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    There are 3 ways to buy Bitcoin that contribute to the upward price of Bitcoin

    The three simple ways:

    1. Buy on any exchange and withdraw to a wallet. Not withdrawing means exchanges technically do not even have to own the Bitcoin to support your buys. They are not buying more just because you gave them money for Bitcoin. Leaving coins on an exchange also risks a total loss with no recourse.
    2. If you don't want to hold our own keys, and I recommend you do, then just buy the ETFs. Unlike exchanges, the ETFs are legally required to buy the Bitcoin you give them money for.
    3. Buy peer to peer (Bisq etc.)

    These are 3 easy ways to contribute to the upward price of Bitcoin. Buying and leaving on an exchange does not help anyone, especially not yourself.

    23:09 UTC


    Dackieswap project on base

    Hello guys wanted to share our project and community called r/dackieswaptoken this is a Coinbase dapp on the base chain that allows you to swap, farm, and stake tokens for 200-300% Apr. its also tied to an amazing nft community, if anyone is interested we have information posted in the Reddit. Thanks!

    22:13 UTC


    Can someone explain this price movement to me on all largecap coins today.

    If you look at any of the larger coins today they all have this weird price movement in the middle of the day. I'll try to include some pics, otherwise just open coinmarketcap and click on BTC (or any in the top 20) and look at the past 24hrs. They all have this very weird structured price movement between 1:40AM to around 6AM. This feels so manipulated... and what kind of funds does it take to do something like that so structured. Thx for any insights.

    20:17 UTC


    The New Bottom is $55K-$60K

    For the last four year cycle, the bottom for BTC was around $15-$20K. It seems like the bottom is in, especially with the consolidation around the last few weeks. Agree? Disagree? Why.

    View Poll

    19:36 UTC


    Recommendations for next 5-10 years

    Hello everyone. What are in your opinion the best 3 cryptos to buy at the moment, to hold 5-10 years and obtain a good return? Considering the technology, usability, efficiency, and so on. I don’t really feel like buying memecoins, just would like to buy something more considerate. Thanks a lot!

    18:27 UTC


    AI Boom Will Drive BTC to $150k, AI tokens should be on everyone's watchlist

    Recent statistics from CoinGecko show that the total market value of AI-associated tokens has surged from $2.7 billion in April last year to an impressive $26.4 billion. Over the previous year, these tokens have exceeded Bitcoin’s rapid growth, achieving gains between 145 percent and 297 percent in just the past 30 days.

    Tokens like FET, INJ have already pumped so much, there are many other great tokens out there.


    18:06 UTC


    I accidentally “hacked” into a dozen different wallets while trying out possible seed phrases to my trust wallet

    Hi In an attempt to recover my old account in trust-wallet, whose seed phrase i memorized semi-accurately, i kept testing different combinations of possible words (though the order i know as i jotted the initials of the words in order) and ended up unlocking a dozen different wallets by accident. Unfortunately, none of those wallets belong to me or have any value inside them across all the networks. Like, literally 0.00.

    My question is : 1) is trust wallet safe and should i still use it? How did i even get access to a dozen different wallets just by trying possible seed phrases to my old account? Will someone else eventually access my account by accident and then drain the funds? 2) Why are they all empty? Are they perhaps some variation of my old account? Or is it that so many people create accounts and just leave them empty 3) A bsc/eth scan shows that i still have crypto in my wallet. But i seriously am wondering if perhaps trustwallet just changed the keys to my wallet and froze it so that they may take the crypto for themselves. 4) How does the math even work here? Please correct me if i am wrong. There are 2048 words, 12 slots, and 26 alphabets so it should be 26^2048^12 to crack any one particular wallet. But if you are not looking to crack any wallet in particular and are just testing out random combinations then the chance of a winning combination is simply the number of existing wallets/ 26^2048^12. E.G. if 26^2048^12 wallets are created then all possible seed phrases will have been used up and any one trying out any random seed phrase will then gain access into a random wallet 5) Not interested in being scammed. Will ignore all irrelevant comments.

    But please help me out if you really can. I am really stressed from not being able to recall my seed phrase and am confused by how this whole thing works.

    Thank you!

    17:15 UTC


    Memecoins: Are They the New "News-Driven" Asset Class?

