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Welcome to /r/subredditads!

The official subreddit to submit ad designs for your community.

The submission requirements are listed below, but note that a submission does not guarantee automatic promotion. Submissions will be reviewed by the admins and those selected will be turned into ads. Off topic submissions or ads without all the necessary requirements will be removed.

Submission Requirements

  • Post title should include the name of your community

  • Your ad submission must link to the asset for your ad

  • If you need help with your design, do your best to make a mock-up design and add the post flair “Design Help Needed”

  • Include a 3 sentence pitch about your community and why you’d be a good candidate for an ad

  • You should be a mod of the subreddit you request an ad for

  • Your community must be SFW

  • Make sure that your ad follows our Advertising Policy and that you have the rights to any images you use.

Ads Best Practices

  • Image sizes: 300x250 and 300x600

  • Include your sub’s name somewhere on the ad

  • Be tasteful if you use Snoo in your artwork

Submissions will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. If your ad is selected to go live you will see “Ad Selected” flair on the post.

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4,306 Subscribers


New sub for ITTs, NQTs/ECTs, RQTs and well experienced teachers in the UK.

I have just created this sub today to be a means of support and a place to rant for current and aspiring teachers.


Rules to be updated soon, but in the meantime check out our first post which gives you an insight into the place we aim to create.

19:12 UTC



Launching soon! Fresh subreddit to discuss making money online


10:20 UTC


Bored? Come to r/boredomtime!

We have no members yet, but if enough of you join, I aim to make my subreddit into a sub for anyone who is bored to talk to strangers! boredomtime (reddit.com)

09:38 UTC


/r/BicycleTravellers/ is a place for people who travel long distances by bicycle.


Bicycle Touring & Bikepacking Community

18:20 UTC



This group was created for the discussion of our beliefs and common likes for comics , animations , music and out looks on life. We are based on Facebook but have Twitter, Twitch and Discord


09:27 UTC



If you want share your thoughts and essays visit: PhilosophyandEssays (reddit.com)

00:01 UTC



Share your favorite villain with the people of reddit, and have some debates in the comments section!

link to sub:https://www.reddit.com/r/bestvillains/hot/

00:40 UTC


r/bdsmIRLpersonals A subreddit for those wanting submission IRL from the Top or the bottom and so much more.



Right now, the description of this sub really does reflect most of what I think is missing from the our online community, a place for people to talk and meet without the fear that everybody is just out to use someone else.

(Despite the title, which can't be changed, the intent was to create a community for those that believe IRL submission must be part of the dynamic, not just online games.

One main goal is to create a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment for newbie's to learn with no predators. This no longer seems to exist anywhere on the internet as the inexperienced are hunted for use and abuse rather than the safe, consensual and learning experiences they need.

It is also a place to make connections in this world and have open conversations without taking every single thing as a serious personal attack. Humor, including sarcasm is accepted and encouraged. Everybody fucks up sometimes, have a sense of humor about yours when it happens.

Of course, it is still meant for IRL BDSM relationship ads-session or full submission. Safety first: learn each other some online before meeting)

While my description of TPE IS what I want, that does not mean I cannot help people who want less find their way in this world safely. I do what I can to help people find where they fit and then decide if we are a good match. If I am not a good match with someone I help, I still want that person to find their right match. That is what I mean by creating "a nurturing environment for newbie's to learn safely&comfortably with no predators." And if I can help someone find their a good match, I continue to offer as much protection as possible as long as they will accept it because I helped put them where they ended up.

I have one friend I made on another site that for various reasons was not a good match with me who constantly teases me about my "flock of lost sheep" and tells me I need to stop worrying about them and spend more time finding my own next match.

But throwing inexperienced people to the wolves that populate every other place on the internet ruins this world for them and ruins them as potential matches for all of us down the road.

The same goes for those newbies that want to be Doms, Dommes, Maters and Mistresses in this world. They need mentors too because if we let them learn what they are doing only by practicing on another person, all of us with experience know how quickly that can go sideways, get out of hand and land someone in the hospital or worse. Nobody wins in that scenario.

I will leave a rant about all the fake hypnotists with their store bought scripts and MP3s they use without any real training for another post.

Please, use this place to meet others in this world that are serious about it, both with experience and without. And let's build a safe place for all of us to talk and learn from each other.

And Jesus Christ don't have such thin skin that any comment that questions you or teases you make come crying to me. There will be a 50/50 chance I am the one questioning or teasing you.

