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tf is up with you people not answering the door

you know you ordered the goddamn pizza so expect a knock on the door. I have multiple orders per day where i’ll end up just leaving the pizza and walking away if it’s already paid for. Also, the people that are like “who is it???” obviously it is the pizza u ordered 30 min ago open the door.

01:36 UTC


Clueless, Hypocrite Customer

This happened a few weeks ago and I figured you all would appreciate it....

I deliver on Saturday nights for an independent shop and this was my last order of the night. The counter employees will sometimes mark a slip if the customer is paying cash and will need change for a large bill, but as it gets later, they're less likely to do so, figuring I'll have enough cash by then. And I do, but I always keep larger bills locked and hidden in my car, with ones and fives only in my pocket.

I get to the address, and have to spend a few minutes figuring out which house it is, as it's after dark and not a well lit neighborhood. No porch light on. No house numbers on the side of her house. I end up determining it's the house a few houses up from where I parked, and I climb up her very dilapidated steps and knock.

"Who is that? Who's there?"

"It's [me] from [pizza place], I have your order."

I hear multiple locks being opened, then she opens the door. Older middle aged, bordering on elderly, woman. I give her the total, $72 and change. She gives me a $100 bill with a snarky, "I told them I would need change; just give me $25 back."

Well lo and behold, I only have about $20 in my small bills, so I let her know I have to go back to my car for change. When I come back and give her the change, she starts going on a tangent about how I need to be careful out there, she can't believe they have a woman out delivering after dark, I could get robbed or attacked, etc...

So.....you placed this order late at night, expecting the driver to have a larger amount of cash on their person. You obviously have concerns for your own safety, but seem ok with me potentially falling on your shitty, steep steps since you didn't bother turning the light on until you had to come to the door, and you don't even have a number on your house. Then you proceed to lecture me about safety.

But thank you, so much, for the 3% tip.

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18:03 UTC


Does delivering in a college town make a difference?

I was applying to my local pizza spots but was wondering if it was a better idea to just apply to the spots closer to the university which is like a 25-30 min drive away. Is the longer drive to get there worth delivering in a college town? I'm guessing tips won't be as good but also assuming more deliveries maybe?

17:58 UTC


Is this every delivery place?

I just started working at pizza Hut and I'm grossed out by the work place dynamics / politics

It's absolutely disgusting but I'm sure this is every food service job.

. experienced Managers taking and cutting into prime delivery hours and gaslighting employees claiming that they're 'helping us' to snag a few extra wages

. Those same managers appearing hours late/ not showing up greatly fucking up schedules

. Workers unloading work to new employees and just sitting around

. Blanant favoritism with the schedule

. Fellow drivers fighting over deliveries and playing with the delivery order

. Handing out orders to dashers when drivers well on their way

It's only been a month.... Is this every za place?

23:51 UTC


What Is a Decent Tip For Free Pizza?

Hi everyone,

I don't order in often, but when I do get delivery I try to leave a tip that is a minimum of 30% of the order. If I can swing it for things like colder weather or rain, I like to make that 40% or thereabouts. I don't know if that is necessary "good" for delivery workers today, but to my knowledge no one has complained.

I'm more conflicted about how much to leave on a free pizza once I've accrued the points. With certain taxes and fees, it's not totally "free" but since it is much lower than what I would've paid otherwise, I like to increase the tip. But with the bill being lower, I can leave a tip that is a bigger percent of the bill that still might only come out to maybe $7-8 even if I match the bill entirely. I'm concerned that perhaps since the pizza was almost free that would be seen differently.

What is a good amount to tip if the pizza is free?

23:44 UTC


Anyone else seeing rapidly declining sales? where is the money gone???

I got this job 3 years ago right after the whole covid shutdown ended and everyone went back to work. so technically i never delivered during covid but still.. i work for “the hut”

As far as tips+mileage , I have gone from clearing 80-100$ per night , next year maybe 60$ per night. this year i’m struggling to even clear 40-60$ a DAY. and there are many 25$ nights sprinkled in there as well.

my boss has even noted that every year the sales are legitimately declining .

crappy / mid tips- but zero traffic . the screen used to be filled up every day i came in and only slowed down around 10pm… now i’m lucky if i can even find work until 8-9pm… just dead for 1 or 2 hours every single night, doesn’t matter if it’s friday, saturday , doesn’t matter.

