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Welcome to /r/EthFinance, A community for Ethereum investors, traders, users, developers, and others interested in discussing the cryptocurrency ETH and general topics related to Ethereum.

New to Ethereum? Read our FAQ to learn more. Prior to posting, please be aware or our rules. User flairs or tokens in the ticker are not an endorsement. Please use due diligence when choosing an investment.

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Ledger allegedly caught sending wallet balance data to a third party every time Ledger Live's Manager app is opened.

Ledger was allegedly found tracking tons of data from their users and going as far as sending balance data to a third party.


From what I've gathered, Ledger users are required to open the Ledger Live manager app in order to download the Ethereum wallet app and do firmware updates. Ledger Live won't open without an internet connection so updating/removing apps offline is not possible. He states that Ledger ID's every device and every time the Ledger Live's Manager app is opened to install/uninstall wallets for various chains, the users' balance across all chains are fetched then sent to a third party.

This would mean that Ledger and third parties know your ERC-20 balances across all subaddresses
and can link it to your balances across other chains like BTC. First, is this even possible? The Monero community says that since they're not integrated into Ledger Live to load balances, they don't think this is possible but for chains like Bitcoin and Ethereum that's integrated into their software it might be. Any thoughts?

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ETH Price drops aren't all bad, just ride the waves

Don't let the recent dip in ETH prices get you down. There's a silver lining here, the ETH supply is actually on the decline too, making it a bit of a scarcity game.

Currently, the rate of ETH supply reduction is at -0.206% per year, and in the last 24 hours, it's even more significant at a whopping -0.391% per year. And in last 7 Days it's at -0.746% per year.

ETH Supply at -0.206% per year since The Merge

As time ticks away, there's going to be less and less ETH available for everyone.

ETH Supply at -0.391% per year in 24H

So, instead of letting the market rollercoaster mess with your head, just keep steadily stacking up your ETH. This scarcity factor could be a game changer down the road. So just keep accumulating as much as you can.

Just look at the 7-day ETH Supply below and relax!

ETH Supply at -0.747% per year in last 7 Days.

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14:03 UTC


Daily General Discussion - December 11, 2023

Welcome to the Daily General Discussion on Ethfinance


Be awesome to one another and be sure to contribute the most high quality posts over on /r/ethereum. Our sister sub, /r/Ethstaker has an incredible team pertaining to staking, if you need any advice for getting set up head over there for assistance!

Daily Doots Rich List - https://dailydoots.com/

community calendar: via Ethstaker https://ethstaker.cc/event-calendar/

"Find and post crypto jobs." https://cryptojobs.gg/

06:00 UTC


DCA selling plan during the crazy bull?

So I'm sitting on a sizeable stack and have been for a long time. I'm trying to plan a coherent selling structure for next year before I get caught up in the mania, and would love some thoughts and feedback. Historically I have been really good at getting in at the bottoms, and always called the tops way too early.

Right now, the plan is to start selling when ETH hits its previous all time high (~$5,000) and to sell $weekly_sell every week.

At the moment I'm thinking weekly sell should be about 4% of my stack * $5,000

So imagine my stack were 200 ETH:

I would start selling $40,000 a week when ETH hit $5,000, and keep selling $40k a week until there was a very obvious crash out. ETH goes to $10,000, just keep selling $40k every week.

I'm assuming that the manic portion of the bull run will last between 6-9 months, and maybe I end up holding some portion of my stack thru the crash, which is fine.

Does this plan seem coherent?Do you have a structured selling plan?

01:51 UTC


The origin story of Vitalik Buterin & Ethereum

00:04 UTC


2 hour banger: Chat with Colony.io on the Weekly Doots Livestream

19:08 UTC

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Michael Saylor...finds Ethereum/stablecoins/defi/dexes....interesting 🙄

14:56 UTC


I'm amused that this was our top post. May 5th and "Coinbase Tweet of the year" were #2 and #3

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These were you end of year 2023 predictions. Who got it right so far.

15:37 UTC


Ethereum is RIPPING 🚀

10:28 UTC


Recommendation On A Layer 2...Specifically For Defi.

17:41 UTC


Does 2019 Alltrack not have Carplay?

