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News and articles on the topics of ethology, animal psychology, animal communication, and animal behavior.

News and articles on the topics of ethology, animal psychology, animal communication, and animal behavior.

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Weird Animal behavior!

I’ve never seen this before in my 30 years, but there’s like 30 to 40 snails all moving north for some reason! I would take a picture but there spread out. What’s it mean?!

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14:15 UTC


How old does a female lion cub have to be to be safe from male lions taking over the pride?

It's well known that male lions will kill all cubs when taking over a pride, but I read somewhere that female cubs are safe as long as they reach a certain age/size. These female cubs will be coveted until mating can begin. So, what is that point?

I know it takes 3 years for a female lion to reach sexual maturity. so, at what point from 2 months to 3 years are they safe and no longer a target?

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04:56 UTC


Training seminar Tampa Zoo

There's a training seminar in Tampa in June for anyone interested


17:07 UTC


is a Psychology major the right path?

hello all! i am aspiring to be a veterinary behaviorist, but i see that i should have a veterinarian degree first? is this true? Or is my psychology major okay?

20:50 UTC


Looking to do a small animal behavior experiment using insects

Currently I'm in an animal behavior class and we need to perform our own experiment, but im not sure what can be done. They said we can only use invertebrates due to protocols which makes sense, but I'm not sure what to do. If anyone has any recommendations for a small scale project (4 weeks max) let me know. Thanks!

19:18 UTC


Temple Grandin “Animals in Translation” updated version?

I’m working my way through Temple Grandin’s Animals in Translation book and really enjoying it. This last May I graduated with a degree in Anthrozoology and this book is right up my alley. However, I think the book is starting to show its age a little bit. (It was written in 2005) A few times per chapter I find myself taken aback by some of the topics or finer details she talks about that I know are outdated now with more recent research that I learned about in school. I still love the book and Temple, but I’m conflicted while I read it! Animal behavior and emotions as a subject of study is moving so quickly. I’m trying to read the book cautiously and keep in mind there might be more things that I’m reading that are outdated than I’m even picking up on!

Anyway, I can’t find any sort of updated version anywhere, but I would absolutely eat up a rerelease that addresses all the relevant research that’s happened in the almost 20 years since she first wrote it.

19:21 UTC


How do mice see the world?

I would love to learn more about how mice perceive the world around them. I came across some videos of mouse communication and was fascinated. I've looked for similar videos on vision but couldn't find any. I understand they have limited color vision, what colors can they see? What is the world like through their eyes? How far away do they see a predator? Is their vision focus on movement? Anything about vibrations or other sensory perception would be good as well.

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16:20 UTC


Animal Behaviour definition


I was trying to find the newest Animal Behaviour definition, but I only found a paper by Levitis et al. (2009) and nothing newer. Of course, there are a lot of books with their own definitions, but they have no information about where they came from.

Well hope you can help me. Thanks in advance.

01:20 UTC


Any animals where some Individuals exhibit autism-like behaviour?

10:15 UTC


Advice on setting up an ethogram for wild dolphins

Hello all!

I live in a place where I see dolphins quite frequently. I’m intrigued by many of the behaviors I see. I’d like to set up an ethogram so I can keep track of these behaviors.

Most ethograms I’ve seen are of captive animals though. How do I go about setting up an ethogram an animal that’s wild? Also, unlike many terrestrial animals I can’t see the dolphins the entire time I’m observing them.

If anyone has recommendations for books or other literature on dolphin behavior I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

15:57 UTC


ISO suggestions on animal behavior courses

TLDR; Horse trainer looking for continued education/ Online BS in animal behavior /welfare

I’m an equine professional wanting to dive deeper into the behavioral science side and trying to find an appropriate program. I only have a few undergrad credits so I’m starting from scratch. My goal is to be involved in public education in equine science and psychology, as well as offering a different angle to horse training (ethical) that I feel is currently under utilized. I would also love doing research. I have an extensive background in veterinary medicine as both a tech and from working with high performance horses. The issue is I do not live close enough to any of the schools that offer a in person program. Am I better off getting a bachelors in business and doing the certification classes in addition to? Or maybe majoring in psychology and adding in additional animal/equine classes?

Sorry for the ramble, it’s all a bit overwhelming for me. There seems to be both a lack of quality resources and also an over abundance of information online. I have a decent local college to knock out the pre requisites, but currently don’t know exactly which pre reqs I need since I’m unsure of a program.

Any help or suggestions would be super appreciated!

22:10 UTC


Interested in studying animal psychology - any experiences (as an owner or professional)

Hi, I am interested in studying animal psychology (sometimes referred to as behavioral specialist/consultant) with a focus on horses and dogs, and while I've been doing my research and having had consultations with different providers of these courses, I would love to hear from anyone who's either working in this field currently or is a pet owner who's worked with one before. What are your experiences, positive and negative. Owners: has an animal psychologist genuinely helped with the behavioral issues your pet displayed?

