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In the context of an actual zombie apocalypse, what is the most unrealistic thing about The Walking Dead?

Apologies if this question has been asked a million times. I'm new to TWD and I got thinking about it. Obviously you're going to need some suspension of disbelief because, well, zombie apocalypse. But assuming the rest of reality continues to follow the laws of physics, what is the most unrealistic aspect of The Walking Dead?

The main thing I could never get over was how the military seemed to capitulate in the beginning. All their firepower, tech, armour and organisation against dumb, slow walking herd animals who only have their jaws as weapons? No chance.

The other thing that really challenges suspension of disbelief is the number of Whisperers. No chance there's that many people signing up for their weird and woeful group.

20:19 UTC


Why is Negan against rape

It never made sense to me why someone who tortures and murders people, often seemingly for his mere enjoyment, who has a harem of sex slaves, was going to make a father cut off his son’s arm, isn’t okay with his men raping women with which he has no connection to and no reason to protect

20:12 UTC


Alden is an insufferable hypocrite.

For a guy that literally joined the cast by being the symbol of "yea but not all Saviors are bad," he sure is quick to be the first guy to complain about Lydia and Gamma.

20:04 UTC


Fave one-off character?

I finally rewatched the last season or so, after despising the reapers storyline so much I skipped to the CW stuff.

That said- I gotta say, damn if Michael Biehn didn’t give a phenomenal performance. Robert Patrick gets a ton of love for his one off episode- rightfully so.

But Biehn was so captivating- I jumped out of my seat when he started with the g*damns and stood up.

Shame his character, Ian, never gets talked about much among the WD fandom

Remember, Ian was the leader Negan went to for a bit- would have loved to see that backstory in an episode.

The show should have let Gale Ann Hurd have more say in casting- bc man the Terminator stars did not miss a single beat.

20:00 UTC


Which not well liked couple did/do you love?

I personally love rosita and Gabe.

19:20 UTC


Where did the Guns go after Season 8

They won a war, they got probably hundreds of weapons. Even if they ran out of bullets, they stil could have found more. And we never even got an explaination, where they put them.

18:53 UTC


Dante and Lydia

Why didn’t Dante seem to care that Lydia was still alive? Her being alive means that Alpha lied to the pack and he knows it.

18:36 UTC


New to the show - why not just run them over?

Why not run them over by cars?

18:15 UTC


The governor

David morrisey doesn't sound Scouse even though he is from Liverpool he sounds like he's from the south of the US

17:36 UTC


Comic Volume 6 - This Sorrowful Life

It’s good. I think I feel the same way about this as I did about Volume 4; it has an incredible ending that sort of blinds you to the problems in it. Unlike Volume 4, there’s still enough great moments scattered throughout, even if recurring problems are made clear.

We’re back with meaningless deaths in the form of Dr Stevens. I was liking him, and I get his death shows that he wasn’t made for the world outside the walls, and his final words about evolving into something else as opposed to dying was interesting, but his death doesn’t serve a purpose. I actually forgot when I started writing this that Otis also died. This is the worst death so far. There is no weight felt from this guy dying, and the characters have known him for months now. I understand he had been dead for a few days, but it robs any sense of shock and emotion I would feel. It’s more of an “oh…” than an “OH!!!” moment.

This volume also demonstrates that there are simply too many characters. The best parts of the Volume are the panels orientated around Woodbury, where we have a much smaller group. By the time we get back to the prison, characters like Carol and Axel are shoved into the background, despite playing pretty relevant roles over the last couple books. This problem is intertwined with too many deaths. Billy could’ve shot Carl instead of Otis, Alice could have a saved Rick instead of Stevens, trimming down the group and keeping characters around make the world feel much more developed.

Martinez doesn’t fall into this however. He is a very well realised character and his death is one of my favourites in the comics. We truly don’t know if he was genuinely going to back and being the “good” citizens of Woodbury to live in the prison. After all, he did willingly let Michonne go and help the Governor. But he also never communicated to Rick that letting other people live in Woodbury would be a good idea. I love that we don’t actually get to find out the answer, and neither does Rick, because ultimately the risk of him lying isn’t worth it.

Rick is still a fucking beast. His execution of Martinez is a perfect way to conclude this chapter, and even if he’s a little annoying when he returns to the prison, this puts Rick firmly in the number 1 spot. Michonne is also rising in my rankings. What Michonne did to the governor was disgusting to look at it, but they sense of karma and revenge towards the Governor keeps you looking. Michonne tortured him and he deserved every second of it, and I’m glad Michonne didn’t hold back. Like the last volume, the comic has started to lean more into the gratuitous violence and it’s all the better for it.

This Volume may have highlighted some recurring problems, but I did thoroughly enjoy the route that some of the characters are going. The story of Woodbury is exciting and fresh enough, being the highlight of the comics so far. I don’t think this is a top tier volume, but it does the job it’s set out too in a good enough way that I can look beyond my problems and enjoy.

