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WTB Doryphora/Daphnandra cuttings

Looking for cuttings or fresh seeds. Also looking for tabernaemontana and (native) cinnamomum species.

16:02 UTC


Native ground flowers and ground cover...? Wollondilly, NSW.

Complete newbie here,thanks for your time... After the crazy summer my yard has turned into a lush green oasis. I've let it grow out as the insects are abundant and the native bird populations is thriving. Although it's doing really well, a lot of the plants growing are considered weeds. A few are usable, which is nice, but I'd like to try and get a few more native flora growing. I'm about to mow it down a little for the incoming winter months but I'd love to throw in some native seeds to help the meadow along. Is there some wonderful stockist I've not yet heard about, where I might be able to find bulk buy packages?

As an after thought, I might mention that my yard might be rather acidic as our fence is lined with massive pines. The landlord has a few big Camellia growing, though some are almost dead. I've 3 little Lilly Pilly, a sad looking grevillea and a large Chinese elm, that is sending up shoots all over the place... But the place has its fair share of sun and shade. With a council water way running parallel to northern side.

04:57 UTC


Where can I get a Butterwort / Pinguicula?

I am in Sydney, I want to get one to eat the nasty fungus gnats :)

09:49 UTC


Does anybody know where I can get Egyptian Walking Onions? QLD

Or does anybody have any experience with growing them? Have never seen them in the shops, am only new to gardening so any advice is welcome

03:01 UTC


Wanted: Sfusato Amalfitano Lemon Seeds/Plants [VIC]

Hi folks,

This is a long shot, but does anyone know where I could get my hands on seeds or a cutting of an Amalfi Lemon Tree (or Sfusato as they are called). I know they were traditionally being protected and we're on lock down, but apparently those rules have been loosened over the years. Not sure how true that is, but if so, I would love to grow some. Thanks

01:19 UTC


Plant for the front garden?

Hi, I'm over in Highgate Hill, and I've got a slight issue.

The landlady in her infinite wisdom decided to hatchet down a lovely palm, saying she 'hated it.' Then it was replaced with pretty much nothing, and the sun proceeded to bake the Queenslander and everyone inside.

I've put some plants up, but am still searching for something that would root straight down, as I don't have much square footage to play with, and suspect it was why the Palm came down was roots starting to creep towards the foundation.

Attached is a photo of the flower bed I'm hoping to plant something meaningful in.


It's about eight feet (2.5 metres). Any suggestions for something that'll grow at least 5 metres tall, root downwards, and is also native to Brisbane, Australia?

EDIT: COMPLETE (Obviously, this is "day of plant" it needs more cover, and in the month since I took Pic 3, it has grown in quite well and looks great. Thanks for the help! Got a native tea leaf tree put in, the butterflies love it. When it gets tall enough, the birds will even make a pit stop, and it'll give plenty of shade next summer.

00:02 UTC


Tasmanian swap group


If you’re in Tassie it can be hard to swap due to quarantine issues so come join our Facebook page for more localised swaps 👍💛

21:49 UTC


Edible Wattle Seeds Needed

Wanting to start growing some edible wattle for seeds for myself and family. Just need seed source to get started.

01:05 UTC


[NSW] Stacks of parsley cuttings available for free or trade

Hi all, my flat-leaf parsley has turned into several lifetime's worth, and am keen to share it rather than chuck it out. Happy to trade for literally anything, or just mail it out - located in Sydney but can send anywhere.

00:42 UTC


Looking for Bocking 14 Comfrey (ACT)

Hello everyone! I'm looking for a root cutting of Bocking 14 Comfrey. I'm in the ACT, and I'm perfectly willing to pay the favour forward and reimburse postage.

08:51 UTC


Hello, would anyone like to swap? [VIC]

12:31 UTC


[VIC] Chilli seeds

Hi chilli heads,

Looking to exchange some seeds. From this year, I have:

  • Aji Pineapple
  • Trinidad Scorpion - Butch T
  • Lilac Cayenne
  • Golden Cayenne
  • Malaysian Ember
  • Pasilla Bajio
  • Shishito
  • Choc fatalii
  • Yaki Blue
  • Mako Akokosrade
  • Jalapeno
  • Red Mushroom Cap (v. similar to Jamaican Red)
  • An Aji Cito like C. baccatum (presumably Aji Amarillo cross)

I'm looking for:

  • Poblano
  • Mulato Isleno
  • Chilhuacle Amarillo or Negro
  • Any C. Pubescens (e.g. rocoto, locoto, etc)
  • Basically whatever you have that isn't super common.
03:57 UTC


Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) fresh cuttings to/in Victoria?

