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The term 'skinwalker' (yee naaldlooshii) is exclusive to the Navajo tribe, and describes a ánti'įhnii (a type of witch who practices 'bad' or 'black' witchcraft.)**

Medicine men, or 'good' practitioners have to learn both sides of magic within Navajo culture, and it's generally believed that while learning about the darker powers, some choose to practice that side instead. There are a lot of misconceptions about the actual Navajo beliefs of skinwalkers.

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In Navajo culture it is taboo to even speak of skinwalkers, and most Navajo who do speak to them to outsiders, without their family knowing. It is highly frowned upon to converse about them to other Natives.

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Due to the wide scope of stories and the influence of modern media, we accept wendigo, fleshgait and similar stories.

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Do not frame your post as a question. "Was this a skinwalker?" is unnecessary baiting.

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The Return of Skinwalker Stories

Hey everyone! I'm finally back after what feels like forever. While I can't discuss why I left for personal reasons, I can say it feels good to finally be back where I belong: writing stories for you all to enjoy. And we'll be starting back with the return of Skinwalker Stories Season 2 (link below). It's good to finally get typing again after everything that's happened. I have a lot planned, so I hope you all enjoy what's coming next. I'm aiming to upload a new pair of stories every Monday, unless there's something that draws my focus elsewhere in which case I'll try to get one out by weeks end.

Now, onto the main course:


13:44 UTC


It happened during a time of distress in my marriage.

Let me preface this with some facts about me. I’m not by no means a writer or a person that really shares stories or anecdotes in the written form. I’m a talker usually.

I also am not or wasn’t believer in the paranormal. After this experience I believe in something.

This is a fairly short story of an experience I had around 3 years ago during a time my wife and I were having issues (no idea if that affected the events or not but just a weird correlation)

I was alone (kids were put to bed) on late on a chilly Sunday night in or around October I had been preparing for the week of work that lay ahead for me. As well as unpacking a lot of stuff from boxes which were then stacked up neatly at the front door of my house.

I was trying to do things around the house to impress or please my wife who had gone to stay with her mother in a neighboring city. We had been having problems for the better part of a year. So I was feeling lonely and depressed and just generally down on myself that weekend.

I lived on the corner of one of the main roads in my town at the time. Giant high school right across the street. Lots of traffic usually though it slows down around 11:00 on the road it’s still busy enough the cops would set up traffic stops from time to time later at night

The other part of the corner I lived on is a dead end road with 4 houses counting mine. A single guy with an adult son. An elderly single woman and a couple that doesn’t have kids.

It’s probably pushing 12AM and I’m winding down what I’m working on and thinking about going to bed. Suddenly I hear a baby crying. My kids are like 6 and 9 at the time so I go check and it isn’t them.

It sounds like it’s outside. So I just peek out the door and I see this misshapen thing pretty far off sort of shambling up the sidewalk. No more baby sounds. By this point i had stepped all the way outside and storm door slammed behind me. As it did whatever it was turned around. I couldn’t get a good view of it and by the time it started to turn I had quickly gone back inside. I don’t often get freaked out easily but this did the trick. I closed all windows blinds and curtains and grabbed a machete saw thing I had.

I stood at my closed front door freaked out. Then I heard the footsteps come up to my door, only it sounded more like hoof steps or distorted high heels steps. I waited a few minutes maybe 5 or so after hearing the steps and thew open the door, machete in hand.

The neat stack of broken down boxes was knocked over. Not only knocked over but almost fully covering my walkway as if to muffle the footstep sounds that would have been made upon its exit.

There was nothing else. No signs of it.

I didn’t learn till later of the sounds skinwalkers make which is what led me here to tell My story.

Was it a skinwalker? Are they attracted to loneliness or negative emotions? Sadness?

Did it try to feed off my fear of thinking it was at my door?

For weeks I was scared it would be there when I rounded the corners of my house.

That’s pretty much it. Thanks for reading if you made it this far. I don’t know that’s what I saw but I thought you all might shed some light on it.

Again like I said early in probably a bad writer. But I just had to share.

Thank you.

03:36 UTC


What did I see? Looking for answers.

I had some more weird shit happen last night.

I took my two dogs for walks, I normally walk Fin (large, all black German Shepherd) toward the park where I have had these experiences, and I walk Booger (chi terrier mix) the other direction toward downtown.

On my walk with Fin, about a block away in the direction I was headed, I saw 3 or 4 deer calmly walking toward the park. Most nights where something "weird" happens to me start like this. The deer seemed completely unbothered by me as I approached. They kept walking toward the park but stopped every few steps to look back at me, as if they wanted me to follow them. Then, as Fin and I reached where the deer were, I notice about 10 or more other deer waiting as well. They all start walking together, calm, but still looking back at me every few feet. On my way toward the park i smell the stench of rotting meat, I know the smell very well as I used to be a butcher. It was strong. Like someone plugged my nostrils with rotting ground meat or something. At the same time I smell this stench, I get the chills. Fin's hair stands up and he gets more nervous. I can feel the air around me get colder.

As we continue walking I look down an alleyway that cuts the block in half and, if you would walk down the dark alley, would spot you out where I eventually walk back home. I was two blocks away from the park, when you reach the park you can either turn around and walk down the same road, you can continue into the park, or you can continue on the road which turns left. Looking down that alleyway you are looking at the part of the road that continues left, which is the way I take every night on my way back home.

What I saw I tried to convince myself wasn't real or maybe I just saw something else and my brain tried to convince me it was this.

A large, muscular, pale, hairless, creature (?) that was moving fast. So fast I could barely see it, I saw the motion down the alley about two blocks away. The exit of the alley on that side has a street light directly above it, it wasn't standing still, it was moving and it was moving fast. The only reason I'm positive what I saw wasn't deer or something normal is because of something I saw later that night that I will write about when I talk about my walk with Booger. It solidified that what I saw was something I wasn't supposed to see.

In the meantime I convinced myself I was making stuff up and being a pussy. As we approach the treeline of the park, the large group of deer move to the side of the street where the neighborhood is, while I'm on the side with the treeline. I noticed something in the clearing. A lone deer, separate from the large group across the street, staring directly at me.

I have my flashlight pointed at him, and I even hung up my call with my wife to use my phone to take video of this moment.

This lone deer doesn't even have micro movements from breathing. The other deer across the street were constantly readjusting.

You might be thinking to yourself "oh yeah, deer do that with bright lights shining at them. Deer in headlights always act like that." Just wait.

Fin starts to pull very hard and acts anxious, nearly knocking me over, I turn to look across the street towards the large group of deer for at most 3 seconds before quickly turning around to face the lone deer again.

In those 3 seconds, that lone deer is easily 30 feet closer to me, still not moving, staring directly at me. I have this on video, I have pictures. I felt weird, I felt unsafe. I've lived in rural Iowa my whole life, I am and have always lived outdoors. This didn't feel normal. I was scared.

I back away while shining my light at the deer, once I get a block or so away, he finally turns around and calmly walks into the tree line.

The whole way home I feel like I'm being stalked, not just watched, but like something is following me.