9pm hits these days and i’m sitting around for 3 hours until close.

I even live with my parents and even so, i am about to go negative on my bills here now that used to be paid just fine , doing this same job. but now it’s not. so now i have to either get a new job or get a second job, which obviously are huge pains in the ass .

Idk what I am looking to hear i am just so pissed off of the garbage economy … is this just my location or what?

23:56 UTC


Delivery as a 2nd job?

Hey y'all. There's a Dominoes down the street from where I am and I'm about to put in an application.

My bills are about ~$900 a month and my current job covers it all, so I was thinking about doing delivery as a side gig. Maybe 2 nigbts a week just to put some savings aside. I'm a student in a college town and the store is in an okay-ish area. Some nice neighborhoods and maybe a sketchy spot or two plus the college campus.

What can I expect going in? I'm mainly worried about wear and tear on my car (2013 Honda CRV w/ <80k miles on it that's paid off in full) and insurance. I'm a good driver but I know they don't cover anything, so I'm worried about getting screwed over if I get into an accident.

I noticed, during my last visit to the store, that a former employee was stopping by and seemed like she had a really good rapport with the manager and team. She didn't even order. She just wanted to stop by and say hi to her old co-workers. Should I take that as a sign that the store isn't a shithole to work for?

Anything I should know before putting in an application?

07:03 UTC


Questions to ask my interviewer

Hi guys, I’m going to have my interview with Domino’s as a delivery guy soon, so I wanted to ask like-minded in the business for tips and tricks.

Details: Part-time driver that’ll work from late afternoons to evening.

My area isn’t too ghetto, and there’s middle class neighborhoods sprawled throughout. The establishment is in a nicer part of town, with downtown and a police department nearby (lots of roaming cops). Although, I do have a concern over safety, especially after reading some crazy delivery stories online.

18:08 UTC


Papa John's drivers, wtf does "seatbelt/at the door/lot/hustle" mean?

I've been working at Papa John's for 5 months and still have no idea

23:20 UTC


I hit a deer returning from a delivery.

No one was injured, (besides the deer, it's dead) but my still fully-functional car was totaled by my insurance. Unfortunately the age and value of the car makes it a difficult choice to either: take the money and get rid of it or take the money and buy it back and do the minimal repairs necessary (on top of existing repairs needed). Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has stories related to deer or other accidents and wants to share. Thanks for reading or not reading.

22:29 UTC


Does anyone else have a new group of customers start calling the day DST ends.

So every year the day DST ends we get a new group of customers. The majority are the worst deadbeats ever. Let's take last night. We're fairly dead until 1am. Then all of a sudden we start getting orders both online and phone calls. The result of this: 2 didn't answer the door - they fell asleep. 2 ordered within the last 5 minutes of the store closing, and then called back and wanted to change their entire order - after it had been made (we ended up cancelling one and convincing the second one to stick with their original order.) 1 wanted to do a meet up at a gas station (we don't do this for security reasons.) 1 wasn't at the house when I arrived, but showed up as I was getting ready to leave. Lastly 2 ordered and tipped me great. So out of a total of 8 orders, only 6 actually left the store, and 3 required extended waits at the house hoping they would show up (1 of 3 eventually did.) 2 tips out of it. This seems to happen every year. When DST rolls around in the spring, these people will stop ordering.

16:58 UTC


worst nightmare finally happened

was delivering earlier today, arrived upon said address. i notice a huge great dane outside maybe 10-20 yards from me as i get out on the sidewalk to the house, have always been around dogs, so i know to be cautious around strangers pets.. within 5 seconds of me stepping towards the mailbox to stand and yell from there, keeping my distance, moving slow, eyes on him but not direct contact and sweet talking him calmly, about to announce myself to anyone who may be outside (you know.. cause you just ordered pizza and can track my location/get notified of my arrival) well he decided to charge for me. barely a split second for me to react and he was latched into my arm and giving it a tug. started smacking him with my full delivery bag and yelling for him to stop, and lo and behold, 2 more giant danes appear, seemingly wanting in on the commotion. best part? some weird teenager sitting with her toddler in a car parked out front of said house watched the whole thing, had no sense of urgency or concern when she saw my gushing swollen arm and only claimed “those aren’t my dogs.” owner finally comes out, lacking empathy and urgency as well, only says “aw. i’m sorry. which one?” she offered to help clean me up as “she’s a nurse”, but she was giving the weirdest vibes so i called my manager, mom, and boyfriend and got the hell out of dodge. ended up in the ER with 2 stitches and antibiotics.

