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09:41 UTC


So, last night my workplace went out of business

Hi, I'm a (ex) delivery driver from Argentina and I have written some comments here and there in this subreddit. As I've said, last night my workplace rolled down its shutters for the last time ever and I have some mixed feelings about that. On one hand, I had been thinking about quitting my job for a few months bc my pay was barely enough to cover fuel and my usual spending, considering that I live with my folks. I'm not worried about money, my dad, my brother and I are starting an used car dealing business and in the meantime, I have already sent some resumés to places that offer much better paying jobs (and don't take a toll quite as big on my car). But on the other hand, I'll surely miss working the gig at night while jamming to Spanish rumba or Romanian manele and other genres of Romani music from the Balkans, in a playlist that I've specifically made to listen while doing deliveries. I've known a lot of good people through this job and it has given me a lot of anecdotes both good and bad.

For context, the restaurant where I worked until yesterday was a mom&pop place located in my small hometown in northern Patagonia. The place opened in December 2020 when covid restrictions were slowly being lifted and restaurants and other food businesses were in great demand. Even though food delivery in Argentina was widespread since the late 80's, it was mostly fast food joints and rotiserías that offered it, while more "serious" restaurants refrained from offering it. But 2020 saw an explosion of delivery offers due to restrictions and delivery drivers were seen as kinda heroes braving out the pandemic out in the open. Even when restaurants were allowed to serve table customers again, there was still a great demand for delivery as some people were afraid to catch "the bug" if they went to eat out. I started working there in mid 2021 after a few months working as an ice cream delivery driver (yes, that's a thing here in Argentina and it's been around long before covid). The owner was an in-law relative of one of my cousins so that's how I met her and later got the job.

The first two years were busy and the restaurant was thriving, I remember some days delivering as much as fourteen orders in one night, considering that we were open from 8 PM till midnight. I was the only driver there but we were a platoon of 8 workers. Sometimes, I had to patch up some holes either by waiting tables, being a dishwasher or doing whatever I was told to help with the workload, it was stressful but I was relatively well paid for those chores. Also, whenever there was a pause from the hustle, I was in charge of brewing mate for my co workers and my boss. That gave me the opportunity to have a chat with them and get to know them better. I did that until my very last day working there.

However, by 2023, customer numbers started to dwindle. People started having other things to pay for, our economy was crumbling under rapid inflation and the location of the restaurant (in a relatively dark avenue away from the city centre) didn't help either. By the end of that year, only three employees remained. Me, one waitress who also worked as a cashier, one cook and the owner of the restaurant. In fact, when there wasn't a lot of movement (most of the time), the cook was given the day off and the owner would cook the few orders of the day by herself. I also had fewer orders, there were days when I didn't even need to show up to work bc no one had ordered delivery throughout the night (I was called to work upon demand).

So, all that said, my boss told us that she decided to close down her business and do something else. I spent the last two weeks there biding farewell to our most frequent delivery customers. In conclusion, with all the things good and bad, it's been a fun ride and even though I wouldn't work again as a delivery driver (at least not in this economy), I'll surely miss my three years working in that place, all the anecdotes I have working there and the people I've met thanks to this job. However, I am still going to be around here whenever the opportunity arises to give some advice or to share experiences.

Sorry if I have made any mistakes, English is not my first language.

If any of you is interested in that playlist for your future deliveries, I'm more than happy to share it with you.


23:37 UTC


Customer tipped .18 then chased me to my car to ask for my number

05:50 UTC


Pulled my glock on an abusive husband who tried to fight me

I spent about 8 months working part time at a local Pizza Hut in Oregon a couple of years back (this isn't recent because I only just found this sub). It was in the neighborhood I'd grown up in and then moved back near to some years later to help take care of my grandma after she'd had a very debilitating surgery.