A few things to clarify: I have a bachelors degree in an unrelated field and will be studying this course remotely through an adult education provider, while continuing to work in my current until I'm finished.

There are several institutions in my country (not the US) who offer this course. I've narrowed it down to 3 institutions who are all board-certified through a network of animal care professionals that is government-approved and who determine what qualifications are needed to be allowed to work in this field.

Thanks in advance to everyone!

23:17 UTC


Podcast Opportunity

I currently host a podcast wherein I speak with young social and environmental activists around the world. So far, we've had over 10 episodes, with 8+ countries represented and topics ranging from paper consumption and data science to sustainable architecture and environmental politics.

If you're interested in being on the podcast, feel free to dm or comment (website). Thanks!

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21:01 UTC


Mouse cleaning sheds - is this for real? Why do they do it?

There was a new Guardian article showing a mouse cleaning up a man’s shed every night who had been caught on camera - https://www.theguardian.com/world/2024/jan/07/mouse-secretly-filmed-tidying-mans-shed-every-night?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other.

Then I saw an older video from 2014 showing another mouse doing this in a carpenter’s shed.

Why would they work so hard on something like this?

22:54 UTC


Social bonds motivate hyenas to take big risks together. A recent study models the situational factors that predict whether a hyena mob will form against a lion, who participates, and who benefits

16:51 UTC


Do birds recognize their images?

I've been making bird houses for various species around my house. My intention was to burn the image of each species into each bird house for fun and also to keep track of, at a glance, what I've set out. After burning an image into an elf owl-specific house it occurred to me that this might dissuade the owl from moving in. I'm wondering if my concern has merit.

18:30 UTC


How much intraspecies violence is there in most animals compared to humans?

I know there are certain animals that are very violent and kill, hurt, or maim each other regularly, like chimpanzees. Then there are other animals that seem to kill ones in their own species but not in their own pack—i.e. wolves with territory disputes, etc. And then there are plenty of animals that are extremely peaceful and all get along great with each other (elephants, bonobos, etc). I'm curious if there's any way to rank 1. What species are most likely to kill their own species in general, 2. what species are most likely to kill even in their own families, and 3. Where humans rank in those lists compared to other animals. I'd guess we're pretty high up there, right? But I have no idea if that means we're in the top 1% of intra-homicidal or the top 50% lol. Is this something that's even tracked or measured?

03:26 UTC


Does this mean the bear is depressed?

So I went to this small zoo recently and I don't think it's doing great. There was this bear ( I would've shared the video, it's not great but you kinda get an idea through it), he looked depressed to me. He was lying on his all fours with his back towards the sky. The posture was not very relaxed but he was rather bunched up. His head was between his upper limbs and he was following me with just his eyes and no physical motion. I am referring to him as "he" but I don't really have any idea about the gender.

I want to know if this is something abnormal for a bear or is it part of their behaviour and I'm over thinking it? Is there a possibility that the bear is in some kind of stress?

I don't understand much about animal behaviour which is why I need your help. If there is a chance of something being wrong, I'd like to help.

Thanks all for your time in advance.

17:51 UTC


Book recommendations for shelter workers?

Hey everyone, I’m looking for recommendations for books about dog behavior, body language, behavior modification, and training in a shelter setting. Open to any books that might be relevant to someone working in a high intake shelter.

I am currently working as a behavior specialist at a shelter and would like to expand my knowledge. I already have a lot of experience and am a certified trainer but would like to better understand what causes these behavioral issues and what we can do to help these dogs. I found most books on dog behavior/training are geared toward trainers or pet owners, while working with dogs in a shelter environment are extremely different. I am looking for books that focus on shelter animals, or are more academic and not focused solely on helping people work with their individual dog.

I have also found that many in depth books on this subjects are outdated and focused on dominance theory and the like. Id like to educate myself about the most recent science on dog behavior and fear free and R+ methods of working with shelter dogs.


22:50 UTC


Question about encounters with raccoons.

Two days in a row, it's been really cold where I live. Not sure if that has something to do with this. Anyway we have a garbage dumpster, and I found two raccoons in it the past two days. They just sit there while eating, like 2 feet away from me, as we are staring at each other. Maybe I'm an idiot, but both times, I found a piece of wood or a skid and put it in there on and angle so they could crawl out. As soon as I put the wood in the dumpster, they would both head for it and crawl out, without me getting even a foot away from it. They then sit on top of the dumpster and just stare at me, very calmly.

My question is, how dangerous are these raccoons?, even tho I get a complete calm demeanor from them.

15:15 UTC


Behavior education

I'm a veterinary nurse interested in feline behavior. How would I go about expanding my education? What courses should I be looking into? Is there a degree I should pursue?