    The memecoin market is a wild ride, and it's easy to draw some surprising parallels to the traditional stock market. Here's why:

    News Cycle Hype vs. Memecoin Narratives

    Think about how a hot stock reacts to positive news – a potential Tesla flying car launch sends the stock soaring.Similarly, memecoins thrive on narratives. Remember the recent "election season" memecoins, or the OJ Simpson-inspired ones? These narratives can take a memecoin from obscurity to millions in market cap within hours!

    Catching the Wave: Early Birds Get the Gains

    Just like "buying the rumor, selling the news" in stocks, the key in memecoins is to be early. Spotting a budding narrative before it explodes can lead to life-changing gains. Look at Dogecoin – a pioneer with no utility, but it minted a generation of crypto millionaires.

    Beyond the Narrative: Building Their Own Story

    While narratives drive many memecoins, there are trailblazers forging their own path. Projects like bonk , wif , ye wif hat (not financial advice) are a prime example. They're building a strong community and utility around their dog-themed memecoin, independent of current trends. These "off-narrative" coins, if successful, can become the new leaders, just like Dogecoin in its time.

    The Takeaway: Be a Trendsetter, Not a Follower

    The memecoin market rewards those who can spot the next big thing early.

    So what do you think? Are memecoins the new "news-driven" asset class?

    16:46 UTC


    Should i invest in Crypto Meme Coins or make a dividend Portfolio

    I am confused if i should go for crypto or dividend stocks

    I wish to Learn about crypto and dividends i watched a few videos on youtube to learn like this one on dividend investing could someone tell me what to look for while choosing stocks for dividends or crypto coins?

    I'm reaching out because I'm relatively new to the world of investing and I've recently become intrigued by the concept of dividend stocks. While I've watched a few introductory videos on YouTube to get started, I still feel like I could benefit from some additional guidance.

    My ultimate goal is to construct a portfolio that consistently generates a steady income of $1000 per month through dividends. However, I'm aware that achieving this requires careful selection of the right dividend-paying stocks.

    Could you please provide some insights on what factors I should consider when selecting dividend stocks? Specifically, I'm eager to learn how to identify reliable dividend-paying companies and evaluate the sustainability of their dividend payouts over time.

    I understand that factors such as a company's financial health, historical dividend track record, payout ratio, and industry stability may play crucial roles in making informed investment decisions. However, as a newcomer to investing, I would greatly appreciate any practical advice or resources you could offer to help me on my journey toward achieving my investment goal.

    Could someone tell me how to choose stocks and how to make a good dividend portfolio and what mistakes to avoid while going about it? I have always wanted to learn about dividends and i cam accross this video on dividends and investing which really pumped me up. I wanna quit my job and pursue my goal. any help would be appreciated. I have a family to support and i really wanna make them proud. Should i invest in ETFs or Vanguard, i am really confused. What returns can i expect in my first year of investing and what shoudl my mindset be like?

    Thank you sincerely for considering my request and for any assistance you can provide. Your expertise and guidance would be invaluable as I embark on this exciting investment journey.

    16:07 UTC


    Are meme coins on the Bitcoin blockchain going to appear?

    Recently, I have heard a lot about the Runes protocol launching on the Bitcoin blockchain, and naturally, I became intrigued. Nowadays, I come across people quite frequently who say that it is going to be the next big thing since Bitcoin has a large market cap and a lot of money is flowing through Bitcoin, which could also flow into potential meme projects. Everyone speaks of these huge returns if meme coins really become a reality in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

    I find all of this very interesting since if we look at Solana as an example, we can see multiple big projects such as dogwifhat, bonk, and jeo boden popping off in the couple weeks/months. Not to mention, there are also smaller ones with similar growth, which have reached the 1 million market cap (e.g., hege, maneki, and yewifhat). I only named a few, but there are many others with a big community and just as big potential.

    I'm curious to hear what you guys think of all of this and how I can get involved with the Runes protocol early. I hope I haven't missed out on that already.

    13:48 UTC


    Am I getting scammed?

    Long story short.

    I am very new to the cryptomarket. I wanted to try my luck at crypto and decided to work with a broker/advisor(cryptocom ai) to help me out. They earn a % of the profits I make. I invested a couple of thousands over a few months and as some calculated luck wanted it I got lucky and made some nice money out of it.

    I decided to cash in on the money and invest part of it again.

    However unlike smaller withdrawals this time the withdrawal got put on hold by 'the blockchain' I got an email from finance@team-blockchain.com telling me they suspect me of money laundering and I need to send them pictures of my ID and 10% of the money I'm withdrawing I need to send to a neutral crypto wallet as safety deposit.