I'd maintained a loose interest in guns throughout my life, starting with an old 22 rifle my grandpa gave me as a kid, and the hobby periodically resurfaced throughout my life. That said, I'd never had any interest in getting my concealed handgun license until I started at this job. I'd grown up in the neighborhood I was delivering in and I knew just how sketchy it could get (92nd & Holgate area for those who know). I figured it couldn't hurt to carry, I already carried a small medical kit and some narcan in case I ran into somebody in trouble; a gun was just another "better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it" decision.

I'm fuckin glad that was a decision I made, because it was not two weeks after I started carrying at work that I ran into this situation.

I always worked nights because I had college during the afternoons (not to mention the store was usually busier and the tips were better). It was some weekend night in March that I'd been working and I was handed a delivery to an address just 5-10 minutes from our store. I drove over and found a spot to park, walked up to the door of a small green house and knocked.

When the door opened I was met with the sight of a woman about 25-30 years old, crying and bruised. It was no sooner than I saw her that I heard a man yelling somewhere further in the back of the house about the door being opened. It wasn't just a question like "who's there" either, it was vicious and clearly directed at the woman in front of me. Immediately I asked her if she was okay, she was still crying and made a slight movement with her head, shaking it and indicating "no".

I'll admit I probably could have been smarter about the whole situation, feigning a normal interaction or pretending to be a neighbor or something. I grew up in the same crappy neighborhood, but with a good family and friends who had loving parents as well. This was genuinely my first direct interaction with an active instance of domestic abuse and the only things I thought or felt were a sense of distinct surprise, alertness, worry, and anger.

I put the pizza on the ground, still in the insulated carrier, and ushered the woman out of the house. She left the door open, I assume so that whoever was in the back wouldn't know yet that she'd left. I walked her toward the sidewalk, asking if she needed help and if she'd be comfortable coming with me. I said I could call the store and let them know that I had to clock off and then take her anywhere she knew she'd feel safe; a friend, a family member, a police station, anyone she felt could help her and keep her safe. It was before I even got to hear her response that the source of the voice I'd heard earlier knocked the front door of the house open and stumbled out holding a fucking hammer. That's still the most terrifying thing about this entire interaction to me. I don't know what would have happened to her that night if I hadn't been there, or what may have happened in the past. That is fucking horrific idea to me and it's one I still think about frequently.

The man was about 30-35, wearing a stained but otherwise blank white shirt and adidas sweatpants. He had a clean shaven face and slightly messy but otherwise pretty well-kept hair. He didn't strike me as drunk either, just fucking furious and lost in that state. He asked what the fuck I was doing there, but not to me, to the woman right behind me who had now gone utterly silent. The entire time we'd been talking (as short as it was) she'd been making at least some noise; crying, breathing heavily, speaking softly and darting her eyes back toward the house. I couldn't see her behind me but after having already spoken to her and knowing that she was there, her silence was immensely distinct. She didn't respond to the man and he began to approach us.

For reference, I'm not a particularly intimidating person. I'm about 5'11 and 170 pounds. I'm also (at the time) wearing a fucking Pizza Hut uniform, which is not the most menacing outfit.

I knew I had my gun at my waist for the entirety of this experience, but it wasn't until he was around 7-8 feet away that I felt comfortable drawing it. The way it happened is still something I feel confident that I did sensibly. Present, draw, aim. I lifted my shirt and put my hand on the weapon, he moved slightly faster for a moment, but in response to the action I finished the next two steps very quickly. As soon as the pistol made level with his chest he stopped, backed up, and headed inside as the door was still not at all far off. As soon as he passed through the door, and not knowing what he'd do next, I unlocked my car with the keyfob and ushered the woman who'd answered the door toward it as I backed toward the car on the side of the street as quickly as I could while doing my best to maintain eye contact with the entrance of the house.

