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What to do with active kitten that won’t stop attacking our feet at night?

It’s currently 1am and this man won’t stop attacking legs or really anything that moves under the covers. I’m not sure what to do, I was told by a relative that they sell melatonin for kittens? I’m not sure on that idea… Please let me know or give me any tips to stop or at least lessen this behavior!

05:50 UTC


Kitten and water

First time taking a bath in my new place and he has been on the edge putting his paws in the water 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

04:55 UTC


Food advice for kitten?

Hey so I have a kitten that is 3 1/2 months old and was wondering what his diet should consist of. I’ve seen a bunch of different things online from just dry food, just wet food, a mix of both, etc. His typical died for the past couple weeks has been a mix of both dry food and wet food. Dry food is usually left out throughout the day and I give him wet food 3 separate times throughout the day. The wet food i from a 3oz can so 1oz per meal and I give him 3/4 cup of dry food. For wet food I usually use the wellness complete health brand although I’ve switched recently to friskies as I’ve seen vets recommending it. Dry food I still use wellness complete health. Was just wondering if this is an adequate diet or if I should tweak some things? Also would love to hear some brand recommendations for both wet and dry foods. It seems that my kitten is not a picky eater and always eats his meals as well.

04:30 UTC


Should i get a boy or girl?

My mom has three kittens, two boys and one girl. I kinda want a boy, because i have always had girl cats. And one of the boys has really become my soulmate. He loves me so much, and i love him very much. But if my mom keeps one boy and one girl (siblings), would they eventually try to mate? Is it better for everyone if i take the girl? I love her alot too. I just dont have the same connection. But it wont ever change the way i treat her. I love her so so so much too. Its just something about this boy. He is my best friend rn

04:18 UTC


Our rescue kitten Willow is 3 months old now

03:21 UTC


Just hanging out

01:31 UTC


Uh, what?

01:25 UTC


My new baby, name idea for her?

00:23 UTC


Tuffy, one of the six kittens I discovered abandoned in the woods

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22:28 UTC


Here is my new baby Skye

22:04 UTC



So this is moo! I just adopted her yesterday. She is quite shy and has mainly been hiding under the couches since she’s been home (which is fine for now) but I’m mostly concerned that she’s not eating and drinking. I laid out some treats for her last night before going to bed and I think she ate them all, but it seems like she has not had a single sip of water.

I’ve been keeping her food and water bowls under the couch with her since that is her current safe place. Is there anything else I can do other than give her time? She has used the litter box one time over night but none at all today. When should I be worried and take her to the vet?

20:50 UTC


everyone, this is butters

20:20 UTC


Advice! 6 weeks old kitten not eating cat food

I am currently sort of raising one mother cat and its 4 kittens.

It's actually my neighbor's cat, but they got a cat-hating dog and now the cat no longer lives in their front yard, but rather in the garden. Anyway, I felt bad for the pregnant mama and I started feeding her nicer food (not just lunch scraps like they do) so she gave birth in our garden. I made a box and everything for her, fed her, made sure kittens are safe and sound, but I couldn't put them in our front yard as we have two dogs that are not a fan of cats and I have two adult cats indoors.

Anyway, the kittens are now 6 week old and all but one female kitten are eating alone. Two of them are properly eating, one is eating but prefers the sauce and one is refusing cat food. The kitten that's not eating seems well, she's playing with other litter mates, but she's very shy. Definitely the most timid of them all.

The reason I mentioned the whole backstory is I am not with them all the time so I don't know how much their mother is nursing them. But I see she is still nursing them, just don't know how much. The other kittens that eat are never THAT hungry, so they don't eat that much, so I'm guessing she's nursing them enough.

I never had kittens but I read they should be eating alone at 5-6 weeks old. But this kitten literally has no interest in food. Doesn't even want to smell it. I tried putting her head close to food but she just goes away. They other day she finally drank some lactose-free milk, but she won't do it every time I feed her.

We noticed mother brings them dead mice occasionally and we caught that kitten eating a mouse! She gets so protective of "her pray" and hisses at other kittens.

I don't like the fact that she eats mice because they carry all sorts of diseases, but I can't stop her. I'm also very worried for her for refusing cat food.

I am wondering if this is normal? Will she eventually start eating cat food?

I have no experience with kittens as all my cats have always been spayed. And we're planning on giving these kittens away (adopting them) in a few weeks.

20:09 UTC


Derp in Pajamas

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16:46 UTC


I named my cat Pumpkin, she’s a calico and she has black and orange. Is it okay to let my kitten practice Islam if I’m a catholic?

I just want to give them a choice on how to be raised.

15:17 UTC


New baby

New kitten

I got a new kitten and on the way home saw she had fleas so I ran to get her some capstar and she had it in the car no problem. I got her home and gave her a bath and could see the fleas dropping off her. I flead her with advantage the next day and she had a worming tablet luckily I had some extra in from my other cats. How likely will this turn into a infestation? I've sprayed the house with indorex spray and hoovered and steam mopped a lot. She's only been in my living room. I've not seen a single flea since and my cats were already treated. Because I acted so fast and she had the medication before she was brought into my house will we be OK? I will keep on top of hoovering and washing. She's at the vets next Friday for her vaccination too. Thankyou!

14:08 UTC


My kitten bites to show affection?

I know that cats love bite, but this is different. She isn't being overstimulated in any way, she literally just comes up and grabs a hold of my hand with her claws and bites me. She's purring the whole time, and if I pet her she does it again. She isn't an aggressive cat, so why is she doing this?

13:12 UTC


4 month kitten dewormed yesterday, what to expect today?

hi guys,

i have a four month kitten who had tapeworms so i gave her tapeworm dewormer yesterday. she just went to the bathroom and i was wondering if i should still look out for worm segments on her behind? i haven’t seen any yet but just want to make sure. thank you!

12:40 UTC


Chilled Sunday 😺😻

Alice decided to chill out in the washing basket and her dad, Billy thought fuck it I'll join her 😊

12:30 UTC


Baby kitten died

I didn't know this kitten nor had seen it alive but walking my dog last night, we passed by it and saw it was clearly not alive :( and it makes me so sad. It barely had a chance but just a few more steps . It stayed with me all day and kept me sad and I walked my dog there again tonight and it was gone and I'm glad cuz it's a bus stop for kids but I'm just sad over it. I found what could be it's sister s few months ago a d have her safe at home. Just wanted a community moment of silence for this beby. :( mostly white with some orange spots. Just a baby. :(

02:06 UTC

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