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00:01 UTC


is it possible to throw an ally at an enemy for damage?

So my current party has a pretty fun dynamic with two monks. One's a goliath (my character) and one's a halfling. It only just occurred to me that this can create some pretty fun shenanigans with throwing said halfling monk. So I'm thinking of a scenario where I'd throw her at a flying enemy to attempt a stunning strike or just knock them prone if we're using the new monk rules from UA 8, there's commander's strike from battle master (which i plan on multiclassing into) but that takes my acting, bonus action, and my ally's reaction, which means I can't throw and she can't use slow fall. How would I go about this?

23:56 UTC


What do you think of a conceptual mortal flawed Death as a druid PC?

I haven't seen people making druids PC in the concept of something like "Death" at all. However, this concept was the first that came to my mind while thinking of making a druid PC. Thus I would like some opinion on this. Do you like the concept or do you feel like this would PC would fit other classes more? For me, there is nothing more natural I can think of than death thus the creation of this PC.

I like the Circle of Moon subclass for this PC since I feel like the abilities themselves feel thematically fitting for the character since she is supposed to be "Hunter" even though it may not make sense as in the background.

The druid I have in mind is fundamentally associated with the concept of being "Death" despite the fact that she is just a mortal. She thinks death of some, brings about balance thus she hunts those who try to gain power which would corrupt the balance. She brings death to those who seek it(death) in the name of natural selection (Not always morally right though, could basically be people who just pissed her off ). She thinks ends justify any means thus she does not exactly care about the damage she causes (as in druid or decent being standards at least). because she thinks there are others who will restore it and she should do her part. For example, she would burn down a fortress if she decided that was the only way to hunt her prey. She would also kill easily for survival. However, she is just a mortal and her view of world changes during the campaign. She interpreted this style of life from her adoptive druid mothers interrupted teaching (as her adoptive mother was murdered). As with time, she doubts her ideals and what she has committed in the name of her ideals, and what it cost her. Of course, because of her methods, she is also not welcome in most druidic communities and generally, she is an off-cast. Even few who accepted her are dead because of the challenges they faced in the path and she is currently traveling alone.

I would like to add some more BG details but the post is getting long as it is so what do you folks think? What do you think of a druid with edge?

23:11 UTC


Is Blood Hunter just bad?

So my campaign is undergoing a bit of a small story shift so I'm making a new character. I wanted to make a Soul Stealing Vampire hunter character sort of similar to Blade, so I obviously looked at the Blood Hunter class. I gave up almost all of my magic items my old character had to have a Dormant form of Blackrazor for the soul stealing theme. My party is consistent of two other members who are HW Ranger/ Cele Warlock and a Hexblade/Bard so I didn't want to be a Profane Soul for Subclass, there wasn't much point in me being Ghostslayer since I can't fight undead and Mutant isn't quite what I was going for so I looked at the Order of Lycan. However, after reading I realized that isn't it essentially just a lot worse Barbarian? I start at level 8, so I'm thinking of being Barb but still want to be a BH, what's the best split or is Barbarian not even the best MC option?

22:52 UTC


Should i mix the experienced players with the inexperienced or have an 'advanced' group

I started a club at the middle school where i work, and out of the 18 students, i have 6 that have played before. when we break them into parties, do you think we should have a group of experienced players for an advanced game, or sprinkle them through the groups to allow them to help out?

22:31 UTC


What are some of your favorite open world based adventures?(Official and 3rd party)

My party is running Tomb of Annihilation right now and having a lot of fun. I run my own homebrew campaign but want to try a prewritten after it.

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22:13 UTC



Is there anything that can beat the Eldritch Blast 1200ft range?

21:28 UTC


Help With a Homebrew Subclass for Artificer (Crafter's Bane)

I’m new to DnD and as the current campaign is coming to a close I was looking for a new class to play in the next one and when looking for a class the name “Crafter’s Bane” came up from looking online so I wanted to make this a cursed based (risk vs reward) type character. I want to know what should be adjusted and if there is something that should be replaced. Also don’t know if the damage is quite right and how features typically go.

