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Welcome to r/growmybusiness. This is the place to find and share creative strategies for optimized business growth.


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I have too many sales, not enough talent. Do I need an expensive director of operations?

My bottleneck ends up being talented labor, its pretty well known in the programming industry. (And I'm super niche, every new hire needs 3-6 months training or I'm paying $100-200/hr which somewhat breaks my economics.)

My goal is to go from 1 programmer(me) to 49 programmers in 3-5 years. I currently have 5 programmers that are in 'on the job' training.

As a result, I also work the service/train the new hires. I don't have time for business decisions. I was planning to hire a director of operations to run the company while I programmed/taught programmers. Even if that is a fantasy and I'm still calling the shots, a director of operations can be a 'redundancy check' to prevent me from making mistakes.

I have lots of resumes for a director of operations, I see these go for $40-$100+/hr.

I'm not sure if this is a position where I'm going to be teaching the director of operations, or they will be teaching me. If I'm doing the teaching, I'd go low cost. If I am defering, I'd spend more money.

I'm not sure its worth it to pay big dollars for top talent, we are already doing great.

At the same time, I can afford to pay for top talent, we are doing great. Lets not screw this up. (I call this a 'blame the consultant' route)

10:04 UTC


How to grow a newsletter?

After seeing Twitter's algorithm, I have decided to shift my focus from growing my Twitter account to building a newsletter called Starterpedia (https://www.starterpedia.com/) for indie hackers and SaaS founders.

However, I honestly don't know how to grow this newsletter. I have tried Twitter and gained 28 subscribers with two newsletter issues.

Can someone give me some suggestions to grow this newsletter.

04:03 UTC


Have you ever experienced fundraising? Advice needed

I am a co-founder of a startup, and we are trying to raise money for the first time. We have already passed the validation and prototype stage and need money to launch our product. We have been trying for a few weeks to search and inquire but it is really complicated and we are afraid of doing the wrong thing since it is the first time for us.

Do any of you already have experience in raising money for startups and can give us advice? Any advice is welcome!

16:37 UTC


Feedback and Support please

Hi guys,

We have launched our latest product and are looking for feedback and support. DreamCanvas will provide you with hours of fun for the whole family. Let us know what you think.



12:26 UTC


How effective is your current system at keeping track of project deadlines and updates?

06:30 UTC


What Type of Material Should I Use for My Mailer Box?

00:38 UTC


Feedback on Starting up Business Again

Hello everybody, I am head of outreach for a small business that purchases high end electronics (recent laptops, tablets, servers, etc.) in a US metropolitan area. We found a lot of success bringing in customers from 2007-2018 and slowed down after that.

We are rebuilding the business in 2024 and have started doing outreach and strategically placing ads online. So far, there has been a few inquiries, but we are looking to try and pick up those numbers and are looking for different ways to locate and target the best businesses, and people relevant to our search.

In addition to these strategies what do people suggest as far as maybe some out of the box or clever ways of finding out the best ones to target. Also any feedback on other aspects of starting a business back up after a hiatus is welcomed and much appreciated.

Thank you!

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20:25 UTC


Entrepreneurs: What Matters Most When Selecting a Software Development Company?

Hi Entrepreneurs!

I'm not a researcher, but I'm trying to understand what factors are most important when choosing a web or mobile ap development company for a project.

I would love to hear your opinions on this matter. Which of the following profile parameters are most important to you when selecting a development company? And why?

  • Founded Date
  • HQ Country
  • Business Entity Location

Team and Expertise:

  • Team Size
  • Industry Experience/Focus Area
  • Languages

Reputation and Clients:

  • Portfolio
  • Top Clients
  • Press Mention
  • Reviews
  • Overall Rating

Financial and Pricing:

  • Minimum Project Price
  • Average Hour Rate

And, probably, I overlooked something.

Thank you for your insights!

10:53 UTC


Feedback: I launched an app for highlighting your milestones


Quick story about me:
I lost my job as a frontend developer on 1st of April and decided it is a perfect moment to start creating on my own. Firstly, I decided to offer coaching to other developers and after that web development services to businesses. Neither of those didn't go well since I am not really good at getting leads. And there was only one thing left before I must look for a job again, and that is to build my own application. But I was always intimitated to release an app on Product Hunt and to share my application everywhere because I am aware that a lot of other applications created are much better than mine. Until I stumbled upon videos of a SaaS maker Marc Lou, which motivated me to launch an application on Product Hunt no matter what. Perfect timing with my current unemployeed situation. And I got the app idea from Marc Lou, he is the one who shared the idea publicly on his Twitter/X account.

