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A place for users of Blenders Game Engine to share all BGE related work!

Note that as of April 2018 BGE was officially removed from Blender. While its legacy lives on - this subreddit can be a bit quiet at times. Questions and support for BGE can also be found at the Blenderartists.org forums!

Welcome to /r/BlenderGameEngine, the subreddit for BGE users

The BGE is Blender's inbuilt, realtime 3D/Game Creation tool.

This subreddit has only just been created, so if you've already found it expect content and polish to be coming shortly!

IRC: #gameblender

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Ultimate 104 Animal Skinpack V2 for Zbrush/blender and Substance Painter

Ultimate 104 Animal Skinpack V2 for Zbrush/blender and Substance Painter 👾Download: https://www.artstation.com/a/7088305 ✅Learn how to use high-quality brushes to texture animals in Zbrush, Substance Painter and Blender. ✅Entire tutorials included, no timelapses, no cuts! ✅Guaranteed, this is the most high quality animal/creature package created for blender, zbrush and substance painter on the entire internet.

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Use a scipt to control an object by acceleration or velocity in real time

Hi, I'm trying to use Blender to simulate a vehicle to test the autonomous navigation I'm working on. To be able to do this you would need to be able to give, preferably, an acceleration setpoint to the vehicle, or a speed setpoint, to be able to move the vehicle through the simulation in real time. Do you know if there is any way to do it? or any addon that makes it easier?

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Stable 3D Private Preview: Request access form

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Creation process ( YAGGA THE ORC WARRIOR )

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Free tool for Auto rigging and Mocap! Export to UE5 ,UNITY +More

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Learn how to use high-quality brushes to texture animals in Zbrush, Substance Painter and Blender

👾Download: https://www.artstation.com/a/7088305 ✅Learn how to use high-quality brushes to texture animals in Zbrush, Substance Painter and Blender. ✅Entire tutorials included, no timelapses, no cuts! ✅Guaranteed, this is the most high quality animal/creature package created for blender, zbrush and substance painter on the entire internet.

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The Blender GameKit~2nd Edition

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PRISON - Realistic Horror Game Scene | FPS Upbge

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Blender Tutorial - Procedural Modeling Masterclass Space Station Generator

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Another Develog, this time a general overhaul of the game's look, it changed a lot! :)

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Another devlog, this one showing the new animations added to my game “Blood Island”, this is an update I'm working on.

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its bge multiplatform??

heyo so...im new at bge so i was wondering if its posible to develop a game for conosles like 3ds and psvita on the bge or if i cam only do pc games

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i tried using an AI to write me an audio output changer, i want to change the game's audio output to VB-cable, do u see something wrong with the code?, im not familiarized with the bge library

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Question about white screen for EXE and external testing?

Hey, sorry to bother ya'll, but I would seriously appreciate an answer to this. It's a new problem for me.

My latest project is going great, but when I test publish it as an EXE, or run the engine with the external blender player, I get just a white screen (with the audio, but no visuals).

This does not happen in the internal game engine player. Is there a reason for this/fix? I would really appreciate it.

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Be real with me fellas, how likely is it?

kinda looking around for good game engines i can make a game on.

ive used blender for years and am barley discovering that the UPBGE exists in 3.0 and im wondering.

how likely is it that i would have the best luck making a game on this, as of compared to something like unity or unreal.

would the performance be good? bug fixing, troubleshooting, multiplayer, etc?

to give some scale i want to make a game that has a large map, is multiplayer, has character customization, combat, story, action, and more stuff, and im just scared that if i go for it trying to learn the full extent of the blender game engine im going to end up with a lot of useless knowledge at the end of the day. I don't know how to code so i would need something with relatively easy visual scripting.

or would i have a better time with a different game engine?

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Apologies! (The sub is no longer in 'restricted' mode)

Sorry Blenderheads,

I've had a couple of people message me these past few months about this subreddit being 'approved' users only + requesting approval status (which I figured were odd requests, as I havent had anyone ask about these things before).

Today I found that a new setting ('Type of Community') in the mod settings had been default set to 'restricted' (thanks reddit)... which explains what was going on with the requests.

Either way, I've set it back to public now, so anyone can post again.

Still impressed that all these years later, we have almost 2k members, people posting content and continuing to work with the game engine. BGE never dies!


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Help please

Could someone please tell me how i can add an actuator that changes the number of subdivision levels in the subdivision modifier when a key is pressed

10:43 UTC


I'm really happy with my BGE game so far! :)

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This is the first trailer for the game Blood Island, along with the trailer the game page also came out on steam, I will be very grateful if you can help me by adding the game to your wish list, thank you very much!

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I have my game finished, but the .exe doesn't work properly because of linked groups

I'm using Blender 2.79b because... I love it. And I have my game finished with many scripts and stuff, but when I open the .exe many things are missing, I think all of them are linked stuff.

