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    Quai University: Mined transactions!

    16:13 UTC


    Terrible News For Shipcoiners (No Spot ETFs)

    An inadvertent rational for why DOT could be one of the first altcoin ETF

    15:28 UTC


    I use StockTwits to follow S&P500 and major cryptocurrencies but recently found "SPX6900" Is this a joke? Why is it on StockTwits? There are only 500 companies in the S&P index, not 6900.

    Why would StockTwits, a highly reputable trading/finance forum put a fake S&P6900 on the platform? I'm assuming this is some kind of cryptocurrency as the commentors are all seemingly young people talking about "flipping the S&P500"

    Does anyone have more info on this? Is it potentially a scam?


    14:06 UTC


    Unveiling the Advantages of Staking Crypto

    Earn Passive Income: Staking allows you to earn passive income if you're in it for the long haul. Without staking, this additional income from your cryptocurrency investment wouldn't be on the table. Example: Staking Ethereum can earn you an APY of around 5%. This means that if you stake 1 ETH, you will earn an additional 0.05 ETH each year.

    Easy to Get Started: Getting into staking is a breeze. Whether through an exchange or a crypto wallet, you can kickstart your staking journey without unnecessary complexity. Example: You can stake ETH through several different platforms, including cryptocurrency exchanges, dedicated staking platforms, and hardware wallets. Some platforms even offer automatic staking, so you don't have to worry about manually staking your ETH

    Support Your Preferred Crypto Projects: Staking isn't just about personal gains; it's a win-win. By staking your funds, you actively contribute to the security and efficiency of the blockchain projects you support. Strengthening the projects you believe in while earning rewards — that's the beauty of staking! Examples: By staking Tezos, you can earn an APY of around 6%. At the same time, you are helping to support the Tezos ecosystem, which is developing some innovative applications. similarly Staking Dexcheck tokens you can unlock Insightgpt features which help you to read the trading signals.

    13:35 UTC


    Grayscale CEO on Bitcoin ETF: Approval is a Matter of If, Not When. I'M LONG & STRONG 11,200 SHARES OF GBTC (~ 10 BTC at NAV). GLTA!!!

    1 Comment
    18:29 UTC


    Doge Coin CryptoCurrency $0.08 First Target Met Price Prediction Analysis why it is good news and Bitcoin matters

    Dogecoin (DOGE) price is trading with a bullish bias, not only showing a broader market bullishness but also a newly found flow of capital into the meme coin market, with CoinMarketCap data showing meme coins are rallying on the seven-day timeframe. As capital flows into meme coins, Dogecoin price broke out above the upper boundary of an ascending parallel channel to test the midline of a supply barrier. Lets Take a closer look and see what it means. DOGE/USDT DOGE/USD DOGE/USDC DOGE/BUSD #dogecoin #crypto #cryptocurrency #price #priceaction #memecoin

    04:54 UTC


    Bitcoin with another Ad has just dropped - Clever Marketing

    1 Comment
    08:17 UTC


    I have 3.7 ETH what to do with them ?

    I did some mining in the past, but I sold my rig due to electricity prices on my area, now I want advice what to do with the 3.7 eth I manage to mine, I want to sell it and use it to buy BTC because I now the next bull run is coming what are your thoughts reddit community ?

    02:54 UTC


    Why does XMR stays or goes down when others such as BTC and ETH go up?

    Anyone notice this?

    It seems XMR doesn't fluctuate as much or as fast as the others. It may eventually catch up but got the most part it's slow to do so. XMR feels much more steady it seems. I guess that makes it more usable as cash.

    18:54 UTC

    17:23 UTC


    Ellipal & Saitama

    Hi Guys! Looking to speak with a Crypto Guru that knows a bit about Saitama and Cold Wallets. Some things I am seeing on my end don’t quite make sense to me, but I’m far from an expert.

    I have, seemingly, lots of Saitama in my Ellipal Cold Wallet. Saitama transitioned into a V2 coin sometime ago, while my coins were in said cold wallet. Now, if I try to send any of that to MetaMask, or even SaitaPro, the transaction goes through, and even shows on Etherscan as a completed transaction. BUT, when I look for any funds to appear in either of those wallets, nothing shows up, not even a transaction record. I’m so confused… 🤦🏻‍♂️ I know after the migration to V2, the transaction rate is DRASTICALLY different… But I thought I would at least see a tiny change, even after the decimal point, but nothing. Anyone here have a similar issue, or know when I may be doing wrong (besides investing in Saitama, already heard that plenty of times)?

    15:18 UTC


    Bitcoin Risk Indicator Tier List

    I've always been interested in metrics and indicators to keep an objective eye on bitcoin and its development instead of getting caught in fear or greed. So I wanted to gather a few here and rank them through personal experience - and ask if you guys have found any other useful ones.

    Here's a roundup of the risk indicators I'm aware of. Any suggestions for others to include?

    S Tier

    • AlphaSquared's Bitcoin Risk Metric - This one is what I've been using for the past year. The fact that it successfully pinpointed the Bitcoin bear market bottoms in June and November 2022 speaks volumes. There's a strategy builder and forward-testing simulations too. You can keep creating free trials so it's kind of free.
    • Benjamin Cowen's Risk Indicator (YouTube) - Another top-tier indicator (with a huge list of additional metrics). Although it comes with a huge price tag. It provides a risk dashboard for other coins (which I don't care about) and lots of reports and private videos. The workbench lets you build your own charts. I only joined for a month and the risk performance was a little below Alphasquared.

    A Tier

    • CoinTalksCrypto's Bitcoin Bull Run Index - Not bad; it's customizable and free. However I've been following this one for two years now and it missed both the 2021 top, as well as the bottom by a long shot. While recently looking at it again, it seems they went back to make it "catch" the bottom too (sketchy as there is no mention). This might be useful to look at but I wouldn't count on the quality. Hence A-Tier mainly due to being free.

    B Tier

    C Tier

    • [Any dishonorable mentions?]

    Always keen to hear about others' experiences and any additional risk indicators that might be worth adding to this list!

    20:42 UTC


    Are Ambassador programs effective in crypto projects?

    Community is core in Web3. Imagine you have a Web3 project. Would you create an Ambassador program for it? Is there any project you know of which has run a successful Ambassador program?

    20:28 UTC


    How to FIND the BEST Low Market Cap CRYPTO?

    19:53 UTC

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