Here is a link to that video of the deer getting closer to me:


Now, I went home and sat for a bit and tried to talk myself into believing it was all coincidence. After nearly 20 minutes, I started to walk Booger, my smaller chi mix.

The entire walk was nice and very enjoyable actually, I had my earbuds in and was talking to my wife about what I saw in a joking way.

"Man I'm such a pussy, I really scared myself for no reason" I said.

At the end of the walk I turn to go down our alleyway, as I leave from the garage on our walks.

I stop speaking from what I saw on the opposite end of the alley. My wife heard me stop.

I want to preface this with I did not have any substances, including alcohol, for weeks up to that point. The most I ever do in that department is a few beers or I'll use some weed to ease anxiety if life is getting hard. I have no mental conditions that will cause me to hallucinate, the most I have is a personality disorder resulting from trauma that I've been overcoming quickly this last year.

I saw two, large, muscular, pale, hairless creatures walking like apes at the end of the alley. The same thing I thought I saw with fin, this time not going fast, much closer, and it felt intentional. I saw them walk across the street very slowly, staring directly at me. These were not deer.

They didn't have long faces like deer, they didn't have fur or tails, they didn't walk like deer. They weren't slender like a deer. My first thought was honestly that I was looking at two hairless male lions. In the middle of Iowa.

I stood there, paralyzed with fear, well after they had left my sight. 15 seconds later, I finally get the courage to walk the few feet into the garage, when I take my first step, I see a third one. Slowly meandering across the street. Staring at me. Booger noticed him too, and started growling.

I ran to the door and watched the garage shut all the way.

The entire night, Fin guarded the bedroom door. He never does that. He sat staring at the door all night. Booger stared at the windows all night. He never does that either.

This happened to me yesterday night, Monday, May 13, 2024.

I don't know what to think.

00:24 UTC



It seems video needs to be brought up again in this sub.

If you're going to post any skinwalker stories that you think might have but is unsure, please watch this video. This Navajo native will explain for you.

06:05 UTC


Skinwalkers & The Great Navajo Purge TFD Podcast #6

Podcast talking about a bunch of different skinwalker stories. Lots of people don't think Witches when it comes to slinwalkers but it's fascinating how much they have in common.

19:26 UTC


This Thursday March 28 10am-1pm. 418 North 300 W. Blanding UT 8461. Kody Dayish Productions will be selling their Navajo made Skinwalker Horror movie The Red Hogaan.

14:14 UTC


Me and my girlfriend went dispersed camping in Flagstaff and had a really weird experience.

Hi all. Me and my girlfriend decided to head up to Marshall lake in Flagstaff Arizona. To do some dispersed camping. It was beautiful during the day but the moment the sun went down we decided to put the fire out and head to the tent since it was so cold outside. The moment the sun went all the way down we were laying in our tent and getting ready to get some sleep even though it was early.

Keep in mind we were in the middle of no where with no one near by, probably 1.5 miles from the closest tent we saw. Thirty minutes in to laying down me and my girlfriend heard two very distinct footsteps right behind our tent. We didn’t hear anything walk up and it was so close we grabbed our bear spray and decided to poke my head out the tent to see if anything was near by. Absolutely nothing.

We go back to our sleeping bags pretty spooked and then 15 minutes later we heard it again and we decided we didn’t feel safe and left. We hiked out of the woods and got a motel. Are there skin walkers out here because we saw no animal tracks behind our tent and we know for certain I heard footsteps around our tent.

Edit: this happened tonight and it was a full very bright moon. I don’t know if that makes a difference I don’t know anything about skin walkers and didn’t even begin to believe in them until now

Edit 2: were heard someone unloading shots at something at one point too during the night. We believe it was from the campers 1.5 miles away at the head of the trail. I thought it was odd that someone shot one magazine and didn’t shoot anymore. But as we hiked back out about an hour later they also packed their camp and left as well.

Final update: We safely got all of our gear and got out of there and home safely. Please everyone be safe camping or hiking around flagstaff!

05:53 UTC


Best way to Portray Skin Walkers correctly in a film?

I’ve been watching Skin walker short films recently and I’ve been wondering if they are being correctly portrayed, they scream for help, move really fast, stalk.

What else do they do?

10:15 UTC


Odd encounter in Shenandoah valley

I go to school is Harrisonburg Virginia and in the summer of 2023, I was in my home late at night around 1am hanging out with my roommate at the time and we live in a three story home, we’re in the kitchen on the second floor And hear a faint moaning, we think its the neighbors at first through the walls but it starts to sound more like a baby but not next door but outside, at our front door. We start to move toward to stairs to get a better listen and whatever was there seems to start scary thing and banging on the door heavily like a dog or big four legged animal. We are freaked out and don’t know what to do. We sit in the living room and this goes on for about 30 minutes then after that time goes by its more on and off now but still can’t go to sleep cause how freaked out we were and I lived on the first floor so I was not going down there. It kept going on and on so we decided to call the non emergency police number. It started back up heavily now as we’re on the phone with someone and we describe to the person on the phone what I mentioned before and on the phone the person goes “is that the noise yours describing, I just heard it in the background” so we knew we were just hearing things. They said they would send someone but no one came. So me and my roommate decided we were fed up, I grabbed a kitchen knife and so did he and we walk down the stairs as its still scratching and banging as we go down, I get to the door and look out the peep hole and nothing was there. we go back upstairs and starts again for around 10 minutes and after that it stopped. I eventually go downstairs and peacefully go to bed and wake up the next day and check outside and nothing was there no damage to the door, nothing at all. We still think about it to this day and convinced it was a S.W.. Does anyone have thoughts on this? Was it a SW? A spirit? anything else?

20:02 UTC


The Red Hogaan now out on DVD.

DVD release tour dates.

March 2nd Gallup Flea Market 9am-2pm. And Phoenix at Madison Park 11am.

March 3rd Shiprock Flea Market 9am-12pm. Tucson at 1260 E. Tucson Marketplace Blvd Walmart Parking Lot 12pm. Farmington NM Southwest Jewelry in Animas Valley Mall 1pm-5pm.

More Locations TBA

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09:43 UTC


Appalachian Mountains

So, I want to start off by saying that I am a very skeptical guy. I became an atheist when I was seventeen, and when my belief in god dissipated, the belief in everything else supernatural went out the window as well. I also want to say that I’ve lived in Appalachia for all but four years of my life and I’m almost twenty-two, and I have never experienced any of the creepy things people say about the Appalachian mountains… until the story I’m about to tell you.

So toward the end of last year (2023), me and two of my friends had sort of simultaneous quarter-life crises, which eventually led us to getting rid of almost all of our belongings, quitting our jobs, leaving our apartments, and living out of our cars and DoorDashing around the country.

Well, on our first night on our big trip, we went to stay with a friend of one of my travel-mates. She lived in Tennessee in the Appalachian mountains. The smoky mountains, specifically. Which, for those of you don’t know, is like a subcategory of the Appalachians. She lived off a backroad in the middle of the woods.

