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Naming the unnamed. INAN is a place That is dedicated to coming up with new names for things and people that need them. Give lots of details on what it is for, and what you like and don’t like.

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  • Other subreddits about names

    /r/NameNerds - A place to talk about names in general, help naming people, lots of baby name posts.

    r/Neology - A community mostly dedicated to naming nameless concepts, but can also come up with names for anything.

    /r/TipOfMyTongue - Cant remember the name of something or someone?

    /r/Imadeupaname - Make up a name for a person or character.

    /r/Bandnames - Make up a band name and post it.


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    I need a Japanese name for a video game character

    I have a video game idea and a character in mind. The main character is a young Japanese girl and I would like the name to not only be Japanese but to fit well with her overall role in the game. The main character assists spirits trapped in the world by completing their last wishes or resolving their regrets to set them free.

    I originally decided to name her Kami because one meaning of the name is "second chances". I have changed my mind though because the name is more commonly associated with "God" or "deity" and that isn't what I'm going for. I also decided I no longer wanted the meaning to be "second chances" and more so "healing" as she resolves the spirit's problems and allows them to pass on. I'm not adamant about her name's meaning being "healing", it's just my best idea so far. Any suggestions?

    22:13 UTC


    🌸Need flower names🌸

    I’m taking a leap of faith and starting a white glove cleaning business. I really like flower/plant/tree names. Extra points if it’s found in the southeast US.

    My top suggestion so far is “Peony Perfect”, but I’m not in love with it. Thank y’all so much!

    21:48 UTC


    INAN for a photography account specializing in spider macro photography

    Title says it all! I’ve been shooting macro shots of my partner & I’s tarantulas and would like a cool name for an Insta account!

    14:25 UTC


    INAN for a Dragon Ball Discord server

    The main Dragon Ball servers I know are Dragon Ball Hub and Destructo Discord. Both are bad servers imo so I might make my own and try to grow it, but I'd like a unique, standout name. I don't really want a basic name like "Dragon Ball Hub", "Dragon Ball Sanctuary", "Dragon Ball Server" or anything like that

    Destructo Discord is more what I'm going for, but obviously that's sadly taken. Obviously the server doesn't have to be named after an attack, I'm just saying Destructo Discord is the level of uniqueness I'm striving for

    I doubt it will, but if this helps at all, my Facebook Dragon Ball page is "Krillin, Everyone's Friend" and I'd be making the server with a friend page of mine, "Son Broku"

    EDIT: I also wanted to say, I want the name to be noticeably Dragon Ball and not a niche name that only some fans would get... if that makes sense lmao

    1 Comment
    03:13 UTC


    Name a raccoon character!

    helping my friend name a character, they use they/him pronouns so im looking for slightly more masculine or androgynous names

    things related to the color green, plants, grunge, maybe something related to rabies? its an edgy character and the owner actually has experience with the disease.
    considering the name Moss, but it feels too soft for him.
    any suggestions/questions appreciated tysm in advance!

    21:53 UTC


    Looking for a name for my business

    I am a self-employed insurance agent focusing on the senior market. Mostly selling Medicare, but looking to grow into Long-term care insurance as well as other health insurance, individual and family plans as well as dental insurance.

    I'd like a one word name that conveys care, trust, confidence, and honesty.

    edit* Currently working out of my house more as a sole proprietor thinking of creating an LLC with a website and eventually a brick and mortar office so hence the need for a name. Thank you

    14:28 UTC


    Food truck name?

    specifications: -vegan/kosher deli -near the beach -in a town called Deal

    02:32 UTC


    I need a last name

    I'm writing a book right now, and the main character, Elizabeth (Liz) and her brother, Maxwell (Max) don't have a last name atm. Theyre pretty basic white ppl, but Max is gay so if there are any last names that just give gay vibes lmk lol!

    (atp im ready to use my own last name bc thats how gay i am. /j)

    23:01 UTC


    i need a nickname!

    I’m a 21 y/o in college and my name is Hannah, I’ve been wanting to go by a less common nickname for a while now. I was thinking of Nellie, is that too far off my name? also is it super weird to ask friends to call you by a nickname that’s not just a shortened version of your first name?

    20:29 UTC


    New Business - Administrative & IT Services

    I need help naming a new business that offers Administrative (Human Resources, Payroll, Talent Acquisition) and IT Services as a third party. Something that feels catchy and fresh - would prefer a made up word (nothing too out there) or something with a deeper meaning / implied meaning.

    14:25 UTC


    Is there a name for this kind of art style? I often see the style on old science-fictions covers. Abstract, plateau, sci-fi/fantasy, art nouveau, art deco landscapes? This is a Kenneth Reid belt buckle.

