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Can multiple candidate blocks be mined concurrently by the miner, even if at the end only one block gets added to the chain every 10 mins?

I have 3 questions:

  1. **Parallel Processing of Candidate Blocks:**

I read that every 10 mins, the miner would fetch tx from the tx_mempool, process them,create a candidate block, do the proof of work and then broadcast it to the network.

Does this mean that once the next batch of tx will be fetched after 10 mins?

Or can the multiple candidate blocks be processed by the miner concurrently so it keeps fetching from the tx_pool?

Even if we do mine multiple blocks within the 10 min window, if only one is going to get selected by the network then a lot of computation has been wasted for nothing.

  1. **Time sync between nodes:**

If multiple nodes start at different points, so do we need to sync the nodes so that they are operating at the same time; like say node A starts at time t1 , node B starts at time t2.. so we sync node B with node A's clock. Something like this...

But this would be impossible to do in a huge network tho

Because its said that bitcoin network mines a new block every 10 mins, so does this mean the ledger of each individual node gets updated 10 mins? So regardless of when the individual nodes start, their ledger would get updated within their 10 min time window.

  1. **When exactly does the miner get their reward via the coinbase tx?**

Say I am a miner and i have mined a block. I broadcast it to peers A,B,and C and they then broadcast it to their peers and so on. When do i get my reward? When A's chain accepts my block as the most recent one?

21:22 UTC


Unusually high fees

In the last blocks, we are seeing unusually high fees. Blocks for which all transactions are above 1000 sats/vB. I did not expect that, what are the reasons behind!? Is there a technical reason?

I posted this in r/Bitcoin and the moderators removed it for some reason (!)


05:39 UTC


Bitcoin Core Pull Request code review IRCs on Wednesday

11:41 UTC


Privacy! Segwit, Native Segwit, and Schnoor/Taproot - are because of Privacy concerns, not security concerns!

Because of the many criminals that felt that Bitcoin was not concerned with Privacy - and decided that they had to interject with a Remedy to help provide everyone with better Privacy - but when they came out with there's, they stated that Bitcoin was not secure.

But now, I cannot access my Bitcoin, because legacy addresses of my 2009-2012 wallets aren't being recognized.

Instead of replicating the issue. The devs, all of which have been found to work for nChain, have declared my contributions as complete and utter falsehoods, so much so, I cannot contribute to slack, Bitcoin forum, or any other - and, they never once tried to replicate the problems I and many others have come acrossed.

Which makes me look at COPA vS. CSW a little to much then I wanted. CSW says if he wins, he will force the Bitcoin devs to fork the Blockchain and give him ownership of the keys with lost and dormant Bitcoin. If which, is mine and many others dormant Bitcoin - were all trying to access.

Pywallet - is the answer little kids who shouldn't be working for Bitcoin are introducing people to - I don't want pywallet, I need gen=1 to generate the rewards mined with the default gen=0 setting. Which is why I and many others have empty blank keys in our wallets, pywallet - I don't need pywallet - I have the wallets and I have the passwords - I'm good, I need gen=1 and I need to dump the private keys and they need to be recognized by the Bitcoin core aka your own bank -

I did everything but program the code, which is why everyone gets free Bitcoin if they support the network and there node mines a block - also, the programmer said - the Bitcoin Blockchain eill stay small for a very long time, rather then needing pruned - so for as much as I came up with what I did.. CSW did a lot I can't even fathom how or where he did such. But, I found him because I was studying md5_checksum - so why him and his nChain employees are constantly negating my involvement or not addressing or replicating mine and others issues - is a problem.


09:01 UTC


(Kind of) A Beginner Looking for Advice & Recommendations

Hey everyone, first of all I want to say I'm super excited that this sub exists. I've always wanted a forum / community that was more tech focused but never actually made a concerted effort to search for something until now.

Some quick background. I'm not by any means new to bitcoin, but perhaps just a bit rusty and out of the loop. I devoured aantonop's Mastering Bitcoin what seems like ages ago, and have been using bitcoin since late 2012. I'm not a software engineer by any stretch, but have a background in data science / analytics so am somewhat familiar with programming, data structures, etc.