Seeking bunch of fresh cuttings sent to metro Victoria. Would like to propagate as many as possible. Perhaps 100 although I'll take anything smaller. Am mostly into herbs and chillies and have everything from jalapeño up to Carolina Reaper and other extreme hybrids (can ship established seedlings). Otherwise, name your trade. Also am interested in medicinal plants in general. Thanks.

Note have tried to flair this post [VIC] though it won't show up using the 'edit flair' option.

00:33 UTC


[MELB] Want: misc fruit tree/shrubs; Have: established chillies, and misc cuttings - mints, basils, guava, blueberry, goji, kangaroo apple and more.

Hey plant fanatics. I have a list of wants, have’s and potential have's. As the cooler months are on the way, I’m looking to find a home for some of my established chillies. I’m in Melbourne, but happy to post cuttings/seeds. Also happy to root cuttings, but guavas and blueberries could take some time.

[Want] – Cuttings (rooted preferably) or Plants

  • Guava: Yellow Cherry (P. cattleyanum), Purple (P. rufum), Hawaiian – Pink Supreme
  • Elderberry: Sambucus americana, S. canadensis
  • Blueberry: Denise, Blue Rose, Blue Joy, Blueberry Burst
  • Citrus: calamoudin/calamansi, sudachi
  • Pomegranate: any
  • Raspberry: any
  • Feijoa: any
  • Fig: all except brown turkey, white Adriatic

[Have] - Cuttings

  • Red Malabar/Ceylon Spinach
  • Pepino ‘Gold’
  • Guava: Strawberry, Chilean, Brazilian
  • Blueberry: Sunshine blue
  • Kangaroo Apple
  • Red Goji Berry
  • Mints – ginger, lime, chocolate, grapefruit, spearmint (true)
  • Basils – thai, dark opal, liquorice, cinnamon

[Have] - Plants (v.small/small)

  • Pepino ‘Gold’
  • Kangaroo Apple
  • Mint – lime Basil – mini leaf, dark opal

[Have] - Plants (established)

  • Chillies for overwintering –
    • purple cayenne,
    • golden cayenne,
    • catarina,
    • pasilla bajio,
    • jalapeno,
    • serrano

[Have] -Seeds

  • Chillies – aji pineapple, golden cayenne, red mushroom cap, many more...

[Cuttings available next spring/summer]

  • Yuzu
  • Jaboticaba (P. cauliflora)
  • Vanilla (V. planiflora)
00:56 UTC


Where can I get asian vegetable seeds?

Ive been trying to get gai lan (Chinese brocoli) seeds here to no avail. The fact that you cant buy them from overseas any more doesnt help..

22:09 UTC


Looking for Poncirus trifoliata/Trifoliate Orange/Flying dragon rootstocks or cuttings; have rooted Mollar de Elche, Rosavaya Pomegranate plants and Violette Saint Dominique Fig plants to trade (VIC, happy to trade interstate or pickup)

Hi guys, I want to try and propagate some citrus varieties and need rootstocks to graft into. I’m looking for any type of Poncirus trifoliata /Trifoliate Orange (e.g. flying dragon) plants or cuttings. I have Saint Dominique Violette Fig, Mollar de Elche and Rosavaya pomegranate rooted plants to trade at the moment , or would be willing to pay.

I am located in Melbourne. I am happy to pick up the rootstocks/cuttings, as long as it’s not too far from Melbourne. I am also happy to trade via post/courier with people interstate or in Regional VIC.

If you have a citrus tree in Melbourne (other than lemon trees), chances are it is grown on a Poncirus trifoliata rootstock, because it is pretty much the only type of rootstock that can thrive in our clayey soil and wet winters. So if you live in Melbourne and your citrus tree’s rootstock is suckering or producing branches, I would love to take the suckers/pruned cuttings off your hands!

09:13 UTC


Import/export rules. Me (Au) living in EU and want to send seeds to Au. What is the legal process? What resources are available?

17:55 UTC


Thymus seeds or cuttings to share where applicable?

