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Two of my players married, which magical items I could give them?

The thing is, the monk of my party is a servant of the love deity, which made me think that it would be pretty cool if they get a magic item that show their deep connection. But I can't think of a good item to give them.

They are playing a air genasi Mercy Monk (using One D&D monk) 5 and a tiefling Chronurgy wizard 6.

I will make the item be 2 rings in appearance, don't matter what they are in the original concept. And i'm fine with any homebrew itens.

01:06 UTC


DM hesitant to get back… What’s changed since Tasha’s Cauldron? [5e]

I have had a good long break from a 14 year bender of constant TTRPGs as a forever DM and kept TTRPGs off my radar. But now that I want to get back into running games… I’m intimidated?

What are some of the big content updates?

00:59 UTC


Update: Ranger with crossbow vs bow

Last post: https://www.reddit.com/r/dndnext/s/sC1ob0usKe

Thanks so much everyone for all advice and detailed explanations of all weapons and mechanics I love this community ngl 😭

I sat on it and I think I will go with a longbow after all, but I still feel kinda sad about it. So now I have two more questions-

  1. How can I make my longbow feel more… drow-like? From an in universe perspective, my main issue is that my OCD makes me feel that it needs to be sufficiently connected to my character’s Underdark heritage for me to accept it

  2. Is it better to pick a combat related fest at lvl 4? There seem to be so many cool ones like Linguist, Shadow-touched, Keen Mind etc. but I should prob pick a combat related one? But if so, which would work well for a longbow and/or shortswords?

23:05 UTC


Reminder: r/DnDNext has an official discord!

Join us to discuss all things D&D here: https://discord.gg/dndnext

23:00 UTC


What is a tank in your opinion? What qualities a character as a tank?

a lot of people seem to have different definitions of what a tank is in a ttrpg. what do define as a tank? what does a character need to be a tank?

20:02 UTC


Plane Shift?

is there ever a campaign where players willingly use this spell to explore other planes? why do so, is there benefits, like things to fight or loot to find? are dm's prepared for this decision?

19:54 UTC


Looking for advice for a deity for a Dhampir Way of Mercy Monk Vampire Hunter

I have been working on a character idea for a Dhampir Rogue/Monk Vampire Hunter, where they would travel from village to village as a healer while also rooting out any undead threat. However I can't really decide what deity they would follow. I know that I don't have to have one, but I always like to have my characters have one even if they don't have any divine powers.

I had originally looked at Lathander or Ilmater, but Lathander seems to flashy for my character and Ilmater doesn't seem to fit with someone trying to kill vampires on sight.

Anyone have any ideas? If it helps they where a half-elf before being changed and was orphaned as a child from the vampire attack that turned them into a Dhampir.

Edit: I have looked at Selûne, since they fit a lot of what I'm looking for. However I can't seem to find anything about Selûnites and vampires, only lycanthropes.

19:47 UTC


Mage's Maze Style game in Quest for Glory themed campaign.

Hi All,

As the title suggests, I am planning on running an in person Quest For Glory themed campaign with some friends and want to have the spellcasters actually play a game of Mage's Maze against Erasmus(a.k.a. the DM). I had come up with the following concept and wanted to see if anyone has some advice on it?

The object of Mage's Maze is to enable your game piece to reach the finish point ahead of that of your opponent.

The players can choose one of the predefined game mats, which consist of symmetrical mazes on either side of the playing field. Each mat consists of 17 squares, which include a starting point, maze area, and end point.

The game pieces are placed on their respective starting lines, and then each player rolls a contested spell check against their respective Spell Casting Ability (INT, WIS, or CHA). The winner goes first and gets to place a boulder 1d6 spaces ahead of the other player.

There will only ever be one boulder in play, and a player can choose to remove the boulder via a contested spell check. If they win, they can place the boulder 1d6 spaces ahead of the other player uncontested.

If the boulder lands on an obstacle tile, then it will be moved to the next unoccupied tile in front or behind of the obstacle tile. The boulder can only be placed ahead of a game piece and cannot be placed on an occupied space.

Obstacle tiles can take the form of the following, and there will be at least one of each on the playing field:

  • Doorway - A player can choose to close their opponent's door, or open their own door during their turn.
  • Spike Pit - A player can choose to place a bridge over their pit, or remove one placed by their opponent.
  • Ledge - A player can choose to place a ladder against the ledge, or remove one placed by their opponent.

