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[For Hire] Creative writer looking to get hired

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21:17 UTC


[FOR HIRE] SFW/NSFW Writer Available to Write your Niches!

Have a fantasy you want to see in genital teasing detail, but don't quite know how to put the words or the kinks together? Look no further than here for all your genital teasing wants! Take a stroll through my portfolio and read as much as your lustful desires allow before taking a chance with me as your author!

My rates: 0.07/per word (USD) (For example, $70 for 1,000 words, $140 for 2,000 words, $210 for 3,000 words and so on.) For $70 per hour I can RP.

My favourite things to write about are non-con, femdom, cross-dressing, masks, scenarios involving characters able to perform the extraordinary or characters having abilities and/or powers of some kind. But my writing is not exclusive to these subjects.

Regarding real people: I am open to writing pieces featuring celebrities and people you know (As long as I have no reason to believe they are in danger.)

Fandoms: Looking for an erotic (or not) tale featuring your favorite characters? Here are the fandoms I'm into.

- DC Comics- Marvel Comics/MCU- Naruto- One Piece- Looney Tunes- Mass Effect- The Incredibles- Avatar: The Last Airbender- Cowboy Bebop- Pokemon- Yu-Gi-Oh!- Totally Spies- My Life as a Teenage Robot- Persona- Five Nights at Freddy's- Halo- Star Wars- Danny Phantom- American Dragon- Filmore- Kingdom Hearts- Crash Bandicoot- Resident Evil- Silent Hill- GTA- Elder Scrolls- Fallout- Scream- Pirates of the Caribbean- Assassin's Creed

Portfolio: Here are multiple folders. Each containing several pieces for various subjects.

Femdom (When girls are in charge.)


Femdom samples




LGBT (The queer side of things.)


LGBT samples




Misc (Some nichey stuff.)


Misc samples




Non-Con (When no isn't taken for an answer.)


Non-Con samples




Vanilla (Not too far from hand holding.)


Vanilla samples




What I won't write: Scat, vomit, and NSFW involving pre-pubescent characters.

If you have something that happens to be SFW for me, I will happily discuss it with you and write to your specifications.

Ways of contacting me: ProxyZee on Reddit, proxyzeez@Gmail.com, proxyzee on Discord.

Payment methods: PayPal, Wise, Revolut.

I also take crypto through this address: 32LsdbrGofH4akyATBFqLZ37TV66N3ux4j

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11:05 UTC


Pop Culture Aficionado/Writer

Hi, I’m a top-rated freelance writer at Upwork. I also like to call myself your one-stop content shop:

✅ Ideation

✅ Consultation

✅ Writing/Editing

✅ Marketing

My name’s Calvin and I have a relentless passion for media trends, pop culture, and belting in the shower. Here’s my portfolio and Upwork profile:



You’ll find that I have an extensive background working with marketing and media agencies. That said, I’m confident that I can help you create copies that are engaging, clear, SEO-driven and guaranteed to rank — all for a standard starting rate of $0.12 per word — flat fees and time fixed rates will be up for workload assessment through a meeting.

Looking forward to working with you!

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09:12 UTC


[Hire Me] Looking for a reader-friendly writer who doesn’t create a word soup? I’m your girl!

Reader-friendly is search engine friendly. Gone are the days when stuffing keywords made your blog rank up in search engines. Now, it’s all about catering to your audience (and having some well-placed keywords throughout). Sure, AI can do that (kinda), but can it make shit up with no factual backing and make it sound like facts? Also yes!

If you’re looking for a writer who knows her stuff and will write well-researched, factually correct and engaging articles for your website, let’s talk. I’ve been writing professionally for over 7 years. I’m familiar with a variety of SEO techniques, and have helped a client climb to the first page of Google’s results within 3 months.


  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Website copy
  • Press releases
  • Fiction (various genres and formats)
  • Others on a case-by-case basis (just ask)

I also undertake editing and proofreading projects. So if you want your articles and website copy edited for errors, readability, or to add in some keywords, that’s something I can help with as well. I usually charge by the hour for all forms of editing (copy, content, proofreading), and I can copy-edit approx. 1000 words per hour.

Some things I don’t write include: anything about crypto, legal stuff, tech stuff, essays, poems, and disturbing erotica (think shock sites). Most other things are fair game.


I can communicate through Reddit and email. I usually send files in .docx format, however, so email is preferred. I may require a phone call (via Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts) before finalization.


I can accept payment through PayPal or credit cards. I accept multiple currencies, but prefer US $. Payment must be made upfront. Due to several unfortunate experiences in the past, I’ll require a contract to be signed – which will protect both you and me.


Here are a couple:












Fiction samples can be provided on request.


…range from 6 to 12 cents a word. It’ll depend on the subject matter, article length, research required, and several other factors.

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13:37 UTC


[Hire Me] Skilled writer here to do the heavy lifting

Hello future clients, are you tired of stale writing and writers that will try to make you pay for them to just copy and paste something from chatGPT? Do you need content that will grab your reader's attention and keep them hooked?

