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A dedicated subreddit for the discussion of psychoactive synthetic research chemicals.

Experience reports are highly encouraged. Check out Erowid for examples. If you find a great experience report on Erowid and want to post a link, that's also welcome.

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Best chem for ultimate pleasure

Erotic? Euphoric?

I was wondering what research chemical would be the most erotic/sensual. I’m talking about taking a trip to the pleasure dimension. Writhing around for hours like you’re soaking/immersed in a hot tub filled with liquid pleasure. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

05:51 UTC


Questions related to Pink Star

I believe this is close to the borax combo, just predosed and put inside caps.

Do you have immidiate tollerance? Like i cannot use mdma unless i leave months between the first and second experience.

Is this the same with borax?

Would taking 2mmc at the first signs of comedown halt or severely slow the comdown?

Is this rc a problem for people taking antidepressants (serotonin poisoning).

I have my own opinions on all the above but if they are invalid, it's important to know.

Can anyone describe what to expect on high doses, Like if you take two, low tollerance, medium weight?

Content is advertised as: 70mg 5-MAPB / 20mg 2-FMA / 2mg 5-MeO-MiPT

What is the logica or what are purpose of each individual rc in the combo. I've read that the experience (no other substances involved) could be very erotic, any comments on that?

Big thanks to the community for sharing your knowledge!

03:05 UTC


Future rcs and med potential

I was just wanting to say it's truly truly fascinating what drugs and shit are out there right now. Just imagine how the future will be with all these chemicals and different synthesis they are. If it's one thing I really look forward to in the future is that. Who knows they could actually be a Miracle drug lmao. It was phenibut for me, but that eventually turned into the opposite of a miracle 🤣🤣

01:38 UTC


2fma vs 3fma to mix with m

I have adhd and molly can make me pretty sleepy. Back in the day when xtc pills had amfetamine mixed in them, the roll was pretty good.

What stim would me good to mix a little with molly? Note that I use vyvanse daily.

PS. I know mixing molly with an stim isn't the best for your heart.

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21:58 UTC


RC to feel like a little kid again?

I know this has probably been asked a dozen times already, but what substance (if any) can reliably provide a childlike state of mind for the user?

Something that doesn’t necessarily get you f’d up or tripping, but makes the world around you novel and exciting and has a nostalgic value to it.

21:13 UTC


Is that possible 2F-DCK damaged my bladder ?

2 years ago I took 40 mg 2F-DCK for the first time with no issues

2 weeks later after first try, I took again 70-80mg crystal 2F-DCK in a cap at night and feel asleep after that trip

The very next day I need to drive a middle long road and needed to stop to pee every 15-20min

Since this my urination frequency is between 45 min to 2 hours, and I have diffculty to retain me especially when it's cold outside

I recently tried to work again, and it cause issues in my professionnal life when I don't work as janitor job (where bathroom easily available with this job)

If 2F-DCK responsible for that ? My doc send me do some urine/blood test for STD's (clearly not that who cause issues, I don't get laid)

20:24 UTC


Whats works best as painkiller on work?

Options are 3mmc, 5-mapb, borax pills and some benzos

19:22 UTC


Advice on Stop abuse stimms

Hey fellas,

I am somewhat too much a slave to my dopaminergic system and want to end that. The idea is the same as with naloxone and opioid receptors, occupy them so the drug can no longer reach them.

Is haloperidol suitable? The binding affinity is greater than that of cathinones and amphetamines and should prevent docking to D2 even with consumption.

Has anyone tried this? Is it dangerous? What do you think of the idea?

I have tried to quit cold turkey and it didn't work.

17:42 UTC


Recent "O-PCE" submission to drugsdata tested as etonitazene.

Be careful yall. Came from China but submitted from the states. Test your stuff, chance is many ppl unknowingly have this stuff.