Each player gets a turn where they can perform either a Placement or Removal action, and then Move 3 squares before the end of their turn.

Each action will require a contested spell check against their respective Spell Casting Ability.

Placement Actions would be:

  • Closing a door
  • Placing a ladder or bridge

Removing Actions would be

  • Opening a door
  • Removing a ladder or bridge

A placement or Removal action cannot target a square that is occupied by a game piece. i.e. a bridge or ladder cannot be removed, and similarly a door cannot be closed, if there is a game piece on said tile.

19:28 UTC


Wizard vs Tarrasque Strategy

So, this is mainly theorycraft assuming I get the opportunity at some point. I would like to know if this would be a relatively safe and reliable strategy. The wizard for simplicity has shapechange, simulacrum, and blade of disaster, disintegrate.

Assuming you could give your simulacrum either, eldritch claw tattoo or the insignia of claws, the simulacrum could then shapechange into an ancient white/brass dragon. The dragon proceeds to breath and use the wing attack (22 dex save the tarrasque can't stop). So, it either gets knocked prone or eats the legendary resistances.

At this point you can safely cast disintegrate and use blade of disaster to kill it in ~5 or less turns. The tarrasque would only be able to move 20 feet with a reach of 20 feet so you can safely sit 60 feet away without a problem or slightly further. Assuming no other party members.

Anyways let me know and thanks.

18:58 UTC


Might Impel Question

I was playing a session with friends, a player has a path of giant barbarian, and he used the mighty impel abillity.

The ability says

As a bonus action while raging, you can choose one Medium or smaller creature within your reach and move it to an unoccupied space you can see within 30 feet of yourself.

But with this barbarian you become large, and a large creature has 10 feet to 15 feet in hight so, this within 30 feet to yourself, you use your feet or your head for reference ? If you throw it 30 feet high from the grond, the creature will be 15 feet distante from you if you have 15feet height

Image for reference https://i.imgur.com/mFG7f0K.jpeg

18:50 UTC


[Homebrew] Adjusting the Arcane Archer

So I know there are dozens of attempts to change Arcane Archer.

I'm trying another one. ;) None of the ones I found matched what I was looking for.

To me, the AA is someone that delivers magic through their arrows. And the arcane shots kind of do that, but I'm looking for a different kind of feeling.

But I can't figure out how to balance it. Basically I want to allow the AA to deliver cantrips through their shots, and possibly have a ranged smite equivalent. To do that, though, they need spell slots. Honestly, I miss Prestige Classes here. I feel like even making the AA a 1/3rd caster makes them *too* strong. So that piece I think is best done like Pact Spellcasting. I'd like to make them a 1/3rd caster pact caster. They never get more than 2 slots, but their max level progresses at the speed of a 1/3rd caster. Now we're fully in to jank, but I'm okay with that.

Is simply allowing single target cantrips to be cast as part of the attack too strong? The most powerful one would likely be Shocking Grasp, which would be +1d8/2d8/3d8/4d8 damage and removing a reaction. The obvious comparison here is the EK. At level 7 the EK is likely attacking once and then casting Booming Blade/GFB or attacking once and casting Firebolt or EB. I think that's equivalent with slightly different power progression if you make it a level 7 ability just like War Magic.

And then the EB Warlock is kind of the baseline for comparison, right? At 7th level a warlock can EB twice for 1d10+5 damage each. So the AA needs to be doing at least 2d20+10 damage on a standard turn. 2d10+10 is 21 damage average assuming two hits. Ignoring Sharpshooter and casting Shocking Grasp (assuming it's one attack in your sequence), 2d8+10+1d8, which is 23.5. Warlock gets push/pull and AA gets reaction blocking. That *seems* pretty evenly matched. Compared to the Psi warrior, though, it feels stronger. They get d6/d8/d10/d12+int bonus damage but only Profx2+1 times a day. So the AA is getting the d8 all the time, the Psi Warrior is getting it a limited number of times. But the Psi Warrior also has lots of other things they can do with it, so maybe that's okay?

So my proposed class setup:

Level 3, the AA gets Magic Arrow instead of Arcane Shot. Simply being magical is not huge, but getting spells balances that, I think. Their spell list includes primarily ranged focus spells - Hunter's Mark, Ensnaring Strike, Hail of Thorns, Fog Cloud, Zephyr Strike. Then a few fun ones like Magic Missile, maybe Jump. They get 2 slots that refresh on a short rest. They advance like a 1/3rd caster.