Culinarily, am looking for Thymus citriodorus lemon or orange. Thymus fragrantissimus or Thymus x citriodorus types too along with other types. Ideally I like to grow from seed but will go for cuttings where relevant.

I grow all your standard herbs and hot peppers. Some rare ones. Mostly though many chinense and annuum varieties but also am establishing a Rocoto (pubescens) right now which is an interesting type of pepper plant. Happy to swap or pay direct. Also, just knowing a few good sources for these rarer types of Thymes would be great. Thank you. Am in Victoria.

02:12 UTC


Pachypodium seeds wanted, have various species of Tricherous cacti seeds, and others for swaps. Wollongong NSW

Dont care about species, but happy to pay for postage or swap

22:56 UTC


Reed Avocados

Hi i'm looking for an Reed avocados tree, can someone help me to find it


05:26 UTC


[WANTED] Chilli plant cutting for grafting (~0.5cm diameter)

My (red) habanero didn't do too well over winter, and I'm thinking of grafting another chilli onto the main stem.

Any cuttings from a habanero/reaper/scotch bonnet/jalapeño/scorpion/mulato would be great.

Edit: I'm in Melbourne

06:47 UTC


[WANT] Doyenne Du Commice or Beurre Hardy Pear cuttings

Hi I am after cuttings of any of these two pears. Please reply if you have any of these trees and we’ll try to work something out. Cheers

00:48 UTC


Wild idea: gympie-gympie plant as home security?

Preface: this is purely a speculative excercise.

The missus and I are moving house tomorrow, and lately she's been fixating on crime reports and stressing herself out. The place we're moving into has those old-fashioned swing-out windows, with a nasty-looking hedge beneath. My previous plan was to rip out the ugly-ass Duranta erecta hedge and make it look a little nicer with some some short perennials and an annual floral border. She's asked me if we can do something thorny beneath the windows to deter intruders, which I'm not super concerned about, but that lead to the crazy idea of window boxes on the outside with gympie-gympie plants.

My questions are: 1) would this be illegal in any way? Like would it fall under booby-traps or whatever? And 2) what kind of wind protection/screening would be required to stop the wind from spreading paim needles inward towards the house? Would the protective screening be such that it would negate the benefit of even having the windows open in the first place?

Just want to reaffirm that I'm not going to actually do this. Probably just gonna make sure we have security and insurance up to date... and mebbe get something thorny to climb around the windows.

01:13 UTC


[Wanted - a book about plants]

I am trying to find a copy of "Medicinal Plants in Australia Volume 1" by Cheryll Williams. If any one ever sees on for sale, please dm me.

08:27 UTC


[SE-QLD] - Looking For - Zig Zag Vine (Melodorum leichhardtii)

Zig Zag Vine
Probably not the best time to be looking but I've got a place where a vine like this should grow... and why not get a native edible for it?

Local nursery didn't have it (nor plan to stock it) and I can't seem to find it on a few different Australian Nursery sites, nor google it seems. Anyone know where I would be able to purchase one?

03:43 UTC


Any Taswegians here? [TAS]


im in Central North Tassie

i need a tonne of plants and am looking to air crop a few things and swap as i have a large block of land i want to plant a permaculture food forest. are there any tasmanians here?

1 Comment
22:48 UTC


VIC Monstera Adandonii & rhaphidophora tetrasperma growers

hey there, does anyone know of any wholesalers or growers supplying the above? Finding it impossible to find any.

06:58 UTC


[WA] Posting plants

I have heaps of Aloe Vera in Perth and my sister in Broome would like to have some, considering how hardy they are I'm pretty sure I could post her a bunch of my small plants to her in a box if they're wrapped up to prevent damage and have some damp soild taped to the base of the plant.

I haven't been able to find any information about posting plants within the state, has anyone done this?

Anyone with tips for this I'm happy to deliver Aloe Vera or Lemongrass to you (within WA).

08:39 UTC


Curry leaf seedlings, small St Dominique Violette Fig plants, Jerusalem artichoke tubers [WANT] unusual and subtropical fruit plants and perennial vegetables - e.g. medlar, sudachi, Yuzu, oroblanco, cambuca

I already have lots of plants so I may be a bit picky, but tell me what you’ve got and let’s see if we can strike up a deal! Located in Melbourne. Happy to trade cuttings as well

15:08 UTC

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