16:58 UTC


65mg oral 2-FMA experience

back it again taking large-ish doses of stimulant RCs, for research purposes of course. been off stims for a few days and taking supplements like a good goblin. last time i took 2-FMA i drank 50mg, and the effects were pretty subdued, but i probably had a higher tolerance, and i was on clonazepam. lets see what 65mg can do for me. will update

15:30 UTC


Some O-DSMT boofing questions

Hi there so I was addicted to opiates for quite some time. A few weeks ago I went through WD and now I started again a few days ago (life without is unbearable to me, don‘t ask too many questions). Anyway because of insufflation my nose got fucked up quite bad I decided to boof my opiates now: tried 2map and o-dsmt.
For 2map I got the hang of it. same effect as intranasally (fr I wish I discovered boofing sooner, I would have saved myself a pretty bad rhinosinusitis and temporary loss of smell)

but I just seem to get boofing for o-dsmt right. I tried it sublingually and orally and got a good long lasting experience. Everybody seems to say boofing has even more BA for o-dsmt so I just tried again yesterday and today, high dosage, barely any effect.

3 questions:

  1. Is it possible that if you shove the syringe too deep boofing becomes useless?
  2. is it possible that if there is still some poop the the drug gets wasted on it? If yes how to avoid? I always take a shit beforehand.

I heard if you feel the water inside of you you know you hit it right? 3) how long is the onset for o-dsmt rectally? And when should the peak be?

14:55 UTC


What are the current must try rcs?

Been off the research chemical grind for years, just doing the usual drugs. What's the hot stuff right now? I've only done MXE, 2fdck, 4homet and 2cb if it counts as an RC lol, liked them all.

Drop your suggestions, doesn't have to be stuff you can get on the clearnet only

11:47 UTC


Looking for some downers and I want to avoid accindentally doing something I don’t do something I don’t want to

So I do nort own a scale or at least I forgotten to bring it with me when moving. My question is which are the ones that are not frogiving dosage wise so ai can try and not buy them .

11:01 UTC


how to take mxp crystal? n00b question

hi, my dxm magic went away and i'm looking to try something else. reddit recommended me mxp. i've found my source of mxp / Methoxphenidine but i have a question, how am i supposed to take it in crystal form? i'm only really experienced with dxm, weed, and alcohol. i'm a n00b please forgive me. i only want to take orally. thanks in advance. i have no one around me to ask/who's interested in this kind of thing and i want to make sure i can take it before purchasing.

10:43 UTC


Did anyone have recent experiences with dutch 6apb presses

Ordered some 100mg red pressed pills from a dutch site, now I wonder what the purity is like nowadays so I can determine a good dose, I'm 75kg 1,80m

Was thinking 150 to 200mg since I read the purity was bad nowadays

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10:42 UTC


Do you clean your meth pipe after every use? or do i just ignore the burnt black residue and add a fresh dose on top??

To be clear, I'm smoking a-PiHP out of it, not meth.

How do y'all use a meth pipe? It seems gross to smoke from a burnt layer of crap

00:37 UTC


I take an NDRIs and a SNRIs, do I need to worry about any interactions?

I've been researching for a bit now before I go ahead and try some stuff and I see DCK has interactions with SSRIs and MAOIs. I take neither but my meds are still for clinical depression and anxiety, just wondering if I need to pump the breaks and find something else or I'm ok to go ahead. I'm also gonna take 4-ho-met, not together, but I'm excited lol.

00:28 UTC


Therapeutic Dissociatives: Looking for a dissociative with the least mania


I take therapeutic ketamine to manage depression, and it saved my life (dealt with suicidal ideation from a very young age).

I’m worried about bladder damage, though - while I take green tea extract, in the long term I want to be on the safe side of the equation.

Reason for this post: I am looking for a dissociative that isn’t likely to trigger mania and requires lower quantities to produce similar antidepressant effects.

I had good results with microdoses of O-PCE, but I’d like to know your suggestions.

Note: I also take Noopept to prevent/abort dissociative psychological side-effects and it seems to so the trick.

23:44 UTC


4FMA vs 2FA vs 2FMA: best warehouse rave RC

what is your experience taking either of these at a warehouse rave…gonna be from 2300-0900, so energy is needed. dont want to take MDMA since a bit too intense, but heard of these other RCs that are similar but unsure about which is best for this setting, typical come down and side effects while rolling.

or maybe you suggest another RC/drug for a warehouse rave? want the feeling of euphoria and socialability, dont mind things that increase libido;)

22:48 UTC


Does tryptamines could help for ADHD ? If so, which are the most adapted ?