At level 7, they get Arcane Shot, but it allows single target cantrips instead of specific actions on one attack.

At level 10, they get ranged smites. It's just smite, except it can be delivered via ranged attacks.

And honestly, I don't plan to every play at tier 3/4 so that's enough for me. ;)

Thoughts on this particular set up?

18:27 UTC


How about making a Wildshaping Half-Caster?

(There is a TLDR all the Way down if you don't want to read, and some suggestion on how I would do a Wildshaping Half-Caster)

I like wildshape (understanding wildshape as turning into a Beast), I think it's a cool, unique mechanic that can not only save your life giving you Hit points, it also gives you amazing mobility and some pretty good combos with the concenetration spells that the druid gets.

But, It has what could be seen as a drawback, it's attached to a full caster. It's The druid feature, yes, but you can be pretty cool without it in combat (Depending on how you play, your Table and all).

The next thing I'm going to say is biased, because I've played with a limited number of tables, but you can be a Wildfire Druid for example without turning into an animal once and still kick ass, And the Same for Spore Druid, and For Shepherd, and even for Land, you're a full caster all the way, You can make the earth explode, you can Conjure Tsunamis, you can Set shit on fire, you can Invoque The Fey Be very good healer...

Ok, I'm exagerating a bit, but the thing is that, there is a part of the Druid players that are here because want to be a Nature Mage, I've done that myself and it feels great to play it that way, you feel like nature incarnate, an you can spend wildshape in different things depending on the subclass, it kind of reminds me of Channel divinity.

However I've also tried to Be a Moon druid, specialized in being an animal and destroying enemies in all differrent shapes of bear...and it's weird, VERY weird, I've played as a non-multiclassed Moon Druid in 3 different one-shots online with different people, one at level 2, another at level 8 and another at level 12, and I've also talked to people that have played Moon druid.

You start and are a monster, then it goes down and down until its ok at level 8, then It goes UP again at level 10 an then it's pretty great, until you're a monster at level 20

And I get why, as I have stated already, it's a god damn full caster with a spell list that has a great versatility, you're taking that, giving it extra HP and giving it a way to have Out of combat utility... THAT is the issue, if you have a table that does little to no short rests (Like mine), your wildshape will be very limited and you can't just ask for more (Specially if you are a Moon druid) because your character would be unberable with more!

So...what if we took that amazing spell list out of the way?, and changed the progression a little bit? Like a Half caster?

Look, I'm not saying the Druid is Badly designed and should be a half caster, I know nearly nothing about game design, and just because a class I wanna play is made in a way that I can't do something the way I would like dosen't mean it's bad, it just means I have to do a little extra work, but please let me do some ignorant suggestions on doing a Wildshaping Half-Caster:

  • Give it a Good Progression, but not Moon Druid, Something like "Starting at first level your Max shapeshiting CR equal Class level divided by 4", I think it would be good, and give it the same movement restrictions a the Druid (Swimming at fourth level, flying at Eigth), Maybe this cannot concentrate on spells while in beast shape, but it buffs the beast stat blocks somehow while leveling up, like giving a Boost to damage/attack Rolls using spell slots, or having Bestial Maneuvers or Figthing styles made to pair with beasts.
  • I don't know if it should have Extra Attack, maybe it can have it depending in the subclass like artificer.
  • Instead of assuming the creature's HP, give the chracter the stat block of the beast at give it temporary HP equal to The beasts HP divided by 2, 3 or 4 depending on CR.
  • Give it Shapeshift based on PB and recharge it on short or long rest, or if you don't like that, make it scale someway, it's weird Wildshape jumps from two to infinite, but it's also undestrandable in the Druid situation
  • Maybe one subclass could be the "Moon Druid" of the bunch, centered in beasts and Shapeshiting, you can do the same as Moon Druid and heal with Spell slots, and maybe give a bonus to the attack rolls equal to the spellcasting modifier, maybe let this and only this get something like a more tamed Archdruid as capstone.
  • Another Subclass could be centered in using animal powers to make you a good Martial, give martial weapons, medium armor, Extra Attack as a subclass feature, something like a Partial Shapeshifting that let's you roll extra damage dies and attack rolls as you level up, more mobility, and all of that, Maybe your capstone could be Pack tactics.
  • An other Subclasses could let you turn into different Creature types, like Monstrosities, Aberrations or Elementals.

