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Druidcraft with Duncan (Rowan trees, do you Rowant to know more?)

1 Comment
03:34 UTC


What would cause this tree to grow like this?

Southwest Washington State - I think it’s a Western Red Cedar.

1 Comment
02:47 UTC


Central Indiana - Any idea what this is? And any tips on propagating it?

01:58 UTC


Small Tree Recs? 9b

  • zone 9b
  • 8ft wide east-west alleyway between foundations
  • 2-3" of topsoil over 1" clay (original builder's sod tried to break it up) over grading sand.
  • soil can become saturated during hurricane season
01:10 UTC


Viburnum tree roots

How far is the spread on Viburnum Tree roots? Do they go beyond the spread of the canopy?

1 Comment
21:50 UTC


Is this a tree? If so what kind?

1 Comment
21:31 UTC


Bay laurels a tree right?

This was the healthier of the 2. Don’t know if I’ve under or over watered it. Don’t see any signs of pests of anything. It gets full sun but it’s been very dry and hot lately.

18:55 UTC


Can anyone identify this oak(?) tree found in North Georgia, US

The leaves were at least 9” and looked almost like fiddle leaf fig leaves to me. Spotted on a walk near Kennesaw Mountain. Google says chestnut oak but the leaf shape doesn’t look right to me. Thanks!

17:59 UTC


How do I open up a headshop?

I'm from Northern Virginia and I want to move to either the Orlando or Tampa Bay area and open up a bong shop. Do I just ask a bank for a loan to lease a building and purchase with the loan the bongs online in bulk along with rolling papers and stuff? Also note that may be convicted a felon in September (I committed the heinous and egregious felony of covering my face up with a black moroccan djellaba and black balaclava in public), so not sure if that would affect my ability to get a loan or not.

1 Comment
16:23 UTC


Things to consider when selecting a new tree?

I live in southern Ontario, zone 5A and I want to plant a new tree. The spot it’s going had a big white pine there that came down. It gets full sun and it will be relatively close (10-15ft)to the house and a high traffic sidewalk. I would like something that doesn’t grow too fast or get too tall. My wife would like something that has pretty flowers (she has mentioned magnolia). Can you recommend any trees or things to consider when deciding on a new tree based on our situation?

16:08 UTC


Chances it will survive?

Had a neighbour getting rid off a tree, it doesn't seem to have many roots attached, I'm going to dig a hole and get it upright and watered ASAP. What are the chances of survival? Feels like the wrong time of year to be trying this but a free tree is a free tree! North East UK

15:55 UTC


Is this an ash tree?

13:45 UTC


Bricks restricting growth

Does anyone know if there’s anything I can do to help this ash tree? I’ve heard these kinds of bricks are particularly difficult to pull out, but perhaps someone has a trick or tool to recommend that might make it easier?

03:03 UTC


I'm not sure how this tree is alive let alone being loaded with fruit.

The trunk is completely hollow and half is bare crumbling wood. It's coming down soon.

1 Comment
23:09 UTC

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