Generating website content regularly can be tedious. While AI seems like an option, many AI programs have been known to make up facts, sound incredibly inhuman and be easily detected with a simple process - all of which may drive readers or potential customers away. So hire me instead, and I can guarantee factual, captivating and well written work delivered with a human tone.

I have been in the writing business since 2018, can deliver work on time, and I’ve written for a variety of businesses and niches, offering witty and informative content that readers appreciate. If you’re looking for a fun, concise way to convey important information without seeming pushy, then I am what you are looking for!

I create reader-friendly content that hits all the right spots SEO-wise, and interests a diverse audience. If you own a niche-specific business and want a writer who will introduce the concept to new audiences, I might be the perfect fit for you! I’m very knowledgeable in a variety of different areas so I am able to fill any niche you may need!


  • Fiction

  • Non-fiction

  • Prose/poetry

  • NSFW content

  • Blog posts

  • Video or film scripts

I am an experienced writer with excellent writing ability in both fiction and nonfiction, and as stated previously, am Knowledgeable and most any subject is something I can write about! However, the subject I am the most comfortable with is psychology. I primarily write blogs and social media posts, but I can do a little bit of this and that.

As for what I won’t write: mostly just crypto stuff and some specific NSFW things. I am open to writing for adult stores and such, however, so feel free to message me and ask!


I can be contacted via Reddit and email. Calls are doable. I am usually fairly responsive, albeit during odd hours, as I am currently abroad and work whenever I can.


I accept payment via PayPal and bank transfer, and my rates start as low as 7 cents per word.




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13:31 UTC


[Hire Me] Expert YouTube Scriptwriter (SEO)

HUMOROUS, CONCISE, RELATABLE, and ENLIGHTENING; that's the kind of scripts I craft for YouTube videos! The human mind is easily prone to distractions, and this explains why most of us can’t watch a boring YouTube video till the end. However, with the right words, your channel can get the views it deserves!

I have created scripts for YouTubers on countless subjects ranging from sports (MMA-Boxing-NBA-NHL) — documentary, mysteries, space, history, police body cam scripts, short scripts for brands(UGC and YouTube shorts), even technology! I have carefully studied YouTube algorithm, and tips, all of which has helped me write in a way that gets viewers hooked on the first word. Of course, a good script will perform even better with an efficient voice-over and great video editing.

You deserve a storyteller, a writer with a vast understanding of how YouTube works. I have this knowledge and also more about my delivery speed.

Below is a link to my Upwork profile where you can see the jobs I did before:


I have a 100% job success rate at Upwork, I always deliver high-quality work and meet the expectations of my clients. You can rely on me to do a great job and I will not let you down.

I have uploaded some of my best scripts to the drive file below. But I have not added some of my latest scripts yet. I am working for a space channel on YouTube, and writing about the latest news on space and tech. You can watch it from here.



I charge $0.07 per word. I hope this is suitable price?

If you have an account, you can also reach out to me on Upwork.

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11:14 UTC


SEO Content Writer For Hire


Would you like timely content that does not need endless editing before you post on your blog or website?

Everyone wants to win. With the recent Google updates, you must work smart to keep your website relevant on SERPS.


My name is Lilian Ngugi. I am an SEO content specialist looking to create lasting relationships with new brands. I have over 8 years of writing experience.

This is your chance to work with a writer that will support your content goals.

I am a versatile writer with experience writing

Law, Auto

Home improvement

Digital marketing


Finance niches.

Check out my sample article here >> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GV7XVqJQts6oEZGspALGmdi41cCs5oHs/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=114365152887017996379&rtpof=true&sd=true

My rate is $0.08 per word. I accept payment via PayPal or Wise.

Email me at lilywrites20@gmail.com.

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07:27 UTC




I'm Lilian, a seasoned content writer with a rich six-year journey in the industry. I specialize in crafting content that not only speaks to your audience but also conquers the world of search engines. While I won't make grandiose claims of being the world's best writer, I do take pride in being exceptionally proficient.

Throughout my career, I've proven my prowess by consistently assisting clients in captivating their readers, compelling them to take decisive actions, and ultimately driving conversions. My words have been the driving force behind countless successful campaigns.

Here are a few of the niches that I can help you crank out high-quality contents on:

Pets: I write compelling stories and insights that resonate with pet enthusiasts.

Crypto currency: I navigate the complex world of digital currencies with informative and engaging content.

Beauty: I dive into the field of beauty, offering readers’ valuable tips, product insights, and trends.

Travel: I take readers on journeys through my words, enticing them to explore new horizons.

Real Estate: Property descriptions, market trends, and insights – I've got it all covered.

Affiliate Sites: I know the art of creating persuasive content that converts clicks into revenue.

Gaming: Whether it's gaming reviews, strategies, or industry insights, I can keep gamers engaged.

