion poster, and I don't know who to do. I want to do a Chara ter from some movie but I want it to be funny. Some characters are already taking and I don't want mine to be a repeat, so if anyone can give me some recommendations, it would be deeply appreciated.

03:46 UTC


[RF]Lincoln Laurel for ApprehensiveCase470

03:20 UTC


[LFA] Earth Genasi Artillerist Artificer

Looking for an artist to help give form to my new character. My initial thoughts include them having "skin" like Polished Black Obsidian and being late middle aged, so looking a bit older and more weathered. I am happy to work with an artist on design details and such, so feel free to comment or message.

00:43 UTC


[RF] DND Kenku who only sings Taylor Swift

00:29 UTC


[LFA] Tlachtga Mcknight - Human Druid

Hi all! I'm playing a new campaign and I'd love for someone to properly draw my character Tlachtga!

She's a human druid, who was taken in by a priest when she was a baby due to her parents mysteriously dying. For her attacks, she usually uses anything got to do with lightning (as the name Tlachtga in Old Irish means "Earth Spear" = lighning). She's down to earth, but can come across as blunt to those who don't share her values/religion. She tries to see the good in everyone. She loves nature and is skilled with animals. She's also a stoner aha (somehow all my characters in every campaign are, and that wasn't even my choice this time 😅)

She's a very celtic dress sense. She wears a druid like cape (as seen in picture 2) but her belt is more like picture 1. Her motto is "the more swirls the better!"

She has brown skin, brown eyes (but with flame like patterns as seen in picture 3). She has these glowing "cracks" on her body like in picture 1. Her hair is short (nearly shoulder length) and fire red.

That's it. I've only been playing her for three sessions but I'm absolutely loving how it's going!

22:02 UTC


[LFA] Satyr Hexblade Youngling

18:54 UTC


[LFA] Edrei, an Eladrin war vet (Repost 2)

18:18 UTC


[RF] Brahman the Firbolg Stars Druid

1 Comment
17:12 UTC


[RF] Ceto, Half-Sea Elf Paladin of Torm

17:11 UTC


[RF] Crystal Telus, Finesse Fighter Wielding a Polearm

16:42 UTC


[LFA] Varik, a Githzerai mercenary/bounty hunter


(To be mostly based around the hero forge mini, although I'd like to request a face more in line with cannonical descriptions of the Githzerai, since I can't be too precise with hero forge)

Race - Gith (Githzerai) // Age - 30-ish // Skin - Pale yellowish green; both the spots on his head as well as the bags under his eyes are a deeper green-brown coloration // Eyes - Normal color arrangement, but with bright black iris // Hair - Jet black, all shaved except for a long, high pony tail; no facial hair; eyebrows are also jet black, but trimmed and well kept // Ears - Long and jagged like daggers; right ear has two hoop piercings in the helix, one made of worn gold and the other of worn bronze // Nose - Flattened, almost looking as if it is missing // Clothes - In line with what's in the image on the right (english isn't my first language, I don't know how to describe the clothing very well); the metal bits serving as armor plating are a brown, worn metal; buckles, detailing and rivets are a lighter, steel-like coloration; the vest is made of black leather that eventually turns into black cloth (see image for details); belts and fastenings are made of simple slightly worn leather // Weapons - dual scimitars, like the one on the right; guard, handle and pommel are the made of the same brown metal as the armor, with the handle wrapped in worn, light brown leather; the blades are made of silver // Items - although not shown in the image, he carries a leather-bound on his belt, over the front his left thigh

Thanks in advance! If there are any questions feel free to dm me.

14:12 UTC


[LFA] Fina Dreyer, female Tiefling monk.

Hey, y’all! I’ve been feeling my first DnD character/his backstory a lot lately and would love some artwork of his love interest. I’d really like to see Fina (front, back) in either a hanfu or a new monk outfit.

I’ve always pictured her wearing a hanfu (possibly a pink one with flower designs) with a parasol and flowers in her hair. This is the closest I could find.

Alternatively, I’d like to see her in a cooler outfit than the one she's wearing. I want it to be feminine but practical. I couldn’t pick a favorite out of these.

A little about Fina:

Fina is a kind, gentle soul with a compassionate heart. She is her master’s star pupil and hopes to train students of her own someday. She loves flowers and taking strolls through the monastery’s picturesque grounds. She is a big sister figure for all the resident children. She possesses unwavering loyalty and courage. The type to take matters into her own hands.