I jumped into my car when I got close enough to it, and sped out until we'd gotten a couple blocks away before driving normally again. I took some turns and pulled over on a random street after a few minutes. I told her I was so sorry about everything that'd just happened and I promised her that I wouldn't do anything to hurt her. I know that probably had very little impact on the situation for her and I'm sure she was fucking terrified, hopping into a random car with with a man she didn't know who had already made it obvious he was carrying a gun. I felt horrible the whole fucking time and just didn't know what the right thing to say would be other than just checking in and apologizing more and more. I asked her if she was okay and she was clearly hyperventilating. I did my best to calm her down and to ask her where she'd feel safe going. She said she had a brother not too far away and I asked her if she wanted to call him on my phone if she knew his number. She said she didn't but she knew his instagram so I opened mine and handed it to her. I asked her to let him know who she was with (my name), where we were, my license plate, that she'd be there soon, and anything else she felt she should say. She told me her brother's address, around 20 minutes east of us, and I put it into my phone and hopped onto the I-84.

Long story short (I've already made it too long), I dropped her off, her brother met us outside. I was later contacted again by her brother to make a statement to the police, I had to hand my pistol into evidence so they could see that it hadn't been fired, I made a statement to the cops, and that's honestly all I knew for a while. A few weeks later I was contacted by the Sheriff's office letting me know that the man had been arrested and was being detained and taken to trial. I'm assuming and deeply hoping that the psychotic piece of shit is rotting in jail or dead, but that's all I know now.

04:12 UTC


I've officially been inside a strip club now. To deliver pizza

It's about what I was expecting. Dark, loud, and there sure were some ladies not wearing a lot of clothes. Performers gotta eat too I guess

23:13 UTC


Hourly rate including tips after gas and vehicle maintenance?

I’m currently a student and already have a job at a grocery store making minimum wage working around 20 hours a week, and I just recently started doing Doordash in my 2020 Civic for a little extra income when I have some free time. I’ve found myself really enjoying Doordash, much more tolerable than retail and I enjoy driving. I see a lot of people saying that $25/hour is pretty achievable doing pizza delivery, which is a bit more than I average on Doordash/Grubhub. However, I realize that, without the ability to cherry pick orders, pizza delivery would probably put a lot more miles on my car. I think I’m okay with racking up more miles and I do most of my own maintenance, but I’m curious to see if anyone has an idea of how much they are actually making delivering after all car expenses. Does the pay outweigh the cost of routine maintenance, shit randomly breaking, and needing a new car sooner? Seriously considering quitting my retail job if I can make similar money doing delivery after expenses, simply due to driving being much less miserable than the bullshit I have to put up with at the grocery store.

16:34 UTC


Pizza delivery morning shift in the summer

I am new to pizza delivery (working morning shift) and was wondering if because of the summer and how there is no school and people are now at homes will pizza delivery for morning shift make good money?

08:20 UTC


Grub HUB, door DASH, Uber...

At the last three places I've worked when we type over the delivery apps orders we always use the full name of everything except Uber eats, which is always just "Uber".

Is this what everyone else does too?

Anyone else type "doot dash" every time for your own amusement? Or "grubba hubba"..

16:14 UTC


Delivering - Day Shift vs Closing Shift. Which is better?

Switching to a new place from somewhere local. Now I’ll be getting paid a lot more, and have the option to choose a shift.

Obviously the closing shift you’ll get dinner deliveries, and usually there’s more of those than lunch. Maybe it’s bigger tips as well(?) The downside is that you’ll have to be there at night and have closing as a part of your workload.

The day shift you’ll get to be there in the day and have nights free. With lunches you’ll be delivering for more businesses, which means less quantity of orders, but much bigger tips on those that go to businesses.

Obviously it depends on the area and chain, but what has your experience been with the orders you get on the day shift? Which do you prefer?

13:52 UTC


Do you actually need insurance for pizza delivery? How are you covered?

I’m changing locations, from a place who’s pay was horrible, but provided their own insurance to their drivers, to someplace that is a lot more in line with the market standard, but apparently does not offer insurance, and that is apparently very uncommon for the industry to offer insurance. So, do I need extra insurance for pizza delivery?

From what I can find for my insurance company (USAA, so I would prefer not to have to switch) personal insurance doesn’t cover it, and commercial insurance is for businesses, so where does pizza delivery fall? Getting a commercial car insurance plan is like half of my monthly pay check, so I can’t do that.

