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Applebee's bartenders; what amount is the bartenders receiving for tip out at your location?

17:57 UTC


had a table today call me ugly in spanish and stiff me

some people really need to understand that spanish isn’t the secretive language they think it is, and just because im white doesn’t mean i can’t understand you

god i’m so tired of the general public

17:51 UTC


Tips for new hostess?

Hi servers, I just started hosting last week as my first job ever, and I want to get a better grasp on when to not sit a section. So far, I've been told to stick to a rotation, but sometimes multiple groups walk in at the same time and it makes it difficult for me to know where to sit them. I try not to double seat a section, especially if there are already other groups in that section. Right now, I gauge it by looking for whether groups still have their menus out or not and go on 20 minute waits when each section has two or more tables with menus out. But how much is too much for servers to handle? Like what's an appropriate amount of tables that a server should have in a given amount of time?

16:42 UTC


What is wrong with people?

I just can’t wrap my mind around people being absolute assholes. The other night we had a live music event. The restaurant is in an old manor so we have an outside dining area, inside room, and parlor. All of the rooms were packed. Literally getting sat every 5 minutes in the middle of a rush, but I’m getting though it, drinks, apps, entrees, clearing plates as I go. We have food runners so that makes things a lot easier. I go up to my 4 top and clear the last of their plates. Now, yes, the service hasn’t been exceptional since I have 8 tables, but I’ve been nice, told them I had been checking on their food, offered a different sauce when the woman didn’t like her chimichurri. I go to pick up her plate and boom. “The service has been AWFUL” she goes on to yell at me saying I had been ignoring them, they waited forever, they were going to get dessert but didn’t want to wait another hour, blah blah blah. I’m holding up pretty good until she finally says “ARE YOU?” When I say “I am so sorry”. She finishes it off with “yeah. MAYBE you should go get your manager.” This woman is ruthless. Everyone else at the table is silent, obviously embarrassed. Anyways, she berates me and my “awful service” to the owner and gets a free meal. Makeup ruined, genuinely in tears I go to my other table, a three top, where this old man tells me he wants to “soap me up in the shower”. Anyways I made $500 that night and cried the entire car ride home.

08:05 UTC


What’s up with people wanting burnt steak ??

My 3rd week at my first server job ever. I work for a mid scale European restaurant Customer tells me he wants his steak very well done if it’s red, he will send it back. Heard. I tell the cook very very well done…I bring out our to him, it’s literally almost black.

…he sends it back! He tells me he’s going to microwave it and asks for a To go box. I bring it back to my kitchen and even my boss is shocked that the steak is almost burnt….

Are people confusing carne asada and steak? I’m confused.

EDIT: in my home country we burn carne asada. Turn it into leather/jerky. I wasn’t talking about churrasco or Mexican carne asada. Clearing confusions.

04:31 UTC



Hey guys i’m a 17 year old who just got hired at her first job as a hostess. The interview went really well with the manager, and I’m extremely excited. However, I’m also nervous and not sure what to expect. I got hired at carrabbas which in my opinion is a fancier chain restaurant, I originally applied for to go but the manager said i would be a better fit hosting. I know nothing about hosting please help!!

00:17 UTC


best way to ask for an ID

During the school year I work at a college bar and over the summer, I am serving for the first time. I am used to the college bar vibe of being, for lack of a better word, super bitchy about IDs because you can and you have to be. As a server at a restaurant with a big emphasis on alcohol, ID-ing is important and stricter but I don’t know how to properly check an ID without seeming aggressive 😭 this is not helped by the fact that I’m a 19 year old girl so who am I to be ID-ing anyone anyways.

anyways just wondering how you guys fit ID-ing people into your spiels without making it super awkward/ seeming confrontational.

22:56 UTC


How to deal with sticky fingers at work?

I know it’s bound to happen at entry level places of work, but the theft at my job is getting past the point I can accept. It’s everything from pens you write with to those you smoke out of, and even worse- the tips. Granted I had my phone stolen at my last job which cost a lot more than the $100 that I had stolen last night, but it’s just frustrating.

20:00 UTC


Servers, What do you say that makes you look great in your interview?

Interviews usually start off with tell me about yourself. Then they talk about who they are and what they do. Then availability. Then it’s conversational including, do you have any questions.

As I am trying to boost my interviewing style, I’m needing some ideas and tips.

Do you tell a story of how you became a server?

Do you sell dishes and drinks that you have sold in the past?