The site I was on says my trim package has carplay (and, unrelated, but says it has an Aux in, don't see that either).

But when I press "App", it only shows Android Auto and Mirrorlink or w/e, not the carplay logo (like my way cheaper 2018 jetta did).

Is this an error? It says it's trying to read the hardware when I connect by USB, but then just does nothing. Is there a firmware update maybe, or some way around it to get carplay to work? Kind of a bummer upgrading a car and getting such a standard feature downgraded

22:16 UTC


#45 Ethfinance Doots Happy Hour | JT

18:08 UTC

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RPGF 3 - Final Week

Now that we are at the final stage of voting, things are picking up heat, and X is turning into a cesspool where I don't expect proper feedback, positive or negative. We have a couple of badge holders from the forum; I have seen unbiased and rational feedback on different topics from the community, so I would like to share a couple of things being discussed on different platforms.

  1. VC/Token-funded project - RPGF is to reward past impact; OP Foundation does not differentiate between non/VC-funded projects. It is my understanding that as long as a project is open source and has a clear impact, it should be rewarded. The amount of $$ should be decided in accordance with the Means Test. One project with a 9-figure treasury and/or 100M in VC funding, while another is a community-funded project having the same impact, should not be awarded equally. Projects with tokens, VC backing, community funding—all should be welcome under RPGF as long as they are open-sourced.

  2. Duplicate Submission - Bankless's example is quite obvious, but there are a couple of edge cases.

  3. List - This is a hot topic right now because of its design. When creating a list, it is mandatory to assign an amount of tokens to a project in that list. Assigning 0 would bring the median down, so it's seen as a negative judgment. I think lists are wonderful and they are fulfilling their role, giving an option to a badge holder to showcase projects depending on their domain of expertise. Lists should act as a point of reference, due diligence, and the amount of reward should be adjusted by individual badge holders. But as of now, it's a topic of debate.

  4. Means test - Quite important in RPGF (with its own drawback). Vitalik wrote about it after his experience with RPGF 1: https://vitalik.ca/general/2021/11/16/retro1.html

  5. Misinformation - or lack of context in evolving DAO is another challenge. We have a couple of dedicated badge holders doing extensive research and sharing their findings backed by rational arguments. A couple of names I am reading frequently, for example, 'Test in Prod,' is not getting enough attention, and I agree. They are behind OpErigon and now part of OP Collective, but they also got 5M OP over the next 4 years, and this information is being left out from the conversation, either intentionally or not; I am not sure. There are many other visible examples, but voting is going on, and I don't want to malign your judgment with my opinion.

  6. Diversity - You can't be everything to everyone, and those trying to game the system will be disappointed if you don't agree with their side of the story. But we have a powerful tool: diversity among badge holders. If we dedicate a few extra hours, think rationally with a long-term vision—what is missing from this space and what you would like to see more. For me, it's Tooling and infra along with promoting governance engagement. We have had a lot of complaints that DAO does not work; change it then, you have the power. Choose your choice of poison.

Be very careful with adding lists to your ballot unless you trust the creator's judgment completely. Base has its own list; Minimal also has a list of L1 infra; even I have a list of my own and being an easy target avoiding X until voting concludes. OP Foundation suggests spending a couple of hours (8, I think), but this task demands days of work. If you have a couple of extra hours, I request you dedicate those hours and make an informed decision.

But that not all, sometime outsiders feedback could bring valuable insights, so if you have anything to add, please add it in the comment or directly on the furom. https://gov.optimism.io/t/retropgf-round-3-feedback-thread/6177

06:51 UTC


Onchain Gaming: A path to building bigger, better, and more vibrant communities in web3 and gaming

Onchain gaming will expand the game industry's and web3's ability to create thriving and community led experiences, that are far more diverse and intriguing than traditional games.

How do onchain games achieve this?

Note: I use Influence, the game I am helping build as the example. It is not meant to be a sales pitch for the game, but if there is bias, I try to utilize that to address specific points pertinent to the topic.

[Public Permanent Game Data & Logic]

By their nature the core logic of the game and all actions taken are public. Their front ends, SDKs, and APIs can additionally be made public.