09:47 UTC


r/FNCreativeMinds is a Great place for Fortnite content creators, map makers, and graphics designers check us out today!

look for a place to find helpers to build a map, show your work, get suggestions or Advice, or even post your videos that you made? well, go check out r/FNCreativeMinds today we want to grow with you so we can both make due!


20:17 UTC


r/gunsofboom: join the game!

Ad: https://imgur.com/a/QpueRFh

Description: Explosive FPS on Android and iOS. Lots of weapons, simple controls, complex tactics, extreme fun! Welcome to the game!

12:12 UTC


[Entertainment] r/Spoiledmemes

Did you have a meme you wanted to post somewhere but it isn't relevant anymore now? Well you can post it at r/Spoiledmemes! In r/Spoiledmemes you can post memes that arent relevant anymore we don't mind if its one of the very old classics or if its just a non-relevant recent one.

Link to Image

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19:03 UTC


r/SciFiTV: Your Go-To Site for Science Fiction and Fantasy Television

Keep up with the latest developments in science fiction and fantasy television and discuss shows past, present, and future at r/SciFiTV. Discussion, news, updates, schedule info, trailers, and more. If it is Sci Fi TV, we have it covered!

Ad image is at this link.

19:54 UTC


r/nanana - curated daily videos


Youtube's homepage has gone way downhill, and r/nanana seeks to fill the gap by giving folks a days worth of video to watch every day.

Reddit doesn't really have many dedicated video subreddits -- r/videos doesn't really count because it's a giant grab bag, and r/mealtimevideos is close but not newsy enough.

r/nanana seeks to have news of the day from all over the world and long form videos including lectures, presentations, documentaries & interviews.

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23:37 UTC


r/tmbg (They Might Be Giants)

Ad (300x250)imgur

3-sentence pitch:
They Might Be Giants are a Brooklyn-based alternative rock band formed in 1982 that are still going strong today. Their uncanny knack for melody and penchant for clever lyrics have kept fans of all ages mesmerized for decades. Celebrate the 30th anniversary of their 1990 album Flood in /r/tmbg!

About the ad:
Our 300x250 ad is based on the cover art for the 1990 They Might Be Giants album Flood, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. The five-point badge (featured in our old.reddit theme) has the letters of "FLOOD" replaced with "r TMBG". The text at the bottom of the ad has a subtle reference to the band's 2011 album Join Us, and features Snoo versions of John Flansburgh and John Linnell, the lead members of They Might Be Giants.

Why our subreddit?
They Might Be Giants have an intense cult following, but we think there are thousands of fans on reddit who've never thought to look for a subreddit, or perhaps never even realized who TMBG are. Chances are you've heard them before, whether it was through Tiny Toon Adventures which animated videos for their songs "Particle Man" and "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)", or The Daily Show where they perform the theme and incidental music, or Malcolm in the Middle for which they contributed the Grammy-winning theme song "Boss of Me". We'd love to get more fans joining in the discussion at /r/tmbg.

Thank you for your consideration!

19:58 UTC



r/HardSciFiRP is a space exploration role play sub, ad here

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21:02 UTC


An AWGE-like creative collective inside reddit

An online art collective using reddit as its collaboration tool for wholesome projects, one project at a time. I would love to make some impactfull quality projects with other creatives and developers. Join me and help me set it up:


Ad: https://imgur.com/a/LE4lkYJ

14:42 UTC


can I still offer design help?

I'm offering design help for your subreddit.

03:17 UTC


/r/SnakeRescue - Photos and videos of wild snakes rescued from human dwellings



Ad Images (and raw assets):



I'm the founder and moderator of /r/SnakeRescue, a community for photos and videos of wild snakes rescued from human dwellings.

By showing the public the beauty and behavior of these often-maligned animals, I hope to raise awareness for snake conservation.

I'm not that great at design but I've tried putting together two ad images, and included some raw assets if anyone else would like to give it a go (if so, you're welcome to use any of the photos I've posted to /r/SnakeRescue in the design).

18:21 UTC


r/EverythingFinance would like an Ad

Subreddit: r/EverythingFinance

I am u/KingJTheG and I'm the Founder/Moderator of r/EverythingFinance.

The Subreddit has 80 members and was made on December 4th.

Description: EverythingFinance is a more modern Finance subreddit that seeks to make Finance more exciting.

Why Should you choose EverythingFinance?:

I think you should choose EverythingFinance because Finance is an under-appreciated topic in the modern world. I think the perception of finance hasn't changed and people aren't making the best financial decisions. I think that if we can present finance in a more modern way, we can get people to become more financially literate and ultimately live a more happy, debt-free life. I think this subreddit has real potential because it can help so many people since many people are living in debt.