Artificer: Crafter's Bane

Class Introduction:

Artificers, masters of invention and creation, are known for their unparalleled skill in blending magic and craftsmanship. Among these ingenious artisans, a unique subset emerges—Artificers who have embraced the shadows and delved into forbidden arts. Known as Crafter's Bane, these individuals harness malevolent forces to curse their creations, imbuing gadgets with dark power. Melding the traditional artificer's ingenuity with a touch of malevolence, the Crafter's Bane forges a new path—one that walks the fine line between creation and destruction.

Cursed Infusions:

At 3rd level, the Crafter's Bane gains access to a unique form of craftsmanship known as Cursed Infusions. During short rests, the Artificer can choose to infuse their gadgets with curses drawn from the darker realms. These curses manifest in a variety of malevolent effects, imposing disadvantage on ability checks and attack rolls or instilling fear in those who encounter the cursed creations. However, the dark energies involved in crafting curses come at a cost, with a chance of the Artificer suffering the same affliction until the next short rest.

Crafter's Bane Features:

Cursed Artistry (3rd Level):

• Description: Gain the ability to infuse curses into your gadgets during short rests. Choose from a list of curses, each with unique debuffs. However, be wary, as there's a chance of suffering the same curse yourself. DC: 15

  1. Artisan's Ingenuity (3rd Level):

• Description: Proficient with improvised weapons, your skill in turning mundane items into instruments of destruction becomes a hallmark of your combat style. Gain bonus damage with improvised weapons.

At 3rd level, the bonus damage is 1d4.

At 6th level, the bonus damage increases to 2d4.

At 9th level, the bonus damage increases to 3d4.

At 12th level, the bonus damage increases to 4d4.

At 15th level, the bonus damage increases to 5d4.

At 18th level, the bonus damage increases to 6d4.

Debilitating Backlash (3rd Level):

• Description: When imbuing curses during crafting, there's a DC: 15 chance that you will be debuffed with the same affliction until the next short rest. Adds an element of risk to the malevolent creations.

*Note: At 15h level DC becomes 10 and at 20th level DC becomes 5.

  1. Malevolent Fury (5th Level):

• Description: Learn to channel frustration into heightened combat prowess. Once per long rest, enter a state of Artisan's Fury, gaining a bonus to attack and damage rolls. However, suffer an Intelligence penalty after its use.

At 5th level, the bonus is +2.

At 9th level, the bonus increases to +4.

At 13th level, the bonus increases to +6.

However, this intense burst of power comes at a cost. After the effects of Artisan's Fury wear off, you suffer a penalty to your Intelligence score.

At 5th level, the penalty is -1.

At 9th level, the penalty increases to -2.

At 13th level, the penalty increases to -3.

The duration of Artisan's Fury is a set number of rounds, typically lasting for a minute (10 rounds) or until the Crafter's Bane chooses to end it prematurely. The penalties to Intelligence persist until a long rest is taken.

4.1. Charge System (9th Level):

• Description: The potency of Malevolent Fury intensifies at 9th and 13th levels, but the Intelligence penalty increases. You have a limited number of charges for your Malevolent Fury, equal to your Intelligence modifier, regaining them after a long rest.

  1. Cursed Analysis (9th Level):

• Description: Develop the ability to conduct a Debilitating Analysis on a target once per short rest. Impose a debuff on a target, weakening their defenses or imposing vulnerability. However, grant enemies advantage on attacks against you until the end of your next turn.

  1. Masterful Affliction (15th Level):

• Description: Mastery over curses evolves, allowing gadgets and attacks to apply potent debuffs to enemies. However, there's a 50% chance the same debuff affects you for one round, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of dark craftsmanship.

6.1. Reduced Debuff Chance (15th Level):

• Description: Reduce the chance of being debuffed with the same affliction when using Masterful Affliction or Cursed Artistry to DC: 10. Reflects greater control and resilience against the malevolent forces unleashed.

  1. Unstable Mastery (18th Level):

• Description: Unlock Unstable Mastery, allowing you to unleash an unstable burst of power once per long rest. This burst doubles the effects of your next action but comes with a random debilitating curse until your next short rest.

