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Trees. No, actual trees. The tall, green things outside.

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This subreddit is for tree- and forestry-related posts. Here are the types of submissions that belong here:

  • Trivia on your favorite species
  • Photo of a particularly good-looking pine
  • News story on a parasite outbreak
  • Video of your mad tree-climbing skills
  • Question for an arborist
  • Praise for a rainforest conservation group
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Camphor tree disease treatment?

I'm in the Tampa, Florida area. We had to cut down a diseased oak tree and decided we wanted more camphor trees for shade. I got about 20 seedlings from under our neighbor's camphor and put them in pots last year. The majority have grown very well in their pots and seem quite healthy, but I've got a couple that have recently developed these rust red leaves with green spots. This is obviously a disease. Can anyone identify it? Can you share an effective treatment? I'm very close to just discarding the affected individuals for yard waste collection, but would like to know if there is an easy treatment and if the disease is a hazard to other plants.


18:13 UTC


A lovely in the middle of quarry

I just thought she was beautiful in a sea of dirt

12:08 UTC


Can I Propagate a Large Cutting from a 60-foot Green Giant Tree?

Hi everyone in the arborist community! I have a question about propagating a Green Giant tree. I own a few 60-foot Green Giants and, due to impatience, I'm wondering if it's feasible to take a rather large cutting from one and successfully root it. My goal is to either plant it in the spring or directly into the ground. I'm aware that most people propagate smaller cuttings, but I'm looking to save some years of waiting for it to reach a certain height. Is this idea practical, or is it just wishful thinking? Any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated!

10:52 UTC


How to over-winter container-grown trees?

I have about 35 container-grown trees (mostly sugar maples), that I'm not sure I'll all be able to plant before the Winter.

They're in normal plastic containers, and are 6-12 feet tall.

Do you guys have any advice on how to keep them over the Winter until I can plant them when Spring comes?

People are saying to bury them in soil as if I was planting them, then covering them with mulch (bark?).
I also have an unheated barn that I can put them into, there is barely any light in there and I'm not sure about what temperatures look like, either, though.

Any advice appreciated!

23:18 UTC


Deciduous tree inside

Ive got two oak saplings in pots inside my apartment. I had always been curious what happens to deciduous trees if they just skip the winter alltogether.
Ive since read that, without a winter, they wont get triggered to grow again after they go dormant (which they will independent of the temperature because of the difference in daylight hours).

My question is: how long does the 'winter' have to last for warmth to trigger them to sprout again? Could i put them out on the balcony for a few weeks, take them back inside and trigger their 'summer' fase again?

14:03 UTC


Palm tree-looking Autumn Blaze—any hope for this guy?

I planted this tree 1 year ago (not sure how old it was). It's an Autumn Blaze ACER x FREMANII maple.

It doesn't have a lot of branches, and it was topped (not by me).

I haven't seen a lot of growth—if any—between last Fall and now. Is there any hope that it will fill up/grow some branches, or will it always kind of look like a palm tree?

Is there anything I can do to improve the situation? Any help appreciated—thanks!

P.S.: please ignore the ghetto stacking, I had to put this together quickly because I needed its original one.

ACER x FREMANII looks like a palm tree

10:00 UTC


How to un-narrowify a mature tree..?

I bought this pretty big (20 feet/6 meters) red oak from a nursery. As always, it was growing pretty close to other trees so its branches are pretty narrow, pretty much all of them are less than 45 degrees.

Is this tree too old to correct the problem—either with tightening it down like I did today, or with branch spreaders..?

I did one today just because (hopefully it doesn't break the branch the first time there's strong wind), I was thinking to try and fix the other ones next Spring when branches are more elastic.

Any advice on how to do this, or if it's even possible with an older tree?

(wheelbarrow for scale)

13:19 UTC


How to fix mulch volcano on this tree?

Moved into a new contruction house and they have these magnolias planted a couple weeks ago with mulch volcanos.

Been trying to dig it out and have it properly mulched. I know I should be seeing the root flare which the other tree have and look fine, but this one has a lot of small roots all aroudn the base and just looks "different", how should I go about fixing this? Do I need to dig deeper for the root flare?


17:40 UTC


Vortex of girdling roots—what do I do?

13:06 UTC


Is this way too much water?

Hey, all. I just planted this red oak and created a little donut around it for it to get water.

However, soil is is pretty muddy. We had a lot of rain today, and the water pooled inside the crater.

Is this too much water? Is this OK for the first few day, but overkill long-term?

Seems like it might be too much. Any help appreciated!


18:52 UTC


Is this a co dominant stem?

Hello all, I have a young Twilight Crepe Myrtle in my yard. In the picture, is that considered a co dominant stem? And if so, should I prune where I have marked once it goes dormant and all the leaves drop? Thank you

13:16 UTC


Need ideas on how to lift a newly and partially planted tree

23:58 UTC


This willow had very strong red colour on it - is this some kind of fungi? Western Norway, firewood production.

20:02 UTC


What should I do?

This tree was planted relatively close to my house. My neighbor has brought it up, asking me to take it down, saying it's likely under his house's foundation. It's a sycamore. I'm not exactly sure of the type. It's a beautiful tree. My thought is to move it like 8-10 feet forward, away from the house. Will that be enough? Any advice from someone more knowledgeable is greatly appreciated.





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13:52 UTC


Any recommendations for seller if Camperdown Elm?

In zone 5. Midwest. I’d love one in my yard. Are they hard to grow?

17:44 UTC


Weeping giant sequoia

I live in zone 6 Northern Kentucky, should I plant this guy now or wait till spring and just let it keep going in the pot?

20:02 UTC


Move newly-planted red maples before leaves fall?


Long story, but I have a short window of opportunity to transplant some young (2-3 years? They're about 8 feet tall) red maples that I originally planted 3-4 months ago. I need to move them from one spot to another as they're redoing a gas line.

My question is: will it be OK even if leaves are red but they haven't all fallen, yet? Or I MUST wait for late Fall/Winter?

I'm thinking that since they were only planted a few months ago, there can't be a huge amount of roots, yet, and it might be OK moving with an excavator. If I wait for the Winter there would be a gas pipe close to them and it would be a whole lot more complicated.

If OK to transplant now, do you have any suggestion as to how deep/wide I should dig knowing that they've been planted 3-4 months ago from a small container?

Any help appreciated.

13:22 UTC

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