I’d be happy to answer questions about her!

07:35 UTC


[LFA] Aurelia "Lia" Rosethorne - Dhampir Fey Wanderer Ranger

1 Comment
05:38 UTC


[LFA] Argo Wellar, Simic Hybrid and Spelljammer crewmate!

04:43 UTC


[LFA] Crystal Telus, Finesse Fighter Wielding a Polearm

04:08 UTC


[RF] Merlot Marelle, Eastern European Styled Hexblood Lycan Blood

1 Comment
02:09 UTC


[RF] Yaal Gantl - Hermit Crab Warrior

01:31 UTC


[LFA] BBEG Purple Tiefling Warlock

1 Comment
01:28 UTC


[RF] Frank "Runt" Rally, Mechwarrior

23:22 UTC


[LFA] - Alaric and Karalia - Swarmkeeper/Druid with magic limb replacements and his magically bound fairy

Alaric and Karalia are played as 1 character in the same campaign. Details attached.

Looking for art that would

  1. Include both
  2. Include some (water based) magic, especially the water magic limb replacements in combat mode

Since we're nearing the end of the campaign and both have forged a bond now, I'd be happy if the art had positive vibes! ^-^

Alaric visuals:

Reference board:

- Male human
- Missing right leg above knee.
- Missing left arm below elbow.
- Short-mid long, dark, unkempt hair
- No fancy clothes
- Grumpy
- The very opposite of Karalia

Missing limbs, walking around normally:
Used to walk around with an old-timey crutch, now uses a staff of the woodlands.
Missing limbs in combat:
Similar to Ming-Hua from Korra, he can enter a "combat mode" replacing his missing limbs through water magic.

Alaric Lore:
Disgruntled ex-pirate. Extremely distrusting.
Having lost his arm and leg to leprosy, he was left to die on an island, about to be consumed by a powerful sea hag.


Karalia visuals:

Reference board:

- Female, fairy/elf kinda gal
- Butterfly/Moth wings
- Has these cute feather/fin ear things on her head (see reference board)
- Very similar to Nioh spirits
- Spectral / see-through / non-corporeal
- Playful
- Nature / water themed
- Neat and tidy
- The very opposite of Alaric.

Karalia Lore:
Stepping through a portal from the feywild to the material plane right where and when Alaric was about to be eaten, the kindhearted fae didn't want to see an innocent man be consumed by heinous evil. She took a bargain, sacrificing her voice and corporeal body for the unknown man's life.

Alaric x Karalia lore:
They're now in a forced/cursed "warlock/patron" situationship.
Not having a body of her own anymore, Karalia exists as a sprite, a shadow of her former self, following Alaric around and providing magic.
The curse and Alarics general distrust made it difficult to build any sort of positive relationship.

Never having used magic before, becoming a magic user was an aweful experience for Alaric. Itchyness, vomiting, fatigue, headaches, voices in his head, nosebleeds and a generally poor mood were some of the side-effects.

Journeying, being around good people, working together, and breaking part of the curse has allowed them to forge a bond over time. The bond allowed Alaric to learn that his hatred was not a good catalyst for the generally peaceful nature magic of Karalia, giving him the chance to develop a better understanding for how to use her magic without hurting himself.

20:08 UTC


[LFA] Merlot Marelle, Eastern European Styled Hexblood Lycan Blood Hunter

Born under a blood moon. He was believed to be a bad omen. Thinking he was cursed, his parents abandoned him in the woods. There his cries were heard by a hag who took him in. As he grew up the influence of being around fey energy changed him into a hexblood. One night while out gathering herbs he was attacked by a werewolf. He was found the next day half dead by the hag. She patched him up but couldn't stop the curse at this point. She gifted him his wold cloak.

He has paper white skin and long, luscious blood red hair. He wears fine clothes with Eastern European stylings. He has a cloak of thick wolf fur with a head on one shoulder. The fur is interwoven around the shoulders with a patch rug pattern. In combat he uses a hand crossbow while not transformed and his claws when transformed. Due to his unique philology his werewolf transformation is like white wood.

Character influences: Howl from Howl's moving castle. Alucard from Castlevania Nocturne.

1 Comment
19:32 UTC

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