19:20 UTC


Why is it so hard to find a server job in VA

I admit I don't have that much experience, I am young, 20 years old. But I have been doing full time servering job for over one year now, and years of part time server experience when I was in high school. Recently I just quit my last job where I worked over half year, because of management changes and the new manager had no experience of managing, only got the job cause of nepotism (Relative of the owner), straight up being rude to employees. People been reporting it to the owner but nothing helps so a lot of people quit including me.
I know it's dumb to not find a another job first before I quit, but I geniuely thought it's going to be easy to find a server job like i did last time and I even decided to go on a one week vacation before finding another job.
Then there's nightmares, I applied probably 50 different restraurant already on indeed or their official website. Only got on 3 interviews so far, and somehow one of them interviews turn to a double interview.
First interview was bad cause i haven't been in a interview for half year which is fair they didn't hire me
Second I thought it was a pretty good interview for me but the manager called me and said he decided to hire another guy.
The third one is the weirdest interview I have ever got into.
I first was interviewed by the general manager, I answered the question really well, we had a really nice and friendly convo and I seriously thought I was going to get hired this time. But then he introduced me to his senior manager so I somehow got into a second interview which is weird but oh ok I still go for it.
The senior manager first off start being friendly and we had a pretty good start and I honestly thought it's going to be cool this time but then he started to ask me some weird questions and keeps cutting me off when I'm trying to answer them because of I told him why I quit last job and he seems not satisfied with the reason of bad management being in that case.
Then he started questioning me about my past work experiences, and started pulling off his phone and said "oh so there's no such restraurant named xxxx in dallas."
Then I tell him i made a mistake when writting a resume and corrected the location with him, since it was pretty long ago since i worked there before i moved to Virginia. That's weird that he didn't ask me about my last job but started off questioning my oldest job. Then the cringest thing happened.
He said to me: "So what will happen, if I call your supervisor right now, what do you think he will say about you"
I honestly was stunt by the question but I quickly answered him that I had pretty good relationship with the owner and I'm sure he will say good stuff about me. He didn't let me finish my answer again ofc, then he starts ask me what's first thing i do when I'm in the restraurant and what time do come to work etc. which are really really weird questions but I answered them well even thoi was getting cut off halfway of my answers AGAIN
Then he asked me the last question "Ok, so what is the town name of this restrauarnt."

I was really got quite confused why he will even ask this question and honestly I was kind of having a breakdown because of he constantly stopping me from answering questions which is really rude and connect to next question which has no related to why i will be a good server for this restraurant at all. Then I told him, "I don't really know...."
Then that ends the interview, he just striaght up stopped me trying to answer more and said to me that he will give me a call which he never did.
That really destroyed all of my confidence all at once, I felt devasted and I ended up back home crying and couldn't sleep all night feeling so anxious.
Honestly WHO R U even HIRING. Some kind of CIA agent?? Why u have to give so many craps to a young person who is probably 40 years younger than you...

PS: I'm really curious if this sub has any VA local server, is the competition really hard in here that you can't even get any interviews and had to have a extremely mind storming interview to select the best applicant?...

18:35 UTC


Fired and pregnant.

Welp, I got fired because on Father's Day an executive chef was yelling at me in front of everyone and I said don't ever talk to me like that and walked away. I am 7 months pregnant and have been here for two years. I am screwed, and I feel like theyve been wanting to get rid of me anyways since I've been pregnant. I dont know what to do. What other restaurant will hire me 7 months pregnant....

18:21 UTC



Hey all! 28f here. I know we’ve had quite a few posts like these but I haven’t come across any that appear to match with what’s required for my job. I’m looking for recommendations on shoes that match all of the following:


-black (with absolutely no non-black visible detail)

-arch support (my poor feet ache at the end of shifts with my current shoes)

-non slip

I work at a fine dining restaurant and do quite a bit running around during our busier shifts, so I’m absolutely willing to spend the money on longer lasting, higher quality work shoes that meet the four requirements above.

If you also have any recommendations for inserts, I’d love to have them.

Thank you all for any and all help!


Just read all the suggestions, gonna be looking into them all after my shift today. Thank you everyone!!!!

16:14 UTC


Acceptable Shoes?

I just got hired at a restaurant and the dress standards say “professional looking black with closed toe and heel. Slip resistant sole mandatory”. I absolutely love docs and would like to invest in a nonslip pair for work. Would they be appropriate given the standards outlined? I know the soles are like almost black on them but do you think they would notice? I don’t wanna get a pair for $150 and not be able to wear them.