TLDR: What do you think of a Shapeshifting Half-Caster? if you had to make one, how would you?

17:24 UTC


best sorcadin build?

need help deciding please. been thinking 6 pala 14 sorc and go max str to be a smite machine with extra attacks. or 2 pala/1 warlock/17 sorc to base attacks off charisma and be effectively a full caster on top of heavy armor, or 2 pala/5 warlock/13 sorc to pick up extra attack via thirsting blade, lvl 3 pact slots to turn into sorcery points when needed, on top of +1 to att and dmg rolls from improved pact weapon. or 2 pala/3 lock/15 sorc, no extra attack? any other build ideas i might be missing?

17:06 UTC


How much power creep have we seen in 5e really? And is it a bad thing?

To me, power creep insinuates that there is some form of baseline that new additions to a game overshoot such that the initial choices have become non options. I’d assume that baseline would be the PHB. It’s the handbook that provides base player options. It sets the standard for power going forward.

My issue is the PHB isn’t a good baseline. Some of the strongest player options to this day ( Conjure Spells, Wall of Force, Simulacrum) share space with the worst/weakest (Berserker, Assassin, OG Beastmaster). Many options with the PHB power creep themselves (there are two Barbarian subclass options in there and really only one that won’t get you killed). Almost every Barb option provided since then has power crept the Berserker, and I’d say that’s a good thing. And this is true for about half the classes in the book in my opinion.

16:55 UTC


Looking for recommendations for a specific adventure module

Thanks in advance for your time, this one’s kind of specific.

I’m looking for an adventure book I can use as a foundation for the next section of my campaign. The party should encounter a local area that has been taken over by a totalitarian order of knights who are subjugating the population. Ideally the party should fight and defeat them.

I’m not concerned about the politics or the Why of things, I’m confident I can adapt. I just need a plot structure and encounter guide. Priorities as follows:

  1. Something from 5e would be nice, but I’ll take anything from any edition, even Pathfinder. I am very comfortable adapting from 3rd edition, but I’ve also recently done some 1st edition modules.

  2. The party’s level should be 9-12, but I can work around this as well.

  3. I would prefer to pay for something that is good quality, especially if it is a 3rd party author.

p.s. I have already tried adventurelookup.com and did not find what I was looking for, but you might know something I don’t.

16:24 UTC


DM’s, tell us about an NPC you’ve been looking forward to using in a campaign someday

16:09 UTC


Revamped four elements monk

Hi everyone, recently I’ve seen how unfortunately terrible the four elements monk is, and wanted to see if I could try my hand at remodeling it. I’ll preface this with a disclaimer that I’m not a major homebrewer, so I can’t tell for sure how balanced or unbalanced it might be, I was primarily seeing what problems needed to be addressed and how they could be fixed. That said, for the most part all the concepts are there, so the numbers can be pretty simply tweaked if needed.

Here is the link to view all of the class details. My main question here is with this subclass in combination with the improved one d&d monk which can be viewed here could the monk be a respectable choice and equal match for the other, already strong martial classes?

Here are my design notes:

-Something I’d also like to tack onto the one d&d monk is (1) extra ki points equal to your wisdom modifier, which already seems to be a pretty common home rule that mostly solves the issue of having so few ki points especially at lower levels, and (2) bumping the hit die from a d8 to a d10, as monk is essentially the only melee focused martial class with a d8 hit die which pretty heavily affects how many hits you can take and how long you can stay in the fight.

-One of the biggest issues/complaints I’ve seen about the four elements monk is the fact that it costs ki points to use abilities, draining an already scarce and vital class resource that no other casting subclass does. Seeing as how the others like eldritch knight and arcane trickster get spell slots, I decided to simply do the same for the four elements and give them a new and separate resource they can use abilities/cast spells with, elemental points.

-Along with that, another point was the fact that they get so few elemental disciplines, so I bumped up those numbers too to give them more options, as well as created a whole lot more elemental disciplines to choose from with that.

-I sorted the disciplines by element for ease of viewing, and each one currently has 11. Within each box there is a line divider, below the lines are disciplines that already existed, above the line are ones I created. That said some of the preexisting disciplines were tweaked a little bit mostly for damage.

-Another glaring weakness was the fact that this subclass had literally no other class features, so of course I’ve added some of those.