all in all i feel terrible for these dogs and the lack of proactiveness that could have 100% prevented this situation. unfortunately she’ll be receiving phone calls from the sheriffs department and animal control this week. stay safe friends🥲💙

05:47 UTC


Who's working today?

I'm going to wear a banana costume. A guy at my work was complaining about working Halloween because of the people clogging up the streets, but I love it. Ringing doorbells on Halloween? Getting candy? Yes please! One time I broke the "don't go inside" rule to take photos with the family because they liked my costume so much (punk rocker with a Mohawk wig). Does anyone else get excited for tonight?

16:29 UTC


What’s the weirdest thing you were ever given as a tip?

One time I delivered a pizza to a trailer park just outside of town, and when I pulled up all the windows were down and the house was filled with smoke. The guy who ordered it was baked out of his mind and said he didn’t have any cash for a tip but he did have weed. So he gave me a 1/4oz of his homegrown stash. Another time I had somebody offer me a slice of pizza as a tip. What’s the wildest tip you’ve ever gotten?

16:38 UTC


Pizza Delivery or In-N-Out

It's the recession. I need a job and money to do stuff. Help me decide to go back to my old job or get a job at in n out.

Pizza Job


- less stressful

- more downtime

- tips

- listen to stuff on the go

- I have a car that I can run down with insurance

- familiarity


- minimum wage

- have to pay for gas, and new tires if tire problems

- poor management/everyone out for themselves and competitive amongst delivery drivers

In n Out


- Teamwork

- Great place to work at

- better hourly pay


- stressful

- always on your feet

- don't want to see familiar faces but minor con

View Poll

20:46 UTC


Got towed last night

Last night I took a delivery about an hour before we close. I parked my car illegally, and ran into the apartment building. My customer took awhile getting to the door and actually getting me some cash. I went downstairs and back outside and my car was missing. There’s only one entrance to the building. I started to freak out a bit. I was gone for 5 maybe 6-7 minutes max. After a spamming my remote lock/panic button like a madwoman for a few minutes. I figured out that I need to do something so I call my manager (who is great and I love working with) in tears like “hey so my car is missing… wtf do I do?” Of course he told me to call the police so I did. 911 dispatch didn’t see any towing notice so they sent cops out. The cops explained that it might take a little while to hear if/who towed my car. They also explained that the parking lot was privately owned and so the folks who handle towing get paid commission yada yada yada. We finally hear that it was towed by company X. I got a ride back to the store, and finish closing. My manager gave me a ride home. I picked my car up this morning for the low low price of $230. Ugh be careful while delivering folks.

Edit: I parked sideways half on a fire lane half in front of another parked car. Yes illegally, also in a private lot. If there had been reasonable and legal parking I would’ve used that. As far as I could see the lot was 100% full. I only did what I did to be quick and get to my next delivery which totally backfired this time.

14:55 UTC


I got a fellow delivery driver fired

I used to deliver for Domino's and know delivery drivers from most businesses in and outside my delivery area. I have a habit of stopping at a convenience

I used to deliver for Domino's and know delivery drivers from most businesses in and outside my delivery area. I have been a delivery driver for a few different pizza joints, this is going to come into play shortly. I have a habit of stopping at a convenience store not far from my home store to top off my water jug 2-3 times a shift, more when it get hot outside. One day I stopped off at the store to get my last water refill when I noticed a driver from a different pizza place wandering the store with 4 bottles of wine and bragging to someone one the phone that they were going to be getting a big tip from a customer for getting them some wine. The driver was getting the stink-eye from customers and employees alike as they lined up and paid for the wine.

As soon as I got into my car, I called the other pizza place and spoke to the manager, letting her that one of her drivers was buying wine on the clock and taking it to a customer. I described the driver and their car and what the driver was saying to the manager not letting her know that I am a delivery driver, but I know the rules that employees at the pizza joint had to follow and that I didn't want the store to get penalized for the actions of a reckless employee. I found out via one of my fellow drivers that his wife was fired for buying wine on the clock for a customer and that she knew that it was a driver from our store who reported her and got her fired.

