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Why fight so hard against automation?

Automation could run 24/7, have lower overhead, cheaper insurance, no unions, no wages beyond upkeep, and will be much faster and more accurate.

Consumers benefit, companies benefit, humanity benefits and humans can pursue creative endeavors.

But apparently people will defend the boring jobs while have no problem with AI destroying creativity. Some places are managing to have robots clean bathrooms and people are like how dare they take away good solid labor jobs.

07:40 UTC


A BIG WIN! Tireless Advocacy From Canadian FAs And Their Union Leads To Legislation To Ban Unpaid Work

A BIG WIN! Tireless Advocacy From Canadian FAs And Their Union Leads To Legislation To Ban Unpaid Work

Thanks to the advocacy and hard work of FAs across Canada and their Union, a new Bill has reached the House of Commons, Canada’s version of the House of Representatives in the US, to ban unpaid work in the airline sector, less than three weeks after the Airline Division at CUPE (the Canadian Union of Public Employees) held a lobby day to demand change.

Bill C-409 was introduced by the Conservative Party, and if passed, it would change the Canada Labour Code to require airlines to pay their FAs for all their hours worked, including pre- and post-flight duties, as well as training and delays. While Bill C-409 is unlikely to pass before the 2025 Federal Election, CUPE’s Airline Division hopes that all Parties will add this commitment to their 2025 Election Platforms.

The New Democratic Party has been leading the fight in the House of Commons to raise awareness and pressure both airline executives and the Liberal Party, the current sitting gov’t, on the issue of unpaid work in the airline sector, specifically when it comes to FAs.

While this particular Bill was introduced by the Conservative Party, CUPE’s Airline Division is encouraged to see the Bill get brought forward, but the fact that the Bill was drafted and tabled without consultation with FAs and CUPE’s Airline Division is disappointing. And as Canadians know, the Conservative Party is no friend to workers, and to FAs in particular.

The last time a Bill from Conservative Party was passed into law was Bill C-377, a Bill that tried to kneecap the labour movement by burying Unions in paperwork and public financial disclosures.

And the last time the Conservative Party made major legislative changes that affected FAs, they changed the passenger-to-FA ratios from 40:1 to 50:1, making FAs’ jobs harder and jeopardizing the safety of both crew members and passengers.

To take action and show your support for Canadian FAs like myself and the Unpaid Work WON’T Fly campaign by CUPE’s Airline Division, visit:

  1. https://unpaidworkwontfly.ca/ (or click here)

To learn more about Bill C-409, visit:

  1. https://cupe.ca/tireless-advocacy-flight-attendants-leads-legislation-ban-unpaid-work-airline-sector/ (or click here)
  2. https://www.parl.ca/DocumentViewer/en/44-1/bill/C-409/first-reading/ (or click here)


05:59 UTC


Why is it so hard to get a copy of the collective bargaining agreements others have struck?

It's like dang, we are at the point in our recruiting drive where we could push for a vote but we'd like to bump the numbers up. We take to the streets in a few weeks loud and proud.

My company's biggest competitor has several union plants and all are within a few hours of each other. Why aren't we putting these agreements online.

I mean I could probably call someone but it's a different union that what we are organizing with. Don't really want to give them too much info either until we are on the streets with signs but having hard numbers of what other people are getting that do exactly the same work would probably get more people on board.


03:22 UTC


Looking for questions/misconception to address when it comes to unions

I'm in the middle of putting a Union Education Series together on my website to help educate and address the propaganda that's often used in anti-union talking points.

I want to know what you run up against, what questions people have, what misconceptions they have because of propaganda, etc.

For example, "you have to pay a union boss to work," I plan to address in an article dealing with what dues are, what they are used for, etc.

So, what questions/misconceptions/propaganda do you encounter or believe should be addressed in an article and eventually a podcast?

Let me know.

14:54 UTC


Need some advice.

I'm going to be very vague because of the sensitive nature of what I need advice on.