The first night we were there, she had told us that there were strange occurrences on the property. The house was haunted, and there was something in the woods. She had told us that whatever is in the woods likes to hang out around her shed. She said that one night, she was walking up onto her porch, when she got the overwhelming feeling of being watched. Becoming fed up with whatever it was, she screamed something along the lines of “go the fuck away” into the woods, only for something to scream it right back at her. She claimed to have seen it one night from her kitchen window. She said it was peaking around the shed, staring at her. It wasn’t an animal, but it wasn’t human either. Out of curiosity, I asked her to describe whatever creature she saw in more detail, but she refused. I, being the skeptic that I am, basically disregarded everything she said and forgot about it.

Now, because it was our first night on the trip, and it was so fun and new to us, we wanted to sleep in our cars… which were parked right in front of the shed I mentioned earlier. Yes, that shed.

We hadn’t yet made window covers, so we were sleeping in three SUVs with uncovered windows completely surrounding us. But, I had no issue with this. I thought the worst that could happen would be that I’d wake up with a bear staring at me. So, I went to bed peacefully and woke up in the middle of the night, really needing to pee. I got half-dressed, put on my shoes, left my car, walked to edge of the woods, did my business, and got back in my car and went to sleep. I had not a single care in the world. No uneasy feeling, no feeling of being watched, nothing.

The next night, I once again wake up, really needing to pee. So, just like I did the night before, I sat up in bed, put on my pants, got my shoes ready, and reached for the door handle. But I couldn’t do it. It was like every hair on my body stood on end, and I got this overwhelming feeling of dread and foreboding. Now, I had a make-shift bed in the back of my SUV, on top of all the back seats that I flipped down. So I’m sitting there in my bed, looking around through all of my uncovered windows. I can’t see anything outside, except for some faint outlines of trees, and the glints off of my travel-mates’ cars. I neither saw nor heard anything that should be putting me on edge. I reached for the door handle again, but I once again got that terrible feeling. I continued to look around, try to reach for the door, and withdraw my hand. I finally gave up and said screw it and just peed in an empty water bottle.

The next morning, I got up and was talking to my travel-mates, and one of them mentioned waking up in the middle of the night out of nowhere, and experiencing an overwhelming feeling of being watched. She sat up in her make-shift bed, and looked all around, only to see nothing. I can’t lie, when she said that, I got a bit of a knot in my stomach. I asked her what time it was when that happened, and she estimated that it was around the same time I woke up… around 3am. I then told both of them about my experience, and we were all a little freaked out about it.

When we were headed out to our cars the following night, we noticed that all of the homeowner’s 5+ outdoor cats were all sitting on her front porch, which we hadn’t seen the last two nights. Previously, they would all be scattered around the property, if they were even in sight. We thought it was weird, but we didn’t think much of it. We all climbed into our cars and said our goodnights on our walkie-talkies. It was a pretty warm and muggy night for October, so we all had our battery-powered fans running. One of my friends frustratedly reported that her walkie was dying. Then, my other friend reported that their fan had died. Then my walkie started dying. And it continued until, in the span of five minutes, all of our electronic camping gear (walkies, flashlights, and fans) had all died. Finding this incredibly creepy, we all decided that we should just sleep in the house to be better safe than sorry.

We were gathering up our things to move inside, when I began to hear what sounded like something large walking through the leaves in the woods. I kept stopping what I was doing and looking toward my friends, who were standing right by the woods. They seemed unbothered every time, so I would just continue what I was doing. That was when I heard a louder noise coming from the woods and finally decided to walk over to my friends. Turns out, one of them was standing watch while the other one gathered the rest of her things. Me and my friend stood there watching my other friend’s back, and it kept sounding like whatever was in the woods kept getting closer to us. Soon enough, my friend had gathered all her things and we calmly, but quickly went into the house.

From what I can remember, we slept in the house the following night as well, but the night after that, one of my friends borrowed some sage from the homeowner and saged all along the wood line and around our vehicles before we got ready for bed. We slept perfectly fine for that night and every night after. No more weird feelings, noises, nothing. Of course, we were pretty much perpetually on edge from then on, but it was never quite the same feeling of dread and foreboding that I had felt before.

To be honest, I don’t know what to make of all of it. I know I didn’t see anything. But the feeling I got was unlike anything I had ever experienced. That was the first and only time in my life where I have gotten that feeling, especially just out of nowhere.

I’ve told the story a few times now, and I’ve had people tell me that it was just a bear. But I don’t think a bear would give me that sort of instinctual feeling of danger when I can’t even hear or see it. And I’m fully aware that I may be biased now, but I’ve lended a bit more credibility to the homeowner’s stories after my experience.

For those of you that are curious, no, we are not still on the trip. Unfortunately, the whole thing went downhill after a couple of months, and we are now integrating back into society. We are, however, all still friends. And, no, we did not experience anything like this again, despite staying at several campgrounds in the middle of the woods in other parts of the southeast.

06:08 UTC


The father-thing

Hello everyone. Like a previous poster I’ve seen on here, I’m from the UK and know that this may be out of place here but feel like there are some similarities to my story that others may get a kick out of. Full disclosure, I am a psychologist and a researcher, I am firmly agnostic on the notion of anything possibly supernatural existing but when pressed for what I believe I am resolutely atheistic. Could something be out there? I don’t know. Do I believe something is out there? Given the evidence presented, I think there isn’t.

However, being a good scientist means being honest about the experiences that don’t fit within your rubric. I have psychological explanations for the following story, but they always feel incomplete.

This takes place in 1990/1.

I was lucky enough to have grown up at a time when people could think about buying a house in central London without having to be oligarchs or oil-aristocracy. It was a two floor Victorian flat with a large garden, just around the corner from the natural history museum, which is truly amazing when I look back on it. I was about 6 years old, and my father was increasingly travelling for work at this point but that was nothing out of the ordinary.

It was the middle of the day, my grandmother, mother, and older sister were downstairs in the kitchen/dining room which led to the garden. I don’t know what spurred me on, but I went up the spiral staircase, running, as part of some game where I was enthusiastic and going full-pelt. I remember feeling happy and breathlessly excited and the sudden, jarring, emotional turn.

I remember stopped dead in my tracks with a deep feeling of fear, like every fibre of my being was screaming that there was danger and something was “off”. Even writing this now I can evoke that feeling and my hair stands on end. I don’t like recalling the memory and tell this story very rarely.

At the top of the stairs there was a landing between the living room and my parents’ room. My parents room had a wall of mirrors that contained closets. Standing in front of the old small TV, adjusting his bow tie was my dad. My “dad”, who absolutely couldn’t be there, turns to me and gestures me over with one hand, while smiling at me. I was being called into the room, with a familiar smile and friendly gesture.