I have been TABC certified since '89 and know that what the driver was doing is highly illegal and that had there been a TABC agent in the convenience store, the driver would have been arrested and that store both shut down and penalized while the TABC investigated. I hated reporting the driver for doing what they did, but I won't let bad drivers make it harder for those who are trying to do honest work and not cheat or game the system for bigger and better tips. Anyone who works as a delivery driver knows that buying alcohol or tobacco for customers while on the clock is an immediate termination.

I am not sorry for that driver and hope that she learns that lesson as had there been a TABC agent in that store, things could have been far worse than her getting fired.

05:31 UTC


Driving socks/shoes

Do any drivers wear special socks or shoes while they're on shift? I've been doing pizza delivery as a second job for nine years now. I never thought too much about this, but as I've been doing it more over the years and getting older, and just driving a lot in general, I've noticed my heels getting sore. I already have two jobs where I'm on my feet a lot and with driving the way the foot is angled it puts extra pressure on the heel. I found compression socks but am wondering how effective they are for this line of work specifically, and if there's other products people have tried for these kinds of issues.

13:21 UTC


"Pizza Dude" my Worst to Best Delivery

TL:DR: A Shitty day at work was saved by Fratboy Undertaker, when he scored meand another driver $100 in tips and some free after work drinks for adults all after nicknaming me PIZZA DUDE.

About a year ago I was Delivering for (mob style pizza place) and I had to bring about 20 pizzas to a Last minute order during a football night in town.

I was already annoyed because they made me help make it even though we had plently of people in the kitchen and 3 other deliveries that needed to be taken as well. Now i knew my way around the kitchen but had no clue how to portion properly because, you know, Not My Job. But I guess I made the 5 Specialty ones wrong and they had to be remade which was another 20 minutes because we were very busy. Well those 20 minutes turned into almost 2 hours because I "was needed here". OK. Don't blame me when we get angry calls.

After a bit I'm finally free to do my actual job and deliver the pizzas. After all this haslte and me stressing about angry people, I see a wopping $3 Tip on the ticket and a 20 minute drive on my phone. Needless to say I used some fun words on the road that day.

One 20 minute drive later I pull up to a house with about 8 cars parked in either the already small driveway or on the yard. As i'm carying the first of two large bags to the door, suddenly a wild Fratboy pops up from a truck bed, Similar to how the WWE wrestler Undertaker would sometimes get up if that helps anyone visualise. Anyways Undertaker gets up and hops out very excitedly and walks up to me and says he'll help. Now in hindsite letting a clearly drunk man carry 10 pizzas the 50 feet wasn't a good idea but, $3 doesn't get my full effort.

I went and grabbed the second bag from my car and the recipt to get the company mandated signature and headed up. Who answers the door thats right ANOTHER COMPANY'S DRIVER. We share a glance he helps me also set my pizzas up the kitchen area. Undertaker comes in and shouts "Pizza man, and Pizza dude" and was followed by what i can imagine was about 30 people who bassically just kept tipping us like it was a cover charge to a bar.

Me and Pizza man went our separate ways with free drinks and a good amount of cash as a prize.

Still think about Fratboy Undertaker sometimes!

11:33 UTC


Just when I think I'm out...

I totally bomb out of the corporate financial world and they pull me back in. At a small store with a 5 dollar delivery charge and a working class customer base. And I'm way happier.

Once in my life I was dying to get out of the food business but here I am

22:25 UTC


Would it be weird to ask the delivery driver if she's okay?

I get Domino's with some degree of frequency, and there's one delivery driver - we'll call her Dallas, not her real name, she's in her 40s or 50s - that's been working at the local store for a couple of years, and for a long while every time she came to the door, she would always greet me with a really cheerful "Heyhey, how are you?" and she'd compliment my shirt or my hair or something and say to enjoy my food and have a great day when she left. However, for about half a year now her demeanor's been a lot different, all she says when she comes to the door is "Hey," and I'll ask how she's doing, and then she'll say "I'm okay, how about you?" and then she'll leave with a much less heartfelt feeling "have a good day," and honestly I've just been really worried about her. I probably wouldnt question it if she had always answered the door like that, but it really was such a sudden and shocking change in her demeanor that it's got me concerned. I'm normally a "see something, say something," type of person, but I'm worried I may violate some unspoken deliverer-customer code. I think I'm going to ask her if she's alright next time I see her, but if anyone else has any thoughts on this then you're welcome to share.