Health and Wellness, Nutrition: I craft content that motivates healthier lifestyles and informs readers about wellness choices.

Marketing and Business: From marketing strategies to business insights, I can elucidate complex concepts in a reader-friendly manner.

Finance: Complex financial topics simplified for your audience's understanding.

If your niche isn't on this list, fret not. I pride myself on being an immensely versatile writer, capable of delving into virtually any subject matter.

Are you ready to take your content to the next level? Let's connect and together, we'll make your content shine in the digital world.

Current rates: $0.08 USD/word

Email: nlgichuki@gmail.com

Portfolio: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NlLjWcSfZEZ2JwBZaBUnIHWQbSlCPA42?usp=drive\_link

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06:26 UTC


[For Hire] Health content writer with real-world healthcare background.


My name is Mara. I'm an RN with over eight years of health writing experience.

During the last eight years, I have helped brands across the health and wellness industry to scale with authoritative, engaging content.

With my real-world healthcare background and proven health writing experience, I believe I am well-positioned to write health articles for you.

I take my work seriously: As a healthcare professional, I have a duty to safeguard public health and safety.

This means I always ensure that my work is both simple in language and grounded in evidence.

Other perks of working with me:

- I'm obsessed with cats and memes, especially cat memes.

- You'll get unlimited jokes per request. (Some of them might be inappropriate.)

- I take constructive criticism very well. Whatever it is, I'm sure I've heard worse from my mother. (That is not the joke.)

- I'm detail-oriented.

- Articles can get SEO'd and land on top of Google.

- You don't have to worry about me getting the work right and done on time.

- You'll get as many updates as you want. (Updates on my cats are optional.)

- If you have a supplement brand, I can help you navigate FTC regulations in writing marketing materials.

Cons of working with me:

- You might have to redirect me at times since I can get lost in the details at times.

- I have an anxiety disorder, which makes talking on the phone impossible.

You can take a look at my portfolio here.

My current rates are $.20 per word.

Wanna work with me? Just fill out this form and I'll get back to you in a jiffy.

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00:23 UTC


Any YT/IG/TikTok writers here?

For some strange reason, lately, I've been in touch with many video creators, and they all struggle to find good writers. I've done a bunch of 1:1 intros, but my personal network is dry. So I thought I'd give it a shot and see if I can create something that brings value to both sides.

Still figuring it out some details, including what's the best way to create relationships. I hate upwork and traditional job boards with a passion, so I don't want to do that.

Wanna take a look and share your two cents?


22:19 UTC


[HIRE ME] Novella Writer and Purple Prose Enthusiast

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19:34 UTC


Hire Me| Logistics, Supply Chain and E-commerce Content Writer

Quit the search for an experienced supply chain, logistics and e-commerce blog content writer!!

Hello! My name is Daniel Umoh

I am your proven logistics, supply chain and e-commerce writer.

Guess what? It's time to step up your game- Get increased visibility, educate your customer base and rack up some more revenues.

This is where I can help- Supply chain, logistics and e-commerce SEO content writing for your blog and websites. Let me help research the changing customer needs, the supply chain industry and write top-quality blog posts to take your brand to a much higher level.

How is it possible?

I have worked with a supply chain and logistics company as a content strategist and writer. I have also worked with a last mile delivery company as a lead content writer. My work covered a vast area in the industry such as;

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods

-Shipping and Fulfillment

  • Ecommerce Fulfillment
  • Distribution
  • Supply Chain Visibility(technology)
  • Import and Export Rules and Regulations
  • Last-mile Delivery
  • Technological Advancement in Logistics and E-commerce

Here are the things I will do for your brand?

  • Conduct market research
  • Generate blog topics
  • Create outlines
  • Write contents
  • Edit and proofread content

Get access to some of my previous works below


My rate- 10cents per word

You need not worry about deadlines because I can deliver 1000 words in 48hrs.

You can contact me here on Reddit. However, if you prefer my email, here you go


Feel free to contact me. Let's talk, brainstorm and upscale your brand.

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12:40 UTC


Skilled Content Writer- Creating Read-worthy Content


I am Anderson Ojiambo, a freelance SEO content writer with over 5 years of experience. I write long-form content, such as Articles and Blog Posts.

I produce creative and informative content to boost your online presence, drive traffic, and enhance engagement. I'm also skilled in seamlessly integrating keywords and implementing WordPress SEO techniques.

I have written on different niches, including tech, finance, mental health, beauty, and lifestyle.

Here are some samples of articles I’ve written ( My Portfolio):

How-tos and Fixes



Informational Content

My rate is $0.08 per word - $80 per 1000 words.

If you would like to work with me, please email me at ojiamboanderson@gmail.com.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


21:54 UTC


Are you ready to weave magic with words? [HIRE ME]

🔥 Looking for a wordsmith extraordinaire? Meet the Content Writer, the magician of the written word, here to captivate, persuade, and mesmerize your audience.