So for someone who is interested in learning and building on bitcoin:

  1. Any good learning materials you can recommend? Books, resources, content creators, courses?
  2. What are the most exciting projects devs are working on right now? BitVM caught my eye a while ago, obviously there's the LN, but am curious if there's anything else

Cheers :)

14:29 UTC


🥕 🪙 Taproot Assets Protocol on Bitcoin - a video overview of coins and NFTs created so far

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03:23 UTC


Bitcoin Venture Capital with Alyse Killeen of Stillmark

15:16 UTC


BlockCypher Error: 'Error no data to embed for OP_RETURN output 1.'

Hey guys, I am baffled on this one.
I successfully create a tx skeleton to Blockcypher's expected format with null-data (OP_RETURN). The data is in hex, and value set to 0. Yet I still get:
Error creating transaction skeleton: { errors: [ { error: 'Error no data to embed for OP_RETURN output 1.' } ],

Here is my log:

Received hash to submit: 84e4111fc915e6465cc024512b590a93e7fd99bdc4b50f15e45b7cae3c7588ea

Creating and sending transaction...

Preparing to create transaction skeleton.

Creating transaction skeleton with requestBody: {

"inputs": [


"addresses": [





"outputs": [


"addresses": [



"value": 700



"script_type": "null-data",

"data": "84e4111fc915e6465cc024512b590a93e7fd99bdc4b50f15e45b7cae3c7588ea",

"value": 0



"token": "8a2fe75a171c5f379ad2bc37615510ef"


Error creating transaction skeleton: {

errors: [ { error: 'Error no data to embed for OP_RETURN output 1.' } ],

Modified addresses and API token for obvious reasons.

Any idea? The hash is in the correct hex format, I don't understand why its saying there's no data to embed.

13:51 UTC


How to send PSBTs to be signed later?

I am new to Bitcoin development and am rather confused by the proper way to create PSBTs.

TLDR: I want to create a PSBT, without signatures, push it to the network, and let it be signed later when the transaction is ready to be executed, based on a set of conditions managed by an off-chain sequencer. Basically you can think of the PSBT as saying "hey send 1 BTC from Alice to Bob, but not until both Alice and Carol say it is okay, and oh btw my name is Dave". Is this type of conditional logic in a PSBT possible? How could this be done in typescript with bitcoinjs-lib?

To be clear, the potential use application here is related to xverse / ordinal type wallets. The reason being is I want to revert the hex from the PSBT to an offchain system that can hold it until it is ready to execute it.

00:45 UTC


Could anyone please explain to me on a technical level how the jade 2fa multisig works?

02:41 UTC


exploring app optimization roles

I'm currently exploring app optimization roles and would appreciate any recommendations or insights you may have.

14:39 UTC


Difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

11:54 UTC


The best p2p website for buying/selling bitcoin has yet to be created. Here's how it could be done.

02:54 UTC


Stratum V2 question

Hey all! I have a question about job selection in Stratum V2. If there is a mining pool with let's say 10 miners mining, and all 10 of them propose their own template (select transaction) different from one another, will the pool choose only one template out of 10 or can all the miners mine with their own template?

02:32 UTC


Open Source Project Implement BTC as payment easy

I'm excited to announce a new open-source project

I'm launching, specifically designed for Bitcoiners and developers alike.
I understand that not everyone here is a developer, but your insights as Bitcoin enthusiasts are invaluable to the evolution of this project. To ensure we're meeting the needs of the Bitcoin community,

I've created a short form to gather some input. Filling it out will take no more than 2 minutes of your time. By doing so, you'll play a pivotal role in shaping a project aimed at bettering the Bitcoin experience for all of us.
So, whether you're a developer or just passionate about Bitcoin, your input matters. Please take a moment to fill out this form and help us to innovate for the future of Bitcoin.

Thank you in advance for your time and insights!
Here's the link to the form: https://tally.so/r/3NlobO

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18:18 UTC


Replace By Fee problem

This transaction https://mempool.space/it/tx/695ffc8e16ea17d7a4c5bce9dc7a7afd8c7af3371c4a9838dd6121f76d3c2f7f

has been "Replace By Fee" by this one https://mempool.space/it/tx/d2f3fc9ebd7e4fe75efadebedf2104e274d31043f42928f6988d65bb69a62daa

They have completly different input and output.

How is possible?

Thank you

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13:53 UTC


What do the following lines of code do in the context of sending Bitcoin?

13:11 UTC


Hey guys, there is BTC developers group that I can joy it??

22:56 UTC

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