At this point my frozen apprehension broke, taken over by sheer terror, and I bolted down the stairs as fast as I could. I had always been hesitant about running down those stairs as fast as I could climb them as I had previously toppled town and knocked out my front tooth when I was younger – no such hesitation now. No such hesitation, I threw myself down and immediately sought out my very Irish grandmother who wore these long flowing dresses and clung onto the dress for dear life. I could tell she was a bit surprised. At the time I didn’t know how to express what I was feeling or what had happened, I just clung on for a while. My granny could tell that something was wrong but didn’t press me for answers, which was an odd response given her character and how I was behaving. It would be a very long time before I could convey this story to anyone. At the time I just felt I needed to be right on her to be safe. I don’t recall if I ever told her, which I feel a little sad about upon reflection as our relationship didn’t end well and she passed away a few years ago.

That image of the father-thing calling me over still bothers me. Which is frustrating as, on its surface, the experience of seeing my father prepare to head out to work while I sat on the bed behind him is usually one that only brings a happy sense of nostalgia.

On a side note: I was raised catholic, but we didn’t really take it too seriously. We grew up with some stories of the fey folk and folklore of Ireland but, again, nothing ever given a tremendous amount of weight. My grandmother deeply disliked religion and called herself an atheist, but was often referred to as a “witch” partly as a joke because she could be very domineering but also because there was a belief amongst my family members that she had a habit of predicting the future and having a sixth-sense about things. I don’t believe any of that myself, but thought a few of you may value that detail.

There is only one other story I have that boarders on the otherworldly but that one is probably not relevant here and doesn’t carry any of the weight or dread this one does.

09:43 UTC


Wtf is this

I was outside in my garage smoking a few nights ago (with the door closed thankfully) and I heard noises. Checked the ring camera and it gives me the creeps. My friend said "skinwalker" and I wanted to crawl out of my skin. Lmao. For real though, what do we think this is? I live in Northern Michigan in a little wooded area.

02:44 UTC


it fucking spoke to me

I'm not one to post these kind of things. I mostly just have reddit to look at bugs and read about roommate drama. But i had an experience in the woods one night almost 10 years ago that got brought up recently and thought i'd share here.

i (f16 at the time) snuck out of the house to go smoke weed in lynn MA woods at about 3am. It's not a huge sector of woods, just a wee reservation smack dab in the middle of the boston suburbs surrounding the local reservoir. I got to the entrance of the trail, parked my car, and made my way to the camp sites, about a 5 min walk, where there were fire pits available. It was a popular smoking area for teenagers, and I was one of them. I set up to draw by the fire I had made and begin to roll a joint.

As i was rolling, i had heard something on 4 legs come up from behind me. I didn't sweat it that much because where I'm from, the worst it could be was probably a coyote. but then you could hear it transition into two legs and walk with a bipedal gait. That confused me. Then everything went fucking silent. No crickets, no birds, nothing. The only thing I could hear at that point was the crackling of the fire and my own breathing. then i became really concerned like something bad was about to happen.

I call out, thinking maybe it was just a homeless dude working up the courage to ask me for some food or some money, since it was the city after all. I say hello and ask if anyones there. silence still, for about a minute. everything's telling me to run but I stay because i thought if it was an animal trying to hunt me I should stand my ground and make myself appear i'm not worth the risk.

Then whatever it was, it TALKED. It sounded almost like a parrot mimicking its owners voice, and it asked to bum a light. "can i bum a light?" it said. At first i'm relieved because at least I know it's not an animal, but the way it spoke was truly uncanny. I said "sure, but you have to come out where I can see you you're giving me the creeps dude". and then it asked again, and again. 3 times. Then i was really freaked and knew something was really wrong. I then told it to fuck off and find someone else to ask if he was gonna be creepy about it. then it ran off on all fours. you could hear all four feet hitting the ground as it ran away. The crickets came back, the night birds started to chirp again, and the air even felt warmer. that feeling of dread washed over me and i knew i had to fucking book it.

i calmly pack all my stuff back up, put out the fire, and make my way back down the trail to my car. I wanted to run but part of me still believed it was just a dude trying to get creepy with a 16 year old girl in the woods by herself, and if I played it cool and acted like i wasn't scared maybe he'd back off. my mother always taught me to make a scene in that scenario, and i was prepared to knife whatever came at me. I also thought maybe if it was an animal I wouldn't trigger it's hunting instincts if i just walked instead of ran. But man every hair on the back of my neck was standing up. that feeling of being watched is definitely real.

I finally see my car about 200ft ahead of me. I feel safe again but i'm still on alert. I feel secure enough to look behind me and sure enough maybe 40ft behind me is a male deer on its hind legs in the middle of the trail. I fucking freak. Ive never heard of a skinwalker, never believed in anything like them at the time. never even knew what they were. but i knew something about that image was seriously wrong and i lost my composure and booked it to my car. i made it back no problem and drove off before i could even turn my headlights on.

to this day, im 24 about to turn 25, I have never been back to those woods, or really any woods for that matter. I'm deathly afraid of nature now, which sucks. The very idea of spending a night in them makes me so anxious i feel nauseous. it wasnt until years later when i fell into a youtube rabbit hole in college (when you just pick one video suggested on your recommended page and let auto play take you wherever) that i stumbled on a video that described skinwalkers and alleged experiences people have had with them in the woods that i truly began to understand what i may have encountered that night.

this shit is real. idk if they're as aggressive or dangerous as people make them out to be in the stores ive seen online , because in my experience, it seemed pretty curious and backed off when i confronted it still thinking it was just a creepy dude looking to score. But to this day thinking about it makes me shudder and i get a put in my stomach.

id love to hear y'all's thoughts on this. id love to have this debunked even. i loved those woods and sort of want it to just have been a weird dude. but ive heard some weird, very similar stories from the locals about those woods and now i don't know what to think.

08:11 UTC


I Think I Saw A Skin Walker

About 2 months ago, my husband (34M) and I (29F) were staying in a camper on a friends property in northern Wisconsin. One night I wasn't feeling very well so I went and laid down in the camper and promptly fell asleep.

A few hours later, around 3am, I suddenly woke up and and bolted out the door and started projectile vomiting outside by the window. My husband called out and asked if i was okay. I managed to say yeah in-between rounds. When I finally finnished and felt like i was okay to go back and lay down I spit a few more times to get rid of the taste and as I looked up there was a face about 3 feet infront of me in the darkness.

I stared at it. And It at me.. I was petrified, I couldn't move, but I was also afraid to take my eyes off of it. I slowly started to move my head up, down and side to side to try and get a better angle or a closer look and as I did so it began to mimick my movements.

There we were in the darkness of the forrest bobing up, down, back, forth slowly leaning closer and closer to one another as we try to figure eachother out.

I stared straight into its cold, hollow eyes.. I couldn't look away in fear of what would happen if I did. It stared back at me.. almost as if it didnt know what I was either. It was too dark to make out any features but the face had the shape of a human face but what i could see on the body from behind the truck just looked hunched over and distorted..

We stayed that way for what felt like forever until I finally managed to call out, "babe.." "yeah" my husband responded. "There is something out here" I said, only slightly raising my voice, "what?" He asked "I don't know.. some kind of animal? Im not sure but I'm afraid to move." "It's just watching me" I wishpered almost to myself. He opened the door of the camper and looked out into the darkness. "Where?" He asked unable to see what I was seeing. "Its right in front of me just watching" I told him bewildered that he couldn't see it.