08:10 UTC


ISO: Online Bachelor or Undergrad Diploma in Animal Behavior/Health

I am currently looking at university programs to that are geared towards animal health & behavior. I need to take an online program due to living in a remote area. I have looked into the non-university (Jean Donaldson, Karen Pryor, etc.) and while I would love to attend there is a financial barrier preventing me from doing so.

If I take a program at a university I would be allowed to apply for grants/student loans.

I came across two programs so far:

  1. Bachelor of Science - Animal Health & Behavior at Unity Environmental University

Professors: Dr. Kristyn Vitale (could be more but not openly listed on main program page)

  1. Bachelor of Science - Animal Care and Behavior at Husson University

Professors: Taylor Rezvani PhD MAT


  1. Have you taken any of these programs/know of anybody and what are your thoughts/experience?

  2. Do you know of any other 100% ONLINE based University programs with a focus on animal behavior & health? (Open to schools in Canada, USA, and Internationally)

*Please do not suggest that I try to find alternative financing to attend a non-post secondary dog training/behavior school as this is not an option for me no matter what unless the tuition was free (which will not happen).

15:01 UTC


PhD? Where are you now?

People who have gone through Animal Behavior or cognition PhD programs, what do you do now and what is your financial situation like?

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22:05 UTC


How to best use a gap year after getting a psychology B.A.?

This is my first reddit post, so forgive me. So I am a senior in undergrad planning to graduate with a psychology degree and a political science minor. Right now, in my second to last semester, i’m sitting at a 2.79 gpa. I really want to enter the field of animal behavior, but i didn’t even know it existed till last year, and my major was already set in stone, meaning i have no biology background. I was lucky enough to get permission to take the one animal behavior class and lab here which i think will help. But im taking a gap year before trying to apply to grad school and i’m curious what would be the best use of my time? What sorts of places should I try interning/working at? My school requires us to do a senior thesis but mine has to do with political science and psych, not animal behavior. So it’ll be irrelevant research. Hope this all makes sense, thank you!

23:48 UTC


Peculiar Camargue horses behavior

So yesterday I stumbled upon some Camargue horses in the wild.
I don't know anything about horse behavior so it could have been a typical horse thing but I just can't find any reference.
The scene was as it follows: there were what it appeared to be two mares facing each other (I think they were mares, they were pretty far away). The one on the right was very skinny and tall, the one on the left was bigger and thicker and there were other 5 horses standing behind her back.

At first the mare on the left was lowering her head often but soon after things changed and the mare on the right kept lowering her head while the mare on the left kept its gaze on the other horse.

Then they alternatively started to kick their legs, first the one in the front, then the one on the back and so on. Always by facing each other silently and without moving from their position.

It was quite peculiar to watch. It was sunset and the landscape was almost extraterrestrial. And overall it all felt like a strange horse ritual that I couldn't comprehend. I don't know how the whole thing has ended as I stayed there for a while but they kept going like that.
I wonder what all that was about.
Does anyone know?

00:06 UTC


Happy Racoons

Hello. I have never seen raccoons act like this. Two days ago, we noticed a younger racoon up in a tree looking down at us. It was 3:00 in the afternoon. Then it came down and climbed a tree that was closer to us. It would go back and forth between several trees, always in our sight. It did that for an hour or so then moved on. Last night, sitting out by the fireplace, we noticed two of them! They are not afraid of us. They're actually kind of curious but did not try and approach us. There was no food around. I've just never seen a behavior like this. Do "friendly" racoon exist or are they rabid.

15:38 UTC


Combining Animals & Psychology

I'm getting my Bachelors of Science in Psychology, but want to incorporate animals in my career. Vet school is out of the question. Can anyone speak to their experience in animal behavior / animal psychology masters / phd programs? As well as what you do for a career post-grad? Thank you in advance!

20:27 UTC


I’m scared to major in STEM

Hey Reddit, I need help. I’m graduating high school this year, and I want to work with animals as a career. I’m interested in conservation and being a caretaker for animals, and obviously I’ll have to major in something related to animals or biology in college. Here’s the thing, I’m good at biology — but basically all other STEM subjects make me want to claw my eyes out. I’m just worried that a program packed with chemistry and calculus will burn me out before graduation. I have ADHD, and I find that it takes a lot more effort and energy for me to do things that other people. Not a lot of schools have animal behavior majors, but most of them have biology. Even animal behavior and environmental science majors include a lot of difficult and energy consuming courses that I’m worried will completely destroy me. If anyone has any advice on what it’s like to go into STEM as someone who has never been super STEM oriented, or any advice at all I would greatly appreciate it. I have really found my passion in working with animals, and would be so sad if my dreams were crushed due to getting burnt out.

05:27 UTC


Online Graduate/PhD Programs in Psychology or Behavioral Science

Does anyone know of any good online graduate or PhD programs in psychology or behavioral science? Preferably one that has courses in animal behavior.

13:42 UTC


Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (ACAAB)

Is anyone here an Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (ACAAB)? If so, what title do you use?

15:07 UTC

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