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I need some Irish pronunciation help

Especially from Irish speakers. How would you pronounce my user name, Daghain? I’ve always heard it was similar to “Dane” but I’m considering changing my name and this would be my middle so I want to be sure I’m saying it correctly and it fits. Thanks in advance! This sub is super awesome.

16:35 UTC


Help me pick a boys name

We have a Bennett already.

My top choice right now is Cole.

My husbands top choice is Weston. I love the nickname Wes but not sold on Weston. (We can't use Wesley as a name)

For a while we had the name Cameron picked out but I found out it means crooked nose so now I'm not sure about it. 😬

Middle name will most likely be Anthony.

Which is your favorite?

16:33 UTC


Variants for Irie

Hello namenerds! I'm approaching 6 months on my pregnancy but I still got no names on my list except for the name 'IRIE'.

I'm a heavy reggae music lover and I really love Irie but it just feels boring for me or am I just overthinking?

Please help me because I'm not sure I'd stick with Irie and I don't have other names on my list LOL. Thanks!

16:32 UTC


Girl names (Slavic or Norwegian)

Hiiii! We’re having a baby girl in Nov and looking for names that will work well in the US but I would love Slavic/Balkan or Norwegian roots!!

We have a one year old boy named Ivan (pronounced (eeeee-von not iiiiii-van). We have a Norwegian last name but I really would love to have some of my Balkan roots in there as I am very well connected to my culture.

Names I do like are feminine, names with L in them, maybe like more soft names, cute nicknames :)

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16:17 UTC


Which name do you like best? Big brothers name is Grayson <3





16:15 UTC


Middle name to go with Oscar

I've posted here a few times as we've gone through the journey of naming our son, so I thought I would come back with one more request! We've landed on Oscar as his first name, and we love it! However, we can't decide on a middle name that flows well. Our last name is 3 syllables, starting with S. Please share any suggestions!

Names we've considered:

  • Albert
  • Allan
  • Isaac
  • Noah
16:00 UTC


Quinn Royal (?) B.

Third son on the way. First son: Kai (ocean/sea) Second son: Cruz (surf town of Santa Cruz) Third son: husband finally came around to Quinn. BUT he’s insisting on middle to be Royal. I’m nervous that it’s a cringe and something really hard for kid to live up to, granted it’s a middle name. I was hoping to sell “Quinn Lachlan” since I wanted the /k/ sound to continue as well as some reference to water/beach/chill vibe as we’re outdoorsy family. Thoughts? Our last name starts with B and is 1 syllable. Another idea is to tack on another middle name - but idk, seems excessive. Maybe there are other names that mean “royal”?
Other middle names I thought of: Quinn Lachlan B Quinn Rivers B Quinn Sunny B

15:54 UTC


Having the hardest time with boy names

I am 29w with my first and we are not finding out the gender. I want it to be a surprise and just have boy and girl names picked that we like. The girl names have come so easy to us but I am having a hard time with boy names.

15:54 UTC


Better than Beryl… Rosemary?

I love the first name Meadow and I’m searching for a middle name that’s sounds good and gives “normal” vibes but still has a nature (preferably water/ocean) connotation. Beryl has the perfect meaning but a: is a bit dreadful sounding and b: does not flow so well with Meadow. Rosemary means dew of the sea which is pretty 🔥. But then there is also the straightforward pairing of meadow + violet but doesn’t that kinda get us into “my name is a joke” territory? All thoughts welcome. But please note that I find hyper-latinate names like “calypso” and “Aurelia” or whatever drive me nuts so it has to be normal.

15:46 UTC


One syllable first names with one syllable surnames

I know this is a matter of opinion, but do most people feel it’s best to avoid a one syllable first name if your last name/surname is only one syllable?

15:32 UTC


Chinese peasant names?

What would some authentic peasant names from the middle ages in China have been? I can find plenty of noble names, but for peasants there's just nothing.

15:14 UTC


Names similar to Reece for a boy?

I love the name Reece, but my wife has a friend whose son shares the same name. Any ideas for similar names? Baby is 2 days old so trying to decide in next few days.

Thank you!

15:10 UTC


Help! Delivering today and need Boy Name Advice

I’m delivering a baby boy today and panicking about the name. Nothing seems right. Husband really wants a K name, but there’s not many good options out there that we agree on so it’s not a requirement. His middle name will be Thomas which is husband’s middle name. Contenders are below.

  1. Kai: husband’s favorite, some days I love it some days I hate it. My mom actually told me she doesn’t like the name haha.
  2. Kieran: he will be half Mexican half white. If he comes out looking more Mexican, would Kieran be weird?
  3. Kasen: husband brought this one up two days ago. Maybe if spelled Kaisen he could be Kai for short? But also feel like Kasen is in the Uber trendy category that I want to stay away from.
  4. Keaton: probably second behind Kai so idk why I listed fourth. Also love this one some days and doesn’t seem right on others.
  5. Hadden: my grandpas name. Husband actually really likes it, but he’s not sold on it.
  6. Asher: no special reason behind this one, just kinda like it
  7. Archer: same as above

8: Atlas: this just came up today and is growing on us

Thoughts on above? Any other recs? I’m hoping I’ll just “know” when we hold him but I’m all over the place with these names. Our other child Ava was also a game time decision, but we at least felt more confident about that one.