  1. Artisan's Ascendance (20th Level):

• Description: Upon achieving the pinnacle of your craft, gain additional damage bonuses for improvised weapons, eliminate the Intelligence penalty during Artisan's Fury, and gain advantage on saving throws against debuffs for three rounds.

8.1. Reduced Debuff Chance (20th Level):

• Description: Further reduce the chance of being debuffed with the same affliction when using Masterful Affliction or Cursed Artistry to DC: 5. Reflects greater control and resilience against the malevolent forces unleashed.

Leveling Guide

Level 1:

• Class Features:

• Spellcasting: Gain the ability to cast spells.

• Artificer's Proficiency: Proficient in light and medium armor, shields, simple weapons, and tools.

• Magical Tinkering: Use tools to imbue a tiny non-magical object with a magical property.

• Spellcasting Focus: Use tools as a spellcasting focus.

• Artificer's Lore: Add twice your proficiency bonus to select Intelligence-based skill checks.

• Infuse Item: Infuse a non-magical item with a chosen magical effect.

Level 2:

• Class Features:

• Infuse Item Improvements: Gain more options for infusing items.

• Infuse Item (2nd Option): Choose a second infusion option.

Level 3:

• Subclass Feature: Crafter's Bane

• Choose the Crafter's Bane subclass.

• Subclass Feature: Cursed Artistry (3rd Level)

• Gain the ability to infuse gadgets with curses during short rests.

• Subclass Feature: Artisan's Ingenuity (3rd Level)

• Proficiency with improvised weapons and bonus damage.

Level 4:

• Ability Score Improvement (ASI):

• Increase one ability score by +2 or two ability scores by +1 each.

Level 5:

• Class Features:

• Extra Attack: Gain the ability to make two attacks in one action.

Level 6:

• Subclass Feature: Cursed Infusions (Faltering Vision)

• Unlock the ability to infuse gadgets with the "Faltering Vision" curse.

Level 7:

• Class Features:

• Flash of Genius: Use Intelligence modifier to add to a saving throw or ability check.

Level 8:

• Ability Score Improvement (ASI):

• Increase one ability score by +2 or two ability scores by +1 each.

Level 9:

• Subclass Feature: Cursed Infusions (Tangled Movement)

• Unlock the ability to infuse gadgets with the "Tangled Movement" curse.

• Subclass Feature: Charge System (9th Level)

• The potency of Malevolent Fury intensifies at 9th and 13th levels, but the Intelligence penalty increases.

Level 10:

• Class Features:

• Magic Item Adept: Attune to up to four magical items.

Level 11:

• Class Features:

• Infuse Item Improvements: Gain more options for infusing items.

Level 12:

• Ability Score Improvement (ASI):

• Increase one ability score by +2 or two ability scores by +1 each.

Level 13:

• Subclass Feature: Cursed Analysis

• Gain the ability to impose a debuff on a target once per short rest.

Level 14:

• Class Features:

• Magic Item Savant: Ignore class, race, and level requirements for attuning to magic items.

Level 15:

• Subclass Feature: Masterful Affliction

• Gain the ability for gadgets and attacks to apply potent debuffs to enemies.

• Subclass Feature: Cursed Infusions (Crippling Hex)

• Unlock the ability to infuse gadgets with the "Crippling Hex" curse.

• Subclass Feature: Reduced Debuff Chance (15th Level)

• Reduce the chance of being debuffed with the same affliction when using Masterful Affliction or Cursed Artistry to 50%.

Level 16:

• Ability Score Improvement (ASI):

• Increase one ability score by +2 or two ability scores by +1 each.

Level 17:

• Class Features:

• Infuse Item Improvements: Gain more options for infusing items.

Level 18:

• Subclass Feature: Cursed Infusions (Mind Shatter)

• Unlock the ability to infuse gadgets with the "Mind Shatter" curse.

Level 19:

• Ability Score Improvement (ASI):

• Increase one ability score by +2 or two ability scores by +1 each.

Level 20:

• Subclass Feature: Artisan's Ascendance

• Achieve the pinnacle of your craft, gaining additional bonuses and reduced debuff chances.