✍️ With a pen (or keyboard) as their wand, a Content Writer crafts a world of compelling narratives, stirring emotions, and driving actions in various categories, including:

• 💡 Copywriting: They wield the power of persuasive language to create captivating marketing campaigns that leave an indelible mark on your customers.

• 👻 Ghostwriting: Masters of anonymity, they bring your ideas to life without taking the credit, making your voice resonate with authenticity.

• 📝 Articles: Weaving informative, engaging, and SEO-optimized content that positions you as an authority in your industry.

• 📧 Email Copy: Crafting messages that land in inboxes like love letters, driving open rates and conversions.

• 💰 Sales Copy: Unleashing the art of persuasion to turn prospects into loyal customers, one compelling sentence at a time.

• 🌐 Website Copy: Building digital storefronts that draw visitors in, tell your story, and inspire them to take action.

• 🛍️ Product Descriptions: Translating the ordinary into extraordinary, they transform product features into compelling benefits.

• 📚 Portfolio: Check out my samples on content writing [ https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LCGChO2_GTl82mzAozqog2wsemppiAQ- ] and this is my portfolio on copywriting [ https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qJvrS8p_H30ltk1dtbJOSDnzKPTAg2eW ] • 💵 Rates: I'm charging only 0.5$\word for content writing and rates may vary depending upon the complexity of the work. There's 100% money back gurantee in case of delayed work.

A Content Writer isn't just a creator of words; they're your brand's voice, your storyteller, and your growth catalyst. So slide in and are you ready to weave magic with words? 🔮✨

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20:45 UTC


[Hire Me] No Fancy Title: I Write!

There's no need to get fancy. It all started when I was exposed to dangerous radioactive typewriter energy and became a super-writer. In all seriousness, though, we'll get straight to the point. I have a ton of experience in so many niches including (holds breath) investment, tech, real estate, sports, fitness, true crime, men's grooming, fashion, marketing and SEO, bicycles, charities, musical instruments....You name it. My work includes both articles and YouTube scripts (Over 1.6M views for some videos) and the gist of it is, I love to write and I do believe my passion shows through a unique voice that really draws readers in. Sooooo, why not give me a shot? I'm sure I'll impress! My rates are $0.08-$0.12 for articles and blog posts and a flat rate of $100 for YouTube scripts.

Oh, I forgot to mention I'm a published author of a short story collection here---> https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/across-the-norm-mohamed-ashraf/1143417964












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17:03 UTC


You know you've got a great product... Allow me to tell everyone else.

Hey r/hireawriter, TheWriterMan here !👋

I am a copywriter and strategist helping businesses build their brand voice through content that's unique to who they are and what they do. I primarily work with companies and individuals in the tech (FinTech, Cloud, Blockchain, etc.) and B2B space.

Some of my recent work highlights include:

  • Joining a California-based SaaS company as the chief copywriter on short notice to develop business messaging and marketing collateral for their rebranding and expansion efforts following a $14 million Series A round.
  • Joining a Maui-based software agency as their chief staff writer and strategist to guide business messaging and content for numerous clients including multi-million software companies.
  • Creating high-quality lead magnets (eBooks and whitepapers) and collateral for one of the largest companies in the supply chain industry (and a subsidiary of a Fortune 50 company).
  • Writing more than 100 pages of website copy and product descriptions for the world’s largest eCommerce store in the cannabis market.
  • Working with a director at one of the Big Four accounting firms of the world and helping him establish himself as a thought leader in the industry. Articles I’ve ghostwritten outrank the likes of CIO, EY, and more.

I've also worked as a narrative designer developing storylines and writing scripts.

Explore my portfolio to view some of my recent projects. Feel free to email me if you have any specific questions about my previous work experience.

At the moment, I am offering the following services:

  • Content strategy
  • Website copy
  • Social media and email copy
  • Long-form content including books

If you need someone to lead marketing efforts and manage a team of writers and designers, I am your man (subject to availability)!

Pricing: I offer project-based billing and retainers as well as hourly billing at $45/hr.

Let's talk business!

The best way to reach me is through email.

You can also get in touch with me with a simple contact form here.

16:19 UTC


[Hire Me] Experienced Freelance English Content Writer Available For Writing Tasks

Hello, prospective employers and fellow writers!

My name is Ammar and I am a medical doctor by profession. I have been writing English content as a freelance writer for various clients over the past three years.

If you are looking for a low-maintenance, high-efficiency writer who requires little to no training in different writing styles, I am happy to do it!

Here is how I can help you with content writing:

  1. 100% original content - perfectly compliant with client instructions

  2. Accuracy - Articles that are passed through Grammarly and a title case converter to ensure grammatical accuracy and a high readability score

  3. Adaptability - I have written content over multiple niches, including law, medicine, gambling/casinos, finance, recruiting, tourism, and more. I can switch between niches and writing styles with ease

  4. No AI - Zero reliance on and tolerance for AI or large language models for content writing

  5. HireAWriter Minimum rate of 7 cents per word, which is negotiable, depending on the nature and length of tasks assigned and our working relationship

You can take a look at some samples of my work linked in this Google Docs file:


If needed, you can DM me to request more samples of my work.