15:07 UTC


A brother for August (Auggie) and Luca

Boy names are so hard, and I’ve been cursed with coming up with three of them! The boys are each ~21 months apart. We have August John and Luca William. My husband is 50% Italian, but our last name is not (Starts with an S, ends with “en” sound). Would love ideas and opinions! So far our short list includes:

• Declan • Jasper • Dawson • Everett

Thank you!!

15:02 UTC


Ancient Greece, 5 letters, water related

My husband and I have two boys currently and are planning/hoping for a third and final baby with a bit of a theme that hopefully no one finds too ridiculous.

Our boys middle names are Atlas and Orion, obviously tied to Ancient Greece and which we associate to the earth and the skies (disputable, but that’s where we are). With our potential third, we would like to keep this theme and find a figure whose name is 5 letters and tied to the sea or waters. Loosely tied is obviously okay….

So far all I’ve found are:
Girls - Doris, Erato, Rhode
Boys - Ponto

Honestly I don’t know that I love or would sign off on any of these. I like Rhode, but don’t think I could put that as a name onto a future teenage girl knowing the potential jokes that it might bring with it.

14:51 UTC


Chinese names for woman

Hi! Ive been studying Chinese in school for a few years now and most people in my class have chinese names they use in class. I dont have a Chinese name and id really love to have one. I used a Chinese name generator and i got a bunch of different names, do I just pick one or should i ask one of my Chinese classmates to give me one? I have absolutely no idea what’s appropriate to do. Ive asked my teacher and she said she won’t give me a name and i don’t nt want to press the matter as im already not on her best side. Thanks!

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14:50 UTC


Artemis spelling for a boy

Hello Reddit, please help me and my partner pick a baby name!

For context, the baby will be Canadian with Irish and Russian heritage. The only name we can agree on at the moment is Artemis. In Russian there is a name Artem that is very similar and in English the nicknames would be Ari, Art, or Arty. Other names I like are Aurelius, Alexander, Leo, and Elias. Other names my partner likes are Ronen, Rowen, Lorcan, and Connor.

The issue is that Artemis is a Greek goddess and our friend who lives in Greece said that naming a boy Artemis would sound silly to any Greek. He himself goes by Artemios in Greece and Artem in Ukraine.

It looks like in Greek mythology there was a male follower of Artemis but the English spelling is unclear in North America. Is it Artemios, Artemus or Artemas?

Another complication is that my partner only likes the name spelt like "Artemis" specifically, like in Artemis Fowl. I personally am amicable to any variation of the spelling.

What do you all think?

14:47 UTC


How’d other people take it if you named your kid after another relative?

For those of you who named your kid after one relative(specifically grandmother in my situation) how did other family members react? Now, this is only going to be their middle name, not first.

14:04 UTC


Name suggestions please!

I'm due to have my baby boy at the end of July and am completely and utterly stuck with names. I feel like I could name a whole fleet of girls- but boy name?!

So I'm looking for suggestions. Here are my ideas so far and a bit of information:

Surname is a longish surname beginning with 'B'. Middle name is Stuart (after my dad who has passed away). So baby boy will be _____ Stuart B. I generally like more traditional names, but don't mind something slightly unusual. I am a teacher so want to avoid more common names.

Name I like: Jude (but too common), Eli, Gene, Kit (husband doesn't like), Flynn, Jonah (this is my top runner).

Would love to hear some suggestions. Thank you in advance!

13:48 UTC


Lucy or Cindy better?

i'm going to change my name. Can't choose between these. Feel free to suggest some cute 2 syllable names too. I want some innocent, adorable, sweet names and a bit elegant would be great. Thanks!

13:33 UTC


Need an alternative for Sage

My maiden name is Sage and I always wanted to name my daughter that… however, so has my sister. We have been in a friendly competition on who can have a girl first. Well. Lo and behold she’s pregnant with a girl. I would love any suggestions to help hubs and I find an alternative.

13:32 UTC



●Sophie ●Arlene ●Delanie ●Jasper ●Jack ●Jaharii ●Delphine/ Delphir ●Bretton/Bratton ●Elizabeth ●Shakara ●Shalena ●Rebecca ●Avery ●Tommy ●Carlos ●Fortissimo ●Massimo ●Gracie ●Marxus ●Lazlorian ●Harmony ●Harris ●Harold ●Heather ●Kynri ●Val ●Veil ●Vera ●Archer ●Nelson ●Sylvia ●Sabarii ●Nyrah ●Nolan ●Deacon ●Monroe ●Myrtle ●Rusko ●Ryan ●Antonio/ Tony ●Victor ●Skolar/Skylar ●Guinevere ●Gemma/ Jada/Gunnar ●Jenson/ Jaskal ●Everett/ Everetta ●Amaryllis ●Amaranth ●Amphira/ Omarri ● Cedric / Canaveral

Don't see your favorite here? Continue this list for others!