• Subclass Feature: Reduced Debuff Chance (20th Level)

• Further reduce the chance of being debuffed with the same affliction when using Masterful Affliction or Cursed Artistry to 25%.

Cursed Infusions (Crafter's Bane):

Weakened Grasp:

• Effect: The target has disadvantage on weapon attack rolls.

• Infusion Level: 3rd

  1. Faltering Vision:

• Effect: The target has disadvantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks.

• Infusion Level: 6th

  1. Tangled Movement:

• Effect: The target's speed is halved, and it has disadvantage on Dexterity saving throws.

• Infusion Level: 9th

  1. Arcane Malaise:

• Effect: The target has disadvantage on spell attack rolls and saving throws.

• Infusion Level: 12th

  1. Crippling Hex:

• Effect: The target's Strength or Dexterity score (your choice) is reduced by 1d4.

• Infusion Level: 15th

  1. Mind Shatter:

• Effect: The target is stunned until the end of its next turn.

• Infusion Level: 18th

Artificer Class Infusions:

Enhanced Weapon:

• Effect: Weapon gains a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls.

• Infusion Level: 2nd

  1. Enhanced Defense:

• Effect: Armor or shield gains a +1 bonus to AC.

• Infusion Level: 2nd

  1. Replicate Magic Item:

• Effect: Replicate the effects of a common or uncommon magic item.

• Infusion Level: 2nd

  1. Bag of Holding:

• Effect: Create a bag of holding, a magical extradimensional space.

• Infusion Level: 2nd

  1. Boots of the Winding Path:

• Effect: Gain a climbing and swimming speed equal to your walking speed.

• Infusion Level: 6th

  1. Cloak of Elvenkind:

• Effect: Advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks.

• Infusion Level: 6th

  1. Radiant Weapon:

• Effect: Weapon deals an extra 1d4 radiant damage.

• Infusion Level: 6th

  1. Repeating Shot:

• Effect: Turn a crossbow into a magical, self-loading crossbow.

• Infusion Level: 6th

  1. Goggles of Night:

• Effect: Darkvision with a range of 60 feet.

• Infusion Level: 10th

  1. Winged Boots:

• Effect: Gain a flying speed of 60 feet for 4 hours.

• Infusion Level: 14th

These are just a few examples of the numerous infusions available to Artificers. Cursed infusions are unique to the Crafter's Bane subclass and bring a darker and more malevolent twist to the artificer's repertoire.

Example Character Sheet

Character Name: Malachi Blackthorn

Race: Human

Class: Artificer (Crafter's Bane)

Background: Guild Artisan

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Level: 20

Ability Scores:

- Strength: 10 (+0)

- Dexterity: 14 (+2)

- Constitution: 16 (+3)

- Intelligence: 20 (+5)

- Wisdom: 12 (+1)

- Charisma: 10 (+0)

Proficiency Bonus: +6


- Arcana (Int): +11

- History (Int): +11

- Investigation (Int): +11

- Stealth (Dex): +8

- Persuasion (Cha): +6

Saving Throws:

- Constitution (Con): +9

- Intelligence (Int): +11

Hit Points: 92 (8d8 + 40)

Armor Class: 16 (Studded Leather Armor)

Speed: 30 feet

Initiative: +2

Cursed Infusions:

- As an Artificer (Crafter's Bane), you can infuse your gadgets with cursed effects during a short rest. The number of gadgets equals your Intelligence modifier (minimum of 1). The cursed effects become more potent as you gain levels.

Weakened Grasp (Infusion Level: 3rd) - The target has disadvantage on weapon attack rolls.

Faltering Vision (Infusion Level: 6th) - The target has disadvantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks.

Tangled Movement (Infusion Level: 9th) - The target's speed is halved, and it has disadvantage on Dexterity saving throws.

Arcane Malaise (Infusion Level: 12th) - The target has disadvantage on spell attack rolls and saving throws.

Crippling Hex (Infusion Level: 15th) - The target's Strength or Dexterity score (your choice) is reduced by 1d4.

Mind Shatter (Infusion Level: 18th) - The target is stunned until the end of its next turn.