Edit: Thank you everyone for responding, I really appreciate it. Someone pointed out that I could leave a note with a physical tip to let her know that I appreciate her and her work, so I think I'll do that. As for the "do you tip" question, as I've said in some replies, I try to tip 20% all the time, and more if the weather isn't as perfect as it can be. It makes me really upset that people don't tip, and I didn't realize it was such an issue that I had to mention my tipping habits. Thank you again, I'm feeling a lot less awkward about it now, and I know how I'm going to go about it. Cheers.

15:54 UTC


Got cussed out over garlic oil

This happened a while ago around the time when I had first started delivering. The customer came through the drive-thru and asked if she could have some of our garlic oil. I asked if she meant the garlic dipping cups that we had. She said that our GM usually gave her a little thing of the garlic oil that we put on the crust of the pizza. I went to the shift lead and asked him if we could give them some and he said no and that there wasn't even a way to ring that up. When I told her this, she said they usually made an exception. The shift lead for the day went to the bathroom when she asked for the manager I told her he was in the bathroom. She pulled forward and came through the driver door and started yelling at me saying that her boyfriend was going to be pissed. When she walked back out all I did was shake my head, usually when stuff like this happens and someone gets pissed off like that I'm more inclined to laugh than to get upset. I know that people that do things like that over something so small just want to scare you into giving them what they want. When she saw me shake my head she came back in and yelled "You ugly ss btch!" She drove off and I left shortly after that for a delivery and didn't think too much of it, when I returned I saw her car parked to the side of the restaurant with the hazard lights on. When I pulled around and entered through the driver door she had brought her boyfriend in with her and was already cussing out the shift lead. When the boyfriend saw me the first thing out of his mouth was "Oh babe you were right she does look like a dude." They continued to cuss at me and at the shift lead I told them that they need to leave the premises. They continue to yell at and insult us, and before they finally left they told me "employees are supposed to make your day not ruin it" how could not giving someone garlic oil ruin someone's day entirely? All I was doing was trying to follow the rules and do what my shift lead had told me to do. After this horrendous interaction I was obviously distraught, I had been cussed at and had my appearance insulted repeatedly. I asked our shift lead if I had done anything wrong and that situation, he did say that it was probably wrong of me to ask them to leave. I honestly did feel like I could have been in danger in that situation if things had gotten physical because of the way they were cussing me out I feel like that wasn't necessarily the wrong move to make at the time. After talking to our GM he did explain that that usually doesn't help anything in situations like that because it just agitates the customer more, which I think makes sense. This interaction was horribly humiliating, frustrating, and upsetting so after going to the bathroom and crying for a little bit I came back out and had to go on another delivery, I was crying so hard I ended up throwing up all over myself and my car. I came back to the store and they sent me home. I think the worst part of this was walking back in covered in vomit and crying while they counted my money and gave me my tips for the day. The next day when I came back to work the GM was there and I found out that this was not the first time this had happened. He had been cussed out by the same person when he was a driver and the guy called him stupid and said that he couldn't get a different career and that's why he had to work at a pizza place. He had also said that he was "from the hood in California" (lol). But the GM that was there when he got cussed out made him call back and apologize since he ended up cussing back at them. They became friends after that and still gave them garlic oil everytime they ordered. That's the part that really gets me- these people have done this on multiple occasions and they got rewarded for it. This is by far the worst customer interaction I have ever had in all of my time working and I hope they never get their garlic oil ever again.

TL;DR- Didn't give customers their garlic oil, they cussed out the shift lead and myself. Got upset and threw up. They did the same thing to our store GM a long time ago.