Also feel free to add your favorite first names of your own characters here.

13:18 UTC


Naming our 3rd baby HELPPPP

We are 36 weeks pregnant, team green, and don’t have a girl name solidified yet. Some backstory…

We currently have a Grant (m) and Reese (f). We much prefer a spunkier vs. frilly girl name. If baby is a boy his name will be Brock + my maiden name.

It wasn’t intentional that these names are 5 letters and one syllable but… it tends to be what we like: short, no nickname, easy to spell.

That said here is our girl list:

  • Cameron (0% fits what we like but we’ve come back to it for every pregnancy)
  • Ryan
  • Paige

We’d like to honor both our moms for a middle name. Both our mom’s middle name is Mary, but I don’t love MARY.

SO, here’s where we need help —

  1. I’m not looking for more names added to the mix or input on our boy name, just need help with our girl name list- what do you like best? Am I overthinking Cameron not fitting our “requirements?”
  2. A name that can honor Mary that isn’t Mary.


13:02 UTC


What is your ‘middle names’ list?

For people who like middle names, what names do you like that you’d rather use as middle names instead of first names?

Here’s my list (nothing wrong with any of these as first names, just prefer the sound of them sandwiched lol)


• Celeste

• Selene

• Delphine

• Renee

• Daphne

• Valene

• Giselle

• Brielle


• Atlas

• Phoenix

• Cyrus

• Cameron

• Ajax

• Roman

• Owen

• Dean

12:33 UTC


Third son - Beau, Koa and ….

Trey? I also like biblical names or keeping trendier.

12:23 UTC


Making bad names better

There are a number of names I find intolerable, but it’s because of certain letter combos. For example, personally I hate the American -air and -a sounds, which dominate a lot of names (Claire, Blaire, Meredith, Anna, Fran, Jan, etc). So here’s my list of names that sound like other names I find horrible but imho now they’re better with some letter rejigging:

Artha (instead of Martha)

Elanie (instead of Melanie)

Eartha (instead of Bertha)

Iselda (instead of Griselda)

Olla (instead of Olga)

Franz (instead of Frank)

Janeese (instead of Janice)

What other names do you feel could be improved with some moving of the accents or the letters?

12:23 UTC


LOVE Oliver, but have a list of reasons not to use it…but can’t find anything else that compares.

We have a baby boy on the way and naming him has been wildly difficult. Oliver is such a fantastic name and my husband loves it too, but we’ve got a handful of reasons not to use it so we’re planning on not using it. The only name I can think of that even comes CLOSE for me is Arthur, which was a family name, but my husband is set on it as a middle name…he has a hard time getting past the aardvark thing. So here we are, we have a middle name but no first name. To me, Oliver feels soft but classic, and I’m having a hard time matching that vibe.

What names do you consider comparable to Oliver?

Editing to add the reasons we don’t plan to use it:

  • I am a teacher and associate Oliver with several former students, including some exceptionally terrible connotations that are hard to NOT think about.
  • It’s insanely popular, and I have a trendy name for the time I was born and it always drove me crazy that there were other kids in my class even with the same name. I usually take the rankings with a grain of salt, but I know a lot of kids named Oliver lol
  • Doesn’t vibe super well with our last name, but I could get past this.
  • We don’t like the nickname Ollie, and my husband feels particularly strongly about it but I don’t think it’s a dealbreaker.
11:39 UTC


the name Laniya

saw a youtube comment where someone had this name, thought it looked pretty, what does it mean? do yall like it?

11:39 UTC


What are some long names with nicknames ?

Both genders. And as many as possible...

11:09 UTC


Germany Euro 2024 Sqaud Names

Euro 2024 is currently happening and Germany is hosting. Therefore, I’d like to share the names of the german players in the 2024 squad :)

Manuel Neuer

Oliver Bauman

Marc-Andre ter Stegen

Antonio Rudiger

Nico Schlotterbeck

David Raum

Waldemar Anton

Jonathan Tah

Robin Koch

Maximilian Mittelstadt

Benjamin Henrichs

Joshua Kimmich

Ilkay Gundogan

Leroy Sane

Jamal Musiala

Pascal Gross

Emre Can

Robert Andrich

Chris Fuhrich

Toni Kroos

Florian Wirtz

Niclas Fullkrug

Deniz Undav

Maximilian Beier

Kai Havertz

Thomas Muller

Any name that stand out or you like ?

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11:02 UTC

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