Subclass Features:

- Cursed Artistry: You can choose to infuse curses into your gadgets during short rests. Debuff Chance: 75%

- Artisan's Ingenuity: Proficient with improvised weapons, bonus damage is 6d6.

- Malevolent Fury: +6 bonus to attack and damage rolls, -3 penalty to Intelligence.

- Cursed Analysis: Once per short rest, impose a debuff on a target, granting enemies advantage on attacks against you until the end of your next turn.

- Masterful Affliction: Gadgets and attacks have a chance to apply debuffs to enemies with a 50% chance of affecting you. Debuff Chance: 50%

- Unstable Mastery: Unleash an unstable burst of power once per long rest, suffering from a random debilitating curse until the next short rest. This burst doubles the effects of your next action—whether it's a devastating attack or a powerful gadget activation.

- Artisan's Ascendance: Bonus damage from Artisan's Ingenuity increases to a d6, no Intelligence penalty during Artisan's Fury, and advantage on saving throws against debuffs for three rounds. Debuff Chance: 25%


- Studded Leather Armor

- Artisan's Toolkit

- Alchemist's Supplies

- Explorer's Pack

- A set of common clothes

- A pouch with 15 gold pieces


- Improvised Weapon (e.g., Modified Wrench) - 6d6 damage


- Lucky: You have 3 luck points. Whenever you make an attack roll, an ability check, or a saving throw, you can spend one luck point to roll an additional d20. You can choose to use this feature before or after the original roll, but before any effects of the roll occur.


- Common

- Dwarvish

Background Feature:

- Guild Membership: You have standing in a guild or artisan's organization. You can easily find a place to stay associated with that guild, and you will receive free lodging and food.


- Malachi Blackthorn, once a promising artisan within the secretive Guild of Shadows, delved into forbidden arts to gain power. Dismissed from the guild, he embraced the dark side of craftsmanship, becoming a master of curses and gadgets. However, his chaotic good nature compels him to use his powers against those who would oppress and harm the innocent. The shadows whisper his name as he roams the world, leaving a trail of malevolence in his wake, always seeking justice for the downtrodden.



Mage Hand



1st Level Spells (4 Slots):

Cure Wounds



Absorb Elements


2nd Level Spells (3 Slots):



Lesser Restoration

Heat Metal

3rd Level Spells (3 Slots):


Dispel Magic


4th Level Spells (1 Slot):

Dimension Door

20:58 UTC


Warlock-Flavored Fighter?

Hello! I was wondering if I could get some help?

I had plans to make a Fiend Pact of the Blade Warlock for an upcoming home game, purely because of the flavor… before I learned two other players are also going Pact of the Blade Warlock. So, I’m taking it upon myself to do something different for the sake of party composition.

While I understand that a Conquest Paladin would work well for this flavor, I want to try out a Fighter, possibly not even multiclassing. I was wondering if there was a subclass that could work well for someone in service to an Archdevil?

I will admit to not really playing much Fighter at all (I’ve done only a couple sessions ever as a Fighter), but I’m really drawn to the sheer amount of feats and customization, which really appeals to me as a player.

20:57 UTC


Firearms. What?

My D&D group rotates DMs, and our current one decided that he will set his campaign in the modern day and will use Critical Role for like guns? So I created my character on D&D beyond, and apparently like with guns there's misfire and like reloading and so like, how does that all work? Somebody explain please.

20:53 UTC


Fun race for artificer/gunslinger(cr)

Hey! I'm building a character that would be a artificer gunslinger, but i don't want to be a elf, so please, suggestions of races are welcomed! And remember, any race can do, since I'm using Tasha rules.

20:50 UTC


Need help building a combat medic sort of character

Hi, I need help building this character for a 5e campaign starting at level 3.

He is a doctor and researcher, but was forced to become a (monster) hunter after the majority of hunters from his village were killed in one night. I was thinking he would be some sort of gunslinger or long range fighter, but I want to make his background as a doctor meaningful to his story and play style. He doesn't have to be very strong and resistant as he never had proper training.

How would you build a character like this? My dm allows homebrew content.