    10% of that money is a lot of money for me and it is making me very suspicious. Is this something that happens more often? Or is it a scam?

    13:08 UTC


    Incorrect Performance Balance/Net Invested on Coinbase (after USDC withdrawal)

    Has anyone else done a withdrawal/cashout from USDC to checking account and had their performance balance, “net invested” values, as well as “cash withdrawals and spends” all become incorrect?

    Over the past few months I have completed several withdrawals from coinbase to my bank account. I eventually noticed this issue when I saw my “all time returns” as negative/losses, which I knew was incorrect.

    I then calculated dime for dime every transaction in coinbase, sends/receives from my other wallets, and deposits/withdrawals/purchases with my checking account.

    After wasting an entire day mashing the calculator I found out that every single withdrawal I made directly from USDC to my checking account correctly took the value off of my “balance” but did not adjust the “net invested” value or even the “cash withdrawals and spends.”

    I may not be explaining this well so here is an example:

    Deposit $1000 and invest/buy/convert to crypto. Crypto grows 25% and you sell/convert back to USDC. Balance = $1,250 Net invested = $1,000 All time returns = + $250 Cash withdrawals = $0

    Now you want to cash out and you withdraw $750 USDC to your bank but coinbase doesn’t adjust anything except your actual balance and returns.

    Balance = $500 Net invested = $1,000 All time returns = - $750 Cash withdrawals = $0

    Obviously this^ is incorrect, net invested and withdrawals should have adjusted accordingly. I found this ridiculous considering a deposit directly to USDC would adjust the net invested and deposit values but a withdrawal from USDC did nothing except remove it from the balance.

    However, eventually I did find a way around this so that withdrawals are calculated properly by coinbase. I realized that every time I converted USDC to USD and then initiated the withdrawal from USD instead of USDC (to the same checking account) then everything calculated correctly. Balance, net invested, and withdrawals all decreased by the exact value withdrawn and all time returns remained the same.

    Obviously from now on I will just withdraw from USD to avoid this BS but I want my performance values to be corrected. Right now it’s saying I’ve lost $100 when really I’ve gained $150 ($250 total cashed out through USDC 2 months ago which never fixed itself)

    Has this situation happened to anyone else? If so, how did you fix the errors? I have contacted coinbase support but they refuse to manually fix the error and their only “advice” is the basic troubleshooting 101 crap.

    “-Have you tried turning your device off and back on again? (It was at this moment, that I knew I F’d up by wasting my time contacting these imbeciles) -Log out and log back in -Update to the newest version of the app or web browser -Try using a different device -Put it in rice -Spin around 3 times with your eyes closed while praying to the crypto Gods”

    I am taking a detour to Reddit in search of real advice.

    1 Comment
    12:59 UTC


    Is Elon Musk To Be Blamed?

    I remember before the December of 2020, everyone’s eyes keen on BTC pump with it breaking ATH after ATH at 30k USD or more ( now it’s at 60k + USD) and also the GameStop stock and the whale manipulation; these were the hot topics of the town.

    Then our lovely Tesla CEO decided why not spice things and unknowingly triggered a chain of events that lead to current popularity of the meme market. Well you know what I am talking about , Elon decided to play god , becoming the first meme crypto twitter influencer shilling doge and kickstarted the trend of Dog inspired coins like shiba, floki, dog wif hat, ye wif hat then Cat coins and so on !

    Ethereum had the high cap meme coins but people wanted less fee charged for transactions and moving their coins , so they found BSC and the amount of coins that flooded the chain and the amount of money that poured in , it changed the lives of many people unfortunately not me as I was a bit late to trend or made poor choices 😂

    After BTC hit its top , all the money flowed out from BSC and meanwhile airdrop trend on Solana where people made five figs through their Solana airdrops kickstarted the shift from BSC to Solana. But again as BTC dumped , the meme market went dead silent for a while until it recently started pumping like hell , bringing back the Solana meme market and now it’s like the go to place for meme coins.

    So, is Elon to be blamed? What’s our next smart chain target after Solana for meme frenzy? Base chain is already popping but high fee won’t let it but who knows 🤷‍♂️

    09:46 UTC


    Crypto Screener with Price Performance % over Custom Timeframe?

    Searching for a screener that can give price % between dates or from a selected date to today. Only finding fixed timeframes such as 24H, 7D etc.

    Anyone know a solution here?

    09:19 UTC

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