20:25 UTC


your favorite tryptamines? questions about psychedelics

hey guys, so ive recently had a lot of personal growth associated with psyches and im interested in others. for context i used to be very into rcs (caths/pyrros, benzos, zenes/pynes, ACHAs) but not much into the psychedelic ones since its generally not good to work with those while in a negative headspace. ive worked w a only few dmtlogues: 4-AcO-DMT, 5-Br-DMT, and DPT (probably one or two others as well but dont remember but not actual dmt i dont think). from reading stuff on here and experience DPT has a pretty heavy body load, pretty rough without a benzo.

what are some of your favorite dmt logues with lower body load? what about other psychedelics? do the 2c-type (phenethylamines?) have a heavy body load?


i want to be clear im not asking where to get these compounds but im also curious: what psychedelics still tend to be available these days? (ive been out of the scene for 2ish years) is contamination an issue with these? ive heard stories about bad acid trips from contaminated batches as im sure we all have.

19:19 UTC


Safe to take 2cb after FXE a few days ago?

I took fxe yesterday(Tuesday) and I was planning to try 2cb this Saturday. Am I chill? Do I have anything to worry about?

18:05 UTC


Effects of 6-APB (Benzo Fury) and bk-2C-B on microbiome

Does anyone know or can find any info on what are the effects of these 2 RCs on a person's microbiome and colon health? Logical assumptions are also welcome. I have health issues and was wondering if any of these would have no bad effect.

17:41 UTC


Info on 3-FPM and some other RC's - Since I wanna try something out :)

Hello y'all :)

I saw that my plug offers 3-FPM. Bf and I wanna try it out. Of course I researched beforehand, of course, but I like to get personal Informations and reports in just in case, maybe get answers for questions that haven't really been answered and so on. I would really appreciate any comment and info :)

So, here are my questions! :D

What effects occur? Side effects? How long do they last?(During, side, after)

How is the after effect? Anything that helps afterwards? Does any rc benzo help? Or Benzos in general? Since I got some -> Bromazolam, Flunitrazolam, Norflurazepam, Flubromazepam Or maybe anti-depressants for the hormone production and so on? Still got some fluoxetine

To which street drug could you compare it?Speed, Ecstasy, Ritalin, Meth or Cocaine?Regarding effect and side effects? How bad is the after effect(compaired)?

How is the smell and taste? How bad is the nose burn?(Should I consume it otherwise then?)

How bad is the mental and physical addiction? What are the long term effects?

How fast is the tolerance building? How is the tolerance acting if you stop consuming it?If you abuse it (for example) or take a lot at once?

Dosing: How much should you take? Is there a known dose of overdose? If so, where should one stop immediately?

Anything I should know otherwise? Any Tips for the Trip itself to "get the experience"?

Or tips on what is important during the trip? -> Like you need to know with ectasy - slow+small sips of water, since your gut is very sensitive sometimes or if the mood drops, maybe try to ease yourself through a change of music and open talk about how you feel - you know?)

3-FPM?: What else should I order if I want something like speed/ritalin and ecstasy? 2-FMA, 4-FMA or 3-FA?

3-FPM | 2-FMA | 4-FMA | 3-FA Which of these is the least harmful?

That would be my questions so far. Thank y'all in advance!

17:38 UTC


Norflurazepam and Flubromazepam just landed, questions for those who like these benzos..

Just received some Norflurazepam and Flubromazepam

For those who enjoy these benzos, what do you do on em? Is it purely for tapering or is there any recreational value? How can I take these without stacking my dosage? What do you like to do when you’re on these benzos?

I love Valium and Bromazepam so these seemed similar enough. Been addicted to prescription benzodiazepines for a decade so i’m not benzo-naive.

17:32 UTC


For the purpose of trip-stopping and rest during comedown, what benzo is the best to stock up?