He grabbed a flash light and shined it in front of me and it was gone.. there was nothing there! I never saw it leave! I kept its cold, dead gaze the whole time! How could it not be there!

I am still very confused by this interaction. I know it was there! I saw it! It wasnt a dream! And I know i wasnt hallucinating..

Can anybody tell me what they think it was?

Edit: Just to respond to a few comments. I don't drink and I don't do drugs so I was not inebriated.

I don't remember all the details because I couldn't see very well but heres what I got, I couldn't tell how tall it was because from what I could see it looked hunched over and disfigured, I don't think it had any fur, it was pale in color but again it was dark so im not sure what color it was, it had big black, soulless eyes, like looking straight into a void. It had sharp jagged teeth and i don't remember a nose at all.. hope this description helps.

Maybe it wasn't a skin walker because i guess they don't leave Navajo land but it was really scary.

I should also mention that where I was in the woods of Wisconsin was not too far from the Hannaville Indian reservation in Menominee County MI but again not Navajo so im not sure what it was

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And the Door Was Closed

Back in 2021 a friend and I were splitting rent on a tiny farmhouse in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico while working. Any time she was away from her room or out of the house her door was open. One night I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up hearing her call me from outside that she needed help. She sounded absolutely terrified. I started to jump up and run to the back door, but something in my brain said to look at her door. It was firmly closed. I noped right to my bedroom, a grownass woman, and climbed into my bed and put my covers over my head. The next morning she said she’d been in her room all night and had never heard a thing. I can’t testify to the existence or non-existence of skin walkers, but NM made me believe in them. I never went outside late at night by myself again while we were there.

02:24 UTC


The biggest scare of my life.

By the time I'm writing this it's been around 30 minutes when I encountered it. This has been the scare of my life. So, I've been at a sleepover at my friend, Sam. So, Sam and I set up a bed, and a makeshift basketball hoop to keep us occupied. Sam had recently got a lighter that's nice quality. He lost it, and went downstairs to find it. While I was scrolling Tiktok, I had my phone up, for me to see the door of my line of sight. So, Sam had recently went downstairs, I was just watching Tiktok as I said. The door had opened. And I saw a dark leg kick open the door. I froze in shock, I waited there for about a minute until I mustered up the strength to go up to the door. And I put my weight against the door. And said nothing. I listened and I heard Sam's voice, but it was off. It was a little distorted. I kept my weight against the door. I said nothing until the door from the basement opened. I waited until Sam said something normal. I told my mom and him. Sam recalls me saying something when I was dead silent. Also things about the door, yes the windows were open. But were inside the room. The door opens from the outside to inside, and the door was completely shut. Sam and I are staying in the room, we will stay the night in this room aswell. I might or may not sleep.

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What did my son and his friend see?

My son and his friend were in the woods behind our house. They are eight years old. They came running back totally freaked out. They said they saw something in the woods and ran home. The strange thing is that they said it was just shoulders and a head popping over the brush. They said the head was oval and all white and it didn't really have a face but it moved its head like it saw them and turned towards them. Thoughts? The all white threw me.

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Personal Skinwalker story from 2017

First-time poster on this sub! I've been holding onto this story for a number of years since every so often there's a good time to tell it and I felt that I should finally post it here to get people's thoughts on it.

I'd like to apologise in advance as I’d like to think I'm a decent storyteller in person, but pretty lacklustre / longwinded with text. Also as I write about later, I try and use animal noises to describe some sounds, take them all with a grain of salt as even I know that's not the exact thing I heard, but the closest sound I can relate it to or describe it with. I go between “I” and “We” a couple of times as I describe at the end, my friends and I all discussed what happened to confirm we all in fact heard the same thing and had the same experience.

To preface the story and where it takes place: I grew up in the Huron region of Ontario, for those not familiar it's about a three-hour drive directly west from Toronto (where I now live,) on the shore of Lake Huron. (Not far from the area the tales of The Black Donnellys are from for you dark history lovers.) During my time in high school, there was one teacher who had talked about his experiences in a small forested place called Lobb’s Bush. Although I wasn’t very familiar with it at the time, it was known by a fair number of locals as a very haunted place in the area or where people have had unexplainable but startlingly similar encounters. This teacher was very outspoken about his experiences in that bush, but also his steadfast trust in being a “non-believer” in the paranormal / supernatural which in turn made him of all people the most fascinating to hear it from. Always ends his stories or answers questions with “I don’t believe it, can’t explain it, I’m just telling you what happened.”

A few years later in the winter of 2017, both after having him as my teacher in high school and having since moved away to attend my first year of university, I came back to my hometown for my winter break to spend some time with family and catch up with my friend group. For anyone familiar with the small-town experience, our favourite activity was the age-old classic of buying a terrible number of cheap reservation cigarettes, hopping in one of our friend’s terribly run-down beater cars and then smoking, chatting and playing the worst music ever conceived until either the smokes or the gas tank runs out. We were all hovering around 16-18 so this was just the most fun degenerate things we could do.

On top of finally having a break from all my uni coursework, this was the first time seeing these friends in a couple of months so we were all excited to be one big group again. I won’t bore you with all the earlier antics of the evening but where this story picks up is after driving around catching up for a few hours, we pit stop at a random bush trail so some of us could smoke some weed. As we started walking down one of the trails, I remember feeling a very stark change in the atmosphere around us. I didn’t really want to express my feelings to ruin the mood, but I definitely felt the need to be on high alert.

I’ve never really had a way to describe the physical feeling apart from my chest feeling heavy, but somehow it was very clear that something was watching us and did not want us there. Every few steps I needed to look back to make sure something wasn’t stalking us, all we had were our phone flashlights which had a very short distance. The way the trail sat in the bush, it was all new trees so they curled over the path to almost form a tunnel, it looked as if we had walked into the maw of a massive creature slowly making our way down its throat.

We only made it about a few hundred meters before realising that the calm night was turning into a winter storm. We all agreed to go back to the car and would start making our way home before it got any worse. By the time we made it back to the car, the trees were swinging wildly in the wind and the snow made it hard to see the next couple of feet in front of us.

Once we made it to the car we started to drive back to the closest town so as to stay at a friend's place to wait out the storm. While driving, the weather continued getting worse until the snow had practically blinded us while going around a notable “halfway there” turn, we found out that our estimate of how far to turn the car wasn’t enough and felt the car's momentum stall and slide sideways into the ditch. After a short period of us hurling claims of backseat driving and general frustrations, we ended up staying in the ditch for around 5 hours before being rescued by local police and driven the rest of the way into town. During our time in the ditch, I talked about how I felt while walking in the woods, we all agreed with the feeling of knowing we shouldn't be there and none of us spoke up until now. Only after that did our friend in the driver's seat, and the only one familiar with these particular back roads inform us that we were in fact walking through Lobb’s Bush.