I look forward to hearing from people who are looking for a reliable, honest, and trustworthy writer to take care of their writing needs. I am committed to creating high quality content, and I would be honored to work with you!

I have a working Wise (Transferwise) account and take payments twice monthly.

Please DM me or reply to this post to this post to receive my email address for communication.

Thank you.

15:10 UTC


[Hire Me] A Professional Script and Content Writer for Hire

Hello, Logic here.

I'm a freelance writer with over 5 years of experience in creating high-quality content for a variety of industries. Whether you need YouTube scripts, blog posts, articles, website copies, product descriptions, scripts, or anything else, I can help.

My writing is engaging, informative, and optimized for SEO, which means that it will attract and retain viewers and readers while also helping you rank higher in search engine results. I'm also familiar with social media platforms, so I can help you create engaging posts that will drive traffic to your website.

In addition to my writing skills, I'm a diligent researcher who can dive deep into any topic and produce well-informed, fact-based content. I'm comfortable working with tight deadlines and I will deliver work that meets your specifications.

If you're looking for a reliable, professional writer who can help you create the content you need to succeed, please don't hesitate to contact me through DM, Discord, or email.

My email address is Logicservices17@gmail.com and my Discord username is Brilliant-spirit#6977

I charge $0.07 per word.

Below is a link to my website content portfolio:


Below is a link to my script writing samples


I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

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13:35 UTC


I am a successful author on Amazon who has written in a number of genres.

I have written 10 books as Warwick Gibson with best book currently 4.4/5.0 from 78 ratings, in science-fiction, fantasy, and modern thrillers. Pen names: 7 books as Eric Thorpe 4.3 (143), in military thrillers. 15 books as Casey Swan 4.4 (558), in sweet romance, romance, cozy mysteries, and mysteries. Read samples at Amazon to see if a collaboration would work for you, and look at my writer page at Author Central for more about me. Click here for that.

Ideally my skills would suit another successful author who wants to boost production and benefit by adding my skills to theirs. I am offering 10,000 quality, edited and proofed words a week at $0.08 cpw, though there will be discounts for full-length work or repeat work. A few of your chapters will be required so I can mimic your style, and I will need some idea of what you would like in each chapter. A certain amount of revision is included in that, but there shouldn't need to be much.

I have sold books into both the US and UK markets, so I’m comfortable writing for the spelling and grammar of either. I have a masters in guidance (Massey, 2007), so I like to get into the minds of my characters, and I have a long history of outdoor and active pursuits to draw experience from. It would be nice to let someone else think up the plot lines and characters for a change.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Warwick Gibson.

03:45 UTC


Freelance writer, experienced screenwriter, and novelist looking to ghostwrite, screen-write or story edit for your needs. (Pay Rate: 0.10/word)

My name is Ronald Payne and I want to be your next freelance writer. I'm a passionate film watcher and can quote most of the classics. I typically watch movies in the action adventure, sci-fi, fantasy and thriller genres but appreciate most of the big franchises. Serial storytelling is a favorite nut to crack while enjoying developing core essential characters that can flow through multiple installments. I don't discriminate on taste if you have a different genre in mind.

I can research and develop for the story that you want me to tell. I can ghostwrite and format creative pitches into pilots. I can write full length feature film screenplays (for less than wga script rates)(unless you want it very quickly). I can write fictional or non-fictional narrative podcasts or teleplays or web shows.

PAYMENT My screenplay rate can be negotiable but is always done in double payments, with one at the beginning as a retainer and one when it is finished and satisfactory. If you dont want to pay a retainer Im not working for you. Im calling off work for the months and its going to take alot to preplan, start and finish the project so that retainer shows me you can afford to put money into creative story development. It also shows me that you are serious. I will provide a plan of approach and how long it should take and keep a week by week updates from then on.

SCHEDULING/UPDATES I will give daily updates and keep communication clear while keeping you as informed as possible where I am in the process. DISCLAIMER: When it comes to creative development and writing a script don't expect it to happen overnight at a high quality. In story development it is essential to be cautious and patient. I assure you that if you're looking at story development with patience,eventually you will see the story you want as a long term investment than it was worthwhile in the end.

Need a Quick Screenplay In A Month? If you really need a script in a short time you can hire me but don't expect the quality to be extraordinary. 1.The minimum window that I will crunch and push out a script for a two hour long screenplay is 2-3 months. 2. If you need a rough feature length screenplay under an hour long or close to it in a month time. That price is $1700.

Short Stories I can provide short stories in a short amount of time. You can look in the flash fiction section below for examples of what you might be getting. My pay rate for those are 0.10/a word.

SIDE NOTE: Most things you probably love were delayed or rewritten more than you'd like to think. I believe that's a big part of why they succeeded.