15:01 UTC


Looking for a job

So I finally quit my abusive job and I've been searching for a new serving job in the meantime but it's been harder than I expected. I went to a few places in person but mostly I've been applying online, is one better than the other, should I be going in person instead? (I have social anxiety but I've come a long way but for some reason I still get nervous to go in but I need $$ so I got to get over it )

13:22 UTC


“step it up or they’ll take your shifts”

So I 21F have worked at my shithole for a bit over a year. it sucks and im actively looking for a new job but hey it’s money. my one manager 41F used to compliment me on how far i’ve come and how proud of me she is and that i’m a hard worker and reliable. i ofc thanked her because i try my best and it means a lot to me. but recently there was a night where the bartender called off and she was pissed i wanted to go before close (midnight) even though there was no one else in the restaurant. she didn’t even ask me to stay, she cut me and said she could handle it. not blaming any other employee just me. the bartender called off for a flooding emergency and i know it’s not her fault and it sucks so much for her but like it’s not my fault she called off. it’s not my fault people fake shit to call off every shift. it’s not my fault people don’t show up. it’s not my fault you don’t hire anyone despite everyone begging you to because were so short staffed all the time

anyway she was going over interviews this week with my other manager and i said “are we getting more servers?” “yes” “yay!” cause it’s been a rough while and the few new people we’ve gotten i like a lot. plus i’m working all the damn time and they’re the absolute worst shifts cause instead of rewarding me for doing a good job and giving me my old shifts she uses me to patch up whatever holes are in the schedule cause she can count on me to show up and do the job of three people. and then gives new hires my preferred shifts 🙃

she then says “myname if you don’t step it up i’m gonna give them all the shifts” to which i kinda gave her a 😐 look because….how dare you? after me busting my butt for your incompetent staff to keep this sinking ship afloat, picking up all those shifts, and being an overall low maintenance employee this is how you talk about me? step what up? what else could you possibly want me to do? my schedule has been maxed out since i’ve worked here and even the worst employees are still working almost every day cause you don’t hire anyone. i could use a little lighter of a schedule i can’t lie. but see how well things go when i’m not the one doing everything. and i’m not patting myself on the back or anything, it’s just that people will ALWAYS depend on someone else to the point of “if i don’t do this no one else will”. there’s no teamwork. there’s me doing everyone else’s shit while they sit around. you’ll go right back to putting me on all the time unless this new fleet of hires is excellent. i’m just hella offended. it was one night but she didn’t even ask me to stay and said i didn’t have to stay and then got mad when i did my side work and left? like get over it. sorry about the rant. IM the one who’s somehow still here after all this time and doing all this for this place so i don’t get yelled at by the customers my coworkers slack on and cleaning so it’s not a mess. you should be giving me a better time and rewarding me with my old schedule, not punishing me and expecting me to beg for the worst shifts of the week

TL;DR: my manager implies i don’t do enough when i have to babysit half her staff and threatens to cut my shifts

04:45 UTC


Why are customers shocked to see food service workers unhappy?

I work at a foodhall and the nature of how everything is setup to take orders combined with the sheer traffic that the single cashier receives in a hugely popular tourist spot is over the top most of the time, this leads to constant burnout and a inability to provide any sort of “proper,” customer service as you’re pushed to the brink just to meet the bare minimum to keep up.

One of the girl cashiers at our place that works Fri/sat, which are obviously the busiest days, regularly breaks down during these shifts and cries after being inevitably overwhelmed by the relentless wave of customers. Me and and the other cashiers are in a group chat with her and she will vent to us about the shift and I honestly feel bad that she has to go through it. I sometimes cover those days and can relate to how ridiculous the shift is as there’s no limit to how many customers you can take at once and the entire building is often so packed you are squeezing through a crowd to get through like it’s EDC.

You have a long ass line of impatient customers waiting to order, then you have to walk away from them to prepare and bring out trays of food while buzzing already paid customers to get the food, during this time you have already served customers coming up non stop ask for more shit, then you have DoorDash/ubereats/Grubhub giving you the death stare bc their order that you confirmed with a 20-30 min preparation time wasn’t ready despite them showing up in 5 min.

All of this happens with the most incompetent customers I’ve ever seen in the industry as being tourists they aren’t accustomed to using common sense, combine that with a menu that requires minimal effort to read and they fail and order items by the general type of dish such as “let me get the soup,” are you dumb? We have over 10 different types of soups, would you like me to spin a bottle and randomly generate one? They pretty much do this for most types of dishes which leads to constant dialogue asking them to specify what they want. You end up being fatigued after just asking nonstop questions the entire shift.