Last week I launched my app Bento Highlights on Product Hunt, and shared it anywhere I could. I have gotten some feedback that pretty much sums it up as "people don't really need this product and are not ready to pay" . I created this app because mentioned "influencer" shared that idea, so I took the challenge and here we are. I could use some feedback, do people really don't need something like this or I am looking at the wrong place? Should I scrap this app and create a new one or continue on this one for a bit?

Bento Highlights is an app that lets you showcase your milestones with style. Create beautiful visuals that reflect your brand's progress and engage your audience. Perfect for startups, businesses, and influencers aiming to fascinate their followers.

I am recording my whole journey on YouTube - AlenV YouTube Playlist

13:43 UTC


Does journaling help you to uncover solutions to your business challenges?

I'm exploring the power of journaling in business problem-solving. I'd love to hear your insights.

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18:54 UTC


Need feedback: Bitcoin Guide for beginners

I genuinely want to help people who are just starting out with bitcoin. Most of them look it at as scam. But I feel they haven't just got the right education about bitcoin.

So I collect some resource which can help people to get their basics right.

I made a landing page for which I need your feedback!

Please let me know your thoughts! I'm also looking forward to start the newsletter. But for now I'm really confused on what should I focus on

08:47 UTC


I need feedback...

I created a newsletter a few months ago, and I've managed to grow to a few thousand followers, but I'm wondering how to keep increasing my audience while having no budget.

I know social media should be the main way, ironically, I talk about social media growth on my newsletter, but I was wondering, if you knew some places where I can share my newsletter, places similar to ProductHunt, where I can get some easy exposure to my newsletter.

16:27 UTC


How much do apps earn from native ads?

I’m trying to build an app like all trails but specific to my country, I need to mention the amount in my investment pitch can anyone please give me a number?

10:30 UTC


I built a service for website owners - To help them with speed, SEO and security. Feedback please.

Webwarden.pro is a service that analyzes websites for speed, SEO, and security. It offers three types of reports: Starter (speed analysis), Pro (speed and SEO analysis), and Premium (speed, SEO, and security analysis). Each report will provide steps to enhance the customer's website performance, visibility, and security. Potential customers are website owners who use their website to generate bookings/revenue - doctors, dentists, lawyers, etc. Any comments would be appreciated.

12:04 UTC


How well do you understand how to get funding for your business?

The most common questions we're asked from entrepreneurs are always about funding.

We find that most don't understand much about finance (and specifically how it differs from valuation), the stages of finance, who they should pitch to, what their pitches should include and where to go for advice.

We'd love to know what people in this group think about this.

For example, if you had to appear on Dragon's Den, would you know what type of questions they'd ask and, more specifically, how you'd respond?

09:55 UTC


Best way to find potential buyers?

I’m working for a business that buys spare electronics that a company might not need anymore. The owner slowed down during COVID but is looking to pick it back up again. In the past he’s found success reaching out to IT directors of companies.

My role is finding good potential companies that might have excess electronics, reaching out to their IT department heads and buying their electronics hopefully.

What is the best way of finding this contact info online. Most of the websites don’t have a directory of the employees and contact info. On LinkedIn you can’t search for specific job titles.

I was thinking a small zoom info subscription to help out. The owner would have no problem paying for it. What do yall think?

18:59 UTC


What should a All-in-one Startup Platform include?

We're building a startup platform where founders can create and launch startups using one single platform. Interested to know what other startup owners would expect out of this platform.

P.S. It's called Venturz, we're currently in beta and would love your feedback. Do check it out.

13:15 UTC


Do you have ideas and feedback for handling prospect objections on calls?

I made an AI sales call assistant for entrepreneurs and salespeople that helps with customer conversations on calls.

Runmic provides real-time assistance during calls, helping users predict customer responses, suggest the best sales tactics, and improve overall conversation outcomes.

To gain traction and exposure, I have launched my own campaigns, and I would love some ideas on what features or improvements we could add to the platform.

Any idea is welcome. For example, what additional sales scenarios should our AI be able to handle? How can we further enhance real-time feedback for sales calls?

The suggestions should be practical and relevant to real-world sales interactions to be interesting for users.