There are so many benzos out there right now, got me kinda confused on what to get for said purpose. So again, what is the best benzo to stock up for trip-stopping and rest during the comedown? What are the preferred dosage for the suggested benzo? I'm not looking forward to use it for anxiety or medical condition or anything, just purely using it for emergency trip-stopping and sleep during comedown of psychedelics or stim. Thanks for your opinions!

10:50 UTC


Catinone's irritant proprieties

I never read here on reddit about cathinone causticity.. i have noticed then smoking them for some time (a day) cause some kind of cough and catarrh.if you snort them even 1 time you feel like It Is melting your sinuses and if you snare,you expell some nasty Yellow bad smelling stuff for some time (days). I often read about cathinones mutagen proprieties,but i i have an hard time to give them and actual valute to them due to the complexity of the study.anyone can understand and give some Infos about their actual dangers as mutagen and health consequences of such a rischy behaviour? Because It seems to me that their greed toward the mucoses Is far superior to that of some other stimulants like anfetamine or even cocaine. It seems to me that they totally eat the tissues of you body. I think that if the people would be really aware of their danger despite Just dopamine depletion i think they would think thrice before ever try them.

09:30 UTC


What is difference beetween 4-ACO-x and 4-MET-x chemicals?

Basically wanted to test some interesting substances from this category, what would you suggest?

  • low headspace (pretty much anxious/paranoid person)
  • not too much redose craving hopefully
  • dont know what to say more haha

Thank you PS would love to hear experience also

05:27 UTC


RC Interaction With SNRIs

I’ve got some questions about the interactions of some chemicals with SNRIs (Specifically Venlafaxine HCL). I used to be on SSRIs for a bit and because of that, MDMA had basically no effect. I’m now on an SNRI, I don’t usually do psychedelics but I’ve done some dissociatives before like K and fxe. Because of the switch to an SNRI, will psychedelics like MDMA have better success on me? Or should I not bother and stick to other stuff. (I usually plan around skipping doses of the SNRI when I do RCs anyway just to avoid mixing).

Also Have the opportunity to try 2C-B and want to know if for any reason it wouldn’t have a desired effect on me because of the SNRI? Again, I don’t take the SNRI when I do RCs, but the SSRI negated the effects of MDMA even if I didn’t take it that day or even a couple days before. (I assume something to do with the conditioning of the receptors idk)

04:23 UTC


Methylenedioxyphenmetrazine (3-MDPM) was trialed today. Reminds me of 3-FPM.

Methylenedioxyphenmetrazine (3-MDPM) was trialed today.

I dedicate this trip report to my best friend who recently died from the fentanyl epidemic. We used to do RCs when younger.

Male, 32, healthy Dose: 100mg Insufflated 0.5mg Clonazepam in blood

(2:05PM)- Insufflated 100mg, half through each nostril though I tend to usually favor the right.

It burns, but very slightly and nowhere near as eye watering as 3-fpm, which I was a huge fan of.

(2:15PM) I can noticeably feel the effects and they're reminiscent of 3-fpm. Gentle, almost amphetamine-like. I have an urge to clean and get things done, typical amphetamine/stimulan effects. Clammy hands start and I feel my face slightly flushing.

(2:30PM) With things in full effect I'm very pleased with the substance. It just sucks how expensive it seems to be. If it was cheaper I could see it being a regular replacement for 3-fpm.

I felt not that much seratonin activity going on but something was definitely there. I want to message all my friends, but not in a pushy MDMA way but more like a pushy amphetamine way. I am feeling lovey dovey feelings just about general life. Even though I'm usually depressed.

I redosed 50mg every two hours or so. I would highly recommend this chem if you can afford it for an occasional treat. I felt the high lasted a good 1.5 hours before I wanted to redose. Negative effects were negligible and very easy to deal with (im weak and 0.5mg Clonazepam tablets are perfect for stimulants abuse)

Apologies I did not do oral tests. If anyone is interested I could do maybe 200mg oral dose but I'm off to a Dexedrine binge for a day or two.

22:21 UTC

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