I'm a shop steward. There is a guy I work with that is standing committee. He's been with the union for a while while I have only been here a little over 6 years. He's got very strong ties with the union VP, Pres, you name it he's buddies with them inside and outside of work. He calls the union VP "dad" as a joke.

This guy is kind of a snake. The type that will tell you one thing and behind your back do another. I have come to him with legitimate concerns like bullying from the salary side with name calling, salary personnel not completing their job to get things fixed so we can do ours, wage theft, you name it. And he's swept it all under the rug be cause he doesn't like me for whatever reason. He has 2 close friends that make up the rest of the standing committee so when I go to them I get stone walled too.

Recently he tried to get me removed from being a shop steward by lying about me. I also have solid evidence that he influenced union elections to get someone on as a union officer because he's friends with them. But I can't bring it to anyone because he's buddies with everyone.

I guess long story boring, I need to know what I can do to remedy this situation, or should I just resign as shop steward and just work my job and keep my head down? Is there something I can legally do? If there is should I? I'm kinda lost here in this situation and feel like I'm drowning. All I am trying to do is the right thing by my brothers and sisters.

Solidarity forever.

06:46 UTC


Staff Organizers -- best union to work for?

Hi all! I'm a staff organizer based in nyc. I've been organizing in the healthcare sector for about 3 years. I love labor organizing and can't imagine doing any other career. however, I'm intimidated by the rate of turn over and burn out among organizers. I want to make this my career but I also want to have a fulfilling social life and hobbies outside of my work. Is this possible in labor organizing? Does anybody recommend any unions to work for that are especially sensitive to work life balance?

02:45 UTC


What normally happens after one contacts a union about organizing one's workplace?

I asked a different question a few minutes ago, but I'm already seeing from the responses that I don't really understand the process. So, before I go any farther in that direction, what would happen if I contacted a union about organizing a workplace in a non-RTW state in the US? I understand that there will, if everything goes as planned, eventually be a card check, followed by either voluntary recognition or an NLRB election, then negotiations, and eventually a contract, but what happens immediately after I reach out to an organizer?

02:25 UTC


Is there a way to completely anonymously organize my workplace?

I would like to start a union at my workplace, but I think my parents, who have access to all means of communication I have except Reddit, would probably oppose this (they actually support unions, and I'm sure they'd be totally fine with me joining a union, but they wouldn't want me to start a campaign for reasons I'd prefer not to explain here). Is there a way to completely anonymously ask a union organizer to come to where I work?

The automated EWOC comment isn't helpful, because I believe all of those options would result in me receiving emails, calls, and/or texts about unionization. Ideally, even the organizer wouldn't know who had sent the request.

01:52 UTC


What constitutes union busting practices?

Not the big ones that are easy to spot like serving steaks with the words “vote no” branded into them (true story) but the small ones that are less obvious.

20:07 UTC


Benefits of being a Union member if I am no longer employed by the VA

I was terminated from my job because I was injured at work and reported my supervisor for not responding to my text or calls. I am just wondering if I should still be a Union member because I am completely broke and I really can't afford to pay my dues right now.

18:58 UTC


Organizing tips - advice/feedback/ideas

Like so many starting from 0, especially in a large organization like a SKI HILL with many divisions, organizing can be intimidating. Many people will tell you about mass firings, failures etc. But I have come up with something and would like to discuss it.

When talking about unionizing alot of people are interested. The more people you talk to, the more likely you will be identified by management - and if you are seen as a trouble maker say goodbye to your job, esp if part time or seasonal - which most employees are at a ski hill.

I've come up with an idea to take the heat off myself. I set up a gmail account for the purpose and tell people this is the email I was provided to protect the identity of the organizers and they will give you details and how to take the next step. I don't tell ANYONE it's me organizing, esp. as some people get some sort of ego boost being a supplier of info to management, as if this makes them powerful. I have a union contact who when I get enough people who will commit, will set up a meeting - and I will set this up offsite to avoid trespassing - probably a room at the library in town.

I'm not sure what I'm asking here, but does anyone see any problem and how can I maintain momentum?