This volume covers material from 3x07 to 3x15

  1. Volume 5: The Best Defense - 9.5/10
  2. Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars - 9/10
  3. Volume 6: This Sorrowful Life - 8/10
  4. Volume 2: Miles Behind Us - 8/10
  5. Volume 4: A Hearts Desire - 6.5/10
  6. Volume 1: Days Gone Bye - 6/10
15:50 UTC


What storyline is your least favourite.

I cannot stand the Grady Memorial storyline. I do not believe that they never grabbed a person who turned out to be far more dangerous than they looked. Of that someone before Noah didn't manage to escape? Or how no one came across them by accident. They wore police uniforms and drove police cars. There was evidence of other survivors in the city so why had no one noticed or them? They had a rooftop garden with people who regularly worked it. By that point people like Negan were operating and Arron was looking for survivors to bring home. How did no one notice them.?

15:00 UTC


The Governor's torture tools

TWD is one of my comfort shows. I've watched it over a half dozen times. I'm just now realizing one of his tools in preparation for Michonne is a speculum. I hated him before, but this is a whole new level of insanity.

14:50 UTC


Are the Whisperers the most nonsensical villain?

Just got to the episode where the whisperers are introduced…. And it kinda annoys me how stupid of a concept they are. Who would willingly walk at the pace of a Walker all day, constantly? What kind of a life is that? And where do they sleep, where do they find food etc?

And how do they control herds so well, when we’ve seen in earlier seasons parts of a herd break off even when most of the herd is going towards something else.

And how did Alpha manage to find so many absolute lunatics to join her and walk constantly? Surely it’s an even worse fate than a Walker because the whisperers are people with thoughts, feelings etc? It’s so so dumb honestly.

It’s just so so stupid on so many levels, I don’t really get it

I’m still salty how they killed Jesus, all my favourite characters have died or left the show! Thanks showrunners!

14:31 UTC


Is the skull really that soft?

Most of the times when somebody dies, another person stabs them in the head with a knife or smth to prevent turning into a walker. Sometimes, they just slide the knife in slowly, like the head is out of butter. Is it rly that easy? Or are the knifes just really fucking sharp or smth?

14:08 UTC


How old do you believe Daryl Dixon is in TWD Season 1?

We know that Daryl Dixon’s father was born sometime in 1944 and that the ZA started in August, 2010. That would mean Daryl’s father would have been 66 at the beginning of the ZA. I believe Merle is about 8-10 years older than Daryl and we know that Daryl grew up watching Mork and Mindy when he was younger.

Honestly, I think Daryl was about 33 at the time of the very 1st season of The Walking Dead. I don’t think there’s anyway Daryl is older than Rick Grimes either.

What are everyone else’s thoughts?

Edit 1: It seems as of right now the general consensus of Daryl’s age is about 35 years old in Season 1 of The Walking Dead

11:39 UTC


Watching twd for the first time (Carl + Rick spoilers)

I’m at the point where this whole sanctuary debacle has FINALLY been won, and during its climax and closing we lose Carl AND Rick?!!!!???? Mama im gagged and gooped - feeling duped!!!!! I cannot believe I watched all of this and now I don’t even get to see how rick would’ve led throughout the post-Negan/rebuilding era. I’m really disappointed and sad! I have put mad hours in on TWD the past two months lol!

Should I keep watching? I don’t feel like I want to but I’ve already watched so much and I wonder if I will miss details if I skip all the way to Rick and Michonne’s new series.

10:20 UTC


Negan is worse than the Governor

Hey, I am only at S7 and after I went through Glenn's death I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to take a long break from the show.

I love the show, I think the dialogue, action and scenes are so realistic (maybe a bit too realistic). But it is so dark and the appearance of Negan makes this show unwatchable for me. What is the point of making a big joke out of killing Rick's men? To instil fear in Rick or what?

Do we have background information on Negan? Why did he become like that? No one is born like that, something must have happened to him that led to him losing the empathy that makes people human.

I like that the Governor had a story, he lost his entire family. His daughter became a walker and he couldn't let go of her. That made me understand him.

Negan has no background story and he kills for fun. Not many viewers are OK with this. Even in real life, serial killers have background stories; most of these men were abused and tormented as children. (I've watched serial killer documentaries) which made their story interesting. Hope you get my point.

In conclusion, I'm pissed with this character and watching the show now sucks for me.

09:24 UTC


TWD recast

if you had to recast any characters, who would you pick to play them? any characters from any season, your favorites, the main or side.

03:52 UTC


I hate Rosita.

This is my first time watching TWD past Season 3. I couldn't stand her from the get-go but really tried to like her all the way into mid S7. I just can't, man.

Her character is so boring and she has always been mean for no reason. Right now, all she wants to do is make everything about her and how she just wants to die guns ablazin like some stupid badass.

Rick and co is actively busting their ass to get an entire army together but Rosita is just too self interested and would rather get herself killed or sabotage everything.

She got Eugene taken for ONE bullet? And she fucking MISSED ANYWAY! All she does is shit on him for being "useless". Just yaps and misses her shots.

I don't think I'll ever like her and I don't understand why she is such a fan favorite. Sasha really should have taken more of the screen time than her.

03:12 UTC

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