I've worked A LOT with the "Link" tool in Blender, creating characters, enemies and items in other blends, grouping when necessary, and linking the group to the actual level. But all these links are lost in the .exe, even if I've checked 'Pack all into .blend'. Textures and sounds that are not linked are working all well.

So in the .exe there's no main character, no enemies, and none of the scripts that I'm using are running either, so I really think it must be something regarding the links.

I don't know if I must do something else, or if I just have to Append EVERYTHING... which would be a total mess because there are a lot of things to be changed. Any help would be highly considered!

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Taking advantage of the fact that I'm dubbing the main character of my game, I made some random lines for the character when the player pauses the game. Translation of the speeches: Let's take it easy, pause to think, I need some time and what should I do.

16:26 UTC


This is a small part of the video I made showing the result of sound effects added to my project, be sure to check out the full video, thank you very much! https://youtu.be/2pNlpq6KCp8

23:34 UTC


Faking an armature glitch in BGE

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Need Some Help :P

How Do I Make Weapon Switching System Like Mark Telles

00:33 UTC


Let's go! Working on the project's sound effects, steps, object destruction, weapons and several others already added, I'm also taking this opportunity to pay more attention to effects and particles!

19:12 UTC



I created a video game. It lasts half an hour. It tells about the adventures of a superhero that I created myself who rides on inline roller skates. He fights a secret organization which kidnapped a student from the University of the West of Angers. In this game you have to make the character evolve through different scenery and different devices until you find the villain's lair. This is my first video game so I'm happy with it. I made it with the Blender Game Engine, the old game engine of Blender 3d following the announcement of its removal from Blender 3d. It was important to me to show that we can create a whole game with it. Other developers had the same idea but I'm glad I took it all the way. It wasn't so much playing the game that interested me but having finished. It took me a year to do all of this and I don't regret it. Here, I publish an excerpt from my game. The introduction. I was inspired by Spy Smasher, a 1940s hero who is in the same style of Captain America. He's a super hero who is really an airplane pilot that's why he wears a pilot's hat and helmet because I am a fan of planes. I used Blender addons disputes to do the special effects. I did the animation, the modeling, the sound, the music, the texture, and the programming, myself. If you are interested, do yourself a favor. You can support me by watching my video. The BGE has been removed from the code. The Foundation Blender advises to turn to Godot Engine, which would be more powerful or Armory Engine. On this I wish you a good viewing Mikael ROLLERBLADOR(2019)

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Questions about Overlays (BGE V2.79)

I started working in BGE version 2.79 after watching some YT tutorials. Got v2.79 as I heard they removed in all versions after and thought having the latest version of the engine would be a boon. As of yet I haven't been altering any Python code, just using logic blocks, states etc. I have a vague understanding of Python.

I tired to implement a health bar by;

  1. Adding a new scene, pointing the camera at the "ground", adding a new mesh;plane.
  2. Switch to "Game" scene, select camera, Always sensor AND to Scene actuator, set to Add Overlay Scene.
  3. Switch to "Overlay" Scene, select Plane, open Data tab, Open Shape Keys, Add S.Key - Basis, Add S.key - Key1.
  4. Select Key1, Tab-EditMode, Edge Select Tool, Right click Plane on right hand edge, scale on x axis by dragging red plane axis arrow. Tab-ObjectMode.
  5. Open new Dope Sheet window, set Frame to 0. Set Key1 Value to 0. Hover mouse over Key1 Value, press I. Set Frame to 100, Set Key1 Value to 1, Hover mouse, press I. Select Key Frame 0, Key>Interpolation Mode>Linear. Click "Dope Sheet", switch to "Action Editor". Make New Action.
  6. Switch to 3D View-Camera View. Select Plane. Add Game Property "HP"/Integer/0. Add Message Sensor, set to subject from collision logic in Game Scene, Tap on.

AND to Property actuator set to Add 10 to HP. Action actuator, change from Play to Property. Set Action-Key1, Set Property-HP, Set Frame Property-HP.

I also tried a second method with a pair of Empties on the Overlay scene and two different sized cubes in Overlay Scene-Layer 2. First Empty; Always sensor AND Edit Object, set Add Object - Cube 1. Message Sensor, set to message from collision logic in Game Scene, Tab on. AND Message actuator, Subject:HP90 Edit Object - End Object

Second Empty: Message Sensor, Subject:HP90. AND Edit Object, Add Object - Cube 2.

Message Sensor, set to message from collision logic in Game Scene, Tab on. AND Message actuator, subject:HP80 Edit Object, End Object.

After trying the first method, went to Game Scene, set view to camera, started game. Animation wouldn't change even though Game Property was changing on collision fine. With the second method, first cube appears for roughly five second then disappears. On collision, nothing happens.

Since I copied the first method from a YT vid and all other vids from that creator worked for me, the only difference being that the vid was working with v2.74 is there an issue with actions in a Overlay in Blender 2.79?

Failing that, any trouble shooting help would be most appreciated. I can answer further questions or post screenshots if there's settings I've missed.

Thank you for reading and for any help given. :)

17:13 UTC

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