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Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet: a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. As such, it is more resistant to wild inflation and corrupt banks. With Bitcoin, you can be your own bank.

Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet: a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. As such, it is more resistant to wild inflation and corrupt banks. With Bitcoin, you can be your own bank.

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Keep stacking

Bitcoin sellers taking your money and investing in stock market everyday. Market keeps steady going up. Also miners using your money to pay electric bills and expand electricity infrastructure.

Keep stacking!!

23:15 UTC


Someone play devils advocate!

Most of my wealth is currently in btc. I have a very small portion allocated in mstr. Thinking about putting more or even everything into mstr. Someone talk some sense in to me! Why is this a bad idea? I don’t really have a time horizon this money is chilln for the long term.

23:00 UTC


Help finding a meme about bitcoin

looking for a photo of text that was describing why you should be scared of bitcoin but it crossed off every time it said bitcoin and wrote fiat in red.

any assistance sharing this would be appreciated! thought i saved it to my phone

22:02 UTC


Have you got arguments against the BUTTERS?

Here is your space to answer and provide good arguments to the people saying that bitcoin is a scam/not sustainable... That would help me understand and to think by myself. Thanks

21:34 UTC


How The World Be If All on BTC?

What are your thoughts on how your country or even society as in the global market would be if all was on BTC. Where everyone including banks and governments have to run the system on a limited supply of money? as in a budget?

Do you think the public services we have right now will exist? Could there still be big militaries?

Could NASA Still exist?

Could countries afford roads?

Would more things as in services be in the private sector?

Your thoughts

21:11 UTC


Forget cheap, I want the opposite (Node Hardware).

Looking to do it right with a mini PC. Which hardware should I get to run my node?

20:58 UTC


Decrypting first 100+ bitcoin blocks

Has anybody tried to decrypt the outputs of the first 100 blocks in bitcoin aside from the 'genesis' block where Satoshi mentions NY times article. I have looked at pretty much all outputs from the genesis block to block 70 (and at some random blocks afterwards) just from curiosity and found that blocks 6-11 each have one symbol in the output in this order:


Later block 14 has this string:


and block 15 this one:


I would imagine these strings just mean less than (<) and greater than (>). Later on, blocks 20-24 again contain one symbol each in this order:


blocks 30-37:


blocks 45-57:


I tried decoding, but couldn't find anything, has anybody tried decoding these? Could it mean something or are these just random tests maybe even randomly generated symbols?

20:04 UTC


The Model that Explains Why the World is Falling Apart...

19:48 UTC


Serious Investing Question Emergency Fund

I have been very traditional with my investing and have kept about 10000 USD in my bank at all times and depositing my extra money into bitcoin.

I’ve always been told to keep around 6 months to a year in an emergency fund.

I believe I could stomach eating into some of this emergency fund and just depositing everything up to maybe 2000 USD into BTC. I live a very frugal/modest lifestyle.

What do you guys do? Do you keep an emergency Fiat fund or do you just sell it off if you do have an emergency? The only thing that sucks about it is depending on the size of the problem you now have to pay taxes on that money retrieved on top of the cost of the emergency.

I’m just curious what everyone’s position is on this and if anyone has some sound advice. Thank you.

19:47 UTC


Correct me if I’m wrong

So some people when selling their house re invest it into another property to help with tax purposes. Though some people sell directly to an investor/homebuyer without using an agent or whatever.

What are the chances you could do a direct property sale to the homeowner and that person happened to be okay with using BTC, couldn’t you just… tradsies? Maybe gift the house after putting in a trust?

19:40 UTC


U won’t make a better diagram

19:27 UTC


✨ A great reminders of why you should be proud to HODL, written at $35,000 2 years ago

19:14 UTC


Will Bitcoin Be Recognized as a Store of Value in the Next Global Recession?

With the Federal Reserve holding firm on interest rates, there's growing chatter about a potential global recession. Given that Bitcoin was born out of the 2008 financial crisis as a response to traditional banking failures, could this be the cycle where institutions finally acknowledge it as a legitimate store of value? Or do they still view it as a risky asset, likely to be dumped in times of economic stress? I’m curious to hear your thoughts on whether Bitcoin will see institutional holding during a downturn, or if it’s expected to face a sell-off like traditional risk assets.

18:43 UTC


One day…

So imagine one day if Bitcoin becomes the main currency, and fiat money becomes worthless right, what’s gonna define Bitcoin value? Nowadays 1 BTC is worth, for example, 60.000$. But in the future, what is it gonna be worth? Is it gonna be like 1 BTC = 1 apartment in Manhattan, or what? How the fuck are we gonna measure Bitcoins value? How is it gonna keep going up? How is it gonna be?

18:20 UTC


Argentina new taxation law (2024)


I am trying to find some information from people living in Argentina and if they new tax law is already in place?


As i understood from the article is that holding bitcoin is not taxed at all anymore, so does this not fall under the wealth tax that is also in place (can anyone confirm)?

The article also states that cross-border crypto transfers still will be taxed at 5-15%. Does this means that local transfers are tax free, or are crypto transfers per definition cross border considered?