18:38 UTC


This Day in Labor History

June 23rd: 1947 Taft–Hartley Act goes into effect

On this day in labor history, the Labor Management Relations Act of 1947, also known as the Taft-Hartley Act, went into effect. The law revised much of the pro-labor Wagner Act of 1935, which, amongst other things, gave the right to organize and establish unions to a majority of workers. President Truman vetoed Taft-Hartley, but it was overridden by Congress and enacted. During this time, anti-union sentiment had grown due to multiple factors. Many feared Communist subversion and the increasing power of unions, with the post-War strike wave looming in the minds of the Republican-dominated Congress. The legislation was sponsored by Senator Taft of Ohio and Representative Hartley of New Jersey. It permitted labor organizations and collective bargaining but banned closed shops, granting employees the right not to join a union and paving the way for right-to-work laws. Additionally, Taft-Hartley prohibited wildcat strikes, solidarity strikes, jurisdictional strikes, mass picketing, and union donations to political campaigns. Union officers were also required to declare they were not a Communist. There was widespread outrage by labor organizations.

Sources in comments.

18:28 UTC


Organization/Collaboration Apps

Shop stewards, officers, and anyone with experience in this area, what tools have you found most helpful to foster communication and collaboration between union members? I work at a hospital w/ MANY different job classifications/shifts under one Union.

I'm hoping for general answers and specifically as it relates to delegates/officers/negotiation teams.

Edit: I'm in the US, public sector.

18:26 UTC


The creation of my union has been challenged and is going to the appellate courts: how long does that generally take?

We have the votes so now it’s just a matter of time. I hope.

Unions all over my company, except my department and they are fighting like mad to keep them out.

State: Illinois——- INDUSTRY: public education, IT

16:44 UTC


How to find a union job in utilities (LNG Liquid Natural Gas) or similar.. in the SouthWest USA?

Right now I'm just applying via GovernmentJobs.com .. I'm finding most that get back to me are union but even some city positions in CA have gone private. I am currently in a private union. It's not great on benefits.. just job security.. I cannot give that up.. No pension so a gov't job would be a huge step up for me. I'm in NYC and looking to move as far away as possible to somewhere with a reasonable amount of sun..

It's just a specific industry I'm having trouble locating a lot of listings. I'm a Sr. Maintenance Mechanic doing 130K in NYC so I'd be looking to do the same in any other big city or 95K in other smaller cities ..and I'm open to doing anything in or around my field and don't need to go to the same specific position.

Any idea where to find? Are there headhunters for this? I'm searching for them and can't seem to find. I have a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Studies as the degree seems to help for some positions.

Pretty miserable in NYC and just about any move would be a vast improvement in quality of life for me and my family. Just has to be union. The pandemic put the fear of job loss in me. I didn't suffer but saw many others lose their stability so I can never do non-union again.. Esp not being the breadwinner of a large family.

Any advice appreciated.. I'm even willing to invest in a headhunter or anything else that can get me closer to a utilities position out of state. I'm 38 now and in the peak of my career (or close) so I want to make moves fast.

15:58 UTC


Looking for advice on a local contract violation

I’m looking for some advice regarding a situation with my union and job bids. Here’s a brief rundown of what happened:

  1. Initial Bid Awarded and Rescinded

    • I was awarded a bid for a position in my department
    • The union rescinded this award on due to an "improper" posting. Not being posted in correct areas
  2. Second Bid Awarded and Rescinded

    • A second bid was posted which was also posted incorrectly. Not posted to the department and was done plant wide.
    • I was awarded the second bid
    • This second bid was also rescinded due to another "improper" posting.
  3. Current Issue

    • The union is now considering awarding the second improperly posted bid to individuals who are ineligible to bid on the job, as they are from outside my department.

Relevant Contract Points:

  • Article 36 (Seniority)**: Prioritizes seniority and qualifications within the department when filling job vacancies.
  • Article 50 (Transfers and Job Assignments)**: Outlines the process for job assignments and transfers, prioritizing intra-departmental transfers.
  • Recognition (Article 2, Page 3)**: Ensures equal application of the agreement without discrimination.