On top of all the hardships of the job we regularly don’t get paid on time and are micro managed by our boss which leads to rock bottom morale. Basic requests such as a working fan is ignored or sidelined so long that the previous fan breaks for months.

I brought up my female coworker specifically because many customers have felt compelled to write yelp reviews singling her out with her physical description and even name saying that she was “off putting,” all the while not taking any of the information into consideration above. Of course they can’t know some of that stuff but most of it is readily apparent. How hard is it to see a human being being overwhelmed? If I ever see a foodservice worker or any customer service worker stressed out I immediately know why and never get offended that they aren’t interacting with me in a super positive way.

I’ve grown to have little to no respect for your typical incompetent customer and view them as useless human beings that expect to be carried through society while inputting the most minimal effort.

20:43 UTC


Struggling coming back to serving

I worked at a call center the past decade practically. Last year, my job got outsourced. I was on unemployment for six months. After months of job searching, I finally just went back to waiting tables. I decided to work at a fine dining place, but the chef was abusive and the business was dying. I decided to leave and work at my uncle's restaurant. I just started a few weeks ago and I'm already feeling overwhelmed.

To preface, it's a pub and sports bar so its pretty fast paced. I actually worked there for a number of years as a helper over a decade ago. The sections are large. The helpers are great, but, I'm still having a hard time keeping up with all the tables. When I served a decade ago my sections were only 4-5 tables. Most sections are about 8 tables here. I almost had a panic attack tonight because I had a full section and this guy said he paid his tab, but it was still showing in the system as unpaid. He said I brought him change but didn't have the receipt which was odd. I do have a depression and anxiety disorder so sometimes I get really foggy/dissociate at times. My manager said they're regulars so it seems unlikely they were lying. I just can't figure out what the heck happened there.

Of course, now I'm feeling down on myself and my ability to do my job properly. I know the job gets easier with experience, but, how do you all manage large sections efficiently? Lol

07:55 UTC


Is this normal?

Hi everyone i’m just honestly curious to see if this is normal. I live in California and work here as a server and apart from the federal income and social security taken from my paycheck, they also take away a percentage of our sales and credit card tips. I wanted to know if this was normal because we could 50+ hours and our paycheck would only come out to $400 or maybe $500 if we’re lucky. Just wanted some opinions. Btw we get paid $16 an hour so i know 50+ hours should be at LEAST more than $600 !

06:32 UTC


Question about large parties

I have a question for hostesses. On the weekend I often go have lunch with a medium size group 9-15 people. I have at times walked into someplace and see they don't have a large table available. I say that's fine and ask for 3 tables for 4, no rearranging of furniture. We all are adults and are perfectly fine not sitting right next to each other. I sometimes feel they are relieved and sometimes it feels like they are bothered by it.

Any opinions, good idea, bad, thoughts, comments?

Edit: We always get separate checks, no one really cares if everyone doesn't eat at the same time. It's a hiking group and where we go there is zero phone service and we never agree on a place to eat and never can accurately tell when we will be done until about 10 mintues before we get there, so making a reservation won't work.

04:41 UTC


Fired for turning people away

Sooo if anyone remembers that post about the restaurant being really shady with tips?

Well I just got fired because 40 minutes being closing, (with just me serving and one cook in the back) a group of 14 came in and I told them “with that many people, the wait will be at least an hour and a half, and we close in one hour, so I don’t think we would be able to do that.” (because every dish is cooked individually and takes about 15 min. each.) They said, “you can’t make it to-go any faster?” and I said “no, it takes the same amount of time, and our cook leaves at 9” And they didn’t really say anything, just turned around and left. So I said “Sorry guys, thanks for coming in.”

Well 20 min later, my boss texts the work group chat a picture of a google review saying “very disappointed, showed up 45 min before closing and got turned away” And he said “who said this and why”

When I tried to explain myself he just said “you can not work here anymore”

He then called me but I didn’t answer, and he texted me “You are required to leave the business now. You cannot work here . You hurt my business .”

Is this even legal? Like I had every right to turn them away right?

I’m not sure how to upload photos to this subreddit but If i can, I have screenshots of all of the texts.