Fast forward some time to I believe my second semester reading week, I’m back home with my friends and back to our same old acts. After a particularly good night of catching up, we decided to go revisit Lobb’s Bush as none of us had been there since getting caught in the ditch, and the weather was already warm this month with far less snow. I remember feeling almost excited to go back, rather than dark impenetrable clouds and snow, tonight the moon was out and barely needed flashlights to see where we were going. We parked the car in the same spot, and grabbed all necessary smoking apparatus’ and a pack of smokes for the driver and me to share (as of course neither time are we dumb enough to get our designated driver high).

As we started walking into the trail, I started realising landmarks that I had missed from my first time there. With the moonlight making everything more visible, I walked through the same threshold as before and was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t feel like I was watched or unwelcome to walk through. After a point, I had almost forgotten that I was in the infamous woods and was enjoying a late-night walk through the forest laughing with my friends.

After walking further down the trail, we finally came to an opening. On the right side of the trail, the trees had parted out to showcase the edge of a field, nicely lit by the moonlight. On the left side, the bush clears out so there is a lovely section of grass and light foliage parting to show a small stream cutting through. It looked like a naturally made auditorium with the stream cutting through like a main walkway, sparse trees so plenty of seating for an audience, and the trees opening and leading down to the farmer's field as the stage. In all honesty, I had completely forgotten we were there to smoke and was just enamoured with how pretty it was. As we found a spot to stop and ready our lights to smoke, one friend had the bright idea to exclaim “Yo, I forgot I’ve got a Roman candle!” as we all turned to look they had already gotten their lighter out and was proceeding to light the candle. (Again we were late teens, we were idiots) She proceeds to point the candle towards the big clearing to the field, every once and a while moving it around so it is not all shooting in the same spot. Going higher and higher into the air, she finally points it in the opposite direction towards the wood. With surprising accuracy, none of the shots actually hit anything before going out until one finally hits a tree near the stream and spirals into the woods where we can't see it.

Within no more than a second’s time, this blood-curdling scream comes from the exact place the Roman candle bounced into the woods beyond our view. We all completely froze, unsure of what to make of it as the scream continued on for a worrisome amount of time. I can only describe it as a cross between a deeper version of a Howler Monkey’s roar and an ear-ringing whine like an Elk’s Bugle going higher in pitch as it kept screaming. I remember my ears vibrating from how loud it was, I wanted to cover them but we were all frozen in place from it.

Finally, one of us snapped into reality and yelled “Run!” and bolted off towards the farmer's field. We all in turn started running away from the ongoing scream from within the woods. As we were running, the scream finally stopped after about ten seconds of constant noise. There was no breath or change in the scream apart from pitch, it was able to yell at that volume for longer than I’ve heard any animal do.

Before we could even think, we heard a heavy rustling in the woods as whatever it was took a deep inhale to scream again. The inhale was just as terrifying, sounding like an Alligator’s Bellow mixed with a Hyena’s Laugh, I know both sounds I’m describing are from exhaling, but you could tell this was a guttural, full-chested and preparatory inhale before screaming again. Unlike the first scream that almost sounded reactionary, surprised by the Roman candle almost hitting it. This was clearly an angry roar, whatever it was, was really fucking big (with the lungs to prove it) and now moving towards us. It was even louder and what I could only assume was now pointed towards us.

Even though we were all heavy smokers at the time, we all ran as fast as we possibly could without looking back, absolutely terrified from the second continuous roar that was now gaining on us. After about 15 seconds, the scream stopped abruptly. It took us a second to realise the noise was gone, we turned around to see that we’d made it out of the woods and onto the field. We only looked back briefly to see we had put about 50-100 metres between us and the edge of the bush. Even before we could really think straight, we shakily agreed to make our way to the closest road to make our way back to the front of the bush to find where we parked. It was only once we got to the road (and caught our smoked-out breath) did one of us finally asked if we all heard and felt that. We all talked briefly but were too on edge to actually converse.

About twenty minutes later we finally made it back to the road and had the car in sight. We all started to calm down as we had some time to process and let the adrenaline wear off. We unlocked the car, all got into our respective seats with our bags (none of us had the time to take it off before the first scream happened). As the driver finally turned the car on and the headlights flooded the woods in front of us, the front passenger just screamed “Drive, drive, drive!” the driver without looking cranked the car into reverse and turned around to back out quickly and go down the backroad as fast as he could beside the bush.

The friend who screamed started to freak out all over again, I was sitting directly behind him with my hand on his shoulder from the back seat. As we tried to ask what was wrong, I was looking over my shoulder to look into the woods. I genuinely felt like time had slowed down as I looked over, with the same feeling of something watching me like my first time in the woods. As the trees passed by, I could clearly make out two fully open eyes reflecting back at me, I could clearly make out two full reflective circles. I was completely frozen and couldn’t look away, I couldn't tell if the eyes were locked on me or the whole vehicle, or even what light they were reflecting off of as we were driving beside the woods. They were clearly further back into the woods by a couple of meters so I couldn’t make out how tall it was, but I could very easily see they were attached to a head much larger and taller than a human.

I completely forgot about comforting the passenger in front of me and instead tried to turn and see it for longer through the back window as we kept driving but had completely lost the visual. I couldn’t even make a sound but my mind was racing, the longer I sat the longer I wondered how the hell it got to where I could see it after we had sped away from the parking spot. I don’t know how much *it* saw from the car, but I know it saw *me*, it saw all of us in those woods, I don’t know how to describe it other than that I was fully prey, and whatever it was was a predator that knows me now.

After driving for a while on our way back to a friend's farm, we were all able to speak about what had happened. We all heard the same noises, heard the rustling, heard the same far-too-long screams, and finally the other passenger and I both agreed on seeing the same wide eyes staring at us. Neither of us got a good look at what it was, but both agreed that it staring at us and was too big to make out. That passenger also made a comment that, even though it was a couple of metres into the woods when he saw it, it had to be much bigger than a human. After a couple of hours more conversing about it, we all finally felt comfortable driving back to our respective homes. Every couple of months when we’d see each other, we’d make certain to each other that we all saw the same thing, as we wanted to make sure none of us were truly losing it mentally.

I sat the events of this story for about a year, not really sure who to tell or who would believe any of us for that matter. Once I finally felt comfortable talking and researching things similar, I came to the personal conclusion that it might be something along the lines of a skinwalker and started looking further into stories about it. As there was so much talk of people having similar encounters or strange happenings in Lobb’s Bush, I really wanted to entertain and research any and all possibilities. On top of that, although raised somewhat Christian in school, it was never a dogma I really followed or was heavy into the idea of “other powers” until this happened. For me, if *this* was real and it happened to me, I couldn’t disprove anything and has vastly changed the way I look at any form of religion or spiritual beliefs.

Through friends and a few events, I know a fair number of indigenous groups and older members that I felt “believed” enough of the old ways to tell this story. All three elders essentially said the same thing, along the very blunt line of “Yep, that sounds like a Skinwalker” and a few shared similar encounters that other friends and family have had. Only within the last (I think two years) I talked to a few more people about it, and one friend finally recommended that I google what a skinwalker sounded like. I finally looked online and heard some very similar sounds that sent the same “it’s watching” chills down my spine and felt that, on top of everything else, was enough confirmation for me.