19:26 UTC


5e WoW?

Hey everyone. A couple of days ago someone posted a thread about their 5E World of Warcraft conversion. I planned to download the book but was on my phone and now I can't find it. I've tried searching the relevant keywords the last few days but no results come up.

Does anyone happen to have a link to the thread or know what I'm talking about?


19:15 UTC


Pre-Built Characters Without Spell Descriptions!

I'm running a starter one shot for some kids and adults over the weekend, and I wanted to get some pre-built characters for them to pick and play, just to teach the mechanics of the game. This is how I learned years ago and I find it useful. All the official dnd character sheets are useless for any spell caster though! None of them explain the spells or give descriptions, and most of them also do no show as standard player sheets either. Thats not a biggie, but just telling a new player they have firebolt doesn't mean anything with the descriptions! I now have to go find all the spell descriptions and add them too all these player sheets. It's so dumb, and make them mostly useless "as is" to "just get started". I would have them all create characters on dnd beyond, but we will also be out at a cabin in the woods with spotty wifi, and I just wanted to jump in. Any suggestions as to why this is done this way?

18:59 UTC


What are some actions you’ve seen players make that you hadn’t thought of before?

Im talking improvised actions, homebrewed actions or anything in between.

18:42 UTC


Looking for help on figuring out a niche for a character.

So I am currently playing in a campaign as a homebrew Rogue subclass with a focus on the “brute enforcer” archetype for the mob, whose primary mechanic is turning your unarmed strikes in d8s and letting you sneak attack with them. Unfortunately due to rolled stats, I ended up with incredibly middling stats across the board and the background I had taken ended up being entirely thrown to wayside mechanically quickly after I had joined so I had a feat I couldn’t really use, but that wasn’t a problem since I was still having a unique feeling in the group.

However recently a Monk has joined the campaign and has entirely eclipsed this character due to a combination of better rolled stats, similar equipment to my character, and a more beneficial background to the general campaign setting. They will also scale better later on due to martial arts increasing while the rogue’s unarmed damage does not.

How do I turn this around, since I like playing the character but ultimately feel like there’s not much I end up doing that isn’t fulfilled by the Monk, and given they’ve been tied to my character’s backstory now I feel like I have to try to make this work out.

EDIT: Stats for reference in case that matters:

Rogue, Level 5: 17 STR, 16 DEX, 14 CON, 9 INT, 12 WIS, 12 CHA

Monk, Level 5: 20 STR, 16 DEX, 16 CON, 16 INT, 18 WIS, 11 CHA

18:24 UTC


DnD Family Feud

Hi all!
I am currently the DM for a campaign with my friends, and at one point during the campaign I am going to have them do a version of Family Feud and was wondering you all would be willing to answer the anonymous survey so I have answers for it? I have already posted this a couple other places so I apologize if you have already seen it!

Here is the link!

Thank you all for your Help!

18:10 UTC


Any math savvy nerds with some probability insight on the XGtE downtime rules?

Assuming I ever was, I'm definitely not as well versed in probability calculation as when I was taught the stuff in school, so I'm asking insight from anyone who is while providing what little knowledge I do have to maybe help other people help me in a language I speak.

As a recap on XGtE downtime rules (or at least the ones my WM server uses), you often perform 3 different checks (henceforth referred to as check A, B and C with the corresponding BonusA, BonusB and BonusC) at the same DC 20 and gain a number of gp based on the number of successes (1 success = 50gp, 2 success=100gp and 3 successes = 200gp)

I can calculate the odds of succeeding all 3 checks. That should be something like ((1+BonusA)/20)((1+BonusB)/20)((1+BonusC)/20) assuming each of my bonuses equal 0 or greater, but no greater than 19. It's the odds of succeeding check A times the odds of succeeding check B times the odds of succeeding check C.

I can also calculate the odds of getting at least 1 success. That would be something like 1-((19-BonusA)/20)((19-BonusB)/20)((19-BonusC)/20).
I simply calculate the odds of failing every check and subtract that from 1. Once again, I think this formula only works if my bonuses each equal 0 or greater.

