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Rewatching main show via react videos

I must say, I never appreciated react videos before. But, they ended up in my feed and now I’m obsessed. It’s like reliving all those inital feelings again. When I binge, I already know what happens so I can enjoy it, but I’ll never feel the shock and awe again. So watching others go through it is great.

Thanks to those who recorded themselves back in the day.

1 Comment
17:02 UTC


Man, the savior story arc is so well made but also so incredibly difficult to watch IMO. Want to get others opinions on this.

Does anyone else think the savior story arc is very well made, but also incredibly difficult to watch?

I think the whole savior storyline is very well written with great production and superb acting, but god damn it's really tough to watch. Glenn and Abraham dying is obviously devastating but the whole time I just feel complete hopelessness for the group. Like when they couldn't find passage with the RV and get cornered in the woods? Just gives me a sense of intense dread.

I feel like this is part of what makes it such a good show and such a good story arc. I'm assuming the producers/director/actors want to make you feel this way so when they finally overcome the massive obstacle it's more rewarding.

What do you all think?

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16:36 UTC


season 4 groups ??

first time watcher.. I'm on season 4 nearing the end.. and I'm just a tad confused about all the new groups and I'm not getting much good clarification in my searches. it's possible my attention span missed details that were provided during the episodes...but

after the split we're introduced to Abraham and Eugene.. as well as Joe and whoever else was with him while they were at the same house with Rick (carl n michonne) was at is Abraham, Eugene and Joe all part of the same group ... called The Claimers?

are the claimers the same group Randall was from .. the group that raped people and such? the same group that burnt down that other encampment.. perhaps the same people that supposedly raped "rich bitch".. which I thought was a mannequin lol

also Terminus is.. or at least was.. a sanctuary before a group took over n did a buncha awful things n started cannibalism .. was that the claimers

is there more than one new group being introduced in season 4 aside from the claimers and whomever is at Terminus.. red machete.. the bandits

there's a lot of moving parts and a lot of back and forth and jumping around in the season lol

my attention span is struggling lol

1 Comment
16:17 UTC


Why are grown ass men hating on a kid

There are whole grown adults hating on the kid who played RJ for his acting (acting like they could do any better) and I’m just trying to wrap my head around that

15:43 UTC


Morgan is a Hypocrite

He Didn’t kill the two men who had W in their forehead because of his stupid weak policy leading to the death of many people in Alexandria he even let some of them go away but no punished him but when Richard hid the supplies and blocked the roads for a real necessary purpose Morgan killed him you know what makes me so angry not just

  1. He didn’t kill people who directly killed his friends in Alexandria
  2. he don’t kill really evil people who kills children and women but he decided to kill Richard who didn’t even mean matter fact who wanted to sacrifice his life
  3. Richard didn’t know that the consequences will lead to the death of the boy he wanted to sacrifice
  4. Many people indirectly caused death of other peopler‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️just like how Daryl caused death of Glenn rosita caused death of that fat women and more

What truly makes me angry is because of him many people died in Alexandria indirectly same with Richard

15:38 UTC


Some random thoughts on TWD

Over the past couple of months I binged the entirety of TWD and these are some thoughts and observations I had during my journey:

Possible Spoilers Ahead

  1. Walkers in the early seasons of TWD were much better: During the early seasons of TWD, especially S1/S2, the Walkers were much more ambulatory, agile and aggressive. In my opinion the Walkers were much more terrifying that way. And the reactions to Walkers were way more justified. But later the Walkers seemed dull, slow and much more cliche generic zombie types, yet people reacted to them the same way, which felt kinda forced.
  2. The rules of the Dead don't seem to really apply: I noticed at times that there were dead people around that didn't seem to be reanimated or never did. In later seasons, this wasn't such a big thing because maybe they had been stabbed/shot in the head by someone else long ago. But in the early seasons, it didn't make much sense to me why some people just died, and didn't reanimate. Case in point, in S2 E1 when Carl finds the melee weapons in the truck on the highway, there is a dead guy inside. Completely dead, doesn't reanimate, he is just dead. Based on what Jenner said at the CDC, it seemed a universal constant that if you die, you reanimate, until you get put down with a brain trauma. But that apparently isn't the case?
  3. Norman Reedus/Daryl Dixon is 100 proof awesome: Since I only binged TWD this year, my only previous exposure to Norman Reedus was as Anton Hesse in "Hawaii 5-0" whose death resulted in the murder of John McGarrett, Steve's father. So right off the bat I was predisposed to disliking Daryl. And Season 1 didn't do a lot to change that predisposition. But then Season 2 opened my eyes. The way he took the search for Sophia as a personal quest and how he really became a member of the group was so awesome. But what really put him over for me was the Cherokee Rose speech he gave to Carol. That scene is definitely in my Top 10 of all scenes for TWD. Not only is Daryl my favorite character in the entire TWDU, but is also in my Top 20 of all fictional characters, period.
  4. Governor/The Saviors are the best villains in the entire TWDU: Both Governor and Negan/Saviors delivered what I consider to be the ideal villain for the post-apocalyptic setting of TWD. Especially so with The Saviors, the whole Mad Max / 3rd World Warlord vibe really fit with the feeling of TWD. At least to me, they were far more believable in the setting of TWD than Commonwealth or CRM. And Jeffery Dean Morgan as Negan...he certainly delivered the goods. I remember sitting through Season 7, my teeth clinched most of the time out of pure anger/hatred for Negan.
  5. If you ask me, CRM caused the apocalypse: Total tin foil hat conspiracy theory, but the only way CRM could exist the way it does is if they knew what was going to happen before it did, therefore making them the prime suspects for triggering the apocalypse. The thing that I find so jarring is their weapons and war material. It doesn't appear to be repurposed US Military equipment. They have their own uniforms, special equipment, experimental weapons and tons of vehicles that were operating long after the rest of the country went to horses and wagons. The only way you can explain that is if they were manufacturing and stockpiling BEFORE the apocalypse. Their existence feels akin to a Bond Villain's nefarious scheme to remake the world in their own image. I know Beale told a story to Rick (in TOWL) about the origin of the CRM, but frankly I think he was lying his ass off. None of the cities in the CRM could provide ALL the manufacturing and refining capabilities needed to create the CRM army after the apocalypse. To my knowledge, no US City is so complete as to offer food processing, fuel refining, weapons manufacturing, Tech research and vehicle manufacturing all in the same city. And Philly, Omaha and Portland together doesn't account for the totality of their needs either. Furthermore, how was their existence kept so secret, even in the early days of the apocalypse? Unless of course they were prepared for it before it even happened.
  6. Commonwealth just baffles me: Part of the Commonwealth society makes total sense. They took over a town, they were effective at scavenging it. They set up an economy based on the old world, and they run it like the old world, but with more disparity, to the point of a caste system. But then you have the military arm of the Commonwealth, which is running around in brand spanking new stormtrooper armor, brand new vehicles, and fully & uniformly armed...it can't be readily explained. Had Commonwealth been shown using repurposed SWAT body armor, surplus military equipment (like they raided the National Guard armory) and driving repurposed Humvees and MRAPs, it would have been much more believable. But just like CRM, they seem to have been equipped out of thin air with technology that didn't even exist before the world fell apart, much less built/manufactured after the world fell. So was Milton part of some secret society that knew the world was about to fall, and thus began prepping before the apocalypse actually occurred? Did Milton splinter off from the CRM to run her own little empire? Why wasn't Commonwealth wiped out and stripped of it's resources by CRM?
  7. TOWL should have been Season 10/11 of TWD: The story of what happened to Rick, and what Michonne's life was like while searching for Rick, was too important to be crammed into 6 measly episodes of a micro-series. Furthermore, the CRM and Commonwealth are so similar in nature, much of the TOWL story (overthrowing oppressive post-apocalyptic regime bent on ruling all) is redundant. So why not tell the epic story of Rick's fate and Michonne's journey in a full season of episodes? Please keep in mind I didn't read the graphic novels, so I don't know what could be omitted or not, but in my mind CRM was a better focus for that kind of story-telling, and was cross-seeded with FTWD, so having CRM and Rick/Michonne be the focus of the final season(s) of TWD makes the most sense to me.
  8. There are so many that should have been part of the finale of TWD: I get that in a show where lots of people die, it is a tall order. But through flash backs, dream sequences, whatever...there were so many great characters that built the franchise who should have been there for the end. Herschel, Glenn, Abraham, Lori, Carl, Shane, Andrea and Sasha to name a few. I know Herschel would have been hard since Scott Wilson died in 2018, but could have been covered through reusing some previous footage. But these characters (and many others) were an important part of the foundation that took TWD through 11 seasons, and seeing them again if only briefly would have been awesome.
1 Comment
15:19 UTC


Abraham’s story hits me hard now

I’m watching TWD again, and Abraham’s death hit me so hard this time around. I’m in my late twenties right now, at a bit of a crossroads in life thinking about having a family, career goals, and general life direction stuff. Watching Abraham go through all his soul-searching the previous season only for all possibility to be snatched from him hit me crazy hard this time around. I’ve missed him more than I’ve missed Glenn this time. Anyone else relate?

1 Comment
15:17 UTC


So CRM are really....

Gone... Just gone ...

I know the common argument is that Rick and Michonne only took out a portion, a significant portion, but none the less still not all.

Only... Didn't the show end with helicopters flying over Rick and his family bringing CRM supplies to whoever needs them?

That's at least the impression I was under.

So then ...

Rick and Michonne took down Beale and some of the leaders. Did they also happen to kill every single soldier loyal to the CRM? If not I'd assume some folk would have a problem. Seeing how military folk can act at times, ESPECIALLY when the world itself is a threat now! I'd imagine a lot still have loyalty, if not to him then to each other, and want to continue fighting for the cause.