19:16 UTC


PJ no contact orders

So at PJ they tell us for a "no contact" order we're supposed to leave the pizza on the ground on top of the hot bag, then stand 6 steps away as the customer takes their pizza. However, I've always assumed that if a customer selects no contact then they usually just don't want to talk to anyone, so I just leave the pizza at the door, ring the doorbell, then get back in my car and drive away when I see them open the door. I prefer this because I generally would rather not talk to customers and I doubt they really want to talk to me either, but I do worry that this might piss off some people. Does anyone else do this?

16:45 UTC


How does your delivery typically go (at the door)? Please help!

I just started doing delivery for pizza hut and I find that it’s extremely awkward for me when i’m handing off pizza/receipts when i’m at the door and was wondering if any of you guys could give me a detailed explanation of how you go about everything. I know this is a kind of silly question but i’m someone who suffers from social anxiety and it’s not nearly as bad as it used to be, honestly I genuinely seem to be pretty good at talking to people, just internally feel very awkward during these situations. The things I find awkward is figuring out what to say when the customer opens the door, trying to get the pizza out of the bag, how to give the receipt/should i do it before or after i give the pizza (especially when they have to sign, etc etc. Sorry if this is kinda a big ask but seriously any input would be hugely appreciated!

Edit: Thank you everyone for all the responses! I’m used to people being kinda dicks on reddit so seeing so many long and thought out responses was great 👍

08:29 UTC


Anyone else have a busy night tonight?

Made about 100 bucks tonight, super busy, especially for a Tuesday

02:26 UTC


how is your pizza hut doing with dragontail dispatch?

Tell us how your pizza hut is doing with the dragontail system. Are your getting as many deliveries? How is the sales up or down? How is the staff's moral? Good luck out there in this new A I world.

14:34 UTC


Anyone else have a “no tip list” or am I just insane?

Now before I go off, I dont treat nontippers in any malicious way except for giving their pizzas last if I take a double/triple.

But does anyone else have a list in their phone notepad of all the people that dont tip? It always makes me a bit “happier” to write their address in the note right after the delivery. I usually say to myself “this mf going on the list” and giggle about it before I slap them on it.

Anyone else do this or am I just insane lol

16:34 UTC


Working in store shift lead taking tips

So recently, I’ve moved from being a driver to an in-store due to personal reasons. For the most part, I like it, but then comes in one particular shift lead. Every time I work with them, I am stuck doing all of the work that would normally be for the shift lead (taking care of the driver screen, dough management, dough, etc.), which wouldn’t normally be a problem. But as I’m stuck doing all the work, the shift lead is either sitting on his phone or constantly upfront checking out customers’ orders and taking the tips. This is incredibly frustrating. The other day he made nearly five times the amount I did when I was basically running the entire shift. My girlfriend decided to message him, and he replied exactly how I thought he was going to: ‘We made almost the same amount of money today if I recall correctly,’ which is true, but I only handed out two orders, and he did way more than me. How does this scenario work in your store? Am I in the right or the wrong?

10:59 UTC


This is insane but bear with me: has anyone else bought pizza from another chain while working

the problem is i love pizza, i never got tired of it after multiple years delivering. dinner shifts are kinda shitty, having to work [and sometimes being literally expected to work 8 hrs straight with no break] during normal people's dinner hours is stressful psychologically and for the body, i think. so i'd always be hungry right during rush, even if i nibbled a granola bar

some of the places i've worked [ALWAYS also the ones with shittier hours, pay, management, responsibilities] wouldn't let us make our own food -- which i think is incredibly lame and shitty for any restaurant, let us get to know the product, it's a huge morale boost; and it's like unlimited PTO -- if you just let people eat within reason out of generosity they probably won't go insane with it

i always made sure to take off my uniform, didn't want any remarks lol

17:00 UTC


Anyone else have an awkward miscommunication with a customer?

This is an old story, but back when I worked at a pizza place I was basically the designated phone guy (we were busy and I have psoriasis, so it was agreed that I shouldn't make pizzas for what should be obvious reasons.)

One time, I had a customer who came from a Central Asian country call in. I had some minor trouble with her accent, and I thought she placed an order for ten cheese pizzas.

As it turns out, what she wanted was a thin [crust] cheese pizza, and wondered why on Earth her order was so expensive.

As you can imagine, my co-workers were not amused to learn that they'd made ten entire pizzas over a mix-up. Much ribbing ensued.

Anyone else have any "good" stories?

21:49 UTC

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