-The elemental disciplines already display a lot of strength on their own, so level 3 and 6 I didn’t want to be too crazy. I took a lot of inspiration from the totem barbarian, having level 3 be combative features (nothing major- though I realize now fire’s level 3 may be strong as it's essentially a +1 magic item), and level 6 is more out of combat utility features. Mostly just adding flavor giving minor benefits.

-Level 11 and 17 are where the more major subclass features come in that pack their own punch. Logic/visualization wise with the level 11 feature, I’d imagine them being able to perform somatic aspects of spells while they simultaneously throw hands. Like I described they can seamlessly weave the elements through their attacks.

-It’s comparable to bladesinger wizard’s level 6 ability that lets them replace an attack with a cantrip or eldritch knight’s level 7 ability that lets them attack as a bonus action after casting a cantrip, albeit considerably more powerful though it is at level 11. I’d like to keep this feature but I’m open to feedback regarding if it should be limited to certain levels of spells etc.

-It's no secret there’s influence and inspiration from ATLA, but I tried to keep it mostly objective/not a direct copy of it.

-When I was making new elemental disciplines I wanted to make some more that weren’t just casting spells, namely giving each class some sort of reactionary one as well as a level scaling action damage one.

Thanks in advance for the read and I hope you enjoy!

15:59 UTC


One attack in reserve as a reaction for martials

What would be the impact to balance of allowing martials to reserve one of their extra attacks for later use as a reaction?

It would be one attack (not attack action) Use it by next turn or lose it.

This is a reaction, not a held action.

Ex: A fighter has two extra attacks as part of their Attack action. They use two of them on their turn as normal but reserve one for use as a reaction later.

Two more players take their turns, then a monster goes to attack after moving. The fighter uses his reserved attack as a reaction and hits the monster.

I was thinking it could add flexibility to martials and give them another reason to pay attention on others turns.

Sure it's an extra variable to track but maybe worth it

15:54 UTC


Blood hunter and warlock

I'm broke and want to make a blood hunter with a bit of warlock hexblade/pack of sword. Is there any site to help make this because dnd beyond isn't working.

14:54 UTC


Can an Ancient Dragon create a Simulacrum of itself?

I have always believed that Dragons of Young or older should be Spell Casters.

If they can create a simulacrum, can they create a Clone?

14:32 UTC


What's the most memorable one shot you've played in?

12:27 UTC


general guidelines for an "eldritch blaster"

not sure of level yet, probably starting at 5

what would be the best suited race/subclass/feats for maximizing eldritch blast damage/versatility, while also making sure to have close range options?

12:24 UTC


Why do spontaneous casters know less spells than prepared casters can prepare?

a prepared fullcaster can prepare just as many spells or more than a spontaneous caster, with just a +1 in their casting stat in every level, except for bard, which they need a +2 to be even with.

The same is true for half casters where the paladin and artificer get to prepare as many spells as ranger knows, every even level, with just a +1(because of rounding down), so with a +2 the prepareds also just supasses the ranger in every level.

Why is this the case? It just seems very strange to me that as a prepared caster, i get both the advantage of having more total options to pick from, as well as having more "active" options at any given time.

For example a 20th level wizard with 20 int, gets to prepare 25 spells, whereas the sorcerer knows 15 spells. So as the wizard i get to prepare every single spell the sorcerer knows, and 10 more on top of that, with the added benefit that i can also have situationally useful spells in my spellbook, that i could prepare when they come up, at only the cost of some gold, as opposed to the sorcerer, who has to give up a "known spell slot" for more situational spells.

Edit: Since many people bring up vancian casting, and how sponatanepus casters worked in previous editions, i am well aware of that. My question is specifically: Why did they do it like this for 5E, when they gabe all the benefits of spontaneous casters to every caster

11:29 UTC


What feat is better for Samurai in dnd 5e?

16 strength + Great Weapon Master (which synergizes great with Fighting Spirit)

18 strength + Slasher

Or perhaps there's another, even better feat? I'm starting at level 3, so I will be able to pick one soon.

11:28 UTC


Silent adventure

I'm writing for my players an adventure in a place where they have to escape from different rooms solving puzzles and mysteries (it's the second time they go to that place). I have this idea of this room where four of the five players are mute and maybe deaf and only one can speak and hear. They should solve some type of conundrum to exit the room (previous rooms: the rooms with one character each, same furniture some different things, the fourth character could move from the three different rooms and they had to find out how to open the door to leave; room with four buttons on different pedestals and a counter of 10 seconds that when arrived to 0 would kill them all; a room with six talking painting and they had to find what each one wanted to arrive to have the key to exit; a portal inspired room). Anyone would like to give suggestions?