With this the cornucopia of public data onchain games can provide a depth of information much more easily to builders. These can help assist in creating a vast network of public resources and tools making building add-ons and new game modes much easier.

As an example of this enhanced access, @influenceth already has over 10 community built applications all shown within a single chrome extension built by @elerium115: https://x.com/elerium115/status/1728210605490745814?s=20…

[Ownership of game assets]

Players enjoy enhanced control and rights within on-chain games, thanks to the emergence of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This advancement enables users to buy, sell, and trade their assets, fostering more open and diverse player-driven economies. It also expands the capabilities of builders in utilizing these assets.

The extensibility of on-chain games allows users to craft additional experiences linked to their in-game assets. While many discuss interoperability, the real power lies in how it amplifies community builders' ability to augment game assets within the existing game environment.

A case in point is the use of a crewmate in @influenceth, coupled with a set of smart contracts that enable other players to interact with this crewmate. This interaction could unlock a new quest line or a repository of activities for participation. Such innovation could drive demand for specific in-game non-player characters created by these builders.

[ERC-20 Tokens & Open Economy]

With the utilization of the ERC-20 standard to create an in-game currency, players are no longer bound to keeping the token inside the game environment, and can freely trade and utilize them to expand the utility of the ecosystem.

As mentioned above, third-party developers have unrestricted access to create add-ons, tools, and additional experiences on top of the existing game world. By using a game token like SWAY in @influenceth, developers can establish a monetization system that feels natural to players, rather than relying on subscription charges or advertising revenue.

An example of this is a player using @_Teandy's tool 'Starksight' to access extra resources for examining the economy of @influenceth. They can pay for a subscription in SWAY, which they acquire through gameplay, instead of paying a set amount in traditional fiat currency.


Community-built experiences, though common in platforms like Roblox, are often constrained by strict terms of service, limited data access, and the challenge of integrating with other third-party services, if it's possible at all. In contrast, Web3-native and on-chain games enhance the composability aspect of gaming. This leads to more vibrant and robust player-centric communities and experiences, thereby empowering third-party developers to a greater extent.

The primary ways onchain games do this are:
- Public Permanent Game Data & Logic
- Ownership of game assets
- ERC-20 Tokens & Open Economy

I would love to hear the ethfinance's thoughts!

20:03 UTC

14:10 UTC


Danny Ryan explaining what malicious attacks a big single actor like Lido can execute successfully at the 1/3, 1/2 and 2/3 threshold🚨

01:57 UTC


Shitposts are back on the menu! Dedicated to /u/butta_tribot

16:20 UTC


Transaction throughput of L1s on comparable hardware

Discord user 'Gyunikuchan' posted the following over in the EVMavericks discord in 'the den' channel. As not everyone has an EVMaverick, I thought it makes sense to post it over here as well. 'Gyunikuchan' is not active on reddit and told me I can post it here if I want. So, here it is:

---------------Original post by 'Gyunikuchan'-------------------------

Don't see many talking about this, but Solana compute had been flirting with 90% capacity for a while now https://solanacompass.com/ The Pyth airdrop had pushed it over the limit for a little while, but the good news is that the network didn't crash/halt even though there was a minor slow down https://twitter.com/norbertbodziony/status/1726662603710329226?t=3LzhldKMLah6TPlSy54NRA&s=19

This however also goes to show that Solana's node software optimizations has only thus far yielded a 3-4x performance gain over Ethereum's software performance I had actually expected more just from the Solana Virtual Machine (SVM)'s CPU parallelization alone given the number of cores, so this is surprising to me

For context, we can compare the max observed TPS vs hardware specs looking at https://chainspect.app/dashboard/tps BSC and Polygon PoS are running the Ethereum software on scaled up hardware for a more apples to apples comparison against Solana's software The number of nodes on the network may also have played a factor, as the more nodes there are, the higher the overhead

Ethereum: 57.91 TPS on 4 cores, 16 GB ram, 25 MBit/s internet (https://www.quicknode.com/guides/infrastructure/node-setup/ethereum-full-node-vs-archive-node#what-is-an-ethereum-full-node)

Solana: 804.58 TPS on 12 cores, 256 GB ram, 1GBbit/s internet (https://docs.solana.com/running-validator/validator-reqs)