To this day, now have started my own spiritual path with respect to the lands (and especially now being on Turtle Island) that I walk on. In addition to the classic “don’t whistle or say its name at night”, I’ve made it very clear to my close friends who have all heard this story (and respectfully know me as the outdoorsy camping friend), that if I ever feel anything similar to being watched or that we shouldn’t be in these woods, to get the fuck out with me.

So this is my story of what I believe was my encounter with a skinwalker, I thought it would be good to share this on the sub. If you have any questions please let me know and I’ll answer them the best I can! I’ve also attached backup links and an additional interview link to someone's project on Lobb’s Bush made about ten years ago too (for context, that teacher was *also* named Lobb, it's about as common as the last name Smith where I’m from).


Lobb’s Bush Interview


Howler Monkey


Elk’s Bugle


Alligator Bellow


Hyena’s Laugh


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Navajo Woman Experiences Possible SKINWALKER Incident on Reservation

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Possible Wendigo encounter I just had

This just happened to me less than an hour ago from the time I’ve started writing this, at about 10:15ish pm, in eastern PA, Bucks county specifically if you know where that is.

This first part of my encounter all happened within a span of maybe 20 seconds. I was driving home after seeing my boyfriend. Don’t know if y’all care about this but fyi, I am a 19 year old female. I want to be completely honest so y’all know I’m not lying, I hit a dab cartridge once or twice right before this happened but I have a very high tolerance and NO history of weed-induced psychosis/hallucinations. I even doubted myself about what happened until I told my boyfriend when I got home.

This drive is about 45 minutes each way, and a drive I do often, like 3-4 times a week. I know these roads very well and I’m not easily spooked. I was about 15 minutes into my drive home. It was raining pretty heavily as I was coming down this one highway, and it’s pretty dark with only a few street lights here and there. I was pretty much alone on the streets for most of my drive home since it was late and raining. As I was going down this highway at like 60 mph, I suddenly saw this tall, deer-like figure in my headlights about 200 feet from me. I immediately started braking because, from a distance, I thought it was just your typical big buck standing in the middle of the road. Happens all the time in PA as we have no shortage of deer. But as I was approaching closer to this “deer”, I see that it’s freakishly tall and very slender. It almost looked like someone took an image of a deer and stretched it out vertically, honestly. I also notice that my headlights aren’t lighting this thing up, not even my brights. All I see of it is a bold, black silhouette, right there, in the middle of the road, unmoving. Because all I see is the silhouette, I can’t tell if it’s standing on 4 legs or 2, but the height and “stretched out” quality of its appearance has me thinking it was 2. I was struggling to brake fast enough to avoid this “deer” without spinning out on the wet roads, but I eventually slowed down, and as I get slower and closer to this thing, it starts going fuzzy. I squint. I turn my wipers on faster. It’s still fuzzy. As I came to a full stop, it suddenly just… disappeared. Completely vanished into thin air. So now I’m stopped in the middle of the road on this empty highway thinking I’m going insane because this roughly 12 foot tall figure that I KNOW I saw just isn’t there anymore?? It didn’t jump out of the way, it didn’t run, it just vanished. I shake off the spooks, and I hit the gas again, trying to convince myself that I’m going crazy because the alternative was too scary to think about.

A few minutes down the road I see something else. This time a lot smaller, closer to the size of your average deer. But it definitely wasn’t a deer or any animal that is widely accepted as real because it just suddenly showed up in front of my car. Like it wasn’t on the left side of the road at all until it was in front of my car, running across the road. I should have hit it. It was right in front of me. With the speed I was going there was no way that it would have made it across the street in time since it was MAYBE 5 feet from my car when it first appeared. I didn’t even get a chance to brace myself for impact with how close it was. But nothing happened. I didn’t hit anything. Not even a rock under my tire. At this point I’m convinced that I’ve gone certifiably insane. I check my rear view mirrors to see if there even was a deer, but it was too dark to tell. The rest of the way home I drove as slowly as I safely could, just in case I saw something again. Alas, I made it home without another incident.

I don’t know what exactly I saw. I don’t know why, if it was a Wendigo, it didn’t hurt me since everything I know about Wendigo points to them being malevolent beings. I’m just freaked out I guess and wanted to share my story. If anyone has a better identification for whatever this thing was let me know. For now, I think I’m gonna get myself a dash cam. Pennsylvania roads are fucking spooky.

Edit: I can’t stop thinking about this. I saw an actual deer on my way home from work today and was instantly paralyzed in fear. It felt like it was taunting me. I don’t know how to explain it. I could feel its eyes burning on my skin.

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Possible SW/Black Dog encounter?

This happened a couple hours prior to when I’m writing this. A buddy of mine had met me for McDonald’s for dinner tonight. Normally we’d hit Waffle House, but it was already packed. We started talking about dumb stuff we did as kids, and it eventually became creepy stuff we saw as kids. I brought up how back when I was in the Boy Scouts, during one of our campouts, a troop camped a little further away from mine had an expensive allegedly wildlife proof cooler full of raw meat raided by a pack of coyotes. For laughs, my buddy said “Like a skinwalker?” And I said maybe, but that I sure as hell wasn’t getting out of my tent in the middle of the night to investigate. Rather quickly, I change the subject. When I was driving home, I slowed down slightly to go through a school zone. For reference, I live in Henry County GA where speed cameras are kept on 24/7. I slow my truck to 30 miles an hour. I hear a voice over the rumble of my V8 engine whisper “Speed up! They’ll catch you! They’ll catch you!” Writing it off as radio static or the product of a tired mind, I sped up slightly and kept going down the back road until I hit a four way stop. And then I saw it. A massive dog like a dark cloud with glowing greenish blue eyes. They looked like a cat’s eyes when a flashlight is shone on them. It was huge, it’s shoulders easily could have matched the height of my truck bed, and it was barreling towards me, dangerously close to tailgrabbing my ass Smokey Bear style. The air inside my cab went cold, despite the closed windows and running heater, as I noticed water vapor exit my mouth. Needless to say, I gunned it and nearly flipped my truck doing 95 miles an hour the whole way home. Was this a skinwalker? Did I encounter a Black Dog?

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Real Up Close Encounter Story (SW Or Something Else - Personal Story)

So for context this was about 7 months ago. I'm just now posting this because I've been thinking about it lately and I thought maybe I could share my experience and finally give myself some information from other people's opinions on this story. This is 100% real and my girlfriend was with me at the time for credibility that I wasnt tripping; I live in Tennessee. I was 100% sober, slept fine the night before, nothing was interfering with me to make this up in my head. I don't have any medical conditions other than ADHD. This story happened I would say around 12 or 1 AM or so.