Where I struggle is calculating stuff like getting exactly any two successes or getting at least any two successes. I could calculate the odds of succeeding specifically check A&B, A&C and B&C, but I struggle account for the overlaps. I also struggle with a formula for that accounts for negative bonuses, but I fortunately won't have need for such. It would be really cool if I could calculate my average earnings based on specific bonuses (1 success = 50gp, 2 success=100gp and 3 successes = 200gp) but that's probably beyond the

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

16:42 UTC


Character weight and grappling

In my last session, my players were facing devils, and the front line had abandoned their sorcerer alone in the back, so the 3 spined devils, that were flying above them, went straight to the sorcerer, who was concentrating on haste. But I knew they probably wouldn't do much damage on their own to knock the sorcerer down, or even break his concentration, so I decided that they would grapple him and fly upwards, so that they would be out of range of the front line melee fighters and could deal significant enough damage. However, that sorcerer is a Loxodon. A heavy one.

At the time no one even thought about his weight (even though the other PCs joke about that all the time), and the strategy didn't even work in the end because the loxodon charmed them into lowering him, but they were wary of that happening again. But I think I was unjust there, because I only remembered the rule about movement while grappling (you move at half speed unless you're two sizes bigger than what you're carrying), but not carry weight.

How should I deal with that? Just ignore it and keep going, since the player didn't even mind, or should I ask him how much his character weighs and then decide with a strenght check if other creatures can do that?

16:32 UTC


Building a Deck of Many Things or "Idea Decks" with MTG cards

The Book of Many Things says in chapter 3 that "You can use Magic: The Gather cards to build idea decks for creatures, items, people, or situations."

What kind of cards would you include in such a deck? Also, has anyone built a DoMT using MTG cards instead of tarot, tarokka, or regular playing cards? Which cards would you include in such a deck? I'm thinking about just picking up a random lot of old used MTG cards on eBay just to see what I can come up with.

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Players and DMs who play long-term homebrew adventures, would you consider using a setting guide? Explanation in comments.

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What can a Doppelganger use to hide effectively in someone's house? Mystery one shot idea.

I have an idea for a one shot where a Doppelganger overstays his welcome in an Inn and plots to murder the proprietors along with all their guests. However, I'm trying to make sure I'm thinking it through logically to ensure the players are not questioning the premise other than to ensure they understand what happened.

The big twist here is that the Inn owners are vampires. The husband feeds on plant sap to ward off sunlight and the wife stays inside. They have two mindblanked thralls that perform the housekeeping and cleaning. And this is why the Doppelganger wants to murder them. Two monsters found a way to have a quiet, cozy life without much fear of being chased or threatened.

The Doppelganger stayed one night during his wandering and realized who they were. Leaving, he acquired a Wand of Silence and a Ring of Mind Shielding before returning and stalking the inhabitants while learning the house, perhaps creating additions to the already numerous secret passageways.

My one shot will begin with the Doppelganger closing the mountain pass, trapping all inside the cozy home while a blizzard rages inside. The hostess vampire will be murdered in a sphere of silence and the blame placed on one of the NPC guests, kicking off the adventure. The goal is to unmask the doppelganger while surviving, trapped inside the mansion. For context, they are only level 2 with the intention of not putting many combat encounters.

Would the Wand of Silence, the Ring of Mind Shielding, and the Doppelganger's nature be enough to remain hidden in the home for a few weeks/months? Or would he need more to stay undetected by two vampires? Additionally, is this something plausible for a Doppelganger to do? Seek jealous revenge on two fellow monsters living peaceful lives?

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New DDB Content drops unannounced?


Dungeons of Drakkenheim coming December 21st I can understand to be announced today.


Lairs of Etharis isn't what I personally wanted to see from Grim Hollow to be ported into the official character builder (where's the cool transformations?) and it surprises me that this one just happened and went live without further ado.

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Looking for more effects like from the Nine Gods on Tomb of Annihilation

Minor spoilers for Tomb of Annihilation:

!On Tomb of Annihilation, you get to a part where you can attune to magic items where you get both a flaw and a power from the item that you attuned to.!<

I'm looking for a table or ideas with more options like that, the flaws from the module are very interesting, but some of the powers are very, very strong.
I'd like to use those as an alternative to the madness table for my campaign. I like the idea of madness but I don't want it to be just a negative trait.