Fun Fact: Toy Story, the original finished script story for the movie, based off the critically acclaimed short "Tin Toy" had to get thrown out.

The most important lesson I've learned these past years is that good writing takes time and great writing takes even longer. My focus is to find a price for the both of us AND a time window that is close to what you want but also is realistic to me. We can work together to find a way somehow to give our project its legs.

(work samples below.)

Looking forward to hearing from any of you and taking on the beast of creativity. Sincerely, Ronald Payne.




Recent Commission Novel Chapter Sample:

Red Wolf Running

Format: Novel Sample

Summary: A guilty werewolf fights his own urges while investigating a growing vampire syndicate in a blizzard stricken New Orleans in 1899.


Screenplay:(Format: Sci-fi, Adventure)

Derrion Marks of The New War Mongers.

Summary: A retired pilot adjusting to probationary life on his home world receives a probe from a war mongering planet that he cant refuse until tragedy strikes.


Commission: Adult Dark Dystopic/Comedy Sci-fi Pilot:

Age of Terry

Summary: A metal loving IT guy turned apocalypse witness struggles with the destruction of earth while being jettisoned into a new life.


Short Story

James Spade & The Underlings

Summary:A courageous spelunker searching for hope discovers the treacherous corrupting secrets of the ancient South American crypt of Centalama.


Novella Work

An except from a 66 page novella I'm publishing soon.


Summary: A man believes his wife to be somebody else. She seems different and while he doesn't know why, or who hired her. He also doesn't know why he's feeling compelled to want to see it out till the end.

Novella Chapter: https://bythedock.wordpress.com/2021/06/22/my-wife-is-not-my-wife-doubles-part-1noirthrillersci-fi/?preview=true

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Professional Freelance Writer with 7+ years of experience

Hey all. First of all, I hope you're having a wonderful day. I'm a seasoned freelance writer with more than 7 years of experience. I've worked in numerous niches: gaming, sports, healthcare, gambling, psychology, lifestyle, finance, travel, cooking and many more. I'm quick to adapt and research new topics, also thanks to my university background (I own two Master's Degrees). I recently concluded my work with two previous clients, so I'm currently looking for two (or more) new clients to fill up those slots. I'm available for both content writing and copywriting jobs, depending on what you need. Rates vary accordingly, starting at 0.15$ per word. Hit me up for further details!

You can find a few examples of my writing here.

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[Hire Me] True crime / gardening / travel writer

Hey everyone!

My name is Ana, and I am a content writer with seven years of experience. I have a BA in English Language and Literature, which is somewhat helpful :) I started out by writing travel-related articles but discovered I am good at true crime research thanks to a client who requested a series of eBooks about well-known historical crimes.

I began writing true crime blog posts full-time during the pandemic and found two clients who needed YouTube scripts. I was working on those projects until April of this year. So here I am, looking for a couple of new long-term clients.

I write articles, blog posts, YouTube scripts, and even listicles when needed.

You can find samples of my work below.


My rate is $0.07 per word.


I can be reached by email: writerbenka@gmail.com

...or here via private message.


I accept payment through PayPal only.

Additionally, the payment should be made upfront. I've encountered several scammers over the years, and don't want to go through a similar situation again.


True crime:




YouTube videos:






My portfolio (published articles - randomly selected)

Thank you!

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[For Hire] Ghostwriter/researcher from Boston - Virtual Assistant - Education, Business, & especially NURSING.

This post is for nurses, teachers, and anyone completing their doctoral research or a graduate degree.

I’m a virtual assistant for nurses and other busy adults who work a lot of hours. I can save you TIME. : )

My clients are busy professionals, bilingual/multilingual English learners, or anyone who is struggling with research, referencing, and writing.

I’ll do some work for you if you make a deposit of $18. Just text your email address to 413-749-2677.

I’m always a quick email away! Life gets a lot easier when you can forward some instructions to me each week and have me do some of the work.

My specializations include healthcare/nursing and educational research. I help with research proposals, clinical trial reports, and manuscripts. I can save you a lot of time, especially if you're a nurse or a teacher.

The examples below are from my portfolio:




You can also check out my website https://BossContent.net

**I’ll send more information if you text me your email address: 413-749-2677.**

I enjoy my work, and I’ll be grateful if you give me a chance to work for you.

My nursing clients need help with research about evidence-based practice (EBP), nursing leadership, quality improvement (QI) projects, patient education, community health, & lots of other topics. I can write a research proposal, a systematic review of literature, a clinical trial report, or anything else you need. Nursing research requires APA format and citations to high-quality medical and nursing journal articles.

My educational research clients are planning units of instruction, designing quantitative & qualitative studies, or trying to get articles published in professional journals. I can design lessons using Bloom's Taxonomy; I know how to cite great articles in APA style. I can help with Action Research, Educational Administration/Leadership, and any type of educational research.

I've helped with hundreds of articles, websites, scholarly blogs, and research projects.