02:56 UTC


An oldie but a goodie

Years ago I worked in a texas themed restaurant that was not in texas. Had been there awhile, gf working there too. We were both servers. GF was petite, so for large groups she would use two server trays and two tray stands. GM was out of town and AGM decided to pull both of us into the office during dinner service. He said that using two trays was unacceptable and tried to sell my GF coka to “improve her performance” or he would fire her. I told her to quit that night and I stayed on a few busy days to get our cash up. On my last day I looked up the man who owned the chain and sent him an email letting him know I was quitting and detailed the convo with AGM. In 2 days the building was padlocked and all staff let go. He hired back everyone except the AGM. FAFO

02:11 UTC


Looking for 5-7 servers for research convo ($50 for 30 mins)

Hi everyone,

I work at a restaurant tech startup and our design team is looking to get feedback on a work in progress prototype from a server/cashier's perspective. Interviews are over Google Meet (must join from laptop or desktop so you can easily see) and should be 30-40 minutes.

If interested, DM me where you're based, your restaurant, and your LinkedIn (need to vet out potential scammers). $50 Amazon gift card in it for all participants who complete the interview!


19:37 UTC


Let a table leave without paying because I’m stupid

I 16F started my first job a few weeks ago in a bar/ restaurant type place. I only work once a week because the restaurant is only open Friday-Sunday and I’ve done about 4 shifts with one training shift. I am the only waitress on my shift

The last day, I put an order into the till and I must’ve pressed something that deleted it without copping on. Most of the table left first then the man from the table came up and said that he was pretty sure his wife had paid but he wanted to double check. I looked at the till and saw that the order was gone and assumed one of the bar men had gotten them while I was busy. Unfortunately I was wrong and the came in the next day and paid (thank god). My manager rung me today and she scolded me Ofc but I feel TERRIBLE. I feel so stupid and embarrassed 😭 I don’t know why I thought one of the bartenders got it. Does anyone else have stories similar to this?

19:31 UTC


Servers, what are some of your go-to jokes/quips/one-liners that you use on a regular basis?

When I used to serve I had quite a few pithy lines I would use in any given situation to make someone chuckle or to break the ice. What are yours? Thought maybe we should start a pool to draw from. Mine are in the comments…

15:41 UTC


there really is no incentive to working holidays as a host(ess)

11:23 UTC


power went out on Father’s Day

sooo the power went out at my job today in the middle of my shift 😭 my job is in a plaza so the whole plaza lost power. Ofc we couldn’t do anything about it because the POS systems were down so a lottttt of food had to get comped bc obviously people weren’t gonna wait around for the power to come back on. Had a couple customers get mad at us because of the power going out which was dumb lol. we ended up closing early and we got to go home. Barely made any money (I came in about an hour and a half before the power went out) but at least I didn’t have to deal with the crazy Father’s Day rush.

Happy Father’s Day I guess!

07:35 UTC


anyone else have a dead mother’s day but insane father’s day?

So this year was my first mother’s day at my place and we were all staffed and ready. it was more dead that a usual sunday night and i got cut after 2.5 hours, although it was busy during the day i heard

last year i was on vacation on father’s day and didn’t know what to expect but today was insane. not crazy crazy, i’ve had way worse shifts and for the most part it went smoothly but for a sunday it was a lot. i only had two tables of 2 the rest were 4+. some characters but most were super nice and tipped well. but i can’t even walk up my stairs and my entire body is screaming. i made good money but i was not expecting this at all, i assumed it would be a bit more busy than normal but not as busy as it was. it was also crazy hot and humid in the midwest and i had the worst headache the last half of my shift and was losing my balance. but i made it. it was just wild it was more crazy than mother’s day as that was expected to be insane but today was busier

06:00 UTC


Fathers day is over, let's here the good and the bad of it.

Usually not too busy for my spot, but we got crushed. 400 seat capacity, private owned. We were ready for the 400+ covers on the books this morning, but not the endless trail of walk ins waiting 1.5 hours. Kitchen crashed. We still crushed it as a team. Tight crew.

Let's hear em!

05:30 UTC


Just a friendly reminder that for every bad table, there’s a fabulous one around the corner.

It can be hard not taking it personally when you’re undertipped or stiffed all together. Especially when you know your shit. There’s a lot of jerks out there but there’s also plenty of decent people and lots of good people.

Tonight I had a 6 top celebrating Father’s Day. They balled out & got their check up around $620. The person paying asked if we did auto grat on parties 6 or more since a lot of places do. I jokingly said “only if I get bad vibes from them” which is totally true. He laughs and tells me to put the 20% on. Then proceeds to leave me $200 in cash. This may have been my most enjoyable night of serving in almost 15 years. I had 3 tables tonight and left with $300 after tip out.

You’re next!

04:41 UTC


How to cope with serving nightmares

I’ve been serving for about a year and find myself still getting nightmares about the job after a busy shift… can anyone else relate and if so how do you deal with them? TYIA

04:23 UTC

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