If it’s that expensive, and considering that pizza delivery isn’t a very… fancy job, do people just not have insurance, or is there some special coverage I don’t know about? Do people just drive around where an accident, even if they’re not at fault, could ruin their lives from insurance?

18:27 UTC


Let's Discuss Thermodynamics

The shop I deliver for uses 2 different online ordering apps, and the one in particular seems popular with the people who request a no contact delivery. We had one come in this past Saturday that said "please leave on porch."

We have a huge delivery area, and this was one of the few addresses that is actually in the next town over, while still being close enough for us to go to. On my way there, I passed at least half a dozen other pizza shops, but I guess ours is better? I find the house, put the order on the porch, snap a picture, and go on my merry way.

At the end of the night, my counter girl informs me (laughing) that the customer tried to request a refund through the app because his food was cold. My guy, you chose to order from a shop that was probably the greatest distance from your house that would still deliver to you, and asked that your order be left outside in 45⁰F weather.

Refund was not given.

Edit to add, his food was delivered within 5 minutes of his quoted time.

13:22 UTC


Are some people vampires?

There has been a couple times when I go to make a delivery, they open the door, and it's pitch black. This has happened more than once now...it's bizarre.

01:35 UTC


Questions for pizza workers 🙏

I work at a local pizza place as a line cook, I have noticed a few things and wonder if other places are similar.

How often are employees intoxicated?

Are there cliques for different workers?

Do you love your job, or the people there?

How stressful is your job?; no matter what you do. (Pizza maker, line cook, front of house, server, bartender, manager)

I would love to hear your stories about your job at a pizza place!

14:16 UTC


First day (I think I did good!)

So yesterday was my first day delivering food for my local restaurant and it was definitely a learning experience. At the start of the day I was super overwhelmed and was heavily considering going back to my old job but after a while I started to get the hang of it and really started making some good money. I made $95 in tips in my 5 hour shift and with their hourly wage I was making over $20 an hour on a Wednesday. I did get lucky with a $20 tip and two $12 tips so that definitely is why I made so much. I definitely did make some mistakes though lol, mainly because I was just sleep deprived and stressed out. I almost forgot the delivery bag at once house and almost forgot to give someone their food later in the day. All my customers were nice though so it wasn’t a big deal. I definitely need to work on my cash handling skills, I’m just really slow with it. I also don’t really know how fast I should be going? Like idk if I should be taking my time setting up my phone, getting music on, etc. or if I should just be zooming to the next stop. With how stressed everyone was in the kitchen it made me feel like I had to haul ass lol.

Overall it was very different from my last job but if the pay stays good like this or even close to this I think I’ll just have to hang around for the money. I do have a secondary beater car just for this job which definitely helps.

12:31 UTC


Pizza Hut

Anyone know what the hiring process and training looks like for an AM role-not a Shift? Also, what’s the uniform and what do you have to buy versus what’s provided?


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08:15 UTC


5 years on the do not deliver list...

Once upon a time, during my college freshman year, a peculiar craving for pizza struck my friends and me. We were notorious for pulling pranks on the delivery folks, but this night, we took it to a whole new level. With Halloween looming in the distance, we transformed our dorm room into a scene straight out of a horror movie. Flaming cauldrons illuminated the space, and we dressed in black robes, ready to spook the unsuspecting pizza delivery person.

We concocted a plan to make the poor driver believe we were a group of satanists. One friend crafted a pentagram on the floor with salt and surrounded it with flickering candles. Another mixed fruit punch Kool-Aid to resemble blood. As for me, the aspiring actor of the group, I donned blackout contacts and a hooded robe to play the part.

To add to the atmosphere, we indulged in whipits, inhaling nitrous oxide to deepen our voices. When the knock finally came, signaling the arrival of our pizza, I took one last hit of gas, flung open the door, and with a voice deeper than the abyss, proclaimed, "I am SATAN, bow before me!"