**$129 per 1,000 words (about 3-4 pages, double-spaced in APA format)**

I sometimes don't check my reddit messages often enough! Here are some options:

1.) My email address is on my website. You can email me and ask a question, or tell me if you'd like to try my service for $18.

2.) Or, for more information, you can text me your email address: 413-749-2677.


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[Hire Me] I Write Detailed and Well-Researched Business, Finance, and Tech Articles

Hello there, I'm a professional freelance writer seeking new clients. I founded a blog - www.TheTechee.com - covering technology and business news, and I've published over 2,000 articles on it. This blog is my major writing portfolio.

Here are some samples;

I'm offering freelance business/finance/technology copywriting or article writing services at a rate of $0.10 per word. If you're interested, DM me or send me an e-mail at chisom4best@gmail.com.

Thank you.

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[Hire Me] Expert YouTube Scriptwriter (SEO)

HUMOROUS, CONCISE, RELATABLE, and ENLIGHTENING; that's the kind of scripts I craft for YouTube videos! The human mind is easily prone to distractions, and this explains why most of us can’t watch a boring YouTube video till the end. However, with the right words, your channel can get the views it deserves!

I have created scripts for YouTubers on countless subjects ranging from sports (MMA-Boxing-NBA-NHL) — documentary, mysteries, space, history, police body cam scripts, short scripts for brands(UGC and YouTube shorts), even technology! I have carefully studied YouTube algorithm, and tips, all of which has helped me write in a way that gets viewers hooked on the first word. Of course, a good script will perform even better with an efficient voice-over and great video editing.

You deserve a storyteller, a writer with a vast understanding of how YouTube works. I have this knowledge and also more about my delivery speed.

Below is a link to my Upwork profile where you can see the jobs I did before:


I have a 100% job success rate at Upwork, I always deliver high-quality work and meet the expectations of my clients. You can rely on me to do a great job and I will not let you down.

I have uploaded some of my best scripts to the drive file below. But I have not added some of my latest scripts yet. I am working for a space channel on YouTube, and writing about the latest news on space and tech. You can watch it from here.



I charge $0.07 per word. I hope this is suitable price?

If you have an account, you can also reach out to me on Upwork.

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[HireMe] I use the power of words to make your brand feel more fun and approachable!


As someone who can't stand Reddit's long walls of text (and yes, I know this is very ironic since I read and write for a living), I opted to keep this ad short and snappy. I hope you like bullet points!

I'm a freelance copywriter who helps businesses by harnessing the power of words. My writing tone is pretty casual and playful, which has worked really well for companies in the following industries:

  • Music & Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Tech
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle

I practice a mix of both copywriting and content writing, which includes (but is not limited to):

  • Website copy
  • Social media posts
  • Emails
  • Advertisements
  • Blogs & articles
  • Poetry

If you're curious about my background and credentials, check it out:

  • Completed a Master's Degree in Media & Communication in 2019
  • Worked in the marketing team of a B2B tech scale-up from 2020 to 2021
  • Worked at a global media & entertainment company from 2021 to 2022
  • Completed dozens of successful writing projects as a self-employed freelancer

"Okay, okay... that sounds great, but show us what you can do!" Well, just take a look at my writing portfolio.

Last but not least, my rates:

  • $55 p/h for copywriting and short-form content
  • $45 p/h for proofreading and editing
  • $0.16 p/w for blog posts and articles

Want to keep talking? Connect with me on LinkedIn or send an email to lyannevdplank@gmail.com

Have a happy week!

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[Hiring] Writer for Co-op mystery genre video game

Hiring a writer whose work will help define the narrative for a co-op mystery video game.

Reddit - https://preview.redd.it/38hw89reumpb1.jpg?width=3840&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=496aa9a5e884e12ebb0ad87e131437cb44f277bd (Early WIP Concept Art)

Rate: starting at 20€/h, higher rates will be considered, number of paid hours will be agreed ahead of time, and there are no strict deadlines for this kind of work, so how you distribute those hours is up to you (within reason).

Contract length: Looking to hire for about 6 months (number of hours to be negotiated)

About the project:

Think Outer Wilds/Myst several mysteries fitting into a greater whole, if movies are more your thing, something like a Moon (2009) / Sunshine (2007), or for I'm sure the rare few in here who read books, something similar to a Project Artemis with its gradual mystery and ship exploration, or House of Leaves the Navidson house parts if you're more of a horror reader.

Role on the project:

  • Build the backstory of the world, and the events leading to the start of the game.
  • Flesh out what led to the situation the player is in.
  • Establish important characters and events in the game universe.
  • Help construct the timeline of events.
  • Write dialogue for characters.
  • Work around established gameplay constraints that affect the narrative.
  • Collaborate with members of the team.


  • Fluency in the English language (regardless of where you live).
  • Samples of written work (published or not).

Industry experience is not a requirement.

If in doubt, submit your samples, they will be considered.

Not looking for:

  • Free labour
  • Revenue Sharing
  • Paid by word work
  • Other roles at this time, a new job ad will be posted for other roles if needed.