And does anyone who is living there has experience with transfering bitcoin to fiat for decent exhange rates?

Sorry for my English its not my native language :)

17:53 UTC


How to hold bitcoin for 1,000+ years with Matt McClintock - The Bitcoin Frontier

16:56 UTC


Convince me not to spend car saving on more btc

So I'm currently torn. I have near enough 6k GBP (7.5k USD) saved ready to buy a new car. This is not an essential as I already have a car which runs perfectly well, I just fancied an upgrade.

Given the timing of the markets, and the for the most part, positive outlook for the next year of crypto and bull markets, I'm currently in a moral conflict with myself in whether to deposit even part of that money to invest into BTC for a long hold, and push the car back to the end of the year.

Ultimately I do believe this is FOMO, I've been aiming on buying my car first and then dedicating the rest of the years income to investing, however given the current position of BTC in its market, i fear that by that time I may have already missed my entry for big money.

I currently hold only around 0.05 of a BTC which I bought around 23k USD, and defienteky want to grab a decent amount more over the next couple years. I just feel as though this is my window to do so with decent outlook on the next 6 months+


16:46 UTC


Exploring the Benefits of Brainwallets

Hey everyone,

I’ve been diving deep into the world of brainwallets and wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with using them. For those unfamiliar, a brainwallet is a method of storing cryptocurrency keys in your memory by generating them from a passphrase. It’s a fascinating approach with some unique benefits.

I actually developed a tool called easySeed to simplify the process of creating and managing a brainwallet. It’s an open-source project that I designed to be straightforward and easy to use.

One of the main advantages of using a brainwallet is that you no longer need to store your 12 or 24-word seed phrase in a secure location. What better place than your own mind, which is always with you?

Here are a few reasons why I believe brainwallets can be a great option:

  1. Portability: Since your wallet exists in your mind, you don’t need to carry any physical devices or documents. This makes it highly portable and convenient.
  2. Security: Without any physical traces, there’s less risk of theft or loss due to hardware failure. As long as you keep your passphrase secure and private, your assets remain safe.
  3. Privacy: Brainwallets offer a high level of privacy, as there’s no digital footprint that can be easily tracked.

You can create a memorable passphrase based on a personal phrase that only you would know, combining it with details that are not obvious. For example:

    Take a meaningful phrase: "My dog Bruno was born in 2010"
    Modify it to add complexity: "MyDogBrunoBrunoBornIn2010!"

    You can derivate other wallets from the same passPhrase by using the same      passPhrase with a suffix. For example:

    PassPhrase: "MyDogBrunoBrunoBornIn2010!"
    Wallet 1: "MyDogBrunoBrunoBornIn2010!-wallet1"
    Wallet 2: "MyDogBrunoBrunoBornIn2010!-wallet2"

It’s also important to regularly practice recalling your passphrase to ensure you don’t forget it.

Has anyone else here experimented with brainwallets? I’d love to hear your experiences and any additional tips you might have.


16:44 UTC


BTC as a collateral for a loan in Germany

Hi Guys,

does anybody know if it is possible to get a loan in Germany (e.g. to buy a house) and in exchange give them your BTC as a collateral? Are there any banks or Exchanges who operate in Germany which offer this service?

Kind regards!

16:19 UTC


Accepting BTC B2B

I work for a company in the US and we would like to offer the option to pay in BTC. I have done a little research and found bitpay however it only gives me the option to leave my details and someone will contact me... it's been a month, and I'm still waiting.

We use QBO and ideally would like to invoice the client and whatever that amount is in BTC they can pay to our Gemini account. Does anyone have any suggestions on what 3rd party platforms would be a good fit for this? Any business owners that have done this I would love your feedback.

Thanks 👍

15:29 UTC


Foregoing Instant Gratification to Prepare for the Future

So, late last week, I decided to make a conscientious effort to stop impulse shopping. If it’s not on my shopping list that I meticulously planned, then I don’t need it.

Then, I had another thought — an epiphany, really — and I amended my plan.

Now, the deal I’ve made with myself is — every time I get the urge to impulse buy something, I will suppress that urge and instead buy an amount of bitcoin equal to the price in fiat of the item I was about to impulsively purchase.

Great idea, right?

Last night, I put it into practice, and it felt really good!!

What do y’all think? I’m sure this strategy has been discussed ad nauseum in bitcoin forums, but it’s new to me, and I think it’s going to be the catalyst to a major change in my household assets.

14:50 UTC


Buying crypto with physical cash


I was wondering if anyone is selling cryptocurrency over the counter. I have a business where I generate some physical cash income and I'm interested in buying crypto with it from private seller in person in Europe. I can pay a fee to compensate the cash transaction

14:13 UTC


On my podcast ‘Bitcoin for Millennials’ I talked with John, a Mastercard veteran of 20 years. We discussed Bitcoin adoption across generations, its unique characteristics and global implications, personal sovereignty, the psychology of money, and the redefinition of saving.

12:46 UTC


How Money & Banking Work (& why they're broken today) - Bitcoin @ 25:10

12:14 UTC

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