My Concerns:

  • Both bid postings were done incorrectly, impacting fairness and transparency.
  • The union’s consideration of awarding the bid to ineligible candidates from outside my department violates our collective bargaining agreement, specifically Articles 36 and 50.
  • These actions may also breach the principle of equal application stated in Recognition (Article 2, Page 3).

Actions Taken:

  • I’ve documented all communications and the improper postings.
  • I’ve submitted a grievance fact sheet to my union, but I’m getting no response.
  • I’m considering filing charges with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).


  1. Has anyone experienced something similar with their union? How did you resolve it?
  2. What steps should I take next if my local union continues to be unresponsive?
  3. Any advice on how to strengthen my case for the NLRB?

If any clarification is needed, I can answer questions. There is so much back and forth with the union to put it all in the initial post. Any guidance or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

15:13 UTC


any interview questions I should look out for?

hi all, baby organizer here. I've done some community organizing over the past few years, but eager to do some brass tacks labor work. I have an interview for an organizing job with my local AFT today and later this week... any interview questions I should look out for?

thanks and much appreciated!

11:50 UTC


What is the best way to organize meeting minutes?

As a part of USW, I have an international-requisitioned/provided minutes book to use as Recording Secretary of my local. My only issue is that it is basically a big journal. There is no good place to attach documents, such as monthly financial reports or other statements.

After speaking to my international rep and reviewing the local’s by-laws, there is no specification as to where these minutes need to be kept, or how (aside from what they must contain).

What I want to know is if a binder would suffice, or if there are other options I have when it comes to organizing meeting minutes.

10:11 UTC


This Day in Labor History

[Thank you for your patience!] June 22nd: 2020 Bath shipbuilders' strike began

On this day in labor history, the 2020 Bath shipbuilders’ strike began in Bath, Maine. Approximately four thousand workers went on strike against Bath Iron Works, one of the US Navy’s largest contractors. Workers, represented by Machinists Union Local S6, rejected the three-year old contract, arguing that while it raised wages three percent a year it would have changed other, favorable conditions. Specifically, there were concerns about the new contract’s support of subcontractors. Tensions between management and workers had strained after workers made previous concessions in their last contract. Management argued that cuts were made to stay competitive. Strains were further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, with workers claiming the company was not doing enough to ensure their safety. The strike ended in late-August of the same year with the union getting the three percent pay raise for workers without changing the hiring practices for subcontractors. The company got simplified procedures for hiring subcontractors. Because of COVID-19, the union voted via online and phone.

Sources in comments.

05:10 UTC


Advice needed

I transferred to a store and the department I am in makes me feel like an outsider. Since the first day I have been ostracized from management and most of the people I work with..

I have been: accused of stealing, passive comments have been made to me about requested time off to take care of my disabled husband, I had to leave work early and I told the store manager in duty and my department manager put in a public chat singling me out (without doing it directly) and there have been other things..

I need advice on how to approach this with my union.

03:17 UTC


Coworkers approached me today...

Edit: please note that I do understand striking is not a first resort. This is just the way the the subject was broken to me which is why I am looking for info on next steps. I have also asked my mother (who is very politically active) about any contacts with existing unions, and looking into the links from the bot. I appreciate all information. Thank you.

I have been thinking about wanting to organize for awhile. I work at a major fitness club, in the cafe portion. A lot of the people there are bought in on the company lines, and I don't have good personal connections so I did not think it would be a favorable environment. But lately our hours have been decimated - I was working 24hrs/week; recently was cut down to 8/week and had to pick up hours in another department (I am coded for both); but have had 2 weeks now with 0 hours, and fewer than 8 when I do get them. We only get the schedule for 1 week ahead, and who knows what days we will be on.

Today, 2 of my coworkers (team leaders - non managers) approached me about considering striking. I said I would be down. But I want to do it right.

I have been following labor news somewhat, but don't know where to begin...

23:57 UTC



Our Union President stepped down, and very secretly without telling its members they replaced him...no of us are happy. Now they are telling us there is nothing we can die

17:37 UTC

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