Thanks for your time,


01:28 UTC



Hi there! Requesting an ad for r/sciences.

Why choose r/sciences:

r/sciences is quickly becoming one of the most popular places for talking science on reddit. We started off with ~300 subscribers a little over a year ago and have grown to over 100,000. We've been a trending subreddit (twice) and a subreddit of the day (twice). I want to continue to drive awareness for the sub.

Generally, I think there is a lot of interest in having a place to discuss science on reddit. The biggest science-focussed subreddit only allows submissions relating to journal articles. This excludes so many interesting stories, and prohibits all sorts of interesting, original content. One of the most common bits of feedback I get about r/sciences, is that people love being able to finally talk about the rest of science that doesn't happen between the covers of academic journals.



P.S. - the image in this ad is used with the eager permission of Lunarch Studios

19:11 UTC


r/Tinfoil_Experts the best place to make up some weird and stupid conspiracy theories!

here is the image

If you wanted to create a silly "conspiracy theory" just to make fun of all the people believing in them, come to r/Tinfoil_Experts ! This is the best place to have some laughs. Have you ever wondered why mustard isn't what it seams? Or why america isn't able to change to the metric system? Then r/Tinfoil_Experts is the perfect place for you!

19:27 UTC


r/reddit_werewolf needs some artists

Things we need

  • A nice icon!
  • A nice banner
  • An ad image to get a free ad spot on reddit

You will gain Host Status for free and become a manager if you wish. Read the wiki for more information about what this subreddit is!

1 Comment
12:20 UTC


r/WorkSwap feels ambitious for advertising

One of a kind community for game devs who don't have money, but want to share their skills in exchange for resources they need from other users.

Here are the ads in both sizes:

https://ibb.co/0YnKKrv https://ibb.co/ZHX8Xp7

20:48 UTC


/r/indianpeopletwitter - Twitter brought to you by Indian people.

Subreddit name: r/indianpeopletwitter

Number of subscribers: 666

Moderator: Yes

Link to the 300x250 ad.

About: The desi version of /r/BlackPeopleTwitter. A look into the life of Indians and the desi diaspora, their everyday life and the cultural clash they face and their take on pop culture.

Why this ad should be chosen for promotion: It seems every other culture has its own Twitter subreddit. Indian people Twitter has proven to have the potential to grow. Looking at other ad stories, these subs have grown in number and quality because of subreddit ads, and that is what I want for this community.


04:06 UTC


/r/Lynxes - The big cats with fluffy ear tufts!

Subreddit name: /r/Lynxes

Number of subscribers: 5110

Moderator: Yes

Link to the 300x250 ad.

About: A subreddit dedicated to the big cats known as lynxes, recognized by their unique fluffy ear tufts

Why this ad should be chosen for promotion: Our community is small but we'd love to spread great pictures of lynxes and help educate more people about these amazing animals. We had the same ad run four years ago and in that time we grew from 579 to almost 4000. I'd love to see this community continue to grow further into the future!

(and yes, we do actually have Daily Lynx Facts!)

23:46 UTC



I'm the owner of the subreddit. This is the official Ridiculon subreddit, which has been approved by the band. If you don't know who Ridiculon is, you've probably heard of the games they make the music for. They are behind the soundtracks of indie hits such as Super Meat Boy, The Binding of Issac, The End Is Nigh, Fingered, and more.

Here are the ad designs, in both sizes you ask for:

https://ibb.co/bvsFKPL https://ibb.co/6r1pkRc

20:40 UTC



  • r/GlitchTale
  • 548 members
  • Subreddit ad: 300x600

r/GlitchTale is a subreddit dedicated to the Glitchtale series made by Camila Cuevas. The subreddit often contains artwork content or discussion content. Fans can also share their experiences, review, and information on Glitchtale.

The subreddit is a community of fans and a showcase for Glitchtale fanwork. We have got a pretty nice, welcoming, honest and playful community.

I'm the owner of this subreddit.

15:17 UTC



r/mercedesamgf1 is a subreddit dedicated to the succesful Formula 1 team. The subreddit often contains exclusive content not shared to the main formula 1 sub. Fans can also share their experiences, pictures and information. The subreddit is mostly media based meaning pretty pictures and videos.

00:37 UTC



  • /r/happyandhealthy (I am a mod)

  • 1061 subscribers

  • Link to ad

/r/happyandhealthy is a science-backed approach to self-improvement. It is our hope that by sharing readable articles, we can encourage a healthier lifestyle, as well as scientific literacy. Every day we share at least three articles on recent discoveries that readers can apply to enrich their own lives.

17:27 UTC

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