So I own a small shed next to my house. I have a TV in the shed so some nights I'll go out to the shed and hangout by myself and chill watching some movies. My girlfriend was over at the time so we decided to go watch a new movie that came out around that time. I have a cool TV setup in there so it's sometimes better watching it there than in the house. Anyway, I always leave out the back door when I go to the shed, and most of the time I usually leave it open until I come back in. I live in a less popular and non sketchy neighborhood so there's usually no problems with people being around to break in or anything. At the time, I owned a dog that was in the final stages of being deaf and blind. She was a small Yorkie/ Shih Tzu mix. She could barely see anything, if anything at all. Can you see where this is going? I go back into the house after the movie (with my gf) and I go to the bathroom and I notice I don't hear my dog walking around doing her nightly blind walks in the house. Usually she'll snoop around the house for no reason but I think it's because she couldn't see much or was getting dementia.

So I look absolutely everywhere in the house and she's nowhere to be seen. Me and my GF are both dumbfounded and we start thinking she SOMEHOW managed to leave through the back door. Take to note you have to go from the hallway to my room, to a back room, to the back door, to the back porch that's raised about 4 to 5 foot off the ground. So we decide we'll look around outside just in case she somehow managed to get lost and come out the back porch and fell off the back porch. She had to have fell off because it's a pretty big drop and she was almost completely blind. Well we look for a bit and still nothing. Absolutely no sign of her anywhere. No blood from a fall, didn't hear any squeals when we were in the shed prior, nothing. Theres literally no sign she ever got out but we searched absolutely EVERYWHERE. So there's a small patch of woods behind my house and I thought if she escaped surely she couldn't be too too far away. So we start walking out to the small woods area to look for her. I have my phone flashlight on and my girlfriend is walking with me. All of a sudden I start hearing a few leaves crunching and I thought thank God I found my dog.

I put my flashlight over where I heard the leaves crunching and I see a hooded figure. Theyre probably about 15 to 20 foot away or more and they just slowly walking pretty much at a complete stop when I put the flashlight on them. I end up taking the flashlight off of them and I tell my girlfriend there's somebody snooping around out here and we should probably go back in. Next thing you know I hear the leaves crunching again and I turn the flashlight towards where the figure was and I just can't believe my eyes. All of a sudden it like switches to a tall grey figure running super fast to the left of the woods. This thing is absolutely faster than anything I've ever seen. As soon as I seen it do that my whole body was just hit with a big wave of cold chills like I cant even explain the feeling it felt like the chills went from the top of my head down to my toes. I absolutely book it almost even leaving my girlfriend behind. After we got back into the house I asked her what she seen and she said she didn't get to see it, she only heard the leaves crunching like something was running really fast. I just absolutely couldn't believe my eyes till this day I still don't know what the heck it was. It was literally like someone with a hoodie and their hood over their face and then it turns into a tall skinny grey figure absolutely running faster than anything I've ever seen.

I never found my dog and never found any proof she even got out. We've checked every crevice of the house and even posted on Facebook her being missing in effort someone would find her. Nobody ever did and now she's just a memory. But it still makes me think to this day if what I saw is somehow connected with my dog disappearing. I overthink it thinking like what if it went in the house when the door was open and grabbed her or something. I'll never forget the story and it was my first ever encounter with something crazy like that. It actually kinda feels good to share this story maybe others can relate or have experiences similar to mine. Every since then, I haven't encountered anything out of the ordinary but I still feel paranoid when going into my shed when I can see the woods in the corner of my eyes. The day after that incident we even explored the small wooded area to see any proof of the creature being there or even my dog and there was no proof of either. I wish I knew what happened to my dog also but I know at least she isn't suffering from blindness and being deaf anymore.

10:20 UTC


Truth of Skinwalkers... Stories from the Navajo Nation || Viewer Discretion Advised!!! ||

Here's first hand knowledge of what a skinwalker truly is.

18:32 UTC


About the Bestie Bestiary Podcast

Hey everyone! First of all I would like to thank everyone for the stories you have all shared with me. I really appreciate the support! Secondly I'd like to let everyone know that our first series on "skinwalkers" is underway and recorded! Our first episode will be diving into the lore and a first hand personal account of the nahuales (shape-shifting witch) of Central America! Thank you all again for the support and excitement. I promise I will try to get to all of you as soon as I can. If you want to keep up to date, we have a Facebook page @TheBestieBestiaryPodcast. I hope you all enjoy the first episode when it's out and I'd love to hear your feedback.


02:35 UTC


Looking to interview someone with a skinwalker experience.

Hey guys, I am making a podcast and would love to be able to have a phone or Skype interview with someone to discuss their skinwalker experience. The more intense, the better. My show is me and one other person discussing the paranormal in general, and each episode has its own theme. The first episode will be about skinwalkers. If you are uncomfortable commenting on here, please feel free and pm me. There will be no judgment, and you will not be made fun of. I simply want to hear your story and make it available to our listeners. I will be choosing one story for the episode; two if they are both compelling enough. Thanks so much for your time!

17:31 UTC


Skinwalker on the ceiling of a cave?

Hiya guys, I’m just interested in trying to recover a tale I heard about someone going into a cave (in the desert?) looking up, and there was a skinwalker looking down at them from the cave ceiling. Now I can’t remember if this was a written story online, or whether it was on one of these ‘skinwalker stories’ compilations real aloud on YouTube. I just remember it being really eerie, and was wondering if anyone else had come across this and could point me in the right direction!

20:38 UTC


Weirdest experience of my life

This all took place a few days ago. Still unsure as to what the fuck was going on.

Anyway, I was sat in my room playing some xbox when I heard what sounded like a dying animal coming from outside my window. I had heard it a few times earlier that day but this time was much louder and much more agressieve. This of course freaked me out so I went outside to investigate.

For context, my window leads to my backyard which is right next to a laneway, separated only by a shitty little fence. I walk outside and head to where my window is to find my dog going buck nutty at the fence, barking and scratching. The strange noise had stopped but I realised that a bunch of other dogs in my street where also going crazy. I initially thought maybe some strays were fighting and one got injured so I stuck my head over the fence to have a look but nothing was there. I calmed my dog down and headed inside and to the front window that looks out on to my street. Mind due, this window is quite hard to spot from the street, which makes this next bit extra freaky.

The dogs in my street were all still going crazy so I looked out the front window expecting to see some dogs chasing each other or something like that, but all that I saw was a strange looking man walking down the road. His back was turned to me and I stared for a bit, trying to analyse the situation. That’s when out of nowhere he turned full 180 and made direct eye contact with me. When his eyes met mine I shit myself and quickly ran from the window. I gathered my thoughts for a second or two and decided to look back out and see if he was still standing there. But nothing. No one. He was gone. The time between me leaving the window to me looking back to see nothing was much to short for him to have left. This whole experience left me quite shook and confused as to what I actually witnessed.

Please feel free to comment your thoughts on what happened. Am I crazy or did I genuinely see something non-human. Just so you know I am rather unknowledgeable with this stuff so any ideas or opinions in this event is a massive help. Thanks for reading.

05:33 UTC


Books with Skinwalkers in them or related to skinwalkers?

Does anyone know any books that have references of or are inspired by skinwalkers or appalachian folk?

02:08 UTC

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