Any links for 3rd party content, pdfs or just ideas are very welcome, thanks in advance!

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Gestalt: Hexblade Warlock + Armorer Artificer

Looking at making this particular build of a character who wears armor that improves his abilities and shoots lasers and magic missiles from their armor. I'd use the hexblade/Pact weapon to make the armor's gauntlets into the pact weapon, even though I do intend to use eldritch blast more often.

Trying to figure out the infusions and magic items I should equip with this character.

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Help balancing a holiday themed 1-shot

For context - My wife and I made "beholder eye" dice bags for all of my D&D friends and family this year and an amigirumi beholder (a little yarn plushie) for my uncle (the normal DM). My wife told me I should run a one-shot where the players get the bags at the end of the session and have it pertain to the story.
I came up with a sort of holiday-themed idea of having a Santa-esque gnome give the players a quest to defeat a strange beholder that is made up entirely of yarn, but still has the normal beholder abilities. The questgiver gives the players bags that will help them along the way - each one will glow after 10% of the health of the beholder drops down and the player can use a reaction to harness the energy of one of the eyes (crippling that particular eye). After it's defeated, the players notice that the bags they were given now look eerily similar to the eyes that were on the beholder.

There are 8 players, I told them to make their characters level 8 (i didn't realize how many people were excited to play - only expected about 5 or 6)
I want this to be a fun session, and not so easy that they all go in and destroy the monster within a few minutes. What can i do to help balance this out? Ideas on extra abilities for the beholder, maybe even legendary resistances? Throwing in some minions that attack the players as well? Maybe have the bags have a chance of failing, allowing the eye to last longer?

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Player creating a dungeon for the GM

Hi everyone!

I am currently playing in a 1 on 1 campaign with just the GM and myself as the player. The campaign has been a blast, but my GM struggles more and more to design dungeons, encounters and fights. They are a new GM, way more invested in the story / worldbuilding / characters. On top of that, GM works a lot IRL, so does not have a lot of time to crunch math they don't like, and even less take the extra time to make it interesting.

It would be okay by me: I am more invested in the story and world than in the fighting aspect, but I have built a character (fiend lock) that is able to (gruesomely) get away from a lot of tight spots. The result is few fights, some that are too easy and serve as story points as my character leaves only cinders, and others are too hard, pushing me to my limits to try and get rid of, for example, a group of very high mages without letting them counterspell me or tear me to shreds.

The problem is (yes, all of this was an introduction, sorry!), my GM starts to feel *very bad* about this. So I was wondering: being a somewhat experienced GM myself, and liking to design dungeons that are both challenging and thematic, could I take this particular piece of work off them?
Do you folks know of any way a player could design (most of) a dungeon for himself / his group, at least on a mechanical aspect? Does anyone have any experience trying this?

P.S. : 1 on 1 campaign are great ! But they require a damn lot of communication from the two players. Try it with close friends / significant others / family if you have the occasion!

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What is a good gift/peace offering to give a Vampire?

My party must seek out a vampire in order to learn more information to help with their current quest. What is an appropriate offering/gift they can bring to show the vampire that they aren't there to hunt them and do not want conflict?

The vampires in my campaign will still be lawful evil, but they are very smart "monsters" and know that they can ask of a favor from the party in return for information. I just need a peace offering the party can present them initially, so they aren't attacked on sight.

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Malleable illusions and major image

If you cast major image and an enemy interacts with it or succeeds the investigation check, would altering the form with malleable illusions "reset" the illusion or is it now translucent to that individual until the spell ends? What about if you upcast the spell to make it non concentration and last until dispelled? Would a random townsfolk always see a translucent thing following you around?

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What would you make an NPC do to achieve godhood?

In my homebrew campaign, all gods were once mortal people who achieved their godhood by instigating worldwide events that align with their goals—like a worldwide plague for Talona, a worldwide conspiracy for Cyric, etc. And I was wondering what you guys would make an NPC do to become a god?

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