    23:50 UTC


    Name help for a book character

    So it's set around 10th-14th century and I can't decide on a name, I want something that fits but can't use a lot of the names I know that were used back then

    It's a boy, but names can be feminine 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Edit: surname has micheal in it so can't use that

    16:06 UTC


    Help me name this little guy!

    Preferably male sounding names, a very cool bonus would be a french flair as I bought him on vacation.

    Thank you already!

    15:49 UTC


    Gender neutral nicknames for Elizabeth

    Hi, I was named Elizabeth, but I’m of the genderqueer persuasion. My name has a million feminine nickname but I’m hoping for a nickname that’s gender neutral / genuinely ambiguous (or slightly masculine-leaning is also fine).

    I thought maybe some redditor specialists would have some suggestions? It doesn’t need to be a typical nickname for my name, but ideally sound kinda similar/related?

    Throwaway account because I think some irl friends know my main and I’m not super out 😅

    I’m not a fan of the feminine ones:

    • Liz, Beth, Ellie, etc

    Things I’ve thought of so far:

    • Izzy (bonus points for Jewish vibes. But this probably makes people think “woman” still?)
    • Ellis
    • Ilya
    • Elias
    16:19 UTC


    INAN - for my artist / performing work, identity shift


    I want to use the name "Taylor" as a last name for a public persona. I'll list below some things that speak to me and capture parts of the vibe I'm going for. I typically like names that are quirky, earthy, ethereal, and definitely androgynous (but truly I'm very open so if you have an idea that sounds good with Taylor as a last name, please share :))

    theme / energy ideas for the name (just words, media, things to inspire ideas): folk music, earthy, meditation, mythology, mystic, the sea, adventure, midnight gospel, herbs, shadow, transcendent

    Anything that comes to mind from reading this - please share! I appreciate it <3

    1 Comment
    02:34 UTC


    Help naming a podcast section!

    Help naming our podcast section, we are 3 girls and looking for something Bee themed! Thanks in advance! :))

    13:35 UTC


    My mom has a name update.

    After looking over the suggestions she very quickly decided on Béa. Right now she is deciding if she should spell it Bea, Béa or Beya. Thank you everyone for your input!!

    01:26 UTC


    Headstone Cleaning Business

    In the spring I will be starting a headstone cleaning service in my area. I’m look for a respectful but catchy name for my service. There is a popular social media person who does this named “The Good Cemeterian” I like that name a lot but don’t want to copy of course.

    16:11 UTC


    I need label name ideas for my small crochet business.

    I have just started out. And i was searching for names. But couldn’t find much. Please suggest me some. Something clever involving words like “stitch”, “knot”, etc something relating to crochet only. Thank you!

    05:07 UTC


    Need help naming a kingdom for a fantasy story

    i'm looking for help finding a name for the kingdom in a story im writing, it'd be great if anyone could give suggestions 🩷

    some info: it's a fantasy story (kings, queens, magic) but it has themes of sexism & the patriarchy that tie into it, it'd be really cool if that was incorporated into the name somehow. i'd like a fairytale-sounding name if that makes sense

    21:45 UTC


    my friend needs a name!

    17:04 UTC


    INAN for an acid spitting, acidic blooded, venomous, green dragon.

    The names can be masculine, feminine or neutral. Thank you!

    01:56 UTC


    INeedAName for a home-based bakery specializing in premium home-baked sourdough bread, bagels, cinnamon rolls, baguettes, ciabattas, home-baked pizzas and lots more. Everything is pure and natural. Based in india

    14:01 UTC


    Name me!

    I need a middle name, but am curious as to what you'd name me without knowing my first name. My heritage is: all the ishs (Irish, Scottish, English), Welsh, and Scandinavian.

    03:52 UTC


    I am 21F and I need a feminine and playful name for myself!

    I don't know if I've ever felt connected to my name. I feel like nothing ever fits right. Every few months to every few years, I find something that I think fits okay and then I get bored of it. Nothing I come across ever seems "right."

    I was hoping maybe someone would have some fun ideas!

    Here's some vibes...

    • Feminine or androgynous
    • Ending in the "ee" sound; [y, ie, ea, ee]
    • Words preferred over like, name-names
    • Pet names (like nicknames you'd give to your niece/little sister, a cute pet, or a girlfriend)
    • Cute, nature, vintage, dreamy, whimsical, playful
    • Interests: insects, animals, artsy, old children's media (like Carebears, Strawberry Shortcake, etc.), houseplants
    20:59 UTC

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