Thank you

21:34 UTC


Team password manager for Google Workspace feedback

Hello, thanks to everyone for providing your feedback in advance.

URL: https://passwd.team

Passwd is a team password manager for your Google Workspace. It remembers all your team's passwords, stores them safely, and fills them for you. It is a cloud software you install and host on your private Google Cloud Platform. You are the owner of your data, all encrypted by the powerful Google Key Management Service.

Passwd currently has about a hundred paying customers from more than 20 countries. However, expanding further is very challenging, with our primary problem lying in converting leads into customers. We're feeling a bit stuck with progress moving forward slowly and our advertising efforts not quite hitting the mark as we hoped. Even after hiring some Google Ads professionals.

Not sure what could we do to improve. Most customers stay with us even after their trial runs out and are satisfied.

I believe this startup has a potential in its architecture and privacy along with the benefit of being Google Workspace integrated, but not sure what channels could help it grow more.

Thanks once again for any feedback.

12:21 UTC


Need feedback, I've got no idea what my ideal customer looks like.

Hear me out, I'm a developer and I've been coding on https://snapclip.io for a couple of months now. While my perfectionistic brain forbids me from launching "too early", I guess this is the time.

Snapclip watches over your shoulder when you provide explanations or share your screen. It learns from what you show and tell and is capable of answering questions based on your (or others in the team) knowledge. It'll pinpoint you to the right fragment in a recording.

I've ran Google Ads, nada (and frankly, I'm not even sure I do it right). I tried Reddit but mostly bumped upon people tries to sell me services instead. It kinda hits me that I have no clue who to target. The waitlist has literally 0 signups.

I could use some pointers here. Muchos gracias!

23:38 UTC


Need Honest Feedback!! Start Up Idea for Instant split and debit for group transactions

  • To create an application that simplifies the group payments whether its a party, road trips, gathering, or booking tickets/hotels for a trip.
  • Generally, one person pays for the different bookings and then add the expenses to a third party split applications which people tend to not clear until we remind them several times and that does not feel good.
  • This application will solve it by processing the group payments while reserving and hence there is no hassle for an individual to collect his money back.

Please review my webpage here https://group-tender.carrd.co/

Looking for some feedback on this.

20:23 UTC


YouTube to mp3 API feedback?

Hi I'm a software backend developer, I write java web applications and REST API. I developed this API present on the RapidAPI marketplace, you can convert and download YouTube videos in multiple formats.

Easy to integrate with any kind of frontend technology, this is the url: https://rapidapi.com/marcocollatina/api/youtube-to-mp315

We hope to grow and improve even further!

I appreciate your feedback, thanks.


18:57 UTC


Would you pay money to an unlimited manual testing agency?

Hello everyone, you know that software developers need a lot of testing and may not always have time to test themselves. It can also be costly to always have testers in teams.

I am thinking of creating an unlimited testing agency and doing all the manual tests that users want for a certain monthly amount. In this way, they can reach testers only when they need them and they can test with expert testers.

Would you pay for something like this, how much would you pay for unlimited monthly testing? (Of course, there will be a limit of 1-2 requests at the same time)

07:19 UTC


How do I get potential leads for my wedding planning/event planning business?

Hi, I have started a wedding planning/ event planning business called KAISHI events in bengaluru, With just an experience of a year in another wedding planning firm. As a new company i don’t have a company's portfolio to showcase yet. How do I get leads on clients who are looking for a wedding planner/ event planner. Also I need suggestions on scaling up my business. The market is very competitive and runs on word of mouth.

09:57 UTC


Are successful entrepreneurs born or made?

00:00 UTC


Looking for some tips on how you would you pitch this?

I run a custom software development company specializing in web applications, mobile apps, and APIs tailored to specific client needs. We also offer professional custom website development for local businesses like contractors, electricians, and small family-owned shops. Our websites are built using the latest technologies by a team of engineers. It's overkill for most businesses. The lowest we've ever charged is $3,000.

While our referral and SEO efforts have been successful in selling these websites to local businesses, I believe we can boost our sales by expanding our portfolio in this area. Many local business owners seem less interested in our enterprise application work when browsing our portfolio. We think showcasing more local business websites might better highlight our expertise in this area.