The poor delivery person's reaction was priceless. Pizza dropped, he fled down the stairs, likely breaking any speed records in the process. We couldn't contain our laughter as we feasted on our victory, but little did we know, it would come at a cost.

Four years on the dreaded "do not deliver" list and a $25 pizza bill later, I can't help but feel a twinge of remorse. To that delivery person, wherever you are, I owe you a sincere apology.

19:48 UTC


Delivered to a methed out woman today. Got a 50 cent tip.

A woman called the store to order a pizza. The girl answering the phone asked her if she wanted to leave a tip and i heard the woman say "50 cents". The girl didnt know if she said 15% or 50 cents. Needless to say, the woman ended up not pre tipping. And of course, me being the lucky individual I am, was the driver to recieve this order. This woman was staying in an extended stay hotel. I walked up the stairs (my COPD does not do good with stairs). I knocked on the door, and I hear her yell "WHO IS IT". I say my stores name and she says "hold on a minute". This woman, clearly high, answers the door. I ask her if she wants to leave a tip and to sign the reciept. She says "i thought i told the store to leave a 50 cent tip. I guess they didnt understand". She took the receipt and closed the door. In the back of my mind im thinking to myself "she better not steal my fucking pen". After a few minutes, she opens the door and asks me "is this line where i put the tip and i sign here?". I said yes and she shut the door again. After what seems like a million years, she comes back and hands me the receipt. With my lovely 50 cent tip. And an incorrect total amount.

Edit: yes I got my pen back

Edit 2: the woman is apparently a regular for the store. I didn't realize this at the time until my coworkers told me they knew her and she always tips 50 cents.

Picture included of the receipt.


07:16 UTC


Do you not get change back for your tips when turning in your money at the end of the night?

I just started this job last week and normally I work until close so I don't know if it has to do with the register being closed or what. But I feel like I am being ripped off although it is only a small amount as it has only happened twice, it is still my money. For example last night, I owed $95 and had $105 made of 5 $20's and a $5. So I give them the $20's expected to get a $5 back but I never do. I just don't see how that is acceptable.

19:36 UTC


Question about background check for delivery

I just applied to Dominos for delivery driver position, I used to work at Pizza Hut as a driver part time but I want to start working full time. My question is if I had a reckless on my record (about 3 years ago) will this effect getting hired? I’m not a fan of the kitchen work, my coworkers hated it since I’ve heard you don’t make barely anything in tips.

21:24 UTC


Need help/advice for working at Pizza Hut

So I've filled out all my stuff and I'm technically hired right now, but haven't been able to actually train or work yet. I'm supposed to be a delivery driver and was supposed to start Wednesday, but I haven't been put in their system yet apparently. I've called a few times the past few days (they told me to) to check if I'm in it yet and so far still nothing. At first I wasn't too worried about it and figured it was just a waiting game but the further this goes along, the more nervous I've been getting about possibly losing this job. I've not done anything wrong, it's just that I'm afraid this whole thing will be too complicated for them or something and they'll just sort of quietly let me go without actually telling me.

They've still said I'm hired and not to be discouraged the last time I talked to the manager and stuff, which was probably about 2 days ago at this point. They said they'll call me back once they see that I'm in their system, they've said they're working to try to get me in it and have emailed AND called the helpdesk to try and get things going, and they also said that I'm on their schedule and stuff so I'm sure they WANT me there since it's probably messing up the scheduling and stuff, so I truly do believe that they're working on getting it fixed. They also said they recently switched to a new system and that might be part of why it's being weird. But like I said, the further I go along with no updates, the more nervous I've been getting. Any advice? I might call again, but has this happened to anyone else? Did you eventually get an answer or get to work there after a few days of dealing with this?