Then you have the civic republic. How on earth did they get enough evidence to believe Rick and Michonne over any surviving military left? Then your telling me they agreed to just give all those left over supplies away? Would that not inevitably cause more problems when more established settlements begin spreading out? More conflict? More land, resources and power disputes?

Let alone the fact that apparently multiple Civic Republic citizens ALSO knows how to pilot? Unless of course at the end were CRM who switched sides, but there was no indication for that. Or real good reason.

If I was apart of one of the most powerful and resourceful militarys in the world, and my task is to maybe sometimes do brutal things but either way help build the world (though red suits knew the real deal) and some random soldier basically betrayed us in a massive terrorist attack. I wouldn't be too eager to help them out in anyway.

Even just ONE of those soldiers can pose a huge threat.

Ex. Being Leah after losing her entire special ops team (or just Carver in general)

In the begining I was wondering how they would ever stop or escape the CRM. Then Nat foreshadowed potentially blowing everything up. But I assumed it HAD to be more difficult than taking down a single base like it was Negan's or something.

But apparently I was wrong and all they had to do was steal some grenades and set up a trap the whole time.

TL;DR The logistics of the ending we got make no sense. CRM shouldn't have lost and not only was there NO hint they could still be around, but rick also gave away all their resources.

15:02 UTC


THE Walking Dead except nature reclaiming every thing is accurate.

How different would the shows be if nature reclaiming everything was 100% accurate? This means the roads would fall into disrepair, vegetation starting to takeover everything, and wildlife rebounding. Yes this is shown but it isn't very accurate.

NYC should have resembled the last of us in Dead city which is 17 years after the outbreak.

14:35 UTC


Alexandria V Woodbury

Idk if this was asked before but how would Alexandria (Pre Rick & Groups Arrival) match up against the Governors Woodbury?

1 Comment
14:13 UTC


You are reincarnated into TWD Universe with all the knowledge and lore. What do you do to prepare?

You get to choose several different starting points for when you are born, which do you choose and how do you prepare yourself and your family for the apocalypse

Option 1) Reborn into the Grimes family, oldest child of Lori and Rick, born several years before Carl.

Option 2) Reborn as Shane Walsh's only Kid, a result of a one night stand. Your mother dumped you on Shane and didn't interact with either of you again. You're 11 when the apocalypse begins.

Option 3) You're born as the twin to Beth Greene

Option 4) You're the result of a one night stand between Daryl Dixon and a random woman. You're mother died in childbirth. You're 13 when the apocalypse begins.

Option 5) You're the niece/nephew of Negan

What do you do to change the timeline? Do you let certain characters live, do you let certain ones die? How do you change events?

14:03 UTC


A question about a certain dynamic in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

I'm kinda confused on the relationship between Stéphane and Genet in the Daryl Dixon spin-off

When the show starts, it seems like Stéphane is leading this relatively small group.

But when he introduces himself to Genet is (I believe) episode 3, he says something along the lines of -

"A man passed through here a few years ago, talking about how Genet will lead a revolution. He gave me this tattoo and said I serve you now."

So has Stéphane been working for Genet for years?

And if so,

1.) why doesn't she recognize him?

2.) What exactly is his mission/goal? Who's he getting orders from if he's never been in communication with Genet before


3.) Why's he the only dude with a tattoo on his face, if the tattoo is symbolic for him putting his faith in Genet?

1 Comment
13:37 UTC


This is my favorite last moment save in the whole TWD universe

13:29 UTC


Forgot how good Season 9 was

Rewatching S9: The acting, the writing, the shots, and especially the pacing is sooo much better than season 7-8. It’s such a dramatic improvement. Kinda wish they ended things with season 9. I barely finished s11, and really had to force myself to watch it.

13:26 UTC


The group never fracturing from within in Season 5 is pretty incredible

[Only marking as spoiler to be safe]

Aaron talks about this in one of his first episodes, how they’d been watching Team Family and no one ever turned on one another. I rewatched Rick’s speech in 510 last night and it really hit me almost 10 years later how amazing it is that the group, counting the two refugees in Gabriel and Noah, made it as far as they did and were seemingly committed to following Rick to the end.

That’s no knock on Rick, it’s actually the ultimate compliment. We’re led to believe the Georgia to Virginia/D.C. journey is probably close to a couple months. We know they’re hungry. We know they’re desperate and tired. And yet everyone is still together. Eugene is still around despite his lies. Noah and Gabriel are still around despite being extra mouths to feed. Abraham and Rosita haven’t ditched.

At no point do we see suggestions about ditching people, either. There’s no talk about how Judith hurts the group or how Gabe/Noah should be left behind. It’s actually pretty heartwarming.

I’m not saying they stuck around solely for Rick. The prison survivors were probably always sticking with Rick by that point. It’s that a group of nearly 20 people kept going together without becoming bandits or cannibals or fracturing from within.

13:11 UTC

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