To address this, we've been offering to build websites for local businesses for free, aiming to grow our portfolio. Although this approach is going to lose money in the short term, I think there's a chance it pays dividends in the future. However, despite my salesman reaching out to loads of businesses in our area to try and build them a custom coded website for free, we can't seem to secure any agreements. Many seem skeptical, possibly because the offer sounds too good to be true.

Do you have any suggestions on how we could better communicate our intentions and the value of this offer to potential clients? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

20:45 UTC


what's in your digital toolbox?

I’ve been noticing a bunch of you asking about what tools can really make a difference in growing your business. I figured I'd throw together a list of some of the tools I, and others around here, have found super helpful.

Planoly and Later - for managing your social media content. Scheduling posts and planning your feed in advance frees up so much time.

Canva & Boost App Social - for content creation. Canva’s great for those quick, snazzy graphics or tweaking your photos. Boost App Social steps it up by offering some sweet tools like AI-driven captions, niche hashtags, and funky fonts.

Capcut - for cutting and editing if you're into video content. It's mobile-friendly too, so you can edit on the fly.

Instagram Insights & Meta Ads - gives you the lowdown on engagement and reach.

what tools have you all been using?

06:49 UTC


Monthly Growth Strategy & Advice Thread

Welcome to r/GrowMyBusiness Monthly Growth Strategy & Advice. Use this thread to share strategies and advice with the community. These can include methods, tips, business strategy or general advice.

Comments must include written content with strategy or advice (not just a link), although you can include a signature. Posts without strategy or advice in the comment will be removed.

03:00 UTC


Why Do Most of Your Ads Have a CTR Below 1%?

Hey everyone,

I've noticed while auditing Facebook ad accounts that the CTR of most ad creatives is below or around 1%, even though they use high-quality visual imagery and highlight benefits rather than features. So, what could be the reason behind this?

There could be many reasons, but in my 5 years of experience with Facebook ads, I've found that 90% of the time, the issue lies with the ad creative itself. Today, I want to share some insights on creating ads tailored to customer awareness stages.

Here are the five stages of customer awareness:

  1. Unaware Stage
  2. Problem-Aware Stage
  3. Solution-Aware Stage
  4. Product-Aware Stage
  5. Most Aware Stage

Let's understand this with an example. Let's say I have to advertise mobile phone covers. Here’s how I would approach creating ads for each awareness stage of a potential customer:.

Unaware Stage: Planting the Seed
Currently, potential customers aren't even aware that they need a mobile phone cover. The goal here is to grab their attention and make them curious.

Example 1: "Ever dropped your phone and watched in horror as it hit the ground? You're not alone. Find out how you can protect your phone from those heart-stopping moments."

Example 2: "Did you know that stylish phone covers are trending this year? See how you can be a part of the trend."

Problem-Aware Stage: Identifying the Pain Point
Now, our target audience knows they have a problem (like a scratched or boring-looking phone) but isn't sure how to solve it.

Example 1: "Tired of those annoying scratches on your phone? Discover how our covers can keep your phone looking brand new."

Example 2: "Bored with your phone's plain old look? Our stylish covers are here to transform your phone into a fashion statement."

Solution-Aware Stage: Introducing Our Solution
Now, our target audience knows about the solutions available but isn't familiar with our specific product.

Example 1: "Our phone covers not only protect your phone but also add a touch of style. Check out our unique designs that you won't find anywhere else."

Example 2: "Looking for a phone cover that offers both protection and style? Our covers are designed to give you the best of both worlds."

Product-Aware Stage: Showcasing Our Unique Values
At this point, potential customers know about our product but are still considering their options.

Example 1: "Why choose our covers? They’re not just about looks. Our patented technology ensures maximum protection without the bulk."

Example 2: "Join thousands of happy customers who love our blend of style and durability. Plus, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee!"

Most-Aware Stage: Reinforcing Trust and Urgency
Finally, when customers are almost ready to buy, we reinforce their decision with social proof and a sense of urgency.

Example 1: "Over 10,000 satisfied customers can’t be wrong! Get 20% off your first purchase today only."

Example 2: "Limited time offer! Protect your phone in style with our best-selling covers. Order now and get free shipping!"

By tailoring our ads to these awareness stages, we ensure we're always speaking directly to where our customers are in their journey. This approach has not only increased our engagement but also boosted our sales. Give it a try and see the difference it makes!

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18:24 UTC


What do you focus on to grow?

Would love to hear what you focus on to grow your business

16:48 UTC

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