21:05 UTC


Got my first ever job as a pizza delivery girl, kind of anxious tbh

I’m 19 and this will be my first ever job ever. I got a position as an e-bike rider. I used to be into biking and im kind of excited to be able to cycle during the job, however i’ve never had experience riding bikes in traffic and i need to brush up on road safety rules ngl. (Only got my L’s and haven’t had much opportunity to practice due to personal reasons.) My parents aren’t happy with my position since they think it is unsafe and more suited for guys. Is it really that bad? For what it’s worth I live in a fairly safe city. Any tips for a first-timer? Im starting to feel like i’m way in over my head… 🥲

09:36 UTC


Kid stuck in a machine

So last week I came back from a delivery and started making pizzas. I saw my manager kind of freaking out but I couldn't hear what she was saying because the oven is so loud and my hearing sucks.

I asked another co-worker what was going on and she said a kid got stuck in a video game machine.

It was busy at the time so I asked my manager later what happened. She said that a parent came up upset to complain that their kid was stuck in one of our machines in the video game room. A threeish year old kid had climbed in one of the claw machines through the door where the prize comes out.

Well my manager went to go check it out and the family apparently was videotapind and taking pictures. But when they saw my manager they put on sad faces and acted angry. My manager wasn't sure whether to call the fire department. The parent used a pocket knife to break the lock on the machine.

The kid was fine. He apparently was having a good old time playing with the stuffed animals while he was stuck in there. Then the other manager had to run to clear out the machine because all the other kids were trying to steal the toys out of the now broken machine.

I was laughing my ass off but I'm not even surprised. We get msnh different groups of people who come in to eat, drink beer and talk for hours. And ignore their little hellions. So we have kids running around, screaming and causing mayhem nightly

07:18 UTC


Delivery Driver Question

I drive a 2022 HRV. I was thinking about leaving my current job to become a pizza delivery driver. I’d be working 3 days a week for 5 hours a shift (i’m in high school). i was wondering if this would be a bad idea to do this to my car or should i be good?

00:40 UTC


Pizza delivery is a lucrative side hustle on the weekends (assuming you have a used Honda fit or similar car). I regret not doing this sooner. Drove less than 45 miles (about $4 in gas) and made over $100 in 4-hours.

05:04 UTC


pizza deliveryman doing my best to make a positive impact on humanity. The mechanic scammed me, not doing well in one of my classes, and lonely. I am in a large city. Is being a pizza deliveryman really a very high paying job? avg. around 1 delivery per hour...

I enjoy delivering pizzas a lot more than my previous job. I am just concerned because I am averaging about $15 an hour and that is before I subtract cost of gas/vehicle maintenance & repairs. I enjoy doing deliveries and seeing the customers smile. It is nice to get away from my computer desk, but I feel like I am almost paying to deliver pizzas.

07:09 UTC


No tip no knock

If u don’t tip and it’s contactless I ain’t knocking on your door it’s that simple idc if it takes an hour for u to find it on ur door not my problem

18:44 UTC


Trying to figure out how much I might make delivering for pizza hut

So I'm fairly likely to get a job delivering for Pizza Hut soon. Before tips and everything it says my base pay will be $7 an hour, which surprised me how low it was considering I have a friend doing deliveries for Domino's who makes 10 an hour. But it'll be my first job so I'm not too worried about it, I figure I'll stick with this for a bit and work my way up. Anyways though, I live in a fairly nice area that I'd argue is upper-middle class, so considering the 7 an hour base pay how much would I possibly make with tips added in as well? I know it's impossible to truly tell but I figure there might be some reasonably predictable answers

23:24 UTC


What's the scariest thing that's happened to you while delivering?

Would love to hear your story 😱

21:50 UTC


What if there was video footage?

Kind of a strange post but I wanted to ask drivers on this sub - what do you think about body camera footage? Practically speaking, it could be either a deterrent for personal safety or proof of what happened in an incident or complaint. But also just - you know - video footage of every interaction.

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19:32 UTC


Sketchy hotels and trailer parks are the bane of my existence.

Pretty much the title. The biggest perk of the gig apps was I could decline those orders. Now im at a pizza chain, and I have to serve them. Shit sucks. So depressing. Druggies, hard criminals, hoarders, prostitution rings, bums, tweaked out moms with their children crying in the background, ughhh. Shit wrecks my soul.

05:29 UTC

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