Binance Smart Chain: 341.63 TPS on 16 cores, 64 GB ram, 5 MBit/s internet (the network req here is sus, likely a lot higher in reality) (https://github.com/bnb-chain/bsc#hardware-requirements)

Polygon PoS: 273.43 TPS on 8 cores, 32 GB ram, 1 Gbit/s internet (https://wiki.polygon.technology/docs/pos/validator/validator-node-system-requirements/) So under the current Solana "block size", I expect the real max TPS will be <1000 And once the cap is reached, there are only 2 options in the short term

  1. Raise gas fee and start walking back some of the "cheap transaction" narrative, possibly pricing out some of the "only on Solana" use cases
  2. Raise the block size and risk network instability, also losing some decentralization in the process (nodes that cannot keep up due to either CPU, storage or network load will drop off, and if too many of them drop off too quickly, the network will stall)

In the long run there are a few solutions that the community is talking about

  1. Firedancer, an optimization of the node software - This will probably not get them very far, as the network is still ultimately only as fast as the slowest node (12 cores, 256 GB ram and 1GBbit/s networking) even at 100% software efficiency

  2. Hardware optimization such as the use of FPGAs - This will limit nodes to only being hosted on data centers that have such hardware optimizations (e.g. AWS has FPGAs for rent), all other nodes must be booted off the network to benefit from the speedup, further eroding decentralization and increasing capture risk

Solana can also leverage the R&D of other chains https://twitter.com/0xMert_/status/1654524664780128256

  1. Running rollups on Solana - If 1x Solana network is not enough to meet network demand, just spin up 100x Solana networks as rollups that settles on the main chain, giving 100x more throughput in aggregate. This is an easy solution others are already solving for, but it may signal a narrative walk back that weakens Solana's unique selling point

  2. Zero-knowledge proofs + some form of sharding - This should the north star / end game for every L1 out there, including our beloved Ethereum's

https://polynya.mirror.xyz/FpQfwePfZItj4fHnwtaf_pva5i7GGv-a0vPrSXWlN2c (and the piece preceeding this: https://polynya.mirror.xyz/3-omFNK3uU0iAaYSpFz0f9rCvrDBjx0H3XOSDGXU8hY)

13:20 UTC


Nov 17, 2023 Crypto Trending news:

🪙 Tether Expands into Bitcoin Mining With $500M Investment

Tether, a company specializing in stablecoins, is preparing for a significant expansion into Bitcoin mining, with a planned investment of approximately $500 million over the next six months.

👻 Aave Companies rebrands to Avara and acquires crypto wallet Family to expand its web3 reach Web3-focused software technology company Aave Companies is rebranding to Avara per its founder Stani Kulechov. Avara is the company’s final name change and Aave will still exist but through Aave Protocol and Aave Labs, under Avara’s umbrella brand.

💳 Crypto app Strike announces partnership with Checkout.com to enable Bitcoin purchases in more than 65 countries The crypto app Strike announced a major expansion of its services, and a new partnership with Checkout.com, that will allow users in more than 65 countries to buy Bitcoin directly with their debit card.

🎞️ Disney (DIS) Partners With Dapper Labs to Launch NFT Platform Disney DIS recently announced its partnership with Dapper Labs to unveil NFT platform, Disney Pinnacle. This platform is designed to tokenize DIS' timeless animated characters, along with figures from Pixar and the Star Wars universe tradeable digital pins on the NFT marketplace.

🏦 Crypto Firm CoinShares Looks to Buy ETFs From Rival Valkyrie

CoinShares, one of Europe’s largest cryptocurrency asset managers, has secured the option to acquire exchange-traded funds from competitor Valkyrie, which is preparing a spot Bitcoin fund that’s awaiting regulatory approval.

🪙 Ramaswamy’s Crypto Policy Calls for Deregulation and Gutting the SEC

Vivek Ramaswamy vows to rescind most federal cryptocurrency regulations and drastically reduce headcount at the Securities and Exchange Commission if he is elected president.

14:11 UTC

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Breakdown of ETH Collateralize Loan Options in 2023

If anyone has done their due diligence on current ETH collateralized loan options, please share.


15:31 UTC

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