11:07 UTC


Bloodhunter multiclass ideas

So I need to create a back up for a level 20 4shot im part of. I want atleast 10 in blood hunter(I am undecided in what subclass). I'm maxing out int because we have sanity in play and I want that boost. Another big thing is that they will be mute. As I in real life have recently become temporarily mute due to a surgery.

Everything else is free rain. Ideas?

09:49 UTC


homebrew or premade setting for first campaign?

I am a pretty new player, I've played a couple times with friends but I'm wanting to start my own campaign. I love worldbuilding and writing, so I've been doing quite a bit of homebrewing with the world and the setting but I'm wondering if this is too ambitious. This campaign is just with a small group of friends, so I guess either way if we're having fun it doesn't really matter but I'm wondering what the standpoint is on this

09:16 UTC


Flavor-wise - not rating the actual mechanics - what are your favorite subclasses?

Mine are probably the Arcane Archer, Arcane Trickster, Wild Magic Sorcerer and the Bladesinger...

08:59 UTC


I converted some Pathfinder creatures to D&D creatures and I have some thoughts.

First, quick context. Early this year we tried out PF2E, playing an adventure path called Outlaws of Alkenstar. Now we're nearing the end and we will convert to D&D for the rest of the adventure and our next adventure that will take characters from level 11 to 20.

We're converting because some players didn't enjoy it. So we're rolling back to something everyone enjoys. I'm really glad we tried it though. With a conversion, my first focus was converting monsters that would be fought.

Let me say that I HATE D&D monster design released by official sources. They are mostly boring and flavorless. And I really like PF2E monster design. Each comes with unique attacks, actions and combos. Those guys obviously has 3 actions so it's easier to implement such things.

So how did I do the conversions? First, Cr. I don't respect Cr, sometimes I use it as a guideline but I don't trust it. So I mostly wing it. My only rule of thumb was never making the Cr of the converted creature higher than it's pf2e level. I won't explain balancing reasons to not make this longer you can check out pf2e's encounter balancing rules.

For main stats like AC, HP, to hit numbers and damage per round, I check the numbers on DMG's Cr table and find a middle ground between those numbers and the original numbers of the pf2e's creatures.

Actions are a bit tricky. Pf2e doesn't track a lot of limited resource. It's resource is its action economy. A powerful ability like a clockwork throwing its blades and receiving them back (hitting creatures on its way twice) could be 2 action for example while a regular attack is 1 action.

D&D has a lot of ways to limit and balance certain abilities and attacks that would normally take 2 or 3 actions on D&D. There are abilities with recharge, straight up limited use, putting a 1d4 round cool down etc. Then you sprinkle these on actions, bonus actions, reactions (most monster don't use them for other than AoO get creative), legendary actions, villain actions, Lair actions. Change the stats to be in line with D&D. You can use the DMG table and remove pf2e creature's level amount from its saves and to hits to get a quick idea and then fine tune it.

I feel like I had more in mind but this is getting long. Here's my conclusion.

I'll give you a fact. Paizo is a consumer friendly company unlike WoTC. Every monster, item, classes, ancestries, rules (and more) released for pf2e is accessible on a site called Archives of Nethy's and it's completely legal and supported by Paizo. I love both systems but there are things I like better and I like worst in both systems. I'll play them both and try to enhance them with each other's strong points.

My advice to you, go check out the Archives, maybe play a one shot or two in Pathfinder. Gain some insight. And for the love of gods, try out some Pathfinder creatures in your D&D game. They are fun!

08:45 UTC


Fairy that rides a warlock?

This may be completely stupid but I've been playing a lot of solo stuff and just been having fun making random characters and going at it.

I'm thinking of making a Fairy Bard and was kicking around the idea of mounts for it. Then I got side tracked and went down a warlock rabbit hole.

Warlock Patrons can be anything right?

Fey are known for making deals that never workout good for the person making them.

So I thinking kid makes stupid deal with this fairy and gets made into a warlock with it as its patron. Gets screwed over and now the fairy rides him around into battle and is just generally a pain in the ass to the kid.

Just looking for some guidance on how to pull it off! Is it a horrible idea?

06:23 UTC

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