How to Apply: Email hireawriter@dynamicdreams.pt with samples of your work (samples that are not game related are accepted and preferred).

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[HIRE ME] Let an experienced erotica writer to empty your balls

I have written for a lot of fellow redditors, with a range of kinks and fetishes. I am known to follow instructions and am rather good at emphasizing what is asked to be focused on. I send updates on ongoing commissions, and I finish at a reasonable time, appropriate to the work length. Rate is $0.07 word, but open to negotiation as long as you do pay!

Here's a few of the positive feedback left by my previous clients: https://www.reddit.com/user/orange-writes/comments/zqmamq/client_reviews_from_my_previous_account/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

And some sample works:


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An SEO Content Writer Ready To Work With You

#You want to create buzz around your brand, generate leads and improve overall engagement?

The fact is ANYONE can write. But attracting, educating, nurturing, and getting prospects to take action is both an art and a science.


You need a content marketer who understands your prospect's intent and is ready to address their fears, and speak to their desires.

Imagine you're in a bar with a friend, and they are listening to you jab about your favourite show. While you may not have explicitly told them to check the show out, your enthusiasm is enough to draw them.

That's the power of communication. It goes beyond words, and deep into feelings and the imagery you create.

Everyone loves to buy, and majority of our buying decisions are emotional. But without a strong WHY, a compelling story, no amount of traffic or marketing tactics will help.

Over the years I have generated 7 figures for entrepreneurs and CEOs, and my deep understanding of E-E-A-T and SEO has made me an invaluable asset.

If you are looking to build your brand through content marketing, I am your man.

Allow me to handle the boring stuff for you.

I will:

• Analyze the market • Conduct competitor analysis • Keyword research • Create a content strategy • Build an editorial calendar • Develop content • Optimize for SEO • Repurpose content in different formats • Publish on relevant channels, • and monitoring KPIs.

Still reading? That's exactly how I'll engage your customers from ‘Just Looking’ to ‘Shut Up And Take My Money.'

My rate starts at $0.10 - 0.30 per word, depending on the complexities of the project. Rest assured that my rates are flexible and open to negotiations that are fair for both parties.

I'm proficient in a wide array of verticals, such as Content & Influencer Marketing, FinTech, SaaS, Legal Writing, Business and Entrepreneurship.

Aside from articles, I can also deliver content in various formats, such as Carousals, Social Media Posts, White Papers, Press Releases, Newsletters, Social Media Posts, Infographics, Web Content, Landing Pages, and Presentations.

Feel free to get in touch before someone else does :)

My Portfolio - LinkedIn - henryibeleme@gmail.com



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Fiction Writers, Apply for a 1-Time Short Story Job with Future Potential

Hi, everyone! I can't wait to meet some of you.

I seek one, two, or three well-versed fiction writers with diverse and/or marginalized backgrounds, especially those familiar with the urban fantasy subgenre. Please also describe your specific experiences reading or writing TTRPGs, SF/F, and pulp sword-and-sorcery in your application response, in addition to two writing samples.

Samples may be any fiction genre, each one up to 200 words, completed in the past 5 years.

Timeframe: the application and discussion process should end within 2 weeks (October 7, 2023); 1st draft of the work due within 2 months (November 30, 2023); 2nd draft after applying developmental feedback due within 2 months (January 31, 2024); final draft after applying line edits due within 1 month (February 28, 2024).

Pay: ($) .10 cents per word. Estimate: $720-880 total. Retainer: $200. Final Payment upon Satisfactory Completion will be due early to mid February, 2024. Copyright: indefinite exclusive license to the IP (me) with written credit and reference to the original writer (you) in all future forms. Potential: after Satisfactory Completion, I might stay in contact to hire you for another story or hire new writers for their own stories.


Consider the job like an episode of a cartoon T.V. show: 2003 Teen Titans, Kim Possible, Avatar: TLA, etc.. Most episodes stand on their own, with a plot beginning and ended in the same brief timeframe.

Or else consider it like a monster-of-the-week series: Buffy TVS, Supernatural, 1998 Charmed. Please include this quote in your application to show you've read the entire post: "The hardest thing in this world is to live in it." Some plot threads and character arcs follow through various episodes, but most big changes don't happen more than 2-3 times per season.

Even better, consider it like a pulp fiction fantasy: Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser, Jirel of Joiry, Sword and Sorceress. Follow in the footsteps of stories that shift away from pulp fiction's misogynist and racist roots. Reclaim it in the name of diverse and marginalized people.


The job asks for an 8000-word standalone short story that fits within a series of similar 8000-word stories. Each one features the same characters, setting, and themes that I have designed. After your application process, I will introduce you to the ensemble cast, the when and where these stories take place, and certain threads echoing in every episode.

Then, you may decide during discussions whether to back out or begin work, receiving your retainer.


Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope some of you are as excited as I am to collaborate.



20:24 UTC

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