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A subreddit for serious and technical discussion of cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology. Absolutely no memes, price, marketing or promotional posts allowed.


This subreddit is for serious technical discussion of cryptocurrency technology.


This subreddit is for the technology behind cryptocurrencies; the math, the code, the theories. We are pushing for quality, shilling will not be tolerated.

Posts that will be removed:

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What do we allow?

We allow any posts that promote healthy discussion of any coins or cryptocurrency in general in a technical manner. Instead of asking if "x coin is legit?", read the whitepaper, come back here, and ask about the technical specifications that you might be skeptical about. Put some thought into your questions and/or answers. Saying "x coin will moon" in any threads here will get you banned. This subreddit is for serious and technical discussions revolving around cryptocurrency technology, not a place to promote coins you love by simply telling folks to buy.

We're very tough when it comes to moderating submissions and replies in order to keep the content here relevant and different from other crypto subreddits. We apologize in advance if you're hit with a removed thread or reply, please feel free to message us if you'd like to appeal.

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How does the eUTXO smart contract system compare to the EVM in practice?

11:27 UTC


With the Ledger fiasco — how do companies / whales manage cold wallets

21:24 UTC


With the Ledger fiasco — how do companies / whales manage cold wallets

16:38 UTC


Are 51% attacks 'recoverable?'

Speaking generally about 51% work/hashpower exploits in traditional blockchains (not just the re-org double spend instance of it): is it not true that once an attacker gains majority control over the consensus mechanism, they are then able to produce one hundred percent of the following blocks?

Reason I ask is because websites like https://www.crypto51.app/ quantify the cost to 51% attack for an hour - but if you can simply overwrite any forks where you do not produce every consecutive block it seems at attacker could start making profit rather quickly, assuming no one knew it was happening. Just wanted to test my intuitions against this community, thanks. Fairly dire outlook for many chains if true.

23:13 UTC


Advance your Arbitrum project with Arbswap Nova Accelerator!


Arbitrum Nova is the first Arbitrum Layer-2 scaling solution built using AnyTrust technology and is optimised to ensure comprehensive security at a very low cost. This is especially important for businesses that need cheap transaction costs and high transaction throughputs, such as blockchain games and exchanges like Arbswap for instance. Arbitrum Nova's full EVM compatibility gives the ecosystem easy access to a vast pool of developers familiar with his Ethereum virtual machine. They do this by offering an attractive offer: compatible with EVM, highly secure and scalable, widely deployed, and highly rated as one of the state-of-the-art opportunities to develop projects on the L2 network. The most widely used and trusted optimistic rollup on the market.

A rich DeFi infrastructure provided by Arbswap includes staking pools to enable on-chain users to connect with their communities and locked liquidity mining to assist projects in locking liquidity for their governance tokens. Arbswap's Dasher, a launchpad product (named after Santa Claus's quickest reindeer) that bootstraps new Arbitrum Nova projects through vested token sales and will be easily accessible in the near future, represents one of the most anticipated and exciting growth potentials.

The Nova Accelerator provides a powerful one-two punch for any project looking to build on Nova. Arbswap acts as a one-stop-shop for product offerings, from concept to tokenization. Deliver everything on a single platform from the start of the project.

19:12 UTC


AMA ANNOUNCEMENT! Crypto Blue Tigers Glad To Announce AMA with Epidaurus. Leave your question here

09:31 UTC

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